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You're listening to comedy central. Yes I am a black gay averick immigrant. That's a lot to unpack. There's a lot of things going on but I don't think you need I. Don't believe in that I believe that there's too many similarities amongst us to ignore. Like I know for a fact. That everyone has an enemy list. At least one person. You don't WanNa kill them, but you want to watch them die. We all have that list I have Miami list. It's a very short, very concise list. First person that list is a gentleman That offer me a cookie. But. Then handed me a FIG Newton. Those things on comparable. Your eyes. Imagine a cookie. Is Anybody here thinking a nasty brick a fiber. With. Gross S, Jelly the middle. The only time. You can offer someone a FIG Newton. Is If you follow up with the question. Can you please this away from me? The. Garbage so far away. Elo Certain Knicks sut butts as someone sent in a couple of others here. That was Solomon Giorgio from his comedy Central Presents You can see the rest of that. You see a lot of that set on comedy central stand up Youtube. Page. They've got to clips from it that are both great Solomon Giorgio check it out. I am Tom to car what's up everybody I'm joined as always by producer extraordinary coach t our coach knowing very well, you know Malia. Due to people sent in. Sut Butts. Why don't we don't know if I'm about Sud. Butts. In sut butters I don't uh. But I appreciate people sending them in. If you have a nickname request s ut teapot at G. Dot com and we got one that I kinda. Lake. Year this is from. Paula she sent in Tom Fool agains I like Tom Fool against Tomfool. WIGGINS isn't bad again I know you don't like this but I like it to be coach inclusive Tomfool against is the is the best I've seen so far I think I like I like tomfool again. So I'M NOT GONNA lie. Well there's that's at least the we're done. I'm still getting emails about chuckle heads from people who are pro against forget it. It's over never again also, I've got a bunch of emails from people. 'cause we we did some ranting maybe a episode or two ago now about people's negatively. I appreciate all the positive and the people are sending in. Like I said I'm not gonNA read it but. A lot of people saying if the haters. We have that many eaters it's just the the just enough to piss off but you know I'll be honest I. Don't think we had a hater. I just wasn't being loved enough. I just you know that's how I am. I don't get enough of it. Now. You know. There's plenty of it coming in now and people are sending very nice stuff and again it's s ut pod edgy mail dot com and Yeah we appreciate it. There's there's a lot of stuff to get to today actually. Very exciting stuff I want to make a correction real fast. Oh. So I got a call from my mom yesterday. Apparently, I've messed up the facts. No. I I was joking about how we had. She has the same. She has an email address. That's my name because when I was. A kid choose started an email and she just picked one it was she used my name and I I was joking that it's like you can have more than email address but apparently back in the day you had to pay per email address she said, oh she verbally slapped me over the head until me. Why my mouth she was. She was just laughing about it and She didn't say that she wasn't flirting with coach t though. So that's still on the table I don't know I. About all that I think so so so highly over son I even fathom such a thought I think she wants the big. Apple Pie. It could be she has world-famous cookies. Really coach. Yeah. She actually does that she she wanted to or she she was maybe runner up for competition in my home down what Kinda cookies could you put nut cinnamon and chocolate chips is very good I. I'm a big Fan. Yeah. Shout out to my mom and an apology, a redaction. For My misspeaking we have we have some jokes that people sent in. Latin jokes being sent in and I appreciate it. They're fun to read some of them are truly unhinged and. I like I like reading those ones just as much as I like reading the the good ones. They're Kinda, hard to sort through Salami. Let me see what I got here. There's one that was pretty relevant to to what's going on this. It might not be yeah. We'll still be when this episode comes out because the election has not ended yet by the way vote if you haven't already, it's uh I mailed in mind yesterday feels good. Got My little sticker and all that Shit. This was from heart shoulders very strange name but. Says shoulder this like like a shoulder but with ice at the end of the first name was heart Ha Rt. Yeah. This is hard shoulders. In. Oh Man Hart show this is really killing my fantasy. Exactly, here's what we got from hard shoulders. candidates in presidential debates should be able to tag in backup WWe style imagine how exciting it would be just as Joe Biden started to flounder the lights went out fleetwood Mac started playing over the PA and the moderator screamed Oh. My God, that's Bill Clinton's music. Pretty. Good. I, like you. You got a idea. That would be coach laugh. There you go. That's this guy's pretty good good work hard shoulders. I. Got