Donna Wanna? - EP 302


Do I sound like Mexico. Do you sound like Mexico. I smell like Because I was just there. Yeah Yeah last night you know who got in with. Cj was there with me. We Do you feel rested yet. J Yes I do. Actually we got in last last night the driver pulls up here Mike by CJ to his house and I walked in sat on the couch and literally fell asleep completely soaked by the sun completely content fell asleep on the couch with a candle burning. That's dangerous very dangerous. Do How do you think I feel Jo Malone. It was a good candidate flip through it. That's a lot of expensive candlestick gift usually get in target or Tj Maxx. The back with I understand and but that was a gift gift. Can't I slept through it. Did you go nonstop in Puerto Vallarta. Like I didn't go like hard like a party animal but like you know what I like to do is yes. I like a drink during the day by the pool situation. NAP Dinner. Piano bar glass of wine go to bed with a ten in front of it. I don't like to do you know but then one night we did go out to dinner and I had a Tequila with a number. What kind of Tequila was that done? Early eighteen forty two. Yeah Oh that got returned. I was up to in front of it drunk. No no I never felt drunk. I just felt like entered energetic. Ah Yes. Cj was done that night. And I was like where you next. Please let me go where we're GONNA go now because there were three nights before I go you go how I went and I tried to find Rachel maddow on there was nothing there I would watch like. CSI in Spanish. And so then the last tonight. And I got the eighteen forty two I was like. CG where we go with the French by the way sold out sold out and it's now every Sunday every Sunday at the top at Almar resort. What am I right? I can't believe it was sold out. People thing is it because it's a different crowd every single weekend. Yeah so they're selling go. God you meet any straight talkers down. He certainly did pictures and kiss kiss. You have have tens. Oh Gosh Oso did you see on my love to love your striped calf. So it's a it's like a rap really slowly rap that's kind of see through and there was so many of the street talker. WHO's wearing it and I go? Oh my God I love it so much kept saying steel. I'm GONNA steal it after the brunt jr go to my room and it can be here. Knock knock knock on the door and and the Bellman at the back. They bought it for me now. gave the not rooms and I had to use a fake name in that hotel too because has my picture was everywhere. Because I don't want to say every time and everyone anyway the point is this they somehow got around it and God they did because if you go. It's like a stripe captain situation which I wore shirtless. Oh by the way. I look at my shoulders by ten. Did you get any action. Did I get action questions did you. If I'm in Puerto Vallarta and I'm having drinks by the pool and stuff Jeff. I want to get laid. What kind of I mean you know quick question that nobody cares the best piece of meat that that meet? Cj thank you for changing. God bless we have a great show few today. Ah with a special guests in the house. We're kicking it mom school. No no no no this show is. It's GonNa be a real mother who know what what what is. Wow spelled upside down. Aw Mom yeah any any of these good. We should've you mother okay. We have Nikki's he's mom here in the show Kinda day we're going to get to your inner darling all. CJ percent for it. I need it and I'm not going to do it until you do it. Big Big mean Spanish. At least in your that's not Spanish. That's English senior Macho seed you know. see Ross. Oh my God. My water just broke the senior US more yellow. It is hello everytime anywhere all the time. The humidity melted ghost month. Yellow our anyway straight very talk. You wish you had and no you need money now here. He is Ross Matthews. The shoes backed up sweet to me. Oh Oh sorry phenomenal program. We have today for starters this. Is You pay yellow means in Spanish. Was You quick. Reach around him alone is thank you what's going on. Hi How's it going good Juno. Cj is heroes you say in Spaniel wayball the J. J. J. Nikki Boyer I'm honored by that well. And if you are for for starters if you're watching us on the kiss club hope you're enjoying the fund. All of us are doing his show. Mark has show to. He's the only one that doesn't send them in. And I have to send so many texts like are you gonNA is. If you're not gonNa tell me knows I can tell the people I would just make this promise to the audience. We each do our own show and the kiss club video. And all all of that. I cannot promise Marco be there every week. I'm not GonNa make that promise you I'm not GonNa lie to the people because what I have to thank you I have to tell you Getting is like pulling teeth his show. But we're okay and if you're watching on the video you'll see on the couch usually between Nikki and I I on the couch are the dogs. And they're here to people love seeing the dogs on the video you know but ma- earls next to me sleeves up here on the floor but between us as well is is a uh well the one and only for the first time ever here at in Pristina Darling or in any other studio students for the first time time ever Nicole boy as mother Donna Boya is here. Love getting kissed up by Selena and Donald. Oh Boy Oh thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for having me do you listen to the die. Love her voice absolutely. There's this restaurant up up above my house with a beautiful view you know. We went up for a cheese meat. And she's plea and Donna. We all had a drink. I just WANNA say yeah. So Don Boyer Donna Bo. Yea Excuse me Kiss Kiss. How are you feeling good to have another drink? Good Yeah you right here here in front of us we are listen. We got nowhere to Donna Donahue you listen to the program and the regular do you keep up with everything absolutely so you okay so apologies to apologize for everything. I'm just it's okay. It's okay yeah Donna Boyer's cool. I have to say we talked. Ah there have been swear words thrown around and so this show is going to be good. Yeah this morning I said. Let's prepping for the show. And then we started talking about tea bagging. We had a quick discussion over breakfast about anal sex. I think we're good good. Yeah so you're I just say there's nothing off limits during this episode right absolutely not go for it okay. Good when I have to tell you when I came back to read you I have evidence of it here I was no. It's true I came back and I when I was in Mexico I was with. Cj and I purchased a present for your Vaccine Malone. Because every time I go anywhere he said because I always said one time to him he said it was going to the stories. They give me a treat because I always used to take my dad. My Dad would remember that and I see a treat so every time I go to Mexico he says give me a treat and I never do and so this time time I mean listen. I'm busy you know so this time. I saw something and I