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ACS (Part 2): Jeff Cesario


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tell us about your shopping experience withdrew car first two hundred people email will receive a twenty dollar amazon gift card so you've gotta send that email soon cannot wait to hear from you direct gino gras parade gain by all those crazy trust we can give me says you know struggle only draw down the street news with gina gina so remember a little while back and we sort of on earth is brian liked to say that we we we dug it up that old interview of anderson cooper on the howard stern show talking about how he said he was not going to get any inheritance from his mother she made that very very clear so then way on earth me saying from nine days ago he's gonna get a ton of dough because she's gonna die in the money's gonna go ahead and they may have not had a handshake that's just the way worse hold the ones i know some bad intel's you want him to work hard because despite what he said what's going to happen the cnn host has inherited most of the fortune that is estimated two hundred million dollar we now have somehow figure out a way to craft a society where super successful rich people have to argue with other people about why they're not successful in why they're not read yes anderson cooper is not a joke i'm sure he's had these thoughts before there's like a half brother who they don't really like she doesn't like very much out tan he got like be place you know he got the manhattan or whatever and then he anderson cooper is going to get the rest but anderson cooper politically can't say i will be set for life although it'd be nice if a journalist was just sort of open about it and one yeah i'll get a ton of money i mean what i'm saying is is here's answer i i liked in the past because i'm thinking about michael moore and it's stupid answer on stern singing maybe if you count the house which one which one of the recount he's lying but the point is i don't like when people fain poverty so because here's the thought if we find out the michael moore's richer we find out that anderson cooper's right then hey were not gonna like embiid we don't have to listen to him in his opinions anymore because when anderson cooper start talking about what's going on on the border we don't have to listen 'cause he's rich i think my is fuck that he's still got opinion his mom happened to be successful he's successful that shouldn't factor into whether we listened to him or not or like kim or not i like more i usually so if you're listening more but that's the thing it's like he doesn't have to work another day in his life he's on the front lines that he really wants to be there i believe that if he was a little more honest this western he probably should have said well i proudly i'm gonna get a ton of dough because my mom's got a ton of dough and she's ninety five years old and when she dies all get a ton of dough but the following monday i'm going back and were yeah and he did make it he you know again we laugh when i say this here's what i'd like here's a world like delivering instead of doing this thing we know we do this retarded ship with women all timer like all women are beautiful all the young girls are being you're all beautiful you have a hoodie that says you're beautiful you must be beautiful instead of trying to convince all women they're beautiful why don't we just try to convince all women the purpose that they could make people happy that they have jobs how about relationships can stop explaining everyone that they're all attract which by the way is the math that'll never work it's impossible no one is gonna find everyone beautiful and the second everyone's attend that makes everyone five so instead instead of the things that year being a full year after field beautiful you have to look at think why don't we just get off that altogether and get him onto a sense of purpose a sense of belonging and also here's good news all dudes are being a fall no one told all dudes ever all the time maybe you'll find one of those foods who wanna marry you one day there's not so beautiful yeah either way stupid thing the focus on as far as like money goes it's it's a dumb thing don't like fight against or to embrace it's like we should keep going so what that is we shouldn't type little indigestion might keep trying to convince matt now in one way or the other what what are relationship is with money the the the thing with money is is i have money anderson cooper money everyone goes to work on monday in a lot of weekends and that's it yeah i don't think it undercuts anybody's credibility except maybe michael moore's only 'cause he built this whole thing made his bones on taking the man well all right yeah he that's why i'm rhonda saying running nonunion writers rooms you just go first off real i know it's kind of it's been said ten i know it's been said a lot but michael more could afford to buy fifty ronnie james slash gesture and i know i know you're not even been on things written trotted out and you've heard it many times that town ritchie you know i always say that michael more dresses like an out of work lesbian trucker she wants once you think he is that guy that we're were living in a in a day he has they pour person clown outfit that he wears an even put that costume on when he does bill maher show why would a rich guy here dress frumpy to go on tv i'll bet you michael more probably dresses better to go to cosco then he does the go off on bill maher show laughing beth harris and that reviews that ball kept the shade his eyes catching a pop fly either never seen a ball that all right so you're right there is a there is a brother leopold homestand kickout sta caskey and he got the home the come up in new york and that is that 'em end the rest of it going in i felt bad for about ten seconds and then i realized that homeless thirty one million dollars in my dad's got