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and welcome to season fourteen episode eleven of the ability. Podcast i'm alan is used in the eighteenth of may and this week we're going to rat community news and events and other news and whatever else comes across our desks and by our i mean myself and martin l. o. And mark however excellent to be speaking to you both again. What do end see martin. I'm on a mechanical keyboard cake. So i have got another mechanical keyboard this time. It's a wireless mechanical keyboard. And it's says sixty five percent form factor out. Why i've got to desks on the desk behind me. I don't have a huge amount of space. So i wanted a decent mechanical keyboard. The took up the least amount of space possible and after doing a bit of research. I found the zeus have keyboard called the rock fao cheetan misspelling of falcon. Nor is he just. Is this just a made up word that makes it easy for them to google for it. It could be a made up where i haven't researched the origins of the name but the keyboard is very nice. Is it arrived. Yes it has. I'm very happy with it So sixty percent keyboard seem to be popular at the moment. But i don't like them because they don't actually have cursor keys whereas a sixty five percent keyboard thousand also. Has things like page up. Page down hyman end With using all the time. So i wanted that size ever so slightly bigger. But it's a decent mechanical keyboard. It's odd gb. To the max. But i i use that. I'm one hundred percent bay And the only downside is if you're a real mechanical keyboard aficionado. It's not standard key. Capsizes role of the case. So you can't pull the key caps and replace them with an aftermarket set but it's p. bt keys and double shot with shine through. It's really very nice. I'm very happy with whatever that means. What am i even up to. I have been playing new poco mon snap a snap. You say that you know nothing to do me. This isn't one and it's not. These games will pokemon snap so it's There was a game many years ago on the nintendo sixty four pie come on snap and this is a new version for the nintendo switch. Is this snap with pok mon cards stroke characters now. This not profess to taking photos. So it's kind of like the mechanics of an on rails shooter except instead of shooting. Pok mon you're taking photos of them. Okay so you saw you say politics and you go through an area and there's various pokemon around you and you got to take a nice photos of them and then you get them rated at the end and you can do things to kind of prod them and do interesting things. And he's just quite a nice relaxing game to play in. He's not too stressful. And it's not know things to worry about you've not got guns and ammo and explosions you. Just you know you just having a bit of a relax and seeing some nice scenery and there are no rogue like elements. there are no regard elements a tool. i could think of. While on that bombshell. Let's get on with the show start with the community news and event if there are any. Leave you in suspense at first in the community news things on not well in the state of free node. Oh yeah for those. Who don't know free notice and irc network. That has been around for a long time. I think before the start of of anti uses free node for a bunch of urban to irc channels. Yes i see does still exist and It seems there's a bit of a power struggle going on between the people who actually operate the network on a day-to-day basis and the most recent financial benefactor for free node things and it's it's a bit of a mess and is developing day day so by the time you listen to this things may have changed or the network may be shut down or it might have changed name or everyone's left i do it. We just don't know. I have always wondered that. You mentioned that. The people to operate the irc network. Who is that well. There people live on tees rheinland. Some people are benevolently donating servers. In maybe the place they work or people that are associated with their a server which is connected to the network which spreads to load adding shows that when one server goes down the network stays up with connections to other services and so on So yeah it's up. Volunteers have been around for a long time. And if you're looking after the network for a long time and keeping the network running and keeping the services running because services the authentication stuff in the host and that kind of stuff. They've been keeping longtime mostly volunteer. Run so you mentioned financial benefactor that but they're not they're not imploring people to to maintain the network. Well that's the. Tricky part of this is some guesswork because not everyone is talking. Publicly in some people talking too much publicly and people are publishing. I r c conversations and publishing resignation. Some of which were later redacted all removed because it turns out they were hedging their bets and publishing all collectively members of staff writing letters of resignation in case the thing imploded but they will publish at the same time and say look. We're leaving mass and we we're going over here somewhere else taking services with us right but yeah a little while ago. There was an investor who is associated with a few other organizations including private internet an and they invested in order to run events. There was a free note live event that happened a couple of times and there was a company sets up around that and there's been a division. Yeah as always the case where money enters into the game and sponsorship enters into the game. It can make things a little bit problematic