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They did. The head. I. On the. Planet. I'm? Be Paid. Hanging. With that. We're back. IT IS A. Throwback. Thursday Thursday. September the Third Twenty Twenty twenty six minutes after I work back Shaw one show featuring cj law co host Cologne where you get you started, right. Only place on Earth where you get your morning started, right Where you get you more love chat rooms wide open please show each other some love. Or if you dare call in the numbers five, seven, zero, nine, eight, two, six, nine, five, zero iheartradio radio DOT? COM COMEDY RADIO FAM- radio DESHA MONEY SHOW DOT COM or podcast platforms in all my facebook La Barbie Cologne. Good to see you to be seen sean skin still looking good bobby blessed Lord. Okay welcome back. Here, in Bethlehem guys we broadcast live to you. It is is seventy two degrees. The highest going to be eighty two today partly cloudy with the possibility of rain showers through the day. On and off throughout the day in Strasbourg seventy degrees eighty four for the high partly cloudy impossibility of rain. Also seventy three in Newark new. Jersey Ninety four high and partly sunny right now. But the rain may come in and a New York City seventy five degrees eighty eight for the high partly cloudy with the possibility of rain in Atlanta at seventy three degrees, it's going to be ninety, three, forty high. It's going to be as great sunny day in Chicago six eight right now eight four for the high clear and sunny in Miami eighty four degrees right now, the highest going to be ninety cloudy. With the possibility of. Rain showers and in Los Angeles Sixty, four degrees eighty four fourth high in a beautiful sunny day as well. That's what I have for. You are what like where you are. Coming to you live from the show heavy morning show features Sidney J. we'll. You can tim on and stuff. Started, right on a throwback Thursday, we are going to shout the broom out before shout the room I'm going to have a homegirl. She's going to call them tomorrow and Nina dockings our friend Nina. I'm doing a big concert showdown in Trenton New Jersey Saturday ladies. Outside again, right CJ, my comedy career in Trenton. All trend is right there. I. Feel like it's ours right and it's not that well as a little bit over an hour maybe an hour but city. I'm back to my. Teeth Picnic of the. Year. Snap Barbecues. Lot. Of Backyard comedy. A Lotta, performing and grass. Just yet you sprain your people are sitting in picnic tables looking at you. Really Weird but we gotta we gotTa do comedian. And City, this is a paid event. How well yeah. So. There you go. So we. Out There People WanNA laugh congregate. Before we was that we was in Queens a month ago we was at your college the parking lot right it was a hundred and fifty cars out there. And we will perform on stage. And it was cars and anytime I told a joke and if the joke was funny people beat the Horn I remember that I think grand show until the job think it was funny I think that's a fun. For me I would be beeping my horn the whole time. Also. Can? Please can I get? Blah Blah Blah, and then the punch not come and you hear warns yeah. So but you gotTA stop. Awards the Stop. Start again. And then the last time you. Did a backyard that night that we were supposed to mean was in Jersey right. Newark and I was in the was over the next town in Hillside. Right and the lady had her whole backyard hooked up. Right they had cheers out there. They have the social distancing. They did they have to social distancing and they have a they had this whole out in the grass right with the microphone. Yeah and then next to their house they have some Latino folks and they had they had their own party over there right? So. You hear Latin music part of the yard and we had our House Music Jersey and the other part right and everybody was getting down right people kind of get back outside a little bit and then that's when I met you in Newark New Downtown Newark Yeah and you walked out of their city was a Sean I gotta get out of here many people. They're not social distancing us you crazy we in they never social distancing talking about. Down there that place was packed out there and everybody was outside they were outside but they were all together like that is what? You. Didn't have to sit in the crowd. You know hang hung out on the side of the bill wanted to sit down I hit that and now. Maybe a trip in new. Jersey Saturday I'll give the inflammation more Nina's they'll call in Sydney J. we'll be back outside again the I'm actually getting use to tell jokes outside. When you're inside and you'll be like, I don't know if I like this. Already telling jokes with the outside experiences new to me right. Outside performance nobody really does comedy. That well, the out the backyard thing. Yes. But not as many backyard joints. Backyard. Got Something to do before we go to the show. Yard join at four o'clock, and then we'll head onto the main show right now the backyard shows are the main show. That's where my memory is coming right now. Don't worry. It'll turn around next year back pop. Includes look forward to doing backyard. Back then I try to do is show out here Jacob, do a show Jacob. Backyard out here and I try to do a show right here in town and Babylonia shut all that down. They don't even want the outside parking lot and then what nothing We still gotTA. pobably. Wait. Till next year. So. because. To do in the wintertime backyard stuff like a starting to get chilly. Nobody's talked to nobody. There's no. There's COMEDIANS. Get Together, talk about Ya'll just riding. This wave right we all they back to be live. We now we. Just have to Grub Hubbard all winner or. Deliver food. You guys put a one in the chat room if you're still going outside in this wintertime and restaurants too right now at twenty five percent capacity, but they're really getting this outdoor seating, but once it gets hometown. Want to be out there. Doing comedy. Is in Las Vegas some of my friends out there. Sean, you have to go down to like hot spot but. Hotspots literally. Right would they be? Vegas I think they're doing comedy out there because my friends they all my co workers they are going out there doing comedy I think it's just. Against Chicago, there's a few Florida is a few cities. That's. His Co workers. Guys are. y'All just. In congregate together actually. So so Texas out. Bobby. I am now officially a back yard comedian. Comedian to come through CON showing why you out there grilling. Holidays, support. Not only that city I got my own speaker this speaker right here. Peruse bigger. Vixen boy a little got. Slashed as well. Or is still the same price. I'd just. Tell. You about that it's corona. So you let me tell you something this time. That's why you raised. This time last year like I. was really like acting like don't. Have somebody like it was just like, oh. We had this amount. Off. Book that they can. Can you change the time of the show? Last. Got Seventy Palo Alto. To Call Me I. was like this I'll take. This unhappy. Well. That's good shots. A. Out there that's working like me in like you said, right in the restaurant industry. about to get real over here in the. With time is coming I. Think they're gonNA shut it down again no United States shut it down, but they'll just keep everything twenty-five percent capacity. In this part of the country. So, anyway listen. Cindy we might do we live. We might do a comedy show like in this building somewhere. I'm doing something, Sam? Mike. Sampson these jokes. I have nothing to do with that, Chris. Before we shall see. Bill, shout out to Chris Chris. Rock opticians. This city Abby Pierre. Thank you, Kike and. The culture shock over person like me Barbie Cologne guys know. Like I, travel all used to. Travel all the time, right? Yes. Cine like I'm home on Friday nights raise Saturday I. saw on a Friday night etiquette in the bag. You, want some of what's. A Family. Rangel, some family meant. To call you back. Those does. I usually come home in the middle young guys no one o'clock in the morning and come home. In the Goodfellas when they came home late him and his bad and the mother-in-law in the WHO? I told. You. Know. Know. I didn't put it and. Say I. Don't remember. Everybody. Good is the one urban superstar movie that we love that Blackhawks Lung. Goodfellas. WHO's that Guy I remember? G. At he got married when he kept his, he's against right He. Lived with his mother in law I don't remember in the House and they came back from the Copa Cabana and the symbols up. And he dropped them up and. Soon. As he opened up, the mother-in-law opened would've wanted to chat room if you'll know what I'm talking about. I practice set knows what you're calling about. All the movies to exactly what she's the buffalo who? She liked Bob and then he walks away back to the car because the other guy was still in the car right and other guys. Joe Pez. He goes like this debts. Right Lou. Ellen car. O. I. It was the day after the wedding or something had just got married. I think I remember that line. POUT. Right. So city. On Everybody's putting a one. I remember too but if they make. That was me. It's not now not no better nine o'clock. And Hyatt. Do. Yes Yes. Mike. The? Do Your King talent call me last night the world the hilarious character was good nothing doing nothing. All right goodbye. Go. Night at the stress him. Capone. So go live so much on instagram in my life. Maybe. Album Greg Sean. Right I guess this is your life. This is Shawn by. Joke online you. Love Zoom didn't like it. I didn't hear nobody lab of talking on the phone like pets wave. Now Sean do a little skit or something a mission to escape. That'll be funny might. Actor. For you. To Barbara's. GO I. Smell me I'm. Filming. Anything. Any. Guerrilla anyway. So yes. So and put your comedy and make. The front. Disciple. I missed performance because you're old school you just WanNa do it hey I'm live perform like the do like entire time twin do gotta people around him he dancing. Dancing doesn't go well on zoom times are changing. that. You that young Spirit Sean. Cine. Back out there. These streets. Saturday night at home city. Making been home since March. On a Saturday. I'm sorry. Is this person? When it's you it's Sean. No Middle Name Harvey. Right. To give you a middle name. I have. No neither. Barbie. You don't have a middle name. Know what? Everybody has got one set mate. I. Guess they ran out. The Spanish thing because all my Spanish friends, none of them have middle names. Know. Fourteen. What are you? Have, a lot of last names. Get some middle names to work on that. Don't worry about it but barbeque alone. Name would. It's not even necessarily had. As without. Total way stop back like do you use it anyway? Exactly like no, we were shout room CJ. City wishing middle name. Yes me you asked me. Does sound like a porn star day. She don't have