Mac Power Users 492: All of the Ks


Mac Power Users episode four hundred ninety two all of the KS hello and welcome back to Mac power users. My name is Steven Hack recognize joined of course by my friend and yours Mr David sparkes. Hello Steven Hackett. How are you today? Wow you just came out of the gate really excited. I was just thinking about you. Steve and I got an email from a listener to me about how much they we love having you on the show and we all Miss Katie. I was just texting this week but the but you know I'm hearing from a lot of folks that really like having your show. I was just thinking how nice it is to be podcasting with you. It is nice. I'm having a really good time. This is kind of like our I've been on six months now. Oh and I'm loving it. I really am so we have a bunch of feedback and a bunch of topics to get to today but this is the last episode that will go out before Mac stock so if you have been sitting on your hands thinking about an m._p.. Five hundred question that I can ask David Live on stage with no preparation on his part. Now's the time to get that to me. There's a thread over in the forms at talk dot users. There's dot com or you can just tweet the Hashtag -YMPIA five hundred and I'll see it or you can send me an email. You can do that too. I'm been collecting those up but I would love to have even more so <hes>. Let me know what I could spring on David with like I said no prep on his part. I am like kind of nervous every time you bring this up to say feel like a little palpitation of sword. I'm not sure no. I got you all right. You're safe speaking of Mac stock. If you're attending please make sure to say hello to Stephen and I and <hes> it's a really fun conference the way they do the conference. There's lots of gaps so everybody gets time to talk to each other. We're all group NERDS. Make sure to say hello and if you're thinking about attending you can still get a ticket and if you use the CODEMAX Barky you get some sort of discount. I think you get like the the early bird pricing so if you're still thinking about going with Stock Illinois later this week. I'm really looking forward to something else. I thought I'd just put any announcements. I just want to my horn. I was in the MAC APP source. Even he's sure were awesome. That's crazy just totally crazy. They they do features on developers and now they want to do some features on some power users so they asked me about it and the Mike sure and I was thinking this'll probably ever happened and the one day there. I was yeah so if you missed that there's a I've got a Lincoln the show notes to your blog post about it APP store links are kind of weird but you can open it and see see it on kind a part of it on the web that it'll open in the MAC APP store. It's super cool. Look how handsome you are in this orange shirt and you got your microphone and I see the K. based bill. The K. based bill made it into the MAC APP store yesterday. Did I was so happy. That's the headline here. One of the pictures they took of me was of me ringing. The case Bell said if that's the one they use since even is going to be so happy. That's just going to make his day. I'm just glad it's here. We can see it so this was really cool. It talks about some of the APPS for us. Yeah Hey there. It is said the ward yeah yeah. It's close enough. It's super awesome congratulations again. I'm so proud of you for this. It's really awesome yeah. It was kind of fun. I bet concert was very surreal to have that done and I had no idea then one day. It was just there. You know my no cool. I'm in the APP store you check in the MAC APP store like every day I honestly kind of forgot about it and you know because there's a lead time for these things you know you move onto the next thing and then all of a sudden well. Hey look at that busy. He's I forgot that you were in the gaps. I didn't want I didn't want to jinx it. I didn't want to count on it happening like I could see at some point somebody in apple saying wait. Wait wait. Wait not that guy about that guy somebody else else well. It's really awesome. You should check it out. If you haven't so we are seeing July we are deep into Beta season and I thought we could do a check in so as of our recording developer Beta four public Beta three. They're both out now and a how's it going over there at Sparky H._Q.. For on Iowa's and Mac I'm sorry Iowa's an IPAD O._S.. At this point I'm all in. I have no devices left on Iowa's tweeting in your your carry on carry phone with me if you're if you're Max Docu on a C._I._O.. Thirteen I'll show it to you. It's on my phone and to ipads so it's <hes> it's all the way down baby all the way down and I I really don't have emini complaints is if things don't work the <hes> you know because I me the Disneyland APP doesn't work but that happens every year because I usually like put my ticket on it and do fast passes on the APP <hes> but they've got something legacy in their code where every year there APP doesn't work until right before or shortly after the new is releases you know it's I think it's one of these things where they built something into it at the beginning now. They have to deal with it every year. That's one of the very few APPs that's not working now. We are in developer Beta for which is solved a bunch of the problems that I was having for instance <hes> I had I had submitted a lot of bug reports this year. I've been trying trying to be more conscious of every time I have one and one of the things apple's done now with the feedback APP and this is true on the Public Betas well is you can just record a video. You know they have a built in basically screen casting thing on the phone right shoot a video and you could submit it with the bug like <hes> in the mail application. The print button was just turned off up until Beta four of the <hes> of the developer Beta so if I wanted to turn an email into a p._d._f.. With the native mail up I couldn't do that until very recently. There were some Wonky nece shortcuts which got so many updates so there's a bunch of little bugs in a lot of them I noticed in Iowa's for I'm sorry I always thirteen. Beta four have got squashed but there's there's still a few uh-huh seems seems like they've turned the corner at this point though I I have thoughts on Catalina Beta but I'm going to save that for later in the show. I've got some valuable talk about leaving show but it's not on my Mac of course so the I don't have that much experience Catalina. The experience do have which I'll talk about later is I'm Kinda wear was last time we did our check in the public Beta on my IPAD. I agree with you. It's only been out for a little while but it feels a lot more stable full than the previous Beta so that's good I was. I was seeing some I cloud issue. Some people were seeing a lot of icon issues and apple's own release notes and then I think what people are seeing that seems to be mostly cleared up which is good and things like notes not sinking Orthodox being duplicated that sort of thing that seems to be a lot calmer. I have spent more time with Catalina than you have. It's still pretty rough. There's so much under the hood with Mac O._S.. This year that that's not surprising rising to me or they have all the stuff to make IPAD apps work. They're getting rid of all the thirty two bits of this a lot going on. I wanted to point people. Were this really cool backup that I found by way of of macworld actually called go sixty four. I've got a link in the show notes as we've discussed people may know thirty two bit Mac APPs will not run on Catalina. This was this has been foretold by apple a couple of years now but older thirty but APPS <hes> just they're not going to run on Catalina and so go sixty four is a free map and it is designed to show you all your thirty two bit apps or in the case of like final cut pro ten sixty four bit APPs that have thirty two bit dependencies either within the APP or a framework somewhere and you can go and actually use use the APP to like total up the cost it would it'd be upgrade to new versions of software things really well featured is free. It's donation where she can pass a couple bucks to the developer. If you want but it's pretty cool you can do that in system profiler profiler on the MAC get the big apple list and Sorta but go sixty four think is a lot nicer way to do it so I haven't downloaded and on my I haven't run on my Mac pro on my laptop this morning and I found about thirty or so thirty two bit APPs APPs. Most of them were like little parts of the adobe creative cloud suite. There's like little utilities. UNSAL is not absent. I actually interact with parts of that system and there's still a bunch of stuff in there agricultural other apps that Ondon even know where my laptop still made it for Migration to migration. I think a lot of users will be just fine in this but I think this is worth running before you jump to Catalina this fall just to see if there's something that's really critical in your workflow that is going to be a problem and if you know about it in advance you can make plan so I'd recommend people go check out. Go Sixty four Stephen. I just loaded it and started while you while you were talking and I'm watching the total number like Klein align as as four hundred Stephen and still going four hundred total apps six hundred eighty two gosh all right. I'm GONNA run about. I'M GONNA RUN ABOUT AMAC and we'll show the applications. Aren't that many <hes> so. Let's see I got pathfinder. That surprises me. Maybe I don't have the most recent one night to haven't played that. One in years is a good tool to remind you of things things that you didn't remember you had installed ban in the box. I love band in a box. I can't lose banned in the box all right anyway so I got a couple of APPS here. I need to work on. I've got quite a few anyway. Okay guys you might WanNa check this looking to this. He's like oh no. There's a lot of things in my Mac. Go check that out so yeah. We're going to talk more about the road to Catalina and Iowa's thirteen IPAD O._S.. Thirteen as the date gets closer. We don't WanNa do that too soon because things are still in flux but this is something I think that's worth checking out now because you can just run it on high Sierra Mojave. Whatever you're on again idea of things you may need to address before jumping to Catalina later we are definitely planning on giving some coverage to the new operating systems and maybe even a show you on the transition because we're going