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I think that guy's got a serious weight problem. Go home start exercising. It's never been a movement like this. Never our movement is built on love at it is when a movement built on love involves shaming other people over there wait. I don't really know what to say other then of course as you know because you've been watching the show now for willie what it's at one thousand nine hundred forty seven hours on one of the war right right after yeah i remember truman wanted somebody to spread the good news across europe for greenland. Yeah yeah yeah exactly exactly. They didn't take the goal then they're not gonna take it now but i think it was forty seven and we said what did we say when we first. What did we say say. This show is going to be built on when we first started love joe love all you need is love and then of course the beatles stole that twenty years later we were cool with because this show is about love but really my questions this. If we were not a show built on love would we not point out that the guy fat shaming somebody in the audience probably a lot closer to three hundred bucks and what dr ronnie they would want the rest of us to thank. You might say something like that. He does have a weird obsession when he insults people with obviously cosmetic obsession asian but typically with wait remember he thought perhaps people hacking into our election system putting facebook ads up whereas four hundred pound guy on his bed in new jersey thursay. He's got that that seems to be top of mind when he's insulting people. I just don't know that that's where i go. If i were donald but anyway good morning and welcome to morning joe it is friday august sixteenth and we're filled with the love willie and i along with republican can strategist and m._s._n._b._c. analyst del rio national security expert and columnist to the u._s._a. Today and author of the book the death breath of expertise and livin lovin led zeppelin. Tom nichols also pulitzer prize. Winning columnist and associate editor of the washington imposed on m._s._n._b._c. political analyst. You gene robinson. Hey willy <hes> we've got these fox's polls that have come out that are pretty pretty stark and just how badly the president standing has fallen sense all of these controversies regarding the oh send her home and the racially charged to tax which obviously have heard the president and way we predicted it would but some breaking news right before we came on the show yeah just happened a little while ago israel's israel's interior minister says this morning that will allow congresswoman rashida to leave a palestinian american to enter the country of israel to visit her grandmother in the west bank and to do that on humanitarian grounds as follows yesterday's unprecedented decision from israel to block congresswoman to leave and ilhan omar of minnesota from entering the country based on their support of a movement to boycott israel. The move came less than two hours after president trump tweeted that it would show quote great weakness for or israel to allow the congresswoman to enter on their plan visit this weekend. We're gonna have a lot more on this story developing in just a moment but again joe israel now saying she had to sleep can enter the country on humanitarian grounds to visit her grandmother on the west bank while the decision yesterday obviously very concerning not just for democratic democratic politicians but for republican politicians real concern for everybody i this is. We just don't want to go down this way. You know for years years. Republicans were attacked for not and other members of congress were attacked for not visiting other countries to get their perspectives so the last thing we want to do is start pressuring countries to ban elected american lawmakers from going to visit so so israel takes half a step toward the right direction but we'll talk about that a lot more coming up and get everybody's opinion on it but let's go now willie <hes> the new fox news national polls yeah fascinating polls showing joe biden continuing as the front runner the lead pick for democratic voters with thirty one percent backing his presidential run but look at elizabeth warren. She's up to twenty percents you trails by eleven points eight points since july senator bernie sanders rounding out the top three at ten percent but he's down five points since july voters also were asked who would win in a potential twenty twenty match up between president trump and some of those democratic candidates came out as the clear winner with fifty percent saying they would run against donald trump thirty eight percent said they would vote for for president trump in that hypothetical matchup voters who had a negative view of both trump and i'd still backed biden by forty three to ten percent margin in the head head to head matchup and president trump is polling below several other democratic challenger as well. He's nine points behind bernie sanders in a head to head seven points behind elizabeth warren and six points behind kamala harris joe. What's interesting as you look at that graphic. President trump is steady no matter who he's up against at thirty eight thirty nine percent getting pounded and gene robinson <hes>. It seems to me if you're inside the white house and you're looking at the the numbers. The one that's most concerning is a question of who are you going to vote for if you have a negative opinion of both and trump that is of course donald donald trump won with a thirty eight percent approval rating on election day in two thousand sixteen but of course it's a lot different being the challenger than being the incumbent. He's the incumbent now al and is not getting the benefit of the doubt from