on system. Who Annetta? Josh mean. Yes me yes. We ought. To get out to guys can I? Mean hot. Lane I don't know where it came from mom says you say The show gave me middle. Name remember. was. It. Was We have to have your mom pick one. We never got that far think bumbler name is Keith. The show gave me A. Okay. Obviously. Put this Cox in Chat, right? Yes. We need to see these harsh right. Now we want to show you guys so much love on a throwback Thursday only place on Earth where you get your morning starting right let's get your thoughts about. That granny. Santiago shepherd into building. Why I didn't care while they're young maybe she was in. The bill that is in the building in the world thing this young billy. Young it's here and he said, his middle. Name is David. Gregory David Noah Hey David I like does anybody call you by that? COME ON TO I. I know you can't trust the guy with two first name's. David, his last name was his like his name like that's dope like Gregory Davis sound like a great stage name. Yeah Gregory. Davis. I like that stage right now. Kary Davis. That's underway. Right. David David Yeah Gregory. Same thing. I I like that it'd be like a nice handbag to. Gregory's evening right. Get you a gregory. David collection the Gregory David Collection. Yes. Wow Dago okay. It'd be young enough already. Oh Boy Down Canal to pick up bags and put David on. Canal Street to the African. Seventy bags and put get. Stanton Wani's bags. But David. Hale he says. I know I know his last name. Put. Out there really governments out there. That's true. I think let's get rid of the up the hill. Let's get rid. Gregory. Around. Say Give it a hill bobby. This does out Gregory. David? Young Nut And now at power forward. The Query? David. Oh. Let the lead rebounds seven hundred. Hours. Yogurt. Though. Right. Right. Show Rena. Hey Girl Hey Marie. Chapel. Chat. Chat Room. Hey. Let's go. Hey We're. Hard turn. Hey That would. Hey. Wait a heart set. Pay. Hey what hey. Hey. Hey. Hey whoa hey. Hey. What multi? billion. Chat Room. Chapman. In the chat group. Chat. Hey. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait a heart set. Hey. Heart set with. What? Hey. y'All. Could we David. S Your new. Name. That younger nut from I know where's that? Borderland pause. Young. You could say. Oh goodness. We. Not Do this Oh my God. John Tell you why we say good morning to where we have. Good Morning Good morning in the wife. What's her name again? Yeah. The Christmas party had to fly shoes on deck and his wife was looking absolutely beautiful for rail. They both walk the nail winning winning. We walked in there winning oh they didn't look. Came in looking like a bag of money and what happened inside you had like A. Did you ever recorder with you? That was missing witness son and his wife like a piano. Right had to fly shoes on the. Piano. Yeah. You never. Right. Just started. asking. Hey girl. Kate to solve to my lovely wife, Neda. Are you on that treadmill the. Keep it going at brother keep that same energy. With that. Yet, one day thing. He's on his bike now. Right he's A. Gentleman Nomo cycle just get active everyone. Bob. Some not talk the. After show yesterday. To Boban Soda and Bob said. A beautiful things about the Sondhi. And Just a matter of fact, if you still in a chat room yeah, we bob loves you brother. I would hope. Never Hey. Mambo another Nina I. Keep his wife's name Atra. Oh. Say. Not like you. Has Hey. Where is Christmas. The comedy job. Nikki grid is in the building to what should hey. Good. Morning. George Henry is here. Hey Benita. Ferrero Tanya is in the building what up growing sir. Francis Cashbox. Hey Baby. stumpings any. Morning. Good, morning Mr. K's finest original I chat room member live. The Fella that put that first black hard out there. And Stanley. We say becase finding scientists. Really about listening which you GotTa. Be. Extra to. Show is he hate dre only million into building he hates that keeps so hard coming here by. Twain Hey, how you doing buddy? Whatever? Derek. Here. Hey. K. Wearing the buildings Angel Johnson are you new school? She's Noodle Vegas I noticed which. Works with. Chris do okay with comedy. Worldnet rail. She's down with the team with Haggar own in the morning. The beautiful. Shepherdess in the Shut up to Wanda she said her middle name is wandel vet Y-. She said something about this hospice, it'd be mixing names. Somebody was wander somebody named Yvette Bam Wanda better. Better wonder man I know one thing. Name but I know she's from the be next be be be name your mental name Santiago you're like you did it Kim Kardashian West, Wanda Wanda's Santiago Shepherd. that. Tanya, not getting married that her last name is out the door that's going to be a harvey we already discussed has been taken my last name he's going to he's going to be calling Wright period. If I. Wanted to do the whole city. Jacob Hyphen Baba Law I'm a traditional school. Wando, that I a actually the lovely tiny get rid of all of that. She said, not got you. It'd be Tanya harvest great sitting. Are you ready to go that Jacob naming a garbage. Can. Really. I Remember Body She's like Oh hail. Wow. Have a great memory. I Remember I said that I think that a man should be okay to take a woman's last name. My thing. You can back to like the man can take your last night but I'm just saying you said, if you ever get married again, you're keeping your name the Jacob. And then go on the husband's name and I'm like normal traditionalists you got to get rid of the whole thing and take my name I don't know. It, how do you feel about it now sending? I don't know you feel open to change that. I am I've always been open to taking the last name. Well, you've been first of all you've been open lately. talked. Open the that-that Jacob get that out of it. Open to them. Look at me. So much growth. Always. That men should be okay with taking. My. Evolved into something else. But you also said you was getting rid of that Jacob? Dane. Backpedal just sending you are. Really you say K. L. Would you take my last name though you have to take his last name? Is He in the chat? Room? You like I said a school. I know you'll get managed care. Ways if you get married like Joe. Like all you women Charoen got your. your best, the the Shaun Brown novel, My Name half-naked. Youtube. Continual to. Sin Kit rid it give her that Jacob. Go. No No. No. No No. Get rid of that. Hey. Hey Hey. Get rid of that Jacob it's Iraq. Walls she got. I out think he approve that baby sitting. Men with the men here. In the building. Shot He Johnson is here he shot he. Might. Shell. Shampoo. is in the building what's up Joe keeps his baby mother Matte all the time because when he pick up kids, he's fresh to death and he's smiling face and the kids looking good and that baby mother Hayden God bless that baby mother keep hating on shelves. Shit whatever showing Jacqueline people in the building Jacqueline. Lease got what's up I'm glad the kid is not giving you hard timely the way to go. We. Can All y'all agreeing with me he said that I have to I his last night. And you know what he ain't. was. Going on. This I'm old school. Okay. Even though I'm fifty five or still got that young spirit but I'm a traditionalist. I get it. LADIES YOU WANNA. Keep the last name but the problem with that is especially if the woman has fifteen sixteen or hundred. Might? Be. An. Excellent. By Bill Collector. You won't you won't. You just love my business out right shocking wants to show city party. Good Morning. How are you? Okay Good Morning who's this? This is Angel Johnson in Vegas Hey. Good Morning. Holy. Places. And I love the Song Brown Oliver you know that that should best the but the the example that I have for that is when women that has a lot of members in her family singer. That have the last name, right? Like gaulan thousand. Wow. You holding more to that name. I could see if the woman she was the only one. With that last name and that name is done. Okay let's keep. that. When this twenty five, thousand Williams. Let's computer that name and you take your husband's name. Got Angel Good. Morning, how are you? Good I only call Jim because I had something to say about the last name though. my last night. My husband's last name Patterson and I am Patterson and I am one hundred percent for having his last name and I do go by Angel Patterson but here's the thing I'm a business woman and before marrying Mr. Paterson I was Angel Johnson and so. A lot of my business things were Angel Johnson a lot of things, Angel Johnson. A lot of paperwork is Angel Johnson and a lot of my whole world and everything else is angel. Johnson. So I don't necessarily hyphenate Angel Johnson, and for the most part everybody knows I'm Angel Patterson and you know. So sometimes I'm both I'm Angel Johnson you know in my business world but you know everybody else. Privately and for the most part and you know kids at school and Mom and Dad and family I'm Angel Patterson. And my private life for the you know for the rest of the world but as far as business goals and website and like then you know. Everywhere else Nuoro Angel Johnson is who world knows and it's easier for me to just be you know Angel Johnson then running around changing you know my head anything right in the whole world and everything else and stuff like that well, and he doesn't have a problem with which is the most important thing in the world you know as far as I'm concerned if me and Mr Patterson okay. Then that's try they don't call him Mister Johnson You know as far as role concerned. You know I really don't care what they think or say or do or believe as long as me and Mr Pants in. Cool. That's the way we go. Up some names. Okay. Obviously, some women names are branded or they have a business tots. ME. Now. I. Get that. And there's nothing wrong with that. When you get married, you got like on her. Step up and get that to keep that name or you change your name but I mean, yes, in the business sense of cool. That's fine. But if you're not in no business. If, you don't if your name's not branded or you don't have a Business Barbie. Thousand Patterson's. We could get rid of that but I was sure I'm saying age you thank you so much for. Thank you for calling angel. You're very well have a grey day walks to. Marcus? Mr One emoji Johnson in the building. and. Day John Cochran is here Hey John Member Angel said I'll call her. Thank you for calling in Kareem Lewis is in the building what up rainiest my maze means young NAT is here was some younger note David gave. Gary Goodwin it's in the building. That's my man. He's the new in the room. Is Asia new. We grew up together we went to church together. Blessing. He say he stayed in Church and I left. I went out stop smoking weed. Is, that in the nephew found another higher conscious. Ness Arana's hey good morning I don't care what type of weed you young folks smoking. Now, the we that we had in