175 - Burn It All!!!!


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Remember the place where we got our first glasses from eventually fell into a sinkhole in Orlando, Florida. Yeah. I mean, that's. Given enough time that will happen to everything in Orlando, Florida. It's just it's just limestone pockets underneath there's no actual lamb d- yet. The weird thing about it was that having your up Thomas office fall into a sinkhole disappear wasn't even that unusual in our childhood. Yeah. I think actually the weirdest part of that was that also a Porsche dealership fell into the same sinkhole at the same. And it turned out. There was a bunch of cocaine in some of the Porsches, and they found it when they were pulling them out. So it was like a big story. Got I love Orlando so much. Okay. Cocaine. Orlando's story of all time Porsche full of cocaine falls into sinkhole might be like peak or a van. And it's just in there with a bunch of children's glasses. For extra treat. All right. Let's answer some questions from our listeners this first question comes from Allie who writes, John and Hank I got this adult coloring book I've been using for about a year and a half now, and almost all the pages have been colored in. What should I do? Once I finish it like it feels wrong to just toss it out when I've spent so much time coloring all the different pages. But if I just put it on, my bookshelf, it'll only take up space, and I'll probably never look at it again. So what do I do with a completed coloring book, not a cat alley? O alley cat. I got my first the first thing I thought of when you said adult coloring book is not I think what you are coloring. That is correct. Yeah. I think well who knows that's not for us to judge. The point is what do you do with it? And the answer is you have a ritual burning probably a ritual burning. Yeah. You invite all your friends over and you talk about the year and a half that coloring. This book was helpful to you. And now it is over and then you have a ritual murder of the coloring book, and it's very cleansing. I'm a huge believer. In Glen, go hank-, letting go of things and said the person who owns three thousand four hundred don't burn the books. John. I do puzzles a lot, and I really love doing puzzles. And and I always have this this feeling after I finished the puzzle. They like the I can't just pull it apart. Like, you put the last piece in and it's like done, and then you just tear it apart and put it back in the box of can't do it. It has to sit there for two days to two weeks before finally dismantle the puzzle, which I will, of course, never do like, I'm not gonna keep you put together. Forever. I remember when we were kids are parents had this Muppets puzzle. Oh, yeah. Had somehow glued all the pieces together. To celebrate having finished it, and it was like a huge part of our childhood looking at this month. It's poster all the time, and I have all these childhood memories of looking at Muppets puzzle. Not least because a couple pieces fell out over the years. Like a couple pieces weren't glued in that. Well, so it was never quite completed muscle was hanging on the wall as as time went on. Because it was so humid in Orlando, Florida, more and more pieces kept falling off until it was like really sort of disturbing looking thing that was on the wall. One of the one of the like really good things about growing up in Florida. Is that your constantly made aware that nature will back everything you have taken from it? Yes. Yeah. I mean that that puzzle. I imagine now is is contained entirely within an ecosystem hit has just every individual piece has been turned into a blade of grass or or moss or mold or something. Yeah. Just think it's so important in life to find ways to let go of stuff like even stuff that we've worked hard on. Sometimes you just have to let it go like nothing lasts forever. And if you can't get that through your skull. You're sort of hosed. Well, then also like I think that when I put together a puzzle. My alternate goal of doing the puzzle isn't a have a completed puzzle. It's to do the puzzle. So the has served its purpose. The moment is it is complete. The thing that I'm hanging onto is like the idea that that isn't the goal of the puzzle that there is some other eventual goal of the puzzle and that maybe something like has its hooks in my brain. But it's not a real thing. The goal of puzzle is to do it and the moments done. It is served its purpose in that purposes ended in I need to take it apart. Put it back in the box alley. I'm going to recommend that you put it on your bookshelf. Now that I've thought about it more. I mean, you might want to look at it later. No, let it go. Let it go fire. It served its purpose. You did you did a thing. It was beautiful and good. And it's over this next question comes from Emily who writes, Hank I work as a ticket seller for my school district. I get to sit around for about three to nine hours at a time. Dealing with angry parents trying to get into sporting events. Well, it seems like you like your job. Emily great. Our district senior citizens are free. How do you ask someone if they're old enough to qualify for the senior discount the last time, I asked are you sixty five or older, I almost got wacked with a cane, thanks for the advice. Emily don't don't ever ask that question? I don't agree Hank. I think you should Emily. If