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GSMC Entertainment Podcast Episode 136: Golden Globes and Festival Lineups


The girl but the day. Just be one without your Hollywood Vince. Golden state media concepts. That are ten podcast. Take care of that and all inclusive use of pop culture hello and welcome to GSM see entertainment podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I am your how Cynthia you're sick hosts by the way. ooh I cannot believe. I'm sick and we are why I don't even know what day we're in now in twenty twenty. But you know New Year's did me dirty and I'm sitting here all plugged up but it's okay because I feel a lot better today and I'm so excited to finally release the first podcast for the entertainment episode of Twenty Twenty for the New Year for the new decade. That's insane they weren't an entirely new decade gade twenty twenties super random. By the way. What do you call the twenty? Is it the twenty hour saying like Oh in the era of the twenty tents ends. Do you guys get what I'm saying anyways but I hope you all had a fantastic new year a safe one by the way I. Let's see I was actually in the Bay Area California. I was celebrating one of my best friend's birthday. She's a New Year's baby so for us us every New Year's as more of a birthday celebration rather than celebrating the New Year because we're celebrating her birthday and it just happens to fall on the biggest party day of the year or Party night so that was pretty chill low key we decide to stay in you know. Save some money because you know if you go out on New Year's Uber's are like an arm and leg they charge you like fifty dollars to drive you ten miles down the road but I mean I can't complain because it's better to be safe than sorry It was a pretty good news for me running in pretty quietly with my good group of friends and the only sucky part is that I got sick and a couple other. My friends in our group also got sick from New Year's but there's was on years day. I didn't get sick. which is so typical right like most people are hungover sick on New Year's Day but mine did it hit 'til that Saturday so I believe that was third so I've been out? Which is why I haven't been able to upload episode by here I am so if you guys can just get past like the nays Lee sound of me he right now and just really hone into the words? I'm saying I would greatly appreciate that. So let's just get get past the stuff in his hair that you're listening to you and we've got a few exciting things to cover you know. Twenty twenty where barely like a week a week and a half in and a lot of things have already gone on from from the start of the year and one of those being the Golden Globes Golden Globes twenty twenty this was the seventy seventh event annual Golden Globes awards ceremony and. It took place this past Sunday January fifth at the Beverly Hilton Hotel near Hollywood. Of course course what I mean. The Golden Globes has to be taken place in. La La is the land of TV cinema. What other more the other place than Hollywood right and the host of the show was comedian and a comedian Ricky Gervais as and he opened the ceremony with an eight minute minute monologue and this amendment log was pretty iconic? I mean hit number three trending video on Youtube at one point and he's pretty much just roasting the richest and most prestigious actors and actresses and America. which is quite hilarious I'm pretty sure this video hyphen more views than the actual awards ceremony itself. I mean I've never been to in a row on award ceremony modest celebrity. So why would I get invited to those types of events but I have heard through the grapevine that they're very boring am. I'm very long so I'm pretty sure they're all they have to be drunk. I mean at the Golden Globes. They were all sitting at tables drinking champagne so of course they had to get a bus to get through that three hour long. You fill me award ceremony and especially just thinking if you're nominated need for an award and you lose and you have to like sit there and listen to your opponent. Gave like a five minute speech on. You know thanking who their long list of people cool so it's like why not. Just get a buzz and get through the night. So that's one of the jokes. Many jokes that Rick. You're vase was mentioning during his eight minute monologue on a log and I'll mention in just a few short minutes. Some of the funny little comments he was making during his monologue. But it was pretty impressive of you. You Guys WanNa go watch it on YouTube. You can literally just type Golden Globes twenty twenty and that's probably one of the first top three videos will papa because I guarantee you. His monologue had more views in the actual awards ceremony itself and he was speaking facts throughout the entire the eight minute monologue and it's just comical. I mean one of his jokes were how every time a celebrity thirty wins an award and they go up on stage and they're about to give their acceptance speech. How most of the time they use that moment right right there? During their speech to shut lie on an existing issues such as climate change racial injustice injustices or whatever the case may be and it was funny because he was saying if you want an award tonight. Don't use it as a platform to make a political speech. So he saying no. No no you are in no place or no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing that goes on in the real world and there was hilarious because he knew it was mentioning doing this. The camera would pan from him onto the crowd. And you know you got like big name celebrities you've got Robert De Niro Pacino. You have Antonio banderas sitting there. You Have J. LO beyond saying