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Jennifer Aniston, Cardi B, Tiffany Haddish, Jason Momoa


Hi it's it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy be listening on Today's episode of Ellen on the go I like that that's an enthusiast also an announcer. Yeah I'm glad you're doing what Jennifer Aniston. Helen have have a picture perfect kiss. The Internet enjoyed Cardi B. officially needs Cardi e average. Andy goes through the haunted house. Not once but twice is one with Tiffany haddish and once with Liz OBE one hundred percent that Bitch Jason. Momoa makes a rock and entrance onto the Halloween show and in our very own. Mary Connolly's surprised with a treadmill. Yes schauch my mother's very much certainly was my mother. My mother enjoyed it. Oh welcome to go. I'm you're on the go. Thank my guest host today. Mary Kevin and Ed Hi. Everybody welcome back. Mary thank you week. A podcasting without just didn't seem right. It didn't feel right. You're right you're right about the podcast. Casts were pretty good therapy. That's also how about your pay check this week. Oh paychex paycheck take time card reminders. Right welcome everyone here exhausted. Let's let's start. Today was forty four degrees. Did anyone have that and then suddenly. It's beautiful outsiders at just. What time did you leave? I left like seven. Oh and hit some balls at the range. So what do you want to talk about. Start with Jennifer. I mean we have our cup runneth over. Yes you know what I mean turnover. But let's talk about Jennifer Aniston. Okay I just I don't know I just. I don't know not a celebrity more. There's nothing yeah I don't know it's like I know. We've talked about her on this podcast before well. She Co hosted that one time. Yeah but she's she's the sweetest human like she is genuinely. What you see is what you get where where you go? How can anyone be this kind of sort of sweet and cool and let's be honest? We we asked a lot of Jennifer Aniston. We like we enjoy her so much. She's so lovely and we love Yup having here that we ask a lot of her and she always always comes through and she always comes through really big she always comes and sees me too which is really does she. Yes she said. She told me that she's aware that I'm the only straight guy on this. podcast not true. I don't even even. I don't even understand what's happening today. First of all that would imply that Jen listened to the podcast slot a lot of flaws with south. Does it apply back. If you're wondering I was gone I was gone. I'm sure sure I'm sure I'm probably turned it off after thirty seconds when you weren't here But yes JEN Aniston. So yes we ask a lot of her and and she's terrific. She's and she's absolute money and She was here to talk about every person she encounters back like just genuine everybody'll everybody really enjoys her and she's like arguably the biggest TV star you know or or at least in the top five in the world. Yes and when she's here you don't feel any of that right thank Do feel as she's begun to do something that I very much enjoy. I I feel I know what you're going to say but I'm GonNa let you say it anyway and see if I'm right okay. She has begun to turn the tables on elm own a little bit. I like it right. Yeah so and and she did it she did it on this last appearance and it led to one of the greatest moments. It's probably had on the show. Sure how would you describe it. Mary what I would describe is is a couple of weeks ago. Howard Stern was here right? And Howard Stern earn challenged Ellen essentially to a kiss kiss. Well the thing about Jennifer says when she's here when you see our show you know the there's a lead guest everyday was a lead celebrity. The first celebrity on the show and that guest is generally to acts of our show. Yeah sometimes it's one if they don't WanNa game or do any business we just do one act with Emba. Generally it's to acts of the show. We had Jason Momoa on our Halloween show. He was to axe. Jennifer Aniston is pretty much the whole show and she comes like it can pull it off if if we can pull it off. We like to have her stick around. They are so comfortable with each other and they're so engaging to listen to together that it just well they've been friends for twenty years Asia and so and so that comes through and you can tell that they have a real friendship outside the show and it it. Yes absolutely are there. I don't know how many times she's been on but she was on our very first show that we ever tape to sure was. It's possible that friends was still on the air. I think it extended that one extra year our final year I think and then she was on our two thousand show in like season thirteen or fourteen with Justin timberlake. Now we're approaching three thousand shows and she. She was on last May and this October. She's just I just love her. She's just amazing. If you haven't if you haven't watched that episode that entire episode is a fantastic show audiologist. Go check it out. Here's a clip. Jin On our show this week. I had Howard Stern on the other day and you and then you