eleven hundred square feet in altitude dana said he's still owes the note on joe i felt bad in that first is saturday in from an h back company on it yeah well what if you're dead leave you when he died and it's like well i don't have the burden of having the purchase em flugel gold horn now so i guess that's a win win for modern way yes yeah that i mean she probably thought that place where two hundred grand in nineteen seventy seven there's something but new york she bought the anywhere in the right part of wherever that provide i'd imagine i mean it's just millions rise very valuable yup well sterling van wagon and he co founded the settled on yeah max about find out for that flat van of random real flat how many deo license plates it take to buy that was like twelve hundred yeah if you just wanna do and all play deal you wanna find the answer to you and you got the you gotta handed be a the flat and nothing else sell it for thirty something million dollars perhaps or would you a rent it out and collect that i dunno several thousand dollars a month for the rest of your life several that would probably be twenty three thousand dollars a month other something something something like that i'm gonna guess what the name leopold's the cow ski he's gonna go in there with the hot plate in some aluminum foil dot com and now they won't stand for it now what's the move there yeah i i have no idea what his find answers answers are 'em 'cause it's a nice pay day every thirty days here's what i do now here's what i do now she paid a you know to two hundred grand for the place the place is worth thirty million box he shells that place they get their back out the time they had the repair the hardwood floor and a few things like that other and that he owes thirty percent of that profit to the government agency to yeah no you 'em oh no yeah he does he has four percent or whatever the deal is but you take thirty million profits ten is going to the government now an you can roll that shit over you could avoid void that a by buying another thirty million dollar property west that you know by by medium size island with the money shoulder moms manhattan apartment with but a i don't know that's a factor not i don't know but i'm i'm kinda you you proudly rent that place out for thirty thirty grand monique four twentyfive every month or whatever whatever it is yeah but you know how it works couple by master bath tub hall and then you can get him out of there that's wrecked a lot of guys got pet ferret jim tears apart math seinfeld by kids silver silver one of his cars all right chris kids helicopter flight i one of the sports with adam frazier so sterling van wagon and he co founded the sundance film festival with robert redford he's being sentenced to six years to life in prison after pleading guilty to sexual abuse of a child this is according to salt lake tribune he's seventy two he was accused of touching a girl on two occasions between twenty thirteen twenty fifteen refused to apologize said it would be meaningless but he did say that he felt the consequences of what he had done the girl that appeared in court is apparently the second person that he by the way he's the latter day saints filmmaker with deep deep deep types of utah's film industry he's admitted him last thing she urged him to come clean if there were others if you remember this movie he's best known as a producer on be nineteen eighty five film the trip to bountiful so good yeah i mean who knows whether you dude or he molested her he touched her money he's seventy two now in this happened from twenty thirteen to twenty fifteen so recent yeah what you're doing the details in salt lake tribune says twenty three thousand ronnie james dio license plate just what it costs ticket gloria it's the state or her state or her how much is the flat figure thirty million is it thirty minutes yeah i mean i was just yelling thirty million randomly the whole time and it's thirty million yes how well you will store no it's not it's not in the now it's not the story i'll hold on that she might be wacky enough for these state might wacky enough to okay well make that deal the running jay yeah yeah i mean when you're that risk maybe make deal i she's dead but some of my wow is it was literally just this thirty million wow yes i did not see that number anywhere not in any store i just saw i had what gina i did not get any answers i i know bond saying this why type bad student i've been in average student that'd be bad girl over it so it jim beam warehouse has caught fire late tuesday and firefighters struggled a little bit of adversity it's made of like killing dry cedar from the turn of the century in all it has alcohol in more bearable yuck an old guys ties with lanterns growing gino whereas neighbor rickety lumber has to has to catch on fire yeah this happened around eleven thirty a warehouse in kentucky eleven thirty pm forty firefighters from five counties battle that blazer watching some video of it right now a second warehouse also caught fire that leaves with controlled the warehouse where the fire started collapsed it held approximately forty thousand barrels of spirits as for what happened they don't know for sure but there is speculation that a lightning strike could have sparked the blaze my goodness of all the places that is not talking for oddly i want that thin on his land where where does that in tennessee kentucky kentucky yeah i'd like to do little experiment like i bet like if you walked in the fire hydrants like i do this randomly five slick the fire chief kentucky i'd have a higher like a thirteen year old actor you know straight looking kid you know blonde hair kind of dress in some big overalls and i go a little time he was at home country drifting where he had his hat on backwards annan sideways a little bit automate hamp right now not having periodically just run into the firehouse in yelled different things and then i put a stop watch on