ATC121: 2nd Annual ATC Seneca Awards Broadcast [Bonus Episode]


And now audio theater central Oh hi there. I'm Johnny Whitaker Most folks around here. Call me with Vinnie Jones and new hello. I'm Dave Arnold your host for focus on the Family Radio Theatre. Hello welcomed Audio Theater Central. This is the show that's all about family friendly audio drama. I'm Jay Dee and I'm Roy and I'm Andrew this episode one twenty-one now this is a little bit different from normal today. We're going to share the replay of the second annual Sinica awards broadcast it was great and as has it with last year. We had our obligatory chocolate milk. That's right. Our can't forget the milk so it keeps keeps you going yeah. It was a lot of fun sharing the winners in all eleven categories and having guest speakers this year that was that was a lot of fun yeah. It was quite exciting to hear from so many big names absolutely well. We're not gonNA waste any more of your time. We're GonNa just roll roll the tape here you go welcome <music> second annual audio theater central Seneca awards presented by porchlight family media The A._T._C. Seneca awards honor excellence in the world of family friendly audio drama and tonight's broadcast is brought to you by they are fantastic partners. The classic Dale's audiobooks Adagio Tease the script Digital Library Odyssey Fan dot com and the A._i.. Away tea and now hero your host for tonight J._D.. Gene Roy and Andrew Well. Thank you so much Heidi I am J._D.. Center founder of Family Media We're broadcasting this evening from the family media studios in Phoenix Arizona and we are thrilled to be able to honor under actors composers sound designers and more and I wanNA thank you for joining us for this broadcast. Yes and I'm Roy and I want to welcome industry professionals audio drama fans alike and I'm Andrew in addition to the awards tonight tonight. We're going to be hearing from Dave Arnold and Filler. That's absolutely right and we are thrilled to have some guest presenters this evening and some entertainment coming a little little later on and Roy. I'm glad to see that you ditched the Royal Blue Tuxedo this time right but you know not so sure if the green was a great either at least it at least it sets off the pink tie wall. You just call me the green machine oh well. We're still going to have fun despite some people's wardrobe choices or possibly because of that's very true well the nominees in the winners tonight as always these are the best of the best in the industry. I know I can speak on behalf of the whole committee that it was difficult time making decisions this year and not just in the voting at the final ballots but just even selecting who would be the final nominees it was difficult. There was a lot a lot of great audio drama created in two thousand eighteen but tonight we are going to award winners in eleven categories from the productions that were released in two thousand eighteen now before we get into that I did want to mention that something else took place in two thousand eighteen and that was the series finale of kids kids corner that team has wrapped up that show it was a hugely talented team working on their on this program since the early to thousands had a nearly fifteen year run twenty seasons two hundred sixty five episodes so we just wanted to make sure to acknowledge that they did some really great work and Kudos to that production team and the cast for all of the hours they put into that show. It's a really great show. Let's give them a round of applause there. You go very nice. I feel like we should have a moment of silence for kids one of my favorites but sad to see them go but all two hundred sixty five episodes are still available to listen to four free at kids corner dot net so if you haven't checked out yet hey go do that. Well speaking of entertainment. Hey let's start off with some fine guys. We are really happy to present to you a sketch from the traffic therapy show this is by Samsung Serey who was writer for Adventures Odyssey and his team over traffic therapy podcast dot com and there is just some really great material over there. We're going to start off with a sketch called loyalty card. I saw the council of elders has been watching you. Dmitri most impressed you have shown great potential. Thank you each time we entrust you with all of images most sacred treasure and for you to journey out into the world and complete the great quest I ready then take these trees and may you better than the many who try before you and failed and this is a loyalty card A._B._T.'s you must johnny out and try to get the remaining seven punches that we may redeem it for a one free hot beverage at the Java Hut. That's my quest tools. You wasn't ready. He's too arrogant. Dmitri for generations are village has dried to redeem this loyalty card when we first got it the BARISTA punched at once and for told that if we returned nine more times than the tenth coffee would be three but second punch was quite easy we still had the thing in our wallets and the Java hut was on the way to walk but after that second punch things got much harder it seemed like like every time we went to the Java hut no matter how many times we told ourselves to bring the loyalty card we never had with S- when we got there dozens of drinks were purchased without the Hoyle Tico. Only the God's know how many free copies these we missed out on. Let me you want me to go to the Java huts and by seven coffees and then my quest is done we shall be free of the cast of having a partially filled loyalty not cod burning incessantly in the back of mine and wanted our. Do you guys want any coffee. I go for a cup of coffee me to as good any of the other village elders want coffee feet. I bet they will be furious if they here. We did a coffee running in it. Include them okay so how many will be <hes>. Let's see that's the three of US plus one two three four so <hes> seven coffees. I'll go get seven seven coffees. Get the Card Punch seven times and then kind of the free one <hes> Joel great be right back. Wait take this ancient stored with you so I don't need it. I was easy. He truly was chosen one. I'm sorry but he got the loyalty yeah. Oh my goodness. Thank you Sam in your team for allowing us to share that with the audience that is an example of what you can do with audio drama in three he minutes put everybody knew where we were what we were doing what was going on an entire story was constructed and then played out in three minutes so if you want more like that head over to traffic therapy podcast dot com now let's move into the awards and our first category is best cover art and the nominees are for the temple the extraordinary adventures of g a Hindi from heirloom audio uh-huh productions the incredible race patch the pirate from majesty music just in time Discovery Mountain season four from Voice of Prophecy Saint Bartholomew's eve the extraordinary ordinary adventures of g a Hindi from heirloom audio productions under the surface adventures and Odyssey volume sixty four from focus on the family and the winner is for cover art art. It's a big envelope. Will we ever no wait for the dramatic. Pause best cover art winter is for the temple from the extraordinary. Mary Adventures of G Hindi from early. Mahdia productions next