One more here that I will read as well. This is from my friend Samantha. Berkman. Went in she said I have a beach body in that I, still have sand in my book crack from Five Summers? Ago. Oh Man. That's a solid joke and is a solid joke. But I'm gonNA need a visual. Jesus coach it matters when they tell jokes. kind of visual. You don't. You think he tells us joke the just shows her but no. But I mean, you know she's like really petite. I'm like I. Don't know if I buy that but I'm laughing if if she looks like fortune a, you know like Oh that's hilarious because I can imagine fortune having some old Sanan rats. Yeah. Yeah. No Samantha's very funny Chicago Comic runs a great show in Chicago called camp. Sh-. It's not happening right now but if it is, go check it out speaking of shows quick little plug for myself I'm going to be going on a little mini tour of A. Social distance all that Shit tour, I'm going to Cincinnati. Ohio. I'll be there October sixteenth and seventeenth. I'M GONNA GO BANANAS IN THEIR PARKING Lot. They're doing outdoor shows that look really cool I'm very excited to do it. That's on the sixteenth. I'll be the comet outdoors on the seventeenth. I'm also doing stuff in Indianapolis that next week. So look for that but I'll be at the comedy attic and Beautiful Bloomington Indiana. That's October twenty third and twenty fourth I believe. So if you're around there, come check that out I think you can also watch the comedy addict ones online. If you don't feel like going out I, totally understand it is masked up and social distance and all that good stuff. But yeah if you go to their website comedy dot com get tickets and all that good stuff and I think we should get to the clips man I. We got some we got some high ones. What do you think coach do? What are you pick for? Well, I I know what you picked for us, but it is Kinda interesting. I gotTA. Tell you I'd I picked today based on an email that I got from somebody actually Cincinnati comedian I believe synthesis in Josh O.`Neil let me find this email because. I don't want to mess this up. He said Hey tom loved the podcast part of me wants to test your comedy knowledge and hopefully stump your little one. Even if you know of I want to recommend a comic, not many people talk about and that is David Doherty has half hour back in twenty twelve. It's full of genius. Musical comedy. The whole thing's great. But I think listeners would love the Faq for the dod or his about texting I miss you and I hope you're well Josh oatmeal. I did not play the Faq for the DOD that isn't his opener. It's really good I highly recommend you check it out but I did decide to play a couple clips from the very half hour. The Josh O.`Neil is talking about I remembered the Faq for the dod as soon as it started up this is great and I figured yes. Yes. Don't you aren't you concerned the fans are gonNA be upset because they like make requests and you're like, oh, that's a request not gonNA play it GonNa play some from that. I gotta be honest I forgot that he requested that part. I. Did. The. Play this played his two bucks is great. I'm going to play some to part with Naccache fucking song. You know what they got to be happy with the scrap they're giving. You don't always get what you want about teaching people lessons. They go. To Spoon, feed it to you if you want to make you for the dod you gotTa. Look it up hopefully, comedy central just puts it on youtube for them. Did. Forget. I did I did put the texting song here though. I listen to this about a week ago. So it's been a minute, but you know a lot of people have asked me. In, the emails about themes for shows I've said it before I'm not big on themes because I don't like repetition of material on here. What's that? I said Yeah you're anti name. I'm anti theme. Yeah I'm not into themes for for comedy shows because I don't want to become too repetitive but this week I did see a theme and I decided to run with it and that theme was musical comedy. Watching David Authority reminded me of how much I I loved Garfunkel oats back in the day and I decided that play a little clip from their half hour as well. So it's a musical on stand up with Tom Takhar. So let's hear Garfunkel and OATES and David o'doherty. Support for this podcast comes from Microsoft teams. Now, there are more ways to be a team with Microsoft teams bring everyone together in one space with a new virtual room collaborate live drawing sharing and building ideas with everyone on the same page and make sure more of your team has seen and heard up to forty nine people on screen at once learn more about all the newest teams features at Microsoft Dot. com, slash teams. So Pat Robertson went on his show, the seven hundred club to discuss the gay marriage debate ever those of you who haven't seen it. You can watch it at like four thirty in the morning on ABC. Family. And it kind of looks like a Canadian show. But you don't know why that's. and. He said on the show if we legalize gay marriage, it will lead to legalizing sex with ducks, but he only said ducks. We kind of think, there are other animals that are more in danger of getting violated. But. Then we