especially volunteers. You've been around for a long time. Maybe get nauseous. Put out of joint especially if someone tries to take control of the network and it seems like. That's what someone's tried to do. I'm not naming any names because you can find all this information out with a with a quick search and it may well have changed by the time you hear this. But it's a little bit sad because freenet it's been around for a long time and is a i mean obviously fewer people on irc now than there were in the past but there are still a number of projects that still use free notice. They a central place that they send developers to new developers and users as well and that includes Next up on that note mountain yes more. Seniors are very own. Mark has gotten irc debate going over on the album to discourse so monkey wrote a proposal for improving the into membership application process. Having recently gone through it last seem to have spun out into a couple of conversations. One of which was dominated about the use of irc and other messaging protocols yes so it was very much y intention as part of this proposal to try and suggested the should move away from say by did make some comments the perhaps just saying oh join this channel on the free no network is very helpful to people who might know of us before and at the very least. If we're going to keep doing that we should add some more information. Explain how to get our sea and get their nickname registered and so on however it seems that there are other people in the community who do feel quite strongly. We shouldn't be using oil see anymore. They're better options out there. So that's been spun out into a conversation with various various threads in various opinions So i would suggest if anyone has strong feelings about this go check out the the threat onto discourse and and less what you think. I did notice though that you made good on the documentation effort and you did update the documentation to explain. Why elsie was how you register neck and how you join the appropriate channels full the membership process rather yes single bullet point. That was previously that. Yes unfair i mean. A lot of it was already if you knew what you were looking for. There were links to a web is c. collide which will join you straight into the channel. No one thought to tell you that was. The price is interesting because some of these dates back so far you know the the membership process has been joined this irc channel at a certain time in order. Because that was the thing that everyone used and it was. You know you would already be on. Irc the wasn't you must connect your. You must download the client and connect to this thing that you were already aware of your already on and channel and you just type slash join here meeting and if you're not there someone campaign you and say. Can you help veterans. He meeting you need to be now. If i think maybe something which people who are used to things like what's been telegram wouldn't appreciate is that if you're not there in connected there's no way for someone to say. Hey we need you yeah. I think we've realized that ask is a little bit antiquated and old school now. So maybe we do need to move on. I don't know what do you think. Well we have a young generation of contributors. Now that have grown up in a whatsapp world. So yes it fills thoroughly prehistoric to them. I should imagine would be good if there is still. I mean the good thing about oil sees open and federated platform right which something like. It's happy is so it will be good if there was more modern alternative. That still has that same advantage for internally way used at canonical maximized. We switch my see to maximize ninety recently and pretty much soon. After that the suggestion came from a lot of people to the higher ups. We should do this for as well. So then the community has mo-modern client for them to to chat with and I think i think that might happen if there's enough willing to do it and time and infrastructure to do it whether they'll switch to mosul choose something else like matrix. I don't know but the fact that they use maximised internally. Make sense to us much of stern as well to me next up. Mark bit warden. Rs is now volts warden who was warden are s. This is the alternative self hosted bit warden password vault server. This is the one. I'm using to host my own password. Volt this is the one that's written in broad hints underscore rs exactly right however it was pointed out to them by order that the name is trademarked and this could be a cause for confusion and i think they were already aware of that because said in the documentation that people shouldn't report any bugs to do bit watered rs to the upstream project. And they shouldn't go their support and they shouldn't go there and mentioned that they've got something going on using bit norris because it's not the same thing so it's not exactly so i think these amicable and timely that i they basically just said yeah we'll have to say mark you tune into the zeitgeist right on point. What can i say. And so what happens. If you've got a bit ward an rs install does it just magically change name overnight. I think it depends how you're running it. But basically like all of the containers have been republished with the same version of the code but under new organization. So if you've got set up run the containers you then just point them at the new container redeploy and everything keep working the containers still just no current anymore. And i guess if you've done it in if you've done it there's a slightly different update path. But it