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Welcome back to the show after a holiday weekend. It's now December. I'm told Kiko makes things that you could get people in the month of December their projects. That helped your kids or even adults learn about science math art engineering technology. Kiko is offering you the chance to get your first month. For free. To redeemed the offer go to Kiwi Co dot com slash explained with a so. Imagine that your a foreign student perhaps from India. And you're we're looking for a program in the US that's focused on business or stem also known as science technology engineering math. And you come across an ad for university diversity in Michigan called the University of Farmington. The Brochure Looks Great. It says it's located in the heart of automotive and advanced manufacturing center of Southeast Michigan. The University of Farmington provides students from throughout the world. A unique educational experience are dynamic. Business Administration and stem curriculum allows its students to rapidly. Apply their knowledge preparing them to succeed in an ever globalising economy the school is accredited. Which means that? It's a legitimate program that would qualify you for an F.. One Student Visa that allows you to study and remain in the US. We apply Reza. That's great and you'll pay cost cost the university maybe twenty five hundred per quarter for graduate programs plus average thousand dollars a month vs. You're ready to go but then one day eh you get an open your door it's US immigration and Customs Enforcement Ice. And you find out that the whole thing's fake. The university doesn't actually exist. It has no curriculum no classes. It's all scheme to weed out fraud. And now you might be deported Nicole. Maria Maria you cover immigration evokes. What exactly went down at the imaginary universe of Farmington in Detroit? So we've known about the scheme. Mm since last January when a series of indictments came out but the Detroit free press reported last week that there were over one hundred new arrests of students in connection with the scheme so so that brought the total up to about two hundred fifty students who have been arrested now. The university was listed on the Department of Homeland Security website as an approved accredited school school making it apparently legit but it was actually undercover ice agents who advertised the university on a now defunct website and and their objective was to weed out students who might be trying to obtain student visas fraudulently and to do so they worked with recruiters who were basically weekly paid to attract over six hundred students to the school and all these students transferred from previously accredited school so they were in legitimate programs prior to arriving at the university Farmington so that means that these students were here on legitimate visas. Everything was above board. Yes up until the point that they arrived at the University of Farmington Meden. WHO's getting caught up in the scheme? So it was primarily students from India studying at the graduate level. They were coming on F one student visas and they were coming from accredited universities previously any. US Do we know if all these students thought this was a real school. Some of the students thought that this was legitimate program or at least. That's what they're attorneys are saying right now. So they say that they've been duped by the Department of Homeland Security have admissions and for University of Burlington Career College. It's easy to see how an outsider could mistake the fake university for real one. It was listed on the Department of Homeland Security Websites. Okay so some students may not know that this was a fake school but others may have been into that idea so there's no way to tell how many fraudulent actors were actually actually a part of the scheme. Some students might have seen this as a pay to play scheme where they were essentially paying the tuition fees and the other fees that are associated with enrolling and the university in order to obtain a student visa that would allow them to go in and out of the country freely as they pleased that a popular scheme according to the Department the Homeland Security. It is but we don't have really hard numbers on how many students are abusing the system. But this is the thing that happens. Students will sign up for classes at a school. That won't actually make them come to class. Yes that's what happens. How exactly did this whole thing work? What along the way where? The signs that some students may have picked up up on and others didn't D- University didn't have any physical classrooms. No teachers no curriculum. No classes so Ice Argues that it should have been obvious to the students that they weren't actually enrolled in a university that would have allowed them to maintain legally their student visas but some of them even made attempts to verify that this was a legitimate program and the administrators told them that it was so in that sense. If you're being told that this is an accredited university the administrators are telling you that then. They have no reason to think that it shouldn't have been legitimate but to be clear here's students were signing up for university the didn't have classes presumably. Yes but maybe perhaps foreign students aren't totally clear. Clear on how American universities work how these programs should be administered. Maybe they thought they would be eventually allowed to sign up for online classes. It's unclear exactly how they thought that this could have been illegitimate university. People who worked in the buildings they students constantly asked how to talk to someone about classes. They paid for fuel says No. Some