Episode #289: Mystery Actor Archive Vol. 11


Aid is Lou Mondello from W. W radio, and you're listening to the five ish fan podcast. Let's do this. The tangents as we continue although it episodes donor eighty, nine, five girls podcast him open up that IMDB that wikipedia. It's time to go back to day needs from. This week's up south of the Irish girls podcasts up. Let join this. Let's start looking river for the ritual table in. See You us this week. Named Bethlehem. This is Chrissie in Salt Lake City. And this is Rachel in Indianapolis, Indiana. Hello everyone. Know. Relate. Recording. It's Tuesday reporting as opposed to Monday. So holly fortunately could not join us. But she said she would be with us in spirit. Yes. So she says, Hi yes. But. It's mostly my fault. No No. No it is. It's your respiratory system. Well, yes. It's my fault in the fact that I have no control over my immune system and I have a sinus infection so. So if I don't sound. The best or like do that's why so. But a modern medicine is a wonderful things. So I have. Drugs. Prescription drugs, not just, random drugs. Prescription medication prescribed to me by a physician. And Hopefully by the time we record again I will sound better. So Y-. But anyway. After. several naps. We're going to try this. and. Then I'll probably take another nap. Now, we'll have fun. Yeah. But this is always a fun one. But first we need do the news not a whole lot what. We did get our first look and the date announcement for season four of the. Crown. So that is going to start on the fifteenth of November later, this year on net flicks and we are getting well into the eighties of the monarchy at this point with Jillian Anderson. Of X. Files Fame, she will be playing Margaret Thatcher. Also, going get the wedding of Charles and Diana. And when I when I saw that last little bit where you know it's it's Diana's wedding dress Zach I'm like. Oh Gosh I. Don't remember it. But it's like one of those things it's like, okay it it happened close to you know my time and my. You know existence. Happened when I before. I think it happened before I was born but I'm like. It's it's so weird to think that they're already there because you crowns still feels like it's a new show. Yeah. And when they started with. McQueen being becoming the queen men our barreling to the eighties? Yeah. Though it's like crazy. Although although earlier I saw as somebody share one of the share of facebook memory about the the Alice. Ice Bucket Challenge and it was six years ago. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Yeah. So I was like, okay, time is going by. Time flies when you're. Not. Watching. So yeah. A watched pot never boils. So if you never look at the Pod, it's going to boil over and then some. Somewhere in there there's a metaphor that makes sense. On. Medication. So. If you don't if you don't Spit Ball, then you don't get anything accidentally. Good. That's. True I mean we're have a lot of our DNA quotes come from just. Top your head. So but yeah, that's Issa. It'll be interesting to see how A. Handle. 'cause the supposedly the next season. This was to be the last one I believe they're gonNA stop. The, nineties two, thousand ish I think Yeah. Because getting closer and that that gets to be a little more now. That would that would just be weird. Got On I. Mean Nick Could I mean? They could go to like her diamond jubilee, which was two thousand twelve. Thereabouts, which was eight years ago by the time they get in production. It'll be even longer because to a decade ago. So I think it'd be Kinda. Cool. If they stop it like you know something big like that like the diamond jubilee where. Sixty years on the throne would be. I think a good stopping, but that's just that's just me so. But. Yeah. Now that we're getting into Charles and Diana and how that. Affected how the royals were perceived by the public and how they were treated by the public I mean. All you get as the like that last shot in the trailer is her in the wedding dress initiatives, flashing cameras, and just you know people daily Diana Diana Dan it's like. Like you know knowing where? It ends for her ascension. Same similar circumstances officer not in a wedding dress but being surrounded by Paparazzi yelling and screaming her name is what ultimately killed her? Just like. You know. The poor girl. Yeah the there's going knowing where that knowing where that's GonNa end it's like. Read about Diana. Ended up being married to Charles and all that stuff. I'm like you know I understand why you why she went out of her way to do all the charity work that she did because. It felt it seems like it's like the most control she really had over her life. Yeah. Other than raising your her children. But yeah, it's. That's that's my impression anyway. November net flicks release not Flexi us. Season for crown. And then over the weekend I guess DC had like. Kind of their. Good invention thing. Three. It was sort of a way for them to make up for their not being sandiego comic and again announcements and stuff. It was DC fan dome which yeah. Okay. I guess the name. I don't know I didn't get it but I mean I get it but I'm like that. silly. But anyway, there's tons of trailers from from the DC universe yes sees. So I guess there's a glimmer of hope that hey, we're could we could probably start going to the theaters and seeing new stuff as much as I did like going to see back to the future on the big screen but. moved to is great now but we're. This is percents a light at the end of the tunnel that movie theaters are slowly reopening and. Stuff going to start showing not retro things because it anything new to show So we got a new trailer for wonder. Woman Nineteen eighty-four. Which is kind of weird considering if you know the world hadn't shutdown, wonder woman have already been out. And Well I mean we've already we've already passed the day that it had been replaced sue. But Hey we got. We got stuff coming. Yeah. But not, really a whole lot. OF OTHER THAN WE GET A. We finally got our first look at Chita like as Cheetah. So, but it's it's just I love the I wonder woman as much as I gripe about the the DC you. and their attempts to try and replicate what marvel has done. that the wonder wonder woman is a bright spot. Literally and figuratively. So I'm excited to see eighty, one, one woman one out of the three. New Movies I've seen in full. Yes. Yeah that we also got, we got A. Trailer for these Snyder cut of Justice League, which is going to go on HBO. Sometime. This year early next year something that that's the big that that that's what they're hoping. The big moneymaker is for HBO maxes releasing the Snyder Customers. Come get a good ways. To yet another streaming service. Created my teeth through. The Justice League that got released I did not go and see in theaters I still available in home releasing than watch home. So I pause. Not. When I to do but I did grit my teeth through it mostly for the wonder woman bits and. Just based on the trailer for the Snyder cut it does look like a different movie. Yeah. It's you know. It's it's. The whole people like like releases snyder cut releases intercut it's like. Yeah I mean it's Kinda cool to see how the original director. Wanted the movie. It's a shame