Closing Bell Brief for Thursday, June 13th


Here. The extraordinary secrets of how to thrive in disrupted world, the old rules of management are not ready, correct anymore. So what works making a wise, pivot, pivot to the future, will I am Omar Abba, subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. I'm Jay are Whalen in the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal in New York on Thursday. The Dow Jones industrials closed forty points higher to twenty six thousand forty five the s&p five hundred is up four points and the NASDAQ finished up about twenty six energy was the word of the day on Wall Street Thursday, the S and P five hundred 's energy sector, climbed just about one percent and move the three major markets higher following an attack onto oil tankers and the Gulf of Oman. One of the world's busiest energy shipping, routes among the gainers shares of Exxon Mobil up almost one percent. Hess shares rose nearly three percent and Phillips sixty six up two and a half percent. Also Thursday shares of Facebook bounce back up one point four percent on the heels of Wednesday's decline following a Wall Street Journal report that CEO Mark Zuckerberg was aware of problematic privacy issues at the company and Lululemon shares up two percent Thursday after first-quarter earnings topped Wall Street expectations. We. We have lots more news about the day on Wall Street, including more analysis on wsJcom and the WSJ app.

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