of them didn't even know. So what's GonNa Happen to the people who were sort of caught up in the scheme so at this point a lot of them have been been given the opportunity to leave the country voluntarily. All of their student visas have been revoked In connection to the scheme even if people realize amid the scheme that they they were being duped they might transferred out of the university but those people have still been arrested by ice so the ultimate fact of this could just be that they'll have have to leave the country. They may be out several thousand dollars in tuition that they made it to the University of Farmington. It's now in the Department of Homeland. Security's coffers we don't know what's happening with that money and any chance that they might have it coming back to the. US might be stymied at this point because this deportation Asian or voluntary departure as they call it. which doesn't involve necessarily being escorted on a plane by ICE agents but does involve leaving? The country would basically basically prejudice any further attempts. They would make to re enter the. US does ice to a lot of policing of people who are here on student visas. Is this like a large batch. Watch of their focus. Because these aren't the stories we typically hear about ice going after undocumented immigrants and these students aren't undocumented technically because they have student visas so in recent years about five hundred thousand students have been landing these visas annually. It's not a huge batch of the legal immigrants that are coming here annually and it hasn't historically been a population that isis deciding to go after particularly because these people are here temporarily just to go to school school but the trump administration for whatever reason has decided to make this and enforcement priority for them. So they've been trying to cram crackdown on people who might be it using the system fraudulently but in the scheme. There's really no way of telling who was an actor and who was just sort of an innocent bystander. So ice here you're has set up an entire fake university named at the University of Farmington. Got It accreditation. Through the Department of Homeland Security. Let students enroll let students pay even and is now at least in some cases deporting students for not figuring out that this was a fake a situation. That's the whole scheme here. That's how it looks Jeff. Is this the first time I tried something like this made a whole fake school school so it's actually not the first time and it's certainly not the first administration to carry out. These kinds of policies under Obama similar scheme was set up in two thousand thirteen a university. They call the University of Northern New Jersey and as part of that scheme which was set up by ice the visas over a thousand students were revoked. And there were also indictments of twenty-one other middlemen who are involved so we've seen schemes like this before but with increased attention on ice and movements like abolish ice. which has been amplified by people like Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Cossio Cortez? It's been causing a lot more outrage these these kinds of extraordinary enforcement practices on the part of ice which are also part of a larger scheme to corner immigrants and some policies eh carried out under the trump administration have really further that goal More after the break. I'm Shawn Roberts. This is explained the Michael From Toronto. We've had you on the show a few times now talking about your Kiko subscription that you got from your daughter. Jillian who went Kiwi Co dot com slash explained where you can try Kiko out for your first month for free your first I create was a pinball machine. What was your second grade? Second bomb was a coin. Sorting Machine Nicer book comes with it. Gives a little more history into coin enjoy and structures. And how the machine actually works. This is one that has a battery run. So it's got a little motor that comes with and and When it's all together it uses a different type of logic equals the whole description of conditional logic? That's couchbase out ties in the digital age. We are now in. So it's it's really pretty claiming yeah and maybe more practical for you than your grandkids as time because you have adult money. Yeah I can use a disorder coins not just in but no. I just I I was looking at the book right now on the under coin sorting machine. I don't see any reference gauge at all just a timeless timeless little construction Michael. I think you should work for Co.. Do you ought to come out of retirement to go work for them. You could be there ambassador. I'm not looking for work but Certainly these guys are things to occupy a bit of Thailand. Played at the Greenwich is really very much Nicole I think we hear a lot about ice arresting immigrants undocumented immigrants but less about these sort of unorthodox tactics what are the other other ways isis sort of cornering people even deporting them historically ice hasn't been allowed to enter places that are deemed sensitive locations in that includes places like like schools churches courthouses. But there have been some changes in policy where we're seeing ice agents show up at places like courthouses or at US US citizenship and immigration services. Where people are going for interviews gain lawful status? So you're saying that someone might be in the process of becoming being a documented immigrant at A. UCS Office and ice might show up what while they're standing in line somewhere arrest them. Yeah they could be face to face faced with a UCS officer and be arrested in that circumstance. So for example people that I've come across usually been on authorized immigrants who may be