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For scientists than carbon capture is key to reducing co two emissions globally it's one way Exxon Mobil helping industrial plants be more like plants capture C o two what if we could help industrial plants capture it to thank you we can help lower emissions more there's no real timetable for his return but the expectation is is he will be he nope we know that he had the issues with his lower legs from a year ago and it looked like that right ankle may have gotten rolled up not a good sign Paul Finebaum we'll talk about some drama we have that now a yarn college football season has gotten very interesting and it's all about to once again can he be ready for the Lsu Game Yes will he be one hundred percent nobody has any idea and there's even another question that is yet to be determined iteration and I don't think any of us know what to family is thinking because there's no way we know what his condition is going to be in eighteen or nineteen will be non weight bearing for several days and then he'll be able to come back as his rehab allows him so we're hopeful that about for for Alabama how are they used are they effective still without talking about lower yeah definitely concern here and this is the concern for days is certainly the most dramatic moment of the College football season all eyes on tour and his ankle and nothing more than the College Football playoff berth and perhaps talk of I lois struggles in that game ankle injury against Tennessee so coach Saban how did the surgery go surgery was successful should he play he's going to be the number one pick in the draft assuming he is healthy for what happens if he gets hurt even worse this is a family the national championship hang in the Balance Davis let's start with you confidence or concern about two as ankle he's the guy who stirs this thing with those three wide receivers out wide and it's just going to be interesting now Joey you've been I have seen Joey Galloway for example with as they really you know in a ten day period he'll be back being able to do pretty active type Rehab and we'll see how it goes from there but these things are pretty unpredictable wide receiver when you don't play with good quarterback play Joey those receiver looks good so to me the most interesting thing about this will be all the weaponry that we talked game where he left in the fourth quarter with an ankle injury to a did have a month off to get ready for the playoffs in played in both of those playoff games for the tide now time for a little F- bomb with at this point well it's predictable that to this time right he's never missed a game as a starter but he has had to leave four games due to injuries including sec championship and that's where we'll start college football live Joey Galloway David Pollack Peter Burns Gentlemen Week Eight is in the books that everyone's talking about that injury Alabama. QB I talk about Loa walking off the field offense that this is a offensive team now and when you watch Alabama they're not they're not what they've been in the past on defense and they're super young and the defensive front seven but one in the country this is the first team that transfer portal is sneaking up on because everybody has one quarterback now we don't know who the second quarterback is on any these top teams because everyone leaves and so you remember last year to goes out and they had jalen hurts step right into the SEC championship game and winning the game so now Alabama lasting who comes in the game definitely concerned for Alabama I believe to a will be back for Lsu but how healthy will he be you know it's crazy about the way added injury to their starting quarterback Kinda crazy this guy hasn't been injured but it's Trevor Lawrence he threw four interceptions last year joey now he already has eight concern reap for both to and the time I think it's concern because when you look into this is starting to mount up and you're starting to see a lot of injuries and let's be honest hille settle in after the bye week he'll be fine and he's still doing it and we're not talking about bad throws were talking about bad decision making was that team is stepping down in two or goes out who's next and so every single team in that top ten when that number one guy goes down it is going to be in earn or confident that trevor will be back definitely concern I I sort of when the first four happened I was thinking is is trying to do too much these are plays and we sort of seen Sam Darnold do the same thing where it was like a really good quarterback was trying to make plays that question pretty well well yeah we'll see Mack Jones does that he might be able to do that against Arkansas who's lost fifteen straight by the way ten of the fourteen teams in the SEC crazy is about all these teams but Florida's already done this culture steps right in plays mind so we're going to see what Alabama does and how they respond floors red zone there's three defenders back here and he just throws one up and so these aren't like bad throws they got away from him these are like nobody throws it to the scene in a situation you can see the quarterback was like receivers thinking this ball is actually coming at me but I'm not in the read and then this one again weren't there because he he felt like his arm was so good this is a normal seen what the day come behind so of course the dig is the read in this situation and you also have a check down and down but you're taking chances with the football that you don't need to take and so definitely concerned a Trevor Lawrence hasn't looked any different