looks like he's fairly straightforward. And you haven't done that yet. I haven't done yet now. Because i only found out about this yesterday and i had other things to do well. We look forward to hearing about that in a later episode. Then maybe how. I lost my passwords excellent Finally we have an event. what's our event. Our event is forced. Talk live a twenty twenty one. This is an annual event. The jerry organized that features. Some of your favorite lennox and open source podcasts and us. It usually takes place in london pub. Obviously it didn't happen last year due to the event but It's going to be an online event this year and we going to be streaming all of the shows on youtube and this year. The podcasts that are participating are lennox lads along with marius quebec late night. Lennox and then something cool to ben to voltage while his that us is us all right. Okay yes let's uh us along with stuart language from that they're bad voltage and the options we had the naming. The show voltage or bad. Podcasts decided to go for the last one. And then i believe the reprise of the new show. The new shy the new show right. And that's that's on the twelfth of june june in will. I guess we'll talk more about this the next time we record close after that too. Yeah yep on with all secret. Projects i talk. Dot com is a bit scanned but that will include links to where all of this stuff is taking place in jiu course so hop over there feleti twitter and all of that stuff excellent and that's all for the community news this week visit items from the wider tank world. I out martin. You've been on the hunt for more hardware. You know this one found me. I wasn't looking for this. But he found me all the same amoco saw that there's an organization called framework and they gave announced the preorders ripen. Full then you laptop Which on the face of. It doesn't sound very interesting but it wasn't that long ago we were having a discussion about you. Know several sort of attempts to make these modular customizable right to repair ethically sourced components and all the rest of the things like the fat phone and there's being laptop initiative similar. This is in that vein so it's intended to be a high end laptop and it should be upgradable sizable repairable without compromising. They say quality power or style so just like thinkpad then well. What's there style. Yeah well i know. I think i like thinkpad style. I mean that you'd utilitarian feels suits me. Okay that's the marketing what's was specifically different about these. Okay well there are three editions. The just like buying a laptop you know they have three incriminating levels of specification and the price goes up each time and they come pre installed with windows ten. That's all fine. But then they have what they call the. Diy addition and it's available as a kit of modules. That you can customize. I'm assemble yourself. So i've been through the customization process of of light smacking a diy version out for myself. I'm one of the options. Is your preferred lennox distribution say instead of windows you can elect which lennox you would like to be installed on it all you yourself after the fact but then there's some usual configuration options that you see on these configuration to such as how much ram and how much cpu but when it comes to things like ram disks on wifi you can actually select nothing all provide my own so if you already got ram or ssd as or wi fi modules. You don't have to buy again so that was quite cool. And then some additional customization options some of which a quite limited light. The keyboard is only available black and only available in us layout on the charge. Rezone as us option. So you have to choose the no charge option and provide urine. I think you're burying the lead hit. There's there's there's the additional module parts. Which is the thing that sets aside from any other laptop realism. Yes and this is where it gets interesting. So they have port and storage expansion. That can be a mix of display outputs. Hdmi display pull different types of esp different Additional discs t fifty six one terabyte descriptions and card readers actually opening up that poll specification to third parties to sort of build down ecosystem. There are four and they appear to be hot plug -able so you can change them around so you could have it running full. Usb ports if that's what you needed that right exactly yeah make us backed up. And how much was it. The one i suspect up had no ramen now. Ssd's but it had Loads of poor expansion options and things. And i think it was about fifteen hundred dollars. One thing i did like about this was saying the for preorders. You just have to put down a hundred dollar refundable deposit. You don't have to pay all of the money up front and get your laptop at some point in the future. Which makes me a bit more confident in doing something like that and they have some. Eta's for batch delivery. And i think. I like july and august this year. Interesting to keep an eye on that one of these things is we can only have a tail how successful they are in afterwards once whether there are third party modules made and what those might be you know. They could be super interesting because they look like they're decent enough size. You fit something interesting inside that bill. Plastic gasoline squadron. There are decent size. I think you could yet. I mean they can definitely get one terabyte of storage in the most one of the options. So yeah they've got options that go next up. Google i o twenty one is happening right now. What is google. I o developer conference but the