Jay Z.. Even though they're not really actors they one thousand percent to be sitting there because they're like the king and Queen of America but anyways see all these like a list celebrities sitting there and it's funny because the camera pans from Ricky Gervais to them Eh and they're like some of them are like half cock leans some of them are like straight faced. There is one. We're Tom Hanks they pant Tom Hanks and he's like look down on the floor. Because that's that's exactly what he was meaning to us. I mean he was going to win an award that night. Anyway so here. It had a speech prepared haired but it was just funny because some of half of the group were not laughing and the other half were cackling. So I mean he was definitely hitting some truth there but it's just finding I mean I mean I don't really mind when celebrities give you know when they during their acceptance speeches they start to bring I Political aspects to it not political though like I mean just like you know on like environmental changes or whatever the case may be some even talk about like sex trafficking so oh I think it's a good i. I like celebrities. Use their platform for good and shed light on issues that maybe not everybody as educated on or have listened to Even Ellen Degeneres when she was accepting her award she you know very quickly. spoke about the Australian fires. And how how her heart goes to the victims and those suffering from the fire. So I mean I personally don't mind but wreckage vases poking fun at them saying you are in no. Oh position to talk about that. You are celebrities. You know nothing about the real world you know nothing about real people real people and their problems regular regular people and their problems which I kinda like I get where he's coming from because celebrities really don't understand the everyday struggles struggles of a regular strangler person like myself. Okay so I just thought it was funny and then he even called Al.. This one definitely made some people a little squeamish in their seeds which I live for like. I think it's so funny. There's something I feel like. A lot of us. Regular people have some type of fetish like a Weird Fetish Haddish when people poke fun at like rich people because how he mentioned I have no idea about what goes on in the real world just about what they read and and right and he called out. How often times during these award shows and award ceremonies people of Cutler are often left Dow or there are snubbed from categories which is absolutely true but he jokingly said we were GonNa do an in Memoriam here tonight but when we saw the list it wasn't Diverse enough which I thought was so funny but again when the camera pan to the actors and actresses in the audience they were definitely a lot laughing. Definitely do not think that was comical. I mean that's funny like a list of dead people and he even said like oh it was majority white. Swipe couldn't do it tonight. I mean he even said in the beginning of his speech. This is all jokes. It's all lost like no reason to be super serious so so I mean I have a good sense of humor so I was like cracking up during his eight minute. Monologue by no some viewers are a little more sensitive. And we're probably watching it like. Oh Oh he's taken a too far. That's what a joke is like everybody gets made fun of Okay and so again go watch his eight minute monologue on YouTube. It's trending not sure if it's still training at the moment. Last time I saw it was number four on youtube but still to be training on. Youtube is pretty major and moving a little away from Ricky Jay Vases eight monologue I wanNA kinda get into other comical the moment of the night which there have been many jokes and memes circling around twitter about how beyond saying Jay Z.. showed up an hour late to the event and with their own bottle of champagne. Now if you're sitting there thinking wise this entertainment why is is this important is because the Golden Globes this year's Golden Globes twenty twenty was sponsored by Mo Way Okay and malware. Is this brand of champagne and they brought. Instead they're ace of spades bottle champagne. They show up an hour late almost saying like we're we're so they're like the celebrities of the celebrities right like when other celebrities see beyond Jay Z.. They get star struck even like. Oh my God that's beyond Saint Jay Z.. Filming like that. How how successful these this dynamic duo is and it's just so funny how they show up to these events like we're like so up there we don't don't even show up we don't even need to show up on time which I think it's funny? And the fact that they came with their own champagne bottle to an event that's sponsored by Champagne company. He is so petty of them. I feel like and ambiance as instagram. She posted just a few short hours ago. She posted a slide show Joe of like her gorgeous gown right shot. He's like roughly gold sleeves so large. Probably like give it to send assign people like like. Don't talk to me. Don't come near me. And she even in that slide show she even posted a picture of the AC spades bottle in within her slice. So I just love how. They're so petty without really needing to say anything like she just post pictures and like people understand her message. And that's just the power that beyond say has and on that note. We're GONNA take our first quick break and when we come back I'm going to share you. Guys the winners some of the winners of the Twenty Twenty Golden Globes award show. Hi I'm Greg. I'm the CEO and founder sober recovery and If you're struggling with alcohol math heroin bills we can help you. We treat you in a way that's going to help you want to to stay and want to do it sometimes. People think that there isn't any hope and yet there is we. Don't give up on people that's what makes us different call sober now and get the help you need at eight. Six six five four seven six four five one. You WanNa find out what movies to go see and check out. GMC movie podcast. It's your ticket to the latest movies whether it's a new blockbuster event romantic comedy or action. Take this show has got it all covered. They talk some what to go. See Now don't bother. What's hot on Netflix? And everything in between that. GMC PODCAST CAST DOT COM back. Slash movie dash podcast. When it's all about the movies it has to be this new show? Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. GS MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO Hello and welcome back to the GMC. Entertainment podcast rep before the break. I was sharing with the some move the comical moments that I found funny during the twenty twenty Golden Globes awards show such as beyond saying Jay Z.. Their love Wolf Pettiness bring in their own champagne in Bardo to an event sponsored by champagne and ricky races. Eight minute monologue again. Go check that out on Youtube. I promise you will not be disappointed. Appointed and now more talk about the twenty twenty Golden Globes awards show. I will now be discussing with the guys I pulled. I didn't pull every single single winner for the night because it would just be too long so I just pulled some of the winners who stood out to me. I thought it was important to mention and today's podcast. So let's get into it so some of the winners of this year's twenty twelve twenty twenty Golden Globes awards show is for for best motion picture drama awarded to the movie nineteen seventeen which this one was shocking to me it beat the joker. Now now I know all of you joker fans get what. I'm saying how shocking this is because joker was phenomenal. And I'M GONNA make a very out there statement jokers not only probably one of the best movies that was released in two thousand nineteen but probably one of the most dynamic and chilling. Movies is that was released in the decade of the twenty tonnes are very like ooh statement to make but I make an it and I stand by it because dot I tell phenomenal. Joker is that movie is and you haven't got and be having on a chance to watch. You must alright you absolutely must you will not be disappointed. It's not super joke. I want people to understand to the ones who have not seen. It is not like your typical Martha movie are like your other Batman and Robin Robin movies. Like it's not super action type film but it's more deals with the psychological aspect of how joker came a how his transition from being mentally ill citizen of society into this. You know killer and it's really it's such an awesome movie and that's why it's it was shocking to me to see that nineteen seventeen. beat the joker because I felt like the joker really did something and nine hundred seventeen against all just opinion based nine thousand nine hundred. Nineteen from me. Didn't do too much like it's just your your other another typical war crime film and I was really surprised that they were. I'm not surprised. Got Not nominated because it was a good movie but I'm surprised that one for that category especially beating the joker for best motion picture drama again again. This is just my opinion and then it's okay because who was awarded for best performance by an actor in a motion picture. Drama was awarded to Joaquin Phoenix. Who played the joker so at least that made me happy some Mike? He didn't went for that kind of Gordon. I really would have just turned off my TV. And Stop watching the Golden Globes Mike who he his performance in joker was superb like absolutely amazing even during Joaquin Walking Phoenix's acceptance speech At the Golden Globes. If you again go watch it on Youtube if you have it he never. We're breaks out of character. He literally is the joker she so deep in that joker role even when he was up on stage age accepting his award just as mannerisms and the way he was like and like rubbing his face and he still Kinda grungy look and then his Is Blue is like it was chilling. I felt like when I was watching that specific moment during the awards show. I felt like this is a scene from the joker literally especially for those who have already seen the movie I knew know what moment and the I'm talking about during his acceptance speech and you understand what I'm talking about. Felt like he literally is a joke. He embodies that character so well and it was crazy. 'cause I'm like I feel like I'm watching a scene from the movie like I'm just waiting for him to like. I know it sounds like terrible because this is not in the movie but I was like waiting for him to like bust out a gun and starts shooting or something which is like absolutely terrible they. I can provide excellent lower but I did. But that's how in character he is with the joker like I'm so glad he won that ward for best performance by an actor because he absolutely deserves and again go watch. Joe Karma Fan a non pushing it so far are so hard and then for best performance by an actress in a motion. Picture drama was a water to Renee Zellweger for her performance in Judy. Now going to be honest with the haven't seen the the movie judy and that's because I didn't see a lot of Promo for the film. I did see the trailer. There wasn't a lot of promotion for the film so that one was another one that confused me a little bit for best performance by an actress. And haven't really I haven't seen her name in a while Renee Zellweger so oh it was refreshing sear up there and then for best director was awarded to Sam Mendes for directing the film nineteen