and we're in the middle of the season is going to throw it up there and see what happens this works out and this is a problem now counts as a touchdown but it's a problem he throws up his receiver goes up and gets it and ended up being we actually built Trevor Lawrence it'd be the greatest quarterback in the history of the game in one hundred and fifty years right off the bat and kind of looks a little bit normal right now nothing looks normal about Ohio state guys other than the like really bad in the red zone safety standing there you have seen going down the middle and a safety senators just throws it right to this one picked off against Georgia tech again I and you look very similar to two Trevor Lawrence making trying to do too much beginning the season but by the end of the season got all the kinks ironed out we thought Dijon Watson did this years ago and had a struggle early in the season Kirk brought this up a couple of weeks ago on game phenomenal point was the Shawn Watson number when you got higgins and Ross it makes up for a lot not why when you got six foot five targets that you can just throw them jump balls to but you're you're absolutely right you need to be concerned because me we're they're happening joe you can't give points away you have to understand when you get and that red zone or close to the red zone like I got field goal in my pocket now I gotTa make football live is brought to you by allstate reminding you then football season is may have no one's been part of more first days of work and special teams and it looks like Ryan Day has spent in urban Meyer and they haven't missed the beat maybe even gotten better you're not concerned in this week whatsoever I just a better fit for him and Ryan Day is been unbelievable there we've got a lot more coming up on college football live with the boys including it's never too early to talk resumes today's have looked dominant right now so I'll start with you confidence at this is the Buckeye team that is GonNa roll or concern that they haven't really quote unquote played anybody any I are worst day of work to reengineering the classics to out work the future trust your car hearts to keep doing their job long after you begin doing yours I believe that Ohio state will be better on offense defense and special teams in Wisconsin Wisconsin surprised me last week and and the way they played against Illinois it's spectacular I I get so sick and tired of that we haven't played anybody narrative when you're hitting people in the face with a frying pan I don't care who you played they played some competitive teams all of it every week it's crazy all right now let's take a look at this week's college football rankings brought by northwestern mutual couple of big changes in that top ten our heart and in the same way rookies have to keep earning respect car heart never stops earning the respect of hardworking people like you from building rugged dear that's tougher yeah I think they will be fired up and ready to go for state they won't play as bad as they did last week but even at their best they're not good enough to be Ohio state so there is no concern concern if you're a high of state is you run the schedule and you get into the playoff at that point you might see a team that is by far better than anything you've seen a long shot and I wanna see Justin fields make plays against that defense but what the heck is be giving me concern about this Ohio state team they look like a complete team offense D Brian check down and see if I can get a touchdown even get another first down and get a shot at a touchdown and so I think the decision making process for Lord's been it's been bad but you know what this week's capital one fan vote all right I'll start with you joey you get to have your own analyst vote here best one loss team in the country is right which one loss team still right in the hunt for the College Football playoff we'll tell you coming up on college Kelly Red Consummate Knit that bug after those first three weeks of that but now you're starting to see still some decision making he's just got that I'm glad devo was chewed on by the way Debo gotten his in conference but right now not concerned at all and obviously we've seen him for progress and honestly one of those situations where him going to Ohio state was unplayed trash the whole season but they keep going up side the head and putting people to sleep so I don't have any concern Wisconsin be the best defense they face Wisconsin I don't see him they follow the top ten after losing the Lovey Smith the lion I and after their feet down to north western Friday night buckeyes move up another spot now there are third in the country these guys starting to become more effective and you see big plays what are we missing from Georgia when you watch them you're missing big explosive plays down the field forgot his face and was yelling at him and you can't do that kind of stuff I love I love seeing that from coast but he's definitely it's definitely some concern from what you've seen from Lawrence so far it's almost like guys I'll go with Florida right now I was actually impressed by what Flora's able to do to not just auburn but then go in a row to Lsu the next week behind Bama and Lsu we move on and it's time to discuss the capital one fan vote but you've got the best one loss team in the top ten at the moment since eighteen eighty nine car hearts got your back twenty four seven visit car heart dot com forward slash CFP the whiteout Georgia is way more talented than floor there's no doubt about it but Georgia's offense is not clicking like Florida's has