married to a US citizen and can apply for a green card which would allow them to stay in the US permanently but in those situations they've showed up to their our interviews for their green cards at USCIS and have been arrested by ice and ultimately deported in some cases in some cases yes what are the effects of of arresting people people who are trying to do this the legit way you don't want to create a distrust and law enforcement and a lot of experts that I've talked to you say that the practice of showing up at courthouses and arresting people at their appointments with. USCIS will foster that kind of distrust. You want people to the show up when they are trying to make themselves legal immigrants. The farmington thing happened the Michigan. There was this New Jersey case that was similar from a few years ago were these. USCIS things happening that all across the country or one specific city. Or what. Yeah it's happening all across the country. I think there might be some differentiations in terms of how individual offices try to tackle this issue but for the most part it seems to be allowed nationwide. Is there a place where you're more at risk of becoming sort of duped by ice or people for example in so-called sanctuary cities safe from this kind of stuff sanctuary cities try to limit the local communities contact with ice and in some cases. They've been successful in doing that. But the problem is if ice wants to carry out an enforcement sweep where they're trying to weed out undocumented immigrants or shop courthouses. There's a limit to how much the state can do to kind of prevent those situations for example in Oakland. There was an enforcement sweep fit. The Oakland mayor had been alerted to and she consequently told everyone in the community about it that they could make sure to make the necessary preparation but due due to the reliability of my sources and the fact that I received this from multiple sources I felt that it was my duty to share the information. We will continue to dispel the ugly myth that many are perpetuating about our immigrant community. So there are these cases as of states and municipalities trying to really combat these kinds of extraordinary enforcement actions and in fact. Some states have really tried to pass laws that would enshrine that kind of protection in law so in California for example we've seen over. The last year are so that implementing a few centuries state laws. That would have prevented ice agents from accessing for example the private areas of a business that would make it more difficult but for them to arrest people in those places. But there's a limit to how much states can do and is the trump administration pushing back on that log. California passed yes so the trump administration has filed a lawsuit challenging those series of laws. But so far has been pretty much unsuccessful. I imagine some people hear about these situations with the university Farmington and say someone showing up to present their case set of. UCS office adhering during and being arrested and think that sounds like entrapment. That sounds like they were tricked. What legally counts as entrapment? These approaches roaches legal. So we would. I think have to wait for the outcome of any particular lawsuits that might be filed by students who have been implicated in the scheme to really understand whether this is legal or not but the legal definition of entrapment is basically the government has to induce someone to commit a crime I'm when they weren't previously disposed to commit a crime and the students are arguing that that's exactly what's happened to them here. What about in the case of say showing up to present present your case at a ucs office and then being arrested? Could that be deemed entrapment or some sort of trick the ACLU which has been arguing a case ace and connection to those arrests that UCS offices has classified. This is a form of entrapment. But it's not immediately clear how legally that will play out but these cases have not been decided now they have so you mentioned that both those Farmington situation in Michigan and people showing up at ucs who who are trying to attain documentation. They're both examples of ice sort of policing legal immigration. Do we have any idea how those approaches and schemes. If you will bill are affecting legal immigration yeah. This is part of a larger concerted effort to clamp down legal immigration and we. We don't have really hard numbers on the US CIS arrests but we do know that over the last two years we've seen consistent decline nine and the number of foreign students who are choosing to enroll in US universities so I think we can draw some pretty direct parallels there between policies like creating these fake universities and also others sort of roadblocks on student visas and the decline in the number of foreign students. So if the trump administration's Zhen's goal here is to deter legal immigration. It's working we're seeing some sort of systemic roadblocks to legal immigration here and all of these enforcement actions are parts of fat and that's largely informed by the the policies of Stephen Miller and some right-wing restriction EST immigration groups who have been lobbying for these kinds of systemic roadblocks for a long time time so this is really a realization of what they've been calling for for years Thanks for listening to this show today. Thanks to keep your co for supporting the show today. Thanks to Michael for his love of coin sorting and his Kiwi Co crates and his grandchildren and his daughter. Jillian Coleco is offering you the chance to get your first month of Kiko for free to redeem that offer go to Kiko Dot com slash explained.

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