hardly anyone no. It's not and and joe biden is not as unpopular among some voters who says hillary clinton was. I mean that that's how donald donald trump got elected. <hes> in large part because <hes> a lot of voters didn't like hillary clinton for what for variety of reasons whatever reasons and then of course it was the thing about you know her her infamous email but those are awful numbers for president trump across the board really and you you look at these new numbers you look at polling from from the the wisconsin michigan pennsylvania the states that he unexpectedly took it looks bad and all those states and you look at what's happening happening with the economy and the markets tumble this weekend and the fears of recession <hes> and you've got <hes> <hes> a president and white house that is <hes> justifiably in panic over all of this and <hes> it's unclear whether they're going to respond in any sort of rational way but but they will have to respond because this is. This looks like a campaign going down the tubes right inside the white house. According to multiple reports are saying the president's concerned about the economy tom right now. It's it's hard to say other than these trade wars pretty quickly how the president could have an immediate impact on the economy one thing that he can have an immediate impact on or his tweets and the city says at rallies and we've been saying it for a long time you and i have many other people have been saying it for a long time that that you just can't boil down your support to thirty five thirty six percent and expect to pick up enough voters to win the centre-back back chance that straight out of fascist playbook the video that circulated about the president laughing when people were talking about shooting immigrants at the border <hes> the president's reaction to el paso bizarre reaction to el paso and jeffrey goldberg at the atlantic wrote. Yes it's getting even worse. Jonathan mir these societa d- press said trump's people inside the white house are worried that if it's even possible he's actually become even more disconnected and on moored in his management style where we're seeing this play out in the polls. Everybody that thinks donald donald trump. Has this magic voodoo powder because what happened on one day in two thousand sixteen. I think they're missing. The forest for the trees part of the president's residents problem is that he thinks the way one in twenty sixteen with some kind of a genius strategy instead of a perfect storm. You know twenty sixteen was in a lot out of ways. It was a fluke. You know it was the it was tailor made for somebody like donald trump. There were too many republican candidates. He was running and celery clinton. Which was that's his single ace. In the hole. That was that was huge advantage and i think you know when people talk about james comey me letter coming as late as it did and if the people would say well you know he can get this campaign on track. Yes he can get this campaign on track. If donald trump weren't donald trump. I mean that it would require him to be something other than he is. This is completely played at the base <hes> because he loves the base. The base energizes. He's not trying to energize voters the he's. He's letting voters energized him right so susan last night. The president was in new hampshire. We put a little bit of speech. He was talking about the economy and we saw just how much he has riding on it for his reelection in the markets have gone through the roof since november ninth today after i won the election so i won the election. The markets went up thousands. Sousa points. Things started happening. You started doing things that you would have never even though i didn't get sworn in until january twentieth but they refuse to do that and let me tell you if for some reason i wouldn't have won the election. These markets would have crashed and that'll happen even even more so in two thousand eight hundred twenty see the bottom line. Is i know you like me and this room is a love fest. I know that but you have. I have no choice but to vote for me because you're 4._0._1._k.'s down the tubes. Everything's gonna be down to so whether you love me or hate me. It got to vote for me. Susan the president attempting to project conference confidence. There's a piece in the washington post this morning that describes the president is anxious and apprehensive. One republican who knows the president saying quote he's rattled about the signs he sees in the economy right now and he should be because every president before every politician knows you you do not refer to go to the stock market every time it's up and say oh the economy's good because guess what happens when it goes down your blamed too so with donald donald trump there was basically saying is if you worry now. It may get worse but it won't be as bad as you think. If you re elect me. It's very bad logic and just go back to those fox polls where we could see everything kind of coming together. I think we see it no more no more place them when it comes to women and in two thousand sixteen eighteen donald trump was able to win <hes> white women without college degrees with fifty six percent in this poll. It's down to fifty. That's swing. He cannot afford suburban. Women are at thirty nine so most of that is based on the terrorists on on his behavior but then you add an economy that is so volatile and people don't trust because they're not just right now. That's what we're seeing a lot of scared investors. That's a lot for donald trump to make up up and i happen to agree with tom. Donald trump won because of hillary clinton's numbers were so bad. He's not going to be facing an opponent with negative numbers as high as hillary clinton well you had that