EP71: 5 Step Holiday Promotion Blueprint


Ooh. Welcome to the wellness business podcast, simple strategies to cut the online noise to fast track the growth of your wellness business with Karen paddock and Kathleen Legris. Hey, everyone. It's Kieran paddock as you probably already know. And my amazing co hosts Cathleen Legris take Cathleen, Hello? Hello. Hey, you know what? Guess what is right around the corner. Oh my gosh. Well. Okay, I'll give you hint. I start referring to my two thousand mile drive. Shoot Arizona. No starts with an h. and ends in Allah days. Holidays days. They are right around the corners with this would be really good timing to talk about your holiday promotions, right? Yeah, I could sing a holiday song right now, but I'll despair everyone that maybe next time. If he next thing here. You're welcome. So guy, she's absolutely right. We're quickly coming up on the most lucrative time for being a business owner each year and especially for wellness business owners, starting at the beginning of November and continuing through mid January consumers, those consumers that are your ideal clients shift their mindset to some if not all of the following. So hang in here with me. So here's what they're thinking about losing weight. They're seeing family and friends for holiday parties, or they're thinking about losing a few pounds before the holiday start as the way too breath because they know they're going to over eat right, and they wanna make sure that they feel really good about themselves because they've. Dropped five or ten pounds. They might also be looking for good deals. We all know about black Friday and cyber Monday and holiday sales end of the year savings. Right. This is the mindset were in your ideal clients are also searching online through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for holiday savings, coupons and discount coats, and they are all ready prepped as we all are to spend more freely during this time. They know their credit card balances are going to increase over the next couple of months. So they may as well be spending with you. Right? So this is the perfect opportunity for you to show up in their Email, inboxes and their social media feed with content that promotes brand awareness and more importantly, your programs and product promotions. So we want you to. To think of today's podcast episode as a mini training in today's episode will be sharing a five step holiday promotion loop Rindt with you. So you can map out your very own holiday promotion in advance. In fact, we're even gonna go the extra mile because we've created a high value, dial downloadable guide called the three step pre launch audience, warm up strategy, and we're gonna tell you more about that in a minute, but it's really gonna help you build excitement and interest for your upcoming holiday promotions. So hang on strap in, get on the treadmill, get outside and walk listened to us in the car. Whatever you got going on. This is really an awesome episode and I know it's going to get your juices flowing and your energy fired up. And I know we're fired up, right? Kathleen we are because this. Is something I think a lot of health coaches don't really think about is doing some sort of promotion for the holiday. So this isn't exclusive to retailers. This is something that you guys can use implement in your business to generate some extra revenue. And as we researching for this episode, we came across some pretty interesting stats that we wanted to share with you. So did you know that one hundred eighty million holiday shoppers likely they're likely to take advantage of thanksgiving. Weekend deals in stores and online, and this year fifty, six percent of holiday shoppers expect to do at least some part of their holiday shopping online. I know that's me for sure. During the holidays, there is an expected. One point, one trillion in sales. One point, one trillion dollars in sales expected that is incredible. One hundred thirty. Four billion of those sales are expected to be on line, and that's where a lot of you can come in the holiday online sales machine is booming, and there's absolutely no reason why you can't profit from the frenzy as well as coach and support your ideal clients with your programs and services before and after the new year. And if this isn't something you've thought about before or maybe weren't quite sure how to implement it stick around because this is going to be talking about in today's episode. I'm so excited about this. You know, many, many moons ago. I taught a class on holiday promotions, and I think only did it once or twice, but wow, it was so popular people just loved it. And it really just like you're saying like so many coaches and fitness pros. Rose and nutritious. Don't think about how I could really create something super special for the holidays and why not? Why not me, right? Why can't I jump in and grab the attention of my ideal clients, so super exciting. Yeah. I think on the time our listeners are done with this episode. I think they're going to have some really good ideas of exactly what they can take an implement for some sort of holiday promotion and just to get going to give you guys some ideas too, because you can really make your promotion special and stand out in a few different ways. So here are some examples to