2020 Oscars Recap, Good Boy, Queen & Slim, Manohla Dargis, Best Heist Movies


whether or not that demographic should be allowed anywhere nearly film. It's a heartening. Vote of confidence as kids despite the onslaught of already life material material are all right. That's from Sarah Student. Here post reviewing good boys one of four films reviewing this week including Queen and Slim Gloria bell and also making waves terrific documentary. Tell you all about which is about sound in Hollywood. Speaking Hollywood though it's all about the Oscars baby that's right you're full Oscars recap right now here on set in a file also Manohla Dargis that great film crew from the New York Times. Join me job. Her reaction to parasite winning best picture. The Oscars Sundance life of a film critic. Eric all that more is coming up. She's a really great gas plus in honor of the Queen and slim which is like a Bonnie and Clyde film. Do the Mount Rushmore of heist movies. So that is coming later on. But honestly you've done the right thing here checking out center fouls always appreciate all view subscribing rating and review. Now that I've shown that there's no hard feelings you can always go home again. I'm back in the lebatardshow on. ESPN ESPN airwaves. Lebatardshow fans please look it up. Can you subscribe to Sinophile on Apple. PODCAST rate and review trust me. I was surprised as anybody who was back on the show. If Bob they can go home maybe I can be back on. ESPN airwaves again. So once again please do support the podcast rate and review as far as the Oscars themselves away. We go Joe. I'm I'm going to be honest with you out of the gate. Brutal McGuire. Chanel may singing. I don't care I missed the Billy Crystal montages okay. How much do you have to give Ricky Jay base to host this thing? We'll give them everything we have to let them go up there and just completely destroy all of Hollywood. He'll be hysterically funny. And it'll be awesome and then I got I got eminem for some inexplicable reason. You do to a montage of the best songs in movies. And he's the emblem. He is the representative all the great songs and movies. He's innocent loose yourself but poor man Marty's fallen asleep and what happened the great. It fell montages of my youth. That's why fell in love with movies. You'd watch the Oscars and they do a montage about great editing and moves you to go all wow he. That looks really interesting. I'd like to watch. It's rear window. I like the way that pan is. That's interesting oh they do something about foreign films. You'd see something about cleaning up. All the Strada is interesting. And that's we watched there was no no nods whatsoever towards film. Love Film Montage Film Greats the past none of that stuff now with my guy mad dog Russo. They'll be networking. I'm raving about parasite and of course I was thrilled one and he joked and said yeah but it's from here to eternity. Which of course I think of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Arriving together on the beach and I said well yes. An actor won best supporting actor. All that stuff comes down to what watching the Oscars because everybody always sees that scene from here eternity and then you can reference it. This year's Oscars had none of that. So that was my first major issue. I'm trying watch Oscars and it's not watching the grammys song. After song and by the way the nominees for best reason song you were brutal to I mean it was parked under. Put my kids to bed. I'm like all right. Eight thirty one neural the bags. I don't even watch Adina Menzel the next reports but the other guys to bet on this is perfect. This is this is the moment. Where if you don't have to go in the bathroom where you've ever smoke it and something because as a show listen first of all you need a host could get a host here people the hose keep everything together the connective tissue? Whether it's ricky surveys. Why would love our Jimmy? Kimmel was sensational. ASIONAL called Behrman. There's lots of guys out. There will be really really funny and smart and educated and instead no host on a move quicker. But that's a and a half hours so it's still going to be long started earlier. They started at seven thirty. I mean this goes back to my central point to. Why are we so obsessed with the patient getting it done? It's once a year if it's six hours who cares. It's once a year anyways as you can get a huge audience of people like me. People like view booby lovers. It's the people complaining about postseason baseball being too long. But let me listen. If I love playoff baseball I don't give a damn it's five hours. It's riveting riveting to me so I don't care if the game ends at one am I'm going to be a new thing I mean. I don't understand this process of make it quicker shorter tighter but no I haven't seen the ratings yet but it makes no sense those. Those were my biggest areas of annoyance. But as far as what everybody cares about which is gambling. I did not enter any Oscar pools. Ah for those who are wondering Adam. Amine Dan standing. What happened to Gold Derby? I tried to get back on goal Derby I was previously. One of the experts. Picks their Three years ago I one of all the experts twenty-four experts. I believe I corrected right number of awards which is twenty one of twenty four. We had Krispy Kreme on here a few months ago from gold. Derby my buddy. He tried to get me back on but Tom O'Neil. The boss said listening to be honest with you. We have to the experts picks right now and to from smaller places so for people who were tweeting me wondering say. Hey where are your Oscar picks. I didn't have have a place to put them. Except of course on twitter where you can follow me. Adnan virk so before every category and I'm sitting next to my man whose name object now I'm tweeting Pixel Best Live action sure tweeting and immediately and then I'm getting it right. Just for the Humble Brag here modesty humility and so listen my apologies to those who did not have my picks those who were smart like my Eddie Perez. It's who should be the manager of the mets. He texts me. Listen my wife's in a pool mccollum happy picks boom Murga Peres crushing. It as he's text me with a bunch of Spanish women right now. My Eleven for Eleven Mike. Great have had it. I'll give out my picture. I don't care I'm glad you reap the rewards so we were doing really good until Joan are going to talk with this sound mixing soon editing. I went for the double double of nineteen seventeen instead. Joe You and I both got tripped up. Because four versus Ferrari one of those categories right. Yeah and typically maybe. I'm wrong but it seems like when one movie when sound mixing the typically when editing too so that was kind of a curve ball so that was annoying. That was the only miss I'd had and now the awards getting very predictable. Everybody knows all the acting award winners. We're going to happen. What came Phoenix is odd something whatever drugs he's on I'll take some of those? He's crazy talk mccafe's offs milk. It makes no sense. I mean joker. He's the least deserving of five nominees and he wins best actor but listen he was great in the master tremendous and walk. The line congrats to walking Phoenix. Nice Little Nod River Phoenix Renee Zellweger. Who speeches have been pretty good leading up to this? Because she's been a soon nami winning everything. Her speech is brutal way too long boring and interesting so you win an award or from we which everybody agrees his average to below average. You already have one Oscar. Like why couldn't Scarlett Johansson at one for marriage story but I don't know we'll figure that out of the day and then we get to the Mona best director. And of course I want Scorsese to win of course it depresses me. That of the nine nominees for best picture only one film went home empty-handed. That's the