did. His radio show he was in town. Yeah and I think it's I don't know if you feel this. I think it's surprising that we both liked him and her friends with him. Yes as one point we may not have been I think a Lotta people may not have been at a certain he was he was mean for a while he was a long time ago. Who's definitely that was his? That was his angle. Yeah and he's a nice guy sweetheart sweetheart really big drink. A tall sweetwater let tall sweetwater. Dark and handsome sweetwater they were. You GonNa say something else that Howard. I would like to ask how this kiss happened with him. He asked for the kiss. He asked the king. I don't normally just grant anyone who asks if for a kiss but tell me about it. What do you mean tell me how? How was it was it? What did you enjoy it? Were you nervous did you get did you kind of get it into it at all or was it just like. Is this something that's going to turn you on. Do I need to. Why is this important with so many people? Yeah I mean it was it was plus. I mean that was what was the last time you kissed a guy. Why is everyone so shocked? I kissed guys a kiss guys like that. I don't make out with guys kiss guys on the lips okay. Yeah when's the last time you kissed a girl on the lips. I I don't kiss on the lips. No aw this just in friends may of two thousand and four fifteen years ago ago. And here's how you know. I mean that clip is so funny. Yeah here's also know ellen loves JEN. She had gone and presented her that award. Yes and like Ellen Ellen. She jokes with all the time but she will not leave her house unless she truly loves you. So Allen shows up at your party or your Kingston Yeta no I would rather be ellen. Generally speaking would rather be and then allen loves JEN's new show. Oh Gosh way the new one weekend said I need more episodes I. They're like well. It's not edited yet. It is really good. The new one on Apple. Oh called morning show. I cannot wait to see it and for just a future. Tease beyond that. Jen has requested to guest host our program at some point and for the last time she was here she asked me she did and the control. You might not have been in the booth. Sometimes you're not in the booth anymore because you're really. You got a lot going on high powered executive must have missed that one. Yeah but she came in and said he came to me for a future future future teas and asked us to stop doing the podcast. 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We gave her team a huge shot last week. But let's talk about this before we talk about how it comes together. Yeah let's just talk about about the history of Ellen and Halloween okay. Let's talk. We have talked about it. We're going to recap it for. Aw I'll tell you this this this podcast you're listening to us. Then it must be a November fifth. So the Halloween show aired last Thursday. It was our highest rated Halloween. Show since twenty fifteen so almost five years currently on facebook this book alone Andy Ladner going through the haunted house with tiffany. Haddish has seven point two million views cross platform probably has between fifteen and twenty million views from you know you would probably say I'm anyway of you. Because you like me I would say I would say ninety percent. Tiffany five five percent Andy Five percent me and then ellen as Cardi e Being surprised by the Israel Cardi B. my gosh rounded at number one on Youtube for always upon hire day and the entire day of Halloween the entire overnight and this morning on this morning and it probably has between twenty and thirty million cross platform views. Right so that's like a spectacle that's an event. It's the highest rated show of this season so far. So it's epic and of course if you know me you know it's the primary thing I care about. Well not not allow much true. Almost no one certainly not Jennifer Aniston. But now let's get into a little of Halloween and Oakland so Halloween for US ferry successful. Yeah very happy with how Halloween goes for us. TV term for it would be tentpole. Oh yes something to look forward to. Yeah so we give Ellen this giant list of ideas that the tire creative staff has chosen one hundred people pitch ideas that we give her probably fifty ideas ed pages of sages. And how does that go well. This year she picked Cardi B.. Note Cardi based on Cardi B. and hustlers and I don't know because like she's picked Cardi and said but maybe we can beat it. We fall back and we come up with a whole other round the ideas Yup. We gave her that list. And Cardi. E Card delays. Cardi at that point. I don't know if she's thinking exactly what's going to go into Cardi. I'm sure I'm sure she assumes there's GonNa be the BOOBS we've had. She's used to the rubber boobs those a lot. There's GonNa be a wig big. Yeah Yeah it's going to be able to make a little bit a lot of makeup. But I don't think she realized she's fully aware before it and she knows it's going to be. It's like a roller coaster. Like clicking up the hill before you're about to go tell you why good analogy. Yeah and she knows she just knows he looks