you ask me if I was sixty five or over you have a sign that says it, and then it's up to them to bring it up. You don't ask? Yeah. I agree. You don't ask? If like you don't ask unless they're suspiciously. Young and they're claiming to be over sixty five then maybe you're like, I'm sorry. But the over sixty five discount only applies to people over sixty five and they'll be like, oh, I am over sixty five foot. I'm so flattered that you didn't think I was and he'll be like, I can't believe that. We're having this fight because you're trying to save three bucks on a high school basketball game, you forty seven year old, man. Got a fake ID saying he's old so get on movie tickets. I wanna get fake ID. That says I'm sixty five I just have it be like somebody else like maybe an driver's license from dad like like, no. Yeah. Just turned sixty five six five. It's been who. I mean just goes by so fast, especially forty to sixty five if you could possibly fake it. You got a career just in being like look at me. I'm sixty five years old. I've been using this product it's my ground up coloring book paste that that I've been delivered to being by Allie. It's just coloring book ground up with with just various co Lloyd's. Milky substances that I then rub on on my face. It's extremely expensive. And look, but look at me though, look at me look at forty years old. I don't look a day over forty two Tanzer question. Emily, I think he put up a sign, and I don't think you ask anybody. And if people try to sneak into the basketball game, pretending that they're over sixty five when they're not they're going to have to deal with the consequences of that in eternity. Right. Yes. And I do not feel like it is either your responsibility or something that you care about if somebody is attempting to break into the basketball game without without payment. So. Honestly, whatever gets you through the day because it doesn't seem like you love this job. And I I I don't think like maximizing revenue is that important. I think you should just do what makes the day manageable. This next question comes from Joshua steer Hanke. John recently started a journal format starts off with a list of the day's activities. Followed by my favorite moment of that day. That's nice that leaves like a third of the page empty. What should I put in the rest of the page pumpkins and penguins? Josh burn it tear it up. Josh you considered burning your journal. No. I tell you what I would put in there. I wouldn't put in a list of like ongoing resentments like like are you start kill list? Yeah. Yeah. I don't forget about it. I don't want to forget the people who have wronged me or the other thing. I might put on there is like a list of all the things I worried about before going to sleep a catalog of this is bad the hundred or two hundred things that rifle through my head during the hour that I'm trying to fall asleep. The people I may have wrong the activities. I haven't finished the responsibilities, I've shirked, etc. Josh for an actual piece of advice. Here's what I if I had the kind of dedication to this that you seem to have I would draw a little picture in that about him third. And I'd try to maybe dry the same picture every day for a week and see if I do it differently or maybe I'll give you a prompt. It's Santa Claus die. China sor? So you're going to draw Santa Claus dinosaur everyday for a week and see all the different ways that that prompt takes you. And then the week after that I wanted to do like a rabbit smoking pipe, and I wanna see that and like show me different rabbit smoking pipes. And maybe you can I'm not saying they're going to be good is not about being good. Just like your journalism about like writing. Beautiful prose is just like, hey, I'm the throw this at future me who's going to read through these things maybe someday. And be like what was I do in January twenty nineteen. Oh, yeah. That that really super stoned rabbit. I drew. Oh, I didn't think it was that kind of pipe well on day seven you gotta mix it up. All right. Well, I've actually been reading diary recently. Dawn Powell's diary issues. This great writer, and it is really interesting to read someone's diary, it feels incredibly invasive even though Don pal has been dead for quite a while. And at the end of her life said that she wanted her diaries to be published. It still feels like, wow, I can't believe that. I am allowed to read these things about a stranger. So try to include that kind of that kind of the juicy stuff. That's my advice. Last third of the Fayed is just what other juiciest stuff of the day. Right. Yeah. Just like at the bottom third. Be like, I think this is what the. You know, people have seventy years from now will want to read about my day. I definitely think that you should assume that no one's going to read your diary because otherwise pressure. All right. The next question comes from K who writes John Hanke few weeks ago? I matched with someone on a dating app and after chatting for a bit we decided to go on a date. But shortly thereafter, I got sick. And when I told him he told me to get back to him. If I wanted to go out once I felt better. Well, it's been several weeks. And it turns out I have mono, which is why I felt so terrible this whole time, and I'll be better soon and no longer contagious. And I want to let him know. So he doesn't forget about me. But I'm worried that