Irishman. Overton I mean just brutal ooh to sift through that thing poor Mardi fall asleep during 'em what a great reaction shop perfect me in right away. I'm closing his eyes. But when Bong Jun Ho won best director that's why we love the Oscars. That's that's one of those great. Where were you moments? I was like. Oh my God. Like shocking like Mendez in one everything the DJ the back to the Golden Globe. It's in the bag. And when Bongino and best director after I mean that was an exhilarating moment and of course his speech was fantastic. He's been so endearing at all these festivals and award because he's self deprecating these naturally funny and charming charming but I thought the international feature films features. Okay wasn't great by Bonding Ho Standards But directory was tremendous goes clearly flummoxed and right away praises Marty. It gives a quote and quote smoker. Says you know we'd revered you in film classes and South Korea couldn't imagine ever get nominated next to you and he credits. It's ripely Quentin Tarantino. Who's always been real supportive? Asian cinema so that was a nice moment and he throws in. Okay yeah thanks to Salmon Todd as well. By the way you're GonNa Watch Mendez reaction. He gives almost from off the raises. The eyebrows pissed like I was not expecting to lose to the South Korean guy. Like are you kidding me so that was a great moment and then you get the best picture and as my friend. Alpha's message and like dude. I'm going to come on you as a sports fan. No momentum you know this happens also like no not nineteen seventeen and sure enough. Jane Fonda gives a delicious pause and wins Best Picture. An incredible moment as you all know now it is the first film ever not an English to win. Best Picture and everybody who has seen the film knows use how brilliant it was. It was the word of mouth of twenty nine thousand nine hundred one the palm door and a and a never slowed down as far as box odds as may thirty one million dollars for reform film. That's tremendous domestic. It's made one hundred and fifty million worldwide. So thanks to my man mad dog Russo for having me on but when he says no one's seen it that's inaccurate people have seen it. I think more Morgan assiette now. Especially that's one best picture and Chris's point to me. He said you know he's this and he's being cynical because listen everybody knows the Oscars of a real problem with a lack of diversity. Of course grow Chris. Rock was hilarious by the way Steve Martin hosted the whole thing. They were hysterical in the opening and rock pointed out the lack of diversity always in theory being nominated for Harriet so mad dogs making the point to me. Okay well they just give parasol because the fact they should I e but anybody who's actually seen all the contenders knows how great parasite is I mean the most lukewarm reaction of parasites guy. Scott were asking you a ten. That's the worst I've heard and most people I know said to me. Oh my God. That's a breathtaking film. It's so audacious. It's unforgettable I couldn't even know how to describe it to people I mean it's it's it's remarkable and so oftentimes get conditioned to the safer choice and I love ninety seven longtime listener sinophile loyal listeners know recite with me or my the top five films of the year. I had the Irishman at one eyed two eyed nineteen seventeen to three. I'd last black men in San Francisco at four amid so marred. Five marriage story at six blinded by the light seven to eight. So I think the academy did a good job of recognizing what were the actual best pictures of the year and if it wasn't going to be the Irishman that was real that it was parasites because that was as I said on unforgettable movie experience so you talk about not only the film that I feel was rightfully rewarded but incredible moments. It was Joe. Would parasite went best director and Best Picture. I mean that was where were you moment right one hundred percent so so happy to create in history and I agree with you. uh-huh anyone who's seen the movie knows why one it wasn't just because of the diversity issues because the film doesn't fit into your typical categories and it's really really really good so I'm very happy for I mean it was like I said Bongino himself was surprised by the fact that went director picture other surprises of the night toy story four winning best animated film. This was a weird one. Missing Link won the Golden Globe Klaus took the Anti. I thought toy story four would still win but I think for some as a bit of a surprise I does we just just as toy story. Three did back in twenty eleven as I said disappointment here for the Irishman and I don't know is this on that flex maybe there's backlash against networks or some of that listen in Steven Spielberg's processes good friend and said listen. Networks should not be nominated for Oscars. It's not fair our movies in theaters for three months. And they put on you you know home. DVD or on-demand whatever. He shouldn't be able to put a film in in a few theaters Nelson per annapolis within a month. So I think as some net backlash yeah and has Minoa Darcus will tell Alice. There's some backlash against the movie itself. People thought it was too long or too slow or too boring. All criticisms I disagree with but ultimately Irishman goes some empty-handed which is a shame just like gaze of of New York another Scorsese film which was viewed as a front runner. At one time over ten when it comes to the Oscars as I mentioned m listen another obviously great great artist and lose yourselves a great song. But I just I thought it'd be said why the hell it was there at the Oscars but maybe that's just me. It'd be nice sound like ninety years old now I was all about Randy Newman. A Randy Newman performing a month. Let's go. That was a great moment and Elton. John Congrats to him. As I've said before on the PODCAST I did not expect rocket man and I thought it was fantastic. I think that songs ex- pretty good too and I thought his speech was very nice as well. So congrats once again to Elton John. Other moments of the night. Listen as far as the awards if you can do well with the shorts. That's where you're really doing good good and once I've knocking those out you know hair love for animated Short Matthew Cherry from NFL player. I believe costume design a little women. Production Design once upon the time in Hollywood adapted screenplay. I wasn't sure but I went with Taika over Greta. GERWIG and indeed Taika Waititi wins which is hysterical because he took shots at Todd Phillips and Typos was complaining about making comedies today and sound like just another frustrated angry white male. Who's like Oh yeah woke woke audiences? Now you can't make comedies tycoon. made a joke about that on twitter and takeaway to win an Oscar in the category against Todd. Phillips Joker I thought was poetic justice so that was something I particularly enjoyed. Joker did win two Academy Awards awards. Which means I'M GONNA have to face life this way? What Kim Phoenix Wins for best actor? I mentioned the bizarre speech calves milk and also one for score as expected. Helder coming through. Although I was sad I wanted Thomas do and win for nineteen seventeen but they did do a good job of course is spread. The wealth around marriage story lone victory tough night for Netflix. Lone victory from industry goes to Laura Dern for best supporting actress who would want everything coming in and after that I mean like I said it was it was fairly fete accompli. As far as what was going to happen. You knew Elton enjoyed going to win. Best original song. You Deacons was GONNA win. I mean God. They should just rename best mcfee. Roger Deacons performance because fifteen nominations. He'd gone over thirteen and now he's a two. Now my guys on a hot streak. He wins for blade runner. Twenty