at the list and and we all knew the best idea. Yeah we all knew the best idea was Cardi and Ellen knows that and Ellen is smart. She knows what's is going to be funny and so she knows that the right cost him to choose on the day you're choosing the costume is cardio and then it's just a matter of execution then it actually. It comes to the day where hardy and that is really a fun day for all of us. Because she's like wait. What and I agreed to? What and less US Fund for Ellen? I might relate to being very uncomfortable. Enclose yes ellen. Is the most uncomfortable in that outfit. Is Yeah mostly imagine which is why it's so funny. Yes exactly so then. She agrees to to be Cardi. And then we of course sir like well what would really make this amazing if we could get Cardi B. to make a cameo. She was one year. She was Sofia Vergara and then sophie regardless of guard so so we start reaching out to Cardi B. and that's only a week or so before the Halloween show right now by we I mean Johnny Co ep and music producer and Johnny. Johnny reaches out to them and crickets radio silence on the day before. We're taping the Halloween episode Johnny when he gets a call from Cardi B.'s. People saying she'll do it she can be. There she thinks is funny. She'll do it. Great so twenty. Four hours later. Ellen's dressed up his Cardi. E and Cardi B. Walks out during the monologue and we all know in. This happens that this is like incredible and so fun and all of that long. Serie Short epic epic Halloween. Let's start with a clip of Elon during her monologue when Cardi B. You can only hear it and not see it. Obviously you should go to watch it. But here's Ellen as Cardi E on our Halloween show sh before we start. I WANNA say my eyes are up here. My boobs are everywhere else. My costume this year is a tribute to Cardi B.'s. Character in the movie hustlers. I can't be it Cardi. Es for Ellen it's awesome abrazos. Is this outfit has a whole lot going going on from every angle. I don't know if you can tell it. It actually was a lot a a lot to get me dressed like this. There's wardrobe there's hair makeup and a special. Thanks to the people at Goodyear for inflating me every year of course to dress up in costume and every year they try to make it sexier than the year before. I'll know it's time to stop doing the show when I send me out in two coasters at dinner Napkin honestly. It's amazing that I can can be wearing so little and yet sweating so much feels like I'm smothered in a sexy futons. Something so in the movie hustlers Cardi B. Plays a stripper named diamond and she was actually a stripper in real life before she went into music. And that is a coincidence coincidence because before I became a comedian I was also a stripper. I was stripping paint from houses but still I was a stripper. I was trying to get into character backstage. I'm working on my Oakland. I The you know. The yours is software that I should be mad at my back there after. I don't want to touch them. They are softer. Yeah Oh yeah. They feel good. They've they're fun that's good. Yeah as a whole lot so thanks thanks for being here. Cardi B. E.. So did you see my torquing. Did you see what I did. Let me see okay okay. Should've face you okay. It has it. Go trying to get a higher. How do I knew it? It gives you a couple of bugs right there so it's absolutely fantastic club S.. And what I would say is I know as you say Kevin Ellen is uncomfortable in those kind of close doesn't ever like to wear that much makeup hip you know. It's all a lot for her and my God she just knocked it out of the Park Lane. You're absolutely fantastic ellen. For putting up with all all that and doing that. Yeah knowing that the comedy was going to be worth it and the time in the chair feels and what I love your walks outside stage and she goes. I challenge you guys to find a costume next year. That involves more makeup more time in the chair. Maybe some prosthetics she wants to go all out you love about. I love absolutely unbelievably hard time and she knows the power of success. I WANNA wear. I WANNA wear like more makeup on her. I think I may have heard her. Say sexier please. You're listening. Ultra which I got a text of Jimmy Kimmel justice a peanut going on I think that was spam. Yeah okay all right so then so. That's the top of the show which is fantastic. Yup I wish we could spread these acts over the twenty shows in November. Then Jason Momoa decides first of all. He agrees to do the Halloween show which some celebrities really don't want to appear on your silly Halloween show in a costume right Jason. Momoa not not only appears he decides he's going to be Elvis. He's going to own it and my God that he on it. I mean we're singing some combination of space odyssey and see see rider and holy moly. Here's proof I never thought I'd say here's proof that head straight. He's not even mentioning that before he does his appearance Durance. He spends a good hour walking through the halls backstage shirtless yet the wig on his instagram or something right did big beautiful. Doing running around