eighteen seventeen which makes sense. He won best director and best motion picture. Drama was awarded the nineteen seventeen. So how can you award the the film to be the best but not awarded director. Like hello he just. He's the one who directed the film so it makes sense that he you know got awarded for best director. I felt like I said director so many times than that sentence. I'm sorry and then for best animated motion picture was awarded to missing link which missing link ended up beating out frozen to the lion king and toy story for missing link. I I haven't seen it. Looks like a really cute movie. I liked the concept. I feel like there hasn't been an animated film. The KINDA is even similar to that so I haven't seen it but I'm intrigued. I am surprised a beat out frozen to the lion king and Toy story four but I feel like the Golden Globes probably did this and awarded wanted to award an animated film. That wasn't Disney because Disney. I feel like just always takes aches all the awards so the Kinda wanted to switch it up and not give it to you. Fill me another Disney movie so make sense but best animated motion picture to missing. Link now the Carol Burnett Award this award is given to those goes for outstanding for outstanding contributions to television on and off screen. And what better person to hand over the Carol Burnett Award then to Miss Ellen Degeneres I mean Ellen. I'm a fan of Ellen I used to religiously watch for TV. Show Monday Monday through Friday three PM. Right when I got off school I don't have cable anymore. I don't keep up with her daily shows but I I do sometimes see on Social Media Kinda you know all the amazing giveaways that she tends to do on her show and she's been in the game for seventeen eighteen years people and there's a reason why people love her. She's relatable she's funny. She's personable genuine. I mean when you watch her show. Oh I feel like I mean I feel like I'm literally there and I mean what. Better person to honor the Carol Burnett Carol Burnett An award than to Ellen Degeneres. She has an amazing work on and offscreen. She's given to many charities not even just charities. I mean when she like find stories on social media she brings those people in and like gives them cache of those and knee like she's always reaching out and and sending up positive campaign going to say this it's still like L. Millennial but sending out positive vibes to everybody and but she's really just a ray AF sunshine high feel Allen Generous so I'm very happy that she got awarded Carol Burnett Award and then for the final word. I'll be announcing here for the two thousand twenty. Golden Globes is the Cecile B. Demille award. This is awarded for outstanding contributions went to the world of entertainment to the overall world of entertainment and this a Seal B Demille award was given to Tom. Hanks I love Tom Hanks thanks I hope he continues to produce and act on movies and on films for the next fifty years. I mean he what he did would seem not to sound rude hopefully rude but I forgot. I forget some time you know I'm in my mid twenties and all all these actors and actresses I grew up watching on my TV screen. And you know. I have this picture of them. I see on TV. And then when I see them in real life or you know now on this case and the award show and how they age. It's I forget like you know as I'm aging. These people are aging too. So I I love Tom. Hanks and his acceptance speeches as well was very sweet. He choked up a little bit when he started talking about his family. And how grateful and blessed last he is he even said like. I'm blessed to even have my family here my five kids so I love Tom. Hanks every movie that he's in I feel like I'm never disappointed oriented forrest gump one of my favorites and even toy story. Like he's a voice for Woody for those of you who don't know and every time I hear him speak like I can't get that image of woody out because when he speaks. It's literally woody from Toy story so I'm glad that he was awarded the Cecile B. Demille award and again. I'm a fan of Tom. Hanks and I hope that all of these actors and actresses have the stamina and the energy to continue due to create amazing film For the next fifty plus years I know of that may not be doable for everybody like even Meryl Streep she does not age. Okay that lady. She is Immortal K.. But so many amazing actors and actors and TV writers that were in attendance at the twenty twenty Golden Globes. And I thank them for you know for providing a fun world of entertainment entertainment and cinema and I can't wait for this decade and what they have in store for us and I'm a key into another quick break and when we come back we're going to move away from award. Show talk and I'm going to dive into festival. lineups tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out pursue. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. Due to the golden state media concepts podcast network is here. Als thing less than our podcast bliss with endless hours of podcasts uncovered from news sports music fashion looking entertainment fantasy football and so much more stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build that podcast is whatever it may be visit us at. WWW ADAGIOS MC podcast dot com follow us on facebook and twitter can download us on itunes soundcloud and Google. Play the yeah hello and welcome back to the entertainment podcast. Pat and I thought you previously mentioned in the previous segment. We're moving away from talk. Show Talk Talk. Show what am I talking talking about Rhino. My God can you guys sick. I'm foggy okay. I make my judgments. Not all the way there. Okay right now. We are moving away from Golden Gordon. Globes