November 20: Amazing grace


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A verdict the widow of one of the victim says provides no real sense of resolution church and stats as covid nineteen numbers rise in steinbach manitoba. The city's right and mennonite communities face and unjustified backlash because of false rumors. They held an anti mask. Rally pop idol threat after ugandan singer and presidential candidate. Bobby wine was arrested again. this week. Compal erupted in protests in. His lawyer tells us the powers that be your cracking down. Because they know he can win. Litmus toast british celebrity chef. Nigel lawson divides the united kingdom by revealing. she butters her toast twice. Which left some armchair critics feeling pretty crusty and lightning rod. The new season of the crown left our guest reeling. He stunned that. The actor who plays prince charles is so bad at fly fishing and he won't let him off the hook as it happens. The friday edition radio that knows a bunch of famous actors. Don't necessarily mean an all star cast for much of today. Ramey bay don't j. d. power was in rehab. The quebec cellist is working to regain the use of his hands. And much of the rest of his body mr bellagio. Poor is one of the survivors of last month's sword attack in quebec city on halloween night. He saw a man dressed in medieval costume with an unsheathed sword. That man attacked seven people. Only five of them survived. We reached arabian all j. d. power in quebec city rehabilitation center and a warning. His experience was violent. Anyhow did we have today so it was a pretty quiet day. But i still every hour. I'm doing these Hand exercises and then four times a day. I'm doing these arm exercises because my both my right hand needs a lot of work and all my left arm and elbow special. Eat a lot of work. So i'm busy with all these tiny exercises so far that you spirit sound good in the video. I saw view. And i'm hearing on on the phone. You sound strong. It's so strange. What's happening to my periods. Right now i am in high spirits and I don't let anything hate related or violent related filter through. So i guess my life right now is painful in my body but everything that enters my mind is all the this positive thoughts and all this support and also. I'm trying to be patient with myself as a as a musician. I wanna work. Go hard until it hurts and keep working. But they tell me here. I have to keep my body in check and really respect not to go into too much pain. It's just extraordinary to hear. You speak like this after what you gone through. And i wanna ask you about the halloween nights and when you were in the old city of quebec and you encountered this attacker wearing. What you thought was a halloween costume. At what point did you know. This was no joke when the ford had my have really because what i saw was this guy wearing the costume. And then he's got the big big sword then he lists the word up and i thought he was a drunkard. He's gonna pretend to hit me and he's gonna find it funny that my reaction is the be all Fearful i thought. I'm i'm not i'm not gonna react to any of this but then it was all real and the hand was so bad he really beat me up and i'm sorry for your listeners. This is all really graphic. I'm not gonna go into too much details. But i think i really think he beat me up with a store using like baseball bath like this guy is no professional for sure. 'cause otherwise i i'd be gone. I mean i was really close to. I spoke with the police who saw video evidence of what happened and they couldn't believe i was there standing in front of them. How did you get away. I scream for help and a part of me still things that i dream so hard for held that anything that was left of the guy in this violence body had to turn away for a second. I don't know why but at one point he just would no longer there and i was alone and in a pool of blood in a fountain did you. How did you assess what point. Did you realize how badly you had been injured. So after he left me in this fountain. I ran to mac and I was met there with great workers there and they called the ambulance and the ambulance last and then they realized they had to put some dudes inside of me and the breathing thing and everything they had. This ship meets montreal to face my finger and then When i finally was waking up from this. I knew i was badly hurt. I had broken bones everywhere. But i think it's really. I think last week or the week. Before when i spoke with my therapist and she explained to me how my muscles were hurt. And how my bones were hurt and in which direction they were cut and with directions they were broken and i could like the whole scene in my head and see all of these heads i. It's just horrible. You had something in your hand and the doctors wanted to know what it was. What did you show them. So as i was getting beaten in front of sorts of max At one point. I guess the most horrible thing to happen to musician happened to me. I saw my hand. And i saw a couple inches away was my finger my index finger. I i remember taking it from the ground putting it inside of my hand and closing my hands around it and thinking and never gonna let go so they were x-raying my hand at one point and they're like what's in your hand and i'm like well it's my finger and then i said i'm a musician and point. They decided to submit to montreal where this surgeon words. She's my hero these days i think about her a lot. I still don't know her name. I don't know now who she is. But i'm going to find out and She connected my own finger back into my own hands. And now i guess the narco of scientists