thought about it and we realized he's totally right to people committing their lives to one another and becoming a family in front of other friends and loved ones and putting your penis in a duck. Same thing. Pat Robertson for you. Pat Robertson once said, it's a long downward slide that lead to legalizing sex with ducks too. Men can stand side by side. And Got I hope he's right 'cause it gay marriage becomes lawful find myself a duck. And really do something. Awful. Awful. Ducks, setting ducks, we'll do it in the. Ducks got those web feed on my brain upon. puddle. And we'll cuddle. If feeling, I can't name when sex with ducks gay marriage or one in the same. Goose. That Swan. Rubber mind all night long gone away that Ballard till it's spenders. He will doing Louis all our the room. mcdonagh can give it to you dive into your gold until you say duct. We'll do it in the rain. Those feathered bodies are insane. We'll find we'll find a puddle of you the wind beneath your wings we'll follow. Feeling I can't name when sex with ducks and gay marriage or one in the same. One into the same. One Night Ricky got the most amazing good call message of all time and it went like this. Exactly. Hey Ricky. It's Malcolm I'm calling because drug and I know you won't judge me. So let's. Go Crazy. Naked Alcohol. Real Hung. You don't know this guy. You don't know where he lives like that is real confidence like he's just like you know I don't even say where I am she will find. Out what I'd say too many think it goes a little something like this. You text at three in the morning and you misspell by. You slept with half my friends on facebook and most of them think you are lame. You say that with me, it's different and you're not that big of a Dick and you disappear because you're busy not 'cause you're with some other chick I know that this might be uncouth but I decided to tell you the truth. With. My self esteem low enough to date you. It's close but not quite fair Jimmy time to get a little more desperate and you and I make an awesome pay. A totally awesome care. I seem like your perfect target like I've been lonely for too long. You haven't had sex inbar ever and admit that you're not wrong with I would rather have no one been this graph. Let me reaffirm I wouldn't touch your dig if I've been poisoned and the end don't was in your sperm. The uncouth but I decided to tell you the truth. Who My self esteem not low enough to date you. It's so close but not quite there give me time to get a little wasted and you and I could make an awesome. Hair a totally awesome. May Have guessed. Ny wrappers. and. We're also very late bloomers yet we kiss someone in like seventh grade and nothing nothing nothing college kind of nothing sex, and so we just skip third base together. Yeah, basically, we're really bad at giving hand jobs we never learned, and once you're thirty, no one will teach you. So this is really more of a cautionary tale when ended up like this. I was in a situation where I was trying to give a hand once and the guy was just like you know what? Let me do it let me do it. and. I was like I'm so sorry I'm just not good at that I felt really bad but then we did have that Nice Fan and he saw that we have this problem here is a link to a how to and so I clicked on it and there was only one step it's an use your mouth. Hit US up. Be made this beat ourselves. That's so good. Job I don't understand. got a problem. I can't contain Nikki Sticky helped me explain it. Hey, Jj like Stonehenge to me Robert said even on salt. On the messed up child of a baby boomer I was in the gifted class put a totally boomer. Now I've got a secret to get off my chest when from kissing the sex but never learned the rest in high school. I was in the marching band not learning what to do with my hand. Driven like Jackson pollock blossom later. Biala. Getting bones like Dacian. Now, trying to make it stand up like David Chapelle when I stared down the barrel of a semi hard dick feel more singled out than Chris Hardwick said he blocks rocket. The Bach, but it wasn't on the ski bus. When Tetra Tech Vapor Rub it in. Your Turkey. I WANNA, learn how to make your Watergate's glow. I'm resigned experience than I might never know how to H J. Your L B Johnson no less about Dixon Samantha Ronson. Explore new frontiers will win but I, was more conservative than out. Speak beaten up. Just like the Dow, I want to give a handover know-how. And Bland Job I. DON'T UNDERSTAND I. Do I do I away ever touch the top. How can I learn when you always made me stop Now I'm on a full blown investigation to unlock the secrets of Ejaculation I. Need a translator like I'm reading Balzac to crack the Rosetta stone over your boss acts. The part that confuses me the most and looks like a silly putty pacman ghost sometimes jello Jiggle and sometimes instead all of like Darth Vader Pez dispenser. Jackson I'm not as a chef when it soft and flabby like president. Deep South claiming that you WANNA make straight will I make it up right if I move it like a shake quakes like a shape weight. Breaks the art antilock. On Your Hitchcock's a little bathroom retarded like a hamster that you