from thirty two to sixty four? This is a year that is fraught with peril especially for Mac users. Are you going to review the sheer stephen so a vision. I've been thinking a lot about this. You and I've talked about this offline. I don't think I have a full Mac O._S.. Review may just looking at my schedule between now and let's say the end of September mid September when this comes out. I've got a lot of travel. I don't think that's in the cards but what I want to do and what I've been working on behind. The scenes is a series as of articles about Catalina to release on the way up to it so reviewing some of the new applications talking about some of the changes and really kind of having a series as opposed to a full blown review. It's probably the same a number of words honestly but it feels much more manageable. I think it's maybe even more interesting because with a review I feel these. Maybe just me you know I've I've done four or five or six Mac O._S.. Reviews over the years. They're all you can go find five twelve pixels missiles and they have a very consistent like path through them talking about things that are new system requirements things that have changed grab bag stuff and I feel like I'm kind of locked into that template. I liked that template. I'm not complaining if I'd do another Mac O._S.. Review in the future I will go. I will use that form again that sort of that sort of outline again but I think with Catalina the interesting stuff kind of deserves a little more breathing room. I think that I could do an article say about the security stuff and Catalina or about the IPAD APPS and kind of go into more detail than would feel like it would be appropriate to review and kind of pick and choose what I want to cover so that that's my plan. I don't have a complete elite list yet. I'm still kind of working on that but that's my plan at this point is is a series of articles talking about various aspects of Catalina not necessarily a review of the O._S.. Itself Yeah I am. I had a great plan. You know it's been years since I updated the photos. Those field guide apples didn't continuing updated. I thought this is the year I'm going to do an update to the photos field guide and have that ready to go and September when they launch all the new operating systems within Kalou photos tricks and I want to go deeper than I did the first time I'm GonNa talk talk about taking photos and some photos APPs. It's going to be more than just apple photos. It's going to try and address the idea of taking managing pictures with apple stuff and so I had outlined and ready to go and then I showed up in San Jose an apple. We'll rewrote shortcuts. You know it's not like a few changes that I could cover with an update to the existing shortcuts field guide in fact <hes> the shortcuts field guide. They changed the U._I.. And the way you make variables goals and everything changed so it's it took me a couple of days to work through the four stages of grief and then I realize I have to make an entirely new shortcuts field guide. It's like I can't just update. I have to start from scratch so so I'm doing too. I'm doing a shortcut field guide in a photos field guide the the shortcuts he'll guide. I'll be ready on launch day already. I WanNa say the halfway done with it. I've been working very hard <hes> and the photos one. I don't think we'll be ready on launch day but it will be ready shortly after and I don't want to say how shortly because I still have a lot of work to do but so I'm I'm really busy because of it but the but the new shortcuts is amazing. We're going in a cover bunch of it on the show here and <hes> and I know I feel bad making a new guide after I sold one last year so I put a newsletter this week. I'm going to make a discount for people who bought the one last year of some sort. I haven't figured that out yet but the there will be a kind of last year but the <hes> but I had to have to make a brand new field guide so I'm busy I'm ever you not have been talking about that. I think it's the right way to go because it's in some way shortcuts is fundamentally different than it has been in the past. I would say it's way better yeah but fundamentally different and of course the changes. You'd have to touch every single section anyways because your screen shots and videos would be wrong but I think we're doing the right thing and I'm I'm really encouraged. That apple continues to push shortcut so hard in Iowa says not my primary O._S.. But when I'm on when I'm using my IPAD for working on my iphone shortcuts or something I touch pretty often because it makes things just like automation on the MAC. Back it makes things that you do repeatedly a lot faster and a lot more reliable and it's really cool to see apple continuing to bake it and continuing to give it resources and I think that team is just doing spectacular work. It's better on every level. It's easier to use so if you've never made shortcuts before they've made it more accessible. It's deeper in the operating system. It's got more tools and toys to play with. I mean it's just it's remarkable. We we just episode. If you want to listen to another podcast on that automates episode twenty seven we'll put a lincoln a show notes is a deep dive on what's coming with shortcuts in Iowa thirteen but it's it's pretty pretty awesome lots of good stuff coming our way absolutely and I guess that's what I would say just to kind of put a point on this discussion of the Betas is my ipad is so much more useful with these Betas. That's why I went all in with them. I mean it's just it's amazing using the browser just and we'll do. We'll cover all this in a show later in more depth but it's the IPAD. This is a big update for I pet it is it we talked about. I think in our W._B._Z. episode of the week after but the the IPAD feels like its own thing now. It doesn't feel like it's living in the iphone shadow anymore. That is really good for the IPAD and if you were kind of like on that edge where the IPAD kind of worked for you but you kept hitting some friction points a lot of those friction points are gone now so it's GonNa be fun to talk about this on the show and just in general using it. This episode of the Mak Power Users is brought to you by one password. One Password is the password solution everybody needs the Internet is a scary place these days yes you have to have unique and powerful passwords at all the websites and places you log in one password does that for you generate those passwords and fills them out automatically. All you have to remember is the one password so it allows you to have your cake and eat it too. You can have very powerful security and also convenience but that's not all one password. Does one password gives you the ability to save secure notes so you can keep notes on your I._O._S.. 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The thirteen inch macbook air now has a true tone display but nothing else changes adding true tone which is a nice feature and then the macbook pro the thirteen inch they used to be a model that had to ports but it's still how the hardware function keys and no touch bar that machine has been upgraded to have a touch bar so every MAC book pro has the touch bar every laptop op has touch I._D.. And the little twelve inch macbook is as gone not many folks have said much about the twelve and track book. I thought it was a good computer that was underpowered but in the back of my ahead I always thought that was going to be the first arm based Mac was going to be the twelve inch and guess I was wrong about that. Well it could come back. I guess so they could resurrected again. The macbook name is now died twice so third Matab the charm. Maybe I don't know that Mac book is really interesting. I think people who were into it were super into it right because it was so small so portable and I think those of us who weren't into it really weren't into it. It's very polarizing computer. I think yeah and in your it could come back by that. I don't think it will I think they're happy with the brand of the macbook air and how many people love the Air <hes> so a couple of things thoughts I happen all of this this is the first is we've been here for rumors for some time that they have a new keyboard coming and and we've talked about this on the show this goes back to when Katie was on the show all the problems with that that <hes> keyboard that they have. I always get them wrong. There's is a scissor keyboard and there is the butterfly butterfly the butterflies the one that they have the problem with right so the scissor keyboard is the older style apple still ships Zor keyboard the magic keyboard which is what it's like what I'm typing all right now. It's right here on my desk. This keyboard is great and I've had this one since it came out for five years ago and other than some of the key caps rubbing off it's been totally rock-solid eat at my desk into all sorts of things but <hes> the butterfly keyboard the macbook brought it into this world and it's <hes> you know we all know the history of that being problematic and apple has worked to improve it over time and I feel like they have improved it over time but at some point they gotta move back away from it I think but I still so some folks are saying well you know why did they do all this before they have the new keyboard and I think that this product line desperately needed this kind of consolidation because at one point there were like three Max that were about the same size within like one hundred dollars of each other and it was very confusing as to what you were supposed to buy. Oh they've cleared that up. I think the new MAC book errors are a proper successor to the original macbook air. I I know that <hes> your wife. Mary has one so you've got one in the house. I played with them in the store. They seem like great Max. Whereas Orchard has one <hes> you know and I'm setting the whole question of the keyboard aside so I think they've kind of solved a lot of the problems albums I I think we're now back to a point where if someone says you know some stranger walks up to you and says what new MAC book do I buy say the macbook air and and then that's the starting point and then you just decide you you know there needs whether or not they need something more powerful or not but the the default answer is once again the macbook air as it should be the price is much closer to a thousand dollars? Although unfortunately it's not there yet unless you're a student I believe your student