Best Of (MJ's final season, 'The Last Dance,' Brady vs. Rodgers, LeBron's Finals stats)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Jenny Taft. This podcast is a condensed version of today's episode of undisputed handpicked with the best segments and discussions skip Shannon. Let's go good horning welcomed undisputed. How are you guys doing today? Phyllis and Shannon Sharpe. And I'm ready to get this show going slower my journey. I am so ready to get going. Wait Guilt Vela's Shannon Sharpe. You've been in trouble all week and I believe you're going to be in more trouble starting right now. Hopefully after Sunday which will be one of the happiest days of my life. Weakest Stop This blasphemy one Goat James. That's what I want to have Shannon. You Defending Your Guy. All Week Good news for us we also have Eric Dickerson joining us later on in the show but you know what only appropriate that we start by talking about Michael Jordan and those bowls because it's hard to believe but we're going to see the end of the last dance. It concludes this Sunday and skip. You taste social media video to be released on Sunday afternoon in which you're gonNA great detail about two big one on one interviews. You did late in the bulls ninety eight season with GM Jerry Krause and head coach Phil Jackson author. Which you said Liu your mind so skip I wanna ask you your final takeaway from covering the Bulls in nine hundred ninety eight and that's the ginny in all my years in this business. I've never found myself in something so baffling so con- sounding so troubling and ultimately so mind blowing is what I found myself in the middle of in Nineteen Ninety eight as the columnist for the Chicago Tribune watching the last dance from the inside out. Big Sit down interviews in late March with Jerry Krause the GM and then in early May during the Charlotte playoff series. Big Sit down in Phil Jackson's office with the coach of the Bulls and what I heard from each of these two men whose relationship obviously had completely deteriorated was just difficult for me to process and I remind everybody I had just come to Chicago before that season straight from Dallas Texas where I'd written three books about the Dallas Cowboys. The second of those books predicted that Jerry Jones would soon sire Jimmy Johnson that was after their first super bowl. Obviously they won a second together. And then Jerry Fire Jimmy is. My Book. Predicted in the final chapter would happen. Everybody told me I was out of my mind then but I said No. This is predictable that blow up. I got this one. I I still can't get and Shannon. Here's the point that playoff run. I caught Michael after one game and I told him that. That sill was just openly saying we were all presuming. That have still got fired if his contract didn't get renewed and we knew that was going to happen because he had fallen completely. Apart that everybody presumed that Michael was going to go to and sill was openly saying to everybody including me in that big sit down interview that Michael had run out of gas in nineteen ninety eight and because of his loyalty to feel he was just going to flat out retire. Remember we're talking about the greatest player. Who Ever played in any team sport willing to walk away in the heart of his prime or at least at the end of his prime and missing his age. Thirty five thirty six thirty seven season by just sitting out which is what he ultimately as we know did. But when I asked Michael About Sills contention that that Michael would just up and retire coldly replied to me that's feels opinion and that was the first sign of lives and hope that. I heard from Michael Jordan and it made me very happy because there was no reason for Michael to go to and as we all know. Jerry Krause had plucked Phil Jackson Out of obscurity. He was a coach for the Albany patrons. Argument is assistant coach. Then when Phil Kissed Up and buddied up to Jerry Krause. Jerry fell in love with Phil and finally replaced Doug Collins with Phil Jackson. Doug had coach Michael for three of his early years and yet once Phil got hold of the reins of the organization and they won their first championship. Silk completely turned on Jerry. Just duped him to get the job and began to mistreat just the way Michael. Scottie shamed and ridiculed little tiny the penguins. I call him Jerry Krause. So Jerry Krause was living in one or to get even with Phil we get that and he already had a handshake agreement with Tim's Loin from Iowa state to be the new coach the Bulls so I- publicly encouraged Michael to just forget about Phil. Forget about Tim Floyd. They called him. Paints Lloyd off the Rock Group. That was her sarcastic. Term for because fill-up in Floyd and I thought Michael could then go to Jerry Krause and say hey look. I realized the bridges. Burn between Jerry and Phil. I got it but they'll never coexist again. So let's forget about Phil but don't give me Tim Floyd or pink. Floyd gives me a real coach. Bring Back Doug Collins. Obviously Doug ultimately want with Michael for his last HURRAH YEARS. Thirty eight thirty nine years old in Washington give me Doug Collins back. Give Me Anybody. Who's a made man in the NBA is a head coach? Anybody with credibility stature and experience and I'll go forward why Michael wouldn't do that to this day haunts me because that was the move to be made and I believe Jerry reinsdorf would have compromised with that move. Keep Jerry Krause legitim- bring in another coach. That Michael Signs off on not Tim Floyd but as we all know Michael stuck by his guns inexplicably which is why can't wait for maybe episode. Ten of the last dance. I want to hear what Michael says about this. Because I wrote to conclude my column in May and June that year. I said the worst sports stars I could ever think is Michael Jordan. Gone at age thirty five and still still coaching at fifty three. And as we all know Phil went right on. It took one year. He went right onto the Lakers and wound up coaching. Shaq and Colby to three straight championships. And what did I always call fill? It everybody called him to Zen Master. I called him the spin master. I never trusted him. I