everybody okay so that guy would run in any deal the jimmy more house is on fire and guys running granola bars on die before the running back they need go be gay you centers on fire and lower the sports radio what's that again son is on fire now next to the library it's all going up you see fire is that prime age i spent a cliche on fire will mean a little breeze firing are you saying it's flaming hold on chat he's still the shitter matter of fact i am all right well finish finish longtime ago i'm reid shepherd and do all right then we're gonna make some chili couple of good games ball and we gotta go check out this a what it called a gay center yeah gave center he said okay that's trap the horse engine out there yeah they're yelling yes all this put a watch on their output i watch other i also see i hope it's all the same reaction she'll be the same time it should be in a perfect world i think the broncos yeah john lester brooks melted so july first apparently is a time where lots of new laws get past across the country and i cherry pick some that we should all know that now exists as of july first according to cnn so new york city will start enforcing its ban on single use styrofoam containers that carries a fine two fifty four the first offense running the sky shooting into it it's fine perfectly acceptable on me out finds her providing single use plastic straws in stores going into effect in dc those lines between a hundred and eight eight hundred dollars a virginia is raising its minimum tobacco buying age from eighteen to twenty one unless you're in the military illinois raising the minimum age to twenty one as well by the way i the the military thing is fine with me it's like somebody goes these guys are gonna go pfeiffer this nation but they can't get a thing a skull whatever and then someone finally just went very well if you're in the middle there here by the same thing liquor democracy works that's right add two more and south dakota kids don't have to worry about owning the state for their lemonade stands anymore apparently that is a hard hitting issue the new law dictates the kids eighteen and under do not have to pay sales tax when selling property you're providing a service if they earn less than a grand and finally revenge porn now the crime in indiana john fines and jail time no yeah standing at brian i wish they founding fathers are weapons my eighteen seventies guy was just around to hear this so now listen i know you're from two hundred years ago but listen here's a law if you sell lemonade and fear a nine year old self lemonade they don't have to pay taxes on it they they'd be like they had to pay a lemonade stand in south dakota now there's only three joining you need to make money somewhere now to the topic of revenge porn an end step on it i mean just explaining those two concepts they they have ninety in worst still this country still in one pay yeah there yeah so what's the revenge for basically it's it's punishable by fines and jail time now victims can also see people who share sexually explicit or intimate photos of them without their consent form apparently apparently that wasn't already on the but you couldn't already sue people right who hold on brother now it's all the rage with all these things like i just saw you know like in a captain marvel samuel l jackson was fifteen in that whole movie longer yeah that's pretty young face on samuel l jackson there that now they do that with actors like the young samuel jackson's seventy one or something old like there's some crazy and then they just put they just made him thirty no an end soon i'm just thinking about porn porn is great but porn stars of porn stars and then there's marge simpson and that's kind of weird but i have other celebrities i'd like to see do porn movies who may not have ever done and they have worn movie i'm thinking whip the technology that we have right who get sam sam jackson a b twenty nine still explaining this to the guy from eighteen seven when i'm talking about having out a who do you like a out there who tickles your fancy the female department maybe i assure olivia while the saint louis a livia wild right no reason why what the technology we have today i couldn't make you some a livia wild porn get into you alberton our into a bigger question does she have to license it because it seems like she would need the sign on it and then she would have to be included in the profits of it but we are living in a we have like you know if you want a celebrity to give you a birthday greeting it costs x amount for this guy in x amount burger a pokey from jersey shore whatever whatever the boys berry berry you know what i'm saying is fighting and you're saying it's a very short leap from there they have in your face planted on someone who's getting rained in yeah i i am saying that what you're saying if somebody on so many were somebody said there's a big demand for you curling the gay porn world hand a lot of folks wanna turn that famous scene into a reality absolutely not licensed and we're gonna way it will put my face on it then you know wherever unit you know yeah what about how would you like a lot of money on gay porn chilly were gonna have that's the next evolution of porn right watching who you may want right actual celebrity right now i wanna see my step mom get nailed by ted williams go an ronnie james here's a picture of her from nineteen seventy nine slow listener ronnie graphics people working there as is often fake born net hearkens back to existential question about would you rather have actually had sex with the worst guy that you work with a no one will ever find out everyone thinks you did but you never had the sex well we now i now reminds me that you could call anything just faking bootleg chris says there is an app called fake app or even put anyone space on your porn that is what has been telling me how awesome stuff on him i talked to my kids about this new rally now when