forty nine and nine wins for nine hundred seventeen. That's something nice to see. oftentimes you think about editing lining up with picture did not happen this year you're although Perez was known for fomenting Ford Versus Ferrari wins for best editing but of course was had no chance of winning best pitcher although dig a nomination so that's the way things went down visual effects. I thought the Irishman Mike PLA Upset. I mean on my scorecard I had over ten and I went over to and I thought visual effects it might win but it was one thousand nine hundred seventeen makeup and hairstyling pretty easily bombshell comes through their congrats to Michael Boo Buick who actually had predicted former guests and a foul. He was messaging me on right. Alan parasites going to win so unforgettable night surly for the ostrich Joe your thoughts in the ceremony itself lack of a host a lot of music. What stood out to you? I'm glad you said it. I mean you're right. Steve Martin Chris Rock should just hosted it the whole time. I'm watching the awards. I'm thinking why don't why don't they just bring back a host. Because I want the monologue I want the transitions. I want the jokes on all of that. And what you said a coming out. I Love Journal Monet but I also just that as the opening number number EMINEM was really confusing all of it again. Joaquin Phoenix's speech in the calves milk. What you just like all that just struck a little off to me? You know what I mean so my big takeaway is bring back the host this award ceremony twenty three point six million people watched it this year down from twenty six point five million from last year Adnan. Wow so three million hit. That's significant man. Yeah twenty percent drop in total viewers thirty eighty one percent drop in the demo. Because I know there was a slight bump a year ago with no host. And we'll do it again but that that may cause rethink things that certainly precipitous tipplers. Drop all right. So that's the story when it comes to the Academy Awards once again. Thank you for supporting us all year. Long here and Sinophile and in the weeks to come. I'm going to turn our attention below more away from movies now because we all know most movies in the sphere in every good so we talking more. TV shows as a matter of fact next week in file I'll talk about the miniseries the outsider currently on Hbo starring Ben Mendelsohn and from the great writer. Richard Price also talk with Kirby enthusiasm by next week it'll be halfway through this tenth season and also utopia pitfalls coming out soon on Hulu. A man Randall. Thorne all over that. So we'll talk about utopia falls as well and Al Pacino is going to show coming up on hunter called hunters. I don't Amazon Friday February I look forward to but once again that was Oscar coverage we come back. We'll talk with some movies. Let me clean up twenty nine hundred a few movies. I haven't seen I want to get to including good boys. That's on the way in all over two hundred. Eighteen billion dollars of food goes is to waste in this country every year including twenty billion pounds of produce. That's what imperfect food is here to change in. Prep is the only food delivery service. That buys a perfectly nutritious. 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Old Max I Jacob Tremblay who you remember from room. Panicking is not a kiss eager for some pointers. Max's best friends four and Lucas Lucas team. Right now Keith Al Williams. This kids are seen steelers steelers. So funny they decide to use Max's dadge drone which Max is forbidden to touch to spy. They think on a teenage couple making out next door when things go ridiculously wrong the drone one is destroyed. Just desperate to replace it for Max's Dad play but will forte gets on the boy skip school set off on an Odyssey of ethically bad decisions involving some academically. Excuse me and always some accidentally stolen drugs frat house paint ball and running from both cops in terrifying teenage girls. Listen it's really funny. Okay if it's world of super bad and you know. Obviously I wasn't surprised when I saw seth Rogan co-produced it. I don't know what his involvement was assigned to check with his name on it. Whatever but if you like super super bad if you liked you know this is the end? The raunchy comedies. And you're gonNA like good boys. I'm giving it three Maple leafs. It's a little jolting jarring to see kids. Aides were twelve years old and sixth grade and dropping bombs and using sexual jokes and porn. And I mean God forbid any of my boys are doing this When they get to these ages but but honestly it's really funny and like I say Keith Williams in particular he's got a handful of moments? I watched it on a plane when it was going to the Super Bowl in Miami and I mean I don't WanNa laugh about law too much. I laughed at three separate times particularly from his line deliveries. I mean this one on teenage girls is asking what he's into and he says ascension anti-drug commercials and grilled cheese. That's his idea of a good time. He's so good Tuesday his character but all those characters really well done an RC. Like I said Raunchy comedy. I really enjoyed it. Also Michael O'Sullivan session Washington Post Central Struggle of good boys and yes. There is one is between the popular crowd and the so-called Epitomized by thor. Who loves musical theater? Good boys is one of those movies job time right now. It's also short eighty five minutes. I liked the soundtrack a lot. As well. You know see comedy good soundtrack. Thick office spaces soundtrack for entertaining. Good boys giving it three beliefs. Have you seen it. Do you have any interest in seeing. I have a ton of interest and CNN. And I that's music music to my ears. I love a short movie. Eighty five minutes I can. I can do that easily. my question to you is haven't seen book smart and good boys which twenty you like better which one has a funnier tone about it or they both kind of Raunchy. How would you compare the two? Both deathly have raunch as part of their DNA. Good good boy certainly. I think it was a little more Raunchy. I like book smart more. If you said to me you know what was the funniest movie at Twenty Nine Thousand Nine Woodson mark so that. It was a great dark comedy but I I would say And I would say book smart was probably the funniest because I just think it's at a different level in terms of just smarts and it's kind of it's operated different levels almost it's like a commentary high school commies very good. Boys is up there. I'm glad I saw it now because if somebody said to me what was the best comedy between nineteen good boys would definitely be in the conversation. Okay Okay Great. I'm definitely going to check it out then. I next up as Queen and slim a Bonnie and Clyde the new generation while nate forgettable first together in Ohio block man Daniel Kaluga and a black woman woman jody Turner Smith pulled over for minor traffic infraction. The situation escalates sudden and tragic results. When the man kills a police officer and self-defense terrified and in fear for their our lives the man or retail employee and the woman? A criminal defense lawyer are forced to go on the run but the incident captured on video goes viral and the couple unwittingly become a symbol of trauma terror. A grief and pain for people across the country. This is from Molina Matsouka. So I think is a real find here you know she's meaner named before with video. She did beyonce's formation and I believe some other videos of note. The Writers Lean Away and James Fried the story and I thought it was a really impactful movie like I said Bonnie and Clyde for new generation this is not the first mood to show how people of color interact with the police weather scare the police. Police violence brutality etc.. But he doesn't dwell on that. I mean they certainly