happening. And maybe i get my finger back and we'll you play cello again. So as i was in montreal under much much sedation. I was looking at my severe hand and My my arm. Right now is not functioning at all and i thought. Can i still play cello with these limbs. Were these broken limbs and I thought i can play with any limb i can fight seller with. I'm nothing can stop me. I can play silo with my feet. I can play itself with my knees. I can sit on the cello. Here it crack. I wanna hear it crack. I wanna i'm i. I'm getting all these ideas where i've always worked with the limits of my body as a creative art now. These limits are really different. And i'm going to have to probably make art. That's different and i'm throw down to do it. And i i'm not gonna play baugh anymore but i i would never playing your spirit is just amazing something else i wanted to ask you because you also spoke of this in your video is the feelings. You have an had about your attacker. Can you describe that for us. Yeah i'm it's really hard for me to explain to people who don't know me perhaps but I remember so as i was in the ambulance for me. It was clear that i'd forgiven the guy. Because i don't right now. I'm just speculating. But i don't think anything of the guy was last in the body that i met. I met a violent body in crisis. And i feel like the whoever whoever this guy is he wasn't there and you know what i want know who he is. I can't have any hate towards this guy for all. I know i think he's. He's a broken soul and I really wish him all the best anyone listening to this would be inspired by you your strength and and sending you a lot of wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery and thank you so much for speaking with us thank you so much remi balin. Oh poor as a cellist. And a survivor of last month's halloween sort attack in quebec city. We reached medica beck city rehabilitation center On his drive to work this morning. Manitoba's chief public health officer was discouraged by what he saw. On the streets of winnipeg they were full of people. At a press conference today. Brent rousson pleaded with manitobans to stay home whenever possible after the province announced four hundred and thirty eight new covid. Nineteen cases and winnipeg. Wasn't mr roussin's only concern in steinbach. That ten day tests positivity rate is forty percent forty percent of people getting tested or testing positive. For comparison the winnipeg region is thirteen point seven percent today in steinbeck alone. We have three personal care. Homes that have declared outbreaks three assisted. Living facilities have declared outbreaks bethesda. Regional health center is seeing high volumes of covert patients. There have been twenty four deaths in the community since the start of the pandemic seeing a lot of Disproportionate numbers And we need to end that. We need people to follow the orders staying home leaving only for essential reasons reducing our contacts and we need to continue to try to bring down. These numbers. steinbeck was in the headlines this week for reasons other than the high covid nineteen case count last weekend anti mask. Protesters marched in the community in a hugs over masks rally. Many of the protesters appeared to be part of the local hutter right or mennonite communities but they were not kyle. Penner is an associate pastor at grace mennonite church in steinbeck. We reached him there. Kyle when you heard dr rusen. Say that number attest positivity rate in steinbeck out forty percent. How did you react shocked We knew it was high. This was the first time they've actually given us a number in steinbeck's specifically and none of us expected it to be. That high were shocked. Were scared or sad. Were anxious and we all a little bit traumatized. I know you're not a health professional. You can't give an expert opinion. But what what are your. What's your sense. As to why steinbeck is seeing such a high prevalence of covid nineteen. I've been asking around with my friends and family and peers here and we can't quite figure out what it was they haven't named any super spreader events and my friends and family are their first or second degree of these people. The ones who are testing positive. They have got it from trying to visit friends at a distance. they've got it from accompanying Their parents and their grandparents and their last moments And a lot of that just simply do not know where they've gotten it from. We've heard reports from doctors and public health nurses in my church and they have said right. Now we are assuming that every indoor space has cova in it every indoor space in steinbach has basically infected. That is the assumption that we were supposed to make part of that is because they're doing lots of contact tracing here in town and they're having a very hard time pinning down where people are getting it so they are assuming that it is just so widespread that it's everywhere. I mean we heard that your matter mattos chief. Public health officer in that clip. He said that we need to end. That people need to start following the rules and doing what they're supposed to do some finger pointing going on at the community itself. It's not just like. I don't know how i got this. But our people observing the restrictions that people have been asked to stay home to wear masks to keep a distance is that being observed in steinbeck. Manitoba has a color coordinated system from yellow to orange to red. And the now. We're in. Read what i call so in a matter of two weeks. We run from yellow to orange to red to blood red. So this kind of sprung up on us very very quickly so what