that he did not get to do that because of the circumstances. But he did you know obviously. Circumstances be with a are. He I'm sure he probably would have preferred not to have lost a child and have to leave the movie. Right, because he had a child pass but you know that is yeah, it is what it is and the people that came in to pick up while he was off, you know greeting and his family and all that did what they could. Yeah just. Because I have seen some some. Commentary on on Youtube and other places and the consensus. To me from what I've seen seems to be is that there was This. Having just weeden come in to to finish it was justice clashed horribly Zack Snyder's style. I mean it's not the the. That we was bad or. Snyder was bad. It's just those two styles. Yeah. So it's it's. Too. So that's why the movie did not do as well, and I never even saw because I saw the the reviews coming in as like, Oh yeah. I'm going to skip that one. But I'm actually little interested to see although I. Don't know if I want to. I might I might. I'm thinking I might do the free trial the HBO Max has watched and cancel. Just. Because I'm like I don't need another streaming service but. I'm like I am some some of the the the commentators reviewers fan. People that talk on the Internet like, okay. I, kind of trust your judgment and I'm curious now that you've settled this and of talked it up thinking, yeah it's might might actually be interesting. Yeah. Of course, jared, and I just will jared showed me three hundred over the weekend and I was like okay. Get Zach Snyder 'cause that was actually a fun movie. Yeah I remember watching that movie. I don't remember details being a fun little thing to walk. Yeah I'm like in fairly you know. Well guess what it's about fairly historically accurate. But anyway. So so now I'm kind of like I'm curious I'm curious about this the Snyder even though I didn't ever see the theatrical cut. So yeah. I don't know. I'm Kinda with you Rachel I'm like T. C. is kind of in way hit and miss for me and most of the time like just going to skip it. But the ones that are good like wonder woman she's an was a lot of fun. Yes. Yeah. I'm like and even the I mean. We also got the trailer for for the Batman, which is the the Robert Pattinson and this one I. I don't know I'm like I'm not like you know Fan girly jumping up and down the Batman because I've never really gotten into Batman I know sort of he's he's he's the one that. So many people love was always into Superman and I've I've yet to see Superman done properly in my lifetime on the big screen of the small screen it's been done but. It just never really got into Batman as a superhero because I just don't do broody angsty whatever's saying you know if. That's your. Thank Great. But this trailer where it seems a there seems to be taking a different tack on it and I was talking to jared kind of we're discussing these things and he's like well it. Feels like they're active Bradman's routes where he's a detective if not necessarily a superhero in in in the sense, you think Superhero and I'm like, okay. That makes sense because the trailer there's there's parts like. The police are doing forensics work and this looks like something you would see on a police procedural television show. That makes sense. So. I might be I might. I know maybe DC. They're starting to to course correct a little bit and take some of the criticism. Yeah seriously and think, Oh, well. Yeah. Maybe we ought to And not that they weren't before like I said design was great. I love it. But they're kind of finding out where they've missed stepped in the past and think, okay. Well, how do we? How do we treat these characters veteran and how do we you know? Respect the fans and what they expect. and. What they what they want to see from these characters at that people love and enjoy and. and. Not Necessarily Oh we need to play catch up tomorrow because that was not the way to go. So maybe they're finally figuring out so we'll see how it does. I'm this. I'm not. I'm like you at his Batman, really any the DC superheroes have never really been. Up My alley I'm definitely more for Marvel Person Right. Yeah Yeah, there's. GonNa, be a divide. There's like Marvel DC star Wars Star Trek it's like I'm not like. You. Going to be like I mean camp in the other can just rot but. At the same time. DC as far as the films are concerned they just they have not. A marvels just set the bar really high as far as being able to do a cohesive. Expansive, universe. With lots of characters you know having them have individual movies and then bringing some of them together and and all of that So I'm. I'm a little bit curious to see how the Batman. Turns out because I mean, we're now on our. Third person playing that bad what the last Decca Is. The only thing I can see really going against it because it's like we're doing Batman again. Yeah. What else? You've wonder woman what else do you got? Ta All. These other ones like, okay. Yeah, we know in. This Batman. Is, presumably in a different universe than Ben Affleck's Batman but then supposedly, Michael Keaton's Batman is going to show up in the robber patents to Batman. So it's like is I almost wonder if maybe marvel marvel DC is like I know they've done this on TV already several times the Arrow verse if they're not maybe going to aim eventually for like a crisis on infinite earths. Type thing so they can justify having all these different. Universes like software and all that. So it's like if we do. The multi-diverse like they've done on TV, then they could maybe make it work but it's like you saw. A person playing. Batman I kind of like guys totally. Okay. If this is his own thing and standalone and this particular movie ignores all the other stuff, we can still enjoy the other stuff but for the movie none of that exists. Yeah. So it doesn't all have to be connected. I promise you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA save yourself a lot of headaches down the road if you just say this. Yeah. This Interpretation of Batman. The mental gymnastics I had to do last episode trying to figure out how to fit ages of zeal back into the MC. Thinly see my brain can only handle so much brainpower is not going to be applied to use. Sorry. Thinking you. Met Today. Try bringing the other two spiderman try to. Combine them with? Well they've. They they've done the multi-diverse was spiderman and then the animated Spiderman. That's true. Yeah, that is a possibility like marvelous as fully established in some form or fashion that they multi-diverse. So that makes it a little easier, but they've not done that with the D. C. movies they denounced TV. But not with mouth movies yet. So but yeah, part of me is like party was to see them pull it all you know pull off this off just because. You. Know the better off the comic book based movies do the. Better off. I I would hope in the more respected they become as a mainstream. So but it's like if they keep trying and failing and all that does is the people that don't. respected as as a genre like well. Yeah I mean the. Eventually. They're just GONNA stop like if you're just gonNA keep giving us all these crappy. scrabble on television and money elsewhere. Yeah. It's like we. Actually. Especially now