reason i mentioned as because i i started watching it a little earlier. So it's happening right now so we're not gonna be able to break much news but there was a few things in that. I thought quite interesting one this improve the way. The google meat works. We've the office products online so that it's rather more integrated rather than you starting a meeting and then sharing your screen. It's more like you have the document onscreen and people's video pops into the side of the display. It's a. it's a bit more willing to great between the office products and the meat video chat products. Which those of us who use google me. All the time is quite interesting. Might make it a little smoother to us. And the other thing that i saw that was quite interesting was they. Were doing a lot of marketing for a thing called lambda which is natural language understanding. They had demo which showed a conversation between a person a bit like chat ball between a person and this lounger process that was taking on the persona of pluto the planet and they were having a conversation where the person was talking to the planet and the planet was talking from perspective but it was all your machine learning nonsense that was generating the responses and they looked human like but from the point of view of planet which was a bit weird and i thought they could have probably become up with a better use. That may have been deliberately abstract. Because it's not very good. Perhaps here i am brain the size of a planet. Yes very much so that was interesting but the other thing that i thought was interesting was as all of these things. It's a marketing. Exercise is a big look what we can do and they spent a fair amount of time talking about how google is all about secure by default private by design and your in control that made me chuckle as well but they got someone on talking about their password managers and they said we never sell your personal information to anyone. We never use sensitive information to personalise. Adds it simply off limits so there was some bold statements but it was clearly a reaction to the current feeling. Which is you'll being spied on by your email provide. you'll being spied on by the people. You're stirring you documents in. And it was interesting that they spent in the keynote. This is the very first part of the conference getting somewhat onstage. Saying we're not looking at your staff. Or i so yeah. I'm sure there'd be more announcements in the coming week about whatever other things. They've announced new hardware new software. I thought it was interesting. All that was front loaded in the in keno of google's next up mock well in other privacy news letting crypt has a new route certificate. What does that mean say. Let's encrypt is the service for generating free. Ssl's tickets automatically on your web server and other things so that you can easily and inexpensively create secure connections feel uses your website now up until now because they were a new thing. In order for their stickers to work they had to have a A root certificate which was signed by another certificate. That was already on your machine and now they are a bit better established. They've decided it's time to move on from that and have their own routes difficu- and they've managed to get this ticket installed on most of the major browsers and the major current versions of operating systems people. Using ooh and. I think that i think is really interesting. Because there have been a few attempts in the past at of open and free way of doing Ssl certificates and this is the the the huddle they fall on. They've never been able to get a typical trusted in the major crisis which has meant that. They basically never go anywhere. However what is does mean is that the original certificate. They had is going to expire in september. So that means that. If you don't have an up-to-date operating system or browser then you're going to start getting warnings if you go to a site that secured with let's encrypt certificate so devices for example mobile phones or tablets which are running old versions of the a the irs might not getting suffer updates anymore. You might find the they don't work or they give you warnings. We let encrypt sites anything which is fairly up to date or at least you can install an update version of a browser. Utah should be able to work at factories a workaround on android devices where they've been able to get nausea. Exactly how it works. But they've got a special extension to the cross scientific which means your work for longer. Certainly older iowa devices. I think where people might see this problem especially with the baked in browsers safari updates. Yeah that is fascinating but for anyone who runs a website. they just have to generate a new exotic. Yeah that's includes tickets only last for three months max. Anyway i think so if you're generating you on all the time anyway you don't have to worry because you'll latest will be signed by the new certificate superstar. Thanks very much for that. And that's all the news for this week and that's all episode eleven. Thank you for listening. We'll be back next week with a discussion on stuff we give to kids. Leave as vegas that and if you want to keep in contact with us while we're not broke the into your ear holes then you can send us an email to show it open to poke hostile or you can follow us on twitter. I will do passed over on twitter. And you lose. I find a back. Catalog are focused in video for on youtube. Youtube dot com slash. Podcast see you next. Time

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