don't want to squeeze too hard. I'm working my hand till. It gets arthritis I'll be hold until I get the golden touch of Midas I am getting my descartes until A. Friend Marcia Gay. Harden the biggest throbbing question of all seriously. What do you do with the ball rolling like? Klay, do I tickle them like elmore thrown like a par? Round or covid slow. Critic putting the muppet show just sitting there. Carinthian superfluous. Don't touch them unless you insist. And Job I don't understand job. Do I two squeeze ever touching the tough. How can I learn? You always make me stop. Can earn when you always make me stop. Good Evening Ladies and gentlemen. My Name is David Odom Hertie, and this should answer any other questions that you might have. A cue for the DOD. Have a cue for the DOD. F.. A Q. for the DOD previously ask questions for day but Odom Her D. F. A. Q.. Dod. From I'm from Dublin City Hobbies Cycling Frisbee Wad of you got in store for US tonight. Rocky world and quiet gentle way. Like a delicious cake as opposed to a Mike Drugs. Beside kick no I'm the only one in. Donegal. Yes. Had describe your style of comedy. Call it Terry low energy musical when the. Or flam way. Apart from blame we do. You have any other skills? Yes, I do. I can touch type forty worth a minute full driving lights with no points on DC knowledge of geography and a basic award in water safety. GIG Very rarely end with drownings. Where do you write your material and bad at home? The couple of Botswana Catherine geography what do you think secret up a great comedian? Like standing up. Oh, you're laughing please be my friends. Believe in God's No. Beatles George Harrison earn how do you know if the right one of your enough this burst until the right one comes along that's quite a complicated question and what I have to admit I'm not actually asked all that frequently but I'm pretty sure that's something to do with not wanting to make out with other people. Thank you for the DOD. Pleasure to be here. So complicated to get a special visa to come and do gigs here, and the actual wording on the visa I, have says, David o'dowd hardy is an alien with extraordinary ability. Not as big talk right there. Especially when you've always had mild complex, the bad looking like our. I. I'm from Ireland at it's similar to Boston. It is similar. Math I'd say the main difference would just day to day life in our. It's just a bit more mystical. More smoke machines and synthesize like. More like living in an end your song. To give you a little bit of history I. Guess If you don't know about our land going right back Ireland's indigenous people where the leprechauns. Or the appreciations as known calls them and They died out tragically owing to the fact that they were all male. And that they never existed in the first place nothing you'll kill race off quicker than never actually having existed, and then the next major character and Irish history of Saint Patrick and then Patrick is the patron saint of strangers peeing in your front garden. That is how he is still commemorated around the world for one day every year. God used to be huge where I come from bigger than my space. R Kelly. Not so much anymore. I think to be honest whatever people used to get from the Lord. I, get the same thing now from the Internet because they're similar into their like invisible but all around us. And they know freaking every. The advantage, the Internet has over the Lord is that you can ask the quite specific questions. We were always told to children ask God and God is always listening so I'd be like God why do people always seem to do so well in the world and God would be like well, David here is a very ambiguous book. With the Internet, he'd be much more specific Keno, but did see any other hits apart from how? No he did not. Thank you Internet Lord Look Learn. CATA legally download deadwood off you either. Arlen used to get invaded a loss. It's very easy country to invade. It's quite small and the people are quite friendly. Initially. We don't mind that much I. think my favorite invasion is the vikings though because they came in the ninth, the Tenth Century and raped and they pillaged and they wreck the place and there are so unlike any Danish or Swedish or Norwegian people I have ever met today. It's like must of just woken up one morning on gone. You know let's not rape and pillage anymore. Invented Lego. Let's open it at shops around the world. In fact, the original Viking long chips came in a flat box throughs about that. This is a song about technology. My friend was at a Rasanjani date and the date was going really. The guy is the most boring. Guide I've been on a day is wondering why on the such aborting? It's stupid guy just then the. Guy Who do on my friend decided to send a tax number one of our friends at. The guided mode boring and stupid and including the rank Studied said they were boring stupid when the? Guy came back from the Lou. He could barely talk at it obviously just been crying on my friend realized that he'd said. Attacks. The person attacks with the bags. And tax to the person attacks the bags. Once, breaking help this girl with quite a