we were doing at the end of october we had the same public guidelines that were in place in august for us when there was probably close to zero cases in our community. Now we are seeing. Oh my goodness it was. There was probably all sorts of covid in our community at the end of october beginning of november before we ramped up the public health system. The news on the weekend. Was this anti mask. Protest a against masks about one hundred people in steinbach in a rally. Hugs over masks insisting that that was what where did that come from. Is that actually ascension that you find common. They're not going to say it's not here. But that rally specifically was there was some organizers from winnipeg who've been planning rallies around manitoba all summer and fall and i think the dates for steinbeck last weekend just was our turn coincided with reports from our hospitals that they were full and overflowing so the timing was not great. The speakers from that event were not from our community. The elected official was from the town next tour. The church members to half the people attending reform may small church twelve miles. South of steinbach. I've seen pictures. My friends have seen pictures and except for the elected official. We don't know any of the people who attended this thing so we did happen in steinbach and some people attended it but the majority of them were not from our community and unfortunately we get to wear the headline of anti mask protest and signed back at the same time that our hospitals are overflowing community. But your church because people blamed the mennonite communities for that rally. You are a pastor at grace mennonite church. So how is it that they came to blame people. Like the congregants of your church. Yeah there's one group that in in the area that has a Very specific dress code so they can easily identify that. And so i think it's a little bit of A character to a really easy way to slander spivak as a whole for the actions of a few you. You wrote a piece that was published in canadian mennonite. And which you say that there's all kinds of finger pointing on and meanwhile you said we are dying. Here was the message you wanted to send to people after the rally last saturday. It was very frustrating because People not somewhere community were blaming all of us and slandering all of us. I notice people saying. I'm never going back again today. I see back has a forty percent test positively. You guys deserve this. An anti mask rallied. And i just wanted to communicate to people that if i take is smugness or arrogance or sanctimoniousness. That's not helpful to us. I really want people to lead with empathy and compassion. I and what responses you'll get from people to even saying very positive so my own church. We invited all of our congregation Candles facing on the street window as a sign of support and prayer in solidarity all of the healthcare workers and all of the patients in the hospital and all of their families. This last weeks whenever the uniting for all of us. I kind of joke that two of my friends who would never vote for the same political party. Text each other saying you got the liberals. I'll get the conservative and we will. We will show support to our healthcare workers this community of yours. Sixteen thousand people in steinbeck. And so when you got a test positivity rate of forty percent it would seem that almost everybody knows somebody or has someone in their family who has covid twenty four deaths. People would know them. How can you move on from there. What do you think needs to happen in your community to help you heal from that. I don't know it's hard because all of our rituals grieving and funeral. We can't do those really well. Over zoom a lot of it is is simply trying to rely on relationships and our connections with our family and friends and doing our best to take care of each other. Those of us who were younger going grocery shopping for those of us who are older Those are able to work from home the employers letting them even though there's four year olds running around the house. It's a lot of kind of pulling together and trying to be as patient and empathetic and compassionate as possible. Kyle thank you very much for your words and for speaking with us. Thank you very much for having me by kyle. Penner is an associate pastor at grace mennonite church in steinbach manitoba which is south of winnipeg the new season of the netflix show. The crown is being criticized by some historians royal watchers for what they say are inaccurate portrayals of moments in history or even the complete fabrication of some events in the lives of the royal family in the nineteen eighties. Dominic withrow certainly has one major criticism. When he was watching the show last week there was one scene in particular he just could not ignore for you. hello boy i'll ranking in politics. Well must be an hour ago. I've been put through to the extent where we finally reached new iceland in the river off. Sow doing that salmon fishing with friends. You classy boone with the whole gang tribe asking you mr with road doesn't have a problem with the historical details there but he does have a serious problem with the fly fishing technique displayed by josh. O'connor the actor who plays prince charles reached dominic with row in chaba surrey dominik. How would you describe. Prince charles his technique for fly fishing in the crown. Well i imagine the real prince. Charles is something of an expert fisherman however the the fishing is displayed in. The tv show was just atrocious. What really struck out with the way the line was cost. It obviously