every staff member chef naked. I enjoyed it and so if if if you think about it if you think about it you know the answer to this but a Jason memo is favorite color. Is Pink Yacht. righty where that pink suit to the Oscars and it got the whole thing with the scrunchy. The hair thing was a whole thing so he had a pink Elvis suit. We made a pink Elvis suit for him so he was a cheap. No wasn't probably we not worth it. A thousand Percent Course Ellen gave it to him on the Air But but Matt right are co Executive Producer. Who you've met on on this podcast had been walking around saying that Jason Memos going to be pink Elvis and then he distorts that to He kept saying Jason. MOMOA was GONNA be Pelvis. I thought that somehow is going to be something that was going to end up on the show because he kept saying he's GonNa be Pelvis. Elvis it's funny and he walks out in. No he's just elvis in a pink suit and we don't talk about it and it was quite an entrance so I gotta say it was unbelievable. Oh my gosh over I love it. That's that's Nice aloha from Hawaii Aloha. You gotta Lay on. Yeah you're a good Elvis Elvis's before am obsessed with Elvis slightly. Yeah grew up. Just love them. You know my Momma Donovan. So obsessed about a bike lock him. I got fifty five Cadillac and really. Wow and have you dressed like him before though I did a couple times. Well yeah actually. I did it on Halloween when I was nineteen and that was my first time in in Los Angeles I was working on a little show called them and I was in Hawaii and and I was working I was working with it was working with a beautiful woman and they invited me to Halloween. Party in Los Angeles was my first time in Los Angeles and it was the uh the playboy mansion and so nineteen year old. Jason showed up as a young Elvis and this is my second time. Plano Elvis. Oh Playboy mansion and now here on Halloween good to me. Yeah Yeah. That's a fantastic outfit though. Where'd you get that? Did we make they made this. Wow you have a bunch of people find and make and put it all together and like three days well. I think you're going to want to take that home. Love to okay. You can have it on. I'm coming home. You look so good. We shouldn't have a beard. Yeah Don commitment to shave just for this Halloween Day. Did you guys know the Ellen. On the go is sponsored by Nimble they create premium everyday tech products like fast portable archer. Yes yes we love these protective phone cases and they use sustainable materials like recycled plastic and plant based bioplastics which is a really good thing because the truth is our love for new gadgets is killing the planet used. Electronics are now the fastest growing stream of waste in the world. 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N. at checkout that's go- Nimble Dot Com Slash Ellen Code Ellen at checkout for twenty five percent off your first order in and of course the Halloween the thing we work the hardest on yes on Halloween show and we start. I'll speak for myself. I start working on it in mid September her and it really is. It is the most labor intensive thing that we do all year. We worked to convince Andy to go through Stewart. It's so funny that you say that as if there's any form of choice in it for Andy exactly but we do work in we convinced him that It's going to be fantastic and it's going to be great. It does ultimately have to be Andy's decision. He won't be fun if Andy doesn't right. Willingly willingly participate so we get him to willingly participate. But you know it's a bit of a mountain to climb and this and this a and this up for me I know yeah I don't be mad. I know it's a lot for you. But he gets mad because I don't he's like why don't you do away. They'RE GONNA THEY'RE GONNA hold that it makes unhappy and it's it makes everyone celebrities asked to do it with Andy. They they ask did not do it but you know go through houses and they ask him to to go with them because they think he is so funny you you know while being terrified Yep and that's and everyone's copied it and they all show there's before ours. They all send their people through haunted houses but but the one that people really wait on each year is andy correct. Good for you and your twitter following. Yeah I mean you know. I went through your account for the last week. And you've tweeted one hundred hundred times about it and so it seems in the end because I'm trying to get the show some if I'm going to go through that it has to be worth it. Does that not make sense. Because it's the last year of doing okay. Angry Leeman angry have learned last. podcast hates doing them and get scared will be going all right. Just tone the anger down. Just yeah we just need you to create two shows if he's going to do your job. Yeah Yeah on believable. It's not you know we're not ungrateful. We love you grateful to you. It is my favorite thing. Andy I have a feeling yes. If if it's GonNa be not good night go ahead. I think you'd miss it a little bit if if you didn't do it next year for sure when sent a text to all of us on Ellen after he went through it