you can get in at the <hes> entry level at nine nine thousand nine yeah which is great and <hes> you go into an apple store or online and show a student I._D.. And your set so I if you if you're a college student or going into college maybe this fall. You got a kid going into college this fall well. I think it's a great move to send them with a macbook. Air in a keyboard could still be an issue but it's covered for four years under apple's repair program. We've got a lot of emails and posts in the form of people having gone through this keyboard replacement program. Grandma seems like it happens apple said the repairs were going to be prioritized and it seems like that's happened. They happen very quickly when I had mine fixed back in two thousand sixteen because I had the first macbook pro of the style and the keyboard failed and he he came off completely and then I took a claim show Ibook g three to a live show as a joke because the keyboard is more reliable that was really a fun time at the airport by the way they don't like when you fly with two laptops. One of your laptops is enormous and has a handle on it. It raises some eyebrows but the T._S._A.. They know me go. Here's this guy what's he carrying today but but so if the keyboard thing is still an open item but I think the macbook air is a great machine even with that consider. They changed her more reliable cue in the future. It'd be pretty much. I think a win all the way around. I think the air is a lot better than the twelve inch macbook for a couple of reasons. It is a little bit bigger than a little bit heavier but the air is still lighter and a slightly smaller in terms of volume than the thirteen inch macbook pro. The thickness is about the same but you know that teardrop shape <hes> cut some weight out it got some mass out but it's got to thunderbolt ports and actually has better battery battery life than the thirteen inch macbook pro and again in the context of someone who needs a machine for home or a student or something like that battery life's a big deal and having owned a couple actually a thirteen inch macbook pros of this body Socatel I can tell you the battle is not very good on them because it's it's a more powerful processor but still in a pretty small chassis the macbook air in the fifteen pro get the better battery life out of the three and you know the Eric said my wife has one. She's been really unhappy with it. She came from a twelve book. She had the first generation and machine age very well. We got her AMAC Geir and she's been really happy with. It and I've used it a bunch for some rather C._P._U.. Intensive things and yeah. It's not as fast as a macbook pro but that's totally fine. Most people don't need what a maverick broken do and would rather have the battery life in the weight savings and she's doing stuff in a big photos library and all sorts of things that are can be intensive and it's never feels slow so I think it's a it's nice to have a default Mac again. I think the MAC line makes sense again. If you have eleven or twelve hundred dollars to spend the macbook airs totally the way to go and I would say only upgrade to the macbook pro. If you feel like you need the additional power. We don't have all the details but there's a there's a blog post. I wrote choosing between the nineteen between nineteen Medicare and the new entry level macbook pro and there's lots of detail on that blog I post but unless you feel like you need something that the pro offers whether it be the touch bar or the you know the quad core processor is posted the dual core processor in the air. I don't think there's any reason to go to the pro for most users I think I think the air is the default again and it's really exciting. The macbook. Air is a really important machine to apple and the brand is so well love the macbook air hadn't been such a huge hit that previous design with Mac safe and the nonren- display that wedge shaped computer it was such a huge hit apple had to bring the air back and so people have been asking well now that the MAC book is gone. Why's the map air still called that why when they changed that name to Mac Book and I think the answer is people really love map upstairs and there are a lot of people still holding onto the old one apple now has a computer for about the same price as their previous laptop looks kind of the same but everything about is better faster? It has a much better display better battery life and it comes was in colors now you can get it in space grey silver or gold color. That's a it's a pretty compelling upgrade to people still holding onto the old Medicare if somebody told me money is no object you know I'm going to give you a blank cheque book but you have after by a laptop. You have to go buy an apple laptop. Today I would buy an air honestly. I don't I'm. I'm not going to try and do video production on a laptop. I've got an amazing I mack here that does that stuff and I'm around it enough that I can put that all that work off until they're so I if I had a bilad top it would be an air yeah. I think that makes a lot of sense for a lot of people and I don't we haven't spoken about it much but I have one of the new eight core fifteen inch macbook pros one of the big ones and I switched to that right before W._b._z. and have had it. I don't know maybe six weeks now and if I didn't have to edit audio and honestly some video on the road out I think I don't care as well just like a small book just chuck in my bag and take with me. I'm deal the live show production stuff so I know you need something more power. Yeah Yeah and probably don't need it. You know an eight core laptop or whatever it is actually pulling up the specs. It's IT'S A it's a bananas Nana's computer but I gotta say I've been. I've been really happy with this Mac Pro David it it when you look at the tech specs you would think oh my gosh. This computer is going to run so hot. The battery life life is going to be an utter nightmare and honestly that's just not true so I have the two point three eight core processor eight cores macbook pro just kind of makes me laugh yeah. No I can see that I want to give back to the keyboard. They'll briefly because the I get that apple has a four year warranty program on this keyboard that I think everybody can agree isn't good. I mean regardless of whether you like. Kurt dislike the travel. I don't want to talk about that. I wanted to talk about the fact that these keyboards fail. I mean we have a twelve inch lap. <HES> MAC book in our family I think it's on keyboard number three and that one's having trouble now and we also have on our house at twenty eleven macbook air and it finally died like six months ago so we got seven years out of seven and a half years while the warranty program is only four years. I just feel like there's no way those keyboard aboard. I think it's very unlikely a computer with this keyboard is going to be running in seven and a half years. I think you're I think you're probably right and that's really unfortunate. I I would like apple at some point to say you know what we're going a extend this out six years seven years eight years because the reality is all of these except for maybe that to- much Mac book all of these computers are fast enough now like this eight core mapra. Have I even with my needs I could use this machine for six seven eight years and it still be a great laptop and someone who buys a MAC air expects that longevity honestly they should get it. That should be how long these computers last see. I agree with you the four years I don't think as long enough apple has repeatedly tinkered with the keyboards and make it better. I don't know if we're going to know for some time if that's happened and I think that apple says hey we launched a new computer today and it's automatically in the keyboard repair program. mm-hmm that's the right thing for apple to do because they need their customers to trust their laptops but it doesn't give me a ton of confidence that they're actually fixed no I. I really hope that whatever's coming next returns to scissors or I don't know maybe put these make the thing three inches thick and put cherry which is an all of them. I don't know but the L. Ema hat I know but I do think that that's the only thing that concerns me. I like that they fixed the line. I think that they've made a lot of good decisions about what to keep and not keep and and the way they've priced them. I think they've made a lot of good decisions but the whole thing has disastrous covert concerning these keyboards and and it's still an issue for me I mean when I have friends asked me I tell them I see you know. I'm not sure that you're going to get more than the warranty period on the keyboard out of the computer and it's the first time I've ever had to put an asterisk on a AMAC recommendation and that that makes me a little sad but the <hes> but hopefully <hes> you know very shortly. We're going to see those keyboards. Get updated and get back in in something that we don't have to worry about. Yeah I mean the rumor is that they could do it as early as the end of this year with maybe a new a new macbook pro new sixteen inch of the high end or maybe the pneumatic air. Maybe they'll release another new one with a new keyboard. Hopefully that is that is close and you know there's there's this story floating around that whatever this new keyboard is couldn't fit in the twelve inch macbook and so instead of redesign it they just sort of got rid of it because I don't think it sold very well and had updated in a couple of years so I don't think a single thing killed the MAC book but I would imagine that the future keyboard plan. Maybe it was a factor in that computers demise and you know I honestly I'm a little nervous about this map approach that I have from the keyboard perspective. It was really expensive. It's the most expensive allowed to have ever purchased. I I kind of feel like it. It may be the last macbook pro with hopefully with this butterfly keyboard and I'll keep it my own so far so good. I don't use it daily which probably helps but I still feel like. I have to kind of baby. It is kind of fragile agile and I love that feeling a macro should be tough and should be able to withstand some stuff and not fail with a single crumb like my 2016 did so I don't know so I I guess the advice would be if you need a new laptop. If you need one right now get one in. Don't hold back. There's great options but if you're starting to think about a new laptop I would