help get the creative juices flowing. So for example, you can launch a new program product or service. You can repackage programs that you're ready have for some sort of the unique offer. You can create a holiday coupon code or discount. I do this all the time. You can offer special pricing include. Brand-new bonuses that are only available during your holiday promotion and what I did you have Karen? Yes. So just kinda going on with this. The things that I came up with are you can collaborate with the peer or a colleague that's in your industry. You could collaborate by joining forces and creating a unique offering or even doing kind of a list swap thing we've talked about before you can offer of VIP level never before offered with your program. So maybe for a just a select few people, five or ten people. I've done this many times. They get the extra VIP treatment with maybe some private calls with you or some additional support self study level never before offered with your program. So this is kind of the opposite way. Maybe you have VIP program, but we're talking about they can DIY itself study it. And then honestly, we just want you to think outside the box because. Anything or any combination can be considered a brand new offer? Kathleen said, I mean, she mixes and matches what she has. She has so many amazing done for you programs and she mixes and matches those all the time to create new offerings in. And it's exciting to see because some people want these things and wow, this this combination or this bundle looks so enticing because special price point as a special offer any goes away after the holiday. So that's super Superfund obsolete. Maybe there's something that's been on your mind that you've been thinking about doing. So we want you to write it down and see how can you incorporate that somehow into a holiday promotion? Yeah, an honestly, this is just coming to my mind, but it is a great time to beta launch something right something that you like you're saying you've been thinking about that you could just pick. I'm only let v. Eighteen people into this program and I'm gonna beta launch it now is the time to do it exciting. Absolutely. All right. So let's dive into the five step process right to map this whole thing out because we want you to walk away feeling like you have a good idea of what you should do. So step number one is simply identified the program product or service that you plan to sell. Now we just gave you a laundry list of ways that you can do that. So when I'm saying program product or service, that could be a brand new bundle, it could be a collaboration with peer. It could be, you know something that's brand new that you've never done before. It could be a VIP level, whatever it is you are now creating a new product or a new program or a new service. Right? So you're just going to make the decision what that looks like. You might be able to pull some things out that you've had. You know, tucked away for a long time goal, look through. Computer. Look at all the files you have saved poll some of those things out that have Dustin cobwebs and reinvigorate them by bundling them with something. Maybe knew that you wanna create. Right? So it's super fun when you do this. I know even with this podcast is we've, you know, created new episodes for you guys. I've gone through my files and I've looked at things that I've taught way along time ago and I've reinvigorated them and brought them into the present. You know what's happening right now, but they're great topics. And there was there was a lot of content that I could just use impulse forward. Kathleen you probably up things like that. Your computer, right? Oh, gosh. Yep. Sometimes I go deep dark into the and yeah, I mean sometimes honestly, there's things that I started working on before and I thought, oh my gosh, I can finish that and that will be perfect. Yeah. Yeah. And this is really good for blue bonuses to. I mean, the guys don't ever forget about. Bonuses bonuses can be the thing that actually makes a sale. So Kathleen tell your story about the bonus recently that made a sale or that made you purchase. Gosh, I am. I am all about the bonuses every single time. So. A couple years ago, it was because of lead pages. They had this amazing offer. But more recently I signed up to do be school this last year. So that started in, I think it was February or March ATM, and I really had no intention of taking be school. So let me just be up front about that. I've heard a great program, you know, but I also know that it's a little. I'm a little bit more further in my journey with marketing and my knowledge than I know is covered in these school. However, at bonus was so good. I had to buy sell the this was finning two days with aim Porterfield here in San Diego which is in my backyard. So I wouldn't have to fly anywhere. It was with her Ameri folio was going to be there and jasmine star. So I purchased this two thousand dollar program. I really didn't even feel that I needed because I had to have. The bonus, and they were other bonuses to one of her courses that was she was going to be releasing. That was so the Pergamon that paid for so be school was two thousand, and I think total all the bonuses from Amy, like total, like three or four thousand dollars. So yeah, bonuses can definitely be the tipping