and again you had the james comey letter coming ten days before the election. Everybody talks about putin trying to influence influence michigan and wisconsin. I mean it. James comey james comey influenced all of those states and made a huge difference in it but <hes> ah you know as i've said before willie donald said to me before the election he said i could have i could've been we had this election on ten different days and i probably would have lost nine of those ten days but on that one day everything lined up perfectly perfectly and everything came together and i won. Maybe he's thinking he's going to draw some sort of cosmic inside straight again this this next year i we'll say that on the economy it's so important for anybody in the media that plays that clip of what donald trump said about how the economy is so much better just to get a nine year ten year graph out of the economy and see the lines unemployment lines going down consistently seeing all the lines going down consistently and the number willie that people look at the most that predicting elections <hes> or not all the numbers the president's talking about its g._d._p. And where the president got into office if i'm not mistaken on that day it was around two point six two point seven seven two point eight i think for the last quarter it was two point one and we even have people like paul singer and a lot of the smartest people <hes> and finance saying that we are headed for trouble times. I hope not i certainly hope not because the pain and the agony <hes> that will cause americans will be absolutely terrible so i hope the economy continues going as it is but even if it does willie chances dances are good. Donald trump's not gonna be able to draw that inside straight with the help of somebody like james comey like he did back last year back in two two thousand six hundred and we've seen this week how the president responds to the economy obviously rattled about it when it goes bad when the market is down one day he lashes out at the fed chair when it goes back back up. He takes credit for it. He's projecting a lot of confidence because he knows there's rumbling beneath the surface. He also was talking joe about some of the people running against him last night at that rally in new hampshire. Here's the president said. Is there anything better than a trump rally. What about his sleepy. Joe biden nine rally got kamala. Kamala is falling beta beta was like we'll see what happens. Whoever you know whoever it is i don't know commanders but whoever it is different different people but i don't know i think sleepy joe may be able to limp across the finish line elizabeth elizabeth warren. I did poke gone this thing. I hit really hard and it looked but like she was down and out but that was too long ago. I should have waited but don't worry we will revive it. It can be it can be re bright playing the hits their last night joe to go back and all the way to have an john. I know says he likes led zeppelin better than that that one number you underlined joe in the foxhole. The forty three to ten among voters put a negative view of both joe biden and donald trump that was completely flipped in two thousand sixteen where people took a flyer on donald trump against hillary clinton and he said i don't like them. I don't like either but i'm gonna try trump. If joe biden is the nominee that dynamic is turned completely on its head at least according to this poll it is and and all the things donald trump said in two thousand sixteen the most effective was what do you have to lose and he was focusing on black voters when he said that but what do you have to lose is. What do we have to lose gene robinson. There's also something that i heard new york. Bankers say something that i heard friends from my own district. Say i heard a lot of people across america going. You know what we've we've tried the clintons and the bushes for a quarter of a century and look where it's gotten us what we have to lose this guy may be crazy but maybe hills shake things up and maybe he'll disrupt washington and maybe he'll get the best people around him and you know at the beginning when he's getting people like james mattis <music> around him and and and some others they had a reasonably. Maybe this guy's going to end up being okay. Of course it's been just the opposite so that presumption now works against donald trump obviously these polls and now it's joe biden or elizabeth ward or whoever else when people may end up saying boy. This is exhausting. I can't take this anymore. What do we have to lose right right now. We know by now we know exactly exactly what we have to lose by reelecting donald trump we be being an incumbent is the classic double edged sword incumbents have have various built in advantages on the other hand income at a record in office and we have seen donald trump. We've heard him. We've read him on twitter <hes> day after exhausting day for two and a half years and and it is people know that they don't want that anymore. I think a lot of people do and so that's why that the number has slipped so much and it is you know. Somebody said that he pulled an inside straight. Last time i mean he certainly did that is very unlikely this time i mean he these numbers really are appalling for for for trump and all the people who think he's playing four dimensional chess and the part of some grand strategy. A heart aren't really paying attention. He's he's winging it every day every hour and and he looks like he's flailing because he is flailing. Really it's fascinating the way he uses these rallies <hes> really to to pump himself up you know. Is there anything unlike trump rally well. You know not quite but for him. There's nothing like a trump rally because he's surrounded by