are I. WE'RE GONNA get into festival lineups super exciting especially for all my festival. Junkies are going to listen to this. We're GONNA talk about some of my a top artists that are performing Coachella Bonnaroo embargo rock. The all just announced their lineups within like the past week or so saw Mike. I have to talk about today's episode and let's first talk about quick because I feel out of those three. That's the most mainstream. That's the largest one. The most hyped one so I have to touch on it not touch. I need to get into a alright so could tell this year. It's only three months away. It's come it's come come by quick three months away. It's three day to weaken event for those of you who are not aware and this year is taking place. We can one April tenth through twelve twelve and then we can to April seventeenth to the nineteenth. The top three headliners for both weekends are rage against the machine for day. One Travis Scott for day two and Frank Ocean for day three and for those of you who are unfamiliar with Coachella usually for day. Three the top headliner. That's like their biggest headliner for the whole festival. And I'm on. I'M GONNA be shirt with the. I'm surprised that Frank Ocean was was the top headliner for day three That's kind of the person they want to leave the festival at the bank because day a day three top headliner is the very last person who's performing for the weekend and Frank Ocean like I like Frank Frank Ocean. I used to listen to him a lot more. I see like in high school but I haven't really kept up with his latest music which I I know. He's released some projects within the last five years and I know so many people who are a hyped about him on twitter everyone like that line for Frank. Koshin you're probably not going to be able to see him for like miles he's going to. Probably the entire festival is going to be there to see him. And Travis Scott. That's an exciting one. I actually when I went to Coachella the year of two thousand seventeen so almost three years ago and I saw Travis Scott Live. I'm not sure if he was a top headliner but he he was up there and he was pretty good His the crowd that he had trucks. They're crazy or ride. The people go to see Travis Scott set. They are crazy Roese or I can't keep up a lot of like mosh pits. They kinda scare me to be honest so I try to stay away. I try not to get when I go to a festival. I try not to emerge myself too much in the center because people are just so crazy. Like Vera Festival Junkie. I go then you know what I'm talking about and I'm going to list also some of my the top hip hop and rb artists on the coachella lineup. Some of my favorites. Hopefully hopefully they're your favorites as well and mine include. Megan the stallion own my goodness. I love her Megan. The stallion big Sean City. The girls twenty months savage the baby Simmer Walker Low Uzi. Ver- Daniel Caesar and Ari Lennox. I love all of them. They're all going to be so hype so good and other top artists include. These made are not really hip hop or R&B but stole top favorites. Calvin Harris Bloom. Gye Walls Carly Rae Jemson. Lil gnaws Ex and Louis the child so overall I think the lineup is pretty fire. I love how diverse it is. And that's really why like Coachella because I get introduced to many different types of music. I'm more of a our MBA and hip hop head. That's more rhyme. My style of music. Take so I love going into Coachella and you know emerging myself into different music scenarios in which I wouldn't typically put myself in and and I just love. I love the VIBE and I'm so said I'm not going this year all my friends are going so I'm GONNA have to block everybody for the weekend for those two coachella weekends. 'cause I'm going to be feeling major foam. Oh okay I hate feeling left out some have to block all my friends who are going. I'm literally the only one is not going doing so. That's fine though. I'm being on a dull I'm saving Miami. GotTa Take Care of my adult responsibilities but spine has gotten. Can you know I'll survive so overall I wouldn't let I want you guys to let me know in the comments. If you are going to Coachella who are your top artists. Who are your your favorite performer? Performance you'll be seeing live this year's Coachella two thousand twenty and also what weekend you're going if you are planning to go and so that's the pretty much just of Coachella we can twenty twenty I will definitely make an episode covering covering Coachella in April once it all goes down so stay tuned for that and I'm moving onto Bonnaroo so bonnaroo for those of you. Who Don't don't know 'cause I'm GonNa be honest with Ya? There's a first time I heard about Bonnaroo. It got introduced to me by my other CO hosts we do the music podcast together. So if you guys want to go check that one out out we talk about some of these festival artists and lineups on there so Bonnaroo they at this festival will is located and Manchester Tennessee. abell sixty miles outside of Knoxville and takes place at great in great stage park which which is a huge seven hundred Acre farm in Tennessee and this year is the nineteenth annual music festival which will be held closer during the summertime summertime June eleventh through the fourteenth and Bonnaroo. I looked at their lineup. And I'm pretty impressed with their lineup. As well this year some of the top billed artists headliners performing at Bonnaroo. Twenty twenty are Lizl Tool Tame on Paul. I hope I'm saying that right tame Emma Paula. Lana del Rey and Miley Cyrus and something super cool about this year's Bonnaroo lineup is Liz. Oh she has been announced as the first ever female headliner of Bonnaroo which is absolutely amazing. Lizl