i was a boy a they had sports illustrated sportsman of the year and they could put you're afraid log centrism evolution of that technology is not great you know it's just photoshop ensue for that'd be careful everybody cockroaches are quickly evolving to be resistant to pesticides in could soon be impossible to kill the chemicals allow that's according to a new hey let me say this is i was thinking about it driving through the mass the throngs of humanity in homelessness i was saying this to i think saying that the garrick us when doing a reasonable doubt embarrassing that's addressing the scariest you guys with me on this nature and i include us in in nature thank god all at once the news this kind of find a way like just wants to keep moving forward when you see all those weeds pushing through the sidewalks and they asphalt you know now we have a lot of tree roots in by the way by the side of the freeway on the off ramp there's nine foot weeds just reaching for the have an i was thinking about typhus and tie forward that just nature like are job saying if you step here's a hot you leave don't touch you're swimming pool for nine months in watch nature reclaim it the algae bloom yeah and if you think about it this this is a perfect metaphor which is you're swimming pool will be as you want it if they do shows up once a week in fights nature puts a bunch of chemicals and does a bunch of filters and that's a bunch of a bunch of intervention i lift in a rented house some roommates before you believe that thing in you really let it go it will return to the nature of like it will it will get gelatinous back in brown ineffectual just literally just become oil sir literally just becomes potting soil at some point so nature's constantly biting us and then we have to fight when the civilization in nature is ending its like whenever you see like i am legend or something like that is why manhattan in there yeah you're yeah i go yes of course it in what happened fast sue like nature comes back fast typhus tiber cockroaches homeless people you step back you take a bustling metropolis like like loss angeles and you have the mayor and the governor of the state and they basically go hey we're gonna step back for a few minutes you blink your eyes nature has moved in and fill the void nature's humanity nature's the disease nature's good nature's bad like nature's in different i just drove it just keeps going and that's what's happening you're right did you see did you see tucker carlson talking a trump about it hurt a little bit about the i i just saw clippings maybe yes out his well guy said you know tucker said like we got a homeless problem here oh yeah it's terrible it's horribly goes and then he said yes some parts are okay in tucker said well not new york not outlay not san francisco and i think trump alluded homeless and this is just it just brought up in the last year to certainly it's been hit with creatine over the last few years yeah but it wasn't interesting sort of conversation at least very talkative bring up with him it's tucker's very well so tucker from what i know about him in conversations i've had with him is dc based but grew up in southern californian grow up in studio city grow up you know i dunno jeff probably probably lives not too far away from mark tucker tucker carlson grow up could be an alias i think he keeps his eye on his ex hometown a lot more so than most guys are just on the the dc beat that makes sense so just a little bit more about these cockroaches to weaken all the nightmare fuel researchers from purdue found that some german cockroaches those were the ones that are most common they could pass down this resistant gina their offspring and the bugs is so dangerous because they're carriers of tons of bacteria area of e coli salmonella all kinds of stuff that makes people very sick a german cockroaches could be found throughout the world wherever humans lives and a single female cockroach could produce dozens of offspring every few months which could quickly replenish a depleted population should we be stopped beating again yeah yeah didn't even being taba i wonder if there's ever some scientists in germany is not really hearing himself like well we we should build a giant up in the middle of the road so camp fritz i love i will do it in poland well they attack high i don't think we should be telling you we wanna kill well martin put him on a train you know what i'm gonna pause this sound familiar at all do you cockroaches time twenty seven which does not about rebuild of all no lido anthony i at coca v auto industry legend best noted lee he died at the age of ninety four on tuesdays family just confirmed that according to cnbc as a child of italian immigrants from very humble conditions additions rose to become president of ford motor in december nineteen seventy and just a little bit about him though i'm sure adam you probably know after being fired in a dispute with company aaron henry ford the second iacocca joined be then struggling chrysler in one federal loan guarantees that help you out of maker of what a potential collapse of nineteen eighty bankruptcy yeah i rented a big comeback was was the cake car i end right my dad bought three of off from sprint sharma learn that rise for the right lane blocked now please put in extra charge for the car you want that wearing his career i echo became a closely associated with at least three iconic vehicles one the ford musket mustang one decay car then help chrysler pull out of its financial slumped apparently and i cocoa also gave the goahead to the mini van that you're really did a little product you know ever yeah the dudes the relationship they original seventies fans dude had krieger wheels then the plow punk stereo ron they are on this on this side 'em an end then giving way to the eighties minivan you must have been the same must have been the the same thoughts at the guys swung swung in times square had when it started