make their point with that within. The story is about this journey that they go on together. I thought it was romantic and at times. Very funny and blissful and I I love the presence of became would by playing uncle earl. He was really good. Fargo's one of those actors just like I said his presence you've got flea showing up actually peppers khloe seventy kind of a random supporting cast. But it's really held together by those two performances. You know how good clue years because you've seen get out but I thought Jodi Tur- Smith is a real revelation playing queen. On the fact I time she's very fractious and frustrated and argumentative and at times very soulful and romantic and both these guys realize the walls are closing in man the AP's he's out the cops. No there's a cop killer out there on the run. How much time do they have? What are they gonNA do try to race? The city find a plane go to Cuba. Never looked back. It's incredible incredible because I kept thinking about maybe Richard Jewel in the fact that literally one moment your entire life is irrevocably changed and same thing era queen and slim this copies just over zealous and and you know obviously just looking for to punish these people unfairly they react as they do in the moment which I think is understandable and all of a sudden your life has never gonna be the same again you could be imprisoned isn't for life or it could be dead and this is what you're dealing with so fugitives on the run and I like the social commentaries while because they're being supported by some of the black communities in am once they get recognized is why people here and they're like hey. I know you guys are keep doing. You're doing fight the power like no. This isn't what we're doing. We're not sure. Make statement here. We're just trying to be alive and live our lives so queen and Slim I thought particularly for its visual style from Molina Masukus an excellent performances from Kaliyan especially Joe Turner Smith. I'm recommending it. Hi I'm giving it three and a half maple leaves quiz movies Joe. It's so hard because there's so many movies that come out late in the year released. A member twenty-seventh the crack. The audience actually did good funds. They believe it with a budget was between fifteen and twenty million and the total box office. Gross Domestic was forty five. Millions of you can double your budget. That's a hit. So that's good news from Lena Mitsuko since it only for the company that produced it but it we see a film like this rewarded Johny Alexa. Excuse me at the New York Post said when you like characters this much hope everything will turn up for the best right till the very end. He's right these are characters that are very winning and very likeable and holiday Washington Post the myriad impulses course to the film come together in a gorgeous scene it which Louis and Turner Smith going. What turns out to be their second date at a warmly enveloping juke join? I'm glad you mentioned that scene because that is really you know in the midst of this crisis. Imagine your life is over. They actually a little bit of time to reflect and dance. It's a really sweet wonderful seem. I'm Peter Travers. Also Rolling Stones Eighth Zukas create a new form of protest art. There are film. Isn't meant to lionize. These two everyday people turn folk heroes but to celebrate author strengthen pride Johm highly recommend Queen Slim. Love it I've heard about the performances and how good they are also just point out. Surgical Simpson country recording lean. Artists plays a police officer. Read in it. But my question is how it's flea does. He actually have acting chops to kidney stone. He's not bad he's he's one of the care to destroy aid and abet them and so he has Maybe ten fifteen minutes of the movie. But I thought he was good. I mean I. WHOA that's flee but it wasn't like it was it wasn't a standout performance but I don't think he detract the story either? I think he was finding a small. That seems like a win right there for him. Then yeah exactly that trying to do too much the next time I wish I can rave about because it's got a couple of actors I love but it was a huge disappointment. It's called Gloria Bell starring Julianne Moore and Gianturco Onto Touro glories of free-spirited. Deeper say who spends her days straight laced office job or nights and the dance floor joyfully. Let loose clubs around Los Angeles after meeting Arnold on a night. Doubt she finds herself thrust into an unexpected new romance filled with both joys of budding love and the complications of dating identity and family. I love Jillian more. They do on the best actresses this is alive. They can do anything I mean you know her work with. PTA Anderson alone won an Oscar for still alice. I mean honestly she's beyond reproach but this is a film were just not nearly enough plot. It's an actress in her fifties as relationship with her kids on. She just like an destroy said she goes out. Dancing is a good time. And that's it I bet she she meets Arnold Terrell condense. It's a little bit. They get to know a little bit. They go out to Her Kids Party where she meets rex. Husband played by Brad Garrett at a no everybody loves Raymond He's Fine Jeanne tripplehorn from in basic instinct. She's playing Brad Garrett's new paramour and so they get this scene. There were Jillian more reminiscent pictures that are drunken he. He says all of those picture used to be in love and you see to turn the background leave the Party and so you know where the hell are laughing odyssey. Okay we don't happen and so next eight calls halls and she's not answering his call confronts or would you do like. I invited you to my house. My Kids Party because I thought we had something here. Then you take off. He's always embarrassing. What you did to me your ex husband was talking about being in love? And how could you do. Eventually they make up because he's you know a few simply apologetic. They go to Las Vegas and whether in Vegas as you know he has this relationship where he's just his kids like there's just he's so whipped by them he's got grown daughters but there are calling your attacks always beck and call and Jillian more wintom system like grow the pair like you and you have to have your own life now you can always be there for your kids. You've moved on but sure enough. His ex wife walks through a glass door. Just didn't see it coming. She's got terrible cuts and now she's in the hospital and you have this moment here of his is Arnold GonNa go back there for his family's ex wife and his daughters or is he going to try to experience new life your Gloria Bell and sure enough at Dinner Henry saying that I'm going to stay at the on the state of the excuse me for a moment he gets up any leaves so now she's got a night out in Vegas. I mean I think I think it's Shawn Asks in the movie I. I'm not sure but she makes out with him. She's drunk the craps table her just a caller MOMS to pick her up from Vegas. Go back to la now arnold's calling a bunch stops. Now she unplug the phones. KANAKO speak to this guy like what a gigantic jerk I mean he leaves her in Vegas because his ex wife walked into a door. Okay like whenever deal the man but so now she knows talk to him she then goes and gets paintball gun making the move by the way so much more interesting moves is this. Is that the ninety minute. Mark the movie or nothing much has happened. She then goes and gets a paintball gun because he runs a paintball company and by the way. I'm spoiling them weeks. And giving it one and a half maple leafs. I don't want to waste your time watching it. She then goes and gets a paintball gun that he'd given her goes to his house. Arnold coming out with groceries and start shooting in with the paintball which is Valeria. I mean that's a great seed and her daughters his daughters who. Who