people who actually love them and and and cheer cheer him and he so desperately needs that but he doesn't fight it outside of that setting it's it's it's not anywhere and and and then he looks at the economic numbers now and he's got to say you got to do something so he brings back the greatest hits pocahontas okay harness and you know the single he dropped in in twenty eight seventeen i guess or whatever well and and and single that he dropped opt again. <hes> would send her back chance which again <hes> scared the republican party for good reason they understood that there's gonna be political fallout on this and you know tom. I think that <hes> donald trump and a lot of people around him are making the classic mistake jake that people that get inside the washington bubble make and they assume that americans are overly ideological and don't understand stand the same people that voted for reagan twice voted for clinton twice voted for bush twice voted for obama twice voted for donald trump so so i think a lot of people are going to be thinking what i believe you. Didn't you write a column yesterday where you talked about. If somebody made you wear waffles all day simone coming from i mean i it was george conway. Think had quoted some things that you'd say. I think there are a lot of people who were thinking okay well. If elizabeth warren gets in there and she's too liberal well well. We'll have congress to balance out but at least show respect constitutional norms at least she won't threaten the safety of members of the press us at least she won't inspire mass shootings or inspire co scarred. People are inspire other people in florida to make hit list of democratic politicians. Yeah i think the bubble but the president is partly a reflection of his personality. He needs that energy. This is what what keeps him going and it's it's it's something that works for him in terms of his need for that constant jolt from the base but it doesn't do very much to to to build out from that thirty looking nell like a thirty eight or thirty nine percent ceiling at this point. We're going to talk a lot more about tom's column. We're just getting started. It's titled why <music> this never trump ex republican will vote for almost any twenty twenty democratic nominee. That's ahead on morning joe but i bill karen's has a look at the weekend forecast. Hey bill. Hey good friday morning before we get to the weekend. Forecast are manoa government scientists. Yesterday told us that july for the planet was the warmest ever recorded in the top five hottest. July's is all in the last five years so the climate headlines keep coming. No signs that stopping anytime soon so today's forecast we do have a risk of severe storms travel troubles by kansas city eddie possibly towards saint louis later on today isolated tornadoes wind damage and hail possible. It won't stop raining in florida from tampa northwards. It had heavy rain overnight this. This is gonna continue on and off during the upcoming weekend and we do have flood watches in easement some flood warnings that are up now and interior sections of florida so the forecast for today isolated storms dorms around d c enjoy the coolest type weather in the northeast because over the weekend the heat dials going to be turned up so we get to ninety two on saturday in dc hot and he would of course i through the south and then by the time we get to sunday we'll see those ninety spreading to new york city and southern new england and it's humid too so the heat index will feel over one hundred degrees so new york orc city philadelphia included and joy today because we're going to be about fifteen to twenty degrees warmer over the upcoming weekend to those new developments and israel's unprecedented move to bar two u._s. Congresswoman from entering the country israel's interior ministry says this morning it will allow congresswoman to lead a palestinian american individuals her grandmother in the west bank on humanitarian grounds the israeli government yesterday had seemed to bow to pressure from donald trump saying it would block congresswomen johanna omar and repeat it to leave who had planned to visit israel and the west bank this weekend president trump tweeted yesterday quote it would show great weakness if israel allowed rep omar <unk> omar to lead to visit they hate israel and all jewish people wrote the president and there's nothing that can be said or done to change their minds then less than two hours hours later came the announcement from prime minister benjamin netanyahu citing omar into leap support for a movement to boycott israel and the law that allows israel to deny their entry entry because of that support it in yahoo calling the congresswoman quote leading activists in promoting boycott legislation in the u._s. congress. He said he supports his interior ministers decision to deny their visit. That is a reversal from just last month. When israel's ambassador to the united states ron dermer told the times of israel quote out of respect for the u._s. Congress in the great alliance between israel in america we would not deny entry to any member of congress into israel the american pro israel israel lobbying group apec is breaking with trump and netanyahu tweeting and part. Every member of congress should be able to visit and experience our democratic ally israel first first hand so joe. This was clearly a position israel held where they said ron dermer they were going to let any congressmen or women from the united states into the country president tweets that out yesterday yesterday and the prime minister of israel flips on that decision and i was gonna say i think we need to really just look at this not as a decision and by israel. This is all about benjamin that and it's so shortsighted