going full court press right like that's like this on whether they are it's cooler love john doing mcdonald's is moved in there are many van playing a key tar lee was a net is less lee was they a i've he's you reminds me be a head coach from they eighty hockey team miracle whatever her bra rocks woman who died before the movie came out a this movie for be ferrari's coming out he's got the punisher he's got mike august is younger brother brands though playing lee iacocca that's right sucked having big big movie come out what the hot good looking actor whenever thirty six year old version of you you can't hang on the seven weeks the primary they rushing the daily at least like lila something right i mean how cool would that be ended his career just knock on wood he was still a feisty old italian guy from his deathbed going if hollywood people try may still be driving fifty seven i would allow young guy and i wanna see the movie i met him a few years back over galvin ford actually and he's he's one of those guys who's a strong willed with each other together and lose all of it is again there's a cry i mean if you watch that chrysler cake car commercial you've never seen a more confident guy ever here did his own he's the one who did the commercials marshals higher like a model cup now don't walk along the beach and getting to the chrysler k car he was like i'm only i coda throwback to you and yeah there yeah i'll take i'll take charge i'll be in the spots yeah and and it's also even tougher pot when the guy's not really easy on their eyes sided he's gonna be like folks model for the corporation yeah you couldn't find one of those chrysler cake car commercials where he's talking about america america coming back and and blah blah blah especially when you consider that really the v name k car if i'm not mistaken referred to more the chassis than anything they kind of built several models of cars on the cake are frame it i guess if they it's also it's it's a nightmare here nor there kind of name freer comeback car what else the k car i mean i know nothing of it aaron donald it's smaller know what what they americans were making big shitty gas guzzlers and somebody said we have to compete with the japanese we need to make medium size shitty sort of bascus source and everyone that's right away when he had that so they may smaller version of this shit box they were the chrysler cordova or the amc matador what's the big shift box somebody said we gotta make small ship boxes that are a little bit lighter and get a little bit better mile high but they're still young got it yeah sled one legacy column up north there's a horrible eulogy he will be were just warming up though chrysler cake carly i coca commercial we were rounded up questions chrysler around yeah they merged with a c at oh yeah they're worth mercedes for a while but yeah that ended the rosetta leave their feet now yes sir good player and they still do the dodge caravan what about the lebaron tell me tell same league confident lee comes across in this commercial nineteen eighties you know when i first took this crazy job they were ready to bury chrysler last syria made us the fastest growing car and truck company in america we did by coming up with what this country needed k cars convertibles turtles mini vans all five fifty protection plan america you're stuck with it and here's a payoff this year where introducing more what america need that any other car companies chrysler are top or no top you know what i miss america needs a bed in moscow the subaru commercials with the good vibes and the stupid volvo commercial where the pussy dad sits there and the sits in the back seat of volvo weeps writing writing it out of the letter at this moment steelers voice you can get any privacy take the ball over to the lighthouse why after compose a letter i gotta while those in how about you fucking vast san no no i gotta go weep alone by the lighthouse of my volvo wagon but anyway now everyone's a postseason see but man they used to talk about warranties and then they take a deep dive they'd go like thirty thousand on body pain power train fifty running gear like they break it down into one hundred thousand on ross protection like david gray down all the warranties wave against commercial the perceivable prying yet riding his daughter letter hold on the tally if you're listening to this i'll never do this i will never had any there alone rallying cry rider little lighter now you had ever done this or will ever do all right let's see if it makes you wonder buying that she sarah white he's gonna light have been trying to prepare for this day i'm still not ready log into south the reason i'm telling you this is there will be moments in your life that will never be ready for a little girl getting married in one of them wait a minute hold on i know this actor he's the seven a diamonds from the terrorists playing debt crisis yeah he was in that a tom arnold arnold choosing blackhawk fans in july there's a guy in the jump link right yeah that's the guy riding his daughter from this little what do we turn in a colossal posey no talk of warranty no no no nothing all right let's do one more you got it well oh here we go a if you're really you're talking about cockroaches let's move it over you're really in the snakes or looking to get over fears snakes you might wanna pop into this massage parlor in new york sonesta fox news reports that when you enter to a place called the dreaming god is a woman named serpent tessa can help you with this guy this guy and janine fagin bomb was no no no no break glass exactly yup runner hope no one from that fucking junior high walks in which i mean serpent chaz about right janine brag about why you don't wear glasses anyway because i'm serving tessa the massage other customers back in glass minimum of an hour and fifteen minutes and she just let's all these multiple boa constrictor slither around you she says the snakes