category is best script and the nominees are for the temple the extraordinarily adventures of G._e.. Henty from heirloom audio productions written by Darby Kern operation Mosul the Brinkman adventures from beach glass ministries written by Ian Boltzmann the Tequila mockingbird Affair Nick Guy private eye from dominion artists written by Frankie Lee the toy adventures and Odyssey from focus on the family written written by Phil Lawler the Treasurer of the secret cove lamp later theater from lamp later ministries written by Kathy Buchanan and Mark Camby all right and the winner for best best script is the treasurer of the secret cove written by Kathy Buchanan and Mark Hamby now. What's that Cave of their that is which is cove? You'll want to stay away from that dreaded place. It's haunted no one should go knew that came to the cave be called cheese wold in less so John can hurt. I must've been bird. Don't think should leave. It's crazy so congratulations well. Let's move on two best original score and Heidi. Can you tell us who the nominees are the advent him volume one from wise king media composed by jared DEEPA squall black rock this shadow remake from Jonathan winstead composed by Catalin Korea David and Absalom Adventures and Odyssey from focus on the family composed by jared DIPA squall operation Mosul brinkman adventures from beach last ministries composed by jared daypack squall the treasure of the secret cove lamp later theater from Lamp Lider ministries composed by John Campbell all right. Hey let's open this envelope here. Thank goodness these are hard did open. Here's some solid envelopes and winner is the Ad Vitam volume one composed composed by jared deepest wall time it is time I must get you the ARC doc. They're coming from the browns. I moving onto best sound design. The nominees are the advent him volume. I'm one from wise king media sound design by Luke Kuhn. Oh for the temple the Extraordinary Adventures of g a Hindi from heirloom audio productions sound design by todd bus steed pursuit of destiny Jonathan Park from wise king media sound design by Luke Kuhn. Oh Saint Bartholomew's Eve the extraordinary adventures of g a Hindi from heirloom audio productions sound designed by Todd Bastide the treasure of the secret cove lamp later theater from Lamp Lider ministries sound design by Alan Hurley. The winner is someone Beth sound design the inventor volume one sound design by good no let there be lines and there was lives. I cast true the ground all right. We're GONNA take a quick break but before we do. I just want to say thank you very much to our sponsor. Odyssey fan dot com the honesty fan is the owner of the world's largest collection of adventuresome odyssey merchandise over fifteen hundred unique items and also others that are duplicates just in different colors colors or ones that have different odyssey characters on them or whatever just a huge collection started in nineteen ninety-two with two cassette albums and has grown now it is it is an amazing thing you can head over to odyssey fan dot com check out some of the items available see the full list and some of the ones that he has doubles of he puts up there for sale so you might find you might find something that you would be interested in you can also sign up to to go have a tour to see the entire collection so all of that is over at Odyssey Fan dot com sorry Ethan Daniels. You're not the number one odyssey fan. This guy's got you beat and we wanted to say thank you to Odyssey Fan dot com for supporting the Audio Theater Central Sinica awards. We'll be back right after this classic Mystery Quick Watson the game's afoot classic adventure. I won't won't escaping long John Silver Classic Romance a single man of large fortune defined thing for our girls classic science fiction. You mean aside that you've tone yourself invisible classic horror I am the Dock Doc Ula beat you welcome classic fantasy of shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings really with a touch of humor. You don't know about me without you have read a book by the name of the adventures at Tom Sawyer and a Dash Shift Shakespeare you common cry of cars. I banish you. There's something for everyone that the Classic Tales podcast subscribe now available at the itunes store stitcher spotify or wherever you get your podcasts and welcome back to the second annual Sinica awards we're going to move into. Hopefully we'll become a continually recurring segment around here. This is a lot of fun. I like doing this so hopefully we can do this again. Next year. Wink wink nudge nudge as do I know the guy who runs this thing. I think so <hes> we're GONNA do a look at someone very special that bridges two worlds that mean a lot to all of us who are fans of audio drama were all aware that ultime radio has has a marked effect influence as a matter of fact you would almost call it the birthplace of modern audio drama and one of the most important prolific voices you would hear in old time radio is parley baer now we we would be more familiar with parley baer those of us who listened to adventures and Odyssey as his role <hes> in his role as uncle Joe Connie's uncle Joe and some other sort of random voices voices. He's played over the years in the earlier days of adventures and Odyssey but he was also very important in the world of old time radio as a matter of fact he served as various voices the on just for some examples he was in many many shows but just as some examples of the whistler escape suspense tales of the Texas Rangers dragnet the C._B._S.. Radio Workshop Looks Radio Audio Theater the six shooter yours truly Johnny dollar and of course that is only to name a few Oh my goodness. I never knew he was in Johnny Dollar. <hes> yes parley baer was all over the airwaves in ultime radio days days nineteen thirties to the nineteen fifties and in one thousand nine hundred eighty two he began playing chester his most prominent role on old time radio the trustee jailhouse assistant to Marshall Matt Dillon on gunsmoke he even eventually as the show went on ad-libbed ad-libbed. This is pretty hilarious. The entire or the characters full name he was just known as Chester Yeah and at some point during the show someone was asked to he was and. Invoice full of pride and sort of duggan upset that this person was kind of demeaning him he add lived this came up with it on the spot apparently that his name was chester Wesley Proud foot so so <hes> which is pretty awesome that he had lived that <hes> the character of Chester on gunsmoke was very memorable had quite a vocal quality to him very diffident total foil oil to Matt Dillon gave him someone to play off of very very distinctly and set off the character of Matt Dillon as being the harsh Marshall so on and so forth so <hes> just to kind of encompass the feeling that existed between these two characters we have a a clip from gunsmoke in the setting here is <hes> this is an early gunsmoke episode in which Chester has been set upon by a couple of wicked cowboys wicked whatever Texas cowboys or something and <hes> they actually drug him a little bit behind a horse so he's he's been messed up. He's been in bed. They weren't even sure if he was going to survive and Matt Dillon has finally been allowed to visit Chester in the doctor's office rotate <music> what happened to you been lecture run. A couple hard-nosed cowboys one in particular. I see I'm trying to draw on sure. Did I've been thinking and and I'm not much help you here. Maybe I better gives had enough chester well but I've been thinking just stop thinking if I look Chester. I'm going to tell you something and they do career. See the only man of God Jack Really Trust my one well you. You can trust me. I <music>. I'm thanking you're sure no help tiny line there. You know help. I don't even stay here long doctors all the F. and around again look at Chester. I tell you what I I'll go get patched up and then we'll make kitty. Come over and fixes some sticks. What are you say that'd be fine and sure like that and even in these early roles before taking on a life of its own and become hugely popular chester and Matt Dillon had great chemistry as actors together? We've already mentioned this but we we would be most familiar with parley baer as Connie's uncle Joe and so I put together just a few little clips of some of the fine acting done by parley baer many years after his appearances on gunsmoke after old time radio at faded into memory still maintaining that professionalism the amazing voice the distinctive vocal qualities and playing Connie's uncle joe take a listen the fight will be forgotten just my part in it Johnny Nail. There is no story no really okay okay. I read you but you need to know Oh that I'm gonNA keep digging. I think you do have a story and I think it deserves to be told you do what you want but you won't find but you're looking for by the jungle fighting was horrible. Were staying at ever been through didn't seem like whatever end every day as a friend after friend guy on and on to call up that I could then one day while we were skirmish something just sarge Gel sorry just say sitting here and I thought and I just got lost and small memories. I guess you can't help it sitting here. Next to the war memorial like this I delivered paperwork between the department. The State and Naval Base at Pearl Harbor made a lot of friends at Pearl. That's how I met Sam mentioned Sam. I don't think so he worked for Naval Intelligence as a translator mostly helping a government of office called Operation Magic you you Davey. I am TV This B._B._C. Borough Connie. It's not hundred to meet you. What now wait wait? You're telling me Your Dad was was on our side at Pearl Harbor. This man's father was one of the bravest man I gave his life serving our country. Really you pressed for Time David. Can you come back to my house for a while. I WanNa hear all about your family of course and I would love to hear more about my father father within highly sitting here June the Flab. Let's go on Connie. It's kind of amazing to see a man who is so prominent probably the most prominent old time radio except for maybe Allen Young one of the most prominent old time radio voices and figures to play characters on Odyssey. It's really neat to see the connections between the birthplace of audio drama and what is arguably the largest largest longest running. I'm sure it holds all kinds of titles but adventures and Odyssey and Odyssey has such a connection to and by extension we have all of us has fans as listeners as folks who are involved evolved in the resurgence of audio drama much of that coming out of Odyssey's success <hes> such a connection to the past an old time radio and especially Mr Parley Baer as proof proof of this oftentimes adventures not being fairly specialized doesn't get <hes> a lot of mentions on your online encyclopedia companies like Wikipedia or I._M._D._b.. Or anything like that but in partly bears wikipedia article <hes> it does mention that his radio work in his later years included Reginald Duffield and Uncle Joe Cinnamon on the focus on the family series adventures and Odyssey in the nineteen eighties and ninety s I think as a great subject to choose to show how it bridges the gap and really where the roots of this medium come from its we can't forget that and we on Audio Theater Theater Central have urged people if you haven't checked out old-time radio to do so so I'm going to say that here as well. There's a lot of great programming out there and much of it is available at red at your fingertips for free so check. Check it out. Thank you Andrew Well. We are so pleased this year to also have some guest presenters and our first one for this evening is Mr Phil lawler writer her director actor just done everything in audio trauma co-creator of adventuresome Odyssey the creator of Iliad House and he's going to talk to us for a few minutes about character development and just to share a few of his tips and tricks and and tidbits about creating genuine characters for audio drama so let's welcome Mr Phil Lawler. Thanks Gentlemen Pleasure to be here at the Seneca Awards. I've been asked to talk about creating developing good characters and story. It's a big topic and only have a few minutes so hope you guys won't mind but I've asked some friends to come and help me out. Come on guys yeah. Okay settle down settle now. Let's begin with some introductions. Why didn't you each tell us who you are and where you're from starting with you? I know the Monkey from jungle gym and friends the radio show had must've crane from space visas crooked Eddie stool-pigeon from the Tom and Jerry show happen. Jonas Graham bequeathed from adventures and Odyssey Mr strong from the misdemeanor show. Thank you all for coming along with me. Let's start from the beginning. What is character Millard? I'm glad you asked character is whether the foundational pillars of starry Aristotle one of my personal heroes said stories contained six elements plot what character diction or dialogue thought or theme coconuts and bananas just kidding the last two spectacle and song although a story devices coconuts and bananas a not bad pretty good as a matter of fact <music>. I'm hungry now. The first four the important ones plot character dialogue and bananas theme and all their startled. My friend thought that the two most important where plot and coconuts character he said plot is the invitation of Action. The arrangement of incidents while character is certain qualities we ascribe to agents or people or even better monkeys characters act out plots so you gotta have both plot and coconuts character and bananas and salad at Fruit. I'm so hungry please somebody give me a little snack. Yes of course so captain what kinds of characters should every story have good ones cars but to be more specific low just as every shore and steady schooner needs a hearty main mast in order to say true every shore in steady story needs a hearty main character another tearing in true and that main character is also known as the pro tag ernest now. It's very important to remember that the pro tag inist is not necessarily the hero sometimes he or she is the case. Maybe is the bad guy or Gal by the same token. A good story also needs at least one but possibly several and tag inist and in like manner the end Tagan EST is not necessarily the villain and so to wait and therefore if you're pro tag inist is a bad person then your end agonised would necessarily have to be a good Parson funny how that works a indeed now headmaster crane. How do you know who your main character is and