point for right guys. She bought through Amy Porterfield affiliate link. Right? And Amy Porterfield is the one that put all the bonuses together. Yeah. So really delicious bundle of programs and products and services in amazing content and on my gosh that he had Kathleen whip out or credit cards. He was gonna join school. I'm like, hi, what's carried the bonuses? Yeah. I see the bonuses. Bonuses, and this is how our brains work, but you don't care. And I think we need to do an episode all about how to use bonuses. I think so too. Hey, guys. All right. We're getting off track your little bit, but listen, if you like that idea of us diving doing a deep dive into bonuses on the podcast, send us a message Vesa post over on our Facebook page and say, yes, I want a bonus episode, right? And so we will whip that together. We have some, we actually a couple of spots. I think open before the end of the year that we're kind of moving our calendar around. So we might even be able to slip that in before the end of two thousand eighteen will. Here's a little tease or coming up towards the end of this podcast episode, we're gonna be talking about bonuses that were offering for one of our programs that are coming up. So we practice what we preach, right, Gary, we do. Hey, girl. Let's get back. Okay. Animal number kids. So step number one was identified the program product or service that you plan to sell a right and step two is next. You won a clear achievable goal. This is really important so cleared it. She will goal for you and also for your potential clients. For example, you wanna be clear on what your ideal clients are looking for. C-can position your program product or service to meet that need Zola McGinn example. So say your niche is helping women between the age of thirty five to fifty five control or reverse their diabetes with diet and exercise. What would be most helpful to them during the holidays you wanna think about their pain points and where they're coming from for them, right. There's plenty of parties going on if they work in office all his junk food, cakes cookies, stuff. Coming in on a regular basis. So how can they navigate that and still keep their diabetes under control without feeling deprived, something about not just surviving the holidays with diabetes, but thriving during the holiday season with the tools and program that you that you provide. So can you see how specific that is your tying in your net to a very specific pain point with the various specific audience? What you think of that one, Karen? Yeah, I love it. That is. I'm so glad you brought in an example just to bring this to life, and I just want to reiterate guys like nothing is off the table here. Reach out to somebody online, reach out to somebody that you trust and understand your business and brainstorm the heck out of it because even the littlest thing to you that you might feel, I'm not even sure that has much value could have significant value to your ideal clients. So don't let any stone go on turned gosh. That's so true. You know, as health and wellness professionals we are in it. So we know these things like the back of our hand, but most people don't. So yeah, find out what they want and it may be something so simple, you think for you serious like they would really love that go with what they want. Sure. So then the second part of that step is to identify a clear in Chiba will goal for you. Is your goal, certain number of new clients is to fill your program, or is it a goal to generate a certain amount of income in. That whatever period of time that you determine and maybe it's something else, maybe it's a combination of those things. So write it down so that it's concrete, you're gonna be able to map out a plan to make it happen. And I do think goals are super, super important because they're going to guide you over the finish line because you have a target and a way to measure success. Because if you don't have a goal, how are you going to know? You know where you are? You don't really have a measure of success. Not wanna say failure, but maybe it doesn't go as well as plant. That's okay. It happens to us too, but the only way we're gonna know that is if you write down some realistic goals, right? And Kathleen has she taught me a very special way of setting goals? What is your your framework for goal setting this, Kathleen? I don't know why this, but I but I did, I think, because I didn't wanna be. Disappointed with my first few launches. So what I like to do, I like to set a low, a medium and a high goal. So the low goal is almost like, yeah, I, I'm pretty sure that would be pretty pretty darned doable. That's my low goal. A medium goal is get out of that would be a stretch, but maybe I could get there and then the high goals, like all my gosh, that would be so phenomenal if I hit a high bowl, so that works. So I have adopted that two guys. So if you would like to adopt Kathleen its goal setting strategy, then you will set a low medium and high goal, and it is really nice. It is a really good system. Yeah, I love it. Yeah, I think it makes it kind of fun to her. He suddenly met my my low goal on what can I do next time too young. Right. Okay, guys. So step number three is to pre launch to a audience that is warmed up. So we're going to talk about a strategy to warm up your