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Serial Killer /// Scott Lee Kimball /// Part 4 /// 384


Welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you are doing. Thank you for listening. I'm your host Nick and with me as always is a man who once lived across the street from Kenny. Rogers roasters location. Ladies and gentlemen blinded by the light he is the captain as weird their Napkins. Were all weird. Remember that because they didn't know when to fold them. It's good to be seen in good to see you. Thanks for listening. Thanks for tunnel friend. All right we have some beer for everyone. We are drinking. World Court MOCHA BLONDE. Stout by the good people over at legal remedy brewing company. Everyone likes a blonde stout. That is we have some coffee flavors here hints of White Chocolate. And that's why we gave. World Court MOCHA blonde style. Four and a bottlecaps out of five and cheers. Who are good friends right here? First up. We have abby and trip and Oklahoma. The big south of Randolph in Lake Forest Illinois. Next up we have a leash in Zanesville Indiana in a big way like your job to Katie and moines Washington and here. We have Tabitha Melissa in White House Tennessee and last but certainly not least we have Catherine in Holland Patent New York. Thanks to everybody who went to our website Graham garage DOT COM and helped us out with this week speier phone. And if you WANNA give yourself something to look forward to go to our store page. Order creepy campers shirt or a logo shirt or maybe a ban the van shirt. It's a great way to support the show during the times of crises and a great way to support yourself and look stylish doing so and that is enough of the business all right. Everybody gathered around. Grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. Doc All right captain last episode we were starting to get into some of the physical collected against Scott and forming these cases against him regarding these missing persons. One of the items we have yet to hit on is it involves his phone records. So this reveals to law enforcement that Scott. The last person he spoke to on the evening of February seventeenth two thousand and three was missing person. Jennifer Marcum then. His phone went offline until February twentieth. Scott maintain that he had gone to the mountains for several days and turned his cell phone off. This is the same story that he kinda gave regarding Casey. But detectives noted that Jennifer's phone was also inactive for the same three day period of time after that there were calls made from Jennifer's phone this too Scott into several other people. This is before it went offline permanently now to the investigators it seemed obvious as Scott was using Jennifer's phone for the purpose of misdirecting law enforcement in an attempt to make appear as if she was still alive for some period of time after she went missing but we still have other crimes other murders to discuss. We have evidence in the Lianne. Emory disappearance Liens car was found abandoned with all of her stuff in it in eastern Utah but Leeann was nowhere to be found receipts for credit card charges to her card made in California. Bore a signature. That was not her handwriting. Detectives spoke to the unnamed inmate who knew Scott in prison the one who gave them the information about how Casey had been killed. This inmate told them that Scott said that he killed Lianne while they were hiking and Bryce Canyon and eastern Australia Scott said that he had stripped her nude or had her stripped nude kneel down and shot her in the head execution style. Now captain you know how this P. O. S. Scott operates right. He has an answer for everything. Scott told detectives that he did not kill Lianne. He said that members of a drug gang were the ones they had executed her and he was only a witness but he didn't could go to law enforcement he didn't get involved and even though he's already involved with the FBI he doesn't tell them. I witnessed a murder. He he only has to make up the story when confronted with something that he told somebody else right now. Remember the terrible this this angers and saddens me like you wouldn't believe remember the terrible accident on the ranch. I'm talking about the accident. When Scott's ten year old son Justin when a two hundred pound metal great quote fell on him right? You can see photos of this little boy in the hospital on Dateline and it's it's pretty horrible so in a stroke of bad luck for Scott but truly a blessing. After two weeks in a coma. His son woke up and was able to tell what he remembered. He says his father told him to turn around. And Dig a hole near this great and then all of a sudden the great fell on him then he remembered being in the jeep. Remember Scott is driving the son to the hospital. He remembers being in the jeep and he says on the way to the hospital. My Dad's Scott. He's pushing me by the face pushing me out of the vehicle by the face. Yeah I mean this is when he said it the first time. All here's this horrible accident than Scott's GONNA drive it son to the hospital and on the way. The kid falls out