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Or Dot Com on the Bloomberg business APP and Bloomberg. Quick take. This is Bloomberg radio. World headquarters I'm Charlie Pellett. It is down Thursday the Dow the S&P, Nasdaq, or all slipping right now we've got the S. and P. Five Hundred Index Down Twenty six points a drop, their of eight tenths of one percent Dow industrial's down three hundred forty eight points lower by one point, three percent. Nasdaq literally just turning around swinging from a loss to gain that gain, though barely it. It is up now by just about one half of one point so a mixed day for the US stock market with both the Dow. Jones, industrial average and the S. and P., five hundred index both trading lower, and this update is brought to you today by S. e., I. Sei imagine your asset management firms operational infrastructure as a competitive advantage. Let s see I. Show you how it. It s the I C dot. com slash I. AM S Tenure Up Eleven? Thirty seconds yield on the ten point six two percent gold, pulling back today, retreating by nine fifty, the ounce holding very close to eighteen hundred dollars, seventeen, ninety, nine, the ounce down five tenths of one percent crude back below forty dollars, a barrel West Texas intermediate crude down two point, seven percent thirty nine dollars. Dollars and eighty eight cents a barrel four. West Texas intermediate crude for keeping an eye on bank stocks. Financial companies are among the worst performers on the S. and P., five hundred index, pushing the gauge to a one week lows wells. Fargo prepares to cut thousands of jobs wells, Fargo shares down two and a half percent among some of the other bank names today Citigroup down by three.

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