The Kim Dotcom saga is finally nearing an end


They. Cura. I'm Sharon Kelly. Today on the detail Kim dot com. He'll make us last stand against extradition to the United States in the supreme court this week are in seeds Kate Newton takes me on a trip down seven years of high drama with the larger than life character. People that I've spoken turns seeds I'm going to, to the supreme court to covered dot com last stand as you put have actually what is he still here and people have forgotten not only that can dot com as in the country, but the forgotten a lot about the case is all about. And how began I mean talking to you actually had to we've got in front of us here and I had to sit down and actually think about it in my Heaton Ranchi thing down, because it's been a couple of years since the last major court hearing. And so even for me, somebody who kind of coveted intricately from the beginning nearly from the beginning, even to me, it's indecipherable sometimes. Yeah, because there are so many elements to it. Not only the legal stuff, but has personal life in the politics behind it. I mean, he was he's just this larger than life character. But I can't even remember when he first came in the country here, rival New Zealand and started living here in twenty teen and he was. Hit for couple of years with a relatively lower profile John k at various stages claims, not to really know who he was until the rents happened. I think what he was most notorious full prior to being arrested was, it was big fireworks display that he paid four cleansed to one skill. Guilty, the thousand living as look at from the CDI could see crowds gathering who what will be a speak techy of this play on a scale never seen before here, the New Zealand, courtesy of Mr Kim dot com as he above the city doctor and live at the harbor and grow almost like who's the great guy, my besides his paved fireworks. And that's pretty cold. And so people knew that about them, and they also knew that it was kind of interesting character the being in the big crisco has mentioned. And Clinton, there was the big mansion, there was the fireworks display, and that was really all anyone, you about him and whole twentieth of January twenty twelve so it will Cain nearly seven and a half years ago, which as an incredible amount of time that this has been rolling on that. That was the day of the rights. I think a lot of people do, remember those images of, in our helicopters, converging on the mention on your guy opened and landing on these kind of lush beautifully, Mon grain moons. Consume like target. We seem as and black outfits with guns jackets, and that sort of thing all kind of climbing over the walls and rating. The mention com has been shown the warrant shish the property and sake video of that was sewn in court in one of his court appearances. So, yeah, I think the police we're really came for everyone to say what they done and their involvement, which subsequently tuned out to cause a few problems of the New Zealand place, how that raid was actually conducted, the conduct of the police announce acuity agencies in the lead up to the to the rage and just remind us why to happen in the first place. Well, Kim dot com. Was the founder and owner and teeth executive of Mehta upload dot com, which at one point zero their claims these times of being repeated unquote accounted for something like four percent of all traffic on the internet. Percent of the internet. Just a mega million. It's ten tons. Bye. It was, according to Kim homes, legal teams. It was a big online storage, look at you could upload files towards and you know, you could share your files with other people, and you could download them and his eye that it wasn't even meet to be used as an illegal dumb sites. But there are some factual many, many, many people remember using fool being able to go onto me got PLO JR. And be directed the from third party sin to be able to find files for movies and various things that you might wanna watch. Is he a victim of Hollywood politics? He would certainly argue. Yes. In fact, he will probably anger that he's the wider conspiracy, and he's accurate that link phone Twitter. I think it's being a saying that Hollywood and the US kind of in conjunction with each of the world. Looking for somebody as a full guy for all of the Seletar downloading and legal activity that was taking place with not Hayes of victim. And the targeted since that he thinks that he was that they were coming out to him specifically. I don't know. But there was a lot of term fro during the Obama administration with Hollywood with wis coast kind of democratic politicians that sort of thing about the role of the internet and copyright breaches and the money that studios will losing because of that. And the way that was really undercutting Hollywood's business. And then so what the Hollywood executives went to the b I the b I came to New Zealand so that if the I got in touch with New Zealand and seed. Hey, we're interested in the skied. You think that you could help us and the New Zealand? Police these please, it was quite a lot of cooperation and tunes of organizing surveillance of conduct communist various hits in the late up to the range, kind of planning, the rage, the date of the rate significant because just to backtrack a little bit. It's really important to remember. That dot com is not the only person involved here. There are three other means that had been jointly charged with him and all of these tradition proceedings. So we talk about the extradition of Kim dot com. We're also talking about the potential extradition of three other people who've been a New Zealand for seven and a half years. And the reason why couple of which hushed as Janu the twentieth is come to calm swift. Hey was planning a huge booth. I bash full for that Dang's if BI and use elands security agencies who monitoring them, you and they thought, you know, he's got friends, including these other executives from mega applaud her flying into New Zealand for his birthday so, you know, all together they're going to be there at the house, they can be an Oakland and we'll get the mall and the one needs to they get all the