never trusted his sort of spin. Golly holdover Michael Michael was very impressionable when it came to fill an that sill talked or almost duped Michael into retiring at a loyalty to fill when he did not need to sill. Didn't retire film went on one three more championships in a row. Shaq and Kobe three beaten. La So I believe that Michael also got taken for a ride by the spin master as I call him an Indian. It was the most confounding and actually the saddest story I've ever covered. Well let me start with your before. I make my escape. The reason why he didn't to Jerry Krause because Jerry Krause Jerry reinsdorf with two people that he can bully because you know why they had more power within organization then him. So you can bully. Steve Kerr and Scotty Rail and some of those others. Because they're player. You are the best player so you have. You're able to to reign over them with your tenure with your plate but you notice she can never bully J. Krav every player that he basically said he wanted skip Envisat documented. Jerry. Crowd went and got somebody totally opposite. If Jerry Reinsdorf it like I said Jerry. Krause took a lot of criticism took a lot of heat but Jerry. Krause who just the she'll this Jerry Reinsdorf because he could make all this a moot point he could have say Jerry. You'RE GONNA stand down on this. We're going to keep this thing rolling until the wheels fall off but when Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf and say this is what I WANNA do okay. You see what happens to it happened again. Rest his soul with a volume polian in Washington. You see when people have more power than you. You can't bully them that's why he couldn't really J. Crowds. He could like you said he could have but he knew what the answer were. Jerry Krause made it abundantly clear. He can go eighty two in with all of his layout gave about thirty and he's still not coming back. And if Michael Retired Michael earned the right to do whatever he wants to do so they moved boy so he was like. I'm not wasting my time because there might be a time later in life. I'm GONNA need that energy. I won't need that breath that I wasted J. Across and Jerry Reinsdorf. That's why he didn't do it. Skipped you know why he didn't do it because he couldn't believe them he couldn't put them in a corner like hello. Well I thought winning so you are. You mean to tell me. He said winning. And if you don't WANNA wear get league move or don't do it there. Crowds able to have. Now we do here look at the end of the first repeat. He said that he would exhausted. He was tired of the media. Barrage the constant barrage of cosmic criticism. And it started to you know. They started to say well. What happened with your father was a direct correlation of what transpired with Michael in his personal life. I don't believe that but because of criticism scale you mean me tough if the most mentally tough guy in the history of sports couldn't handle media Chris wow imagine what he would have to go through in the social media age today. Imagine what Lebron James. Here's constantly there was no debate. Show there was no twenty. Four Hour News Cycle on fourth in ninety eight. Ninety seven with Michael was in his heyday in him. Prime can you imagine the criticism of some of the thing that was reporting going gambling of the day about? What would that be the night? Outdoor the David Bore playoff game. The constant golfing. Can you imagine the criticism? Imagine a guy player now skipping basketball be Lebron James Kevin Durant Steph. Curry would be covered casino before championship. Game or EPA championship game ream. He got the name he was caught. Everybody wrote about it. Everybody was everywhere and Lapointe the criticism. The Barat remember magic. Say of. Y'All keep being the guy you're going to write him away from the game. Imagine what Lebron has been going through since. He was seventeen because of criticism. I just saying skill. The thing was agree with you on this. You and I agree you and I agree that Jerry Reinsdorf Jared Crouch should've let this thing out let all the gay run out of the car. It's it if it runs religion outside role in the middle of the season. Oh she puts it out in the middle of either but I don't believe he should have broken it up. I believe he should've let somebody else break it up. Normally air positive normally empire just say you know what we're tired of lauding all this bath territory. You know what? Let's give it up normally some body from the outside convinced fixing over or within this case like the Roman empower if they'll with the INSKIP so when I look at agree believe Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf to let it go but Michael Do? I believe Michael should've leaves boy going to Jerry. Krause Gone Jerry door but I believe like you said with got it. They've never taught my they'd never tour. Michael joins contract so the likelihood of them Scotty contract and extending him when they never did that. Michael was not going to happen. Remember in the ducks. Michael says got new. Jay Across that contract Redo his contract so Michael having been with Jay across basically sits at his first year. Nineteen eighty-five if I'm not mistaken. Step Barat Thorn. He Knew Jerry. Krause brought with him back with Jerry. Krause got something in his hand skill. That was it if there was no turning back but I thought of all this yes killed. J. Across maybe you don't like him but I saw Jerry Reinsdorf Jair given been bill portrayed very favourably in this documentary with you and I both know when you peel everything way. He was owners. How does the general manager have more control more in an organization then the owner Jerry? Reinsdorf just like he did in ninety eight when he brought peel back all that last day he said I'm bringing field back again or another land's Day fifty our core. Well I'm breaking could've been the last day of encore okay. That's the end of the single goes back. Then he come back out and give you a another set. Maybe five Kim fifteen minutes Jay rise could have demanded of JAE crowd. Bring Peel back on call. Encore and we'll see this thing plays out but what. I'm going to