messy break up I believe is going on with the next boyfriend hardly style with my theory. So I decided to tell a friend of mine who lives in London. Theory decided to tell him through the medium of tax message. Now, the thing is my friend who lives in London. His name is like one digit different from her name, his Paul and her name's Paula. That's an. Example shows news because Poland is the name of another girl. Song is not a bad Paul. Paul is great but must be leaving through the names of my mobile phone seeing I you. Name, hit sand. The knock year Sandik icon flashed backwards and forwards I realized what I done. Simultaneously More Alive and yet more dad Aber Falco. I. Text to the tax. You can try and pretend that it was just a joke. Oh. Just being. Rooted areas over the top inappropriately jokey way. But you can never be sure if the person believes you relationships effectively ruined daddy way. Just being honest and apologize. But now they want you actually think about they're. Probably the best thing you can do with. Their details from your phone. And hope you never ever ever see them again. Is doing the song for the first time and originally, it was just the first two versus ended ended with Bomb Bid Ryan there and I'm away epic. The. Song my tax mess my pocket. So I pulled on my bike seat who was from. A. Friend of mine who'd been on the GIG The tax message. The GIG I've ever seen him do. Party, but he's really loved it lately. Even. Though he phoned up a minute later, we had a good lab. Brian key play. I still can be sure. He didn't. and. I. Thank you. Right you just heard Garfunkel and odes and David o'doherty and you see their coach I'm not such an asshole. I played the Faq from the dod the Faq of the Dod bit from David O'doherty I. Just forgot I did and that makes me the full but you know what I give the people what they want from time to Time I. Knew It. Uh, I give these dogs a bone, and you know what else I forgot to do is I forgot to tell people how to send jokes emissions, and because you can't just into that email, you got to do it through the website that's on comedy central's website C. C. Dot. com if you go to podcast, you'll see our page but also if you want a quick way, you can go to my instagram. It's Tom to car T. H. A. K. K. A. R., and it's in my bio to the link on there. You just click that and you can submit a joke and Yeah. You just heard Garfunkel notes and David daugherty some musical comedy. I. Hope you enjoyed it. What did you? What did you think coach? You know it's really crazy because when you sent this over I was like Garfunkel and oates, who are these guys is. Out and then I was like, so you take a look at it because I like that title and I love those that comedy duo I'm unfamiliar with them but I remember they had something called a hand job hands blanche. Yes I thought that was ingenious that happened. It's a great song. It's fun. It's. It's a it's more than a Dick joke it's a good time and I I really like it that is so honest it's so honest and You know. It's I appreciate. Some you know somebody having a good time. Being whimsical about about sex and the way they sing about it's very fun. There's a video and it had me hooked but I had no idea that that was the name of the comedy duo yet Garfunkel notes, of course, based on Simon and Garfunkel and hall and Oates and they combined, and it's Ricky Linda home as Garfunkel and Kate. Makuuchi as oats I loved them when I first saw them and They're they're great and They definitely inspired a generation of of not even what do you call it? UKULELE play? Some good. Some really, really bad. But they are great and I. saw them at the comedy attic years ago and my buddy opened for them. They were so nice and just murdered, and they had a huge fan base that I wasn't aware of how huge they were but they are they are very popular and Yeah I remember when Kate Makuuchi was on scrubs I was so excited because like I i. already have a fan of this person. It was It was great. Let. I want to get into. Some some more business year I got I got an email from. From this guy and it says a joke detective slash advice. This is from Jonathan Eva. Says Hey, Tom and coach first off loved the show I was wondering if there was a place where we could look at old joke detectives I can't remember all of them have time to look now we don't have that I don't think but if you just you know fast forward to. Around this part of the show that's where they usually are. So it's it's easy enough to find A. Guy's name. This is Jonathan Eva I think Jonathan's should log in to as many devices as he can continually listened to the Dow to podcast just so we can get so many more listens. There you go. Out You know yeah. Help us out. Give us some more downloads. In fact all you guys do they. Devices going. To number one. If you're only subscribe to one platform, I don't know about your loyalty. Need to by having Obama phone habit logged in us. I. Think if if you guys are GONNA be true. What was it Tom Fuller's or whatever, or Tom Ford? Tomfool begins or whatever that you gotta you gotTa do that He did say second I'm looking at making a move in my instinct says