is already making history into the new New Year. But I'm just Kinda like how she we you guys have been in the game. There's about a beer nineteenth festival annual festival and you have not hired or booked looked a female headliner. I don't understand but you know what I least. We are progressing. We're making moves because females are the wave and we are taking over and other people other top headliners or major hip hop artists on the lineup. Megan Stellian again. The Baby Kevin Gates Young Thug. Some of these are also performing at Coachella. So is you can see Meghan. The stallion she is is in high demand. That girl is killing it and other A couple of the top electronic music producing DJ's who also be performing at Bonnaroo. Honor Rue are troy and fluminense as overall. I'm pretty impressed with the lineup. I feel like it's extremely relevant to WHO's hot right ain't now what's hot right now. What are people listening to? What are people playing the radio playing so bonnaroo? I definitely would want to consider going to Bonnaroo For June. I mean the lineup is pretty fire. I it's not as expensive as Coachella. It's not as mainstrean green like I said. I never heard of Bonnaroo until like earlier this week. I'm being honest but I'm pretty impressed again. Let me them the comments. If you've you've attended Bonnaroo what are your tips for. You know trying to get ready for this festival. So coachella Bonnaroo chuck check now for the final The Final Festival lineup. I'll be announcing here. This wants more local. I feel like this. This festival is more known for Northern California residents and it's called Bardo rocks of your art of state of California. You probably have never heard of bottle rock. It's located and NAPA L- and NAPA NAPA California. So where based here in the Sacramento area. We're I'm recording so from us. It's about an hour away. So many people in my region have heard or many of attended bottle rock and definitely flee more low key Barak started in two thousand thirteen as a five day festival. The focus primarily on not the winery. So it's not super into the music. It's more you know showcasing the why because not the valley for those of you. Who Don't know who you know? Never been a California Eh. Napa Valley wineries are world famous. So many people come in toured the winery here. And it's crazy that I'm I'm only an hour away from it and it frequently bought. A rock appeals to a generally older demographic. So you definitely can Expect to see like your parents attending and it's not weird. It's not US fashion forward. Either as cello you know click. Cello is more like you know you can walk in a g string and no one's going to judge gave you do that bottle rock. You will be judged also because you're on the desert I mean not the valleys generally cooler weather so people are like in q codes or whatever but bottle rock. Some of their top headliners are red. Hot Chili peppers. Dave Matthews Miley Cyrus and Anderson Pock. I Love Anderson Pug So this this Festival Restivo Barak. I would suggest to someone who wants to try. Their first festival may be coachella. Might be too intense so I was suggest doing bought a rock walk and we bought a rock. The cool thing about you can also buy a day pass of just a one day passive you don't want to do Three or excuse me the two. I think it's two or three days now. If you WANNA go for the whole weekend you can just choose which they wanna go and pay like. It's one hundred bucks for a day pass so that's pretty convenient for those who don't Wanna Party hard all weekend. And this definitely how I can describe bought a rock to those who have never heard it. If feels like the last stop before the Casino Circuit Festival. You get room saying like like I said. This generally appeals to the older demographic so so it's like okay. Let's go to this festival and then we're going to go to the casino. So that's Kinda The vibe of this Loki Festival but there are still holds very a lot of the younger kids go to bottle rock and feeling Barak is definitely more kid. Friendly like definitely wouldn't see someone like seizing up up in the corner like in Coachella when I went. Oh my goodness like I am scarred. I saw so many people like sick throwing up in the corner of a palm tree. Free seizing up. So coachella is definitely more hardcore. People definitely you know are elevated on substances whereas with with bottle rockets more low key people have been on beer scipione wine really just enjoying the music and the art that the festival has to offer you. Fill me. So that's going to wrap up today's episode. We have we covered a lot we did. Let's see Golden Globe so my favorite moments from the twenty twenty Golden Globe awards I covered festival Linas for Chela Bonnaroo and bought a rock again. Let me know the comments if you're attending any of those festivals I wanNa know and that's going to wrap up today's episode again. Thank you so so much for tuning into the very first episode of the First Entertainment Episode of the Year Year. Twenty twenty. If you like today's episode don't forget to like subscribe share leave Nice comments give us a five star rating all of that good stuff and I wish you guys very happy and healthy week. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts entertainment. PODCAST podcast part of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. WWW DOT g himse podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and Google play this type in Jesus Mc to find all this shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music throw sports entertainment and even weird news you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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