take most from documentary. Skip is that like I said I knew about the on court stuff but behind the scene the maniacal guy what he was willing to endure what he was willing to go through what he was willing to push his teammates to get to a level. That's what I'm most impressed with. Like I said being quarantined forced me to watch something other than you politics and so I've watched a lot of documentaries and so I knew Sam Cook could see just like you know Sam Cook and see but when you watch documentary you get an opportunity to see a different side of Sam. Cook that you like. I did not know exists. I did not know he had that type of relationship with Mohammed. Ali did not know that he was in Miami that fire escape and he and Jim Brown I think if I'm not mistaken Mohammed Ali within a room together. I didn't know that. So now you get an opportunity to see Michael Jordan off the court. Everybody saw him on the court specialty. You did you were covering day to day but you saw some of the things behind the scenes. I did not no. I did not see that behind the scenes so that was great for me. To see is the show over. I have never heard one person talk along on undisputed in the history show. Is You just talk a whole lot of nothing? Let's get back to the first three peat and you said Oh he burned out. He couldn't take the media he baloney voice. Me When I show you agreed. I think it's my turn to talk. Now you agreed that it had to do with gambling. It was some kind of a suspension slash avis that he took off to play baseball. You agreed the first after the first couple of episodes. Yup that's what was going on your system issues about it. I'm real suspicious about it to this day. It made no sense to me. He caused himself to championships right there. So we miss those two missed a season in about three fourths of the next season and was not ready to play. Orlando obviously in the playoffs and the conference finals. And now we fast forward to Jerry REINSDORF and I I gotTa tell you I resent you calling the goat a bully. He is not a bully. He was simply the greatest leader slash motivator in the history of sports. Now one player who played with them has called him a bully. Now one player has said publicly. I hate him. I couldn't stand him. They all thought there was method to them madness all of his ridicule. Whatever held that he made some pay. It was all to make their weakness a strength and they all contributed down the stretch. And I told you yesterday I showed you that roster it was to quote the Great Lebron James. Top heavy as bleep. It was Scotty Pippin. Nothing but a raw robin to Batman and then a Rodman who barely was able to stay in bounce. Thanks to the guidance of Michael Jeffrey Jordan and after that it was just a bunch of guys that he turned into winners. He toughened all of them up. And when you say Oh Jerry Reinsdorf is the one guy. He couldn't bully Baloney. He couldn't believe him he just didn't try to use his power to power play if he had gone to public. If he'd come to me and said I need you to print this print that I went to Jerry Reinsdorf and I said Jerry pick any coach who is experienced in the NBA. Not Tim Floyd I will stay for two more years and we'll win two more championships if he had said that. That's a power-play I don't think Jerry Reinsdorf have withstood. The media beating he would've taken under those conditions but Michael got thin. Golly he got Machiavelli and by by Phil Jackson Phil talked him into. We've gotTa do this together. We've to retire. We've got quit on them and quit together whole and seal clear linear and then he goes to La and coach Shaq and Colby. Oh no no no no. Don't don't worry about save peacoat. You like come back bring back best. Altima power play Kale Jerry Reinsdorf strange back and let us win to now you can't. We can't win win it. No P stores deal well. I just told you what happened. Still had turned on Krausz Krauss picked Phil and he earned on it. He duped into getting picked and getting elevated navy turned on him. Michael could not descend that Michael Body to spin master's spin so it was up to Michael. Step back and say you know what in the end krause fill? They're just to June bugs on my windshield in the final splattering on my windshield. I can go forward by myself. My team is not to hold Scotty. Went on played. Six MORE YEARS Steve. Kerr went on one two more rings. Ron Harper went on and won two. More rings with the Lakers. Every player on that team went on Dennis. Rodman went on an average ten rebounds for the Mavericks Min Fourteen. So the Lakers. They all still had plenty of gas in the tank to win two more championships. It should have been an straight championships in for Michael. Jordan would not have any leg to stand on with just like bullying. It was very selective in who he chose to believe. I read a story. I read a story yesterday about Human Robert Perish Robert Perez. I'll never with you because I have rings. Michael said I'll go kick your you know what she said. I took two steps toward him and say no. You're not Michael. I never had another problem with Michael. You see Michael has elected as Charles. Barkley said he had selected bullying who you knew who the bully and who who could and who he. Why didn't he go if he's what you said he? Why not go to J Ryan Door Matter? Powerplay go to Baylor skill. I won't do the right. Listen I want you to put it in big yellow lead? Gen Door if you bring bail back out comeback. He didn't do that because there is no nobody can bully. A billionaire allows you on their level. Michael Jordan was on their level. Now maybe now if he was a billionaire and you can transport him back he'd be thirty four and half the amount of money that has okay. We can have a different argument but at that time. Jerry Reinsdorf look at it like you still a player. I pay. He'll salary you're rich. Are Wealthy there the difference between the two? That's why he couldn't William feel you can make it all you want to heated world there. Pick a coach but that's what bullies do they let guys they'd be with week in they pick on you. He Knew Jerry. Krause had more power with their new organization than he did and