it is nancy pelosi's right. It is beneath the dignity of his office. If donald trump wants to bring down the dignity of the american presidency. That's one thing benjamin netanyahu shouldn't follow along. I know coup- couple of weeks ago willie when donald trump attacked morning joe called this morning psycho or whatever he did benjamin re tweeted it and somebody said wow this guy either really likes donald trump or really hates and american table. You're you're going like. I just looked at it and shook my head and i'm like dude. You don't have to go down in the mud and it's also very unusual because as you know all of congress people joked with me and said anytime you want a key to the city of tel aviv feel free to do it <music> given apec speeches throughout my life and pro israel. Has anybody gets but susan dell persio. This is somebody not that that loves israel and his always defended israel and understands that they're surrounded by enemies that want to drive them into the sea. That hasn't stopped me three critical of israel. I'd be but you know but at the same time you look at this and if you love israel like i love of israel it really does break your heart to see them closing the doors to because i want representatives that or hostile towards israel to go to israel and maybe get a more nuanced view that will will will help the debate moving forward and you're absolutely absolutely right joe and the fact is is that this is a play at donald trump's playbook because benjamin who's up for reelection in september knows that donald trump trump is more popular in israel than he is right now. Donald trump is also more popular in israel than he is in this country right now so this just kind of works for everyone unfortunately on the political front so they think but this day to joe broke my heart when i heard this because how is it the president of the united states so as to israel do not let the two members of congress in that is despicable. It shows how weak he is. How insecure this president is how feeble frankly he is that he has is to go after these two women because he's afraid of talking about the economy or other issues that are plaguing this country. This is what he does and it's just just wrong and as far as israel's response i mean we read that quote from from the ambassador saying that out of respect to the u._s. congress. Does this mean that israel no no longer respects the united states congress because that would be equally disturbing well and you know willie during the nineteen eighties ronald reagan constantly was was seeing democratic lawmakers go to nicaragua and talk to daniel ortega and some in fact said things it a lot of lot of a lot of people thought might question their loyalty to the united states but ronald reagan allow them to do it and that's just what happens again. I hope more republican senators and members of congress will speak out today against that's what's happened because it is so important that when let's say joe biden get selected it is so important that there's not this retaliation we want our members of congress going around the world and not living in a fortress america and understanding that in a big complicated bad world out there well we have heard members of congress even those who followed president trump on almost everything contradict him on this one kevin mccarthy for example saying he believes all congress people should be allowed out to enter israel senator marco rubio tweeted that he disagrees completely with to leave and omar on questions of israel and b._b._s. but denying them entry and israel's mistake stake being blocked as what they really hope for all along rights marco rubio. Let's bring in the co host of morning joe. I look a moideen and you actually were supposed to build on this trip with congresswoman this woman to leave. What are you hearing this morning about her reaction so there's a few things interesting enough about this. This trip was meant to be fact-finding mission in part of their constitutional oversight responsibilities villages. I mean israel is the largest recipient of american tax dollars as a foreign country. They were going over there in what so many other congress people do which is a congressional delegation just last week you had seventy members of both democrats and republicans go on an israeli approved trip and here is the interesting part they were going on this trip to try to find out a different perspective on what the reality is on the ground. They were meeting with israeli human rights organizations. They were meeting with palestinian human rights organizations. They weren't meeting with officials on either side. The israeli statement that came out yesterday said that they were not meeting with israeli officials are members of the government that's true but they also weren't meeting with any palestinian officials shows because they wanted to stay away from the politics and try to focus on what the reality is on the ground. You saw the reactions from them. Both in the statements that they've put out they've been very critical of this saying that this undermines israel's claim that it is the only democracy in the middle east and is if you guys have been discussing as well actually shows that israel in particular particularly in this case has fallen under the pressure of presidential tweet and changed course so. Tom israel's citing two year old law that allows them to do this. Anyone who comes in hoping to boycott israel. It's on the books now from two years ago that they can prevent he or she from entering the country. Can you see this from the israeli. Point of view is defensible wolf from where you're sitting. I feel the way susan does. I'm kind of in. I'm stunned by this that an ally of the united states one of our strongest