I think after the bye week you'll see Florida defense get a little bit more healthy but I don't think that it's as crazy as David does for the PAC twelve to get there I do think they need some help me wrong but I think that Georgia losing a couple of weeks serve what they were trying to accomplish heading to the locker room without a good size Casey O'Brien four time cancer survivor is what I tune about in tonight at the end with what you said because I think there's plenty of good defense is out there but to me this offense takes a huge step forward with trask and you just see the playmakers I mean you see pits and you see swain the good news is I think between both of US probably Georgia and Florida and I think we're gonNA find out joey in about a week in a couple of days so we'll be good to go exactly all playoff but it was a big win for organ their defense by the way we bragged about him going into the game how much they've looked good they they struggled a lot in that ball game but I know that Oregon and Utah Up ten teams by that point and if they can pull that off then all of a sudden there's your chances for one of these teams to get in but they definitely need a little help Florida nitric and another SEC team shoot injury to an Auburn or Alabama you need a lot of craziness to happen for them to get in the college football and back it up after losing a couple of their stars a couple of guys it'd be back so nego Bernard they'll be back on defensive end when you talk about this Florida team defensively is I don't think there's really much that now listen what happened big time with with Wisconsin losing is big if Auburn big and beat we'll say Georgia Beats Florida Auburn Utah that are starting to look good I buried the PAC twelve a couple of weeks ago and I'm not getting my shoveling down Berry go back and Resurrection Michigan flagged eight times for forty eight yards but it was kind of when they got flagged and it was a big deal Jim Harbaugh talked about it on Monday and hey coach harbor they are little bit later but that's not what everyone was talking about coaches we're talking about a -ficiating yes believe it or not if college football is being played here in in this world you're going to have people complain about it and one of the things we had was JIM harbaugh complaining about not one not two not three but several different calls is that fair sometimes it's not fair and learn a long time ago the only fair is the county fair so I have no idea what is your I'd rather than drop it on my feet did you say anything yeah no prior yeah twelve of course they both have to root for each other to win the rest of their games and and meet in to the PAC twelve championship game hopefully a the resounding lead right now Georgia voted the best but Florida considerably behind. Of course they're GONNA play in a couple of weeks in Jacksonville go to twitter dot com slash sports center to check out something that you think warranted unsportsmanlike it's not my judge drop it on my feet next time so clearly you were unhappy about the totality few expect it then and you'll be disappointed sometimes wolverine fans that the only people disappointed games this officiating I mean you know should we be holding these officials feet to the fire some calls are good calls and being in the mix of course after their victory against Washington so we spend this forward see you shaking your head a little bit right now what are the twelve chances you got you got Oregon she was not the happiest a campers host. Do you know why you got the unsportsmanlike no I don't the guy ran forty yards away and dropped a flag doc fans feeling the pain several timely calls went against South Carolina their game against Florida including an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on coach will muschamp and of course I'm not gonNa comment about anything else don't go forty yards raindrop a flag I bought that goes what can you possibly be looking at this guy has his head down and he's flat out blocking guy runs the route turns up so you've had time to go and then Wisconsin losing this past week opens the door for a couple more scenarios to happen and so you know with the tapes in eleven teams a little chaos you never know I mean obviously nobody thought that Lovey Smith the line I we're going to be Wisconsin probably South Carolina State has beaten Georgia right it just happened I did like the beard we'll talk about long that one those are the ones that I can understand coaches being upset about the one Ford at the holding it was a hold and so it should have been called they make their money and watching what they were able to do to the Auburn offense stop them completely from what we know them do best and that's go sideline the sideline think there's Florida it wasn't called with another seven points that's fourteen points on the board these were enormous plays in that Game Florida won the game I'm not GonNa say South Carolina about the fair we'll see if they're fair number nineteen in the big house seven thirty eastern four thirty Pacific right here on ABC and ESPN APP AH judgment calls because those are fast quick to happen then the way the one in the Florida game where the receiver came in San Star blocking those are you wonder seven to do that two hundred yards receiving in one hundred yards rushing coming up it's our weekly winners and losers include the bus ride home moon in Starkville I love this question 'cause we'll find out soon surprised we didn't hear Notre Dame bar in that conversation and frankly I was Kinda surprised the data that we didn't hear there's a bad calls in every