Soda. Jerry Reinsdorf because he owned the team. So that's what he did with it. You can dress it up. You can dress up all your vote to share that you're and you said absolutely nothing but at the end of the day of this that's got Amazon. She'll saying absolutely nothing ever guy. The spin master happened. Everybody feel filled him still convinced him. Let's both take a year. Let's quit. Let's walk into the sunset together and Phil kept walking and walking and walked all the way to La. To coach Shaq and Kobe Go. Michael took three years off. A May the most mentally tool the guy that has the strongest mind in the history of sports gas spy HE GOT. Do let us strength. He got run a muck were different. Jordan. I'm confused now. How can a man that has the strongest man the most indomitable will in the history of team fourth? Maybe it's fourth bearden. How could he let a man do? He'll skip out now. You need you need Shantha lying. I'm won't turn it back over to you. You tell me how does may that have intestinal puerto too bad kind of my give? Do I need to hear from you right now? Because as opposed to Lebron James he actually looked up to and respected coaches head coaches. The blonde is always coached his own team. I'M GONNA quit saying I resent it because in the end. All you've got now is bully. Oh now I can dismiss him as a bully. It's the biggest crock you've ever tried to sell on this show before it's all you've got in the end it's over. Thank you last dance. It's the last dance for you. And Your Lebron is the goat argument. Which is the weakest argument in the history of sports but skip you magazine by tooth? Pain can't be true because the person is a great athlete. He must be a great person. He must be a great leader in every great attribute comes along with being a great athlete when you and I both know that's not true but you try to play that because you won't Michael Jordan to be this. This ideally figure this perfect. There's more with Michael. No clock. Yes you don't buy told you on the star. I told you before. The documentary started. It's going to come across that. He's mercilus ruthless heartless method to madness. Six Championships in six tries was six. Mvp's with a team. That was not that talented. That is basketball genius. That is goat as a two. The two little white guy who food bully the two guys. He couldn't move it. Broker for trending story of the day sponsored by Kiosk. Tough and ready lineup. All wheel drive. Suv's give it everything. Well the final episodes of Michael Jordan's documentary the last dance air this Sunday. I do not want this to and Shannon. What do you wanna see from both episodes nine and ten? Oh come on. What do you WANNA see baby? Bonus track about the watching today. Wash right I mean he daybreak now. If I'm not mistaken skit was he on the Roster. Ninety four so. I'm trying to figure out how does anything from Nineteen Ninety four season. How does that make the last dance only Jamaica Scottie? Pippen look bad because he wouldn't go in and take the take a pass the ball into Tony Cuco take. Toni Kukoc to take the last shot. How did that make the last day of what they gotta do might might leave it there within Birmingham but somehow that made that made it so I just want to see some of the don't bonus bonus track like your Washington easy because they were very happy to go see to see him play? No give I think in all honesty all seriously. All jokes aside. I don't really know what I'm looking for scale. I WANNA know how he's obviously. The last shot is going to be in there. But I just WANNA know so we we've seen the maturation of my and we. We've seen the behind the scenes of of how guys guys motivated scale seeing. Would just it would just motivation. It's motivation e could be construed as bullying all that aside. I don't really know where it's going to go now scale. I really don't other than the last shot. Which that's your favorite moment in sports history. 'cause you purchase. You purchased that photo to see Michael Jordan. Hold that poll. You probably got him. Decided you bet you did? I bet you got him. Decided you thank you but now you're gonNA give us now so I I really don't. I really honestly all honesty skill. I do not have any idea what these last two episodes is going to encapsulate. Because you got to our and basically the shot so I don't know where we're going from here okay to your first point semi serious. Yes he did come back after three years lost the last three years of his prime age. Thirty five thirty six and thirty seven. He did not play basketball. Why I don't know that's where I'd like to hear but he did come back. This is the last dance. This is about the nineteen ninety eight season the final one in Chicago but four years later he came back at age thirty eight and thirty nine to Washington. He played okay. He wasn't in the best shape. He did smoke too many cigars. At that point he averaged twenty three and six the first year and twenty six the second year. It wasn't pathetic but it wasn't pretty but the point is he had he through he has moments here and there but whatever this is about ninety eight this is about how it ended and why it ended and again. I was there in ninety eight as the columnist Chicago Tribune in what was often perplexing to me was. Michael spoke a lot to the media without really speaking. He was the master of and he could say a whole lot without saying much of anything. Unless you really backed into a corner with a pointed question as I did about Michael Phil keeps saying that. It's a done deal. You're just GONNA quit if when he has to walk out the back door and Michael said that's fills opinion. That's when I had some hope okay. Maybe Michael isn't going to just go with. Fill out the back door but the point is he's rarely spoken his heart on. What really happened so Shannon. I'm hoping that we get to see that guy who's now kicked back in that easy chair in these interviews guys and he's got a little little something in his glass and they keep filling it. You're and I want him to so to speak. Let his hair down. I know he doesn't have a whole lot of air left but whatever there let it down. Let us see what's inside you. Let us here on the basketball court. What happened in the? What's called the flu game? The Classic Flu Game at Utah and the ninety seven finals led us here. What was in your heart soul? Mind against the Pacers it Shannon. I was there a covered all seven of those games in the conference finals and ninety eight it was a hell aleisha contest between a team coached by. Larry Bird who was the coach of the year in the NBA that year and the Star was you know Reggie Miller but it was deep in talent and firepower rick. Smits the to Davis's Obviously Chris Mullin Jalen Rose Travis Best Mark Jackson. It was a loaded basketball team there. 