what that character will do? In any given situation excellent questions deserving of an excellent answer and that answer is to find your main character. You must no who your story is about. Who is the agent of change an action in your story? Who are we following? WHO MAKES THE DECISIONS GETS into trouble? Falls from a great height climbs out of the abyss takes on all adversaries solves problems and overcomes obstacles that is your main character and in order for you to know what your character will do and to be able to have your character. Do all of those things things well. You must know your character before you have a writer word of dialogue all story you must know about whom you writing. The Great Writer Package Isky did this very thing for his films tmz the hospital and Network He created detailed backgrounds for the subjects of the films a hospital and a T._v.. News Network respectively he developed their entire histories and the histories of the people who are the key he players in them from their births until the moment we meet them. The results were to brilliant award winning films. Yes as a wise rocket one said no your character <hes> good advice advice good advice. But how do you go about doing that Eddie. That's crooked Eddie. What's that kid? It's a process and you've got to trust it like headmaster cranium. He said you staff from the beginning of your characters lives with the most basic things mail hail a female where would they born. Both parents still married both still alive any brothers or sisters. Where did they grow up? Anything traumatic happen to them and their formative years howled audie when we meet him. How much schooling did they have on a smart dumb? What are they look like tall short slim porky any distinguishing physical characteristics but Mike's Tattoos? What did they do for a living and what about their personality introverted or extradited avoided clever dull happy sad to process is very much like right in a police report something I happen to know quite a bit about you? Ask all these questions and lots more and the last things you want to ask the most most important of all foisting. What is the characters name? You could tell a lot about a place in from his name. Trust me I know and second what is your characters greatest strength and fatal flaw all great characters needs something about them that they're better than anyone else and they also need to have something about them that sends them topple into the ground and his secret for the best characters death fatal flaw is the flipside of their greatest strength there so completely connected to each other that every time the character uses his greatest strength their endanger of succumbing to fatal flaw. That's what makes for a great story. Yes it does well Mr Strong. I guess we all know what your greatest strength is sure like crooked Eddie his said it's all in my name. I'm strong. I mean melodies biceps pickles. I hope you didn't need that table. It also goes to show you that my fatal flaw comes from my greatest strength but there's one other thing that a good character needs to make a great story see dramas all about conflict and characters his role about action but what's the conflict that you main character is taken action about. That's the other thing your main characters dramatic need. Your main character needs a goal. They want something they don't have. They want to get rid of something than they do have day. They WANNA go somewhere. They want to stay away from somewhere. The goal can be huge like saving the universe or it can be small like learning to ride a bike and it can change during the course of the story. Maybe maybe your main character fulfills dramatic need but it opens up an even bigger more important one. The point is you'll protagonist has got to have a goal. Your protagonist acts to achieve that goal and conflict happens when you're protagonist has has to overcome obstacles putting their way by the antagonised or even by themselves in order to achieve dramatic need and that's where all of that background you created forum comes into play it helps you was the writer know-how your main character will act when faced with obstacles. Wow Okay let me see if I have all of this character is one of the foundational pillars of great storytelling along with Coconuts Bananas. Every story needs a main character. The protagonist who is not necessarily the hero and one or more antagonists who are not necessarily the villains to truly hearty to true your main character or protagonist is who your story is about and to I know what he or she will do in the story. You have to know your character as a wise rocket one said to know your characters you need to create and detail their lives from the day they were born right up to the time we meet them and give give them telling name a greatest strength and a fatal flaw which completely connected and you must give your main character a dramatic need to fulfil and via the antagonised or the protagonists own actions wins place obstacles in their path the create conflict that the main character needs to overcome or resolve in order to reach his or her goal and you Never WanNa make it easy to overcome those obstacles make it hard like my biceps steps that share there well. I know all of this is just the tip of the iceberg and there's a whole lot more we could talk about when it comes to character but I really appreciate your help Millard Captain Headmaster Eddie and Mr Strong Long. That's crooked Eddie. I told you to watch that kid who right right well. Thanks for coming guys on no problem aw pickles. You don't need this door. Do you. Just just leave it. It's it's fine gentlemen. Oh thank you so much. Let's give a big hand to fill lawler and his assistant assistant. We'll get to come from this mess up off the stage here excellent excellent information though thank you very much and I know fans love that kind of information that behind the scenes or or a peek into the mind and other creators in the space can definitely benefit from all this wisdom from filler company well. Let's move into into the awards again. We're GONNA start this award segment with the best supporting actress and the nominees are Marianne Rafferty as clear in Zeynep Bartholomew's eve the extraordinary adventures <music> of G._e.. Henty Melissa Disney as Rebecca in the Bentham volume one Rachel Marley as Sultana in his gape from the Eagle's nest lamp later Theater Bernadette speaks as has Hagar in the advent him volume one corey Walgreen as Mrs Merrick and escape from the Eagle's nest lamp later theater all right and let's see here the winner in the best supporting actress category is upside down Rachel Marlee as Sultana in escape from the Eagle's nest speaking English only scratched correct me. If I do not become a meal for it I thought it if I had a dagger I would have killed it. You audie twice. I omitted my father now for best supporting actor category and Heidi. Maybe who are the nominees jess are now as vinnie Jones in the treasure of the secret cove lamp later theater Chris Nelson as mortimer in the encounter season to Brandon parish as tyler survey low in pursuit of destiny Jonathan Park at the end Ragu as our Gento in St Bartholomew's Eve the extraordinary adventures of D._A.. Hindi Andrei Stoica as wit in Charlotte