go. Oh my God. I'm going to get this for bags and don't say what it is but you were like. Oh my that's perfect right. Yeah so I woke up this morning and this morning and it was at eight thirty. I woke up early but I wait until eight. Thirty on the DOT. Look at time it says Nicky. What the time? I texted fags. Eat Right. Here's this eight eight thirty. Am Sat there staring at the clock. Eight thirty so I'm waiting and I texted you up. I got you a tree in Mexico breakfast fist and then I waited eight. Fifty six is texting all capitals. Good morning and then I get at at nine seventeen I get. I'm meditating from taxi. Oh you gotTA SH- literally. Yeah and I said well you missed me anyway. I'm shipping your treat. Eight back to Mexico also voting for trump so there will be a wall between you and your tree harsh but he do the first phones don't buy he goes he goes. I'm trying to spiritual and I wrote. How do you think I feel and he goes? Did you get me Patricia. PARTOUT because fags. He's been doing this. Dykes on his instagram. This area net puppet named Patricia. I wrote to him. I said I got nothing and he said tell me you. You did not get me a hat and I didn't respond. Oh what if I did get you know. I would've loved you. See Right here. Tell me you did not get a hat. We'll no no. I got you a treat in Mexico. A hat no because I was playing with you because I was hoping you'd give me Patricia. Partout like another Marian and I wrote to you I no longer have anything to give you. uh-huh and he wrote an all capitals. GimMe my tree. I just wrote and he wrote now. I said go meditate on it. So harsh happy married. I have nothing I have nothing to give you and tell you earn it. Oh Shit isn't that mean he goes. It's my my tree. Give it to me and I say treats are earned. And that's it. I still haven't giving it to and I won't give it to you. How does do I have to say I? Can I tell my side ensure okay you just read the transcript. Yes but you through the first opens. Your tone wasn't right on. What did you say good morning? Sorry I'm sorry Donna on a boy. Let's go check with the judges done boy said Good Morning. That's okay yeah all capitals. It wasn't it was more it was. I didn't hear the tone hard to is a threat. Minute wait a minute very forceful Nikki. Calls me out when it's a knock APS C. Thank you knew Hashtag Don Boyer. Yeah I was saying Good Morning. Good Morning Okay. Yeah you could have put musical note oats. I didn't hear that. That's that's the spirit with which it was well. A lot of it was being playing with you until you said I needed to earn it. Yeah you did but I have ferndale well it guess what. What have you done to earn? I run the twitter. I've been posting on instagram. Isn't do that for the extra. Yeah but the kiss. KISS KISS A wig. Last week this week we have any this is how we are done. Boyer tell them what you do. Describe what fact. He's wearing beautiful wig. He looks like a pretty UNICOR. Yeah it's a rainbow wake with a Unicorn Horn and ears and glasses. Yeah it's really cute. Where you got that TRICIA TRICIA brought out? I don't have that right. Yeah that's true. She's she lives at Disneyland. Disneyland Blanche Drag so anyway fags e you will not be receiving your wait a minute. I have earned it. I just told you how I earned I. What do I I need to do? Bend over backwards. Anita one I I think you know but I know that I'll know it when it happens. I want my treat. You're not getting your gender. Get now no I was just playing with you the baby. I'll give it to you for Christmas because I did. Put my Christmas tree up-to-date so pretty pretty thank you. It's white sorry C. J. and Um we gotta be way he did it's white white and all these ornaments like from when I was a kid we things and you know what I just. Didn't I put on this year. I put on the PO. Listen I sound like I'm tired. I on just the metallic wins gold silver and bronze. I just put those ones on and then to seahawk ones. And then I stopped. I looked at attrition on. I'm like I wrote on top of that done a lot of work second tree why. I think you need a SEC. I have one in Palm Springs. Set it up now that one you know what I did. Last year I plugged to victory plugged input one ornament on. It sounds like something I'd I'm busy but you have a little tree here in the Pristina Darling studio you have a little just a little. You can see it because I am a really holly jolly person. You know. I'm Hojo's Joe is Mojo but I just I hear Is Crazy for me. I mean okay. So can I tell you something and I told Nikki and Donna Boyer this. When my first book I did twelve cities on a tour? You know big big. This is like a theater tour and do a whole thing this year here. I said my goal. My dream is to do more than twelve cities right and CJ is gonNA come on the road with me. I just think I finalize it's going to be thirty cities you guys thirty cities Albury and into March. Can you imagine that I won't be coming home for a month. And just stop and you don enough about your dating life. Don Boyer So we're going to announce I think next week the cities that I'm coming back so intimidating and I'll do a whole show and it's just about every city we cover the northeast he's the southeast the Mid West the northwest southbound we cover the whole other credits exciting the whole country month. You're going to be gone a month. And that's that's just part of the tour and then I have a couple of weeks often back out for a couple of weeks but for a month straight. We're going to be on the road having like a day off day off there but basically boom boom boom. How crazy is that is so excited? I can't even understand your expectations. I know I was so afraid to you. Knew it tiffany. When I was writing this book looking ahead? This idea do the tour. I actually thought myself like what if you write the book and nobody buys it. Nobody cares in your over and so the fact that winter from my hey no matter where and so. It's really rewarding Tim. I'm proud of you. And then the work what Britain the work it does feel like my mom keeps saying to her so she's not even on Mike she I'm coming. I'm coming and going with them. Just say I am can you. What did you say you said dummy see coming? I'm coming. It sounds like the in Mexico. Oh my that answers that question. Ah God I love you just the beginning of Don Boyer. Let me tell you something. This show continues getting to know a lot more about Nicole boy as mom voyeur is saying with us and we come back. We're going to play a little game. That's gonNa Appeal MS senior much. Come on Micky. 