of the car you go. Something's not right here. Yeah it's it. What a coincidence that you would have to near death accidents back back that day. I can understand that. Sometimes this stuff happens in a state of panic. Maybe you're rushing trying to get him to the hospital but not what this guy not with this guy. There are not these. These incidents two failed attempts of murder so the Boulder County prosecutors boulder bitches. Thank you unfortunately. They did not feel that they had enough to actually charge. Scott with with what looks very much like an attempted murder of his son. This is in part because doctors indicated that his head injuries were so severe. They would not consider him to be a reliable witness. That is bullshit though. These might not be reliable memories that he has. Of course. We're no idiots and we can see all this other stuff together that that. That's probably very likely what happened. I know the prosecutors felt the same way and we're very saddened that they could not bring this type of charge against this man. We should also point out and it's no coincidence that at the time of this accident there was a sixty thousand dollar life insurance policy on the little boy was Scott listed as the sole beneficiary. Hear me out. Why don't you just want to roll the dice? I'm listening? Roll the dice right. We have we have to like I said to attempts of murdering this ten year. Old Boy And yes maybe his memory is not maybe he's not going to be Maybe he's not GonNa meet received as super credible but once you stack on the other piece of evidence that we have a motive the motive being a sixty thousand dollar. Pay Out for the death of this child. Roll the dice. Because what you. What do you have to lose? Well a couple things and we talked about this a few weeks ago. You do run the risk of the double jeopardy charge. Where where maybe at some point you actually do believe that you have the proper evidence to charge and convict him and if you try him now and you can't successfully convict them. You can't try again later. What I guarantee you. This is what my gut tells me and I would bet this man's beef farm on it not my own farm because the skies a liar but I bet you what happened. Captain is behind closed doors. They probably did take a chance. Because like you said what do you have to lose? This is what they probably took a chance on. Let's tell Scott that we know exactly. What the hell he was doing and see if it scares him enough that he's willing to plea to it or to a lesser charge right. Because you know you get this man in a room and you go look dude. Your son told us that you are the one that told him to get in that whole and then the great falls on them. Your son told us you were driving him to the hospital when he remembers you pushing him by the face out of the moving vehicle and this almost kills him and we also found a paper trail that you stood to gain sixty thousand dollars. Should that little boy die? You're hoping you can scare him into a plea bargain at that chant and I bet you they took that chance and Scott is just. It wasn't going to to fall for now. Putting all of that together makes it also seem even much more ridiculous. That uncle Terry magically disappeared that he struck it big hitting the lottery and then running off to Mexico with some mysterious woman that no one had ever met named Ginger Right. No evidence that that he even won the lottery or that he's still in existence right so this is one part of the story that we left out last week. This goes down nearly a year after uncle. Terry Kimball disappeared. So Scott's father his name is Virgil Kimball received an email at his Idaho home from his brother. Uncle Terry using the e mail address Terry Kimball at Yahoo Dot Com. I'm sorry Terry L Kimball at Yahoo Dot COM according to an affidavit later written by F. B. I. Agent grossing in the Email Terry claim to be living in an old part of Mexico with a woman named Ginger and added that Ginger light living there and said that she was never going to return to the United States so that he probably would not either. This is creating in a sense an alibi for where this man would be or or at least him reaching out saying this is where I am right. Later after Scott was sitting in jail and law enforcement were busy building a case against him. Police traced the email account under Terry's name and traced it back to Scott's computer. Ha Ha ha so pays to study computer. Uncle Terry can't be living in Mexico in sending that email that email came from Scott's computer and it's unless unless Terry's hiding in the basement then right then that's coming from you Scott well and then they found a bank teller who was able to identify sky as the person who was cashing chair Terry's checks right. After he supposedly went off to Mexico so at least with this one it seems like got him got him throw party so other than that. Where are we now? We're in December of two thousand and eight. Scott Kimball is sitting in jail on those weapons charges. Investigators had amassed all the evidence. We just went through and interviewed Scott about ten different times. But since