Adventures Adventures and Odyssey. Can let's see winner is this one is also upside down. The winner is Brandon in perish as Tyler survey low in pursuit of destiny spent most of my childhood memorizing Bible Verses Because I wanted my dad to be proud of me but I also spend most of my childhood saying goodbye to him the day when he finally retired it was so excited US finally going to get some time with my own dad. We could finally go fishing fishing together. Play ball together. Go to the movies together and that's when he started doing church stuff he was a good speaker really good people love to hear him. He got invited to conferences houses and seminars all over the country. All I wanted was his time next category going is best leading actress nominees are Hannah Glavin as violet in the encounter season to Mackenzie Lee Harris as Oona Grayson in the treasurer of the secret cove move lamp later theater so via oxen him as Mary in for the temple the extraordinary adventures of D._A.. Hindi Georgia Lee Schultz as Cinderella in Cinderella Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre Sarah Zimmerman as Sarah in the advent him volume one and the winner is do you need to stop getting your invalid from the Pentagon uh-huh Mackenzie Lee Harris as integration in the treasure the Secret Co if you must know I need a boathouse down by the shore window will be hissing and I can't have my vessel being damaged by the storms. I just need the money and I expect it this evening. What should we name her vessel? This magnificent does as a fine name. It caught to go out in her. The people will be able to save triumph. Yes that's what we call him. That is her name. She is the triumph. This is what makes my hobby. I caught on Orlando. People perished not anymore. I must go the one more category in this segment best leading actor. The nominees are Jesse Abo as Jonathan FARC in pursuit of destiny Jonathan Park Mark Jim Customer as young wit in Charlotte Adventures and Odyssey NATO Jacobson as Cuthbert Grayson in treasure of the secret cove lamp later Theater Gerry Nation as Abraham in the advent of volume one Phil proctor as detective pole house in the Toy Adventures and Odyssey and the winner of best leading actor his in NATO Jacobson as for Grayson in treasure of the Secret Code Jim must it would be nice to have a book on Tying Nas but I must say even more than tying knots. I've learned Jim your your faith. You'll press sustained us through this. I I never knew the Bible was so full of wisdom and Truth and comfort drawn great peaceful Jesus. I'm joined him as well. Well as you heard in those list of nominees Jim custer was nominated posthumously for this category category he did pass away just a few months ago and so we thought it would be fitting to recognize his work. As this character I mean he played a nearly twenty different characters on adventures and Odyssey the over the years <hes> most notably probably as young wit but he also played Joseph in the Bernard and Joseph episodes and he's played wit from nineteen eighty nine through two thousand eighteen beginning with the episode episode titled Rescue From Manatuto Point Way back in the day a favourite from for most fans I think at a just a fantastic episode and fantastic actor and Roy you did a a little work and put together this amazing real. Can you tell us a little bit about what you chose. Yeah so Jim custer started for me. I listen to him in last chance detectives and I picked up on his voice there and so he he really stuck out in my mind as playing pop Roy Fowler unless chance detective and just his voice in his acting style just stuck with me through the years and so <hes> have a little bit of that in here then obviously <hes> for Odyssey fans playing young wit I have some of that in here and I went back to some of his acting from Jeremiah people and found some some takes from that and so that's at the beginning and the kind of put the as the book ends the Jeremiah People for this track and we hear a little bit from Jim himself giving some acting advice towards the end of it so great actor great warm feeling Jim Cuss like I said always stuck with me his voice in the back of my head through the years and just want to give him pay him tribute in this Israel absolutely take me out to the game Johnny Johnny get off that kid none of the other family members numbers even thought to bring their families. They all brought bank statements instead but you you are different that would be me. I'm Roy Fowler. Go back through planes right. Are you wearing a pacemaker. Do you have any artificial ams. There's one thing I can't seem to get the other guys to come. I want you to check out this stand your ground thing that's going on this week. Leah Christian Men's Assembly. They're expecting fifty thousand people. This got to be something going on signalmen John Whitaker reporting for duty Sir request permission to come aboard. I know I should have handled the whole thing differently and if I go back and do what I would but all I can give for my family is a two dollars special on a back lot. They can get my kids our two guests. That's IT Amana supposed to provide for his family just herk diplomatic. You me like the time you almost got killed at the rover grotto or the time you almost got me an emmy killed at the old Granville place or the time that you almost got me and Jack and and the end Charlie killed in the mineshaft those differences all well ah you're sorry that makes it better and if there isn't a conflict in the lines make up one in your head like I'm sitting on attack in this really hurts but you're trying to do the audition normal but you're think in other words conflict is what makes a character interesting so if there's conflict in what you're thinking or if there's conflict in the lines at gives you something to play off oven. You'll be much more fun to watch. I Fed off that again. I don't comfortable. I don't want to seven on any other kids. Hear me all right now. Go play well that is a wonderful tribute and he will definitely be missed. Not sure what they're going to do for young win these days yeah well. We'll be back with more awards right after this but I in one say thank you to the A._O.. Wicky for partnering with us for this broadcast this year the second annual eighty Sinica awards the Iowa started in two thousand seven in it's over at a quickie DOT com. If you are unfamiliar with it check check it out. It's got a lot of information almost seventy five hundred articles over two hundred sixty five thousand edits since it began and if you need to know anything about any episode or album or actor actor from adventure not AC- chances are that information his at the I.. O. Icky they also have their own podcast which is a lot of fun as well hosted by Lee and Orissa so head over to A._O.. Wicky Dot Com and thank you for your support of the Seneca words. We'll be back right after this the A._T._C. Sinica awards broadcast is being brought to you in part by Adagio tease. 