crashed into the water with absolutely no technique. It's all it would scheduled any fish for miles around. It will so. I'm to the time that i felt. They should have got it back so it was just awful. Any fisherman would have went to see it now. It wasn't just a flash frame which wasn't a fleeting moment was they actually went to details of showing the scene in fact showing charles opening up his little his box of flies and choosing when carefully. And why did you feel good. Go to all that detail and still and just be so. I guess ham fisted in their cast. I honestly i think things like looking at equipment and making sure you've got the right basic kit. That's all pretty easy to do. We have to do is get these fishing shopping. Say what do i need to look like. I'm a good fisherman. But the actual skin of costing line is something that you learn but yes in some cases and it is a real lot and it's not something that you could fake but i think the filmmakers simply didn't cat that this was something that they had to get right they didn't consider does it. They were millions upon millions of of avid fisherman. Might be watching that show. Prince charles in the actor does land of really quite large fish with this. So what does that say to you. They really wanted to show him dispatching it and say they have apps bludgeoning it to bit goodness as what was left of it at the end. I think it was to shave it emotional turmoil and and also the story building to a particularly brutal lind and catholic cosmic events part of foreshadowing that. But it wasn't convincing won't remain the well. It's a very good point. I mean that it was a metaphor right this this brutal killing the fish. His rest of the royal family is out hunting. Everyone's out killing something. And meanwhile of course was building toward. And i guess no spoiler alert necessary here because it is history the this is lord mountbatten is about to be assassinated in a lobster boat so all this is going on so i mean. Isn't it more symbolic than instructive. It is absolutely but that's a show that has millions upon millions of pounds and dollars straightness it. It's exquisite to watch. The acting is superb. The cinematography is magnificent. And then they didn't pay any attention to really important details important to certain people berries no question to the fact that the terrible display of fishing from a man who in reality extremely accomplished that so thinks he's doing his whole life one of the few things in the kennedy rightful or wrong and they wrong. It's lazy so you decided you needed to put pen to paper or a or to send a letter to the daily telegraph. It kind of shocked and appalled laughter. What was your intent with that well to be. Honest is primarily a joke. There is a bit of a tradition dating telegraph which is very much the establishment newspaper the prime minister. Boris johnson used to work at and there are frequently quite possesses People getting upset about things that really seem insignificant. I wanted to write a latter. I thought oh this will be funny. I'll come across like some o. Convention colonel sitting in his tweets and getting thirty frustrations that these people who don't want that day. And i thought that the very opening sentence in which i said my wife and i were watching it specifically say that we could pick it up on the inaccuracies. Total prejudgments is a thing. And i defense but is significant. But as i've explained could be important would be the thing to pick up. I mean there were plenty about the things that i spotted but this was so blatant and so i tend this subsidy i laughter and sensitive with. I really thinking it could get through to. The left is editor tool. And i must say i was very surprised morning when a friend contacted me and said oh what senior will actually in the newspaper and then of course couple absolutely expected the place now talking to people of the world that isis children. Okay so you so you kind of went viral. You have. i understand. You went to his twenty-seven followers on twitter narrates forty something. Apparently so people agreeing with you or saying. Oh get a life or what. What kind of response is a mixture mixture. Most people seem to recognize that. It's it's a joke at the expense of the daily telegraph more than anything else. But there are plenty of people who are responding with. Oh i winced about name as well and also people greased by the fact that the fishing was so poorly executed. All right good to talk you dominic. Thanks thank you save much. Goodness dominic with row wrote to the daily telegraph paper this week to alert readers to the poor fly fishing technique displayed by the actor playing prince charles. In the new season of the crown. We reached him in. Shaba surrey Did you know you can get all your favorite fall drinks delivered right to your door. Well you can with drizzly the number one app for alcohol delivery compare prices across your local liquor stores on a huge selection of beer wine and spirits. Then get them delivered in under sixty minutes right now. Drizzly is giving all new customers. Five dollars off their first order. Just enter promo code fall five at checkout download the drizzly app or go to drizly dot com. That's dri z l. y. dot com. We can get anything delivered from furniture to toilet paper and now adult beverages with drizzly drizzly. Lets you compare prices from local liquor stores on a huge selection of beer wine and spirits than get them delivered right to your door and under sixty minutes and right now grizzlies giving all new customers five dollars off their first order. Just enter promo code easy five