before it aired saying I took my boys to Hollywood hard number of people there who want to lunge at me and say boo. Oh my God that made me laugh. I love you andy. And we love 'em and we know that it's a lot for today on the podcast. Oh cast we're GONNA play at least a clip of Andy going through even though you can only hear it because really the hearing is really two thirds of fun and then And then go to your DVR or to Ellen. Toobin even watched the whole thing. This is Andy. And tiffany haddish going through a haunted house at Hollywood hard nights at Universal Studios. Hollywood here with Tiffany Haddish movie star fellow Jew Halloween night for Universal Studios Left. And I'm not feeling percent she's already jumpy. which isn't helping mainly the voice protecting myself? I'm sooner we start the sooner. It's over okay. It starts right away. We're good they do the. Yeah and here's the other thing they do a Lotta decoys. You'll look at something and go out. Must be well. That's not a good example. The mirrors mayors can sometimes be deceptive. Paul there this is what they do they make you wait. We don't scream unless it's something you do not see. That's what I'm talking about a distraction so expect this that's not real not real. It's it's it's not and now that you've heard some of those beeps a a fun game to play at home or while you're driving. Your car is to try to guess. What words Andy? Indoor Tiffany haddish might have been saying When when we had to them they were not good words? Everybody has a favorite curse word. Tiffany haddish's is a lot speaking of creating show. Sorry to interrupt sure or have we discussed the fact that our very own Kevin Leman Genius of geniuses not a good guy but a smart guy and create a bad guy. uh-huh has created and sold to show. Yeah actually we sold it to HBO. Max which is an animated show called Lil Ellen based on Ellen as a little girl and I just think I'm so impressed with it cited for you guys tell us we're GONNA be There's forty episodes while they bought Sousse seasons. And we're doing it now yeah and we're producing it through our ellen digital network that you guys help. It's it's very exciting. End The premise. It's more than just give us the premise. It's going to be Ellen as a seven-year-old navigating her life the same way she does her adult life social ramble. She has a group of really good friends. that she goes on these adventures with and you'll be able if you're a fan of Elena will look at the animated show right like. Oh that's where twelve as a giveaway from. Oh that's why she scares people and being like if you love Ellen. Is there someone that she cares. Constantly it is there a little Andy. I don't know well I'm working announced you can't yeah can't talk big fat. Anti we cannot say if all be doing any voices on the show. But let's say me Mike Be Ooh. That's good yeah thank you Marilyn friend and making me. Auditions just locked your appearance in a haunted house next year. But that's amazing forty s really really and I believe I don't know if this is personal. Kevin gets two million per episode so familiar. Yeah so it's a big deal but but I don't want to share the no. It's amazing right. Yeah that's really something. Yeah he's talented guy. He is a talented guy. So we gotta do this before we before we go as I said this podcast this week. This one this episode as an embarrassment of riches not the least of which is there's a writer on our staff named Adam yet. There's an EP on our staff. They Mary Connolly Mary Connolly as a treadmill desk. So it's a it's a treadmill. She doesn't have a seat desk. She can't go sit at her desk. She can sit under honor couches which are very low anyway so so Adam wasn't sure that Mary was using the treadmill on a treadmill desk so he put a penny on the actual treadmill treadmill of course if Mary used it the penny would have rolled off the penny was there for a week so adam conspired with Kevin and I assume I'm ellen to do this monologue where we totally surprised Mary at the top of show and the monologue is about Mary's treadmill desk in her Not Using her treadmill desk took Mary a minute. Who are this monologue? I mean we're in every day. Yes what a pleasure. It is someone who constantly in the dark mark about something that is happening on the program because it involves me the joy I had being in on some to the point that I was Giddy all day that I had information that something was GonNa Happen on it because it's a very unusual feeling as much as I I I it just was exciting. Are Very involved with every step of the way so it's also a ton of work yet. Hide things from you. You get to Ellen alone. which without us we emailed L. that the monologue? I see pitch to her early and she was on board and we put it after the Halloween show knowing that she was going to be tired from Halloween and she had something to look forward to and of course any new all all day long. We were doing a monologue about Mary in which Mary would be shot on camera she'd be on camera for the for the entire hour of the show. So chosen Andy. Knowing