recommend you wait. If you can just see what plays out maybe we do get new keyboards awards <laughter> soon and then I think you would regret having purchased one now for like six months from now. There's one with you know that returns to a scissor keyboard and you know so what if it's a you know a fraction of an inch thicker to get those does does new keys I want. I want the idea of a seven-year laptop. I mean not necessarily I'm going to use the seven year laptop I mean I can't help myself but but you know when I had it down to my family and it lasts seven years at that saves me money and <hes> sure sure <hes> so I <hes> I would. I like to think that they're gonNA fix that soon. I feel like they don't really have a choice they have to do maybe we could just all get the magic keyboard and tape them to our laptops. I talked about does on this show. Once when I went to see star wars premier there was a guy in line and he had a MAC book that he had put Velcro on each side and then he had a like a Cherry Style Bluetooth Keyboard board with Velcro on the bottom and he would literally pull the MAC book out he opened the lid and he would velcro the keyboard to the top of the MAC book and I didn't my my one of the biggest regrets of my life is not taking a picture of that because it was so amazing but that you know that's in this generation you know these butterfly keyboards that has has done this to us and I just hope they I know they've probably already fixed it but you know when you've got a company that big and <hes> making that many million devices you you can't turn it on a dime and I'm sure that the fix is probably already in the works but <HES> I and overall. I don't want to be a downer. I I think that these updates in the model changes are all great great but I would like to see the last piece of this would be and we have a better keyboard so you don't have to worry about that anymore. It's done real I think lasting damage to the <hes> the MAC book brand like and the Apple Brand and I think when people think about their laptops even people who don't follow this as closely as we do people know about this an APP. That's GonNa take a long time to undo yeah and apple is going to have to work hard at that even when they fix it once we get the new keyboard and it's no longer a problem for years. That's GonNa be the REP as bad keyboards and that's just GonNa take some time to dig out of and then every person even with a new one every person that has a key go bad or something is going to write something or posted on the Internet and then it's GonNa blow up yeah you. You know how it goes right. Yeah can escape it well. I want to hear about this a borrowed laptop of yours right after this. This episode of Mac power users is brought to you by Omni Focus for the web you know focus as the excellent task manager differ things like your Mac. I've had iphone even the Apple Watch but sometimes we're not at those devices and that's where Omni focus for the web comes in. It's a great option for people who need to access their only focus database win. Say on a P._C.. Or someone else's computer because it's right there on the web I'm GonNa Focus for the web comes with a bunch of the features that you would expect it to have of course you have your inbox and projects but you have tags you have your flag system that carries over her as well and of course everything is encrypted with the Omni sync server so you're the only one looking at your tasks. 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This one is in that second category so in fact he's going to listen to this and I know I'm going to catch hell for this anyway. He we were in the process of doing a very significant significant legal transaction as I was heading up there and he's like you're going to to San Jose right and I'm like yeah no worries I get up early. I'll take care of you. Don't worry he's like no. I'm not worried about that. I'm just worried that you don't have a laptop because he listens to the show. Oh No it's fine. You know ipad Microsoft word. This was a Microsoft word document transaction. I'm good don't worry about. It's like you know just take this anyway. He pulls editor or any hands me a thirteen inch macbook pro. Oh I think it's like a couple of years old. It's you know it's got the touch but I think it's the original touch bar thirteen inch that is and so they had an extra one. He loaned it to me. I'm like I'm not going to need this. He's like just bring it with you. You know so so I took a minute set it up before before I left and <hes> and I threw my bag and took it with me and I said I'm never going to need this computer and then the first morning I get up at five thirty am going to bang out this contract and I opened up my ipad bad and it says Microsoft Word Says Hey you need to authenticate your subscription well. That's weird never does that. I have a subscription I pay my ten bucks a month or whatever you know so I put my password in and it's like a bad password. You need new Pasco Am I. That's not right. This is the same pastor I haven't changed it. So then I go over on my on the Mac that I brought with me and I go to the website and I log in on the website with the password and it looks fine so then I go to the IPAD and I go to the website and Safari I log in it works fine. So then I go to excel on my ipad same device right use. He used the the account credentials logs in fine Microsoft word. I put the pass running. It says well except so you have to reset your password. I'm like and I'm just thinking about going ahead. You know what's going to happen. I'm going to reset the password and nothing is going to work anywhere somewhere. Yeah you're GonNa be totally broken and I have to get this deal done. I cannot be dealing with this right now. You know and so guess what I use the laptop I I used word I log in with worked fine so I use the laptop for for the trip and when I got back told him and he thought that was hilarious you know and and and then I said to him but I still didn't think I need a laptop because I was thirteen and the safaris better everything is better <hes> and and by the way mysteriously Microsoft works again on my IPAD. I've no idea what happened for about a week and a half but but either way but he says I said. Do you need a bag. He says well. I'm not in a hurry. I said is okay if I put the Catalina Beta on it right he's like yeah. Just keep it for a few months. You can run the bait on it so I wanted to try the Beta somewhere and so I- installed the Catalina Bena <hes> on it it worked okay. I didn't really do much with it. I I'm too busy right now to fiddle around with it but we're going to talk later about voice control an I enabled voice control the make sure where but then just a few days ago I decided well let me try that laptop. I haven't worked on a laptop for a long time so I went downstairs brought the laptop with me. I'm sitting there on the couch working and I'm just watching the battery life go down ninety nine ninety eight. I mean it's almost like a countdown clock. You know what what is going on and I know that this thing is really hot and the fans are spinning really fast. You know so I start like you know closing apps and nothing is working and the finally I'm thinking was does it voice control so I disabled voice control. No it's not that and then I finally opened activity monitor and the I.. Cloud Demon and a couple of the cloud related ups are just like spinning out of control good time yeah so I go into finder and look at finder and find her says and I go to the cloud section of finder share and it says uploading like five thousand files something like. I don't know I'm thinking went up by this computers. I even set up the store all my cloud files. It's supposed to be a remote access and it's trying to upload five hundred miles it spinning out of control and then I just watch it for a few minutes and then it's like five five thousand five hundred files. It's just like the number is going up. It's going up battery. Life is going down. The fans are going battery. Life now is like sixty percent welcome to the BETA. I don't know this is all like within a half hour. Mike this could be really bad. I have a lot of clout I don't WanNa screw up by cloud. So I just shut down the computer. I didn't shut the lid I literally shut down the computer and then <hes> and then just stuck it on a shelf and then when the <hes> the developer Velveeta four for Catalina came out I updated the laptop with the latest Beta I opened my cloud and it said <hes> I clouded and sink. I'm like Oh great and then all of a sudden. The fan started up again and I let one thousand files uploading the cloud so I'm like you know punch. Outta here brother is so. I don't think I did any damage to my cloud. I was looking at my cloud on my Mac very carefully and I don't see anything missing or additional files there right but there's something very strange going on with that laptop and I think before I give it back to my friend. Who's I'm sure listening to this right now? I'm going to wipe that computer completely clean. I think I'm going to wait until L.. The Catalina release comes out and just put the final gold master release on it and handed back to very quietly. It's probably the right thing to do so I I haven't had a really good experience with that laptop and that's another reason why I'm in favor of vinick assisting get so hot and the fans are spinning it but I guess that would happen on an air to with whatever problem I'm dealing with its lower T._d._p.. Won't get as hot that may go away if you signed out of cloud and resigned back into do it the early Betas of thirteen catalina definitely had I called issues and it seems like that's better now but Carolina's Scott stuff going on you know that that 2016 laptop <unk> being that old those cool as well as the later models. Did you know I could I could see how that get out of control. Here's some of what's down the hallways this even helicopter and they're like what is he doing. No my my daughter in the next room. It's like what's going on in there. She could hear the fan in extreme. It's fine fine totally fine. I think you know you give me an idea. I think after the show or this weekend I'm going to go in and just wipe out thing entirely into a fresh install of Catalina yeah with no data that make them may calm down and just see what happens. I'm curious. I would like to spend some more time with it. I there's some stuff I wanNA test with Catalina. That's the reason it's here