are you skinny bitch? What are you tomorrow? She runs away gets in the car drives away in the last scene because of course. I'm waiting for Gloria to play and sure enough. They play Gloria and she's out with her daughter Persona they're dancing and that's the movie k. You don't need to watch it. It's ninety eight minutes. Maybe it's one hundred five minutes of movie that you do not need to say this is one of these characters delays. It just comes across as pretentious and pointless. I Love Julianne Moore. I love janitor capable much much better work Michael Series in the movies. Well he's playing her son. He's got a few scenes. He's much better than Real Wilson shows up. What whoa it's Tom? Hanks's wife in this movie. I'm giving it one and a half. Maple leafs Gloria belly huge disappointment Joe. Yeah I can't really add to that other than it is Sean on Aston and he can't save this movie ad Man. I'm tapping out. I'll watch anything with them. Listen we've all put on weight over the years who criticize but look you look particularly exploded in the movies. I like John asked him. I think he's proud of you. anyways he does get to make our Jillian warranty. She's naked in the movie a few times. If that's recommendation for great those Julia Moore Naked. It again fifty. Plus last movie I recommend or at least talk about. I'm going to recommend this one before we get to Minoa Artists The New York Times and this is purely a film made for Mijo. This is like a love letter to Joe. Few realize it sounds fifty percent of the cinematic experience building on the pioneering site discoveries of iconic filmmakers the documentary features the the first generation of recognize sound designers who designed great moves with sound before frame was shot the film explores the collaborative relationship between sound designers. And the visionary directors they work could by entering their creative realms be interviews and clips from the movies. I mean listen. You're listening to synagogue. Movie Geeks a trust me. You're going to like something like this. This is about US nerdy as it gets making waves. This is fantastic. This makes Ben Burtt hero of the sound engineer. I mean it's tough to describe what we like this because you say what's the appeal of it but I think it's you love movies. You appreciate how they're made and how important sound is and here's all the different elements of sound. There's you know there's a Dr The act. Let's go back and track stuff. There's actual sound recording it there on site there's fully which is my favorite. One fully is unbelievable. They they show the building fully and it's like they have snow shoes and they have snow on the ground there in a warehouse and there's is a microphone like an inch away and they're making the sound because after you know insert the sound of snowshoes. Like the full yards of the full easily coolest one. Then you've got of course assets you get the sound effects of those people are making those are interesting to like a frigging keyboard. Okay let me try to make a mimic cool sounds and then you've got and I wish they'd done this. This is my only criticism. The movie in raging bull famously. You know when `Lamada and sugar ray have that big fight movies using like animal. Sounds like he's got an elephant worrying in the back of it's crazy because it's meant to show Oh llamas disorienting state. I'd like to see the people. Come with those noises but trust me. They use lots of great films. The Godfather remember Michael Corleone finally shoots Solazzo so and mccloskey. You know what's the sound of a subway train and like okay. Why are using a subway train? Well that's Michael's interior state and he's thinking of houses creating train. It's the you you know. The the the the way that guy described it was the neurons or balancing against each other colliding right now. It's a train apocalypse. Now the sound is incredible and pockets. I did like I'm not even exactly twelve different sound people working apocalypse now as I different senators literally doing each. You're just GONNA do war noises. You're you're just in charge of helicopters worrying machine guns okay now. You're getting ambient noise okay. Now you're working on dialogue. Okay now you're getting sound effects of wildlife. I mean in terms of sound apocalypse now is like one of the most incredible he's ever. I'm sure Joe can speak to this as far as well. It's so important as far as directors. You've got George Lucas. Talking about the importance of sound. How Star I listen? How did you come up with Chewbacca? Right how did you come up with that noise. They've got the guy who did the CHEWBACCA noise and how they interpreted the RTD to beeps. How do you come up with that? So you've oh you've got Lucas Coppola Ryan Kugler. Of course a great director Black Panther you got him talk about the importance astound why sound is so important and movie. Even even in film history Kubrick was a guy who very much improved upon. How potent sound was in Spartacus? And how can we get in different noises in different sound help elevate the story. Different tracks honestly. Making waves is a movie for movie lovers. But I'm giving it three and a half maple leaves. It made me realize a lot of these heroes behind the camera. And just how indispensable sound is seriously now what I watch movie. I'm going to be paying more attention to sound and they thankfully show clips where they took all the sound out when it does you know in the past you think of the score and there's been moving by those great documentary called Torture Obedience in a couple of years ago that's fantastic. We're not talking score here. We're not talking about John Williams. We're talking about purely sound. How important sounding a film? How can sound setup suspense? bence everything even if you think about a bucolic film like if you think like little women just the sound of the Brook. The sound of wind wind is really critical. And some these noises. The wind is so import. hockey GONNA wind noise honestly making ways as fabulous. Joe You gotta see this tremendous. I really really really really really need to see this movie. This is right up my alley and you're right. It's so so important and I'm looking right now. Jason Born born ultimatum won three Oscars including mixing and editing. There's a fight sequence in that Adnan. Were it's completely filmed. meet out sound without sound and they throw an every punch windows shatter plane everything in post and it's so important to the film I I the they need to get paid more. There needs to be some sort of advocacy you program for sound engineers. I'm all about this documentary and you're right I mean there's so much the sound that I thought. Oh you get on on site and then you mix as soon as you're getting nothing on site you're right and you're mixing and completely so you're so dependent on getting goods down there and post Marfina. Boston Globe writes the blend of historical overview in film Clicks Tech Info and inside business on offers pretty irresistible. Peter Bradshaw Guardian if he feels like feel good in-house promotional video for Hollywood technicians. Well they've got an awful lot to feel good about and last one of my favorite film critics in America own Gleiberman of variety making waves. It's about the evolution of film technology yet. The key to its appeal is Senate rebels. In the holistic aesthetic side of technology not just buttons and dials Gizmos by technology as an expression of something human and that is well said rather than just being a bunch of nerds or making noises. They're adding a human element to it. And that's the key here. Sound can be part of something that is a very humane main experience even though it's an tactical ends up being something very artistic go check out making waves. It's terrific when we come back. We're going to talk to Manila to Oregon. She's the chief film critic ready for the New York Times matter of fact she's very celebrated career. I mean in the past is for remember. The National Society of Film Critics Foam Chris Association been nominated for a Pulitzer also a few times. I mean she's done atomic rape things going to get her thoughts on the Oscars why she's so happy parasite and good news. 