allies is now now in a in a kerfuffle with us about members of congress members of our elected members of our legislature going to israel. This isn't like a couple of you know radicals from somewhere in europe who are leading a boycott movement. You would think that this is exactly exactly the kind of thing that promotes more understanding and i think it goes back to susan's point about how unbelievably insecure this president is that this is the go-to move go after the squad see if you can push this nerve and then he is then for netanyahu to go along with it just this i mean it's really almost a bizarre czar other-worldly kind of turn politics that you would never have expected to seen between the united states and israel and i find it. I find it kind of heartbreaking as well. I just can't i can't believe that we're now in a time where the israeli government is saying members of congress no matter how odious their views may be on something you know are now going going to be kept away from having a discussion and visiting and seeing life in one of our closest allies. That's just incomprehensible to me it. It is so incomprehensible and you look at israel's politics and suddenly it seems as dysfunctional or more dysfunctional than ours. You've got benjamin netanyahu less popular in israel and trump criminal charges swirling swirling all around him and they have been corruption charges for quite some time he can win with a small plurality of the vote and you do have i mean you've been over obviously done some extraordinary reporting but but you also so though have had for quite some time a lot of israelis that have said hey come on. Let's figure out a way forward. Let's find peace. We don't want our children living like we did and like our grand children and we don't wanna be occupiers. We don't want to live out our existence as occupiers. Let's find a way forward yeah that stranded out by a prime prime minister who is again a deeply unpopular in israel. You are absolutely right on that on so many different levels and there's a certain certain irony in what is happening in the united states with the rise of white nationalism and white supremacy that has not come to the forefront of american politics because there's something similar that is also happening i with israel which is this rise of extremism and nationalism inside the israeli politics is really politics consistently shifting to the right over the last couple of years more and more more extreme. You're hearing israeli. Politicians people that the israeli government could potentially be formed with calling for the annexation of the west bank that is that israel controls trolls and ultimately absorbs the two million population of palestinians that lives in the occupied territories that essentially puts israel at across shows. It'll have to decide whether it is going to be jewish democratic or accept the fact that it controls two million palestinians or three million palestinians whose lives they control and this is what the incident with russia to lebron congresswoman omar actually actually captured on a very microcosmic level palestinians all across the world who live even in the case of the congresswoman who wants to go back and visit her aging grandmother. This is the reality what occupation is she has to get the permission of the israeli government to go visit her aged grandmother. Where else do you think something like that could happen and also at the center of such a major conflict. I think understanding that in a very simple level captures for americans something that is rarely seen which is what is life like for palestinians living under occupation where every aspect of it is controlled by israeli politicians as that government continues to move shift and shift shift. Excuse me to the right. We're not heading into a peaceful resolution to this conflict given everything that we're seeing and willie again and for supporters of israel including myself who have said for years said israel is the one that democracy in the middle east. Is that stable. That's our this undermines all of that. I do think this is going to be temporary. I can't believe that that ron dermer and others in the government aren't going to pressure netanyahu to to tell donald trump to that sorry but we're we're going to move on because it just it. It's undermining everybody the only two people that this may play for donald trump and benjamin netanyahu but as you said republicans who usually kowtow to trump very concerned by this and i just be shocked if you didn't see into the day this this reverse for both members of congress as we reported a minagall. We've seen a little bit of a crack there where they're going to allow rush to leave at least into the west bank to visit her grandmother. We'll see if they they go further from here amen. Thanks so much to see doing this now. National political reporter for axios jonathan swan johnson good morning. You've got some new reporting about employees at several major major companies pushing back against work from agencies that enforce trump administration immigration policies. Let's dig into this a little bit. Which companies are we talking about. This is a really important trend captured by my colleague sarah fisher and courtney browne. You've got google employees who've signed a petition shen saying that they don't want the company to do any work whether it be infrastructure <hes> engineering any kind of technical assistance to the trump administration that would help their immigration enforcement and that's important because there's a cloud computing contract up at the moment for one of those agencies and you've got other companies like whole foods which coil on its parent company amazon to cut ties with pailin tia which provides software