nothing. Yeah. Now. Where were you know we've we've gone through all this pandemic stuff and people are hurting and they're like, well, you know my your entertainment dollars are certainly are suddenly all that much more precious you have fewer of them. So you know if you're GONNA if you're gonNA create good entertainment, make count don't just don't just flail in hope something sticks to the wall because. If you're going to survive. It's gotTA stick to the wall on the first try. At. Life ten where we are right now I hate to say it but there we are. I love to pick on bad movies just as much as the next fan person thing. But That's not a good business model gays. That being said. We have not got an actual trailer yet, but we keep getting behind the scenes but then we got the this roll call video. for the suicide squad sequel Sofri boot. So it's. It's sequel do but it's not. It's almost a complete new cast. Say Only only three Koros of the of the first one but. Only one like only. Robbie yeah, I was GONNA say own. Holly Harley Quinn. Has To say. Yeah I can only think of the actress she yeah, she's she's returning Margot Robie as Harley Quinn. John Courtney is returning as Captain Boomerang, which I'm excited before because he I loved him in the first suicide Larry's. Yeah. and then Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. is returning and then everybody else is. New At least as far as the movie is concerned, but they are pulled from the the comics. because James Dunn who directed this than that time when he was fired by Disney before they rehired him for guarding S- three The DC snapped him up. to to do this. Movie so so essentially it's going to be. Yeah, Harley Captain Meringue from the original suicide squad. Being hired by Amanda Waller and But this time they're going to go to South America. To. Do what they do I guess. But this is I mean, this is a packed. cast as far as I mean, we knew the casts. James Gunn like Latte late last year. I think announced like everybody. You know the names of everybody who is going to be in a but we did know who they were Mississippi playing yet other. Margot Robbie So but we've got S-. Yeah Margot Robie as Harley Quinn we've got Idris. Elba. Visiting me playing blood sports. He was going to play dead shot. He was going to take over the role that was played by will smith but they decided to. To, scrap that that way Smith could potentially come back in the future John Sina. As peacemaker. Guys Joe Kinman as Rick Flag. Peterka Baldy. As the thinker. So. obviously Viola Davis J courtney they're returning. Some of these people don't know who they are. So yeah. p Davison as Latte guard. David I don't know how pronounces lane it last name deaths. Best Mall chain I guess as Polka Dot. Mi Michael worker as a savant, a computer hacker. Nature. Italy. As A. Arm Fall off boy. He's a super villain who could dispatch his arms and use them as weapons. We sure this isn't just DC's version of guardians of the galaxy it essentially is. Yeah. So I ask you because you've got, you've got Sean Gunn who James Gunn puts in everything anyway is playing once again, a a a swimming emotion capture. Is. Probably how they did it because he's playing weasel. He kind of looks like a really bad I. I don't WanNa compare them but really bad off. rocket. Rossett. Yeah. Probably I know they probably don't want people necessarily to think of that, but people are going to that. Yeah. Sorry. I don't apologize. Ever Seen Sean Gun he kind of looks like a weasel so He's very tall, very skinny and. Long arms and skinny legs and all that. So that's no way it insult like he just he has the body type that. Well, you know there's some compactors kind of the kind of work it have. But So yeah, that's supposed to be released August of next year. Maybe, a fine finished Alaska. I mean I didn't hate it wild watching it I. Just I was getting distracted in another ski. That's of the DC movies that I've watched in full. Wonder. Woman is definitely at the top than she zam. And then the suicide squad and then I refuse to watch Batman versus Superman. I do it serves no purpose. I know what happens Sue Verandah is save Martha. was going to say I know that we know the big things I've watched enough. Remember how I said that I way into Superman and they have not really done a very good superman on the big screen in my lifetime. Yeah. I mean I love Henry Cavill as a person and as an actor I like him I just wish they could get him a better script for Superman because I'm like, no, that is not my Superman Brandon routh came close. But he was still hampered by very bad script. I. Always get that. He was superman one time until you. I was so excited to see. Superman returns in the theaters I went I was in college. I went on my own because none of my roommates could go with me and I don't think anyone wanted to. Them just like. I felt so letdown. I just it was just it would just kind of sat there in like. Could have been so much better. But anyway. So these were looking at you or keeping our eye on you. We don't expect you to live to to the bar marvelous set but. We expect you to least try. You know they are doing better I will I will give them that. So you know keep on this trajectory and we'll go from there. so As really a for news so but if you I guess want to stick with movies. Then we'll listen to me before I got sick. The. I guess it on happiness in darkness They had their fiftieth episode and Nick invited me to be part of the big round table talking vendors game. And It's it's a long episode because it's a three plus our movies. So there's a lot to talk about. but it was fun to talk about I got emotional. Again, it's been over a year and still talking about Tony Stark I still get emotional i. don't think I ever won't. Be Honest with you Let's just was as those movie moments that you're like. So you can go listen to that. it was it was an interesting conversation. To have such. Diverse opinions. on. We all love the movie but we all have very different opinions on the characters and how we feel about them like I'm like. I'm pretty sure I was like the the stand alone like I like huge ironman fan and everybody else is like no captain America. Over here like I don't like captain, America nearly. Wow, you went into the UN into the to the. What's it called? My brain just shut off. You into into hostile territory there yet well, I didn't know that going into it but. I've made it no secret I do not care for Cap I think Chris Evans is done a fantastic job retraining cap I. Think they've done a great job with their portrayal of CAP. You know getting the essence of the character from the comic books. He's just not my cup of tea iron men to the end. Thank you very much and I, and I'm over here sitting like saying why not both but that's again that's me. Yes. I. Just I like what I like and I like I like it isn't as good like I'm like somehow inbetween that like. I like I like them both but I definitely like Iron Mall. Although I'm also like thorough all the way. You know and that's the thing about marvel is there's so. It's so huge and so many things and it's like you can find. You know people that have. Their favorites everywhere. I mean Shoot. I've got I've got at least one friend who's like loves ant