the seventies don't compare to which you think you smoking and getting high with now people in that chat room that Rockwood me when we was we. Put a number one did when we used to get. Off A we this week that your smoking right now is pure garbage what? The that smoke in the seventies continual. wiz closed today what We. The seventies is garbage what they're saying. Born city Jay and that we'd was we don't fees didn't want to smoke our we'd. Notion. Got Now showing different I don't know not what we. Know we had that dust that bulldog twenty twenty. That was crazy. What? Right. Now I WANNA know. We got gas now. Let's call gauge. Is A conversation I cannot partake in because I have no idea what Barbie Cologne. You have my condolences. This is a woman everyone before we take a call. Never smoked before. It was not only. On the. Barbie. Twice on board with the State of Pennsylvania has damned Because of my severe arthritis in my knees. The state of Pennsylvania gave it. Gave me a medical marijuana card. We know. He does. Not even shoe place. You hold on a second particles on. I was strongly suggest that. We go over to the dispensary. Doubts step call. I get you a pill. Until all you choose some of the week. and. Maybe you might. WanNa. Get A peppermint. Shaw Morning Show City Bobby Ideas. Can't do without this lady. Short I can believe to invite friends need to the To the last name Angel Johnson I. Thank Her for saying what she said that's all I was trying to say. When it came up the first time. Yeah, no, you had me separated from my husband Danny speaking speaking now I just went I wanted to have my name because that's what I go by always went by and not changing all the paperwork and not doing all of that also wanted to say Good Morning Good Morning. His mind. Listening to Sydney when she talks about my kyle. 'CAUSE IDOL study body language, but I could feed. She has this southern drawl when she says his name. My Theory and Shaking. I'm like four she. She got it going on. This nothing it's nothing wrong with that. Not at all. Beginning now I'm rooting. I'm here we'RE GONNA. Go on this journey together. But. Like all relationships even with my own CJ Darrow Barbecue Went there would be a point where the honeymoon is over I'm sure. And you. You go to the next phase. I'm happy to see me in her romantic bliss. Via. Now and we. Know that. WE'VE NO WEST So we But But like all of us. Including yourself including. Boy that honeymoon boys you go into face to. Buyers everybody's fought in that night now. It's going to be at least a year. I can find. I SWEAR To go to work I'm this remote. But I try to I try to sit down and in doing because you've got slate. Gray and Barbie. Defeat. John Yet. I. Haven't seen a foot massage. Seen. Facie, check it out but my feet and get my love what massage. Damn. Yeah. We. Cine. Yet. To face just just he said you monitoring. Just for just. I can't my body will not let me. Physically. Be She got to be extremely comfortable. Barbeque. I am comfortable. I can't do it because I. That's a personal thing like even my kids in the house they fired stuff. I'm like, why don't you just go to the bathroom like only plenty of Lazy People. Want to go to the bathroom but what I'm saying is fire. A. Tiny. For Sixteen months? Low this woman to death. We thought we fought on a regular now. In the bed we just whatever is what it is. Just. Go like this. Plus. Cine does and that will show. I said the next time I mean fire it's. The he's. Letting. So wait a minute wait a minute. He's already fought in front of you. Yeah. So city, let it go. Decision. He's already he's already. Baby. Was the toyopet. Chat with your bathroom like Hey Sydney. Disco. Next time you see this young man God, bless them in you. Just. Don't want this. I'll. Try. Smith and the building hey. The Smith thank you for tuning in. We appreciate you watching. Please let us know how did you hear about the show and share it with your friends and family? Johnny Whip Oh is in the building what's up Johnny Hey Diane Hoagies had the Diane Hall is in the building. Would, up Diane Look as soon as your name, you say, can I get my shot out hey? All good morning to you girl. I have whole Senator Diane Tell Mark We said. Hello. Do does he listen to the show? Yeah he's. Dying to be running everything in that help. So tell said Diane got that I. I mean she's a lovely wife of course women's married thirty years. You know. So she has a successful goblet, but it see like knowing Diana way I know where like the way you know 'cause Diana. Communicate a lot. She's running things in house. I think she I think Mark Lipsticks I think Marxists disliked sticky wants to listen to her. Really, do want to listen to it. Snow Santi here, and the wife name is in the building. What's up y'all opportunity name see ruin Aa Christo take. So what's up raw but necessary is in the building. Harlem Henley is ear hey. Handy. This show of Oliver. Hey Best Debu good morning girl. Sean Brown album discussion for she says, she had like a hundred and fifty browns in our house. Family, it's going to continue. Morita chocolate. Thunder Simmons's here Hey Marina Gumma one in a chat room. Right DJ Bellamy. Inhale. Home in the head role. Do this show without. Back. To the show today, we're GONNA do the show. He's so important to this show that sitting where he comes in as one. Walk out and give. Happy Anniversary Diane. Anniversary thirty second. Class Yeah. That's great work. Today, and that's black love for real. Thirty two years mark never had another baby mother on the side no kids. Everything. In the building what up their behavioral Nathan You Jones is. Joseph Cards dealt with in the bill would up. Kareem Williams here. Hey Corinne Joe Byrd S. in the building Sept- Joe. D Your mother read is here, Hey. Hey Read de Ray. Rare Mr Sensational Holler, is in the building and safe lightly rail w M. Dixon. Hey cousin good morning. going. At. floss. Tamp Oh yeah. Don't overdo. He's been single may Zeman man he's been out there winning calm down. For a lady Ralph Bobby Knight. Guys. Like. One little thing, and it's like I want to go on a run for like a year. And then they're gonNA try and settle down just get back on the horse route. We go back out there and look for your queen. That's why I've been at horse you gotta go they support me ain't. Nobody is running through. I will say. I can't be by well could be bombed himself. I can't be by myself so. Well Yeah. You can't be basic. Like things. Like that. He doesn't look if nothing. Better they're very mathis is here good morning to burn Hilda Renna dozier is in the building up. No, she's being. Hill, please live long not a Lotta hilts out now now that's not. Pop, into seventy. He'll the live long please. Meta Helda where you've met one now? Yeah. Well, of course her. Deal is in the building what D- Low. Hey girl good morning until you those are all the names that have seen today if you guys WanNa get shot it out. Make sure you give them for the next one. Oh my God I'll put the running emojis. We truly appreciate your guys listening you WanNa, make sure that you stay connected with us especially, all of our new listeners you can follow us at the Sean Harvey. Morning. Show. Featuring the WAKEUP team, which is the pace that we're broadcasting off of make sure that you like and follow it because you'll get a notification every morning. When we go live, we also have a group page that's on facebook Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the wake up team group. The group is popping shout out to everybody who keep posting in there. Please make sure you guys join and then add fifty friends were also on the iheartradio platform. So please go there under podcast. And search for the Sean Harvey Morning Show and be sure to like this video and throw it on your wall. We really appreciate it. Well, thank you so much energy. I guess guess what these shoutouts will sponsored by comedy Worldnet radio and I'll tell you what we'll come back. We'll go to the morning drive, DJ? Not We'd be back with Cindy says. Not. Concern. Sending Bobby. People. Who? I good. Morning was up But. But not. Obama's on from. Your. Building I'M GONNA build it in now. My voice better. Does. To hear from you. Know. What's wrong with me now that was yesterday. Today's a different day. It's so right yeah. Little Cocoa. Very now. Commute. The cocoa went through us. It's not brick wall of us. Yesterday. Real. Crazy. Got Mad at us because we said a little. Mad. Did. Now. This sensitive. issue. For. The shortness all my life I could find anything conduct download Dabbagh anger. But that was on my real quick we in the break. My mind I'm doing laundry right now and I'm mad that you can't get dry the clothes. Woody me. You know when you wash them in your house and did take them to around you back to drive all year Dan you gotta do everything right now yet I thought I thought that was lose the purpose of. Take thirty close a washroom and then dry. Dry. Bridge I've done. My Mess. US what mass of. Dry it I wanted to dry. You wanted to go to the laundromat to pay to dry your mask and the dry you washed. Away. took. Over the the cardboard. I'd. Fogel back to the. Safari. That folks do they wash their clothes at home and take wet clothes? Dryers are broken get they don't have their whenever rum. So to save money time, they will wash it at home I. Evan Take the clothes to the LAUNDROMAT drive down. That sounds totally ridiculous. That's. Cool Man. In the city in between. And I know. People that are currently image. That would be you. appropriate. Between the city. You. Close out. Take in the. Saying is depending on the day seen. Well, that's what I what I've been doing like my sheets and stuff. Am I look my blankets I'll lost. Sight. But not. Your and there's a lot of people out his early twelve three the real Lao Renault. Right. Right. But hold on that went through. They'll go back to the break was back to the laundry thing. I Hate You Sydney. Why? The, the wash it works, but the dry dome. And if And if you able to go to the LAUNDROMAT, you know like a a slow time of the day. Why don't you just take your close in laundromat? Do everything in one place I mean yeah I cannot do that but. You're spending your money or. visit. Paying to watch when you can watch them at home. Home and put them in the bag. You get your car to bus or whatever you go to the laundry. Van? Dramatic. An. All usually, what I've been doing now is taking all their but. I'll do it all at the LAUNDROMAT. Washington dry up. But sometimes like in between like I don't WanNa go I don't have enough to go all the way laundromat just washed or. Close to my house. So it's not really that deal for me. in-between. You have the Washer not drive. No. I mean like inbetween like when there's not really that many clothes but I need something like washed and dried like really quick. So do you have the dryer? No and get Them