so I'll see if I can do that and maybe get it sorted out but it's having problems right <hes> I really feel like the Catalina Betas a little harrowing and that's based on my experience. I don't know if how are you doing with it. I'm not running every day. It's on Xtra necessity for my macbook pro but when I'm in it yeah I haven't had that particular issue that you've had also don't have very much and I drive. It's just it's boogie things or crashy sometimes at the lockup. That sort of thing is what I've seen. Some features aren't quite quite done yet. <hes> the. The new APPS MUSIC PODCASTS TV like feel pretty good most of the time but sometimes the the music APP in particular will get get beach Bali for no reason and the battery life is pretty bad but there's sort of a rule of thumb when it comes to these Betas that the battery life sort of optimization comes later in the cycle and they're willing to trade some battery life early on to get the features right and then they sort of go back and and make them efficient. I don't know if that's actually true true. That's how apple actually works but it feels true this time especially on the Mac even without whatever I cloud madness you had going on the better. Life and Catalina just isn't as good as it is in Mojave yet but it'll get there they this is not new a lot talking about this year every Beta cycle most Beta cycles at least go through this period of like everything's on fire all the time and they settled out there good at their jobs down the fall comes around. It'll be ready to go in this case. It's not just the usual Beta battery drain. This thing is trying to turn itself into a hover Mac yeah. That's that's that's two sides of one coin. I think I caught up all the C._p._U.. And all that that's one of the same now if you're listening you've never solved the problem talking about the when I say Kinda Clean Install Paulviollis. What I'll do is all do the after look it up every time the was it command are what is the whole down to get to the the so when you when you beat the computer? If you hold command plus I want to say our or it's something something on the left hand but I have to look up everytime somebody's listening right now banging their head against the Dashboard I apologize here. We go Max start at key combinations in the knowledge base so command are is the built-in recovery. You got it Yup yeah command commander so this is a very handy knowledge base article up down the show notes so would I do is go in there and then I erase the drive and in this case this is purely supplemental Mac. I don't care you know all my backups off the Mecca. I'm fine if this thing of I nuke this thing. I don't need a back up. Normally I would make sure you back it up I but this this is because this Mac is an extra Mac. I'M GONNA just command are delete the hard drive and then reset Catalina and then and then put my credentials against so rather than Stevens saying the easy thing like Steven was saying was just log out and log back into cloud. I'm GONNA take the more drastic approach and just say just start over you know with this computer and I think that's fine because like I said I don't need it to get work done. If it takes a day or two to reset itself that's fine but then I'm GonNa have to go back and re log into dropbox and you know all that all that stuff that you have to do. I have to do a little bit of time. I'M A I. I was GONNA ask you prepping for this. What how having a laptop was how it was going for you because you haven't had one for a little while but as seems like you can't answer that question because every time you touch this one things explode but I am curious? If you get it settled in if the MAC notebook finds a way back into your life or you know or if you're going to end up being desktop pless ipad like you've been. I'm curious how this plays out so I wanNA I wanNA keep tabs on this and see if you know maybe your workflow changes a little bit yeah I if I had yeah. Let's just see how it goes but to tell you the truth with the improvements to IPAD O._S.. I'm probably not going to change and I like like keyboard. Maestro field got. I've got great automation with Keyboard Maestro True. I do miss that one on the road but I've got a lot more <hes>. I've got a lot more accepting about work modes lately like when I'm on mobile I just there's certain things I don't do anymore. You know and like fancy e mail processing and like I do with apple script on the Mac and some of the keyboard my stuff. I'm okay just waiting until him back at my Mac to do that so I don't know we'll see but yeah I'll try and get zing running again actually try and use it and then I'll the report yeah. I'd like to know how that goes. I tried to when I'm travelling like I'd prefer just to work on IPAD IF I travel and not carry the macbook pro but very often work eagles shows on the road so I have to do it so so I like the idea of sort of mode switching while you're on the road but I feel like I may be on an extreme end of this guy basically need to bring him back every time I travel but that's probably not true for a lot of people like I'm giving a presentation Max talk in addition to the episode five hundred I'm giving a talk and I based on the status of this current laptop. I was fully intending to leave at home. Just bring my eleven inch ipad pro and I was going to give my presentation off of it and do whatever I need. There's a lawyer during those few days off of it and I think I'll be just fine but I have to admit in the back of my head I was thinking well. If I really need a laptop I can always borrow Stevens for the presentation. L. Have Mine there and if I get this other one working between now and then maybe we all bring along I don't know but the I guess I'll report back on that to the with ipad O s a lot of the problems that traditionally stopped me or made me nervous have been salt but then I have to go back to to W._W.. D._C. where just the it was inexplicable. Why the Microsoft Word Wasn't working on that IPAD but at the same time it wasn't working and those are problems that you don't have on the Mat always something hey you wanna talk about dictation little bit? I do want to talk about this so you have this youtube video up and I watched it last night and my mind was blown yeah. They've <hes> they've made progress. I I've been looking at dictation for years. I I wrote articles at Mackerel back in the day on it and I've done comparisons. <hes> you know with a with a lawyer as your day job dictation always thing and I was using computerized dictation at the very beginning in dragon was the he kind of first big player and when they first released it you actually had to have a gap between every word you know I remember when natural language was a big deal where you could speak without putting a gap between each word and we all in our minds things were all collectively blown by that so I've been using it for a long time and the Mac is always been just lagging on this stuff for the longest time dragon didn't exist on the Mac then there was an app called Mac speech which was okay but then one year they licensed the the dragon engine and it got way better. I was at macworld when they made that announcement. I remember if you go back in the N._p._R.. Archive somewhere there. I'm bragging about that. If you go back far enough but then in dragon saw the success Max they bought Mac speech I think they they purchased the company and then so it was just dragging on the Mac for many years and then last year dragon announced they're pulling out of the MAC now the current version of dragon for the MAC works. I've I've got it installed on this one but my guess is once we get to Catalina. It's GonNa Stop Working Survey was asking me. What are you going to do about it and how you're going to solve the problem? I did a video on it last month in June that was kind of kind kind of grim in honestly because you know Siri dictation does exist on the map but it's not as good as Dragon <hes> it doesn't have a custom dictionary and it's just generally not as good and I did a bunch of samples and <hes> and dragon anywhere which dragons I._O._S.. Product hasn't been killed yet but it hasn't been updated forever like for instance. It doesn't work on the IPAD pro. It just doesn't work there and I thought how is that even possible well yeah I don't know because it works like works on my daughter's I've had many but it doesn't work on IPAD PRO and it works on my iphone and I thought for the because I always used it on an ipad that was like my whole jam was have the contract two thirds of the the IPAD screen and dragon one third and I would sit there and dictate all my notes I did the review and it was great. It was a great workflow just stopped working one day and <hes> then I realized no. It's not broken everywhere. It's just broken on my ipad so so that it was a thing and then but I knew we heard at w. w. c. that apple got updates game with accessibility. In soccer. I shot the video I thought well let me go look at the accessibility stuff and they have a new thing called voice control and I turned it on and it's on both Mac IPAD and iphone and it solves a lot of problems so so what they've done now is they've added what they call voice control which allows you to do way more than just dictate to your device allows you to open apps and push buttons. I mean it's it's an accessibility features zoom in maps and photos. I mean basically anything you could do. The cursor Tapioca do with just your voice now yeah. If you didn't have use of your hands you could control advice with your voice which is awesome but the voice stuff on it. Just the piece of dictating voice into text is like light years ahead of Siri dictation you first of all. It doesn't have a timer so you can just start talking doesn't end on on iphone and IPAD. It's like a one minute timer you you talk you get two or three sentences and it stops and if you're in the middle of a sentence and you press the button to start again then it capitalizes because the things you're starting to sentence of the grammar gets all wonky and just the whole idea of having to stop in press a button every minute. It's like you feel like one of those you know hamsters in one of those cages trying to get the cookie and <hes> and this doesn't do that anymore. <hes> second it's got custom dictionary. Although as I showed in the video it doesn't appear to be working at this point in the Beta. Hopefully it does get working and by custom you mean like loading