at checkout download the drizzly app or go to drizzly dot com. That's dri z l. y. dot com not criminally responsible. That was the verdict in the trial of matthew. Raymond the fredericton man who shot and killed four people in two thousand eighteen. The dead included two police officers were responding to the shooting. Two psychiatrists diagnosed mr raymond with schizophrenia during his trial he testified that he thought he was shooting demons. Not real people but the crown argued that matthew delusions weren't severe enough to cloud his ability to understand what he was doing. Jackie mclean is the widow of constable. Rob costello one of the police officers killed. We reach her in fredericton. Jackie first of all our condolences for your loss. Thank you very much. Can you tell us how you reacted. When you heard this verdict of not criminally responsible while i did sit through the Closing arguments and the judges instructions and based on that. I had a pretty good idea of what the verdict might be. And so i was mentally prepared for it. But it was still shocking. You will have a chance to give a statement as to how would have what impact this had. Do you have an idea what you want the court and the public to know about the effect of the loss you have of your husband in this shooting. I think it's really important to recognize that robs loss is not just felt in my life and in my family's lives. His loss has been one of for the whole community. He was a an amazing police officer. He specialized in diffusing situations and working with people with mental health. Issues and the entire city of fredericton has lost him as a police officer and as a part of the community. What is it about that job. You're that he liked. What was it because you you said elsewhere. That the every day he went to to work he never lost enthusiasm for the job. What is it that was so important to him about being a police officer. One of the things that drew me to rob initially was his commitment to the community and making the world a better place. And i'd never really known anybody who had such a strong commitment to their community and did you. Did you ever discuss the possibility that it might end. Tragically as it has Yes actually we did very early on in our relationship. He brought me a book called emotional survivor for law enforcement and he asked me to read this book and then let him know. If i was prepared for that kind of commitment and i was i was committed. I was on board. He was worth it and did he not also promise you that he would always come home. Yes he did. He promised me he said it might not be at the end of shift could be hours and hours later but he said i will always come home and the day that he was killed was the first time that he did not come home. You said at the time that you you couldn't stop waiting for him to come home that that would be the hardest thing for you to adjust to. I still have moments. Where i think he's gonna come home. And i have actually had moments where i heard the front door slam and i heard him bang his boots on the door frame. Lanky did when he would pop home while he was working. And my heart breaks. When i realized that those footsteps don't come down the hall and greet me with a smile like he always did. I'm so sorry every day without him is painful. And it's not gotten any easier with time. I didn't realize that about grief when he first died. I thought that it would get better. But it doesn't really never really goes away. This man matthew raymond. He killed Your partner also. Another police officer. In two other civilians and he is found not criminally responsible. You sat to his testimony in the trial. What did you make of him. Gosh if i spoke honestly i would probably say some things that would hurt some feelings. And i don't want to do that. I volunteer in the community with mental health. And i understand the complexities of mental health issues. I don't feel one hundred percent. Like he was sincere is testimony. I feel like he hold the wool over on us on some degree and yet at the same time i don't want to has judgment because i don't suffer from the same mental illness that he does. I don't understand what it's like to be inside the head of someone who has schizophrenia or delusional disorder. But that being said his lack of remorse israeli insulting for me as a family member of one of the victims. He testified that he believed he was shooting demons and humans the crown indicated that he had modified his rifle to double the amount of ammunition. It could hold. He barricaded his door and he shot with intention to kill. Are those the the aspects of this that that give you pause give you question about his testimony. Absolutely he said in court that he was shooting at anything that moved except that there were several individuals inside of apartments and in the parking lot. That were moving that he never took aim and fired on. I don't want that to sound. Like i wish he'd shot more people but i just i don't understand how he made a conscious decision to shoot certain individuals and not others. And that's the part for me. That i have the most difficulty with your concern for people with mental illness has led you to open a home for adults in fredericton and at you named after your partner rob castillo. Why did you want to give him that. Honor prior to rob's death we had planned to open new facility and it was a good opportunity for rob to be remembered. There is a very Very strong need in our community for more housing for adults with mental illness and We would like to open three more facilities and name those facilities after the other