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We'll get a free purple pillow with the purchase of a mattress. That's in addition to the great free gifts are offering site-wide. Here's how you get you. Just text straight talk all one word no street no space face two eight four eight eight. The only way to get this pillow is to text straight. Talk to eight four eight eight. That's straight talk. All one word to eight four eight needed eight Senate like a text open text as in the number area just do eight four eight eight eight and where the message goes hello straight talk all one word. Amazing it's all a mate problem mattress interest message and data rates may apply straight. How come it? It's a competent Dr. You've just going to be a right. Of course you're GONNA be all right. Why because boy a Don Boyer I? I stacked sheets here today. Don Are you having a good time. I act how do you feel I love it. I'm staying. I'm never going home are you coming. I'm I'm still coming good. Here's a question is known for doing that noise. She's well known for this signature signature. Sound that runs in the family. Yeah y'all my Gosh that was in the DNA. Let me hear it again with Donna. Don't don't they yeah. I taught her. Well Burn thome. It's God reflects does run in the family. I've heard much well. Well we are so happy your time. When I they found out that Donna Boyer was going to be here I thought to myself. Well what do we do with with Nikki's mom because you know Nikki is a beloved eleven member of the family. People love to know about the where we come from. You know our texture our history all of that so I wanted to. I could ask you. What was Nikki like growing up? He's not okay. Well I want I want no no and no one is no one cares. But when I wanNA find out about is more about Donna Ana Boyer so Donna Boyer can. I just hoping that Mike for a second. Just just hand that mic over to Donna. Boy So Donna Boyer you live in Saint Louis Missouri Missouri. Yes and tell you here's a little tidbit about Donald Boyer. Her father was was the man who would the beacon on the top of the arch in Saint Louis built it. One of the people that built the arch and Saint Louis Absolutely. But you don't go into the top of the arch because I'm scared to death. I'm CLAUSTROPHOBIC phobic. Yeah see I'm learning things. We went to a drink. I learned things about and so I wanted to play a little game so we can all learn about the woman that created Donna. Nikki Boyer. How is Nikki's labor? How is that lever with Nikki? Boyer easiest thing I ever did in my life really y y three hours in in and out. Wow like these days women are like I did it with no drugs but guess what back in the day. There weren't drunk right crab drugs no drugs. Wow on the way to. The hospital stopped and ate fried chicken. Oh my God. CJ lemonade made. I love lemonade. And then you win. Drought bought a pack cigarette. No you smoked. When you were pregnant you wrote wrote? Yeah I know Donna Marie now Sheila. She smoked when she was pregnant. What does the Fried Chicken? Nothing it was so I think my husband said what he want like that. I just love writing aging. I heard it when it came down from the bottom light-heartedly changed because I didn't mean it like that to gauge you in the Congress Congress that you know sometimes I turn this when he hasn't talked for a minute I go. Cj What do you think right in that many J.. I did not mean that. Talk about turning tired but I heard it. I thought everybody changes subject and I just felt that laser steer review and I talk to me didn't mean everybody just vouch for me as a human being that you'll hear me. Sometimes they see your red in the face so you don't so racist intention wasn't racist but I heard it as through the came out with like. Oh my God because voucher me as a human I turn to C. J. Sometimes and just incorporee you drive in fact what you're hearing. Cj tell the people would fags. He's right it's okay we hear you. We believe it sounded so racist. I really didn't mean that God. It was easy. No now. You're talking about high school clear. Ah I didn't talk. We are not a racist that came amount wrong. Oh my God I'm dying is telling you you're not really you're in one of those moments careers. My God God. Why'd you have to have fried chicken not a voyeur? You ruined a cigarette really a cigarette absolutely lutely throughout the pregnancy. Yeah aside do well. It was a different time was six years everything and six and so this is why she doesn't use. Microwaves part of her brain. Right right right. Oh my God did they did not know it was bad for babies. Then they didn't told me not to smoke. I would not have smoked. Of course we would like to say she turned out fine. I'd like to but I would I wanna do is was this. I WANNA play. I WanNa get away from fried chicken cigarettes during pregnancy and I want when I can't get away from that and I I WANNA play. How do we get to know Donna boy? Or how do we get to do it. We should probably find out. You know we play Games. Would you know who you would. Donna WanNa WanNa what exactly game all about would donald WANNA which. She wanted you down which she wanted to do this. Which you WANNA do other things? So we're GONNA go Renaissance Donna. Would you want this and then you're going to answer yes or no. I'm sorry little game. We like to play with Donna WanNa and it takes a long time for this song to get to the part where they sing Mamma Mia and that's why I'm stretching now because I didn't realize it was that so so it's not even now it's still it's still so we're gonna all say don't WanNa would they would I think Donna WanNa does she want to do it. We're not let's all find out now. Donna WanNa that's all I wrote in making it up as I go along Donald. This oh my God. There's no words now. C. J. Really Really. Sorry about that thing Donna WanNa let hideout yes if she said what do that U. K.. We're we're giving me some marijuana. No okay okay so I found it interesting that you didn't want to go to the top of the arch you're dead so we're GONNA WANNA skydive no no and why Too much of a pussy understood. Cj with Donald. WanNa go dancing tonight long absolutely have you. When's the last time you went dancing all night long? Oh longtime ago. I think it's time you come to Puerto Vallarta and can go with that. I'll do you'll do it Donna. Donna one some of that Tequila had mellow yeah. Donna Would you ever want to go to a nude beach. Would you lay out naked. Absolutely enough dot interesting. Donald ally don't want it to some pipe. I been there done that okay awesome. You did thought about two weeks my sister on the way to deliver Nikki Hospital weeks ago. You did you do two weeks ago. Can you tell me about this. Well I I live with my sister. She's seventy eight and she's all crippled. Jackie yes aunt Jackie and And you take care of you help take care of her and we pot. We smoke pied She just gumy's kinds of crazy shit. That's wonderful along with their competes. Right UM WITH DONNA WANNA be on a nude beach with a black man that eats fried right chicken now. Now now that's offensive. Yeah and you should ask another question. I want to stand up for that not on this show. So okay move on Malone Donna Donna. Let's move on this past weekend. But would you want to have your own podcast called Hashtag Donna boy. Oh yeah no what about podcasts. Called Donavan