man and I'm like. You do you I love my aunt man. Granted it's like I'm on all of them. It's just. But no, no, that's awesome. I still need to listen to it. But it is a long one. So. Just be prepared as a long episode and then we have the. Latest episode of Gold Standard the Oscars podcast. So talking cavalcade which was. Initially interesting film So. So. There's that you can listen to that and then we'll be back. Back next week with it happened one night. So we're finally getting to movie that I've actually seen. You know it's it's been funny. All these the gold standard podcasts and those episodes and I'm like. Okay, when do we get to the movies I've heard. Years I know. Well. No I mean 'cause I I've mentioned recently that I well yeah. You're going to be on gone with the wind gone with on gone with the wind but then I. Still like among car now. A couple months in in the meantime I was like well, okay. I, 'cause then I got looking at the WHO was nominated. I'm like holy crap that was a good year for movies and I've read I I may jared sit down and watch stagecoach with me. No loved it. Let's get. You gotTA understand I grew up John Wayne movies and that was like his. He'd been in movies before that but that was kind of his big. Now you're a stars. Yeah. Everybody's like, Hey, have you seen this John? Wayne guy he's kind of yeah. Kind of a thing. And I'd like just forgotten how young he looked in that one now. But yeah, no, I was just like okay I just wanted to be like what what was it up against Some. Stiff competition that you may way that's. I don't WanNA spill all my all my thoughts before we get. On on a podcast that isn't even the same podcast. Yeah. Yeah. So So those are. Pretty much wherever you can. Each practice the. Highly recommended. So if you haven't checked him out, go go download the latest episode you can probably just jump in there Yep Yep. All right. Next up feed-back. So get feedback from show lane. and. she. Says that this last season of agents of shield. With all the genres and stuff is made her want to go watch old black and white detective TV shows. She seventy shows like Charlie's angels no Wifi. Which Hey Why not they're classics, for reason. I mean I like drag dead if ever watching the. Lack and white dragnet used to wash out on night as a kid. I do like like. I don't get a chance to actually watch them all the time. I do love watching the those old detective chosen. Those something. About them I can't describe. She also says time travel's confusing. Yes, Yup. How many? Is My copious pages of notes trying to figure out the timelines. Say. Even with all the time travel movies and books and Shows that I've watched but probably doesn't hope because they have so many different. Rules could time travel. I mentioned in the happiness in darkness talking about the time travel aspect of endgame is you know it's always interesting to see what the writers decided to use as the quote unquote rules of time travel. so But yeah. If you're you know if you're used to something like. Back to the future, whereas like Mardi goes the past, he changes the past he's literally erasing himself. From his future to to not exist but it's like ages shield. They killed daisies mom before as he was ever born in that timeline, but it daisy doesn't disappear. Because I was thinking Ooh, what's going to happen? Are they GONNA do back to the future with what? What's? Okay Yeah. Yeah so and it's like endgame. Yeah. Cap when he goes to return infinity stones and Thors Hammer. you know he decides to stay back. And live a life with Peggy yet still ends up. Back at. Our. Future. To pass along the shield. The SAM. So it's like you know how did that work did he ended using the? Pin Particles and all that to return. To or did he just? His life with Peggy up to the point where he's like, okay. On this date I need to be there you know. We don't know. We don't know exactly what happened is though is it? Yeah. Time travel can be a very confusing thing but. You try not to think about too much. Otherwise your head hurts. Yep. Normally. Even in the saying quote Unquote Universe. Doesn't always go the saint balls at don't rules. You doctor who? Yes. Yep. So And then. GOING BACK A Little bit more to. our talk about sequels and all that when we're talking empire strikes back and chalets mentions the fact that. She said that she thought Temple of Doom was one of the best sequels but we said we love last crusade or. she said the I don't know if she's Trying to explain that argument is invalid or something but according to Henry in once upon a time temple of doom is the best sequel so. According to an Rian winds upon a time my argument for Last crusade is valid. Although if you want to get technical last crusade is not a sea wall. It's in a sequence. But is not the immediate seek will this is the third film? So could make a joke. It's a sequel to the sequel. Yeah. It kind of is. So in that case, both of our arguments can be valid. Because Temple of doom is a great sequel to. Raiders of the lost Ark but then last crusade is a really good sequel to Temple of Doom. 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Right I got her first name. Our first person. May. Get. Some clues for you all. Okay. So this American. Nor Born, November twenty, second nineteen, Sixty, seven. I don't know about days. Kenosha Wisconsin. About how? began acting in the early nineties. and has gone on to. Star in. lots of different types of movies were Manta comedies thrillers. he's a Tony Award nominee. A Academy Award nominee. Certain, actually. Oh. The. Must See. Yeah, born in Kenosha. Wisconsin. his mother. Is a hairdresser stylus has either worked as a construction painter has two sisters. To, neon Nicole and a brother Scott who unfortunately has passed. his father's of Italian descent and his mother is French Canadian and affect alleyen. Which? Explains Yeah. As lumine jealous is my last name ends in a vowel. AM GIRAL Han he is in. He is in one of our big ones. Whenever big tent pole phantoms. Oh. Seem. I mean you could. He's been. He's been the grind gosling. No. He. Old. Fifty two. Now. I. Oh, I looked up wrong now. he's married has three children. Why is this being so hard you? Can Kill you is GonNa give you the second. I give it away. Just. Give it away. It's going to be like Oh my God. I'm just going through actors like who's got three kids. He's part of the You I'll help you narrow down to that. That Has Been More than movie. Oh. Yes. Okay Yeah We talked about Chris Hemsworth yet. That's probably not hey no, it's not Hemsworth but I don't think we've done hemsworth yet. And he's not that old now this isn't that all. Wait wait we is. It is. It is. Doesn't really do conventions. As far as I know. I've never really seen him compared to some of the others. Why can't I? I like all to have ordered the. Is Ventures, he's older. Not Chris. We've already done already J.. So. Old on I'm looking somebody up before I guess the. nope not that one. Now, from well every once I start giving those other clues. Yes. The. Ruffalo yes. Okay Well I. I will say this about Mark Ruffalo. Know the first movie I saw him in. Thirty. Thirty. That here I don't even know who he was. Going to say thirteen going on thirty. I have no idea but that