saying. But you've been going to the laundromat right. Yes. So you take a full load of clothes in Washington and Crib, and then go to the laundromat you doing that on a regular basis. I never agreed to dad won't. Just say whatever I'm aware today. I'm a dry here. Cindy you. Do to the cocoa. I got COTTAM is my pocket no doubt. And like like I'm just looking at it and ain't line, it's like thirteen dryers. that. Says non workable. See. Babacan loans that's when you live in like my love he's in the beloved lives up the block from my mother. So there's a lot going on in the X.. There's a lot going on. Still using the coins. Do you have to go to the LAUNDROMAT that? Mileage Mattis has the card. Now they don't use coins anymore we have coins. Coins shorted. Coin shortage why don't they go all these laundryman? Which? Is a car the? I'm at the LAUNDROMAT I go through down row. Got A big sign like don't take the quarters. The old school, their have quarters people coming in those machines are always breaking. The best machines. Susan. mccue. Agrees. Yes In the crib now, I'm going to the old school laundromat. Shop Air. Michael. Those Armegeddon. Drives. Close. Real good. I'm getting way to dry clothes as sit him happy of an open. And get a hanger. To. Your Hobby on the series note man I just want to let them know we're no that we lost a brother that you grew up with and I grew up with. Jd. Powers. Jd I just recently found out he passed well I. Put. Our condolences I'm GonNa go to Joe Page and take a look see his face. I'M GONNA take a look I. Cool it. This. Is All on facebook. facebook. Live. Chat with snout or you know what? I'm saying listen. Will you call to? Be. Where are you calling to Puerto? Rican site would do you hold on any with? Do you call? To Puerto Ricans. Fighting biking. Would you call to why a why? A one. and on why a wine on wine we got. Kicked out. SMART. Or I'm sorry about that one though. Everybody out. Wait and then you bomb. You by. What? Else. Every once in awhile. was. Horrible. homers they're trying to get the joke about Kalona Bar one time Harlem in front and Mock Lounge on one hundred eighteenth street eighth avenue after work women like beautiful women like you guys all in the Lounge Pew every potty beautiful. The city. Call Him the baddies pad. I walked to the states. I knew I was going to bomb because it was too many beautiful lemonade. I was self conscious. I walked are bombed and these beautiful woman which is looking at me the steering. Like, get him off the stage I know how it is. All right. Yeah. Was a comedy show wants in the happen to have set right in. A moment you don't like to in front because comedian trying to come for you, right? Yeah. But I'll come back. We'll be taking bilby each other all lack. Just, sitting there he he joked and I'm just saying because he is not paying off the tough. Staring at. Count as. Funny as Comedians we raveled you guys boo than stare at us. This is the worst. But was a half. Pass. By. We always talk about the sick. Hey Joe Louis Alex Jones. How. What the joke was about wine that was called me. I get that. I guess. That was not a good one. Joe Sweating claiming Golden. Joe, how was the planning going through addresses letter Love I. Love. And I'm excited field. So. Shock shot the Logan here. Hey Shaw. Walker made as of now. But? But like you know have the plan South Dakota already, I, wonder how that works out like. When you already like let's say your wedding with your was to be married already or supposed to have. So you pretty much know that you're going to do but now. scheduled. That messed up like other. Being like your food or the decoration. Like my wedding falls by the time I WANNA have it again I was with the whole thing. I want a different call me to. Go Start. A new thing? Our duties. Piping. Good primary purposes everyone to stay alive but I count last year. Long giving. Her. Cheryl. Well we gotta play. We, still on. It. Please dot. com. Less I love. He's I'm about right now you gotta get mad at me. The way in Ohio. Ohio. By we always like. She still had. I'm way. Patch. report. brought. Here. I, have I. Have that's. Perot's. Yup. Everybody was okay right. And Now you would. Not Be. You would have heard about it. People got. The group chat. Congratulations. Mrs S Bridge that's right. because. She showed the baby she lifelock. We go down. I love you. What? Be In fear that the thank you. To the wind up. going. Around. About Twenty Five. Thanks you. Talking. About. Fifty seven. Twenty One Twenty one percent. That Brennan that your Polokwane. Got Foam. Pad. Feet away by. John Back. We to be scattered. How? About. which assisted Boston because. Let's make this habit because God forbid be based. Out of Cambridge. Back. Pay. Right. Spreading. ME. I probably would have to say I'm having my. Around Me My goal in the past though we're going get married today. I was. would. Tae Guy is. Michelle one show featuring a wakeup team you WANNA. Have a good time may sure you stopping at the IMU Locate Eight Thirty One south Delaware Dr here at Eastern Pennsylvania, they offer American cuisine in a twist on cocktails, a Wednesdays and Thursdays have a on site also, Friday and Saturday hit this move south of a local artists featuring jazz are be when you stop in. Make sure you tell them to show every morning show CINCI. You're. Hey. This is Cindy J. from the Sean, Harvey Morning Show and I want to let you all know to contact Cam w roofing and contractors LLC for all your home remodeling needs contact David, read at eight, zero, four, three, nine, eight, one, seven, nine, eight, they give free estimates and they're licensed and bonded call them today tell the Sean Harvey Morning Show thank you. Take I. It's Barbagallo Michelle one featuring a wakeup team. You WanNa have a good time. Make sure you stop and at the you locate thirty one south Delaware dry here at Easter Pittsburgh the awful American cuisine in a twist on cocktails or Wednesdays and Thursdays they have a dvd on site also Friday and Saturday hit a move sound of a local artists featuring jazz or be when you stop in May. Sure. You tell them to show having morning show Simpson. Hey this is Jay from the Sean Harvey Morning Show and I want to let you all know the context km w roofing contractors, LLC for all your home remodeling needs contact David read at eight, zero, four, three, nine, a, one, seven, nine, eight, they give free estimate and they're licensed and bonded call them today. Tell them the Sean. Harvey Morning Show thank you. I we're back. So don't forget cj the open house. Stj Rome W. Wfan k. every Saturday from twelve noon to three PM with the one and only miss. An our hero Dj Rome W. F. N.. K.. Station would attitude DJ Rome misty Saturday twelve noon three. PM. Several. Yes. I do realize sounded like your. Nights at night sounds. Lights Nice like. Like. Like my light R&B. Now, that's why we don't do radio like I hate that typewriter relative short how you boys? Brady collided kid breading. Ha You. With the morning zoo morning zoo. We got the Ping Pong tournament is got to be really great how farmers. Purchase. Sleep down. Here. With. Radio I know. What you're going to see says. Okay, here's yours seventy two. That's about seventy three, seventy four degrees right about now Eddie to where we the high partly cloudy with the possibility of rain today in Strasbourg seventy degrees Eighty, four for the high partly cloudy with the possibility of rain. Also, seventy three in Newark New Jersey Ninety will be the high partly cloudy with the possibility of rain shower does. Oil Airway. In New York City is seventy, five degrees, eighty eight will be the high partly cloudy with the possibility of rain today seventy, three in Atlanta. The high will be ninety three going to be a beautiful sunny day in Chicago, it's sixty eight degrees. The highest to be eighty four today's going to be clear and sunny as well. Eddie for Miami Ninety four, the high partly cloudy and Los Angeles. It's sixty four degrees to high of eighty four today. And it's going to be a beautiful sunny day. That's what I have for. You are wasn't the way you are. Cologne. Coming to you live from the show having one featuring cindy. J. We get your morning star thank morning started right cj where we're going to do we're GONNA go with some say says Yeah. We look forward to your segment each and every day let's classroom. Going on this. City says. Right now. Come on Airway Dwayne Johnson Dwayne, the Rock Johnson he went on Instagram the other day Tuesday that he and his family are currently on the mend from having the corona virus. and. He said that I can tell you that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family and he said and for me personally to as well and I've gone through some doozy's in the past. The Rock and his two young daughters ages four into exhibited mild symptoms but he and his wife Laura Passion where a different story there say they're happy to say that there are at the other end of it. We are the other side. We're no longer contagious and we are thank God we are healthy. They said that they believe they contracted it from close family friends and they just encouraged others to exercise extreme caution when meeting with friends or family and taking measures like getting tested before meeting up and wearing masks to prevent the spread he said he believes he benefited from his general commitment to his health. He said I've got knocked about and got in my ass kicked a little bit in the past some challenges but testing positive for cove is much different than overcoming nasty injuries or being evicted. Broke, which I have been more than a few times. The reason why I feel this is different is because my number one priority is always protect my family and my children and my loved ones. So shout to the rocket family. Better and I know I've been broke many times it. Yeah. But you know the virus man like the rot catching the cocoa. Yeah. It does it does like this make. Everybody could catch. And he's top business, he's in top shape everyday day. Every day. When he sleeps, his body gets better. I can. Get as bad 'cause. Right. You know what I'm friends came over coughing and he got. So it's the again where mask. Stations, Washington you right and then Hopefully, we'll get to all like I said that. Run running through everybody. Everybody got. You all know that this is throwback Thursday I like to do a throwback story. Remember I was talking to you guys about future and his baby Mama you a rain right now no her story she had to go to the other baby mama to get. Pass. I am DNA because future even WanNa take the test he was like my baby claiming that ain't his baby it was for sure because the sibling tests came back ninety nine point nine percent of their sibling future was pissed when he's like they tested the. Brother. Simply Future like this was a sibling. A sister above eight old. Back. So then you know