your own words in or you're okay so I can write Mac sparky and you can put five twelve pixels and it's going to type it out the way you want it. Every time you say got you and and so and this is true on all devices so it works on Iphone IPAD and Mac and it just it's like dragon you can go in and you can edit the words you can say you know select Stephen and then you can dictate a new word or Steven. If you made a mistake or you can go back and change the dictation which is a feature. That dragon had all these years so it's it is like dragon. I don't think it's probably as good as dragon yet. They don't have quite as much data as dragon does after being out there all those years but but it is very close and it's free and in September it's going to be on everybody's device. It's a little wonky to turn it on because it's an accessibility feature. I put the accessibility trigger in the Control Center on I._O._S.. Night so you just wipe down you tap it. Then you start talking you can turn it off and on so you can say go to sleep and wake up and it'll turn the microphone offer on so it's just really powerful. I I'd recommend watching the video we'll put it in the show notes <hes> but we've got some great suddenly voice to text dictation and no longer to have to pay dragon fifteen dollars a month for dragon anywhere or three hundred dollars every time they come out with a new version for the MAC. It's just built in so I'm very encouraged by it and I think people who want to be able to dictate to their MAC ipad or iphone going to be really happy with this have you. The video is all on the IPAD have you. I guess you haven't tried it much on Catalina. 'cause that's fired yeah exactly but I did try and it worked okay. I'm fine with dragon not super familiar with it. Yeah did it work better or worse on say the IPAD or the Mac or was the experience pretty consistent under the previous version. I felt like it was slightly better on the Mac dragon anywhere on the but it was close and and so I I don't know how that's going to play out but and I don't think this is quite as good as dragon. Dragon is spooky good. This is very good. It's not spooky good yet and like when I put the video up somebody asked me well. It'd be better if they put in the periods and you know the grammar for you you know but that that's not the case on dragon either. You have to dictate period comma all that stuff but that's okay and there's a bunch of other dictation services listen. If you want to transcribe it for you. There's a bunch of great APPs for that so there's a lot of ways to do this stuff but this is a free solution that just ships on your device and it's going to be good enough for a lot of uses yeah. I love that there's no timer I have gotten bit by that. Yeah who knows how many times over the years and I mean in your video like I felt like in the back of my mind I had the timer running because it's sort of ingrained on how long you have the speak and it's like oh he's just talking and it did it on purpose. I talked talked for like two or three minutes yeah on the video. It made me nervous for you and then I realized oh I see what's what's happening here. I'm looking forward to this. I've got it turned on now the same way you did with the accessibility option in on my IPAD. I'm looking forward to digging into this. It's GonNa be really cool. I think yeah if you're on any of the Betas public or developer just go into accessibility and just watch the video actually show you how to turn it on but I'm really curious to see how it works and if you are on the Beta and you like me you're having trouble with the custom dictionary showing up submit feedback just like we talked about. I think they need more people. They hear about these problems from the more likely they are to get fixed. This episode of the Mac power users is brought to you by Lynn owed high-speed performance S._S._d.. Lennox servers for all of your infrastructure needs go to Lynn Dot com slash M Pugh and get twenty dollars credit with Leno you can instantly deploy and manage S._S._d.. 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We got some feedback from a bunch of people talking about picture and picture so I talked about the trick to like double right click on a youtube video and have it opened a picture in picture that sort of thing and it turns out there is a MAC APP called PIPPA fire so like picture in picture pip afire and it basically adds picture in picture mode to a bunch of video on the web basically any H._t._M._l.. Five video playing on basically any website I've tried this on a bunch of things and it seems really straight for it basically works the way you would expect it to so you install this you you. It's a safari extension so it it installs from the MAC APP store into safari unable it in the extensions drag the toolbar and safari and anytime you're on a page with H._t._M._l.. Five video you hit the button and it comes out into its own frame. This works the way I wish safari worked worked. It's one of those additions like Oh. This is how should just be but not everything is that easy but this is a really good edition. I'm running it now on both Max Yeah G._W.. wrote in to say. Could you guys go over what the section on my ipad means in the file picker on the IPAD PRO and the files APP well G._W.. Understand why you say that question because it is confusing. I mean when you see something that says on my ipad as a longtime mm accusers Steven. What do you think it would mean local storage? I mean just like on my Mac. <hes> not really doesn't work yeah so what they've done is. They've got this local storage tied to application so it's like it's kind of an edge case for application. Temporary storage is kind of the way I look at it. Bottom line is never pushed that button. You GotTA store it Macleod but if you don't want to there there are some options so I this is always bothered me because there are times when I just want to save a p._d._f.. To My ipad to upload it to a website somewhere else and I don't need it to like round trip through dropbox. Hi Cloud Federico wrote about this in his beyond the tablet story. There's a Lincoln and the notes like this kind of explaining about this and like you said it's a weird little edge case that is sort of a remnant of how cloud APPs used to work work. It's really like a a product of the past but there is an I._O._S.. APP called local storage down the APP store and it's free and what it does is it makes on my ipad a file provider so you can actually save stuff in there because right now you can't like right now. It looks like it's there but this makes it worked away. You kind of think that it should work so I've installed this on my IPAD iphone now and now if I do have a p._d._f.. Or something I WANNA store temporarily on my devices not in I class not in dropbox of you know it's. It's not available elsewhere. If that fits your need checkout local storage it does it kind of get this done but it's a weird little corner of the files after I think apple could do better explaining what it does. I almost feel like it shouldn't be there or they should fix it to make it truly local storage. You know yeah but I kind of understand why they don't do it as well because then people are going to use it and then be upset why the files don't show up through cloud storage on their devices yeah. It's it's kind of either way. They need to explain it better yeah but I feel like the way it it is now is sort of just confusing and always well. The whole file system on IPAD. I think is something that is confusing. They tried to make it simple when they started. You were talking about this. Being a remnant of days past. I mean when we first I got the IPAD each APP had its own bucket of storage which was was a noble idea but that never worked <hes> and apple ultimately realized that and you know over a few iterations ends of I._O._S.. Brought the files APP and basically gave us dropbox through cloud <hes> because that's what works and <hes> but then they've still got this legacy stuff with <hes> basically that's what that's what all my ipad as the local storage judge at based local storage but it's it hasn't they put all their wood behind the Arrow on the cloud stuff. They're really encouraging. They WANNA make it easy for you to use on my IPAD as a storage location which which is why you know. I was Kinda Glib when I just put it on the cloud. I guess there's some don't WanNa put on the cloud and you can get this APP for it but you know the idea at apple is that you will put it on the cloud. Whether it's dropbox or cloud or off was one drive. You know they want you to put it somewhere through one of those file providers on the Mac. It's sort of the inside out of this right. You're just in finder unless you put it in a magic folder like dropbox or one drive or I cloud and the ipads the inverse of that but I think they have some ways to go to make this <hes> more more understandable and and honestly probably more useful. I think there should be better ways to manage your or I cloud drive stuff on the ipad in a future episode that the audience hasn't hurt hurt yet but we've already recorded. We actually spoke about this like dropbox gives you pretty good controls at what I won't locally and what I don't on the Mac and that should be true of cloud on the Mac and I think it should be true of icon dropbox on these devices as well. I've got a bunch of S._S._D.. Sitting here on my IPAD why doesn't file is given the option like I want. These all these directories always download it and sink locally and these other ones not there's a lot more they could do in this arena yeah and I was thinking what if they just made a bucket of storage call local storage. Is that too technical I mean you can buy an IPAD with a terabyte S._S._d.. And why can't we have some little portion of that designated as local storage and do what we want in it. Yeah I think I think it people would get it but I think their vision was. Everything's everything's GonNa be on the cloud but that doesn't fit. Everyone's needs all the time well. I mean. They have come a long way. I mean I think the original idea just didn't work and this new one does but but I you know the do you still l.. Find these these friction points that still need to be solved so we're I guess what we're saying is. We're not done complaining about the I pat not quite yet. There's still things that are weird. Which is why Stephen Thinks? I should have a laptop. I guess yeah you I need to get a Medicare yeah