'cause Michael and company a whole lot of problems. The home team won all seven games of that series including the Bulls winning game. Seven eighty eight eighty three at home. It was not down drag out. Reggie says that the Pacers we see the previews for what's coming up episode. Nine Reggie says that the Pacers just better than the Bulls. He might have been right about that. Except for that. One guy on the Bulls and then we come to the last shot game at Utah. And I've told you Scotty was sick before the game. And then he wrenched his back on early wide open dunk and he was virtually useless. The rest of the game scored eight points in that game. Michael scored forty five while the whole rest of the team scored forty two. So what's going on in his head during that game because they were pretty sure they wouldn't have Scotty for a potential game seven Utah so it is Michael. Say and it's do or die now. I have to make this shot on Brian. Russell I gotta go steal the ball source. Recall them alone. I got to close the deal now because we might not be able to close it in game seven. I want to hear that and finally as we talked about to start the show. Shannon I to hear does he have any regrets for not going to Jerry REINSDORF and saying. Hey let's make a deal. Let's compromise here. I'll stay. I Know Phil and Jerry or do not add vitamin anymore. The bridges burned. I get it. They can't co exist anymore. So give me a made man give me Doug Collins. Back is my my coach next year. Don't give me Tim Floyd Jerry. Krause had fallen in love with Tim. Floyd he's a nice guy. Got To know tim very well the next year but Tim was a rising college basketball coach. Done really well at New Orleans and then at Iowa state they'd go into three straight. Nc double as he was a fine young coach who then was a disaster. The next three years without Michael and got fired in the fourth year so the point was if Michael said give me somebody with some NBA experience. Who I could respect. I'll come back for two more years. Well I want to know Michael. Talk about that in episode ten on Sunday night. I WANNA know I wanna Eric from the goats mapped what happened. Why did it happen? Yeah you're right skip. That would be interesting if he will roof leg back and say you know what one of my biggest regrets is that I did not go talk to Jay arrived or and I did not get him. Try to change my own brain and bringing back still. Look we look. It's hard for me to believe Jerry Reinsdorf in Phil Jackson. They don't have to communicate. They're not communicating about game plans. Y'All one corner of now than the other and so we don't have to just eight you you get the players. Do what contract all that stuff. Let Bill work with the team. You guys stay out of each other hair. So that's the way it's going to be so yeah it'd be interesting if he's going to be that reflective but Michael is the God this. I have any regrets about anything that I've done in. My career is basketball wise so that was the thing that would be something that I would like to hear. Does he likes me. What could have been like? I said I believe Jerry Reinsdorf. Schumer allow someone outside of the organization. Crumlin within two-tier this thing down if the PEYSER OR SOMEBODY UTAH. Whomever becomes Tonioli. If somebody be I got no problem with that but Dole to Bethany. Now that's going to be the forgot about the blue game. Yeah and also remember this. I think it was like episode. One Jerry Reinsdorf on camera for the documentary saying Jerry. Krause told me that in ninety eight the team had gotten too old. So crowd said convinced. Reinsdorf who also owned the White Sox and didn't have that much rocus on the Bulls. He just Jerry. Krause run that basketball operation but the point is Jerry Krause Convinced Jerry Reinsdorf. Did the team was too old so Jerry. Krause could start it over inch showed that he could win without Michael Jordan Baloney Shannon. Look at the ages of the players. It was not too old Scotty was thirty. Two Rodman was thirty six but he was a below the rim rebounder. He's still had basketball player in him. Ron Harper winter. Two Middle Rings as a starter for the Lakers. And then we go all the way down the roster. Toni Kukoc Twenty nine. He's six man of the year. That team could come back for two more years. I believe it would have been favored to win the next two championships. I believe it would have. Who knows if it would? I don't know would. They have gotten hurt. Would they have broken down? Would Michael of run out of psychological gas? Maybe but really believe that team was physician to win two more championships or leave. Get to the fight of you like them. You like them over San Antonio David and David got it. Yeah I forgot about the Blue Game I think the thing is we looked. Might he has such iconic moment. You know he had the blue game. He had the last shot in ninety eight. He had the acrobatic layup in his first NBA Finals against so he has moguls. Bet You will never ever forget because you'll remember where you were because you remember Scotty to court. And he's sitting down down he applauds downs. Give you remember that you remember him? Only this you remember him having the ball. Tanya data Baldur's right hand all of a sudden. He's nine do that. I will do so you remember that. It's just that the moment are so iconic that you will never forget. You know even though he he was great autumn here he had some mood that skill he started wants out of the bath getting three people around him in somehow he lays the ball gets