the connotations of the disease will. Okay. Because it's the kissing disease. Okay. I am not familiar with these connotations of mono. I have always understood it to be just a really bad viral illness that sometimes attacks your spleen, but apparently it has sexually transmitted vibes. Yeah. I'll I will. I will say that I got mono and high school completely without any fun way of contracting. It I contracted it in the normal someone spat into the air and it landed on my tongue way. Yeah. Like, you can get the common cold for making out. But you can also get it from you know, putting your hand on a gas pump. Or at least that's where I assume I got it from. Now that I get every disease from my child coughing directly into my nose. God. I mean is there a better way to ensure that every? Yeah. Anywhere, doctor recently and the doctor was like as your kid been sick. And I'm like he's too. That's all he is. Never mind. I'm sorry. I asked that question, obviously, he's been sick. Yeah. Yeah. Kids are home from school today. And I just I feel bad for them. But I have to confess that. I also feel so bad for me. Told them that like, I'm so sorry, you're sick. But also little sympathy for me. Why will know in think of dear old, dad? I don't feel great. And yet I have to take care of you and do this podcast with my brother. So back to case question. Should I tell him that I have mono or should I keep it vague and risk him? Not believing me. Oh, just pack my bags and move away. K just tell them you of mono, if this guy freaks out about you having mono, he's the worst. Also, if you're like, I'm getting better, but not gonna tell you what was wrong with me. That's that's weirder. Now, I'm nervous. I'm worried for you. I worried for your family. I don't. Yeah. I want to know the specifics. No, you just say, listen, I had mono on feeling better. The doctor says no longer contagious. And then you tell them exactly in grave detail. Exactly how you got the disease. I licked gas station pump. It was in the stake. I made. No or telephone you. The disease from kissing someone who cares. Good God on Tinder accused people. Sometimes. It shouldn't be that big of a surprise. Oh, man KM sorry about twenty nineteen dating. It seems very stressful at difficult. But I think by the way Kate had a great name specific sign off which was every contagious. Kiss begins with comma. It's great. That's great. My motto and high school experience. Do you want to hear how how this experience started for me, John? Yes, sure woke up, and I didn't wasn't feeling great. And I went into my bathroom where I discovered that. There was vomit in the sink and p in the bathtub, and I was like how did this happen? This very weird and upsetting. And then I realized that I like no one else was in the house, and I had fever dreamed up into the bathroom and puked in the sink and Pete in the bathtub. So I went back to head. Wow. I was that sick. Models a applied whooping cough in college, which I also don't recommend. No. And the main symptom of it. I guess this is the hang John illness special, which I'm excited about the main symptom of it was that I would start coughing and then in between the cost I would make this whooping sound like. And then I would barf. Like, I just start coughing. And I'd be like, oh, man. This only ends one way with the whooping sound for like four. Whoops, and then barf ING vaccinate your kids. This next question comes from Justin who asks dear hang John the department. I work in Atma company is large enough that I don't know everyone in my department sometimes when someone's going through a tough time such as the loss of a family member the administrative assistant. We'll get a sympathy card and make it available for people to sign. I make sure to sign it. If the person in need of sympathy is someone I know. But what should I do if it's someone? I don't know. Should I still sign the card if so what should I write in it? This just in good, Justin. That's good. You should sign the card and right nothing signed the carton, right? Nothing. Possibly say. Sorry for your office. This justin. Don't do not use the name specific sign off in sympathy card, just and it's a good name civic sign off. But like any names Pacific sign off? There's a time in a place, and it's not just after somebody's cat died. Yeah. Just sign your name. Probably just sign your name. Yeah. The reason you just sign your name is that what people really want to feel at least in my experience in that moment is they wanna feel a broad network of support. They wanna feel the thoughts and prayers and love of lots of people including strangers and just seeing a lot of names in a lot of different pen colors is helpful at least in my experience. So even if you don't know the person, I still think it's worthwhile to sign the card. I trust your opinions on these things so much more than I trust my own. So I'm glad to have you there to tell me these things. Well, I am a failed hospital chaplain, Hank. So something of an expert this next question comes from Catherine who writes a lot of the times when I walk with my friends. My shoelaces, come undone, then a stranger will tell me that my shoelaces are undone and I find this extremely frustrating because the shoe is on my foot, and I can feel my own shoes. Slowly becoming loose. I'm not an idiot bad at tying my shoes. Catherine. There's no question. But I thought