audience, and the truth is all successful launches start with some type of warm up or teaser to get your audience fired up and excited ahead of the actual promotion. Right? And there are lots of ways to do this, but I wanna go over three that seemed to be used the most often that were really, really well in health and wellness. Now, just before we dive into these, think about an I use this example a lot, you know, think about when you watch HDTV or the food network, and there's a new show coming out or you know a popular show is going to start a new season. I mean, they teased the heck out of it, right. I mean, they get you fired. Up and they keep telling you the date and the time that the new season's going to start in the new shows gonna start. There is no doubt in your mind and it's through that repetition and that constant teasing that it builds excitement. This works the same for you. One hundred percent. So number one, the first way to warm up your audience is with an epic blog post. So this would be as style of blog post that's known for being longer than just your standard blog posts in this typically considered like a mini training of sorts. Right. And the easiest way to tie this to your launch, your upcoming promotion would be to pick one tiny component of the program you'll be launching and do a deep dive into that topic in within your epic blog post. So Kathleen, do you have anything you want to add to that? Well, I will add this that we are going to be. Having a guest coming on a couple of weeks that gonna be diving into this strategy alone that I'm relax tired about. But no, I do think having some sort of content out there that relates to what you have coming up is a great strategy. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. So guys, remember your priming the pump here. You're greasing the wheels. You're worming people up. So you're talking about this and then you're gonna promote the heck out of that Abic blog post right now, the second way you can warm up your audience is to launch a specific free offer. That would be a free offer that is designated really for this one particular promotion or for this program product service launch. Okay. And it's really if you can think of it this way, this type of free offer would almost be considered like bonus material to the content that you'll be offering in the program. Of course, your audience. Doesn't know that right when they're opting in for it. They don't know that yet, but it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be as long as it has value and can stand alone. So let's go back to the example of what I said before about the women diabetes. So maybe something as simple as a free offer that is ten diabetes, friendly holiday recipes, right? It's ten recipes, very specific who it's four. You know, those people that are downloading that are interested in finding out figuring out some foods that they can have during the holidays. Definitely. That's a perfect example. You know things like and that would stand on its own because it's a recipe a compilation of recipes right that that would stand on its own. You could create a checklist. You could recreate create a resource guide, but think about all these things. Whether it's the recipe guide that Kathleen talked about a checklist resource guide, they also would make a great bonus type material for your program that you were customers you're paying customers would also find value in and it's okay if it's duplicated. Right? It's okay. They, they won't even really probably know that. Oh, that checklist that recipe guide. I'm also getting inside the program. No big deal. Don't stress over it, but it's really an easy way to warm up your audience. I love checklists. You live checklist to the whole do in fact, like every single day I create basically a checklist of things. I want to do that day now. And my favorite part is crossing things off, put stupid stuff on there. Just starting it up. I'm one of those weirdos. I wanna see your seconds. I wanna see her checklist. Yeah, I'll send you a screen shot of mine from today, why? Yeah. I will. Okay. Record to podcast with Kathleen check. Exactly. No doubt that is on there. I know it. Okay. So number three, our final way to warm up your audience is through a Facebook livestream ham, Hain. Oh, all of us that love spoke livestream. Right? You could use the exact same information that you would teach in an epic blog post and break it into tiny segments that can be taught through a Facebook livestream campaign. In other words, you would break down a bigger topic into smaller pieces and teach each piece as an individual livestream allowing you to promote the upcoming launch multiple times with one piece of content. I love this right because I've used this many times where all go live, five, six, seven days in a row will have just little tidbits of of information that I'll talk. About, but I can keep saying. And next week I'm gonna be opening the doors to XYZ program. Have you used this, Kathleen? I'm trying to think if I had, yes, actually, I have, yes, more so in my Facebook group than on my page. Yeah, but yeah, I love the strategy. Yeah, it's so good guys in if you can just get over yourself with the own my gosh, I'm in front of the camera. People don't care. Right. They just wanna hear what you have to say. They don't care what you look like or if you smile weird or looked crooked at the camera, they care more about what you have to say, and we have to Abbas, right? Kathleen, where we're talking about this book live streaming. We do think it's like twelve and thirteen. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure, but we will link those up in the show notes. So if you're interested in boning up on your Facebook, livestream skills, go check out the show notes for this episode which is WB. Podcasts dot com for it slash episode, seventy one and will link you up to whatever resources we have about Facebook livestream yes, and you would be right. It is episode twelve and thirteen bam, Cajal and that wasn't even on my checklist. Now. You as me. I know. Okay. So if you like the idea warming up your audience before you actually go live like you see value in this and how it could really better your holiday promotion a foot together, a free resource for you. That will go into much more detail about warming up your audience before a launch, and it's called the three step pre launch audience. Warm up strategy is you're gonna love this and you're definitely going to want to get your hands on it. So again, go to the show notes page. It's WB podcast dot com forward slash episode, seventy one and download this freebie because it's going to be a great supplement supplemental piece of information to this podcast. I'm simply put that together because I think that's something that can be very easily overlooked. But I think it's really important piece of the overall promotion and marketing strategy in a wheat. If you guys have listened to the podcast since the beginning. Right? We use this strategy before we launched the podcast. We did it also before we launched the wellness business insiders club. So it is important in Kenya time ACT, right? How they, I've been watching that new show. I think it's called desert flippers and I really like it only has. I was hearing the previews about of the last three months. Right? And I was looking forward to it. And so there is something about that element of anticipation and warming people doubt works incredibly well. So. Sure. Thank you putting that together. You bet. All right. So step four is to reverse engineer your promotion in launch schedule. So here's the thing. You really wanna start with. A date. You wanna begin your program and then work backwards from there in this all my gosh, this helps me of residual time on working on a project anytime of launch any type of new program you to Karen. Oh, absolutely. In fact, I was just reverse engineering something that I have coming out next month earlier today, so haven't got all the details plugged in yet, but I started working on you. Yeah, you have to otherwise you feel like you're, you're chasing after each task, you know. So it is like whenever you plan any laundry promotion, you wanna start with the end in mind, and we call that reverse engineering reverse engineering as when you start at the end of the launch, and you can identify the key dates in reverse order all the way to the point where you'll be using the prelaunch audience, warm of a strategy, and this is really. Hopeful with making sure you don't forget any important pieces of the puzzle and ask me how I know because I have forgotten some peace before and then you like really stress like, how did I forget that? So you have to reverse engineer Reid all down so you can plug it into your calendar. So here's one example. So let's say you have heard them that starts on January second. So you're appealing to all the people that have made New Year's resolutions. You're gonna go, you're gonna work backwards on your promotion schedule carefully determining how much time you're gonna need for things like program content, creation, sales promotion, creating sales promo materials, livestream content. If you're gonna, do Facebook, live, Instagram, live at cetera, paid advertising content. If you're doing that a list building blitz right before you start promoting. Prelaunch audience, warm-ups. Those are what one, two, three, four. Those are seven. So program creation, sales promotion, creating sales promo materials, livestream content, paid advertising content, a list, building blitz right before you start promoting and a prelaunch audience warm up. So may say this. I know that price ounds like a lot, but that's what you have to write it down and then plug it into your calendar that we can stretch it out into a timeframe that works for you rather than feeling like you're in a panic to get this all done. This week starts while we wanted to cover this now. So you're gonna have more time opportunity to put this into place and not feel like you're in a panic. For sure. And let's face it. Maybe not every one of those things ends up being part of your launch this time. Right? Because the beautiful thing about launches skies is once you kind of get some of this material in place, you can plug in play again in the future. Right, rinse and repeat, and then add and something that you weren't able to do this time because of time constraints. Right. So don't stress on that. Pick exactly the pieces that feel good to right now and move forward without ever looking back only keep looking forward. And then next time there are all kinds of holidays throughout