fouled. He has moment but if moments in those games that you will never ever forget it. Sounds like you're making the case. He was the goat and isn't the goat skill. There you go why why you do. I'd I'd get a credit. I got out of bed. Probably a hundred grand own Jordan Shoe. And you've got people here convinced that. Why did he pay me all the money back so I could really hate the money back but he joins I got. I need you guys to do the same for you guys. Let's get back to talking some football because pro football focus release. They're all decade team. Top one hundred and one players topping the list was Tom Brady followed by Aaron. Donald and drew brees to out the top three. The next quarterback on the list was Shannon's guy. Aaron Rodgers down at number six Shannon. Got a problem with this do great. Yeah I got a big problem. Big Problem I don't see I'll scenario with your region be ranked to add a Roger. Skip if you look at it. Air Rogers had the super bowl super bowl. Mvp and two regular season the MVP in this decade drew. Brees DOES NOT SKIP playoffs. Drew brees four and six Aaron Rodgers. This and seven drew. Brees has twenty one touchdowns ten inception. Aaron Rodgers their thirty six and eleven. And if you look at the The championship game but lost two thousand nineteen they gave up thirty seven point to the forty niners. Two Thousand Sixteen. Forty four to the Falcons and we know what happened in overtime against the adult appeal onside kick so if I just look at it and understand that drew brees has the numbers. But he's throwing the ball over a thousand more time than Aaron Rodgers in this decade and the seven to nine a pro bowl appearance. Aaron Rodgers missed a half a season but if you look at what they accomplish Rogers had six division titles res at four you look at the Super Bowl appears you look at NFC. Championship game appearances. Best four to one in Roger Favor so I'm surprised. That drew brees is so much higher than Aaron Rodgers. Another one that I thought it was like it. But then when you look at still. Jj Watt I think what happened. Jj's Jeff is that he started off like gangbusters but you look at over the last three or four years. He's been nick. He's missed a substantial amount of time and I think Erin dollars passed him so I was a little surprised. Would I've been disappointed? Jj Watt would have been a little higher. No but I understand what they took into account because the last three years three or four years. He's missed a lot of time with Andrew but the biggest problem that I have is with Aaron Rodgers. Being way below drew brees. Wait a SEC. Reading in our living room here to rule. Tom Brady is number one on this list. European Air Rogers is sixth. You have repeatedly told me the greatest thrower of the football. The greatest ever is Aaron bleeding. Rogers you have told me. He is transcendent that he is considering. He has been better than Tom Brady. So why didn't you go right to the top of the list and say Aaron Rodgers should not just be above drew brees? He should be above Tom. Brady you did not say that because I don't think you really believe that. Still skip in this decade. Brady has been the five super bowls. He's one free his number speak for itself. I'm not thinking big won. The division every single year skilled. Tom Brady deserve to be the quarterback in this decade. That I've made my point. The problem that I have is drew brees it. Three in Aaron Rodgers is six. I believe that should be reversed. I stand by then you try to bring them but we're not talking about Brady. See you always get along with. Is You do deflect America Shannon. Sharpe just admitted that Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rodgers. It's over. He is lost the basketball argument and the football goat argument in the same week. It's over for Lebron James. It's over for Aaron bleeping Rogers if I might. I read just a couple of lines from the capsule on pro football focus on Tom Brady ranked number one. He has a single season grade pro. Football has ever given a quarterback that was back in twenty sixteen. That's not that long ago. He has the greatest four year. Stretch pro football focus ever-graded that was from. Twenty fifteen to twenty eight eighteen. That's not that long ago and pro. Football Focus says. Tom Brady defines clutch. I've been trying to tell you that. For four years in the fourth quarter and overtime he's still has the highest pro football focus grade of the decade and beyond that as great as he's been in the clutch he's been doing it without making many mistakes. That's what truly makes him. Special says pro football focus. I know the stats can be hard to swallow to to sort of. Let it compute but think about this. Tom Brady and the decade had by grade. Only one hundred and twenty four order called turnover word the plays. That's out of six thousand one hundred fifty one. That's two percent of his plays in the decade. Were turn by pro football focus turnover worthy. That's outrageously low. That's by far the best. That's why he is the unquestioned goat of the National Football League which brings me to Sivvy's th-ranked Aaron Rodgers. It makes the Point Shannon. And I'll you this late. Twenty ten and all of two thousand eleven. Aaron Rodgers was sensational. He made a case for about a year and a half that he was the goat but that was a long time ago. And that was the end of Air Rogers as you knew and loved him and pro-football concludes in its capsule on Aaron Rodgers. What holds him back from the very top of this list is that he just couldn't sustain that level and over the past few seasons has sunk deeper and deeper into a Rut of some bad habits. That's pro football. Because that's not me so they are. Validating what I've told you he's been in decline over the last three seasons. Lots of bad debts. They Greg my man and lower on pro football focus. Will you better ask something smart? Because I think you're in trouble though number enjoyable. I'm glad at pro football focus. Put this out. But they just didn't start playing quarterback in two thousand fifteen through twenty eighteen. So it'd be interesting to see if they degrade some Peyton manning years some of Dan Marino years and so. We could see if those are comparable to Tom Brady sees they. Did you know in a in a decade? Who TURN THE BALL OVER TOM? Brady or Aaron Rodgers is a simple question yes L. exception. Who add more intersection? Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers central question. It wasn't a statement. I got a simple answer. They have a chart on folks. You can look it up over the decade. Tom Brady had by far. The fewest turnover. Worthy plays Aaron Rodgers. To your point was second on that list but by far the RAHM BRADY. None Elena tournament a workplace. I'm talking about turn over talking about smelling donor until my eating donut. Now where did you got a doughnut? Not Smell doughnuts. Get Win Guy. Turn it over the most. Sometimes you throw one to the other team in the other team interception. That happened. Not Kidding. Yeah I was wondering what Bayfield did you know what I wanted to make a fake last night with a baked potato and Yada Yada we. Why did you feel better? You keep telling me you to the guy. He's drops it. Did he have more interceptions than Aaron? Rodgers a simple no or simple yard. Ginny cannot treat a witness as a hostile witness. The question Tom Brady had the fewest turnover. Worthy plays sad crow football focus. This is their list and they ranked Aaron Rodgers sixth because fell off after twenty ten slash. Eleven case closed end of argument game over. If I'm not mistaken so fell off so much that he won the MVP in two thousand fourteen years later in this decade billups. Twenty two twenty eleven yet. He won the MVP twenty fourteen. So how motivated. Well A lot. The last three years in fact it fell off so much. They decided to penalize him all the way down to six on the list and they admitted what holds them back from being at the top of the list is he just couldn't sustain Shannon. You're clinging to the past you're holding onto what used to be and screaming before your very eyes is the fact that Aaron Rodgers has not been very good over the last three years and even last year he was eighteenth. Qbr In twenty thirty and completion percentage that will sly. That's not going to make you number one in the decade. Still but if you look at it like that that's like saying you saying bolt fill up okay because he doesn't run nine five eight any one Olympic Matt Eight. Oh what he fell off. He's not saying well no. He's not he's still waiting scam. You I mean you compared to that when you compare it to those historically great see them you the likelihood of somebody going forty forty five and six skill. Komo now. What does the case? Tom Brady pillow. 'cause he's never had another season in which you went pithier eight so he fell out if you hold if you hold petro home to that mythical five thousand fifty thousand thirteen in session you judge him by. Bet You're gonNA say he fell off you. Judge paid about fifty five in ten. He doesn't have fifty four hundred yards. Yeah he fell off skip Komo. He's still had better numbers last year than Tom Brady. And He fell off in. Tom Brady still play that clip. I can't understand that I just don't know how a guy has more touchdown you're innocent. A completion percentage a better. Qbr Better Yard. He fell off but the guy that he had better numbers than feel falling on. I'm confused say so I ask you one last simple question cars. Simple yes or simple. No should Aaron Rodgers ranked above. Tom Brady at number one on this list. Shannon Sharpe simple yes or no due to my attorney had informed me. I have the right to the protection so I use my writing. Yup Game is siding with Lebron and the goat debate perk tweeted a side by side comparison of Lebron having averaged more points rebounds assists and a higher shooting percentage in his last three finals losses and Jordan had in his last three finals win so Shannon. Does this prove lover on the go? Apart as they poured go the great job of highlighting. Kind what I try to do. But I think the thing of Ginny People Again. And they chose them aside and they're not moving outside of these big compelling a compelling numbers when you look at he's averaging and bring more point three and a half points five rebounds five more shoot a higher percentage and he's losing these Games but I forget the being of looking at the other day the twenty fifteen sixteen and seventeen are ranked the highest opponents. That either Michael or Lebron could possibly play Bible the talk seven that were. They graded the teams believe. Michael Play in the team. That Lebron play Lebron had five hundred seven. Now Mind you the twenty eighteen. The second year the Kevin Durant there they did he make now we know what Kevin Durant represents bad team did not even make it. Let me just a second so in other words. Lebron James in Finals Competition has faced chopper up on his bed. One Michael Jordan. He loved all these dasm bags that he loved the point out. I'm just pointing out stats and facts. What what these articles that. Lebron James Competition in final have been upper than magic of Michael Jordan in finals. I mean I don't really know what you've been asking me to do. A man averages thirty five basically Levin and tens and he's Ludovic. I don't really know what else what you're going to ask a man to do. I really don't the article in question was on the website. Five thirty eight. That's what you read. That analysis. Correct the overall premise was Michael. Jordan's playoff opponents were tougher than Lebron playoff opponents. That's because in Michael's Day. The east was the beast and Lebron's the east was the least so he had just easy pass. He had superhighways to the finals. I will give you that. Golden State was the toughest finals opponent. Either Lebron or Michael Ever had to contend with I give you that but remember spurs remember. Lebron had his biggest meltdown against the Dallas Mavericks who were ranked by five thirty eight. The easiest finals opponent. Either Lebron or Michael. Ever play the twenty eleven mavericks grown easiest finals and the chosen one became the frozen one in that series. Michael never melted down in any series of any round of the playoffs. So let's go back to