tone in stimulate you're nerves they released endorphins and oxytocin but snake therapists admits she cannot control whether snakes go on a person's body surfer untested does say that there's been a lot of gopher hunter you know bullets can relieve pressure in certain areas body right going or two bullet massage yeah she says they are trained captive they they've a they haven't heard anyone even just by accident a boat was pythons are not poisonous they do have teeth and they do like to you know 'cause they're constrictors they do like the strangle you did that yeah so yeah trained a snake no i dunno mandy answers now the thing about the all reptiles am in i guess birds i don't know i guess they're not reptiles but everyone thinks they're they're now descendants of dinosaurs but here's what i know about 'em reptiles they're good intel they're not good in when they snap they go hard yeah i have they don't contemplate they're like well they have they have these like pet iguanas in pet snags ahead alligators and they put together good like eleven year run with these things and then one day you wake up in their head is in the mouth of the fucking in there and i don't feel like my dog philly cheese steak the lab has that in him he could have a good day in a bad day but he doesn't have these snap emails not registered serpent tessa a nature reclaiming us is is accelerating thanks today in the snakes they're just gonna crawl over you eat you crawl over the whole building then there's another problem in your house yeah i would say i would say reptiles in the criminal groups in the criminal justice and they would be the school shooters just put together some a lot of good masters and then one day workers g eight you're the last words like what last words right yeah right slimy are they oh yeah let me show you that's how they work they literally they do nothing until they do man then it's a cat then they go higher bad yeah yeah yeah mhm they're all gonna meet up in florida that's right all right so we bring it home let's do it i'm gina grad and that's the news the seek help with gina grad cow probably had add a snake he had a hit bowhead bengal tiger win lions it's like you have certain amount did everything that guy did wing walking like on the on the blame he got he got on the by plane really got honda that weird sort of harness see thing they stood i even have one of those things you know it's like when brittany spears does a concert and she goes up on the hallways right out i mean and she's wearing that weird sort of hip whom the locks you're in the same colors there yeah you're gonna charge they're not really supposed to see her locked in put that on a by pointing crop dusting blame you get up on it and then the guy takes off that's when you stand there will do a lot of women do that they were they were we want all the women would crawl out of the plane in crawl up in like hanging off of well that's how they perfected the harnesses mr try expensive certain back then go back to their husband it's been that night and he'd be very amorous and then of course the question why china so dry honey oh you wouldn't guess what i'm doing today warm and toasty cow wing wall now again crawling up there is a much ballsy move to do but then they'll say just taking off and landing on the hop thing i wonder how powell like let's say he sold used vegas in long beach how was the conversation with the sales team where like cows don't get on top of that fight you wanna move product yeah well what a move proud if you have a better idea better idea than me getting on a crop duster and i'm all ears i didn't think so i'll be back or not later today myself a guard yeah how else do we got a better idea i think people are gonna trust a car dealership who's the owner does it right on the outside when they're playing i can't pull off that i took my first idea no yeah yeah you would take his bengal tiger never run and jump on top of each karn wow on announced the suspension bench indiana hippo he wrote a hippo yeah he's a showman yeah hey is he wrote a hippo he stood on an airplane by the way how how do i know so much this was the surface for me when i was not like oh cal worthington commercials coming on crap some popcorn rather suppose excitement in the parola house are gonna wind up being a all right let me hit a simply safe no one should feel unsafe at home period that's why they're simply safe protect your home today get free shipping at simply safe to why simply safe dot com slash adam simply safe dot com slash adam good sports is coming up you got cow on top of an airplane plane wing walking cow worthington it's gotta be it's gotta be on that'll turn it up there in good am crawl dot com for all the live shows and watch my stand up special not taco bell material it's out there as we speak and you can go to my stand up channel at a youtuber dot com slash adam curle set cowan topped the plane mhm is a pilot barrel roll down down down down were drawn to win a trip to the that we've got to now here's the thing you're going to look over here i'll tell you this brand new ranger pickup for one dollar one dollar over the factory in boys are less no there is currently no one else's straight twang he couldn't say hey he wants to car she couldn't say he'd say silica couldn't say celica even say vw show couldn't say sherlock found he was so american news so so yeah you couldn't say like a sherlock go wow and i'm guessing happens a lot with those two cars young adam come running back in the living room couch just on any may try to ensure best day ever who's the best summer where they go all right jeff desario play with pain wednesdays on podcast one and apple podcasts is well all handy you can stay tuned for good sports ville next time then from jeff sorry oh man gina grad mall brian say molly tibbets twins sugar found guilty sports dave damage jegan adam go yeah it matches transport july sale and work celebrating with our free free