the year. Right? You can make this work anytime not just during, you know, Christmas and New Year's in all of this type holiday that you can make this work and add things at your will in the future. Absolutely. I think one. Oh, gosh. You know, one of the things a lot of us do is we think will I can't do all that. So I'm not doing anything. It doesn't have to be perfect and you don't have to do all the steps, like Karen said, do what you can pick three out of the seven do what your can for now learn from it, test it and then change it up for next time in decide what you want to add in what you wanna do differently. Right? So that's like saying, okay, if I can't work out for an hour today because I don't have an hour than I'm not gonna go do a fifteen minute. Power walk. Either. Forget that noise ABS in here and I'm not doing a darn thing will who are you hurting and the ant, right. And in guys you're not just hurting yourself, you're hurting all your clients that could transform because of your program. Remember that just get out. Okay. So we're moving on to step five. This is our last and final step, which is deciding what will be included in the actual promotion. Right. And we're kind of just setting us setting you up for that as during our discussion. Just now the program that you're going to be promoting, what's the program pricing? Right? Like you have special pricing ju- have maybe only a certain number of spots available or available at a certain price point. Like what is that look like for your program pricing, write it down. What are your? What's your bonus or bonuses? Right? If you're going to have an up sell and and just quickly in up. So would be anybody buying into your program. Maybe you have five spots that they could upgrade to a VIP level with you. Right? So you're giving them that opportunity. Will you have that or won't you. Have that if you will, what will that cost? How will they get notification of that will be on the thank you page. You have to plan these things out. But again, for the very first time, keep it simple, right? And then you can add the bills in whistles as you move forward. And really once you've identified what you're going to sell, what's included? What bonuses the program pricing and you've reverse engineered your entire schedule. You're going to be ready to put the gears in motion to make this a reality for the two thousand eighteen holiday season. And the last thing I just wanna say on this is don't get lost in the weeds. Sit down, give yourself an hour to ninety minutes sixty to ninety minutes to reverse engineer your schedule and answer all these questions. There is no reason why you can't do that. There's no additional information that you need. There's no other course that you need. To buy. You can sit down plan this out and then just say, I'll be darned. I'm going to do this from finish to end no matter what I'm not going to let anything stop me and I'm going to end this year strong. I love that. And sometimes it's just a matter of, okay, mic decision it, there's rarely a right or wrong even when it comes to pricing when it comes to bonuses and guess what we have conversation going on my Facebook group today. As matter of fact, about bonuses, if you don't know what to include for a bonus, if you don't have time, then guess what don't include a bonus time. You know, just do what you can. I think the most important thing that you can do is to take action, put it into place in get out into the world, a new love, et right. Add add things later as you go. Perfect, right. Wow. All right. So we've done our best today to outline the driving factors as to why. Why the holidays are the perfect time to your programs. Products and services in were guessing you're pretty excited about this and we hope you're ready to dive in take action right now so that this holiday season can be your most lucrative one yet. I love it. I love it. So you know, we're all about the action. Take action here on the podcast. So the first step, the first action step that I have for you is to download that new freebie that I created for you. The three step pre launch audience, warm up strategy, and you can release warming up your audience honestly about as soon as you download it and start priming the pump for the holiday promotion. So that's really exciting that you can just start working out this right away. And if you're eager about the possibilities of mapping out an actual holiday promotion plan, but. Even with everything we've shared with you here in the podcast today, you don't feel entirely confident to do it on your own. Then I'd like to take a minute here just really quickly to tell you how you can get even more support. So most of you probably know that at the beginning of October, Kathleen and I launched the wellness business insiders club. It's an amazing group were having so much fun. And in November, our topic is how to use holiday promotions and flash sales to make more money during the holidays. Perfect timing, right. And we want to give you so much support. So if you're already a member of the insiders club than you're all set and you can expect to see this training delivered to you the first day of November, which is Thursday, November first, you'll be able to dive right in and the November. Content, you'll be all there waiting for you. And as always our Facebook community is there to support you through the process. However, if you aren't yet one of the insider club members, we believe having more training and mentor ship for this topic may be just perfect for you because we want your holiday launch plans to be really, really successful. So here's what you need to know if you liked the content. In this podcast episode, you're gonna love the November training inside our membership program were taking this topic to a much deeper level, and as always giving you are personalized attention and mentor ship through our monthly livestream. So you will have absolute clarity on how to proceed through the holidays. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. That quote. Could not be more true, Kathleen and I have both experienced this and we don't want that to be your reality. So all you need to do next to get access to this advanced training and our support is to join the wellness business insiders club by or I should say in November by going to our registration page at WB insiders club dot com. Or as always we're gonna link it up on our show notes page and you can go right to the registration page from there. Kathleen, what's our show notes page? Where can they find that show notes page is a WB podcast dot com. Forward slash episode, seventy one. And I just wanna say how amazed and impressed I am with the members that we have already. They are ready implementing. They're seeing dramatic changes there. Cited, they're, you know, they're really taking action and seeing the results kinda like we're talking about today. It can be imperfect action, but they're still taking action and it's just phenomenal to see what they're doing. So we would love to have you guys join us to. We would love to have that guy's Kathleen and I were talking before we hit record on this podcast episode, how we view the insiders club to be your direct connection to actually running a business. We know you've bought all kinds of programs in products and and you know, you've gone through them either with support or on your own, but we believe that are so many of you that are actually ready to step up in start running your business fright. Like thinking about the things in the strategies and the planning that it takes to do this type of holiday promotion, or would it looks like to map out your first quarter of. Of the new year. And like that's what business owners do. They're not still buying a bunch of programs and and a lot of you already have everything you need. It's just time for you to step into that business ownership role, and that's where we really see the wellness business insiders club really filling that need for you would love to support you inside that. Let's face it. It's not fun. Trying to build a business online on your own. It just feels very lonely sometimes, and I think everyone needs mentors. I've had them Karen of had them. We have spent. I don't even know thousands and thousands of dollars on. We're talking more than probably over one hundred thousand dollars. Oh, I was gonna say fifty. So yeah, yeah, reality. Yeah. Oh, for sure. Actually. Now I'm quick math in my head. I think right over the years, you know court. And coaches and seminars. And now we just always love, love love. This is our jam. This is what we love learning. So this is your chance to have us as your mentors for in CRA. Play low price and that, and that was our bowl with us as we know a lot of you don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend every month to get the help and support you need. That's why would like to invite you to be one of the insiders in the wellness business insiders club? Join the club baby joint being insider, hey, next two week. We start a two part podcast series with a very special guest who's a sales expert, and he's extremely skilled teaching. His students have Hamble client objections during the discovery call. If you've ever heard the words, I need to talk to my spouse or I don't have the money right now in response to the cost of your program, we wanna be sure to join us back next week to learn a few simple, but in readily effective techniques to make those client objections of being of the past. So so good. So get. So be sure next week, and we can't wait to see that. Hey, mama. This was fun to do an episode. Just two of us was I love you mama. That'd be too. Take care guys will next time have great week. This podcast is sponsored by the wellness business insiders club. If you love the information in simple action steps included in every podcast episode, you're going to absolately love, love, love the wellness business insiders club each month. We do a deep dive into one specific business topic is to move you out of overwhelm by giving, you know fluff no filler content to quickly build your wellness business. The insiders club is a monthly membership and mentorship program where we take the topics covered on the podcast to the next level n beyond join us over at WB insiders club dot com. That WB insiders with an s. club dot com to learn. This program is right for you. We would love to have you join us as. Member of the wellness business insiders club the thank you to the wellness business podcast for show notes in three resources, visit WB podcast dot com.

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