was my first. That was that was the first one. I ever saw him in and so when they announced, he was going to be playing hall gets like it's the. Guy from thirteen going on thirty. That's do I know from. But we we've most people probably know him blame me Bruce Banner slash the hulk in the marvel cinematic universe not these I. Though he was the third verse Hulk Combination, we have had in the modern era but I think it safely to say he's the best. Yes. And I'm so glad that they that. They cast him third time's a charm. Disney sash. Marvel. Say. They had they had quite the Quite quite a journey getting getting the hulk just right I mean again, we were talking earlier about how many Batman actors do we need to have? Well, apparently, we had to have several hoc ones to get to get a good one. So there we go. Yeah. So yeah mark. Accent he's got two sisters. Brother those unfortunately passed in two thousand eight. he had minor film roles. until really. the early two thousands where. He started making more of a name for himself thirteen going on thirty. Zodiac which he does a really good performance in that. Claim within that as one of the reporters. Now, he's a cop. Yea He's not a reporter Robert Juniors one of the reporters Mark Ruffalo plays one of the cops China shut down the Zodiac. Killer Watch ladies that maybe you think. That would. Stick in there but were that what you're watching movies with MSU alumni just random just random. And then. I know he's also in Shutter Island Leonardo DiCaprio have not watched that yet though. I I've seen that one I don't remember him. I've only seen once in when it was new. So yeah. which was ten years ago apparently. Yeah. And then he is also in. A pair of a movie and a sequel the sequels, not quite as good as original but it's still rigorous kind of a sleeper film when it came out where people didn't necessarily go and see if the people did see it at least the original like this is really good. This is under the radar. Now, you see me a now you see me to. where he again, he plays a cop. Mark you might have a type caster. At least at least as a superhero well. It's that that that's a side Yes side relation I guess but yes. There now Yeah but now now you see me is is. It's good It's one of those kind like the The Prestige where you just need to go into a blind. Because there are twists and turns, and if you get spoiled runs the fun. Well, it's IT'S A it's a heist movie. It's like, yeah, it's like oceans eleven. Shish INS. I. Really. Good. Yes. Seen. It ends and it's like when you watch it for other things the humor. Yeah you can watch it. You can watch it. Watch ability you won't get obviously won't get like Oh my goodness I. didn't see that coming thing. But like kind of like the oceans movies where if you re watch it but then you watch it. Looking for the clues that were right there in front of her face the entire time. and. So those kind of movies that you can do that? Yeah. This the sequel. I think they tried to go bigger. And Mark Strapping and Detroit outdo themselves. From new first movie and I think that I think they could have. Like not a holiday overdid it and that hurt it again is still good is still get some twists. but it is It's not quite as good as the. Has Excuse me as the original, but it is. It is pretty cool. It's got. It's got a good cast Scott Jesse Eisenberg Woody Harrelson. Day Franko. Morgan Freeman in it at least on the first one I can't remember if he's in the second one I believe he is. In so They're they're good movies. I. Think I know what I'm. Like it's been on my list since like I put amazing is like everyone I know seen just never had the chance. Yeah. But. It's GonNa be I'm definitely make it more of A. Push actually see them so I, I. It sounds. Like. Ocean's eleven need. Like magic. Magicians like that sounds amazing. I love the ocean movies yes and like. The homered interesting that sounds like. Woo S. Dean is already. Remind me later there's there's there's a heist movie that's from Bollywood that I think. Is. All, I'll tell you later that heist movie that sounds interesting. Yes. I'll tell you later because its way off tangent but I was I I was remembering it and I just watched it recently in Lahti likes music from it. Anyway. Back back to back to the the. What we're doing star. Yes. So let's see what else. Honestly Yeah I've only really seen him in an in marvel movies and. Thirteen going on thirty and. I don't know just. kind of I mean he was you know if you're if you're into. It's yeah. It's a ROM com and it's also kind of an odd. Coming of age high school movie too just because of the premise of what it is and it's also the first movie I've ever seen Jennifer Garner in. I really liked it for what it was I think it was in college when I saw, which makes sense because I saw theatres came out in two thousand and four VIA IT'S A. Kind of in that. I was I was in that sort of middle between teenager and really being an adult and so kind of is one of those resonated with me I don't think I'd enjoy it as much as if you know what you know watching it now. So he was kind of you know he was the the the the best friend. When she was when she was a kid do. That 'cause I if you know if you know the premise if you haven't seen. It it's thirteen year old girl who she's got this best friend. Who's kind of you know he's a little Chubby a little nerdy and she really wants to be the she wants to be popular wants to get in good with the popular kids they pick on her and he gets mixed up in in their prank with her and she gets mad at him shoves him away and hides, and she wants she's saying she wants to be thirty flirty and thriving, and so she magically turned thirty but she's still got the mind of thirteen year old Helen Jig yeah. But she's lived her life throughout all these years and she's been a real. Female Dog. To have. She's not. Girls. It's been. You know honestly that that's a good point. It's it's basically cutting in the main mean girls mean girls and she until like. Yoshi her thirteen year old self you know if you if you you think of if you could ever. If your younger self could ever meet you as you are now like what would they think with? It where they not as she decided, she doesn't like what she's done with herself, and so she goes back and tries to make friends with her with her friend with a friend. Matt. Who is now? Mark. Ruffalo and he's like, yeah, I I I. Don't want to do with you because obviously she's been real jerk to him but now she's trying to patch things up and. You're not Chinese. Man. Yeah? UTAH. Defend. You don't know me. Yesterday you were there. Yesterday. Because I am not thirteen China. Yes, Jenner rank. It's me. Come on in. Pictures you know. Pays the bills. What why here Many. I. Told You something really weird is happening. Yesterday was my thirteenth birthday and then. And then today I woke up and this and you, I, mean, you're that you get. Even smoking pot doing acts fallen McKay, you're doing drugs. Now Look. I'm sitting in my closet and I. Skipped everything. It's like a weird trae. My I can't remember my life Humi tell me remember my wife me. Yes I can't do not. I don't know anything about you. Haven't seen you since high school. What? We're not friends anymore Jenna. Many you're