it was interesting. The question. It went on for a while the okay, it's it's just a situation that I've so familiar with and I don't I don't what to do. So here's I've solved this problem. I no longer have Hsu-tang ability. I have a I don't know what it's called a toggle that slides out in the titans that way, and then you let go of a button and it holds self in a place. Right. That is I think I know what you mean. But you don't a poor job of describing as possible way. I'm sure it's called something. So I have one of those that tightened the issues before I had that one. I feel there's something wrong with the way that ties us because they come untied all the time or there's something wrong with how people do shoelaces or something. And to why are you telling me do die? Do you think I'm gonna because my shoe is untied? I will stay on attack and get tetanus block John just never be able to drink again would. No, I don't think it's that specific concern. I think the concern is that you're going to trip on your shoes, you're going to fall and break your hip, and then never quite fully recover. I think that's the fear. That strangers are feeling when they tell you that your shoes untied how here is about. Laces. I've been on both sides of this problem like I've both been Catherine. And I've been the person who says to Katherine I can't believe you're getting on an escalator with your shoes. Untied? For instance. I think it comes from a good place. But it does put the person with untied shoes in an incredibly uncomfortable position. Because in all likelihood they were already aware of their untied chew situation. And they're just not in a place right now where they can easily tie their shoes. But they will be soon and they've got a plan, and they don't need you, interrupting the plan with your comments on it. Yep. However, none of this is necessary because we've actually discussed previously on the pod. There is a way to tie your shoes that does not involve double nodding, but does prevent them from ever becoming untied until and unless you want them to be untied, you can go to patriot dot com slash dear Hankun, John to see a link to a video on this topic next question comes from Susanna who asks dear Huben Kinjo. This startup. I worked for had to lay people off today. Well, this thing took a direction from funny names to job loss. I'm sorry. It was not entirely unexpected. As we were warned that we were having some issues, but we were not warned of the scope or decision making process that went into who. And how many would be let go gently I've still got a job. But if you were the co workers that I've worked really closely with and become generally good friends with we're laid off, and I'm still feeling. Holy wrecked. How do I deal with this servers guilt? What do I say to my now ex co workers, do I say anything how do I return to work like normal and get anything done? You're dubious advice is greatly appreciated. Oh, susannah. Yeah. This is really hard because we're told by the social order a that so much of our own self worth is wrapped up in what we do for a job. And be that work is like a family and here at startup X. We're not like a regular company. We're a family, and that's why you work here. Sixteen hours a day six days a week because it's a family, and we're all in this together. And then there inevitably comes a day when you find out it's not a family. It's a company. Yeah. And should be should be treated like that. That isn't to say that like the people your co workers aren't candid shouldn't be important parts of your lives important friends. But I think that if that is the case then like that relationship should extend outside of the boundaries of work and also outside of the time when you work together in the same place, and it's completely normal to maintain friendships with people that you met at work after that like that particular relationship is over and probably those people would really appreciate feeling like they aren't going to be like left out of like a social SIS. System that they were also depending on because they're being left left out of this economic system that they were depending on and would love it if you would reach out and continue to be friends with them, and and continue to like do social good things with them or start doing more social things with another to know, you're not going to have this other relationship, and you wanna maintain something and and keep that relationship alive as for how to deal with the survivor's guilt of the whole situation. And and not knowing you know, the dislike how these decisions got made. That's a real bummer. And isn't is is kind of indicative of like, you know, probably a crisis that the company is going through right now. It's terrible. And and really the only thing you can do is they like this is the vagaries of the universe. And I'm going to attempt to continue doing the work that I find valuable and that is hopefully, hopefully, adding value to the world and and not try to analyze exactly how all these. Decisions got made. Yeah. I mean on a deep level, it's not about you. Although that's not something that humans are particularly good at comprehending. Yeah. That's that's terrible. And it's something that's happened to some of my friends recently to all of which reminds me that today's podcast is brought to you by complexly complexly. Support our YouTube channels. Lots of our voice wasn't to inside gas. John. We're doing fine. We're not in trouble. Not yet. 