game yes if I must champ pissed absolutely livid this wasn't the only call first of all that is atrocious twenty four seven and they won't hit you with those hidden fees allies team actually cares about doing right by you and your money go to a eighteen with Trask quarterback he's played is definitely the best one loss team Davey was I has nothing to do with the defense it has to me two teams that could face down the road and that question could be maybe it's a little bit more serious in the championship we so Joey Rolla with them you're not going that way either a yards two hundred and three receiving yards couple of receiving touchdowns against Tulane he did it all in fact the first incidental a player Louisiana Tech's Troy Edwards in Nineteen Ninety and Oregon trail type accident Saturday a rivalry dating back to eighteen eighty seven number eight notre dame taking on Jim Harbaugh ultimate performance presented by BMW Kenneth Gain well they might have flagged them a hundred times because he should have been celebrated right eighteen Russia's for one hundred the win but if chip I I rate I'm taking off the old man glasses instead slamming them on somebody I mean that's just it's unquestionably decided just very what does its head keeps Spinning Bank scary really scary mixing another number ally knows you deserve better and their mission is to be just that with allied bank yoga great interest rates and you can chat with real people support for laughter permit it in the following message come from ally you wouldn't settle for two star Spin class or personal trainer so why settle for a bank that treats you like Week Nine Games Virginia Louisville Boston College and Clemson all right let's go a little winners and losers gentlemen and winners might be Dabo Swinney L. Y. dot com for more ally bank member FDIC long found advocates curse it is no he didn't want to complain about it because you don't WanNa get fined will end given I guess didn't care right like given never to shy on twitter posted this in the wake of FA US thirty six get a punch and then dabbled makes him not fly home ride the bus home with the team manager I love this idea this is the creepy get it that hard ball is upset that they lost but the rest aren't the reason they lost if you don't come out and get twenty one to nothing that would have been a good idea so I don't think horrible has agree and that is a block there is no intent to be a receiver whatsoever of false start not call a whole not call you're talking about that's seven points the Michigan call with the tip pass they had often solemin there was like seven yards downfield blocking somebody it's a good call call Becca touchdown but it's the correct call I don't mind or a bus ride how about this Joy Galloway yet Andrew Bruce True Freshman quarterback he gets well basically a pill for one lost a Marshall and league wasn't happy about it either Kiffin five thousand bucks as though he makes a million he'll be aride but joey I mean is that fair the execution was not solid either so I I don't know what positive to say about this joe you find something positive yeah what this plants that the unexpected energy of Exxon Mobil win it wasn't a long way in deciding the game and I would be I'd be I'd be mad cow I gotta be honest with you I wouldn't WanNa be hosted the SEC officiating twitter account this week not happy Geico we download the industry-leading Geico APP Today College football live we got a double header for you over on the ACC network the football even literally for goodness Sake but David is it as dumb as this play call right here Arkansas all right down seventeen nothing Sam Lloyd decides it looks doc best to look at the FCC compliant to say the least all right we got now How about some good news you want to do some good news so we all right how about our absolutely awesome that's winning that's a winning culture I love it do you do something that stupid an egregious you deserve to do that that's just dumb you know better than that at every level everyone smile it was trending on twitter here Casey O'Brien big ten special teams player of the Year Joey Four time cancer survivor PJ flecked puts them in hold an extra in a moment here yeah this is a great story and it was fun to watch and we'll be watching for the rest of all time it's one of those things you'll keep bringing is one of those things honestly I will bet you and practice all week that looked really good and it worked out perfectly because defense stays out the way they do what you tell them to do so awesome so happy to see him getting ballgame so happy for Casey absolutely agreed there in well we can't really show what happened to Joe Borough here on the way concern Texas just the Dr Pepper Chess Pass right about this call pollock I mean listen to call first of all stunk in Auburn was sitting right there regardless back and it deserves to be brought back it's terrific to see this kid get his chance and you could see when he was talking after how much he appreciated which made it even more special and gene easiest thing of all the places to punch somebody in the face mask this very smart I love the idea make him ride the bus on we can think about it also the housekeeping piece on Game Day on Casey and it was absolutely phenomenal and if you WANNA watch go find it because you talk about a guy that battles every day makes no excuses coppola just like Peter is looked a lot by the way I've never seen this in college football ever tests passed was right on the money you get a game and things just don't work out the same practices

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