well. Thanks for the question G._W.. And the answer is we're not really sure why they did that but they did and and if you really WANNA put local storage on download the APP call local storage Lincoln the shutouts. We've got another listener question that I was really eager to get to so this is from Steve Steve wrote in saying that he doesn't WanNa Work P._C.. Right he he he's trying to justify a MAC to a boss who isn't hip to our way of life as Mac users and you know he says I've always said get the employee the computer that can do the best work on so they're happier more productive employees but his boss doesn't subscribe to that theory so I would say in arguing for a Mac in a work environment that can be very tricky because they're very well could be infrastructure into whether it be be a domain system the network something really dictates the need for windows. A lot of that stuff honestly works fine cross platform but if the I._T.. Department hasn't enabled that or is unwilling to make accommodations for Mac users depending on how big of a company you're in. That's kind of a a no go right off the bat and and that stinks but if let's put that aside let's say you're in a smaller caller business. You don't have those issues. I would say that the reasons to have a MAC in an office environment is basically the same as it is when it comes to having one at home things is like they are more secure. You don't have to worry about <hes> some of the malware and stuff that still kind of hanging on in the windows world and the windows world. It's better than it used to be but still an issue there more so than it is <unk> on Mac O._S.. Add to that reliability. I mean I just got done talking about a seven year old laptop and <hes> I you know I have so many friends on the P._C.. Side of the fence that get a new computer every two years not because they want the latest and greatest but because the P._C.. They bought two years ago is completely outta gas absolutely and and part of that like from the business perspective is that you only have one vendor for so sometimes you a and a situation with a P. C.. We have an issue with and it's hard as with something and it's hard to tell if it software or hardware maybe it's a driver issue and you can get caught in between Dell or H._p.. Or Lenovo and Microsoft you know and and you've you're kind of dealing with two different vendors and with apple you just have one if the O._S.. Or the hardware it's all supported by apple and yeah the apple stores may not be the most conducive thing for business people but you at least you only have one company to deal with and chances are you're not gonNA end up in a situation where hurting bounced around between between multiple companies but part of reliability Eddie is also the the cost of things when they do go wrong and there's a lot of research saying that it's actually cheaper to support a maintain max over the long haul because not only are they reliable from a hardware perspective. Mac U._S. is just more robust than windows for the long haul. You know you don't have Weird O._S.. Breakdown issues like you do in windows part of that is the very nature of the addresses and how they're designed that the MAC is just more resilient over time than windows with its deals and all that sort of madness that still going on over there Mecca Simpler and a lot of ways and that makes it a more stable platform over the long haul. I had a <hes> a P._C.. You die hard at my old firm. Who you know called me? The MAC guy made fun of my toy computer and all that and then we did a trial together and what sold him was the fact that I would open my laptop my Mac book and it just instantly turned on and started working and then he would open his dell and it would take them thirty seconds before he could actually type on it yeah and sitting next to me watching that every day at the end of the trial is like okay. Which one should I get? You broke him exactly and school to about Mac O._S.. With Intel MACs is if you do need windows or Lennox for particular things you can virtual is very easily so if you have part the company workflow that is a windows at that you have to run you can still get a Mac and cheese dip into windows for those things via parallels or fusion or even boot camp where you can't go the other way around so that makes the MAC more flexible if you need to run multiple operating systems and of course if you're a developer. The MAC is a great place to work because you have all the UNIX underpinnings. You have the command line. They're ready for you. Know Windows. Ten has brought a lot of that to the table and like newer versions and even include like boon to under the hood is doing some really neat stuff but the MAC has been home to a lot of different types of development for a long time and it means you're part of a bigger ecosystem of people who have dealt with issues that may come up so you have a really good community of Mac users to tap into for support where you have that on the P._C.. Side as well but it's more fragmented I think and where the Matt Community to seems like a lot more willing to help each other however if you convince them and they say okay get your mack you've got to own it and I'll be half of all of us Mac users yet to make it work. You're going to have some little problems so make sure if you want to do this that you've of a you've thought it through in the you're going to be able to make it a successful purchase yeah. You don't WanNa be the reason this boss. Never lets Max in the company again. You don't be that person and then there's a whole different discussion about the I._T.. Department I I mean it used to be most I._T.. Departments were hostile Max. I don't think that's true anymore. I think that <hes> I think it's breaking down. You know depends on the industry. You're in massively but I think if you're just kind of doing you know knowledge worker type stuff in an office. Look you can do it with basically anything you can do with a chromebook if you had to. It's just I think more in the bigger companies they move slower. I know the biggest company ever worked for when I was at the Salvation Army big international organization and they were very not into the Mac and I brought a lot of Maxon to the Memphis area sort of under the radar because I was willing to support them right but when I left that wasn't true of the next guy so that's always a factor you know the size of the business may honestly be the biggest hindrance to this. I I wrote a blog post about this years ago. I I went and spoke at a fancy law firm. Sometimes they asked me to come give him a talk about how to use their ipads or whatever so I went in to talk and I showed it up with all my stuff and applied in the projector with my Mac book and it didn't work they call down the I._T.. Guy And he took one look and he's like Oh your Mac your Mac your you know that that was all he would say. It's like I'm Mac. I'm David but I have a Mac. No your Mac. That's not working because your Mac fortunately I got there early enough. I ran out of my car because I always bring an extra toolbox and I got a replacement H._d.. My cable yeah. And I replaced the cable and worked it was just he had a bad cable but the I._T.. Guy Just as soon as you saw Mac the you know his that's that's all that was the end of troubleshooting process. That's ridiculous us and and and you can bump into that so you gotta be careful and and I find when you get with guys like that just don't be super aggressive about it but just you know just quietly. Get your work done. Yeah you can do it. Steve be a trailblazer laser. Let us know how go Steve Listen to this episode of Mac. Power users is brought to you by squarespace. Make your next move squarespace l._S._U.. Easily create a website for your next idea complete with a unique domain name the use of award wing templates templates and more to think through a project that you want to do all the components that it may require an online store was secure checkout. Maybe a portfolio to show off your work or a blog for you to share your great ideas for squarespace is the all in one platform. They let you do all of those things all on one site. The best part is you don't have to become some sort of server admin to do this. 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View when you decide to sign up use the offer code -YMPIA to get ten percent offers purchase of a website or domain name and to show support for the show once again that squarespace dot com slash N._p._R.. And the code -YMPIA to get ten percent off your first purchase I think squarespace for their support of this show Oh and olive relief 'em scarce base. Make your next move. Make your next website Stephen by anything new just one thing it's one one little thing so I think people will probably know that I have a studio that I do podcasts video and audio as well and as part of that studio I built a table that I can shoot smaller objects from above fact. I'm going to put on the show notes a youtube video that I did after I built it showing how it works. If you know if your address it or you're having trouble visualizing this but one one thing I've had trouble with is lighting so I have a product you know an ipod or whatever on the desk and the cameras right above it. They're gonNA shoot straight down and I found that extremely difficult to light the way that I wanted to and it was really frustrating. I tried a bunch of different things but then I had a realization that this problem it has been solved before in in the the body of what is called a ring light so this is <hes> an l._e._d.. Fixture those doughnut basically and <hes> so I found one that fit around the lens that I use on my camera for this and there's Lincoln insurance if you're interested. I bought it from being h photo to ten inch L._E._d.. Donut effectively this one happens to be battery powered that can change the color temperature. It's fancier they need to be but it was the the right size and now I can light things from above in a way that doesn't create shadows and doesn't create glare and the camera because I'm shooting kind of actually behind the front edge of the Lynn so there's no there's no glare air from this and it lights everything on the surface nice and evenly and there's a link in the show notes the is called let there be light and it's just a picture ahead on instagram of the setup so you can see my camera mounted shooting straight down through the ring light and there's a Newton on the desk and you can see