my best friend. No. Okay it's cool. It's cool. It's it's. Maybe, it should open. I think he needs some. Share. Our Guatemala. Affected pill. Sir. John I. Think you should go back to your apartment now I'll help you find it. Jenner allies would separate ways different. Different career Christmas, didn't you WanNa see me then I think the frosted window one, six years ago years ago. Yeah. With an eye homeless, Christmas? Shannon I don't know doesn't your crawl through saint bars for Christmas I don't know. Is this you? Yeah. This is where I live now. Okay. So Good. Luck. Okay. Okay By. Who Saint Everything and it's really sweet. It's it's really it. It's a sweet little little flick if you're a thriller dance. Consists her boss and it's kind of funny. And he's eased grade in it. So it's you know it's it's not it's not thrilling cinema, but it's you know if you if you need a little bit of love. I'm not one for like Rom, coms. Or me and this is I'm actually like Oh. This is kind of fun. Yeah, it's. Come in the traditional sense because it, there's a little bit of fantasy to it because it's her thirteen year old self in in her thirty year old body Jennifer Garner is adorable in it. She just she makes it work she sells it and I mean Yeah Rom coms Kinda get a bad rap for various reasons and some of it is justified. But then you have a a premise like this one and when you have an actress who just totally goes for it and she does and it's not I'm talking about I'm like, Oh, I wanna go see it again. I don't even know if I have it anywhere, but I could probably find it streaming somewhere but it's just like I. said it's it's tough and if you need if you need a feel good fluff movie, that's it's it's you could you could do much worse. It's not a bad pick. Yeah. I remember liking like ice. Saw It like right when I was new in that was definitely when I was into like. Rahm 'cause I was actually like. Fourteen. When I saw this as. Yeah Like 'cause I him Judas four something. Yeah. I was I was I was I was in college. I was at the tail end of my freshman year. So I was I was kind like I'm a little sympathetic opponent when she was wanted to wish to be an adult me now that was stupid but. I wish. I could. Be Thirty like that out. As being thirty. Yeah now like. Thirty. Really. Isn't like that but you know when you're thirteen and you watch part of it too is like she's read all these grownup magazines. What you want to know, what what supposedly women want I mean the ones who live in New, York and work in publishing industry and only have this little bubble of what they do and not really to anybody else. You know beyond that but. Still it's fun. And Mark Ruffalo he he also. Works as the. As the as the friend who you know she treated badly, and he doesn't want anything to do with her and he's like, why did you? Why are you talking to me again why is this going on? But then we kinda comes around because he can tell she's being sincere about wanting to be a better person and wanting to patch things up with him and you know in the end they end up together she goes back to being thirteen, and then that shows some growing up in in real life in Yoshi realizes she doesn't want to be that person and she wants to stick with the friends who actually are going to be there for not just the fake. The plastics or whatever they call them in this movie it's not blessed. Yeah. That's mean girls. Well honest trailers didn't mean girls. Yes. So that's why was in on my ma. I saw like as soon as our including Oh I have to watch. And then go watch mean girls. I in certain moon I mean girls. that. Hits a little too close to the bone. Isn't the I I don't hate it but I don't I don't have it as high as a lot of people who, I think. Most people just like it for the quote ability and people really relate to it because I'm like because it was based on a- is based on a parenting book about how to Parent Teens and I'm like. Like you think it's a little over the top and I'm like well, yeah, there's some exaggeration there. But no, there's some there's some truth to it. So, this one, this one came out probably about the same time thirteen going on thirty came out about the same time. Maybe I think a little bit after meeting. It's like, okay. If you want the same year two, thousand, four oh was it like within a matter of months probably or maybe I saw mean girls I I don't know I can't remember but it was early two thousands there was stuff going on. Yeah. It all kind of live heather in my mind by now but. Yes. So if you if you kind of want that that teenage show thing but without the real like without the real real mean awful mean spiritedness of it all this this one this one's a good one anyway. That's the only other. Mark Ruffalo for other than avengers and we've we've talked ventures and marvel ad nauseam here. Gush about this this sweet little. Little Rom Com with a fantasy element to it. Yeah. because. I. His it it it should get and other than all the Mc you stuff. So diak thirteen going on thirty. That's everything that I sit in the the now you see me now you see me to Those are those ridges because I have not gotten around to shutter island yet. So although his performance in. Ox catcher this was to be really good too and spotlight. Which I actually think I have spotlight on my to watch list on Netflix. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. So which that's about the Folks trying to uncover I think the. Rain injuries by football player? Oh. No, that's a different movie Concussion yes. Yes. Smith ooh, this is actually about light is doggy the. Child abuse by the Catholic. Priest. So. I. Don't know how I got those confused. I'm. On. Medication. My only excuse. Yeah like I haven't seen that many like nothing like the lack of not wanting because I think he's a great actor i. It's just outside of the MC you like he doesn't occasional wrong which like I said I'm not really big into and the other stuff he does sends to be like more serious like about lighter foxcatcher shutter island. So yeah, we're. The great mindset to wash. The award eight stuff. Yeah. The the Oscar which is why he's been. Nominated for an academy award three times so. It's it's not that he doesn't deserve it is I mean he's a fantastic actor all things all things considering I don't know how many people know this if they've ever just kind of looked at Mark Ruffalo and be like. His. Look like his face and be like. It's yeah. It's like Kinda droopy on one side or the way he speaks seems to be out of the side of his mouth and that's actually because In. early, two thousands. Oh, I've seen that too the last castle. Is. That was that was one of the movies I watched as my MC alumni, a Scott, ruffalo and Robert Redford in it So I've seen that do it again in other series movie but he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. and. The tumor ended up being benign, which is good but he had to have surgery to move it, but it caused partial face paralysis and has also acted as hearing So he's actually deaf in his left ear. Now that you've mentioned it I mean I never really thought about it, but it's like he definitely has a distinct way of speaking or his voice hazard sound to it that of like okay. That makes sense now but it's not bad or anything