Donna or Ya. Ah Donald Q. I'm tired understand. We made alive down. I'm exhausted. Don Don WanNa have sex whole hell. Yes yes oh ooh you do what you don't want to go on deeds. Oh you just WANNA have sex. I wish for Donna My saying this. I wish that Donna had like the fuck buddy. Would you be open to that Donna. Yes I do I have a girlfriend and she's like can't we just paid get fucked. Isn't that introduced Nikki. Walk me through your thoughts on that. And then you know I'm crass but someone the other day of the Charlotte of straight talk with Ross. which I thought was hilarious? I'm the proof is in the city. Now listen I think I think everybody should have have a fuck buddy. If you're not in a relationship we should there should be and I guess there's grinder and things out. There should be like an applet. F Buddy where you're just searching for people at any age any gender whatever. We're just like Wednesday and it's like what are you doing like. Oh do you want a Mama Mama you would if some dude was like. Hey Donna on Wednesdays we're GONNA GONNA meet like we're GonNa go to fucking I don't know old country buffet and then I'm GonNa take you home and have sex. You'd say yes well after knowing but yeah Yeah Nikki. I'll wait a minute. Wait a minute I have to reveal something I really don't know why Mr my see. Sometimes we do this like a fake real. There is a fuck buddy in my class and are you serious. You have a fuck buddy. Yep but you have a vibrator grader. Wonderful Donna WanNA WANNA Donna. You have this wonderful your love it. This is great raid inspiration. This is wonderful. This is concerned. I have to tell you I got it. Yeah how did you do you have a pocket rocket or as a whole like the brands. What do you do you endorse by the Yes? She's a spokesperson for this company. Paid many. Oh Hey okay. Very popular competent online and ordered it yourself. Yes but let me tell you. Yes so flipping flipping freaked out. I was afraid my sister's kind of out there and left feel little bit okay. Good Watch this box calm And Are you talking about Regina Right now out of this box watching title a package and my sister opened up and I thought how into how am I gonNA talk my way out of this one. I'm going to do an expose now. Walk you backwards a little bit so you didn't have ah vibrator and you're comfortable talking about all of this. You brought it up wait a minute. Yes had a really good one but when she came to town to move me out from the House to the apartment apartment I threw it away because I was afraid she'd find. Oh this is great by the way she could have given me recommendations on what brand new by so but let me then you say okay. I need another one so you go you. How how did you find Adam and Eve dot com? TV ON TV was a popular one. Okay so you go on and you're thinking okay. What in what were you looking for in a vibrator right Breeder Nikki? People wasn't a wait a minute. WHO's listening to this but nobody you don't have to worry got it totally anonymous? Look in that camera there in wink. All right go Let's say I I was looking for someone with powerful that could take me from zero to a hundred and this is the so and then. What kind did you buy like? Wait a minute. I'm trying to think of the name of it. It's pink and it's about nine in inches long. Oh just just below sea and it's and it's got ten speeds on it Same is huge glittering glitter's famous DJ. So you go from. There's ten feet from one to ten. Yes and what speed do you do. Go straight drape for ten. y'All my God like a young Ross Matthews well done on three full boyer so you don't even start at one and build it yourself at ten. I have to say we've had one drink just so everybody knows this is not just you know. We're not that we had one drink. Drink up on the hill. Are You mad. No I just didn't know this I didn't know I threw it away when you came into the first of all that away and not just say Oh there's vibrator later you'll see it on a podcast. What's different it's different? Okay yeah because maybe you weren't ready for that then. Nicky is a safe zone. I'm here to honestly it was kind of get more out and I was really looking a little more power little more. Uh I know what I'm getting you for Christmas. My God we should all. That's what we should get into the buying each other prisoners. Who should all by Donna? Boyer Sex Toy. I'm in Guy I made only gone not okay with that God. Ross you got. You'll be I want Donna Wanna I can be wonderful. Just take this to the next level. How do you ever use anal beads? Mom No okay all right ooh uh Alex questions asked my mom for five hundred. Wow you all uh speak to your mom's like this yes. I do C. J.. I do not talk to my mom that sex. No I didn't never do with my mom. I in like that. I've never gone into detail about my sex life with nets ally just lie deal. Lie Deal you have. Yes what do you remember the details like yes. We're GONNA get anywhere but you got the detail. What did she say didn't phaser didn't faze her at all? Were you nervous. No we were having wine and we were talking and I was like. I can't believe I just said that to you. And she was like I don't care. Yeah that's great. I just the thank you because I will never forget this asleep. I will never sleep or forget this moment ever in my life. Yeah well I insist on who you know. I wanted to play on the one I I did. I said I said. Can I ask your mom. Anything and Donna. She said Y'all all answer anything. Donna were you planning on making this revelation on the program. It's okay well. What really for everyone really domino word really phenomenal? I know what we got one but hours. How is that so I was great? Wow All right because in your house she feels about Nikki off. Okay well this song really long trying to get to the good part. Okay Everyone Donna. WanNa she wants a yeah Duh. Ah Walk that's you using a vibrator Da uh-huh be right. I don no no one yes she did Donna did she thought you don't draw She went there. Donna Donna WanNA graduate to a bigger vibration. The whole you right back at the support for straight talk comes from manscaping. It was the best in men's men's below the belt grooming manscaping offers precision engineered tools for your family jewels. 