Leeann uncle Terry and Jennifer had never been found and since Casey's cause of death was unknown the prosecutors boulder bitches. I do want to point something out before anybody comes down too hard on us for say for repeating that anybody. That's looked in. This case knows that that by the way the the to prosecutors the Boulder bitches. They seem to have embraced that name. That sky created for them. Because yeah that's right we are bitches. Were powerful bitches that are GonNa put you away well and what that shows them is that they embrace the name because they know that him coming up with that name means that they are getting to the Teflon Con. They are getting to the man that couldn't nobody could put him away for a long period of time and even though they're also a power move though were get into 'em but by saying hey wanted to call us bitches. Yeah we are. We're the bitches they're gonNA put you away. That's another thing that Kinda stokes the fire right and you can see. Look we like. We said we got these missing women to me. It helps that the prosecutors are female because he definitely has a dislike for females yet. Well yes I would agree with that one hundred percent but I also would go take it a step further and say that it doesn't appear to me that anybody means anything to this guy and all right. I agree. Attempted murder is son go. There is some rumor that he thought about killing his own mother. I mean nobody means anything to him. paper money is worth more to him than a loved one's life now but I don't even think it's it's money in the sense of like wanting to build some kind of wealth or or anything like that. It's just it's it's him. He is more important than everybody. His canal eat psychopath. He he's willing to kill his ten year old son to get this money so then he can continue to just live however he wants almost Like he feels like he's a god on some level so the problem again that we pointed out is we don't have any bodies for three of these missing persons so they're they're going to have to shift gears here and this is a little unfortunate that they're going to have to do this but they need to try to find these missing people. These missing victims. Nobody at this point believes any of these three to be alive. So unfortunately they're going to have to start talking about a deal. A deal with Scott Campbell. So both the prosecutors they drew up a memorandum of understanding to lay out the deal that they struck with Scott. He would plead guilty to stealing fifty. Five thousand dollars fro- from the optometrist. And he would agree to lead. Investigators to the bodies of Jennifer Marcum. Leeann Ameri and Terry Kimball and for this. He would face only a single count of second degree murder thus avoiding being prosecuted for first degree murder which could result in a life sentence in prison or even the death penalty We should point out. It was still in effect in Colorado at that time right so basically. He's charged second degree murder. Which would be life in prison with the possibility of parole I don't believe so I actually believe that it would have been lesser than that really and one of our prosecutors Catherine booth. She says that it was like making a deal with the devil. They nobody felt good about making this deal with them but where their hearts were were with the victims families and that meant finding and locating those victims so this with what he's going to plead guilty to one thing. That Scott would not be aware of the Kathrina booth and her partner. Were very excited about this. Did allow the prosecutors to classify Scott Lee Kimball as a habitual offender. Now this status. This is a status that carries a mandatory sentence of forty eight years in prison. They're going to get a very lengthy prison sentence for this guy. Scott signed the plea deal in December of two thousand eight and pled guilty to one count of theft as a habitual offender. Then they all sat down Scott included to try to figure out how to find. The bodies of the missing Scott drew a map to where he said he left. Terry's body this was near Vail. Pass in an area that was completely covered with snow in January so when the map was made up they would have to wait until the snow was gone to go out and look for the remains. Scott said that Terry was in the woods wearing clothing sneakers and glasses and bound inside a tarp with nylon rope now. The following month Scott was issued a special release from prison so he could lead investigators to the places where Jennifer and Leeann were buried. This he says was in eastern Utah this features thousands of square miles of desert canyons and riverbeds so this is not an easy area to to search and it's a vast area that everyone's disappointment Scott was unable to pinpoint exactly where the bodies were located this even after consulting maps and satellite imagery. You do have to wonder how here captain was Scott. Unable to pinpoint where the bodies were or unwilling to pinpoint where the bodies were yes. It's a tough one because I on one level you think while only would he do this anyways? Why guess you're sitting in a prison? You got