it's so. It's just getting. It's just make some very distinct. Interesting. So. I. Forgot that I'd I'd seen that movie too. Because you're like, did you Zodiac for Your Mc you alumni like I just watched that a random. What did I watch? The last castles about. Guys in a prison Yep. So that's That's Ruffalo. Maybe we'll see him in the future Mc you. Are Holkar. TVD I guess. I WANNA mind seeing like. Not. Ordinance storied necessarily but I wouldn't mind standalone hope movie. Yeah. Yeah. I think there's some issues with the rights and all that. Okay fine but. Yeah it would. Yeah, you don't need an origin story for the hulk is actually they kind of The, even though the we had the two previous hulk movies. They've. kind of kept them cannon and just kind of ignore the fact that Bruce Banner is. Changed Actors. Because like the the second one. Edward Norton Yeah with Edward Norton is not an origin story picks up. After because the very first one Ainley one is the the origin story. And when she? It's it's. It's. Own worst out of them I think But then in avengers when they're on the Hella carrier and Tony and in Bruce Talking, and Tony trying to convince him to come to stark tower to come play with all of his toys. Now, the last time I was in New York I kind of by broken. which is something that happened in the Edward Norton so. Gatherings definitely consistent with Celtics It's GONNA take weeks to process. We bypass their mainframe and direct route to the homer cluster. We can clock this at around six hundred teraflops. All I. packed a toothbrush. Should come by stark tower some top ten floors all are indeed you'd love it. It's candy land. Thanks. But the last time I was in New, York I kind of broke. Harlem, I. Environment attention. No surprises. Hey nothing. I you not juries. You really have to win on what your secret? Miller. Jazz. Bongo drums huge Bagley he's everything a joke to you. Finding things threatening the safety of everyone on this ship isn't funny. Fence I. It's all right. I would have come aboard if I couldn't handle pointy things. You're tiptoeing big man. You need to struck and you need to focus on the problems you think I'm not. What if you recall us in wine now one up before what isn't he telling us? into the equation unless have all the variables you think fury's hiding something he's a spy captain he's the spy. His secrets have secrecy. Bugging him to. just want to finish my work here Dr. A warm light from mankind. Locus Jab at fury about the Cube I heard it well I. think that was meant for you. Even if I didn't tell Loki about the tower, we still all over the News Star Tower? At big? Ugly? Building in New York power by ARC reactor. self-sustaining. Energy source. That building, we'll run a tough what year. Is. Just a prototype. I'm kind of the only naming clean energy right now. What he's getting so why didn't shield bring him in on the tests right project what are they doing in the energy business in the first place? I should probably look into that might decryption program finishes breaking into all of Shield's secure files. I'm sorry did you say Jarvis has been running it since I hit the bridge in a few hours we'll know every dirty secret shield as ever tried to hide uber yet. You're confused about why they didn't want you around an intelligence organization that fears intelligence restorick not awesome. I think he's trying to wind us up. This is a man who means to start a war and if we don't stay focused, he'll succeed. With orders. She followed. Followers don't really my style. And you're all about style are you? The people in this room which one is a wearing spangler and be not a few Steve. Tell. Me Smells a little funky you. Find that. Yeah the the Edward Norton was pretty good and I just I I mean I was I, let me in the cat attias. Yeah. Ross. As a continuing hair to yeah but it was just it was. It was kind of disappointing that he left because of you know whatever dispute money or whatever it was probably money He. Was He was pretty a pretty decent hope but mark Ruffalo is good too so. Great. All right. Ready for another one. Let's do another one. Oh Okay Save Time All right go ahead sound of me shuffling through doesn't really carry over so. This okay. So this English. Actress Singer and author. ooh Fancy. It we gotta get the Ven Diagram right on this one. Yeah. Born the first of October nineteen, thirty, five at Walton. Surrey England Sh-. She is. She a triple threat singer actress. Dancer because she has done Broadway musicals Some fairly notable ones. She's also done musicals on the silver screen as well. And now you're talking about in the present tense. So so she is still doing was yes. Okay. Yes. So like nineteen, thirty, seven, thirty, five, or thirty, five, okay yeah. she's Academy Award winner. Okay. hold on I. GotTa Look This Up. I have a guess but I'm going to check I, have a guest tuna might be the same guy. No is not it's not who I thought. It was she is a dame. Is it Dame Duly Angela? Yes it is. Okay. Well, Jeez, what can we say about Julie? Now. Academy award a BAFTA five Golden Globes. Three grammys to emmys. The, Ifi Lifetime Achievement Award the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime. Achievement award the Kennedy. Center's owners Ward and the Disney Legends Award. As as as David tennant said when he was being presented with when he won a BAFTA I believe it is presented by Julie Andrews I don't care what else happened in my life I just met Julianne. and. I love that quote. Gosh yeah, holy cow I mean Mary poppins. That's what most people. Well, that's Wonder Academy Award that that's where I first newer. That was her screen debut she had done. Oh well. Up into that point she was doing. My fishy. She did my fair lady an camelot playing it queen. Gwen they've year I believe is where Walt Disney approached her about playing Mary poppins. As. Well, she was doing that role and at the time she was you know like, Oh, well, Mister Disney I'm quite honored I'm pregnant and he was like no problem we'll wait. So which is why there's you know she did camelot nine, hundred, sixty and Mary poppins came out and sixty four because she had a baby. mean. But though like because I believe of her performance both in my fair lady and camelot that Disney saw her on Broadway in New York, and was like that's our Mary poppins. That's who I want. Stand up. Gentlemen. We've got a blue. Looking. Good. Butler. Rother. Town I think of Pike Me Pantry. Has Wants to open that car saw Lyndon pre me doctor recommends a quiet Selmer by the sea. Can. All I want. The. Poll. We. Check College. School Nancy. I saw. Much. Correct. Even this. Versus. Not the. Democrat. Is, anything. To Blair knows that with her trailer Mary poppins returns but those were nanny shoes to fill well I mean there's an. EPISODE DEDICATED TO Staff you'd think about Mary poppins and just Disney live action movies in general the live action movies. Are, not as well known or well regarded in general for from Disney and I've I've been I've been kind of. ruminating on this for a while. Just because we've got Disney plus and I've been looking through and I'm like Oh. Wow. There's all these live action movies from the Sixties and seventies I'm like, how do I not know about these will Kasi