that you wouldn't think be chewing gum all throughout the monologue. When he's on camera with Mary Mary not knowing she's the topic of the monologue goes out at the top of the show and I watch her on this camera? I don't usually get to see them at the top of the show because we don't have that fee but because she was going to be the monologue she puts a big mint in her mouth. Ellen calls the two of them out on camera and it's because she interns who've never been told what happens on my headset going. What are you guys doing one hour to do this ellen? How to stand at a different places? She could see Mary's legs. Walking on this treadmill we were gonNA give her and seeing Mary Watch Ellen walked to the wrong place was so fun gosh joy. The Ellen started saying didn't match the words that Mary thoughts awesome. Did you know. Did you think it might be about Andy Because Kevin Sniping that you didn't even or maybe you're just telling me you didn't know what what I I can tell you is. She walked to the wrong mark and got on headset going into the wrong mark. Going to the right and you guys you liars in the Control Room. Liz was amazing We're like director. Liz was amazing. Yeah she goes. I'm so sorry Mary we can make it work though. Yeah we'll adjust. We'll make it work. We'll make it work spent I see cameras sliding over I go. That's none of this is right and then I go all right. They're gonNA make it work. I just heard you on that is like Oh. This isn't the model. This is an entirely different monologue. That's what you said the pictures of like of like Johnny Norman and Justin Bieber restraint in lake. Yeah it was crazy. I knew I knew at that point. It was going to go badly for for me. I knew I knew something was coming and I didn't know what and You know I saw Phil yesterday. Phil who works with Kevin. Kevin in the Writers Department Phil Came Out of my office at one point as I was walking towards my And Phil doesn't ever go into my office that you and I was like what's filled still doing in my office but I just sort of Tuck that away and talk to somebody about later. I'll talk to fill privately after this. My guess is he was taking a picture of the penny probably Yes very good sport and you've got a lot of exercise. I got three miles in and what I'll say is the number of people who were concerned for my well. Being as I was walking on the treadmill are you. Okay are you right. You need to stop. You need to get off Do you want water. Do you need slowest down. But it's in your state of fitness. Mary is that right now. Everybody was like so we get married. Some water should we relax. She's I I was. I was the fear was I was going to fall off the treadmill l.. And take a good the head injury and because Andy just needed to be very very close to me sort of at all times on the treadmill and I thought that was go badly but yeah I was very happy to get get more steps in and and even this. How do you feel Mary like like like we asked you to climb El Capitan? I was like I said I said this morning I was like the the staff's perception of my health and wellbeing I'm fragile and old. I need to maybe start. I don't know doing what so that people know that. I'm I've seen you in the ocean overreacting. Well let's play the clip because this is just it's just wonderful and magical and you should really watch it airs on the show after Halloween and here it is. Here's a clip. Once in a while I go through the budget and I see what the show is spending money on and Usually it it goes to helping people in need or making insurers for our trumper. Sometimes I find personal items people bought for their offices. And my for instance my producer. Johnny he paid to frame framed picture of Justin Bieber and then my producer Matt paid to frame this picture of my producer. Johnny that's in his office and I also found out that my producer marry bought thousand dollar treadmill desk and I think it's great and I think it's good to work hard to stay in shape but I wanted to see if it was being used. So what what I did was on Monday. I put a penny on the corner of the treadmill and I figured nobody would notice but like if she's using it or something it would fall off because the treadmills being used and they're checked on Tuesday and then there's penny then. I checked again on Wednesday Wednesday and it was still there Thursday again still there Mary. Have you been using your treasury. Don't answer that. I know you couldn't use it much last season Arash Ryan I mean that could have made it spread. I get the rash went away and I'm never going to mention it again. The rash that is. Why haven't you been using the treadmill Been a little busy. You know what your rights you spend a lot of time here But you spent money on it and I worry about the the budget. That's just my job. WanNa make sure it's being used so I arranged to have it brought here because you're here mostly. Ah All right. He controls it it. I'm controlling it so no am I going to become a failed video All right I got a good sport. It was

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