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I know you're under the weather there in Sundance Sundance most corresponding hope. You're at full health. Now I am I am and certainly than the KADEMI awards help boost my health a little bit. I have to say for for change. It was a real boost for all city s and files and anybody who loves World Cinema Asian cinema just great cinema because anybody who saw para seminole. I didn't know one person person who watched them film who didn't love it literally the most scathing review I think I had from a friend of mine who said I thought it was really good. Not as great as other said and the majority of people I know who sought said. That's an incredible film. I hope that wins everything and what was a very predictable night and I would think a very kind of a slog to be honest with that. Didn't realize the Grammy's and all of a sudden took place where eminem showing up in Marty's fallen asleep and I'll we'll talk with the Irishman in a second but when Bong Jun Ho won for best director and went parasite won for best picture. Can you imagine two more exciting moments as film film lovers than both of those. No I mean it really was. I think most of the people I know and I know a lot of critics and we you know everyone and I know really does as well loves parasite but we've gotten used to our favorite movies being shut out and you know some a win for something like moonlight for example a a couple of years ago. That just feels like a complete nominally so I think we were kind of predict to you know there was this kind of sense of resignation. That yes there was a long march tonight. One thousand nine hundred seventeen to cement his movie winning Best Picture and win Bong Jun Ho one for director. That kind of shifted The the evening and it felt like oh I remember I told my husband I said well. At least he won best director of Nineteen. Seventeen going to win so I say fuck thought to Biwott because all they do that sometimes right they'll give you know Spielberg Director Saving Private Ryan. Shakespeare in Love Wins Best Picture. That split them up a little bit and I said Yeah at least they gave him director as you said but nineteen seventy one the PGA won the BAFTA Golden Globe. I mean come on. But how endearing is Bond Juno his speech he literally. You know as well as I do. I mean these people can pretend to be shocked. There was no pretending with this guy was absolutely amazing. He won best director and I thought his speech was so beautiful. The fact he specifically cited aided Scorsese and how he inspired his work in South Korea and then Tarantino who's always been a real supporter of Asian Cinema. What a beautiful speech it really was and you could see even when he when he won best director and he was on stage? I you could tell. He immediately looked at Scorsese. Could see the sight lines and I find that deeply moving he was acknowledging the great debt. Of course say that he owes Scorsese would like so many people. And you know when we talk about international cinema. I think we sometimes kind of only thing of South Korean cinema is this thing but cinema is international and bunk. Jun Ho is influenced by Martin. Scorsese has he has other you know leading world tours. You know people do not. I mean you know. Movie Lovers including movie directors do not have put up some sort of little wall around themselves and say Oh. I'm only going to watch this kind of movie. Hollywood in so what's interesting is that has been developing a pretty with only seven features features a pretty strong following and it was just really great to see that he wasn't just some critical fetish that actually people inside the American Louis. Mainstream really recognizing his talent but he in turn was recognizing scorsese so it was really kind of beautiful. A friend of mine who has not seen the film cast the jaundiced eye. For this reason. He said okay. So the academies at a real problem well documented well-publicized with a lack of diversity yet again going on from Oscarssowhite this. You're only Cynthia Ribas dominated on the acting nominees. So doesn't it look nice now to reward a film the from South Korea for not only best picture and best director and I said okay. That's an interesting thought tab but anybody who has seen parasite knows how great the film is how Genre Bending is how audacious is one thousand nine hundred nineteen to your point would have been a very safe predictable choice. I think is as an acclaimed film and particularly I love Deacon's obviously the fact. He went present Mottaki. I'm overjoyed the fact. He went over thirteen and now he's on a hot streak. He's too too but I'm with you minol anybody who would discredit credits. A parasite is somebody who just doesn't appreciate a film. It is. Yeah I think that's a very Sh- shortsighted Take honestly and you know. I hope that your friend actually watches watches the movie rather than just having opinions on something here. She has not seen yet I think that you know diversity Problem remains yeah. I mean you know the problem in American Movie Industry is a problem of You know not very many opportunities for people who are not white and you know just because a movie from Asia one doesn't mean that Princeton representation and choices for Asian Americans is any different. You know no that is still a huge palm. There's actually really good New York Times Editorial by the critic Walter Child talking about this very issue that I really urge people to look got because this is a movie from South Korea. But that doesn't necessarily translate into greater opportunities for black. Americans Latinos and Asian Americans Americans within them the American entertainment industry. You can follow her on twitter at Manila Emon. Oh L. A. D. R. S. tweets are always very refund. Critics followed David Ehrlich Tiber. You guys are also funny and very sarcastic and you've had some fun at people who have been. I took issue with your criticism in one thousand nine hundred feet or your review of the Sam Mendes film Yeah my favorite was Somebody writing me and telling me that it was written by somebody who had never been to war which I thought was very very strange bar to set for A movie review and I'm like no it was written by a movie critic I don't I can't speak to the veracity of I don't believe Sam Mendes were either But I can certainly speak to the movies quality as you know I. Certainly the cinematography is very very very very fine and deacons understandably one But beyond that. I was completely unimpressed by the movie. REVIEWS TERRIFIC I encourage people to check it out New York Times aside from parasite and we always have rooting interest as you said. We get used to being bummed out and disappointed what were other awards. I mean the rest of them are very predictable. Particularly the acting awards but is there one talk to you that you said okay. I Know Laura dern was going to win but I'm happy she wanted was her another award that you were particularly pleased with I think it mainly the words. The acting awards were very predictable as you said them and they had been called for a long time. I was very happy for Brad Pitt. I've recently written a piece about Brad Pitt. And kind of revisited. His career and I think he's very deserving irving and the kind of thing that he does Kind of difficult to explain because it just seems so natural and seems as if he is somehow playing a version of himself which