nothing better to do and you get to go out and there and again. It's all about him and so all now he's important again and but I think maybe I I actually think that. There's a possibility with some of these that he just doesn't know because these are vast areas and some people think he knows exactly these areas and he's just lying to them which is a possibility. Because what will they find and what they might fine might lead to actual more evidence to to prove that this guy's foolish it so on a second expedition this again included Scott. They set out in March of two thousand nine. This time to Bryce Canyon and this time bones were found between some boulders. That would prove to be Leeann. Emory police also found a bullet fragment which proved to match the forty caliber gun owned by Scott. Scott led searchers on multiple wild goose chases in in and out of Canyons Creek beds washes and dry riverbeds but nothing was ever found Nothing found of Jennifer marcum right cadaver dogs and excavations turned up. Empty boy some prosecutors while he also said in interview though that where Jennifer was murdered what. He claims that he was only ever there once. Right where like maybe some of these other areas that these women were found? He was there more than one time but he he's claims with Jennifer Markham's that he was only there ever wants so this is where police and prosecutors are starting to question Scott cooperativeness and they're like it seems like He. He's pretty happy to be messing with us. So now they're going to go out and make another attempt to locate Jennifer With Scott insisting that Jennifer was nearly ends body but then they get to the location and he changes his mind saying actually knows she could be like sixty miles away so this is where I think they're getting the vied like this dues messing with us and he's enjoying it so despite these F. Array but this is the moment in time that they uncuffed him they punch each other in the face a couple times and then they beat the living shit out of him with with bats. Whatever right and You know just Kim. Pummel him for hours and then then shoot him and be like how well he ran away. They come back to the station. Where Scott at He got loose he punches in the face and got away and he move on with your life. You know sentence served yeah. No don't get me wrong. I mean I'm I'm glad these are are good officers. I I'm with you. I read about Scott Campbell. It'd be better officers. I hear about him and I study him and I think to myself. Yes on many levels. I would love to Dexter this motherfucker out in the middle of Nowhere. But but but but sorry. We're getting back to the I. Think your your mouth has the krona back to the story here so Despite all these efforts by law enforcement Jennifer has never been found prosecutors. Do believe this Scott was simply holding back information on Jennifer's grave this this for several reasons their suspicions are that either. He's holding this back so he could use it at a later time right if he needs to you know holding back something of value to them but remember. His cousin wrote a book about Scott. And in that book it's titled S. L. K. The agent the FBI agent told the author that he believes that Scott held this information back. Because there's possibly another body is buried with or near Jennifer so he doesn't want that additional victim to be found. Do you have a little time on? Your hands. Do need a little more garage. Check us out on the stitcher APP. You can get all of our episodes all of them from the beginning for free download stitcher APP right now. And if you need more content while you're social distancing than check us out stitcher premium our show off the record taking the world by storm. Yes one listener at a time. That's right access. All of the True Crime Garage Archives for free on the very awesome free stitcher APP and check out our other show off the record on stitcher premium for everything true crime checkout true crime garage dot com. We're back tears mates. He's back and I'm the colonel So captain with Scott refusing to fully cooperate per prosecutors decide to Yank that plea deal the they had just entered into with him a few months earlier now in regards to this his forty eight year sentence would still stick so they weren't really running any risk here. This is like you pointed out earlier. Why not try this? You have nothing to lose type situation right but now what they can do. Is they believe they can actually prosecute him for murder. So investigators received the lab results back regarding the bloodstains that were found in Scots home. The results showed that those stains on the carpet of Scott's Former home were in fact blood and they were the blood of Terry Kimball. As uncle. His body was found in June of two thousand nine by searchers using the detailed map drawn for them by Scott so sure enough just like Scott said when they found the body Terry was tied and wrapped in tarp and he'd been shot through the head and again the bullet fragment was then later matched to Scott's handgun. Yeah and the reason for this again. Like you said Scott doesn't care