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You can get two months of unlimited access to those twenty five thousand classes for free that skill share dot com slash Henk. John just tank and John the names with Hank. I and John second. Why did it end up that way? I don't know. Hank? John skill share dot com slash Hank. John. I'm older. Yeah. But it sounds better though. Right. Hank John than John? Hang on Hayes too hard to say that way. Johnny. Yeah. I don't know Hank. All right. Thank we got another question. This comes from Mabel who writes, dear John and Hank is it appropriate to gift secondhand books. I have some books that I've read and loved, but will probably never read again and my friend's birthdays coming up so instead of buying a second copy of the book could I just give the one I already have or is that weird and unacceptable. Many. Thanks, Mabel, Mabel, Mabel. Mobile. I have had friends do this a bunch and thing that I really appreciate I have one friend who just this particularly almost always gives the secondhand book on birthday or anniversary or something. And and she will write on the inside of the cover a little information about why she thinks the book and then sign it. And I'll be like whenever I look at that book. I'm like, oh, yeah. She sent me this book. And and this is what she thought about it. And gave me a little something to go on. And it's almost like sort of half card half like present, which I really like don't tell my publisher that I said this because of course, with my business person had on believe that you should only buy my books in hardcover, and that you should buy a new copy for each time. You wanna read one, but? Seven times that I've purchased it seven times perfect. Yeah. Under full. I think secondhand books are almost a better present than new books because you feel the love in, you know, and also because it's a very particular particular copy. It's not just any book this person, you knows copy of that book. And I don't know I've always thought it was really cool. And it's something that I do. I love it. When people give me books that they've read and enjoyed and thought that I would enjoy and I also love those little notes that people. Right. Hang. Although I will say if you write one of those notes it becomes very hard to make it a third hand gift a little bit. Yeah. I mean, you can take it to the the book exchange place that if you have one of those probably take it. All right, Hank. We got another question. This comes from Cassie who writes, John and Hank inspired by John I've decided to delete all my social media, apps and only check certain websites once a week on my laptop. So far instead of having a positive impact on my mental health. I just lay in bed for hours staring out the window in replace of staring at a screen feeling almost worse because my thoughts have no distraction what healthier habits can I create to replace my phone at least while I'm adjusting. My thoughts are stars. They can't fathom into constellations. But at least I'm Cassiopeia. That's very good Cassiopeia got got there. I read read put why I probably would just watch northern exposure over just the whole thing from the beginning. If I had some extra time, it's really what sort of whatever anchor for lately what a weird show to pick. As like the show that you would devote yourself to like northern exposure was a fine television program. But like, it's not like the sopranos or something. It's not a classic. It is absolutely classic. Okay. This apprentice with no murder. Everybody's soprano. Everybody's fine. They're all nice people. It is a show about nice people who are nice to each other and have funny sweet things happen. It is the definition of harmless is how I find northern exposure, perhaps the most harmless television program ever made. I hope so I hope I don't go to get and be like, oh, this this Tepelea problematic. You never know. But Cassie I know what you mean here, which is that one of the things that we use social media for is distraction distracting us from boredom from dullness. And also from like sort of way down deep pains that we need on some level to distract ourselves from. I do think that it takes a while to find anything as compelling, as you know, constantly updating feeds are that's why they've become such a huge part of our lives. But I do think it's worth the effort at least in my experience. So yeah, you can't just stare out the window. That's gonna make you feel really really sad. I would encourage you to either go out there to the stuff. That's that's on the other side of the window and explore that physical space. It's like VR, but. It's so real like, you feel everything. And even the smallest touches of like rain or wind on your hand feel like actual wind or rain. And then the other thing I would say is. Yeah, watched stuff read stuff. Call a friend try to find ways to engage with the world because that's what you're replacing. And in you, try to replace that only with staring out the window. It's never gonna work. That's a great point John before we get to the news for Marzano AFC Wimbledon, which is differently from last week, bad and good in a different way. Oh, God him so happy. Oh my God. Sorry. What are we talking about? We flipped flipped places. We flipped places. But