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Extra. Extra. Sports, I'm your host, Vince Douglas Gregory, no filter or very c-h-a-d sued. You can rate and review in share extra extra wherever you are consuming this please rate and review extra extra web you consume and you can also follow extra extra on twitter machine extra extra the DG Extra Extra v D G Now that that's all out of the way that at this out of the way. I like to say I like to I like to say this. One day is gonNA come time. And that time is very very soon. In fact. It's it's a couple of days. Away is a couple days away and I am on edge. It's a couple days away in im on edge edge edge, not the edge of my seat. I am just on the edge in all of my own my rigs not referring on I'm talking about all of my. nonverbal communication peeps. You know what? I'm talking about two and a news you have Z. rubble clue. noobs you have zero clue a what what the discussion is, what I'm talking about what I'm referring to and all of that but don't worry don't Fret as I always say you can count on me. You can count on me you can trust me if you want to but hey. That's not a requirement. You can trust me if you want to. That is not a requirement I'll just say this I'll just say this the peeps made me leave them out. Read is four reason to people said, hey, you know you should be deleted. You should be the one who lead of leader lead. That's what that's what happened. That's what occurred so. I can't who am I? Who Am I to tell the peeps know who am I to refuse now I know what you're thinking I know what you think it. What about what is they want me to stay what if they don't want to leave what they want me to hold down his position for life or forever which everyone comes first whichever one comes first and know that does not mean admitting Denim robot does not mean Denim Bidding desma robot is just it's just that I'm saying. Forever. Or never leave hey, it doesn't actually mean the same thing. There are two different two different choices two different adventures, two different moulds chaos. Though a potential chaos. That's not. That won't be an issue in might be paid. Let's not. Let's not. Concentrate on net jess yet let's let's move or let could one foot in front of the other. Walk possibly run or how about this how about this how about this? which. is going to make sure. We're thinking about it but. How about? There are other. There are other things that we have to be concerned about before that. There are other things that we have to be concerned about before that. That's why I'm not too not too. I'm not too worried about it yet, but it is something. It is one of the many things that keep me up at night. It's one of the many things that definitely keep me up at night and see. I just. Hanging on this new. Just, don't worry about that. There are other there other things. That's right in front. In plain sight in plain view at the worry about I. And I spent enough time on that issue. Back to initial point back to the thing that the loop still don't know what's happening steeled on what's going on, but I like to say welcome news. Thank you listening. Thank you for consuming. Thank you for possibly watching. I don't know I don't know what you know. One right now my mind reading gain isn't that strong. My mind reading game is very, very strong when it comes to driving when it comes to. Driving in my g ride singing dancing in making my chest pop doing all the things that make me feel good with with in the car that. Anyway, so here's the thing noobs. It's almost that time for me to get petro it almost that time for me to get few eighty is upon almost it's it's a few days away. It's a few days away in I am on edge I'm bracing myself I am preparing because. The couple the last times it's it's been extremely extremely. It's been so much chaos I mean. It's just been. I've had my. IDENTITY ATTEMPTED TO BE STOLEN There has been. Multiple multiple arrest that has been people who Work at. Different. Petro stations few stations gas stations that think that we're best ease best buds BFF's or whatever. The cool peeps are saying these days I don't know because as you can see I'm not one of. Definitely. Not One of them. I'm just a leader in I'm just a mouth breather and that makes me to leave the mouth breeze because you pay. You chose in you said that I have all of the qualities that will make the best. In yes I said best this on purpose. The best is. Mouth breathing. Leader there ever ever walls. There ever will be. Yes. That's that's a lot to live up to. That's a lot to live up to. But. I understand my responsibility understand my job titles understand what I have to do in. You'll be proud. That's why. As something that's not keeping me up at night this petro get an his few debt is because the adventures that journeys Here Kate AAs. I