guys in that rate. Yeah. I think they got her. They were coming for. So there were there were four there. There was come dot com on veasley and has house. It was brand fend coke than Batata. And it was Matias woman, and those with four who were recieved on the day. And the court later ruled that rate unlawful, the high court found that these search warrants that will use to carry out the range were unlawful that was later overturned by the court of appeal and orbiting was held by the supreme court. So actually by the time it mates. Why all the all the way to the supreme court was was held the warrants were actually lawful. And so the right self was not unlawful per se. But it was some other things that happened that were not strictly lawful or legal, one of the things is Kim dot com as a permanent resident of New Zealand and your rules around which of outer spy agencies can spy on residents of New Zealand. The. Jesus pay, which has oversee spy agency is, is not meant to be spine on mystic residents on New Zealanders. That's the purview of the and saw the be was monitoring dot com and that, that was found to be legal should not have done that the high court has ruled the government's 'electronic spy agency's entire surveillance. Operation of the internet businessman Kim dotcom, and his associates was illegal. It found the bees operation in twenty eleven fell outside the scope of its legislation at that time, the government acknowledged twenty twelve that it spying was illegal, because it involves New Zealand, permanent residents who should have been exempt from SP surveillance. And there was little political fallout from that. But also questions about the heavy-handedness of the right. And actually that violated, you know, human rights because as well as dot com, you head his wife Myrna. They've got five children. Children. All of whom are very young at the time all of a sudden, you've got guys sweeping helicopters. The danish. Pluses children in the top of the gear. Roger that, thank you. We've got all of the children on heavy you know, methodically clear as you previously described. The argument is always pain that they could have seen two cops and patrol car and since someone to knock on the door. But that's the claim that was made by by him and his lawyer as that it was actually no need for this kind of higher hindered, swat style Hollywood movie, right on the mention and he used it really in some ways he portrayed himself as a victim and his family as victims. Yeah he did complaints has treatment in prison. Molly was being held, you know before his first appearance way has family was treated, and eventually tool. Three is back on the was a confidential Setiawan that was made with dot com and various New Zealand agencies about the way the right was carried on his treatment, so that Spain, one of the, the legal strands, we can't go through every point in his court appearances in, in this long, long, legal battle. But what are some of the main the most dramatic points along the way, I think, maybe in the early stages. The most. Stuff was the about how the rights are being carried out what had been happening in the lead up to that with that was legal the conduct of various New Zealand's agencies, and that sort of thing that came out that he'd hole that found them hold up some kind of Saif room and that had to Boston ear and they thought he had weapons and, and then you kind of get into the heavy legal arguments, and I have to say, these, these not a lot of drama, I've spent a lot of hours in courtrooms because of come dot com and there are very few kind of moments that really make you sit up and go, well, but I guess the probably the biggest moment of drama has been the day, that the finding that, hey, should be extradited that he was eligible extradition was made by the district court here in New Zealand that was a huge moment. They would reporters from around the world. Who attended the extradition hearing and came to the decision? That was my. Not much. To say is that this is not the last word on the matter. If five appeal I'm still on Dale and we was the whole process until the very end you should not be disappointed disappointed. But that's all I have to say, and I wish everyone very merry Christmas, and happy new year. I'm going home now. That was the fist really kind of substantive funding and in all of this intensity tradition. And he's fought at every step of the way our. Yeah. In losses. This is why which walking CBA half years later and he's still here because he because he was very wealthy. And because he just find some of his has been frozen. He he's made at some point recently that he spent something like forty million dollars on lawyers. God. Nice how much the crown has been fighting the other side, I may requests of them in the past, and it was getting up to sixty million dollars. But that's tool three years ago. Now we've been to the supreme court twice already. This is the third time this is going to the supreme court because let's go on the on the, the question of the search warrants. And then there was another kind of side showed that made it all the way to the supreme court. What happens of he loses this last beta l- will he be? Extradited immediately, nor Sar. We talked about this being dot dotcoms last stand, which is true and con of crew. So you've got the supreme cool deciding whether or not his eligible to Sharon, what that means is that they've been tell the Justice minister Andrew little east with found that come dot com. Eligible extradition. Or not. And if they find that he is eligible, it's up to Andrew little twig that decision. So she kind of comes down to one person who takes what the court reconvenes into account, but can also take other things into account at that point. They could take into account, the fact that the US federal prison system is actually a pretty horrible place the conditions and those because would go should jail. Well, he would not immediately go to jail, but he would go to trial in the states in potentially face. I think it's up to eighty eight years in prison. Sorry. They could take that into account and say actually, as, as he facing potentially just