victims. You think a home like the one the like this one and the others. That is someplace that could have helped matthew raymond. Maybe some unlike him to prevent crimes like this from happening absolutely. I think that had someone anyone said. Hey this guy needs help and there have been resources available for him that this tragedy could have been averted. In these cases of someone found not criminally responsible. There is the possibility that they could be released someday. How do you feel about that possibility. It's utterly terrifying. I never want another family to have to go through what our families have gone through and this has demonstrated that. He's unwilling to take his medication. Unless he's forced and for that reason alone i feel like he will never be able to be released and i just hope that whatever review board is assessing him for that will also see that but given today's verdict. I don't have much faith in the jackie. thank you for your openness and thank you for speaking with us. You're very welcome. Thank jackie mclean. Is the widow of constable rob costello one to fredericton police officers who were shot and killed along with two other people in two thousand eighteen. Today jury found the shooter. Matthew raymond not criminally responsible for the deaths we reached her in fredericton new brunswick and you can find more at cbc dot ca slash h for two weeks. Rachel maddow has been away from her show on. Msnbc and her time off was the opposite of vacation. Ms maddow has been at home taking care of her partner. Susan who contracted covid nineteen and was so sick that at one point. They thought she might die. Susan is still sick but now she's recovering rachel. Maddow revealed all this last night in a segment broadcast from her home. Where she's in quarantine and with thanksgiving around the corner in the us. She warned americans to do everything in their power to not get or transmit the virus. Here's part of what she had to say. I don't know you at home except through this medium but just believe me whatever you have calculated into your life as acceptable risk as inevitable risk. I'm just here to tell you to recalibrate that. Frankly the country needs you to recalibrate that because broadly speaking. There's no room for you in the hospital anymore. But please just also know that whatever you think of your own life and however much risk you are willing to take on for yourself. That's not how this works. Why you need to know is that whoever is the most important person in your life. Whoever you most lavin most care for and most cherished in the world. That's the person who may lose our who you may spend weeks up all night freaking out about calling doctors all over trying to figure out how to keep that person breathing and out of the hospital. Just whatever you're doing however you've calibrated risk in your life. Don't get this thing do whatever you can't keep from getting it for thanksgiving next week. You really are going to have to just have it at home without people coming over and yeah that's gonna suck but that is going to suck so much less than you or somebody in your family getting this and getting sick. Trust me won't necessarily be. It'll be the person you most care about in the world. And how can you bear that. And whatever you've been willing to do to risk getting it don't just don't do it. Msnbc out broadcasting from her home where she's in quarantine. If the idea was to suppress bobby wide popular support his arrest. This week. only did the opposite bobby. Wine is ugandan popstar star and a candidate for uganda's upcoming presidential elections. He's hoping to unseat longtime leader. You wearing seventy. Mr was arrested on wednesday and accused of breaching covid nineteen regulations with his political rallies. His arrest sparked two days of massive spontaneous protests to which the ugandan army responded with. Live ammunition police say. Thirty seven people have been killed. Bobby wine was released on bail today. Nicholas oh peo is one of his lawyers. We reached mr opio income. Paula this gop. Oh i know you have spoken with your client wind tonight. What kind of spirit is he in. He's a tough guy so he was expecting this. He's in good spirits. He was hutton to know about. The widespread support expressed For him across the country while he was in detention is looking for to resuming his campaigns. Tomorrow and in the weeks to follow it charge. He is faced with his for contravening. The public health act which could face to face up to seven years in prison for that. The claim is that it was a contravention of the rules around the the corona virus. Do you think that's really the reason why he was arrested. Absolutely not nobody in. Uganda believes that this is about covid. Guidelines members of the ruling party including ministers Have been holding large rallies across the country and nothing was done to them. So clearly this is not about covid guidelines. This is about a politician so popular. Who was now approaching the city having done his tour of northwestern northern not enough is a new gonda an attempt to try and talk him from holding rallies in compiler or an arch of the central district. The police have responded to the rallies and the protest. Against the arrest of bobby wine. They have responded with live ammunition and The reports are between twenty eight. To thirty seven people have been killed. the minister of Security has said that Police have a right to shoot and You for nothing. Do it at your own risk if you wanted to protest. What does it tell you that the security forces are being so severe with these protests. First of all