New York but Austin is also on the table. Do you think the moving to New York is as important as always I. Guess what I don't want to happen is built my comedy career in Austin than start over from Ground Zero in New York five years later, and then he sent some some nicknames and. I have a tough time saying not to move to New York because for example I did I had four shows yesterday it's still you know it's still popular here it's GonNa shut back down but everything is and I would have told you to move to Austin one year ago I would've said moved to Austin comedy touted you say that I would say if you are new to comedy if you're somebody who's within your first two years maybe Austin Chicago Denver these are great comedy cities is a year ago. Because everything I, the reason I would not say, Austin? Right this second. He's sadly so many things shut down and they don't have capcity anymore, which is the main reason to move there although they do have a great great local scene and a lot of my favorite comedians came out of that Scene People Brennan Walsh and Martin or Bano and just a ton of of great comics. Too many to even name, but it's A great scene a great comics even there right now I mean Mike McRae is there. I think Martha Kelly's from there. It's a great scene but. It's it's harder now to do stuff there. Maybe Chicago I would say because here's here's my advice to somebody who's within the first two or three years of their career, and this is all assuming that this pandemic ends within a reasonable amount of time to wear you'd you'd be able to resume a normal comedy career because otherwise you might as well stay where you are to be honest because. You can do zoom shows once it gets cold. I. Think a lot of this stuff is GonNa shut down again so. I would. I would advise moving to a middle ground city in the reason I say that is when you're in New York or LA. There are head hunters here. There are people talent scouting basically, you can get seen by the wrong people. Too early or the you could get seen by the people who can. Make things happen your career too early and the first impression you make will ask for a long time. So if you move into a city having done comedy for enough time to where you've really built something and you can impress people that's when you WANNA strike that's that's what I would say that's what I did and I've heard from industry insiders that that's what they like. They like to see somebody who's already their full product and it's hard to manage when that time is. But I can tell you if you brand new, it's not it's not now that's one school of thought. The other school of thought is get here as fast as possible and that. Way People will know you and you'll have built a network that you don't have to start over I started over three times. So it's not as it sucks, but it's it's part of it. Any better every time you moved and started over three I moved three times I moved to Ohio Chicago and I moved to New York and each time you have to prove yourself again to a new scene it's a pain in the ass because nobody wants a new comic in their city like there's only there's only so many Maoz that get fed and so proving that you deserve to be one of those in in a scene that you're new to is hard but. It's it's necessary as well and I think that it makes you stronger I really four times I've had to do it because La too. But that's it gets easier once you've done it enough that you serve visiting places and you build a network that way too. But I I would say move somewhere before new. York. If you're if you're trying to. I. Just based on the conversations that I've had I'd have to ask the guy like what is your goal? Your goal is like, Hey, I want to comedy I WANNA go on TV it's like okay that has to factor in your goal is I wouldn't become the sharpest comedian in a whole entire world yes. One thing that people have mentioned that have heard comic say is like Oh yeah I was killing it in in this little small city but then when I came to this city, you know it my shit wasn't really working so it's almost like The audience like when the audience has more access to comedy, you get to develop your comedy stronger kind of what I understood Absolutely. Yeah. I think this is where somewhere like Chicago comes in handy because the people there are really People who have been doing it fifteen twenty years there who just want to stay in Chicago and who are great, and so they they push you to be sharp but it's also a place that you're slightly safer from getting seen by you know there is industry there, but it's not. It's not as big and you can just sharpen your tools and you can like I said this is if there's A world without a pandemic, you can travel Milwaukee it's very easy to get places. I think that's a good move but again, New York is I think the best place for stand up comedy and if you want to be really challenged and yeah, it's it's a great place to come to. So it's you know those those are the two things to way I think I had the question, the brand newness of it though, right? Yes. Yeah. New. York ain't the place to go doing new shit like that like. Well. Yeah. Yeah. It's not an