Kendricks idea. His his panel that he put on his twitter. It's so misleading because it's a bunch of Phony Baloney here's what's not included in those numbers and Kendrick. It was a nice try but you've failed again to make Lebron the goat he's the Sony. Goat W- rated PG and here's why in the Final Bulls three peat. They played Seattle. Utah AND UTAH. The games were played much more physically thin and the scores were far lower in the Lebron golden state scores so there are far more points to be scored against Golden State. Because it's more run and GUN AGAINST SEATTLE IN UTAH. Here are the the average scores of those finals against Utah. It was ninety. Three to eighty nine was the average score. The first Utah Series the files. The files that average was eighty eight eighty seven then in these three peat finals against Utah. The average was eighty eight to eighty so all. The scores are down in the eighties. But guess what so the average score of those three peat finals for Michael? The second three peat was ninety two eighty six. He's scored thirty five percent of the ninety points. Now you look at Lebron against Golden State. The average score of all three of those finals was one twelve to one. Oh three many more points scored by both sides. Lebron scored thirty four percent of those points. So Michael Thirty five percent of his three points and they won a Lebron thirty four percent of more points scored and they lost two. They lost in six Damian five and then in soar they got swept rescue. But this is why you never make that. Now we're Tom Brady that. They don't attack the quarterback the wide receivers have more freedom. They roll the ball more. No no no I just WanNa know because every all you do is talk about with the pace. The style of Pave Lebron getting more shots so this is why his numbers. But you let them do that for Brady you say. They don't attack the quarterback like they did in the seventies eighties nineties. You Donald say they cut and grab the receivers that the receiver. They're the defenders receiver. And they call you. Don't make that argument. All you do is highlight. What Tom Brady is doing? But every time I give you number about Lebron you try to highlight. Why he's doing it. You won't just give him credit. Save man this Guy Great. He played unbelievable. You always try to find a caveat you try to find reasons to why again our audience is hip to Shannon Sharpe. They get it. When he's losing an argument he always has to change the subject so all of a sudden you own the run with some cold hard facts and you say what about Tom Brady. This isn't about Tom. Brady this is about Kendrick Perkins trying to make a weak case. A lame chase. That Lebron is better than Michael. Because there's some bogus stats misleading analyze. So I would have made sure eucharistic so in other words. Lebron James is really not scoring thirty five points right so thirty five or is it. Not Thirty five that twelve assists or not if it ten rebounds or just need to know if that yes okay look. I gave you that. Scores higher he scoring more points. I also gave you this if you remember. I've said this many times on disputed in twenty fifteen the greatest three Games Lebron ever played this playoff lights games. One two and three of the twenty-fifth the first files against Golden State before they had Kevin Durant Lebron had lost Kevin love before the final started. He Lost Kyrie in overtime of game. One and what did he do? He put that on his back and carried them to a two games to one lead with game sore in his house. In Cleveland. If you win that game I'm going to be backed into a corner because you're going to be on your way to the greatest seat of your career you by yourself are on the way to beating. Golden State with Steph and clay and Draymond Iggy for that matter and what happened in Game Four. Lebron spit the MIT or swallowed the bid. He came up smaller and his own house. He Shot Seven for twenty two that game. He went five of ten from the free throw line any disappeared and everybody told me back on. I take just ran out of gas is the fittest athlete in Sports. That's all I ever hear doors for. He was running out of gas after last. Repeat that you say to Michael. Say they're a one method? Michael say one way to Baz why he took time off. He was running again. That's what he's saying. I didn't call him that so now he ran out of gas chain took all year to have Paul of them. Yes or no did it have put in. I want you to know that I'm not saying that. Seattle or Utah in the last three. Pete we're golden state but they were really good basketball teams because Seattle that year had the second best record to the Bulls in ninety six when the Bulls were sensational. They went seventy two and ten and Seattle was with one sixty four games. We're second best in. I best obviously in the West and then Utah was the second best record in ninety seven and then Utah tied the Bulls Ninety eight for the first best record. So don't tell me. They weren't quality opponents. There was nothing underdog about either of those teams. They were really tough minded very good. Well coached basketball teams skill. If you don't mind me asking the blazers how many hall of Famers did it have the blazers? How many did they have on Seattle? And how many DID THEY HAVE ON UTAH? You'll mind me asking Clyde Drexler. One Seattle Gary One Utah to stock into below. Okay let's go to the Spurs. They got bored. I have four. Tony Parker Manu Ginobili. Tell Donkey wild litter. That's rice then a lot as well right. You always tell me that Tony Parker and monitor completely overrated there Broccoli and they don't blow all saying that she told me scared talks to property to skip. Stop their first of all. You know part of go into the hall of fame because he would finals. Mvp marlins going into the hall of fame because those rings and if and his international play he led Argentina to the gold medal. You know he's going Kuwa- delivered to time. Different the player of the year to be tim donkey with right in in the top of the head of shack. Coby so stop. Stop it right now. They got four hall of fame.

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