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Don Boyer vibrators therapy of that session. I think that's Great Donna. Donna was saying earlier I was. I'm coming well. She was right about that is he. For the week heavenly Such through I'm weak in the knees you you want to be our email of the week and email Mirada straight talk with Ross Dot Com. I just read your email like I'm doing now. This one comes from Benjamin's. That's how many names Benjamin from Melbourne Australia. uh-huh downunder. I want you to do. It's it's the best zone. Cj like this is my favorite bonding the look on his face. The watches them like so seriously. Does these serving over time. It's amazing Jay laughs constantly when we're together because he just can't can't believe the shit that comes out of my mouth overdue. ooh I'm really nice. Really Nice but then like sometimes I have an opinion but some of them Back to us. We're so old Benjamin from under rights. I WANNA put for the case. Demonstrate your number one fan that being my partner James from the very first eight James mentioned straight talk to me from this moment on he continuously talks about it quotes it mentions it. The statement of that's from straight talk is almost a daily occurrence in our household his mood. Each we can center around whether or not he has listened to the latest St Episode and Russ went offline for a period of time. Recently James would state. I'm worried about Ross incessantly to me. He was starting to get. He's starting to get down. There was possibility that sweet talk wouldn't return. Everything takes a back seat. When an episode is released he'll drop literally everything for it? I'm forgetting forbidden to play music or listen anything when it's playing. It's almost like a fix for him. Sometimes generally get worried that he has a full blown straight. Talk a Dixie. Oh he admires the hell out of you guys and when the Kiss Kiss Patriae tree on I think that's what it's called became available. I swear to God he would have been one of the first on that list. He's gone through everything extra. That comes out each week through it. He's a kiss kiss club. Member monster is it. Here he continues. I myself haven't listened to your show but I go around quoting things from the show that I've literally no idea what I'm referencing. I will say I love that. You love ex and give the name Steve Often. I even know that someone called Magsi Malone has given someone a hand job in a random bathroom while it was recorded. God I send this email for a number of reasons one to genuinely say thank you for making him utterly so happy. It makes me smile well every time I look at him listening to you and to. I'm trying to organize some presents for Christmas for him and wanted to highlight how difficult it is to order things Australia and three to say it. Keep up the amazing work because you hold such an incredible role in his heart kind. We Are Benjamin. Who's never listened? Nice just yeah such through. I'm weak like Donna. Moyer I love those guys makes it all worth that time for Nikki Bead uh-huh uh-huh coming the fucking hate says okay. We have Nikki trying to. Do you want a story about a dog that accidently turns on the microwave and almost burns down the house. Do you want riddles about parents. Events in honor of my mom being here or do you want an UN- Nikki. Believable that refers to the show and this person needs all of our advice. Now I'm partial to one but Donna Boyer just like with Adam and Eve dot com. You get now I choose number three Jovan in the happy ending much like with don ordered. Okay right so you guys this what I love about this story is that it it kind of brings all of tickets. Okay so okay his from Riley Heineke first off. This email might be a bit of a mess but I promise you one hundred the percent that is worth it. I'm a member of the Kiss Kiss Club and have the right. I know Brian. Thank you and I have a situation going on in our life that I could use your expertise on ever since if I a close friend of mine passed away a few weeks ago. I've had premonitions that I need a change in my life. Let me give you some background at my last job. Ebbe worked with a guy who became. I became quick friends with we bonded over the fact that we both wanted to leave town as we felt stuck in a small town in northern Canada and to go travel eventually eventually I moved to another job and we saw each other less often but we still remained in touch a few weeks ago. This friend actually passed away. Ross actually talked about it on Butch Ricky about a post that I made in the facebook group about the member when you played the funeral Maroon. Five Song Yes us and the person said that they couldn't stop laughing at this person right. Oh it's appears to them on here so She's been having a bright lis having I don't know if Riley's a guy or girl it doesn't really matter but anyway Riley says I've been having vivid dreams of almost every night. The next part is where. It's a Nikki believable. Two nights ago I had a dream which I ran into a different old friend at a luxury hotel on a private island the next day. That same friend who. I have not talked to over a year since he moved to Australia. Don't message me and offered me a job as a bartender at a luxury resort on an island in Australia. WHOA I am currently a bartender? If the story does not get crazier than this what do you. Ah The straighttalk family talked about an episode three. Oh one you talked about okay which I don't even remember but I love that rightly knows episode three zero one taking opportunities please before you miss them and we happen to talk about Australia in that so riley was like I had to reach out to you guys so the question is Nikki. Am I crazy or is this a sign. Do I sell everything and take a chance to move to the small northern Canadian town or from from a small northern Canadian town and moved Australia. Please let me know oh kiss kiss Riley or have very strong. I knew you would listen. I believe that signs happened for a reason and you have to follow them now. I'll tell you this. They may not work out right like you think they will. But you'll get the lesson you need from them all right. I've hundred things happen. Where this lined up this? I can't ignore this. Science will have to follow this or that person and I have to do this. And there's too many signs to ignore it and then when it didn't work out I thought to myself but there was so many signs I had to God right and only with time since it passed and I learned all this stuff from that relationship did I realize like oh the signs were pointing because I needed to experience that in order to get somewhere. It wasn't about the happy getting that happy ending right. It was about experiencing that so so I can use that knowledge and experience to move forward to get to where I needed to get right right. Love you. Listen it's about Don Boyer say in the Mike. It's all about the journey. It's the climb cyrus it's the climb. Okay me too underrated so I think yes if all these signs are pointing pointing to this direction. Yes I think you should listen. It may not work out. You may go down hate it and this and this but you may learn something meet someone Experience something that you're supposed to learn experienced screens meet this. Yeah no excuse me that said. That was one of my favorite quotes from the judy movie at the end when she was singing somewhere over the rainbow. Sometimes the journey has to be enough. And that's when I just bought like always trying to get over the rainbow but sometimes the journey just has to be enough. It's the climb uh-huh but I have to say Riley would you know what's interesting. Is that