for trump's immigration enforcement you have several big banks banks including bank of america saying they were going to refuse to lend to immigration detention centers. You had ogilvy p._r. Where their employees were revolting at one of the town holes because of a multi million dollar contract that they have with the trump administration so this is a really important trend it's not it's not restricted to one sex uh-huh happening in tech. It's happening in banking. It's happening lord groceries so i mean we're we're paying really close attention to this because it's an important new pressure <hes> against the trump administration. We've seen it from customers jonathan but now it looks like it's coming from the inside from employees. Yes yep absolutely and look. I'm skeptical with this will actually change his mind because this is one of his central planks but we have seen in small ways this corporate pressure effect president trump and i'll give you an example based on my reporting. I believe he would have already crackdown much much more aggressively on high skilled visas leases like h. One bs it was actually advocacy behind the scenes by people like apple ceo. Tim cook that swayed him of that or at least put the pause button on so there is a chance when you have companies with the power of google when you have their employees revolting that could have some impact on their policies jonathan. You've also got some new reporting that lines up with what we've been discussing already this morning that sources close to president trump or worried about some of the latest economic data specifically polls coming out of certain states dates. He's going to need to be reelected yet. Look a couple of things and i reported this yesterday. <hes> that the early warning signs from people people very close to the president who is saying yet just k- he'll say what he'll say with a very confident public rhetoric that's keep enthusiasm up the markets up but but actually privately to people around him very concerned with some of these signs with the yield curve and other early warning signs of a possible recession their internal no no polling in michigan pennsylvania wisconsin is terrible this. I'm just being very very blunt about it. It's terrible and this economic. Onomic message is their path to reelection so they're very very worried about what they sing in late economic data and they realize also that they don't have have many tools to get themselves out of it. They've already done tax reform. The benefits of tax reform have already largely worked themselves through the economy. They've got the fed bed which keeps beating up and monetary policy is death and then this sort of dormant possible deal with china. That's probably the only real l. stimulative policy that they could <hes> effect before the election is some kind of a big deal with china where china promises to purchase a whole whole bunch of agricultural goods jonathan for let you go and underline what you said. Which is that the internal polling the trump campaign has the places that made him president of the united states michigan and wisconsin is terrible. How bad is it. I don't have the numbers because they have been much tighter about since the loss leak of the polling but people who a familiar with it tell me that in those three states it is not good. It's really not good joe. Yeah and jonathan of course probably polls have been showing his reelecting reelecting the low thirties in michigan wisconsin venue for some time. I'm curious though again. Conventional wisdom always wrong but conventional wisdom over the past several months has been among democrats quietly just beyond themselves saying oh my god donald trump is going to get reelected. I'm wondering in the beltway. Are you still hearing that that trump's more likely than not to get reelected or are you really starting to get a sense that at least in august guest of two thousand nineteen a lifetime away from the twenty twenty november twenty twenty that now actually people are starting to think that here's a better than even chance that actually donald trump's going to lose next year so i think some of the wobbles in the economy and the loss of particularly in the last forty forty eight hours have caused some people to really reevaluate. I think a lot of that is <hes> you know people who gave trump no chance of winning in two thousand sixteen stain and still have their tail between the legs so overcompensating by continuing to say he's going to win reelection without looking at any of the data or the polling just ignoring everything in keeping to say that because they would rather be wrong in that direction than be wrong again in the other direction but certainly the last forty eight hours. Some of these wobbles have caused people to reevaluate because that was the message was absurd people around trump okay you could hate him. It's what he said on stage age last night. It's what they believe. You can hate me. You can think all this stuff about me but you 4._0._1._k.'s looking great and he's doing great and unemployment slow the minute that stopped the cracks start to form in that narrative that they've got real problems. Jonathan swan axios. Thank you as always hey. It's chris hayes m._s._n._b._c. every day. I come to the office and we make a television show an everyday. I think to myself there's so much more. I want to talk about and so this is our podcast. It's called. Why is this happening and the whole oh idea behind it is to get to the root of the things that we see lee out every day. They're driven by big ideas each week. I sit down with a person uniquely suited to explain elaine why this is happening new episodes of why is this happening every tuesday. 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