I did want to talk to some of the responses to things so has a response. I was listening to the new episode of the pod today and you kept bringing up crashing that prom. And I wanted to tell you that because of you crashing our twenty fifteen we got in trouble for being too rowdy, which is a wild. Because why would they make? Get a Gatsby themed party if they didn't want us to be rowdy. Emily. I am sorry that you got in trouble. As a result of me. Crashing your prom. I will say that y'all were a little bit rowdy. Like, I thought that I could just calmly a crash a prom with my best friend or spouse is like a normal thirty nine year old crashing a prom. And I felt that you guys were a little rowdier than was absolutely necessary. I don't wanna put it on you, Emily. But. Maybe next time think twice about how you react to some guy. Crashing your. Also, we got a lot of emails that were like this one for Miriam. Dear John and Hank in recent episode. You talk quite a bit about peeps. So here's my question. What are peeps? Isn't an American thing. Please write me. Miriam PS what is Arbor day? Or is it harbor? Yeah. It's a day where we all go to the harbor, and we sort of look out over the harbor, and we think that's nice. Well, it's not that much crazier than what Arbor day actually is a day when we all look at trees and think that's nice Arbor day today on America. We were like trees are good. Yeah. It's basically the day in American weird that it's when we're like oh God. Sorry. Trees about everything. We've done to you over the last five hundred years and the trees are like, yeah. No, it's good. It's we're fine. Peeps. Are the opposite of trees? I think narrowest way to defined. Marshmallow. That's covered in sugar. Now. I know you're saying isn't a marshmallow just made of sugar. Yes. Yup. He ended the story. I can't explain it anymore. Also there in the shape of small chickens. Or other things. The holiday which brings me to this Email from Haley who wrote dear John and Hank. My name is Haley, and I worked with peeps and design their seasonal changeovers between twenty sixteen and twenty eighteen there are no Arbor day. Peeps yet. But there are for Valentine's Day Easter summer Halloween and Christmas also per Hanks, odd phone caller ID quakertown veterinary clinic that was another one of our clients. And wondering if someone swapped the meta text by accident weird. Now that is very weird. That is very weird. And you say here that that's probably neither interesting or helpful to you. It isn't helpful. But it's very interesting that when I called peeps on the phone got another one of your clients that is not in any way related to peeps. Very interesting. But anyway, if you ever have veterinary need in quakertown, please call Quaker tone veterinary clinic. Absolutely. And if you're ever looking for some sugar coated in sugar are the way to go, Hank. Yeah. AFC wimbledon. Yes. Laid West Ham United in the fourth round of the fake up. I know furthest AFC Wimbledon had ever made it in the FA Cup West Ham a team in the Premier League. Most famous for being the only soccer team mentioned by name in the Harry Potter books West Ham United a team so big that even in a world of quidditch people care about it a team that I think is. Currently like ninth in the Premier League. Some eighty spots above us where we are currently routed to the basement of league one almost certain to be relegated that West Ham came to king's meadow in the fourth round of the FA Cup. And we won the game four two in. What has to be one of the biggest upsets in the history of FC Wimbledon moving onto the fifth round of the FA Cup. Unbelievable scenes. I mean, I watched the whole thing on television ESPN, plus, and I couldn't believe it. Wimbledon were up three now at one point. Yeah. And then I brought my children down. And when the game me, you said Hank this is like there's still a lot of time in the game left. But I'm very excited. And then I started watching I'm trying to edit a video, and I get very nervous. Very nervous. Yeah. Because they went they went from three zero up to three two and not thinking. Well, of course this. Is going to end I should never have. And that's usually how it goes in these FA Cup ties with, you know, the David faces the Goliath is that even when you do score they end up winning because they've got, you know, more fitness and they ring on incredible players as substitutes at cetera. But in this game, what happened is that? When when when it got to three two, and I told my kids they had to leave because I didn't want them to see me like this. Wimbledon started to play with like more confidence instead of less. And then there was a goal goal minute. It was gorgeous, and it was Toby civic. He's nineteen years old. It was his first goal for AFC Wimbledon. He's a product of the Wimbledon academy like will Nightingale. I mean, it's just it's an incredible story and Wimbledon are moving onto the fifth round of the FA Cup for the first time since reforming in two thousand two. I mean, this is crazy. We can't win a game in league one, and we just beat West Ham and now in the fifth round, we're going to be playing Millwall another relatively famous English club. Although not in the Premier League. In fact, they are I think in nineteenth place currently in the championship. So I'm sure they're looking game West Ham. You could beat with Millwall. I