like we could have chosen three different stories. We chose your story to read. The email of the week happened to be from someone from Australia. Crazy raises. This is another set aside your heart but woulda Coulda Shoulda as our way harder to deal with right then reduction. What do you think well? I think that it's already pretty. It clear that he's GonNa follow his sign in and move lake or he wouldn't have written that we need to see you talk. And you're like twirling your with your finger like cowgirls do that like you were doing that. I believe in science I leave that Signed signed something. That's the name everyone. I talk a lot about signs of my readings to they come up along so I say pay attention. They're always there. Red Flags are always there to let's differ gonna Boyer whether Riley should take this amazing bartending Jo. Pack it up and go. It's the journey Ernie. Yup if the outcome you're standing there saying what happened. The point is you took the chance you went on the journey. Yeah Yeah that's where you learn. You gotta ride life like vibrated from Adamy. Let me tell you let me ask Don Boyer. And here's the question that a no other outlets going to ask you even got her which she signed an agreement where the only outlived the interviewer right. But here's the question. Donna Boyer Yes. Do you use a microwave. We get zapped. You had do things to do because it's insane to not use the microwave right. Yes you know your daughter when you who uses a microwave. I do and at her house this morning. I made three or four cups. The tea in your microwave and Tommy uses her. Oh my God but you still don't use it Nikki to even to make tea now. Now I don't all right. Why would you hit up your mic Donna? And I'm GONNA ask you. Do you think this is because you smoked when she was pregnant. Yeah Very Geico all very muggy. Thank you so much for sharing what we think you for so long got. How'd how'd you know my balls? Were full give it to me give it to you to me coming with backseat. Okay all right Ross. Stretch my God but just a baby. Maybe okay okay so I sent you a song for just say I'm GonNa just a phase song. We still doing. Bring the name drop book. I sent you a song book. Changing the challenge is inching taxed. And I'm so glad you did one too because as I think we should kick that in more okay. I'm searching all his crazy sunglasses. You send sent me Oh name. Name trump challenge. I didn't even see it. Hold on I never even heard this case in the namedrop challenge of courses when people know what is is it song about the book. Oh yes challenge. Also when you go to the store yes and and you change the screensavers of the ipads and the computer to challenge US challenge but the other ones writing songs about namedrop name. Yeah he's a rightist song for name job so you wrote a song about namedrop. I didn't write it. It's just a parody. I understand we don't need to be specific because and this is a two because we we asked the listeners to write their songs about namedrop and Oh my God gets how many how many. I didn't get one. Why did it? None of these listeners wrote a song about name. Not We'll have you will now. That's why let's hear coming at you. which namedrop challenger Reggie they drop make it pop or at namedrop Book Dot Com? Don't stop name. Dropped grants number one drop presell shopping thank namedrop dot com a draft. So good I think is really the first time you drop make it. Pop Order at namedrop dot com louder name drop bring number one drop presell shopping shop noble resale shop. You Walk me through your in your urine. Miriam Darling yes and you. What did you hear that song? Like name dropping then think backwards like what Song Thumb. Gosh and so you went to. Don't stop or did you hear. Don't stop and go. Oh that could work for namedrop. Good great question what we watch the American music awards kind of together here texting and we saw Sea Kasha right right and I think she sang that song or did she. She went she start with a new song. Which I love that new song that has has Big Freda Yeah and then she went into this so that when it hits you I think put it in my in my subconscious thinking and then I woke up it was in the morning. I'm like name drop. It just came to make it pop namedrop Book Dot Com. Don't stop drop that's number one drop presell shopping Draw Nets. It's really good. I know I did the one the base like the one you better than that You take this name. There's two different names challenges geolog- NCA Drug Jingle Challenge. There you go it just okay so if you you can take the namedrop jingle challenge you should record your own song and send it into Rosettes. We talk with Russ all play out because literally no one sending him in so chances are if you make when did I did. Yeah you did did you did I. Did you earn gift yet. From from now the gift we're treat rise thank you know Treat worthy thank you question your New New York and the and the Thanksgiving parade. The macy's well we're like have you done before. I prayed before this. I got to be on the broadcast. I hosted the Verizon livestream But the number one question you know it is Thanksgiving the time of giving and being charitable and everything and so the number one question that I I got and want to answer here. Is that jacket. I was wearing his from Banana Republic. Forty percents off I went. I had this dream. I said I wanNA unaware camel and black but it can't be washed out camel because God forbid so I was very and I said I'll buy it New York all fucking live and I. Hi Wendy and I I was. I was searching Hardcore and then I was with somebody and found it in the in the perfect camel jacket. And I'm I'm so excited that I texted you. I really don't read your texts. Feels I mean we're talking about okay. I know you were amazing. And I love that fucking jacket. I really just wanted to wear black shirt. Black pants chance black leather gloves. I found the leather gloves. They look a whole vision because what I wanted to wear and it was very neat. It was neat to be there for you. Know Listen I I think the truth is this. The truth is the macy's Thanksgiving Day. Parade is American middle of the road middle. America's you can get up and I think like Oh my God you know someone like me gets to be either and when I was growing up there weren't people like me on there. You'll never be a broadcaster because that's stupid voice of yours and I think Oh my God and hearing 'em being me at macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in the most American thing you could do at that level and Hang America. That's what it felt like that. I'm it was nice to see on my TV. I feel like fashion thing with style with you now. Would you ever want your own clothing line. Yeah I have this visual. Listen I always love style you know and then I was. There was a bit where like I didn't style myself. You know and I sort of like dad. I didn't do that. I sort of handed that the rains over and so now I