he mightn't be be doing but I think we often don't think about great stars also being great actors and he is actually a really great actor and so for him to be acknowledged knowledge by his peers is actually very very nice. I Love Laura dern and I would urge people to seek out her work including with David Lynch who really kind of pushed her to new levels of experts city. She's a terrific terrific actor. That's well said I thought joker was really overrated for me Middle Eye. So derivative of Scorsese's taxi driver in the comedy comedy. I just thought it was a thoroughly unpleasant film experience so I find it tough to stomach. That not only do Joaquin Phoenix when a best actor but it also went best score and the Irishman of the nine best picture nominees is the only one that went home completely. Empty handed your thoughts on joker and Irishman. I am not a fan of joker as well and I was kind of fascinated at how heavily heavily cribbed. From Scorsese. It was kind of this of fake occur of course movie but without any of the intelligent heart talent I thought it was really sad. Add that Scorsese's The Irishman did not do better Including just With the movie going public I think that yeah to a degree it was really. I don't think it was helped by association with Net flicks I think the people that I'll watch it on television but this is a movie. Did I think actually does need to be seen in theaters. One of the things about movies is that you have to go out to the movies and they kind of keep you captive. You know. You're inside the movie theater and at home home. It's just very easy to have this control. Obviously over the movie. And you know you get a little bored. Seems a little slow you posit Ayud raid the refrigerator and the entire tempo and feeling of the mood completely changes. And it's I think a movie like Irishman is not well-served on on television. I just don't and I think it was really hurt by that association. I couldn't agree more. I think that there's definitely backlash within the industry. And I completely agree with you that I saw in the theaters several times. And that's why I love it so much because as you said I'm held captive and I'm in that mood him in that moment I don't look at my phone. I don't have other things issuing with me so I'm with you I. I think that there is kind of that. Muted reaction to it. Unfortunately twenty people ended up watching it at home. It's interesting the ostriches being a celebration of the best films but of course for you for me for any of us us. These are not our favorite films of the year for you in your top ten. You love the film honey. Land which was a rarity first time ever nominated for best foreign film and Best Documentary. Commensurate The souvenir which is a film. I know you loved as well that was not nominee but maybe a thought on both of those films and and hoping that others will find those. Because I know aside from you know little. Women mayors destroyed Irishman. Obviously films. You love once upon a time in Hollywood but I think if you could kind of give a vote of confidence those two movies maybe people might check them out. Honey land and the souvenir hunting land is is a really interesting movie about a beekeeper And from the very first scene of her walking along a terrifying a cliff It had it has going and it's a really interesting movie about the changing world It's very it's observational. We're just we're with this woman for the entire tire movie and but it has great drama and it's really a a lovely movie. I highly encourage people see it and then the souvenir is really interesting. Movie by a Joanna Hogg Who's really Incredibly inventive British Filmmaker who just suddenly broke through with this one movie but has a a number number of films And she was really instrumental in Tom. Huddleston the the actor kind of gone. You know helping him. With his movie career she makes a Very interesting somewhat intellectual movies. That are very much not kind of strong narratives but give you a lot else including visual beauty. So I highly recommend Hershey's ars she's H. O. G. G. A couple of films I know you like didn't didn't crack your optum. Your recommended them first off book smart. How Witty and refreshing and funny was that movie it would've been nice to see that get a screenplay nomination? Well I think it's really nice and one of the things that was good about books. SMART is that it's Movie directed by women this case Performer reformer named Lydia wild and that it is what you're starting to see is that you're having more and more women making movies you're having Also also attention being brought to women who are making movies and attention to the barriers. That women Face in trying to get their movies made so anytime. A movie Directed by a woman gets some sort attraction. I'm always really happy about that whether or not even I like the movie. Not The more movies that we have a different Different kinds of people the greater the number of stories. That will be appealing to everyone. So that we're not just seeing the same old movies of the same old people in the same old stories. That's well said. And and what. I'm surprised sticking with the Olivia Wilde theme Richard Jewel which is very polarizing film. As you know for all those who work in journalism the key criticism of the film was as as impactful as the performances. Were and I thought. Wow Walter houser and Sam Rockwell and Kathy Bates were all terrific. The depiction of the media and particularly of Kathy scruggs and Olivia Wilde Portrayal of. It was so unfair and fear that it distracted or at least detracted from the XS. The film for some you really like Richard Joe. What was it about the film that you liked into that aspect not impact you I? I did like the movie. I don't love it. It's not my favorite of Eastwood's movies but I thought on in terms of it being a study of kind of a very modest man and the nightmare that he's Brought you know that that happens to him I thought it was very well observed very well acted as always the case with Eastwood. He's particularly you know he's really strong with actors and I like the the smallness of the story You Know Eastwood Representation of women is very up and down. Own historically like many American directors many directors in general In this case it was unfortunate. But it's one of the cliches. I mean it's incredible credible to me. That filmmakers are still embracing cliche of the you know the female reporter who sleeps with a source And it really makes me. I think that That filmmakers have a real problem with the journalists to cover them honestly it feels like the revenge of the filmmakers on the journalists that they have to deal deal with when they have to do junkets and everything else to publicize their movies so I rolled my eyes at that. But I don't need to love every single thing in a movie to actually liked movie. I still definitely some good moments in their last one for you here before I want to ask you to just general film criticism question but you're at Sundance. I know it's always a crazy experience. I went a couple of years ago and he just. You've watched it three movies a day but it's great because it's cold outside. So what else would you rather be doing watching a bunch of movies. And it's great documentaries films and my friend Ben Lines was there for five days that he watched fifteen movies and there was a bunch of these gives us one or two. That really stood out for you. let's see. I mean oh sundance feels like it's so in my rear view mirror you know what I mean. So it's like I have to kind of think about what was the thing that I really liked a lot You know there. There were some really really fine documentaries as usual I mean sundance is an interesting place to go see you take kind of take the temperature of American movie industry and There were