proportionate punishment for whatever crime, he would have committed Hetty committed it under New Zealand law and say, actually. No, we don't we don't think he is eligible, my sense from talking to extradition experts is that that's very unlikely to happen. It's likely that the Justice minister wall will go along with what is recommended. What is found by the court? But then. Then you get to a point where KENDALL come could seek to the Justice ministers decision to digitally reviews if it doesn't go in his favor. So you've still got a one little extra kind of get out cools there, which is that the judicial review could Overton ministers decision again, probably quite unlikely and the other face night, thing about dot com, while all this legal stuff has been going over on over the years. This been some fascinating personal stuff going on in the background and he's hoping played out in public or a lot of it's being played out. And yeah, I mean you say going on in the background, but that's very much being in the foreground than I think some of those things are what people remember beater about Kim dotcom than they do about any of the twists and turns of the legal case for the reasons that I've explained before because it's boring, but all of the things that can dot com got up to in the meantime, have been fascinating. We were talking about the intimate, Patty. The fact that that come dot com. In two thousand fourteen decided that he would get into New Zealand, politics and. You know, he he kind of that was a real turning point. I think and. How people in New Zealand Salk dot com. Do you think he had quite a lot of public sympathy before? Then I think that the would definitely parts of New Zealand society who viewed him as a sympathetic figure there were elements of the internet community. There were people who used to upload the were. People who just really like authority, swill, the sky, sort of sticking it to the police since two kina to the bay as ice. And, and so I think that was a, a level of public sympathy probably helped by the fact that he was this really larger than life kind of like a cat, turn character. He lived in this huge mention had the beautiful wife through, these really kind of leverage parties early days. He spent a million dollars. I think it was and countless owls down around he'd studios here in Clem recording and album that was widely panned by the critics. So the editor the folklore around dot com, and then along comes the Taty and bankroll by dot com. But it was really compensate as a bit of a vehicle for Kim dot com and hesitant to not be extradited. And I think people sort of swore as quite a selfish move on his behalf banks, the former Oakland Mia, he, he figured large, and the whole dot com. Saga too, didn't he? Yes, John Banks was found guilty. And this was overturned, but he was found guilty of electoral fraud. The having accepted to twenty five thousand dollar donations and again, reminded that will this tuned. But at the time he was found with acceded to twenty five thousand dollar donations from Kim dotcom for his mural, but and the. Reason he was found guilty. The fist time hinged Lansley on evidence, given by Kim dot com and also give them by Mona dot com. The high corden Oakland that the had been the lunch with donations were discussed where can had seed, you know, give you the money if you fifty thousand dollars and John Banks debts great, but canoe spirit and two payments, twenty five thousand dollars and that way, it doesn't need to be declared. And the same way it does, when it's a big donation, all of this through, and then fortunately for John Banks. He he was able to get that conviction overturned because to American businessmen who'd been at the lunch. They actually minister, check them down. Don't banks wife track them down. She was so infuriated, by the outcome of this court case that she went to extreme lengths to work out who these businessmen have been that come dot com. Had head also at the lunch track them down and say to them, do you mean the political donations being discussed ignore? They wrote an Davis. Swore that offense and that was presented. And the rehearing of the case was cleared. Yeah. I mean, also he's, he's now remarried, and he's been living in Queenstown will, so he's actually an Auckland back here for health reasons, but he was in Queenstown. Again, it's almost difficult. Keep track of where Kim dot com. As as we are the legal cases, sorry him. Mona split up a few years ago, all sorts of kind of crazy women's magazine stories about fleeing the mention on Gulf cash undercover of diagnosis. Elements of which may or may not be strictly accurate. Anyway. Mona monitored leave him to in India feely amicable split a little while later, he got together with Elizabeth Donnelly, very young. She was, I think a twenty year old university students, they went public. They immediately appeared to break up because of the intense scrutiny their relationship came under and then they got together again and the actually last year on comes birthday, which was become kind of occasion for him to make these grand gestures on the NFL Serie of the right. He and Liz, Liz dot com as she is now got married, sorry. All of them in the five children, moaners, well, little moved to Queenstown pretty quiet. So he's back in Oakland, Oregon, that move winnable under the writer and we'll be in court this week that I can't tell you, hey, makes no secret that he finds the legal proceedings almost as boring as everyone else does. He come along. Extradition hearing, because that was the big one many hit a speech here on the courtroom that was brought for him because he's got some Becca shoes. And, you know, the ordinary kind of quote cheers, you're uncomfortable sedan. So that was another point of interest. He may come along to this one because it's the supreme court. This is this is the big one. Today. Mega. This. The detail for today. I'm Sharon brief Kelly, the details brought to you by newsroom dot co dot in seed made possible by the oriented inside on innovation fund, the subscribe button to stay across the detail every day. 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