find myself in a position of doing that again. And it's really find fashion really good at thank thank you thank. You can have your own clothing line. You know what really was kick started. It was doing emmy look this year and really started taking the reins with that and having a made in. I don't know I just done. I just decided to start spending some really real good money on fashioned lately like shoes that always fit because my weight goes up and down between two like mix high low and not trying to do it in a way. That's like Boozy but in a way that you know it's really a budget creative like right now. I'm wearing A. What would you call this forest green Zebra print sweater? But it's from target joined the kiss. You can see it. Yeah I just WANNA say quickly. I was on Palm Springs on an interview the Great Sarah Sanchez and she works works for NBC News. She's a news anchor out there all the time I watched. Here's Sanchez every day. When I'm in Palm Springs and she's a straight talker? She's a straight talker huge fan and I interview her for afterglow. It's a long after it was like forty minutes. And it's it's it's in the fiscus club so I just want to give a shot up. She's great and she was wonderful and to all the people who've signed up for the right right so many of you have and we're so grateful it's less than seven dollars. If you're thinking about doing it do it. You can even try it for months and if you can't if it's not your cup of tea you don't WanNa do anymore you can close out. Give it a shot because we all do shows videos there. I'm telling you there are there's literally hours of content there if you want and it's really good stuff and if you think about would it cost you a week. It's a dollar twenty five a week or something like that which it's worth it. I promise you it's worth it. gives us a shot. Go to the kiss club. Join our patriots. Yeah I'm proud of this afterglow episode. I think we used to hear it. Okay just real quick I have a don boyer stretch. Oh my God Donna Donna. She's just a baby Donna. Donald boy I have a question. I have questions for you. I'm reading lost. Okay Donna boy. At what is the worst thing. Okay so what is the worst thing Nikki did. When she was a kid like the thing were you were like a can't believe that's my kid? Oh peed down both of her legs and Ben Franklin dime store. Oh my God why would you like. What and Benjamin Franklin was actually there shopping and she said I have to go to the bathroom and I said okay? Let's go grabbed her by the end and she said nope too late. Wow Nikki do you remember that. Mr Actually remember this. I remember looking at the Trinkets Ben. Franklin dime store was like all trinkets and treats and things that you won't get fancy no now the last one ever given to you treats and things and I. I was so excited that I held my p.. And I held my peace of I time. I told her it was kind of too late. Yup Do just leave the peop- Huddle I heard you clean it up. Oh I went and got somebody. Okay so what is. What is the best thing that she did as a kid? Like where you're like. I'm so proud of her well. This child came out singing dancing smiling laughing and has been ajoy every second and that is the truth. I love my best friend and she was barred are we were like But she's only someone likes Mickey she is. Yeah I do I do let me tell you. The truth is Nikki is beloved here. She's Nikki beloved and you did a really good job raising that one. You know that there there is a good beautiful heart now is helping people with Nikki. Be Life Coach and talk about life coach. I'm really proud of her too. So well done done. A boy turns. It was the best ball Steve Ever heard one more procedure. I don't know if it's really procedures about the chair. Are we ever going to go to the next week. Him Well let's just wanted to follow up on it I did so next week. We have to debate this. Cj in everyone called me to this that we have to do this so cj last week when you weren't here fag descending sentenced sat in your chair and he loved the chair and he said I want this chair for now one because cj sits in a recliner situation in over there. It's an e how you say eames chair. So Google Eighty MIS. I think it's all laid back and chill and end so flaxseeds. Sent this out there Erin. He decided he wants to share real good so I don't know how to handle this before I wouldn't start now. This is a deep deep tease. This but next week we're GONNA HAVE YOU'RE GONNA make your case for the chair because in fact the CG how do you feel about the fact. Jay Z really. Wants you chair in what's to come on and make a case and try to earn chair and have you guys swap chairs leaves to say people in Hell when ICE WADA car tags. Well I love you Jimmy. I'm not I don't WanNA fight with him for the chair. No no I don't. I don't find her sure but but he he says he wants to bring it to the council each will make your case on. who gets the chair and I want you to each this next week? I want you to repair case. Come ready to to the council next week to prepare. Why you why you should have that seat and why you should have that seat magazine? Yeah my mom. Just made a brilliant brilliant parental suggestion just by another Jair. Donna mcdonagh boy. Who asked you right here you go get your vibrator and shut up okay? Ghana Boyer. That's rate massage chair. I thought I bought vibrators by two chairs. The right she's right great. I can't wait to come into the tribal great the tribal the tribal council. Let's the tribal should also email us and let us know who's thinks should be the judges cooking took intercepting on it. Okay okay okay My favorite time of the year okay. first of all just want to say everybody. Give love from this holiday season People work a lot harder because a lot of people are going to be on vacation and going to restaurants and ordering Uber's just I. I know. Sometimes we weren't over and it's just easy to put one dollars two dollars. Maybe just give a little bit more because people are really working hard and taking care of families and go to restaurants just if you can tip a little more I just love the holidays so much when you send Christmas cards. Really write a good deep message. Sometimes only one gifts just want. I love when people write letters and cards and that goes a long way during the holiday season. Just give love during this season. You know we're at the type of December and that matters the most to me. I love the holidays. Just look out for your neighbors. Look out for your friends. Check on everybody because sometimes it can't be darkened money. He can't be low and people are struggling to make things happen for their family. But if you give love on Christmas Day that goes a long way. Love goes so far during this holiday season. So if you can give any way you can tip. Your Uber. Drivers little more Tipton waiters because they are working as off and don't be a Dick in a restaurant restaurant you know what I mean. They're working