they're now. Fifty eight reported dead bodies as of this in coppola. I think that the security forces have taken a war was job. They have taken these demonstration as a declaration of war and therefore deployed war tactics. We have seen non uniformed armed individuals moving in the city and shooting at people who are simply chanting. Bobby wines names. We've seen individuals driving private cars. Shooting people randomly. The national cammisa for the uganda people's defence forces was on tv yesterday and declared this situation of war the mini sub security. As you said that declared this shoot to kill policy landing but demonstrates so the situation is really worrying as you point out. Mr moussavi seventy has been the president of uganda for thirty. Five years and now Bobby wine is is contesting his his presidency. Wh what kind of a threat does he pose to. Mr moussavi bobby wine. Uganda's young population official government statistics. Show that seventy five percent of our population below the saudi fife bobi winds candidacy as sean renewed interest in public life in politics by the book nation. If indeed this supports translate into votes it represents a real threat to present. Misogyny is such a it yet. All individual who was born just a few years after seventy came to bala who only became an mp three years ago and musician of humble background is inspiring to believed to reimagine nevada. Embodies was threatened present. Seventy president was avenue said yesterday that the protesters were being used by outsiders by homosexuals and others. Who don't like the stability and independence of uganda. We shall not tolerate confused. People they playing with fire. What is the message. Do you think the president lewis avenue. Sending two ugandans with those words is a common refrain of president seventy everytime. He's back used to walk to blame an amorphous. Group called foreigners is very clear what that means but it does so deliberately one to put the international community on the defensive to guilt trip them so that now when you're speaking to the government you you begin by footage izing saying that you're not after regime change in uganda. In essence you therefore fended off from holding into account for what he does second reason and that's why he goes to almost sexual is that he will talk a sense of nationalism and seek to blame. It might not a very small manage in this country who are already vulnerable who are targeted who intimidated. Who harassed everyday so. He's seeking to use to scapegoat this minority two time publicity against a Open it but mr moussavi is not going to go without a fight. And he has the security apparatus of uganda behind. How how much bobby wine. How can you stand up to him. Given he's been arrested many times often violently can he can he resist. I think that inconsistently arresting wind and the political position president seventy is shared to us is becoming more brazen the people who sands and dotas. They're killing on the streets and not people who are being one of our and will support the link patted creating more discontent shooting and killing can only time people against in and precipitators exit from power. This repeal. We'll be watching. And i appreciate speaking with you tonight. Thank you all mind. Nicholas opio is a lawyer representing bobby. Wine ugandan pop star and presidential candidate. We reached him in the capital of uganda. Come pala To be fair making ordinary foods seem. Extraordinary is nigel lawson's bread and butter. The british celebrity chef can literally butter bread and a five minute how to video and rack up thousands of views but as we know also split her country into in a recent segment on her bbc. Show night jealous. Eat cook repeat. Ms lawson broke down her method for making toast a few minutes and after spreading generous layer of butter on the hot toast. Ms lawson did the unthinkable. I favor The two stage buttering approach and so far any stage one has taken place. And that's to say the minute is came out of the toaster and still loved in holt. I spread it with butter so that the butter has melted down into it. And it'll give it a fabulous competency bite stage to now ready for it. I need little more butter and it will stay in some golden patches on the surface. It's unsalted butter. I always prefer to use part. What high need to do is sprinkled some so flakes ova now. Don't don't get lost in the fabulous crump eighty bites and golden patches. You did just hear. Nigel lawson telling viewers to butter the toast twice. Reaction spread quickly on social media. Now keep in mind. This is coming from a nation that also frequently spread marmite on its toast. So let's take these takes with a gag inducing number of grains of salt heart attack on a plate right there. One user tweeted shook to the core that nigel invented buttered. Toast added another but some people were on board with the extra butter. I this and thought i was a monster. Thank you for normalizing. It is a monster and one fan. Took things even further tweeting. I stand nigel. Lawson's twice buttered toast. I'll do it thrice for the love of butter proof that when it comes to butter on toast you never know which way people will churn. You've been listening to the as it happens. Podcast show can be heard monday to friday on. Cbc radio one and on sirius xm following the world at six also. Listen to the whole show listen app. Download it for free from the app store or from google play. Thanks for listening. I'm carol off. And i'm chris how to for more. Cbc podcasts go to cbc dot ca slash podcasts.

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