how nicely it is illuminated because he also that I have a a small Samsung L._C._d.. In the window that I use as my view finder can't see eh the viewfinder of the camera because it's mounted behind a to buy so I can't actually see it so I'm really excited about this. This is not made it into production yet. I just this week I'm going to work on a video in August hopefully but but <hes> any overhead shots you see on my youtube channel or on the blog now will be lit this way and I'm just I'm really happy with it. It's funny when you solve a problem like that. I feel so good and you know granted. This isn't cheap but it's not like expensive like lighting. You would think would be right. This is a little over two hundred bucks. I mean with L._E._D.. Lighting now it's super cheap to to get decent lighting for not only like your youtube videos but maybe even just like if you want to shoot some family pictures you see these lights. I I have some off to look up. I'll give you the link for the show notes these lights I bought their like sixteen dollar panels. I have a couple of them and they run on a battery and when I do the videos for the field guys or some of the Youtube stuff I'll just get one out and stick it on a stand and put in a convenient place and it's just not that expensive to light yourself anymore. No it's not lighting still find to be difficult in the sense that I don't really have any training on it so I've kind of figured it out but but <hes> the the equipment definitely is a lot cheaper than it used to be. Now you can still spend all of the money all right. There's no upper limit to any of the stuff but to get something decent. That's going to get you know get you well lit and easy to manage these like you said this is battery powered light panels they use for videos are also battery-powered now. It's not a huge investment the way it used to be well even the video I did on the voice control. I used a window for my lighting so one half of my face looks great and the other half afflicts a little dark and I should have set up a panel for it but I didn't but yeah I by far my worst. The worst part about any video I make is usually the lady it's tough yeah so I spent money to voice well no so it's kind of your fault. No it's not your fault we so we went to to W._W._e.. See we got asked my apple to do that. Interview Awesome we spend time with all the new MAC pros and I'm not interested in buying a six thousand thousand dollar monitor thousand dollar computer good you know but the by the way did you has your thinking evolved on that. You were still a little bit on the fence. I'm on the I'm on the fence about the Mac Pro Ville yeah okay. I thought you were over at this point now. I'm on the fence events. I want really what I WANNA. See is like the base model is actually not as powerful as my Mac pro did G._p._S. worse than it has less ram or the same amount of Ram but less storage so I'm going to see to Spec what better than Mayak pro. What's that GONNA cost and when I see that nine thousand dollars that'll make the decision for me and I will stay with the the I mac pro but for now? I don't have enough information to make a decision. I don't see you want in your future. I really just I really liked the I mac pro and I'm not buying that display and I don't know what hooked up to it so I I think you're probably right. The MAC pro tuned to to be my machine for a long time but I wanna see what what it's GonNa be like. You know it is interesting when you think about it if they made a monitor of the quality of a five k. i Mak or maybe even a six K. monitor but without the six thousand dollar price tag but maybe like a thousand or fifteen hundred dollar price tag just a a really high-quality monitor but not a reference Monitor <hes> they may sell more units of the MAC pro. I mean because I do think there are some people that are going to stay away. Just because there's no yeah appropriate monitor for I mean that could be me. <hes> ah I wrote that actually had to like make a five K. Thunderbolt display and even if they charged two thousand dollars which is too high for this. I think it really is probably like sixteen or eighteen hundred dollars you get yeah. This is playing you get a free computer if you buy an IMAC that price but you know no matter what they charged for this. It's going to look like the deal of the century compared to the pro display S._d._R.. So I agree with you I think they should there's clearly room for a more reasonable display from apple and maybe they will release it. We don't know but but either way I that was never a question for me. The I mac pro is I am an edge case for needing the MAC pro. I am definitely not someone who needs some across not always about need David. It's not always about if I get it man. I totally get it. I used to have this conversation with Katie all the time but it's my thing right you know I don't play golf fancy cars. I want to have a really cool computer or whenever really cool Iowa's device so I have to ipad pros I get it <hes> but one of the things I did admire going through that room was all those beautiful pixels at those workstations and I never really saw myself as anybody maybe more than one monitor but I think last year the year before I bought a second can monitor that I put up vertically nick to the right of my computer and if you go to the Max barky slash gear page. I don't remember the name I'll look it up but the if you go we'll put insurance but I have the page. It shows the stuff I have and there's a monitor. Hang up the right side. It's like one ear you know. It's like <hes> my computer and I just put reference stuff up there. It's my calendar. It's my Omni focus list largely. Those are the two main things are there. They're but they're always available for me and thinking what if I put another ear on this I mac because I was looking at the setups at the pros were using and having more pixels does help. I mean I get it how easy it is a switch between virtual rule desktops and everything but I've got a big desk. I've already you know if you've gone to one why not too sure and they're not that expensive. I mean these I'm using these del for K.. Monitors that are made really they can be vertical article or horizontal but turned them vertical and they're kind of narrow that way but so I just ordered the exact same one again and I and I did get another arm stanton monitor arm sand from Amazon. I think think the whole thing was about four hundred bucks to do the whole Reagan I put it up and then I said well. Let me just do it. Amazon has a return policy so let me just try it for a couple of weeks and immediately. I was like Oh yeah this works so I've got to new Dell monitors top of my five k. i. Mac and so now what I've got I've got a I got a thirteen K got all the case and I sent a picture to Stephen and his immediate response to me was please tell me they're the same brand monitor they have to be identical. They are and it's great. I so what I do at the left one now so the right one is reference so it's the right one is his calendar on me focus and occasionally <hes> safari if I'm using safari as a reference okay and then the left one is communication so I've got slack messages base camp all the stuff I use to communicate with people over there and I made even more keyboard maestro macro so I can just tap a couple of keys and and fly APPs around these thirteen k screen and the center screen remains the place that I do my work but I've just got reference to the right and left. I call him full Al Gore but the I'm really happy with the purchase in in my computer's a little overwhelming now when you look at it especially didn't stick a IPAD PAT underneath it but it's a lot of pixels brother but the but I like it and I'm happy with the purchase I. I don't think I would now that. I've had the benefit of this. I think I'll I'll keep your madman. I know you don't approve. Why don't I just I can't for for a while? I did like the MAC book to the side with Thunderbolt display. It was fine but I just I really will my desk is not as big as yours and I have lamps on the edges so it would be tricky for me to put another display on this task but I just. I don't feel the need for but I'm glad you're happy with it. I'm glad they matched can continue to the show together like Samsung on one side and Adele and the other would have had at heart attack while it is. I had to turn them because I don't want to see the Dell logo so I like the way put them up. The monitors the the Black Rim of the monitor goes behind the judge and I had turn them so the Dell logo on you know on the side facing the Mac so that took some work actually but I don't see any Dell. It's just a black edge in my head. They're just extensions of the make sure they're not as good the the screen quality amac is amazing and <hes> and like when I do Dennis and brightness these don't really obey so right. There's a couple of things I don't like about it but <hes> I do like having the reference information and I worked so much of this computer and I do so many different things with this computer that works out okay for me. I'm happy with it. I'm happy with it. The other thing is I had to evict Yoda. I had a little iota my desk before I had now. He's over on a different task because no room made made me a little sad sorry to all right so we both spent some money. This sounds like we did not too much. Check back in September Amazon Prime Day baby. I didn't do a single thing a prime day not a single thing on prime day but you know new iphones are right around the corner so I bought some batteries because I am the Johnny appleseed batteries can't have too many well. My kids are old enough now that you know they. It seems like they always need a new external battery. I think I think in schools colleges and schools batteries are like the prison equivalent of cigarettes everybody if he wants because all teenagers keep their phones at five percent at all times so if you've got a battery with the cord on it you know everybody wants to borrow it so I feel like I've bought more of those than I should have but either way about some of those Amazon prime. I'm stocked up for the next year. Now it's good it is disappear handed out and it's gone forever. Yeah exactly exactly all right well. Feedback shows always fun. Thanks everybody for sending your feedback in. If we see you this weekend make sure to say hello. We're both really looking forward to Mac stock.

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