they will bring that side that you want they will bring that catch up you know. Just ask them politely when they come back. That's all just look people during this season Oh also also real quick God bless Kamala. Harris I don't care who you voted for but I give an. She wasn't even you know you know she wasn't who but but she was a woman a woman that was out there and fighting and I know she may be coming back as a VP. which opened for somebody? But I'm I'm really proud. That she was out. There did the work. We're just in such a special time where it was like. Democratic Party is unbelievable and so for her to be in there at this time. I'm in America's really really amazing me at Ross and I was sitting in my house decide. Wow sitting back saying that was really amazing and see her doing the electric slide afterwards. What a whole team and I wonder how team when Chet how everybody was like we put it in the fight and it was good and so everybody coming and afterwards like Kamala like you like you know what I mean so I just WanNa say I just want to say God bless to that because that was the work and you put in the fight and so I I appreciate who whoever anybody voted for? It's not about I just. I love that secret talks about the here along social media. I love her speak many many many times I donated to her campaign. I love her. So how did you feel when you found how she was I was with. Cj he no he talked about so much phil split apart and did some shit and then came back together and he was still title that she wasn't going to win. But you know this. Let me tell you why I love her. I was a first time I saw her speak was at this event event where she talked about. Well high breakdown where I was at an event forgetting what it was and she came in spokane okay to a LGBTQ event and you know she was She's a senator from California but she was the Attorney General the State of California but she was also she worked in San Francisco Right. She was a councilwoman. Something I in San Francisco where she came out and she said she was running for office and she had to go speak at this event with it was like fifteen gay amen in the Castro and she thought she's like how am I going to connect with game and from the Castro. I'm a black woman how I'm a black straight woman. HOW DO I? I talked to them and so she said she was on her way. To the event racking her brain trying to think. How can I connect and one thing that she was working on was about teens getting abortions and having to talk to their parents and she's like an so? I just thought well that'll make sense. So she said I'll talk to these gay men about that And she said imagine being a teenager and having to talk about sex with your parents as gay men imagine how difficult that would have been so imagine now if you were a thirteen year old girl having to talk to your parents about sex and she built that bridge so then the gay men could go. Oh I can understand I can Only empathetic towards that. I can understand. And that's what empathy is such a powerful thing. It's understanding your other human. That may not have the same life experiences you but you can feel that issues and the fact that when she spoken took a talk about that bridge I wanted them to understand what that must feel like for them even though they may you never feel that exactly. I thought this is somebody who I would like to see with the their hands on the reins she is a young woman. If she's if somebody's smart they will pick her as VP give non if and if somebody from the democratic side Wins Watch out for her to be attorney general of the United States. I love combat. Ahern's France just from afar. I don't care who you vote just happen to respect the woman and And I'll tell you this too. It was nice to see a black woman on that stage during those has debates because that is a voice that needs to be louder in in a in a position of power all right so thank you for bringing that blackness delicious delicious delicious. Yeah thank you so much. That's the show I think Donna Boyer. Let's get the. Can I get my computer up here matthew because the audience's applause they didn't really hear thank you. Donna Boyer I have to ask you came here. You shared with all of us. You let pot earl sleep next to you under your sweater we looking all curl wetter. How do you feel having experienced your first Episode the episode here in Pristina. Darling honestly like now that you've done it. What do you do say it again? I'm staying not leaving. I'm I'm still coming up. She's still remains a link. I'd love no let me tell you. what I know to be true one moms are so so important to you have done a wonderful job. Thank you with your daughter and thank you for sharing it. You know when you went to bathroom Nikki. When we all hung out she said thanks for being such a good friend to my daughter? And the truth is you. Oh you are so welcome because it's tough. Sometimes truth is thank you for making a human who has blessed our lives. You have done a good job Donna. Boyer thank thank you thank you thank you but let me thank all of you because this little lady talks about all of you with nothing but the the greatest of love and respect. Yeah she loves you all and I know that and I appreciate each and every one of you don of millionare's earlier managed to I love you. Stop the music for that moment. Please don't interrupt. The music with my music is done. There's no more time left for a motion ashamed. I human connection. I've started at the end of the show. Don't interrupt it on on Fox. You learn your place here. You can thank the light really. Create this fucked up world. It's Insane Rainbow Unicorn Insanity if you want to follow that insanity you can't find him and he also has a podcast called Gateway podcast broadcast and you can also donate to patriots. Thank you support him. There and automatic PIN RIGHT DOT com. And you'll be Chris trying this Saturday every Saturday Levin Greg ghostwriters. CJ is the J. A. Y. L. Y. F.. We want because she left dishes will be with me at Rocco's this Saturday as we kick off the first West Hollywood brunch. It's free to get into this Sunday. A doors open at nine eleven. I'm sorry Saturday. The seventh December seventh doors open at nine shows at eleven. And it's free come in. I come for Sir. Oh yeah come on And then it's every Saturday at eleven at Rocco's moving forward right. There was Hollywood on Santa Fe and Santa Monica Mickley Boyer is Nikki. Aqui Boyer and also also talk about life coach Dot Com and talk about life coach g mail dot com. We yes and if you listen if you're SCHUYLKILL member and you listen to Nikki be life coach. Wow you are helping the response to your Nikki. Life Coach these people need your voice and I don't know. Do you read all all of your messages. People are loving the content. So please. I'm Haraz. Chose pod Jonah. Boyer we love you. You keep coming anytime you buy.

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