that allies that she does. Okay. So the court was like. All right. So obviously you reformer. So now you have to do child support. She was requesting from the court remember she was requested fifty, three, thousand a month. My Ass. She was waiting the longest 'cause he was denying the. Petition, she petitioned the court fifty, three thousand dollars off on that. For Short. We all went off on that. That's a little exorbitant. Six kids. There so we wife. Chaz come to a ruling hold on we got. I. From say like five grandma. Come on Shawn I've. Been in the system. been a child support. Sees far right. She's five. Ten. Say Ten a month. Jesus. Florida judge he recently said that future should pay Elisa only thirty, two, hundred dollars a modest. In child support. My. Very soon. This is based off of future claiming he only makes thirty thousand a month right which I do not believe. Save Cine you're lying star. No Sir Shelby. Alabama's. CHOOSE OUT FUTURES MONEY Damn loud futures lawyer. We haven't worked all year from the rolling violent on we have. In today's he has fifty thousand dollars in his bank account. Your order look at this man happy. Very liquid right now, he got a sell some houses. I applaud this young man thirty, two eight. Thirty. xactly six. Allow by. Law and the judge was like Yo. Wait a minute. You really played by doing this the sibling tests. Because it has not, she will even understand that I get that. But I'm saying she went a whole `nother route and the judge emotions I noticed. Too. Much. But we do know that the baby's head. You'RE GONNA get thirty. Two. Hundred dollars. I I'm flip this. Jesus Attorney Brandon Rock Bart spoke about the decision saying we disagree with it. We had some other evidence that was contradictory. The court order regarding child support was temporary and can be modified at anytime. The lawyer added. We are very hopeful that once we go all the documentation from him, his banking Info, his credit card, Info that the final child support number will be substantially higher. First of all, he said they were planning to. Depose to grill him about his finances in an attempt to increase the child support. Now first of all, Brian? RAF. RAF Four. branded. Root Bark. He's an all the. Noise not he needs to get fired. You Go. Come out there we got thirty, two hundred. Fifty three, thousand. Back with a Happy Day let me tell you. Got Two. Thousand. Like Sean said. Good right. That makes sense right? He needs to immediately get fi and beat up battle. Advocate valid. The woman has gone to an emotional roller coaster with this trying to get Bob you would say the coin. The judge. Put. A yield on all of this. They're going to have their mandate. Voyeur see it's not even about the child. It's about the finances going. She can't raise the child off thirty three, hundred dollars. Wishy leave because. Private. Property. Man. She wants to feed the baby organic. She lived in La city price of living city, the kids of your taught online that costs nothing. That top hole on city do you have to make your adjustments financially whether view making money or not? So. If you have three thousand dollars for the child thirty three hundred right right and you're done you move your punk ass out of La come to Bethlehem and Pocono. She's A. Dozen. Owners. To stacks for the baby and I applaud this judge this is just that is talking sense right now, the man as bobby colonial said has six of kids. He's probably paying all this money for these kids I know with the era gripped, right? She needed. Is. Right and he's paid and they're collected. That's how support to. Buy in the bank for the kids for later on top of that Barbie Cologne he's playing football in front of no audience right future. It's not even working. He's like Sean. Harvey home on a Saturday night doing nothing. Music he just put out a song drake he's getting. Life. Is Good Unit here it life is good. So yeah, WHO's buying this? Various. Nobody's. Albums anymore. So everybody download streams anyway like he's not doing any concerts. where? He's he's thirty, two hundred. Thirty, two. Girls, they get pregnant by stars in expected to you know be taken care of me. Just job. She says yeah. Job She'll be. She's got a job vein a the thousand a week. That's four thousand and this added. Seven thousand. They live according to you means banks. Grant a finance like a brand new Subaru Honda. Subaru. The Subaru forced. With the bike rack. and. What you get back home to her girlfriends. What's happening? Africa. because. Got Manny. Brian Ross dolls bamboo. Yeah. That's what happened. Her friends were like thirty. I. Because He. His other. Like my lake pay mortality. Baby Right. Melissa. Construction and he gave me stacks up. You only got Dr. Ilias all you. Can Yeah. So. Any money. For like well, bitch is better than nothing. Get A job. Any money. Meanwhile Kishan Coal and Daniel Booby Gibson her ex they settle their divorce but both agree to no child or spousal. Support? The to have agreed to no child support, they'll take care of their ten year old son. When he's in their respective care, each party is ordered to support the minor child while the child is residing with that Party and current child support is set as zero. Kisha bobby also opted out of spousal support mind you bobby Gibson remember when I did this story, he was trying to come at Kisha versus. Yeah He. The core finds that both the parties waive any right to current spousal support. No courtship any jurisdiction to order any spousal support for either party. At any time they're gonNA share the cost of education with his tuition. Paid to the minor school quiche and bobby have also agreed to not make disparaging remarks about one another and their families. and. They also are going to discourage. They're not gonNA have family or family friends say anything disparaging about. The other person in their care as well. Think about that is you can't control other people mouths like I say don't please they'll say that would you say? Man That's GonNa Affect. Your time with the kids yeah. These people understand. This Year we're situation because the courts involved. So the courts saying you can't say bad things blah. Blah to each other or the kid which is normal the plan wonder how they came to that like the each of them said, no money the that's the that's the thing that's baffling about this. Yeah. Because in these situations, the money has to be involved. So unless they agree not to do that. So so maybe it might be bipolar type relationship with everything is good on one end and then they start cursing and he can't do all that. So no cursing at each other but he'd probably do well with the kids financially in the town or the child. Because that's what these courts before and I thought this, you know the long as they don't curse at each other everything would be fine. Because aren't to court built for. All this nonsense because you know the the baby mother and the father can't get along. On? A. Place Anymore. That's Sean knows saying. ex-wife moved on. Alone she was like you know what our only. Because I'm happy the papers. So. Happy my ex wife. Dropped his voice. suit. And paid for uncontested divorce eight, four to two, hundred, fifty dollars and state of new, Jersey. Fedex to paper and one thing I had to do was sign it. She said. And she was in love and got married I'm happy now on those I god, bless you. Because she was taken everything. Thank. God bless you man what's his name? His name shot up. To You Great man that's that's that's great. Great. Man is good too good to have these type of relationships with men that enter into your life. Via Your ex wife and my kids love him. Because you guys might can can't. comes. Into your life. And show love to your children. Benefit exactly, and that's the way it should be. Some baby mothers and some baby fathers can't let it go because the baby. Or mother feels like that's their regina or their pain is for the rest of their life and they can't move on. And then it caused all this chaos in the life because the baby baby follow has a new relationship. Oh trust me I know. What down. So, you can have a baby you can have a beaming mother. You don't want to know more you moved on to somebody else baby mother went out there snack something. Nelson, winning now you matt. They give mad. For. PIP. Like you say they think he's still with. This twenty twenty San. The nineteen sixty. Women move on bags, fresh and new Penal Hallo and a new family yoke braids tough back up with Jesus thank God. Fellas you sit a doc somewhere and getting tuned with your feelings because you not all that goes sit in the closet. Doesn't sit around you. They think do. Do. People move on poor life. Once they get older here, you can't make the decision to. Do and then with your baby mother move on you. Know who who, who is around my who's around my kid shut up. You wasn't worried about that when you was out there tricking. Eight three. Paul on a budget trying to finesse another woman. Man With the man, this men with the men are talking to the men. Cut It out men let that go. Down your baby mobile's out there doing her thing. You'd think she can sit there as a woman in Vienna House with your kids and just miserable and you feel like you can come over with you want to your childhood their. Body here. You got the nerve enough to have another relationship in another phantom talking about myself. Come over and Show. Show. Peterson the creek. No. Start seeing the song about it. And then and then we got a golden corn. Until we got. Here he here he he loaded. Because blacks, Puerto Ricans can't even at White folks can't even celebrate differences. Insecure with the penis. In cheinal. Get Your Life together together. We we have a global virus out here and you wearing about some for China. Come to John, is ever plasma at They have the moment you. Let him go. Bang Aback. Me Back Dot. com. You one hundred. Hundred right now I got adhd kids all the way up. All of of at the same time. The triggers it's flashing together. All? Much. Her. She'll be having black. Own But. Talk Realize. Their way. Out. A. A. Just. You. A. Way. I'm happy. Yai. Crazy. Thing always on the might. In the and. took. Down the. I'm. Telling you. Incur. Concert. Got Naked. Out He. Has Been. CARE. I. Yeah. Yeah, we don't. We. Don't. Know. Might be. found. Your About. GonNa Reading. Off. Come back clap with. Back. On it is a throwback Thursday Thursday. September. The third twenty, twenty, fifty, nine minutes south the I'll welcome back shaw morning show featuring Sidney J. co-host Barbie Cologne, we want to start right chapels open please call him five seven, zero, nine, two, six, nine, five, zero radio DOT COM iheartradio radio comedy Worldnet Radio Shahabi. Morning. Show. Dot Com or major podcast platforms right here on my facebook. Bobby real quick look and then guess what? Kind of shelter on. Show those also. Bethlehem, we