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It happened quite got the adulting thing down yet greenhorn tales will follow Cam and Nick along with a full cast of characters as they tried to figure out this thing called life. We'll we'll get going you to those cheesy. Chips greenhorn tales lice a stage and they've forgotten their lines. Welcome to your new home. Gentlemen Welcome back to the second annual SINICA awards. Yes we are going to begin this segment with another skit from San Siri and the group over at traffic therapy PODCAST DOT com. This is called square tipping and I think about this kit probably on a daily basis when I have to encounter one of these machines so it cracks me up. I hope you all get great laugh out of it as well all right. So what can I get you on this fine day. I'm just going to get this sparkling water sure sure thing one bottle of refreshing sparkling water to go with an awesome. Did he stood that'll be to fifteen. If you just want US lag your car right on this little IPAD GIZMO that all swivel around to face you okay and then it's going to want to know if you're paying with credit or debit so hit the button for whichever it is and then it'll ask if you want your receipt email texted or printed I don't interesete okay then just hit printed and I'll keep it as a little momentum of our time together sure and then it's going to ask if you want to tip fifteen twenty five or thirty five percent or you can enter a custom amount. Just make your choice on this large full color display that everyone behind you in line can clearly see there's something wrong. It's just that all buying a bottle of water. I picked it out of the fridge. I waited in line and now I'm paying for it. I don't see this as a scenario. where tip is appropriate? Hey that's cool. If you enjoy the service today you can leave a tip and if you don't like this small independent coffee shop and you hate me a human being made in the image of God just trying to make an honest living by all means don't it's none of those things all doing is paying for something that I picked up and brought to you which even be asking me how much I want to tip if it wasn't for this IPAD Gizmo what's up the line this guy he doesn't want a tip. Did the Barista do them. No I saw the whole thing the research being incredibly friendly the entire time are won't chip. What I I'm just buying a bottle of water? I hit my waiters tip. It my live driver. I am not a bad person. This is a bad system. It's okay you don't have to. I just thought we heard a connection. You know I mean I did this picture of US riding bikes together. Oh see that's your sparkling water that you're holding. That's me I got you win. Did you paint that while we were talking. Okay that deserves a tip. Oh my goodness Sam. The funniest things in life are essentially true exactly exactly again. Thank you to Samson Syrian his team at traffic therapy again. You can check them out at traffic. Therapy PODCAST DOT COM audio drama is so great yeah transports to another world. Yes it is one that is very familiar one well once again we are thrilled to introduce as to you another guest presenter tonight Dave Arnold very very well known in the audio drama world producer writer sound designer. He's he again. He's done it all in this world as well actor actor yes <hes> played Jesus one of the biggest roles of all time yeah exactly big shoes to fill currently the executive producer of adventures on Odyssey and he has extensive experience in all aspects audio drama but he started doing sound design back in the early days of Adventures Odyssey and radio theatre so we have invited him to speak a little bit about how sound design and Foley have changed over the years and progressed with technology technology and the way to approach really good immersive sound design in this current era and how they did it back in the day and some of the obstacles that they had to face so please give a warm welcome to Mr Dave Arnold. Thank you guys you know gone created this all in his image and because of that the positive characteristics of forms came from the character of God so those include for for us our faith or humor our perspective on life <hes> talents that we have and for me that includes the gift of creativity got also created this inside stories are parents had their own stories when they wanted to have children there was a specific setting that they were in a period of time in the history of the world things were going on in the world they had pressures to bear maybe economic things and they had us as children we were born into a story and because we're born into the story of that's one reason why we resonate I think so well with hearing stories and enjoying stores and learning from stories and I think that's why as a AH creative person who enjoys stories I went into the field obviously that I've gone into which is <hes> audio drama for me. Specifically <hes> my path took me just in this direction and that's a story in and of itself but when I started with focus on the family nineteen eighty-seven they were just beginning this new idea called adventures and Odyssey and it was an audio drama that was intended to become an alternate form of entertainment for kids kids who were being barraged with violence and in Saturday morning cartoons it was an inexpensive way to provide entertainment but back in nineteen eighty-seven we were at these sort of the genesis of of changeover from technologies as we began working on adventures and Odyssey the technology that we had in that period of time was quite remedial compared to today we recorded on quarter-inch Studer Dax reel to reel. We'll <hes> tape decks. We edited the takes. The best takes on a chopping block with tape in all of that so you use a razor blade cut it found with China market you marked where you wanted to do all of your editing and that's how we recorded and <hes> edited our voice tracks. It was all mono track at that point in time and then we went to produce onto an eight track one inch <hes> Atari machine and because you only have eight tracks you're very limited in the amount of ideas that you can create in terms of your sound design obviously we we had I used to lay out one track for voice tracks in a second track for supplementary voice tracks and Santa Facs and stuff like that third and fourth tracks were always stereo pair for a music track. Five was another sound effects tracks six was a foley track and seven eight were a stereo field but for the ambiance that was what we were kind of locked into when we started working on this eight tracks now of course is unlimited tracks but back then it wasn't and so if we wanted to create unlimited tracks we had to do sub mixes <music> so we'd do multiple passes of a tracks of a <hes> of specific part of the project and those ones. I've just described you were the ones that were the basic building blocks for creating eating audio drama for us at that point time so when we started to WanNa get creative like I say we do sub mixes so I did an track tape out of a work tape and I would say well. I need to have multiple things going on in the background. Ah Snatches not just one sound effect of Stereo sound effect in the background. I'd want ten different things well. Maybe I couldn't attend but I could do you do four and mix those down and then I could do four more and mix those down and then take take those two and mix those down again to the final mix of the ambient background <hes> when we wanted to figure out about how to place people in a stereo field with voice tracks then we began to work a stereo pair. Air Of voice