environment for that because like I. So I guess it's like I ll always viewed. The standup lifestyle is more like a lifestyle unless of something that you're doing, it becomes your whole entire lifestyle and like is this you know Willing to commit to that lifestyle. Sure. I. Yeah I'm curious about too. So let us know Jonathan email me again and all. We'll follow up from there but I will say this about New York. It's getting more dangerous. I had somebody punch me in the head a couple days ago just randomly on the street I got rick. Moranis coach Tom Are you serious I'm not kidding I was walking down the street. Minding my business, I was going to water my buddies, plants, and teenager just I. Know I know a noble cause. This this teen I thought he was trying to steal my phone or something that's happened to me before where I get. My phone ripped out of my hands. So I gripped my hand my phone really hard kind of away because I just saw him looking at me weird and then he lunged at me and punched me in the back I moved. So he punched me in the back of the head and they sprinted off Tom Crazy Tom. I. I. I don't know what to say other than I'm just going to express myself unfiltered and I don't know how you're going to take this. Oh, not audience is GonNa take this but my instinct is i. wish you were back in La so that I could help protect my co-host. That's just what came to my heart. We gotta fly you out to hold on I'M GONNA call comedy central. Coach flowed out to. Put Hands on the greatest joke detective. I WON'T STAND FOR? This. When you're joke detective in the streets, there's always a villain trying to take. Like. My car got broken into these people are always trying to stop me the joke villains of the world who who want jokes to be forgotten because. You WanNa. You WanNa. The nicest in you know most well intentioned people in industry and I'm being one hundred with that. Just based on our on our dialogue and people are arriving new beating you up. I'm like with you're not making a case for New York right now I know I know and I love it and I still would like I made a point of walking around later and like I was like I'm not going to let this freak me out. The Guy. Just burn off. The weirdest thing is it was just awkward because I'm not going to chase this kid down the street like he was with a bunch of friends and stuff. So I was like I'm not gonNA chase this teen around like how dare you so I just had to be like all right and then I just kept walking. In a bunch of people. So it was broad daylight. It was three thirty in the afternoon three, thirty in at noon broad daylight guy looked really healthy like he wayne yeah. I it was yeah he seemed fine. It wasn't like he was an asshole but yeah, he didn't seem like crazy. It just seemed like an asshole are we have one more clip for you guys today and? I'm really happy to bring it to you this fellow Hoosier in Indiana Zone Megan Gaily, and this is a clip from her comedy central half hour. You can see the whole thing on CC DOT com without further ado here is Megan gaily. Play Fantasy Football No, no too busy making women come. It's hard. Sometimes, a guy will be like I'm in five Leagues Generic litters the. Maybe. You should focus on that before you're trying to make high end trade deadline's. I love fantasy football because I know where it is. So I can play It's higher than you think I love it. I was in three league last year I want every single one of them. Coma God the feminism is overwhelming. It gets a little less impressive. The I league was all comedians. Yeah, it's like okay. I'm the only one with a computer. Yeah you can't like write it in a notebook and mail it to Goodell. The Second League was on my guy friends from high school. So this one was really really serious. They really wanted to win. They needed this. I've seen their wives on facebook so. When I won they were so pissed, know what Meghan fantasy football isn't even real unlike one. Thing with fantasy in the title. I get it. I don't watch Harry Potter like it's fucking. Documentary. The thirdly, that was the third league I was in an all female fantasy football league called Saxon the city. I wish it was ally. These vicious wanted to lose to they did everything in their power to make sure I. couldn't win right before we did the draft, all the gals got together and they decided that we weren't allowed to pick any players who ever committed any violence against women. Okay. We'll take six punters and Airbud. All right that was Megan gaily from her comedy Central Half Hour on C. C. Dot com console thing and if you like the show today, just like Netflix has their algorithm, this is Tom Carter them. Garfunkel notes and David Dougherty I. Think you should check out Caitlin Cook and AJ homes you'll like them a lot and. Like subscribed, share the show all that good stuff follow coach t at coach underscored Ta Tom Dicara T. H. A. K. A.. R.. Last name sending jokes go to the CCA website. It's in an email joke detectives all that good stuff at s ut pod. com we will see next week with more of the podcast. This has been a comedy central podcast.

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