broke to you firm guys. It's seventy two degrees eighty two for the high partly cloudy. The sudden like China pop out. Okay. But I still be a possibility of rain today eighty. I'm sorry seventy in Strasbourg eighty four for the high partly. Cloudy and a possibility rate. Also, that's the web I have for you all. What's it look like where you are? Coming to you live from the show on the show featuring Sidney J will you get to more than started xactly where you want to start at right part because we want to show the chat rooms? We WanNA. See the hearts in the chat room second shift is in the building we went through the first ship. Only place on earth. Where you get your morning started right. Let's show them some love right now. Heart attack. Heart. Track. then. Let's go down. would. Heart. To Heart. With a heart. Heart. Aren't set. Heart. Not. Hey what hey. Hey. What what time ladies on a? Chat Room Hey aren't. Hey. Let's go. Hey I. turned. Up and turn down value. Harry dickason Graham in the building what Kisha. But Neta George Henry is here haven at A. Town. Yeah. That net is. Live this call right here. Hand, I was like what's going on? Prentice. Acces. Baby Good Morning Mr. Robinson. dre short yeah sub dre. Way Lewis Hey Twain Derek evidence hearer shutout to an Angel Johnson hey angel. Beautiful wanted to San Diego, shepherd? It's in the building good morning. Pay Mikhail farmer is here. Hey, Mikhail Hey. Shaheed Johnson the building. shutouts a shell shampoo, Gilmartin and. Jacqueline People's it's in the building. Terrible elite is here at least Scott's separately. Marcus Mr what Emoji Johnson it's in the building. Hey John Cochran, was up John. Hayman. Lewis would upcourt bring. A. Young nut is in the building. Hey, you're gonNA. Gary Goodwin is here Hey, good morning Gary that miles hey nephew mourn and. Net Sorondo is end up building what's up learning good Morning Sean. Smith is here. Hey, girl Johnny Wapo is in the building what up Johnny Hey. Diane how are we saying Diane Hall Hello Diane Nassau and Nina was something saunday Hey y'all hey, guys Salen Rooney Hey Crystal Martin. Vanessa CITRON's and the building was serving that's Shutouts are Harlem Henny Good morning the brought by. Hey. Good Morning, Girl. Morita Chocolate Thunder? Simmons was something Emma call you late all we gotta get together this weekend girl. Dj. Rami Roman has were sub DJ. Rome Hey. Yes. Joe Louis Allen joining us here. Hey, Joe Tim Jackson Good Morning Dave. Nathan. Jones is here Hello Nathan you Joseph Cards in the building went up Joe Career Williams hello corrine Good Morning Joe. Joe Hey. The mother f read his head. Hey Ziti a Martin. Rare Mr, sensational holidays in the Bill Dagga Brow. Mathis is here. Hey, vern Hilda Ridder dozier is here morning than hailed W M Dixon hey cousin morning. Show what up deal Oh. Hello. Shawna beaming in the building what's up Sean? Hey Girl Tiffany Thompson this here Murph is in the building what Murph Jessica Wilcox is here. Shout to Audrey Johnson. Hey Ordre Shonda Logan is in the building what up shine them. The show and Hayes Jones is here the godfather of Solar Tracy Ray. It's in the building. WHAT'S UP Tracy? How are you today? Noko Harris is here. Good Morning. Nico-. Tyler. Web. Heyday Hey. Good Morning Girl and last but not least Jimmy kill do is end the building would up Germain. and. All. Yes, we truly appreciate you guys listening and you want to make sure that you stay connected with us on Social Media the Shaun Harper, morning show featuring the wakeup team. Make sure you like an follow are paid we us on facebook we also have a group page that's on facebook the Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the week of team group. The paid is poppy whereas on the iheartradio platform follow under podcast on Instagram Sean every morning show and like this video and throw it on your wall. Thank you. Thank you so much. Well says Inisia- Barbecue. So bobby before we get. Sanjay remember early in the show when we're talking about the being home on weekends and not going out and we talked about the Goodfellas seen that you guys couldn't remember. I got to see this this the scene right here for the good Bella when you came home late has to be married. When here the cine. Video to. His friends, what kind of a person doesn't call. He's employment. He doesn't have to call every five minutes was such a grownup. Let me get you doing apartment. Tackling. Wanted to. Listen you're here a month and sometimes I know he doesn't come home at all kind of. Let me to. Do. Jewish did you these people I've? Never stayed out all night without college stay out daddy never went out at all. You don't know how I feel bill. How do you feel now? You don't know where he is. You don't know who he's with he's winters. Enough hasn't been able to digest a decent meal six weeks. The MOM was out of control outlook good. Look. Dame. Worry. Does not stay out like this. The way I read. SHUTOFF shift. You. Know. Way like. I. Can't wait to go back to that life. I walked. Back to. My income. You. These. appropriate. Shop. Ajay. Hey. Why He. Wa. She got the. She's Apple. Got To do. What He. Watson. Out Visuals. Thanks. She got the front page news. Beige New Joan Wasser as e double. In, the can't deny. You got the front page new jobs they got the front page do y'all, y'all y'all. You for that utilize. Guys are too much. You don't have to do all of that. You. Know then, I am going to feel some type of way. Bush. Also. That? Same. The. Gyrating. We already know real. Hopefully. Hopefully on the plane. No doubt. While I have some updated news who is calling me terminate eggs. I have some front page news where we're going to get started with is. Payments Right we all want to know we begin our money stimulus. Stimulus I said I ain't get there with yet. Lincoln. It you got. that. Thank the New York state gave out like what was it like over three hundred, million dollars in benefits to dead people who has those shows I want his Phone? Yeah might look into that 'cause I'm suing if they did exactly tackling on your stuff. Address all of that people and the people that do not change address when you move. You got somebody to get you. More than half. That's called truth more. By now. This News Anna. Hunting hours going on with that baby I'M GONNA have to call somebody like, whoa how extras six hyundee that we were. Sidney what's up with? Unemployment. Some of that trump man you miss it. On the show excuse me who wants. Getting Missions. Barbie. I'm getting unemployment flown fourteen different states. I. I'm going to jail when this. We'll be doing this show. Like we go your shot I, work in Washington about four days anyway you. Say, this is a president trump he signs I believe. He had signed an executive order to give us four hundred right. But that you know that's still needed to get approved the Democrats were fighting. It was a mess. So now more than half of states are now approved for the extra three hundred per week and unemployment insurance. So on top you have to be making. At least one hundred dollars in unemployment benefits to be eligible for the additional pandemic. which would be additional three hundred. So. Stays have been applying for the funds from the from FEMA from the Federal Emergency Management Agency over the past few weeks but so far Arizona and Texas have been the only ones that have started to pay out claims. So now these following states will also start paying out the enhanced benefit in the next coming weeks. The following states are Alabama, Alaska Arkansas. California. No Pennsylvania is on the list New York I. Think I did see Massachusetts an email Rhode Island Vermont Virginia Washington. And West Virginia. Can Talk Maryland New Hampshire Montana Michigan May. Right I. Hope. US. Are they going to give back money from the to the few weeks? They didn't get the three hundred far from Barbie Cologne that information is still unclear go well. I'm emailing. Appointment as seven o'clock they. Got, information is unclear. Unemployment number please. The Pennsylvania unemployment number eight eight. Three, one, three, seven, two, eight, four you'd better call because they already busy they already they already disconnect people. So. So so right that's a good question. Yeah. Money we don't know yet. It's unclear, but we're going to get more money, but we should if been filing unemployment. Benefits sense the six, hundred stop I would imagine they would just fill in the blade I want. More stage are likely to be approved soon, South Dakota. Is the only state so far that has declined the subsidy oh well. You can say, no South Dakota. That's crazy. That's trump country. Kentucky and Montana are opting to give an additional hundred dollars on top of the three hundred from the federal government and the Standard State Employment Payments Sydney we. City. Rico proposals. That six accustomed sauce sitting Lico Christmas I'll Barbie. Eligible workers equality states will receive back pay. Day of the week. August I win. Spire You're. Going to get a look at the next coming weeks. Craze. Coming on top of the additional. So keep filing your weeks people. Listening to the front page news. Thanking. Continue. Saving. Phil Good News on. This single trust. Loose. Again. Does. Special Chris. Ready attitude. Thanks. Could. End. and. Quick Stay. With that. Me Too. The. Date. Correct Alex. Come Weird back. We front page news God. Bless you. See, thinks marquee three right. This is marquee three saying this on, we put the Lincoln in a group. See what else? Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Couple of. God. Bless me. Yes. Also in the news this one, it was a little disappointing to me I wanNA talk about it but I'm going to have to Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi. Wanted to get a little blowout causing. San Francisco. Now Nancy, you could do your own hair. Wait. So win well, Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday called her private visit to US EFFORT CISCO Hair Salon. This week. In which she receives styling indoors despite citywide restrictions on indoor styling she she labeled it clearly a setup. She. Held a press conference in San Francisco on. Corona virus. And she claimed that she was misled. By Her Neighborhood Salon. Security footage showed her at one point wearing a mask around her neck instead of over her face. She said I take responsibility for trusting the word of the Neighborhood Salon that I've been to over the years many times and that when they said what we're able to accommodate. Sorry this when they said that they were able to accommodate people one person at a time that we can set up that time I trusted that as it turns out, that was the setup. So I take responsibility for following for a setup and that's all I'm GonNa say on that she says she thinks the Solano's run apology. The basically what happened is that she went to somebody leaked footage of her walking into a salon where in San Francisco no indoor styling that they're doing here allowed to do outdoor haircuts. Doing that but anyway, so they can cut it outdoors. So she wanted to wash and blow dry and she didn't wear a mask not only will not only were you getting styled indoors but you all you also weren't wearing a mass and then she said it was because she was getting her hair wash. She doesn't wear a mask because she washes her hair. Well. You're going to have to wear the mask when you're in the salon, you wear your mask like getting your hair was I had my clients holy mass take you if you don't Wanna get your ear oh. Yeah. Spread just hold on your face I said Yeah. But when you even go like you could have just had somebody come to your house but. She said that she had a personal stars. They weren't available that day. She went to this place that she goes to all the time whenever ladies now round. The line, you don't know the laws in San Francisco. Congress or House Speaker Right Command wrestling. and. Somebody probably did. But that's not a she don't care about to say that here Nancy. This is not a good. It's not a good look. Yeah and that's where you're mass all the time all over the place especially places like this and and you didn't Nancy so you can't sit there and blame it on nobody else but to say so for some restraint, he's insignia bobby I would smash. Smash. Limited low hard phase. Real hard. On she got. So once you got the joke. Go I don't like that. Andy but. Without the women who? Visit there's a sub-conscious me. There's something you mean. Ran. Gillet. Area that for some reason. Jesuit, I'm not, prejudiced. I, would give it to Nancy Pelosi. Donald Trump. Donald trump used this as, of course, he in a tweet. He said Crazy Nancy Pelosi. Here he got. Him. This live. Seeing. Nancy Pelosi remember she was the one who started. In Asia. Our Call I'd. Words, I will call them. Crazy Nancy Pelosi is being decimated for a beauty parlor opened when all others are closed and for now wearing a mask despite constantly lecturing everyone else we will almost certainly take back the House and Senate Nancy Packing, exclamation, point ooh. Tell us how you really. Follow. Up. Backtracking and saying that she was set up though Nancy nobody's sets you up to. A place that right should have been closed meeting ray shouldn't even have one at it. Shouldn't even have wanted to go. She got somebody else to do your hair when he a little interns to give you a blowout y'all ain't doing nothing anyway. Nobody's looking at you. You looking crazy streets is not good for the movement. Nancy. Hi Four front with following your lease install give it. Your lead Nancy, you should be just on top of. Set Up. Up Aga setup I was today using these words. Owner trying to set you gain from this maybe trump's what is. They can't be hotpots. Hopper. and not following off the. Actually been seen her I've seen her photograph many times with the thing right around here today. Yeah. You wear it for if you don't WanNa wear. I tell she down some people like to talk with the mass and people donate. But if you go ask. For. You're. Allowed an unseen we can hear you off a little bit. Understand that cine but. She should never been in this. She put herself know Nancy you have you weren't. You weren't set up which was reckless. And Selfish you put yourself in his hand when you are a top political figures, almost a celebrity Rockstar rockstar status you have to come outside correct, and if the Salah's close in your town of San Francisco y you in a salon, they're supposed to be closely. was like, is it that? Differ you to get your hair blown out Like it's going to dry. You need to go get jazzy. Camera. But She GETS PERSONAL THOUSAND TRAVEL WITH YOU Establish who had to go. Back. Anybody. I will fly to for. Watching I. got you, meows. Harvey Nancy Cordes. Hook you up, right. Yeah. You, need to do that. But The way. Way. Back Cars and Barbie Columbia. There's more. Oh, sorry. More protests at. Killings, going on video recently surfaced yesterday relatives of the man Daniel prude police officers that are involved in his death a they're marching in Rochester New York for these officers to be charged with murder. He died suss suffocation after police officers who were taking him into custody, put a hood over his head, and then press his face into the pavement for two minutes according to video and records released by his family and local activists us. Down prude who is forty one DIED on March thirtieth seven days after his counter with the police after being removed from life support his death occurred two months before the killing in police custody of George. Floyd in Minneapolis But it's attracted widespread attention only on Wednesday when his family held a news con France to highlight disturbing footage that they have just. That they that have just been released like also these police through these investigations and they withhold this camera footage I saw wrong right? Isn't the point of you having the Body Cam footage so that you can see immediately what happened. To what you need to do it go, why are we just finding out about this because again, cj where we need to get rid of is the immunity and the officers are still working again, a we need to get. A hood on somebody's head. So that was to they said, he was spitting and they were scared the coronal but he's still winds up dead still doesn't justify the men. and. The law topsy rooted a murder they choke this man day again again here we go. Again. Here we go. Again again, has to go to the Supreme Court. I don't know if the Babylonians will allow it. Immunity for police officers have to be removed, remove it. They have to come to work every day knowing if they killed somebody that they're going to jail especially if he's not Janice not because you know like I know there's a bunch of good police officers out there get it then but it's the racist and the ones who do duties. Criminal Acts. Are the ones that are responsible for lists and they need to change everything no immunity for police officers that takes away. That desk duty every police officer killed somebody on desk duty. Or. They got home leave home with pay. Or. You. Know, you go to jail all these officers need to go to jail said it's not. Even, if he was schizophrenic or whatever he spitting on everybody. Okay. He. Served to die. Yeah. That's what you. Like, okay. With the thing on him and put him in the car. Get them in the car what is all of this restraining and holding Dow Holding? A restraining Bi dam next like what? Is Sydney's up. He's outside but as negative sitting on the street. How crazy? Die For this. No that's IT Corona virus they're coming out with the vaccine it. They said it should be ready by November first. Sean. Are you ready for that? I'm a I'll take it I'll. Pomona of vaccine. November I laid October. They say the vaccine is. Being produced by of axe and has been deemed safe in early clinical trials and options made by Sanofi Pash. If he were right over here and glaxosmithkline starting their early trials backed by the Federal Operation Warp speed effort. That's what it's called. Operation Warp speed right for our vaccine. Yeah. Yeah. That sounds I wanNA take. Dr Anthony Fauci is important people to stay safe during upcoming Labor Day, holiday to avoid another spike and the CDC is flexing its economic muscle by temporarily halting evictions through the end of the year, they say public health issue because fictions force people to move around a lot and share housing which ups the risk of infection. So Ain't nobody get a victim will thank you so much, Sanjay we'll be right back. Are we saw. But at the end. Of, year. One. What they? Ask. All. Right now then. Just. Place. Thank. God. Somehow. I come back. Great Show. Throwback Thursday. We have a guest tomorrow calling in. And we have a new artists desk we're going to interview as well. and. We don't play the young as music. So, that's tomorrow fulfil Good Friday and we have the chat room member of the week. So we're excited about that. So you guys. Can. Be. -TUNI-. Barbie honor ago here on chat. The story is everybody knows that if you if you didn't Bobby Cologne was listening and. Then she joined the decided to show and Bobby was actually going to be. and. Week and received. She came on this side in that eliminated hoping chairwoman. Speaking of Bobby Cologne. It. Wasn't. Able to. mean. Four. Miles. Away for screen. Cine I've been watching the NBA. I'm not even about nightmare good. It's you score part. Thing is. Sydney, out there like that whole no audience. What does it look like they haven't seen as a sin the gym gymnastics arena. And on side of the arena. If you enter a contest at from the NBA Dot Com. And what happens is if you win the contest whatever they doing. You will be on screen in the arena. Yeah. So you can see your face. How many people do they do at a time? Just one person. The whole arena one-sided arena in the back a looks like. It is still just a bunch of screens. Screens, and you see faces. And then the detained like for example, like the Milwaukee Bucks played last night. It was their home game. Yeah. So you see all of their fans, there is some of the fans of the other team within Oh. What you see on the floor has milwaukee everything's Milwaukee. But I protested at in the beginning because I thought. It was corny. We have the cocoa out there. You know we want to see people understand but city I've gotten used to this and the games I feel the same way. Watching the the game. If the audience was there, that's why I'm excited about football now because they won't be anybody in the stadium. First few game. Right city man, but it is still have that same emotional impact. Because while I was watching basketball last night even though it was this whole virtue thing that the games were really good. Yeah. So Okay. Get. Some. I'M GONNA look. These games I'm going to look and see because I don't watch. We're in history people. Witnesses things. NBA Ratings are in a free fall after the boycott the brief boycott the hey, last week. Bros... Why is into free fall but they are down in ratings at least thirty percent since default and they a little upset about that. But I always from the free. Because of the the whole little. Demonstration I think because fans really just not into this whole. I can't be an audience. Yes. I Barbara Cologne totally agree with you is just even like I'm a sports guy love sports. So I think some of us are like really trying to sports, right? Yes. With the whole. Ryan. Barbee like the mainstream folks they don't want to deal with this. They want to watch the and they WANNA be there you know hooting and hollering for the team out thirty percent. Thirty, percent Dow. So hopefully, you'll get John Ratings back up I. Mean I really don't care goes down, right but oh well. There was only one game last night guys