free free accessories like a free just will base but you bring memory foam pillows 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fula brought worst or wieners awry whenever you heart desired and some coke cans of beer do you like drinking a can of beer around july fourth we did that a couple of weeks ago best beer when it's hot outside in the day when it's when it's a sweaty a little less humid out cold can be years tillage yeah people don't talk about how nice i mean sheryl crowe did but how nice said daytime beer buzz is it's a good buzz the daytime beer bus since it's different than the nighttime oh i mean listen is that that is a such a you know when they say that the youth is wasted on the younger whatever the phrase is is is so true where when it comes to drinking when i when i was a kid when i was you know twenty twentyone that the goal was when don't go out till ten eleven o'clock and then you'd be out on you're twister at three thirty in the morning till the end i have no idea in hindsight when you're really beaten life is when you're drinking and the sun is overhead under the day that slave i a somebody tweeted me last week a about the doldrums of this time of of of the year and andy in sports in sweat drives me nuts about a baseball when teams are five hundred in a plane in other teams five hundred so this from my last week in case you thought summer was a slope here in sports the cardinals forty in thirty nine are going up against the padres forty forty squaring off tonight and i i do love that it's gonna be very important if somebody how this game turns out it definitely is because the way the national league is stacking up right now both of those teams are in the wild card hunt it is so i don't understand why you pointed that out at least fifteen years years ago to what end i mean there's like the dodgers are really good in there this sort of the high end exception and then they're a couple of really garbage teams but for the most part they almost every team in baseball is about five hundred at the midway point i tweeted back some version of in in boxing the most exciting words you'll hear somebody show must go like this guy's thirty five and out and he's gonna ring with the guys forty one oh one tonight somebody somebody show must go but when both teams are forty and forty is true somebody show must go but it's not that exciting well that goes tonight don't worry 'cause they're gonna play again tomorrow and then the day after that so it'll probably you end up one team's gonna win two of those men no one's gonna win another one that'll be pretty much the same reichert after the series and it's also why you should never get excited about you're five hundred batting average team which sounds good but it's a fifty fifty team why you should never get excited when they go on a three game winning streak because the way you get the forty forty is you don't win the first game lose the second win the third lose the fourth you put together three or four wins wins and then you put together it's rare for losses that's how you get to forty and forty yeah well i have no pushback on that i just i don't know that they could never now changed the thing but a hundred and sixty two games is officially asinine but i don't know how you because the record's of baseball means so much to the people who follow it if you're like yeah it is silly where does it go eighty games from here on out people would be like well the record's they're meaningless and so i don't know how you could do that meantime let's talk about another important a a game going on right now we've just transcended the halfway mark of the calendar year twenty nineteen that means the shaky awards are were more than halfway to the shaky awards and the granddaddy of them all fruit of the year continues to heat up twenty nineteen eight big bounce back from the proceeding two years i'm pleased to report that that some of are talking about it and frankly you know not pulling any punches in bad mouthing the fruits at having shown up the last couple of years i think we've really challenge them and they've met that challenge 'em icy before me though mango bubble water i love the bubble water but i'm a victim of my own success ace because about six years ago oh you know what though actually you and i now i think about it about six years ago i started the champion at the bubble waters the way to go but now that i think about it in the early days of the kimmel show you and i use the daily split one of those big things a bubble water room temp at the writers meeting remember that when i first off i have gone out to eat with people i there are people that have like needs an it it it it it's funny that the needs they never exist in a vacuum like i've gone out to dinner with sarah silverman in a few people people before and whenever they do that thing where they go would you like some water for the table you went still or you one bubbly water because it's eleven dollars i order bubble water just out of reflective feels feels like something still water just tastes like tap water to me a sarah who has many dive diabetic needs a kennel also can't tolerate bubble water which i find really thing yeah it's very very delicate well it's like if you find people that get motion sickness you'll find that it's a little more of a lifestyle than it is just they've jostling on you know what i'm saying yeah it's a little bit of a constitution issue but either way i hate it because i i i'm the if i'm paying eleven bucks i want something that looks like some like when you pour if the slowdown that made a rage mob an i've had this argument with my wife before and you tell me if you've had this discussion a table happens all the time this is a great gift these restaurants were running regressed they fail the water it's now refillable bottle in the back and they feel it i'll give him the benefit of the doubt of the doubt not with the hose in the back out there was