a couple of movies by women that I was really excited by I felt that the diversity at Sundance feels very unforced. It feels very very natural. You don't feel at this point that people are just checking boxes you feel like they're actually just bringing the very finest work and there was a documentary that I like very much called time Another one about a called Saudi runaway. which is really hair raising documentary about a young Saudi woman Who is trying to escape her home? And it's a real turns into quite a thriller as you follow her. You know she was. It was all recorded everything saying that. She was doing on her cell phone and that that should be coming into theaters at some point. Maybe later this year for that last night I said I'm just a huge fan of your writing eating and just you know the depth of it. You're right I think. Great Film critics. You have to obviously have a knowledge and passion for film but You have to be a great writer. I feel whatever your subject matter. It would be. You'd be a great writer. Just 'cause is your structure in verbiage like now looking up words all the time that I'm reading and I'm like so good how you get to the core the essence of it. What a COP? You're helping my vocabulary even as I'm reading the review enriching pitching my film. What I want to know is this? Are you one of these people who literally you watch the film and you just you just naturally gifted and you could just pound out the review or you like pouring over every sentence and is it difficult. Go for you because if it's the former you're gonNA upset even further that. I wish I had that aptitude and the talent that you have every week is different. You know every day is different You can't can't. I can't spend too much time luxuriating over my pros because I'm a daily movie critics so I'm reviewing a couple of movies a week so you just literally do not often have the time and sometimes see movie on Monday night you have to. The review has to be filed the next day so you know to a certain extent. You just do the best that you can you move on and you just think well that may not have been the best thing but nobody onto the next two so I like the the rhythms of the Of the daily you know daily journalism because it really kind of keeps you from being to crushes think can happen If you have too much time right is deserved favorite review of yours or one that you remember at least you could off the top yet. Oh Gosh no no no no no no. I've been doing this for thirty years a lot. That's a lot of words so no I literally look let me ask you this. Is there ever review that somebody took you to task for let you particularly remember. You don't have to see the atrophy if you don't want to but somebody out today listen so and so's a little bit miffed. Hear what you said. Oh my gosh all the time you know I just you know. I used to work at this newspaper called La Weekly where I was crowned queen of Hate Mail but the one of the things. The truisms is that women tend to get a lot more hate mail than than men. I got hate now When I worked at the village voice years and years and years ago and that was back in the day when people actually would write letters you you know and I could always tell someone was angry because you could see the bumps on the letter you know someone had really all their heart and anger written me something and Pan Pan and you could just feel the anger just rising out of the envelope? So I think this point I really just doesn't bother me I read it and if it's not too you know nowadays it's mainly email and I'll respond as long as it's not Something that you know cursing at me yelling at me I will the SPONDE- but everybody has looks at a movie differently. And I think that we just have to kind of be charitable about that. Yeah all our subjective reactive and everything you write is certainly worthy claim. Check her out. MANOHLA Dargis twitter handle and of course you can read her excellent work in the New York Times really. Appreciate you joining us here in snowfall so all the best in two thousand twenty and keep up the great work. Thank you so much Mount Rushmore. All right thanks darkest Chakra on twitter and follow her. She's always sensational. Make sure read her work time. Now for the Mount Rushmore of heist movies because a queen slim which is a modern day. Bonnie and Clyde lied and so when it comes the rushmore of heist movies while I've got to include body inclined because seriously without that I don't know if there's a genre so Bonnie and Clyde for me is an easy one. I'm also going to include Quentin Tarantino's reservoir dogs. Because of the way that he you know mixed with sound and obviously timing in the different narrative structure and I think big reservoir dogs all sorts of very funny movie and obviously great performances. All around does NAP when they're Harvey Kowtow agreeing to do the film as well. I thought about including Jackie Brown. Maybe as a companion piece as well obviously Jacob Burns phenomenal to but true heist movie. I think a reservoir dogs and these guys know Mr White Mr Blak Mr Bloe jewelry jewelry stuff. So case to their body and Clyde reservoir dogs I'd love to get the town in their Ben Affleck rain but I don't think it's quite Mount Rushmore. What I'M GONNA do? It shocked the world and putting quick change. That's right Bill Murray sorry heist movie. It's one of my dad's favorite movies. We Love Bill. Murray and playing a clown Randy Quaid Gena Davis. I can't even. I can't even talk with it laughing about it. Okay radio you think I've lost my mind in a quick change is one of the crate heist movies of all time. You can book it so that means what else do I put. Here's my fourth spot. It's not going to be Logan. Lucky money huge soderbergh fan and of course I'm going to put it in Michael Mann's hate just the sequence alone were they're pulling up. A heist is incredible. I mean obviously that'll sequences made him but just just about the whole idea of cops and robbers backs etc that means with this list Bonnie and Clyde reservoir dogs quick change in heat. I'm leaving off the usual suspects so I'm GonNa Cheat and say well I don't think if there's a heist movie I think of as a thriller or suspenseful whenever you want bottom line is is. I do find a way to get quick change on there and I did it. Joe Your Mount Rushmore. Are you GONNA get baby driver in there now. I'm not it was. It was a toss up. I'll throw that on my honorable mention one But I will agree with you with reservoir dogs for for sure over Jackie Brown. I'm also going to throw in a point break. Bodey Johnny famous. Yeah Oh yeah. If you want the ultimate you've got it'll be willing to pay the ultimate price you know what I mean. And then I'll throw in the sting. Nineteen seventy two Oscar. Winning Film Really Great Great Score I think a the Scott Joplin ragtime pieces the score. And then I'll throw in. It's tough dog day afternoon now author Dog Day afternoon and I'll be happy with that list. Yeah I feel like I put dog fatherless center. But you're right as far as a heist movie I mean that's Amazing Bank Robert Everything just chaos ensues Pearson screenplay was I believe won the Oscar so well done obviously seasonal met one of the great directors of all time dogged after and you can't Geico dot gift any list and you can't go wrong with cinnabar. Thanks everybody for listening. Please do subscribe rate and revealed Apple. PODCASTS we've back next week as we'll tour tension awards. They used to call the small screaming. We all know. TV's got a lot of good stuff out there as well the mini series on HBO The outsider plus the new season of curb your enthusiasm and weeks to talknet utopia falls along with director Mamane Reynolds for RTP in the building. Until then I'll see you at the movies being

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