about anybody but his uncle. He did come in to a little bit of money and he used to carry around a briefcase with this money and it wasn't a lot of money but it was a lot of money to Terry. So he thought he was a big shot while his running his mouth about this money and carrying the money around in his briefcase. And of course you spoke to the wrong person. Yeah you mentioned this Scott. That only cares about himself. Okay now I gotta get ready to use. I can have this money will. Now that Scott's back is against the wall he decides that he wants to agree to a new plea deal so Scott ends up. Pleading guilty to two counts of second degree murder in the deaths of Leeann emory Jennifer Marcum. Casey McLeod and Terry Kimball so they got all four murders. Technically solved by this time at the sentencing. The families of the victims were able to read victim. Impact Statements Jennifer Markham's father said quote. How many other people are missing as a result of his life? It's time for Scott to be a man give back what he took from us. Scott did not respond to this. He's forty three years old at this time and he was sentenced to seventy years in prison with parole eligibility after thirty five years when he would be doing the math. Here seventy eight years old stove ridiculous that he has any hope of getting out. Yeah he won't get out. He will fail those pro hearings. Possibly I mean he fooled. He's full a lot of people and it's hard to because I mean I know we've said you know these. Fbi agents were kind of stupid and and the other people that he fooled and he probably could pick out gullible people. But it's hard even when you see. We talked before about him making those statements in an interview that he's only been to the place that Jennifer Marcum was murdered once to doesn't remember and it's like maybe he's telling the truth maybe he's lying we don't know at this point he he just seems to lie about everything but he also when he talks. He doesn't Bundy had this way during his interviews. Where it was like this cockiness in this. I'm smarter than youth. Thing and and Scott doesn't come off that way. He comes off very matter of fact so I don't WanNa say my my biggest argument with. Fbi is that you know that you're getting into bed with a con man and that you need to be all eyes open ears open unfocused knowing that this guy is probably going to try to con you as well. The other thing I noticed about him. When you talk about interviews with Scott Campbell one thing that he is amazing at really his ability to answer time and time again with an answer that is just loaded with vagueness. That doesn't really doesn't really suggest that that he's denying what you're asking him or agreeing with what you're asking him right. It just kind of leaves the door half open to every question every possibility. So Scott later tells the daily camera in a written answers to questions as to why he took this plea deal he says quote. I'm a gambler. I know a great deal when I see one I was already doing. Forty eight years for fraud. Why take a chance of receiving four death sentences or life sentences without parole when I could put four potential murder cases to rest right and two thousand eleven and a forty seven page letter to his cousin? This is the the man that wrote the book. Scott Air quotes confessed to the four murders. He said that he and Casey were alone when she oh deed on the math alcohol and oxy mix that he gave her Scott says he gave a fatal dose of heroine to Jennifer Marcum and says that he shot both Lianne. And Terry Scott's cousin Edco et says nobody can have confidence sky speaking the complete truth because of his long history of lying. Now I think Scott is trying to be honest but he has problems. I think there's still things he's holding back on and I think. He has difficulty sometimes mentally and psychologically differentiating truth from fiction because he has had to live his lies for so long. I think it's part of his pathology was possibly part of the reason why you pass a lie detector test but yeah if you don't think it's a lie that how's it going to show deception. That's just one of many things that the Great George. Costanza has taught all of us right so but I think these crimes I think he was infatuated with Jennifer Marcum. Well that's perfect that you bring this up now because I I want to take this. Now that we know for certain that he committed these murders. We know that by his own his own statements and by all the evidence that the investigators were able to put together. You're bringing up the very interesting topic of motive right. So if we start with Terry Scott comes out now whether you want to believe him or not. It seems believable because again this guy has done all these fraudulent things for money. It's possible that he would then kill somebody than for money and he says well you know Terry came into some money. I think killed him for that money. Then we look at like the motive of why he would want to kill his son. Baal that sixty thousand dollars overhead as far as insurance and we already know that he has committed insurance fraud. So is it. It's not that