and the Miami. Heat. Who Game Only, one came up on my Espn Barbie there's. Two. Games last night. Let me see. Hold up stop it would. Have to say when? You. This two games last. Let me. Give you. Wait. What she's finding That is used. Norma stuff. I remember watching the game. Doug with. Barbie clones is absolutely right I just think. Like. Okay don't care about it. What's the world we live in the where we live in? The world we live in now Barbie since I. First of all is late in the year to be playing NBA basketball where we should be sending in. The preseason of the upcoming season. Basketball. Basketball. Pushed itself all the way into the next season, right Hockey did as well. Right now, we should be in baseball and the WNBA and Soko the but everything is wacky. Thing that's on schedule and they wrap up the weeks. That got a lot to do with it too. Exactly. I mean people now. The viewership low. Racial injustice. Snow. I think, yeah, YOU'RE RIGHT BARBARA Review I think they should. They should cancel all sports. Yes. There's no need for the be like you're not really making money off of it right now because people are not really buying payroll people like you can't sell tickets come to the gang. Like didn't even have commercials. Airtime. A. Guess. What now this week I don't know if you're GONNA share his. Own Story. But Bobby The families were allowed to come to the. Facility that limit. is in a girlfriend they need to have it. You know they've been away from a long people need to see family yeah. That's. What is tested for the coronavirus fresh they. Should. Have, been. I think because because before before he's suburb. This NBA did a great job with the cocoa. There's none of the players have the virus or none of these coaches. Good. Good. Yeah. So why does this can in that bubble for the next it'd be overweight in a month and a half or did they have to go see? Should we everyone goes see their families. Visitation vegetation. Like being away from you and. Your family, you know a little bit Taylor. benched show. Miami he wants sixteen the Milwaukee Bucks one fourteen the lowest the bucks his was interesting about that the bucks Milwaukee the Knicks they haven't won a championship years. The bucks used to win it with Oscar Robertson Kareem abdul-jabbar. For he went to the Lakers, right Aren't they the ones that walked out that started boycotts and they have the Greek freak the the play I can't pronounce his last name. He's the top player in the NBA. Cine the Milwaukee. Bucks. Are the top team in the Eastern Conference and. The Miami Heat Oughta worst team almost one of the worst teams in the conference that made the playoffs. But in a leading the series two, they're beating the Milwaukee Bucks to the one in a full time tonight to two. And a four game elimination. But the Milwaukee Bucks beat the crap throughout the regular season he weird. Do what his was weird about it do like the underdog right they the ones I root for. which team yeah. The Max and I like to go for underdogs. Okay. But his within the Milwaukee Bucks. Can beat the crap out of entertainment NBA right during the regular season when they shut down cocoa even when they came back with this. But they never could be the Miami Heat in the regular season. That's great. She not match up in the playoffs. And the bucks still can't beat the hang can't be compete every team or sitting. Here because I think a psychological how? Yeah. They feel like we just can't beat the heat. A. Cheap to see how the mind works. Yeah. So should we bet on this game Sean? I, think we should. Who? I don't know but now I WANNA go a now I wanna go for the Milwaukee Bucks No to beat the you do I wanna go I wanna go to the heat because remember their lowest see but Also with psychological though maybe the Milwaukee Bucks they're feeling a little confidence. Maybe, they compete the heat now anything for Pimm in the regular season and the second ranked team is down to always well, this has never happened with one and two seed and evil coffers doing the playoffs are down about to be eliminated. Doing bad now to. The heat would just regular team they made the playoffs. Data regular. Ear Yeah like a five hundred year they won forty games law forty eight. Out of eighty. The Milwaukee Bucks, Fifty wins and five losses like every comparison. But out of those five losses, I'm just throwing that number out. Of that He. was. By now, in the playoffs when they matchup, imagine how to Buckfield your who's mix contender, you'll be I play the heat. Long. And last night cine check this out. This is wwe it gets weird food. Last night. Sit last night's game. It ended would afoul. Okay, shooting foul. And the score was tied. Between the bugs in the heat between the box he. Did, do goes to the free throw line. Team guests names with. This does name. Sini Yeah. This no time on the clock. The scores tied right and when in regulation, right? So you know how to shoot a throw all the Gaza right there they had to move away. In the guy is there shooting by himself. In a in a gymnasium virtual. But it still felt the. He goes to. Do is make one shot. He takes the shot the ball rims how are. Like. Those in. My goodness. On? Type. Takes a second stop. It goes. They win the game on the foul line. Jimmy, eat Jimmy the he city the Milwaukee Bucks. Swept bottom Miami Heat because let's go back to the psychological part of this, they can beat the team and look how they lost last night. On the free line and it was tied. I think they're GONNA do it. I'm going to go with the heat I'll go with the heat. But then everybody's going for him. You'RE NOT GONNA win no money isn't that I don't know because you will probably will the odds. Believe. The is is still with the bucks. 'cause they're desperate GONNA win. 'cause they go down three Zeros over right. So they might have to come out whenever they play the next time and they they stay they fighting for their basketball lodge right now the season right but I still think they just can't. I'm going with the heat the heat underdog still. Spread. Out Spread. Now while she's going. For you WNBA scores grow. Bobby of ready to this school, oh? Okay. I'm sorry I do apologize okay, see thunder and the Houston Rockets. And that's what they call around. To show great. In Houston Rockets play yesterday the rockets one, one, four, two, one, zero, two again same situation A. Game that was city this one went down to game seven. City. The rockets one rugged. About again virtual. Arizona stance, right. The game ends in the same way tied. Do goes to the free throw line. Yeah from Okay See. Houston with the Knicks. Ghazni name. Sydney to God city. The guy is a top freak. Don't percentage dude right? Like he's ninety nine percent at the free throw line. He's the type of guy when he goes afrita he's GonNa. Hit those to Iraq, right sending he goes to the line he's the one one shots this over. He misses the shot. Twenty, nine, twenty, nine, he goes to city. You could see him. He was nervous. 'cause. Right Those nobody on the last. Day said he goes up there. Why did they want them on the free throw line because that was in the act of shooting or it doesn't have to be an active shooter the other team was in the penalty. So when you get enough team thousand, go to the file. Regarding. The Guy was twenty nine for twenty nine. Throughout, the players. The guy's ninety something percent. You missed this. He goes to lies. City a but let's go back to the cycle. Thanks tonight. He loses now imagine do miss the shot you turn around you see your whole team. Like. This. City he was the the goal. Well Hey. That he that ten percent guide them. There was no we've laid a whole game since did was. He was tying his hands are stripped. There's nobody in the. GM. John Corales. Don't like. The basketball game and the guys at the free throw line, and you can see the crowd. Your. None, of that. Like this. Close. Out. How right the pandemic. Miss now bobby, there's no need to take the second shot. To Walks away. He knew He. Did you hear anything from these screens can you hear people they do they have like? Can you hear people? Say happened to have like a recording, right like like the the bucks they played at home so Record. Sick sitting here. Come, on can shop. God He bring the guy out break. It's ridiculous day. In. The Sky play yesterday eighty, six links, Scott AB three. La Sparks, and the Dallas Wings Ninety one sparks wings Ab three in Washington mystics sixty four, Seattle storm seventy a one to get. Ace's right yes. The Las Vegas eighth is shot up to Kim Kabul. Yes and your baby girl yes. I don't know we. All I. Wasn't too. I just became previous this here. Fifteen former female employees were suing the Washington team form of race gives for sexual harassment. Right they was saying that they sexually harassed do why they will working with the team while the owners of the team wanted the Roger Goodell and the Commissioner to take over the investigation because they wanted to have to make sure it was I'm biased. So they the the commissioner had to take over. The investigation last week. To make sure that the investigation was fair and that to prove or disprove these accusations. are still going to you know look and see what's going to come your day. Probably did because the you know an easier problem positions, they do no wrong or do they want to do So I. Believe I. Only I only got know the whole story appleby y'all. To move affects. So what does the saying that the NFL administrators were involved in? Ri- fifteen employees they said during their time with the team be hired Snyder wash to law firm the wash LP to review the culture policies of the team. in Lisa the lawyer Lisa banks the lawyer for two of the women. She met with the vice president and despite the special counsel investigation on Monday to you know, start the process of of the the law of. The investigation. You know NFL keeps taking hits right? Should just all be disbanded and it's it's so crazy because it's like everything that NFL stands for and what they say that are their principles. They don't follow any of that anyway. So. Even know what we're what we praise the NFL for sending our kids over there to do that getting concussions and all of that. So, that's up. Breaking News Steve Najib's became the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets out of contract. Oh. Steve. He's Meghan. Show. Where we can. Colona facebook why we clone designs on Instagram by close is degree. Yes. You can find me Sanjay on facebook sending underscore Jay on instagram and Sunny J on snapchat. facebook mutual harvey on Facebook Hoffy on Instagram you guys be safe. We're going to head over to the group rooms in Bobby has some fun in there and we got small for Phil Good Friday Chapel Midweek new artists and all of our interviews we're out of here most. Random. I'll turn them off. T. You.

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