track recording but we had to be very specific then because we had to be pro active in the recording sessions so in the board when we were recording we I would basically take script set it out in front of me mark all the failures and designate on the failures where I wanted those people to be in the scene had vader's set forum. We'd start recording if I wanted them to move during the scene I had to pan the fater during the scene while we recording the voice tracks. Thanks in ahead to remember exactly where we were making that adjustment so that when we went back for multiple takes we did I did the same past the same way the same time so that was one work around obviously for voice tracks and for the backgrounds Santa Fax again we had to do some mixes but side effects were different in those days as well because we didn't have access to twenty thirty thousand you know sound effects or more in sound effects CD libraries digital libraries. Now we really nineteen ninety-seven we had about thirty records with BBC sound effects from the nineteen sixties Steve Maybe and fifties so they were really limited in terms of their dynamic range and bandwidth and all of that it was it was pretty awful actually and from the CD perspective we had had just CA- CDs were a brand new thing really at that point in time they weren't mainstream and we had maybe you know one or two libraries of sound effects on C._D.. <hes> and you know they've worked didn't work and so we didn't really have an awful lot of access to sad fact so we had to create our own and we did those in the Foley Room <hes> fully when I started wasn't really a thing <hes> they were only doing <hes> Footsteps Footsteps Movement and hard effects like putting a cup down or something and then that was all they would record those spot sound effects but when I started I wanted to make much more realistic <hes> sort of environment and so I just intuitively began to create fully as a character and I would basically act out the actor who was acting the part and sometimes it just means simple body movements in the movement of shirts but all that communicates <hes> if you can see the actor and see the the <hes> not just the actor but also the character performing then it helps you to really to play to what they're trying signed to accomplish in the scene and if you can describe them through fully you can see it more in your head when you're listening. I believe that so that's when we started to do Foley and then but fully then also was much more there was one particular show <hes> in the early days that I had to create that was very difficult because it was basically a winter seen skiing a mountain and having issues falling and all of that was skis. He's at the time focusing the family was based in southern California and it was the middle of summer. There was no ski ski areas around where we could go and record this and it was not any of the sound effects libraries so you get creative that was part of the fun of it. I baked basically what I did was that went out and I got a whole bunch of ice and I sat her with an ice N._F._C.'s crater and graded a whole bunch of ice into shavings and turn the they see way up in the in the fully room and got a big pile of stuff there and that's what I used and you just have to be creative. <hes> you have to do what you need to do or had to do. You needed to do to get the job done now. L. Course it's it's changed quite a bit but those are some of the work arounds that we had to do back in those days <hes> in terms of the building blocks of an audio drama. I've always believed that foremost important part of the process is the voice tracks stage if you spend more of your time on the voice tracks than everything else begins to coalesce around that and so in training the team here we've talked a lot about that voice tracks is being the the key cornerstone piece of what we do because the actors are fabulous obviously and they do their thing but sometimes their performances need just you did something perfect in this taken not so much and this taken and and sometimes piecing together just three or four different things from in one line not just not just in a whole paragraph in one line of dialogue you may wind up changing four or five different things in that because you want this word highlighted just a bitter you want that inflection or you want <hes> that sort of smile on that word or whatever once you get all that then the Foley holy begins to come into place where you can act that out it begins to take a picture of of how that <hes> actress is playing it out then in terms of Santa facs. I've always felt the sound effect needed to accomplish a couple of things that needed due to accomplish the realism of the scene but needed also accomplish an emotional connection so if you can find sound effects that create an emotion that attached to what you're trying to accomplish in the scene that always helped for me <hes> and then of course music music is self evident. I think music is an crucial important part of of in much the glue they kind of holds it all together. <hes> I think music should only be used when a Hasta though sometimes I think music is overused overused and maybe use for crutch. Sometimes music is necessary to say the scene. Sometimes you know there are things that you have to do to save a scene that didn't quite work in the performances as well. There's so many different challenges that you have but in <hes> in terms of what we can accomplish today versus what we had accomplished then I thought when we went to you know to digital <hes> moving to eventually pro tools that that would wind up saving as a lot of time time but I've actually found that it's double the time because you can do so much more in the context of your post production than I ever could have then there were times back in the eighties and early nineties when I was playing <hes> for a mix mixing to a to track machine from the track but I was also playing sound effects that I had mixed onto other two other to track machines and playing a record and something off of a cassette all at the same same time and e queuing on the fly as I went and you have to mix the scene at a time that way and you have to land the music at a specific point and mark where you've landed at and because there was no automation you it had to do it all manually so there was energy that was attached to that there was passion that was attached to that and excitement. It was fine creating something new. It was fun being on the Genesis <hes> being pioneers in a way for the re <hes> establishment of audio drama as an art form. I think we were on the forefront of that when we did it back in nineteen eighty seven so <hes> more than anything I'll definitely have an affection for the early the days of pioneering audio drama but I deeply love what sound design can accomplish today and I think that <hes> as creators <hes> to all of you who are creators. I would just basically say this more than anything enjoy the ride. God put you on this ride for a reason though live for the destination live the journey God wants you on a journey. Your journey is a story and after all who doesn't really love a good story make you wonderful. Thank you so much. Dave that is absolutely fascinating. Look at how much this whole thing is changed which is kind of bringing us to a nice theme the way it used to be to the way it is is now yeah yeah and just shows how foundational what they were doing with Odyssey was to the way things are done today. We're just grateful for Dave and for fill to the present today and it's just fantastic information and we hope you enjoyed these talks all right we will be back with more awards are last final three characters coconuts talk with our final. Three categories in tonight's awards ran after these messages. Are you tired of sitting on waiting lists having to save up credits or other limitations. When you want to check got an e book or audiobook then you need a script digital library subscription a script membership gives you unlimited access to over forty million titles including e books audiobooks sheet music magazines more for a flat fee each month? You can browse us through the entire script catalogs from any device for a sixty day. 