some sort of a filter thing that the thing and then they charge eleven dollars so i've had it happened a few times and i usually just wave it off there's certain things you need to wave off because if they want you to do it that means they're making up their douching you it's like warranties you know nearby stereo and they go like would you like to get his answer no is that right i never know the correct answer am i being naive by not taking it i know not only reason best buy why is pushing the warranty all the time is because that's additional income for them if they if they pencils it out where it's like well we ended up losing money on the warranty cause these sony flat panels go bad and then we have to replace summit no they wouldn't be pushing it pushing it it's extra income while i'm i'm i you know i don't know i've always wondered if i'm being a vapid the skeptic about that sort of stuff when they're like you you really should get it and i'm like what do i know about any now you know here's how you know because a here's what they do with their warranty when the guy showing you the tv set he's showing you they a fifty six inch flat plasma he's telling you that this babies the cal ripken of television efficient sets is somewhere between like if the mary mac and the monitor cal ripken had a child in would be the sony trinet try bulletproof and then when you're going to pay on their like you're gonna wanna get warranty cause these things will catch on fire on the way home this year already know it's very durable but get the warranty you never know i've had people plug them in it it blew up not gonna tell me the most horrible device yet so look when they're pushing something lookout but i've had this happen at the table gary dylan i don't know if this happened to you it's happened with me they do move a sleight of hand where they come in and they go a would you like sparkling water still water or just the tap water and the person who's not listening then goes that's just a sale that's fine that's fine and i'm going oh no no you're buying twelve dollars while you don't know it you think you're ordering a glass of tap water you're paying for water but you're not really paying attention in which case i jumped at yes i've had that happen before and i have also jumped in and basically explained to the person you all you want is top water right end up the person who is not paying is not really listening agree hey i think that it is not that they're not i don't think they're they're i don't think they're they're not fully paying attention i think there's a shame factor of telling the waiter you wanna say i don't wanna pay for a bottle of thing like i when i just a flat you know whatever you because you don't wanna say like just give me the one that's free i get that part but you can tell when the person who's maybe has had had had a cocktail we don't know is engage in a conversation with somebody else peripherally here says they'll go oh just still is fine when they say just they've they're talking about a call just bring me a glass of water and i know by their inflection that they're not asking for anything they're saying i'm gonna order heineken yeah no right hand the person who is trying to pass the bill the easiest way look you you you order surf and turf they make money but they don't make the kind of markup they make with the british filter in the reusable double bottle right so the girls bottle so they go oh they do like oh yeah okay all right and there's also a grip or they'll they'll start bringing like you used a one and they'll just put the next went on and you go check the bills thirty six but we are that i have done the move at the table where i went excuse me i i think she's saying she just wants tap water and then my wife yells alone and it's something that is doing that loan and i'm like no i'm not if you would like still water in a bottle you may order that i don't think that's what you're doing i think you're saying just bring me a glass of water like we would growing up at a diner okay byebye it either way 'em yeah it i i buy what you're saying that it's graft it's aggressive are i'll tell you what's not aggressive castro allege ledge baby how about heat friction viscosity breakdown they rob your engine of maximum performance friction results at a loss of performance of up to ten percent get the good stuff get the full synthetic get castrol edge engineered with fluid titanium technology physically transforms the get stronger under pressure helps fight friction deliver maximum levels of performance railcar three times stronger against viscosity breakdown then the leading full synthetic oils castrol edge case you all right that's it for another week hot sports talk will be back with more of it for yet next weekend will be one we closer to the football action or adam corolla dave damasec have a swell weekend i follow me on twitter at joe followers on twitter that girlie voicemail at eight eight eight six three four one seven four four thursday night the booze and book club ten in downtown los angeles look 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rate plan inquired about dollar numbers currently on t mobile network on metro and past ninety days offer subject to change offer valid for new amazon prime members amazon prime as a twelve day on per month valley restrictions apply see store for details and terms and conditions independence from earthquakes quakes i'm jacky quin with an eighty news minute well most of the country was enjoying the fourth of july holiday ridge quest california was shaking in swaying from a six point four magnitude earthquake cora burke was waitress just rolling and then a sudden everything started falling off the ship the glasses the frigerator fires were sparked by the quake in kern county which is now declared under a state of emergency in washington dc resident trump posted a military

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