far to go while it's another insurance fraud. Just add on murder to that Where I think it gets interesting is the three females and you know he meets or basically is aware of two of females through inmates almost like. He's envious of the inmates. That's all you have these girls coming to see. You arises pictures of them right here stories from these other guys and he's such a con artist that that's all. He needs that little bit of an and he came. Then be around. You and I don't think necessarily that. Any of these women wanted him in any sexual manner I he might not have been. He might not have even tried that angle right he might have just like with Jennifer Marcum when when he start going okay. You need a place to stay. I'll give you a place to stay. You know I'll be an answer for you and then at some point my obsession with you or the some sexual desires gonNA come out because I do believe that Scott is a rapist a murderer. I believe those were the motives. Yeah yeah well. So we have Scott's cousin Ed Cohen who who would issue a statement on Scott's behalf and please do not hear what I am not saying. This is scots words. All right okay. Don't hear what I'm not saying. These are scots words. I mean no ill-will toward his cousin. Ed I actually think that Ed writing the book S. L. K. Is An attempt to help with some of these investigations and help Put together a record of what we believe to be the truth so I think Ed's trying to help the case he's issuing this statement on Scott's behalf. These are scots words. This is after Scott's sentencing. He basically blames the FBI for his own actions and look the the words of whatever that that statement the Scott Issues. Some could say it's interesting. Some could say nick could include it. Would you read it? And I'll tell you what I. I'm not going to read any part of that here. Because this is a man Scott Kimball that is so damn cold blooded. He time and time again planned the murders of those around him. Some of these people. He was supposed to be helping some that. Were helping him and one person that he planned to murder but thankfully it didn't work. He tried to kill his ten year. Old Son the only person deserving of blame in any of these matters is Scott Lee Kimball a man so evil so cowardice that he tried to kill a little boy. Scotland Kimball is not anything special even as a con man. He's a loser everything. This coward attempted or tried to get away with. He eventually failed Yes. It took a long time but he failed last week. We spoke of a letter. Scott wrote regarding the man that sexually assaulted Scott when he was young and that that man that cruel and cowardice man. His name was Theodore Peyton by the way. Scott says it that man destroyed his childhood and robbed him of his innocence. And I believe that to be an extremely accurate statement but Scott grew up to be decided to be a man even more cruel and cowardice than the man who stole his innocence. So when we talk about motive with this creep it's just not so simple as to pointing to money as the motivating factor because when we talk about Scott Kimball. We are discussing a psychopathic killer. One that reminds me very much of Leonard Lake and H H Holmes or what I believe is more fun to say calling him by his real name. Herman Webster Mudge it likely. We have a multitude of motives. That likely varies based on the victim right financial gain covering up other crimes and sexual sadism and Scott claims that his major motivator was greed. Scott wrote these are his words quote. If anybody wants to know why I did what I did. My answer is that I always did it for the money. Huge amounts of money and quote but Scott is a liar. He spent his whole adult life lying to everyone all the time. So it's easy to believe that he is lying here as well. Because what huge amount of money did he get when he abducted and murdered his soon to be wife's daughter? Casey the answer is none and then we have one of our beloved prosecutors. Amy Aku the assistant. Da who helped Nail Scott said. His motives were pretty simple. He liked to control people. She said I think he thrived more on the ability to manipulate and control the relationship even while they were still alive for awhile to have that power and use them for what he could use them for while he could until he just didn't need it anymore. All right everybody stays save. Thanks for joining us in the garage. Nick do we have a recommended reading this week today. Today we are recommending the Supreme Gentleman killer the true story of an insole mass murderer by longtime friend of the show and author of many great true crime books. Brian Whitney. This is a fascinating book about Elliot. Rodger learn about his twisted world in his revenge plan that resulted in the mass murder of several innocent young adults. The Supreme Gentlemen Killer is available on Kendall and paperback. And if you don't have time to write that title down right now simply go to true crime garage dot com and click on our recommended. Page all right until next week. Everybody be good. Be Kind and don't let them

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