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You'll encounter rich literary literary works in a way you've never heard before versus in vox experience poetry versus Vox Dot com welcome back to our final segment tonight and we're GONNA kick this one off with the best new show category and the nominees are the advent him from wise king media come and see from Void Barrett the shadow remake from Jonathan winstead and the winter is the system from wise king media. Let there be had that was light and God ought something so you'd sneak up on me like that. What a knows as you have keeping a little one has along those you are elephants glad you approve who follow me? I know you're smoke elephants. So I did eat you can handle the elephants from here yeah yeah. I'll I'll be back to help you Vinnie all right. You know my precious point the door shut that away that hit us we are all together and we are all safe. We finally figure out how to open these envelopes. At the end of the broadcast. A mix category is best short-form audio drama for twenty eighteen and the nominees Charlotte Adventures and Odyssey from focus on the family make a difference print kids corner from reframe media not what I expected adventures and Odyssey from focus on the family operation Mosul Brinkman adventures from beach glass ministries the Toy Adventures. Here's an odyssey from focus on the family hold that envelope not you okay and the winter is some show here. Let's see operation Mosul from the bring adventures from beach glass ministries. God doesn't give me a spirit of fiercer. He gives me boldness but they have fifty caliber sniper rifle machine gun via twenty-three antitank system. They even have Russian quota net that road that attract everyone that'd be blown up besides we're fighting them right over here out attack you fifteen minutes. I'm sorry about the civilians on that road but high content Jibril nope America's just started dropping smoke. Can you see from your position but that's nothing look now. They must have dropped forty more rounds. Please Sir all right. I'll spend one tank noble golden and you'll how Humvee thank you. We'll meet the tank on the road. Okay everyone. It's now or never who go with me. I will out. I'll do I'll go well. We have come to our final category for productions released in two thousand eighteen second annual A._T._C.. SINICA awards could've sad to see this thing in but it's been a blast and Heidi. Will you tell us our nominees for the best long-form audio drama the advent him volume one from wise king media escaped from the Eagle's nest lamp later theater from lamp later ministries for the temple the Extraordinary Adventures of D._A.. Hindi from heirloom audio productions Saint Bartholomew's Eve the extraordinary adventures of D._A.. Henty from heirloom audio productions the treasure of the secret cove lamp later theater from lamp later ministries and the winner is the treasure at the secret kkob from lamp lighter theater. I'm cutting Hamilton this shit. I came across some scraps victim. It looked recent but there's been no storms. Light is curious but the blades to come short to you. Since they've mentioned pigeon Couve is home to uh-huh better than one comes the cargo the wives kidding this saying what piece taking up stop failing vissel crushed against the rocks and all was little St- catch with destruction comet one singing if one force the other lift him up that we pray a blessing over your union. I'm grateful every day to be reunited with my deal daughter. I recognized the futility of my own life. Put Low to him that is alone when he falls never put everything to you. Is that the law of marriage marriage I hope it to be the heart of our marriage to trust and love one another listen. Let your hearts be open. I left views but I am concerned for what you must think think I seen every day. Prayed put low to him. That is alone when e folks. Sometimes it takes dacas times to you see the brightest light. Have you spoken with husbands captain that is unfortunate nature of my visit well congratulations to all of the winners tonight. Thank you for all of the submissions that we received last year. If you would like to send in your production for the twenty nineteen eighteen awards head over to the senecas Dot Org Click the submissions button and all of the information is there please read the criteria guidelines we did have several that were submitted that just didn't meet the criteria so be sure to read that before you submit and if you'd like to be are featured skit for next year's award we'd love featuring some short comedy. It's a lot of fun. Send an email to info at the Senecas Dot O._R._G.. And sending your skit of approximately five minutes or so and we would love to consider it for the broadcast next year. Well thank you to Roy in Andrew for Co hosting this with me tonight. This was a lot of fun John Thank you you're welcome it's been it's been a great time. Thank you to the voting committee. All the members worked hard listening to all these productions and voting on them and I do appreciate it very much and I know the industry does as well thank you to our announcer Heidi and thank you for tuning in to this broadcast. We'll see you next year. The Audio Theater Central Seneca Awards is a trademark of ports sports like family media tonight's broadcast was produced by j.d Sutter Roy Allison and Andrew Jones Solomon Kim composed our theme music graphic design for the Senecas by aesthetic. Oh designs special thanks to <music> guest presenters Dave Arnold and Phil Waller. Thanks also to Sam Siri and the traffic therapy podcast for allowing us to share their sketches special. Thanks to all our partners for making this possible. The Classic Tales Audio Books Adagio Tease the script Digital Library Odyssey van dot com and the A._l.. Rookie congratulations to all of tonight's winners. I'm Heidi Olsen good night. Thank you so much for listening. If you having ideas on how we could take the broadcast to the next level next year we'd love to hear what you have to say head over to audio theater central dot com slash contact and let us know we'll see you next time. Thanks for listening Audio Theater Central. It's a production of porchlight family media our theme music was composed by Sam Donyo. The show is produced an edited by.

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