I've had enough chaos this. Chaos in in fact. Everyone pretty much. Had enough chaos. We we don't want chaos anymore we want to we want to. Leave the chaos behind we want to. Possibly do something different something new. Yes do to better. Or? I'll even I'll even go out on a limb and say. EPIC journey doesn't sound too bad or even even adventure. Even an adventure doesn't sound too bad one, it's compared or. Slide by side next to chaos. It's chaos. It's chaotic. It's. Chaos. But there's one one thing I can guarantee I definitely can guarantee and I can say as a matter of fact. I'm GonNa keep the promise that I made to myself not that promise but it's another promise. newbs. It is another promise that I said, Hey, you know what? I have to maintain his promise. I have to make sure that I keep this promise to myself. I can't be singing dancing in g rod doing what a do make him a chess pop and making everything. Feel good. and. Definitely singing my favorite songs singing by favorite songs my jelly. Like voice. It'd be hard for me to do that. It'd be hard for me to continuously DUDEK. If. I am out of few if I'm out of few if I don't have any petro, if I don't have any gasoline, you don't anything to make the G. Ri-. Go I. Sing and Dance Energy Rise that simple. It's like one plus one is ten. It's that simple. I can't sing and dance in the G. Rod. I mean I can breed really channa. Serious question. Serious question. The JHIRAD has to be in motion g rod has to be making or help get from point a to point B and possibly see in maybe de all back the a eventually the Jira makes that possible possible. Without that being possible I can't be off in girod making my sounds got the sounds of Lao mottos going and just happy. Happy happy. Happy. Joy. Joy. Joy. Experiencing all this happiness in all his joy while Innogy, Rod? and. Mine reading mine reading because I have to keep the mind reading game strong I have to keep the mind reading game strong but a simple fact that. Sometime, you just have to guess sometime, you just have to make an educated guess in some time you have to rely. On your brain sometimes you have to rely on logics. Yeah. I know I know. I'm not too proud to say I'm not too proud to admit that but don't. Don't get it twisted. Don't get it twisted. Yeah shoutout to pop. West saieed. Is the thing. Has To be in motion. Jira has to be going for me to sing dance make my chest pop in. There's no gasoline of there's no fuel in it I can't do it. And I made promise to myself long ago because the last time I ran out of petrol to last time I ran out of fuel that walk of shame was it was it was pretty intense deadwalkers shame with something debt i? Really wasn't prepared for I don't think anybody is actually prepared for the walk of shame especially when you are walking to the. GAS STATION WITH A Gas bottle or petro bottle of or petro container or gasoline contain something to hold it in. Make sure if you happen to free advice if you happen to. Not keep the promise to yourself that keeping to myself. Close it on the ground I Indian insert in pomp. Don't do this in the air don't have no combination of. No. That's some free advice in that is that is serious that that's something serious in I'm not charging anything for that I just WANNA, make sure that everybody's safe in everybody's going to be okay in everybody's well being is all too good. So yeah, just sit on a grou- I indeed go about doing what you gotta do sitting on the ground i Indian go about knowing what you have to do. that. Experience was rough that experience was something like no other. Definitely something that I was an. Say is. It was dad bear it went so wrong they things were so haywire in. That I had to force of promised upon myself. So I cannot. So I cannot also, I can never ever be an `situation Agai- I. Don't want that experience again I don't WanNa go through that up. Shame. Pain. And unhappiness again. Sure there are other occasions there other times might. Push me along that path or bring along data outcome. I just want to come for driving in running out of petro especially with all of the bells and whistles within a car, not actually bells and whistles peeps. How this alerts all alerts in the car with all of the. Automatic alerts manual arts. The visual alerts the audio audio alert. There's so many different alerts going off signaling saying, Hey, Moron is time. Hey, moron. Don't let this happen again. So it all let happening all let taking place what I'll let on. I can just pay attention. Right Yeah. That's why. That is why. That whole promise came about. That's why I hope promised came about and that is also why I'm just GONNA. Petro again, just not going to let it happen. Long story short point is it's almost dead time again media petro. Shoot.

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