know I'm sure Millwall's looking at this game thinking that's an easy win. But I have to say I'm looking at that. Game and thinking, I mean, the chances are a lot better than if we were playing Manchester City, obviously, great to play Manchester City from financial perspective like to, you know, have all of that revenue from all the ticket sales and everything. But I I mean, we have a chance who can help dream. That is the wonderful thing about football and life is that you can't help but dream. Oh, God it was so beautiful. I wept. I cried and cried and cried it's been such a hard year for Wimbledon. And it's just incredible a good a good news in the midst of the darkness. I I also watched the highlights of the game and after that eight minute goal and the last seven minutes of the game. There were two extremely good chances for him. Yes. That by all rights votes should have been goals and would have been game in in during overage time. And I was just like oh God. I'm glad I wasn't watching that. It was it was a stressful. It's a stressful watch made that kid goal. He looks. He is twelve I mean. Yeah. The goalkeeper who is currently playing for Wimbledon is on loan from born Muth. And I believe he's seventeen or eighteen so yeah, he is a kid. We've got a very young. We got a very young group right now. And that's what the manager Wally down says he wants he says he wants players who are young and hungry. And I I mean, I don't think we're going to be able to stay up, obviously. But while what a great day for Wimbledon fans everywhere, and I should add really quickly since we're talking about this that if you want to be part of this story, if you want to own part of a FC Wimbledon, it's only twenty five pounds a year, which is like thirty bucks and dropping. Brexit joke. It has never been so inexpensive for Americans to join the trust. As it is today, and you can be you can be a part owner of AFC Wimbledon and support their story. Just Google the don's trust and become an owner of this incredible special club and get to live the dream with them. I I'll got it was so amazing. It was so wonderful. I I I'm making a video about it actually involved brothers because I was reminded watching that game of the reason I became a sports fan in the first place. And it's just there is no pure emotion that I've ever experienced and what I'm really after in life. I think is like that that purity of experienced the like, so many emotions are complicated in hard to sort through. And and experiences are good news and bad news at the same time. And then you just occasionally you just need pure grain. Great news. And like, I get that from sports. I get it from landing Landers on Mars, just I'm always looking for that feeling. Yes. So great news, Hank. What is the news from Mars? Also, great. No, it's not ultimately we haven't talked about opportunity in a while. Rover been on the surface of Mars now for over fifteen years, and it so basically, I'm ready to give up hope. On on Friday started to send a new set of commands to the Rover with the idea that possibly it has started up, but due to problems with the clock or with some other like re- like internal systems like wasn't being wasn't like reaching out to NASA wasn't listening correctly. Nothing has come back. There's sort of like chasing down. Like, maybe this thing has turned on. And it just isn't functioning quite properly. But what appears to be the case is we're now entering into the we're going to soon be entering into Martian winter for for where paternity is and then it will get very cold and darker, and if that happens like it's just it's over for this little guy because there's not enough light. And it's going to be way too cold for any of it systems to come back on. So it looks like it happened. Let's like last June. When that dust storm hit. It just was too dark for too long for opportunity to stay warm enough to start back up after it started getting electrobi- running through its solar panels again and Stephen Squires the principal investigator for the mission says to be taken out by one of the most ferocious storms on Mars in decades that is an honorable death. That's really quite beautiful. Oh, man honor. I mean, it must it must be so difficult. For all the people who've worked on that mission for the last fifteen plus years. It's just yeah. But also what a great story of what humans can do when we worked together. And so I yeah. Like everything's gonna die. But what a life it had. Yeah. Fifteen years way longer than ever thought. And and lots of lots of great science got done. And now we are still on the surface of Mars with curiosity, and and gonna go go again in twenty twenty and it's a fascinating place and just keep learning more. Well, Hank here's to curiosity long. May it rain both as you know, like a Rover and as a an emotional state. John. Thank you for potting with me. It was a pleasure. I had a really good time. This podcast is edited by nNcholas Jenkins. It's produced by Roseana hall throw. Awesome shared Gibson, our head of community and communications, Victoria, Buongiorno. If you wanna Email us you questions, please do that. You can do it at him John gmaiLcom. So the we'll have stuff to talk about the music you're hearing now in the beginning of podcast by the great gonna roll. And as they say in our hometown. Don't get.

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