ones bigger but everybody everybody knows Mary poppins and it's not I mean they're still animation in there but I mean if you don't connect with the characters if you don't care about the story or any of that, then you know the the the fancy. Blending and the and the special effects and all that stuff it doesn't matter. And Yeah while Disney was right to pick Julie Andrews for Mary poppins. Out is your. Age Well I fame and fortune you have your picture taken the newspaper. Having your extreme looks if I may say so. I would probably words to describe your now. Now now, gentlemen please on the country. There's a very good word. Am I right bet? Jello. Fight. It's Super Calif ritualistic expe- those just even though the sound of it is something quite a truce if you say it out enough always some coaches. Go Calls I was afraid to speak with just allowed reply the game emails at quick told me I was playing but then one day I wonder where the site we I can knows biggest. Yellen don't. Even. If. Bin Laden. Olympic as we yellowstone. Around the world and everywhere he went he uses all would say that goes a clever. Or more awarded Foster Karma Day with me Siamese petrol? You. From sound of music, which I haven't seen as much as Mary Bobbins Yemi. I'm. Am Surrey. Don't don't don't don't. Tie Me to the stake in. Birmingham live. I. Do not like the sound of music. It's it's something. Well, that's okay. I'M NOT GONNA I'M NOT GONNA score I'm not going to be the one excoriating. But it ain't me. That's happened to you before. Yet well, it's just it's just one of those those it's like everybody's like Oh my goodness I love this movie and it's one that we're going to cover on gold standard because it did win best Oscar. And you know there may be too. That may be at the point where we reach one of those movies where. The others like it and I'm like. No. It's not that I just like Ju Leander's performance. I. Just. For some reason I just don't like I don't like musical. Not that I don't like like just the movie I've just don't like the sound of music as a musical well I'll I'll say this after I I grew up everybody around me loving Les Ms and I finally saw I'm like this is what everybody goes nuts over. Then again. I saw the movie version with Hugh Jackman and I'm like, oh no, that's that's that's that's not not a good. Not a good representation of Oh no, no no that's for a different episode anyway. Back to back to dame dame. Julie. Mary poppins growing up in the night seer pop up on like Disney channels specials or she'd be narrating something or is she being interviewed or something she just she just be there? At, it's just she just kind of became. And I guess this is true. She's just part of the the Disney family. I. Mean you mentioned she's the. Achieved Disney legend status. she's just part of it and it just then then you know years and years later. I got I saw Princess Diaries which again is was in that little sweet spot for me were you know older teenager going into college just kind of in those those those years and that movie was geared toward me and she plays the grandmother she plays Queen Clarisse and Hathaway is Mia I love I love Princess Diaries I know there are people who are like Oh that movie so In how dare you Blah Blah Blah and I'm just like screw you I. Love It. Not Not quite as good. But but the first one is brilliant. Is makes it I mean? They're you know as far as fictional grandmothers go I've got at least two that I just adore there's Queen Clarisse and and Bady Violet, Grantham Downton. Abbey. Who is played ninety Smith. So another another a British Dame, who I just I adore. But then she also she was she voiced the Queen and Shrek. And again, she narrated enchanted, which you know is a Disney movie that kind of parodies. Most of Disney, and you know there, you have Julie, Andrews being the narrator for the beginning and the. And it's like, of course, he did of course, you got her to come do that. and. I've never seen enchanted I notice songs. I bought the songs I. It's. It's amazing. You should watch it I. Don't know if it's on Disney plus yet or not but I'm gonNA look that up. Because, you should watch it. It's so funny and it's it's you know you know how Shrek you know made fun of Disney, and it was a little mean spirited. This is Disney making fun of Disney and it's all it's all in good humor. Like I know that it's like a scene of the new musical and like new. York. City. Nukes yes. Yes. Patrick Dempsey is like why how does everybody know this song was there for their rehearsals? Sadly ought on Disney plus dead it will eventually it will. It will. It'll get there. But yes, Oh, Julie Andrews narrates part of part of it. and. Yeah Tribes, see. Being. GETS A. Ongoing upon one of my grandmother's statement movies. So she had me sent me down. We watched it in your cue. And I mean she's Being a Brit you know there's There's just things that they. Every. Britain seems to do. You, do you Shakespeare, you do Charles Dickens. Period pieces. Yeah. You do. He ate her period. Yeah. So. I don't know if she's spent surly dumb a lot of period. vs other than I. Guess Sound of music could be considered one but that's also musical. So I don't know if that how much that. Really. Counts yeah. So. And now she's just you know she's doing like. Just, voice acting. Yeah, she's down like. The track. The narrator for enchanted despicable me. Trying to plays his. She was in Aquaman I do not remember Ho. CAROLCO. I well, now it's like kind of a little bit of a Kinda tongue-in-cheek joke to get somebody as as polished in wonderful Julie Andrews to be a superhero movie oriented some other. But then you know she just goes with it and and she's Never I. Don't know maybe maybe I'm going to you know have have the rose colored glasses like dropped from my face one day, and here's story about how she treated somebody just. So abysmally on a movie but she down I doubt it. Yeah. That's. But she just seems like somebody who just you know she just. She's kind everybody. She's a great person to work with. And it's very green. Had Her on his show Oh gosh. Of course. It was several several years ago have to. Figure out what. Episode number was because him he's A. Episode Twenty seven concern. He's at episode six, hundred. That was a while ago episode seven. Yeah where he gets to interview Julie. Andrews. So Oh my gosh. Was He to talk and very He just had to like like have an out of body experiences. Yeah. Yeah I mean. I mean this this bit I mean this this one thing about poppins return to they offered to have her come do a cameo for it which you know understandable. But then she she just she declined because she didn't want to Steal Emily blunts thunder and I'm just like okay that that is that that is humility that is graciousness that is I mean she had done it nobody would have nobody would have. Nobody would have blinked twice. It would have just been. Oh, awesome. She came and she you know Kinda passing of the torch but she just decided not this is GonNa be Emily blunts movie and Wish. Her luck and I'm like you know that is class that is that is utmost class and if that doesn't If that just doesn't stay you personify Julianne Juices I don't know what does. It's Grab a meeting to the trivia she turned down her Tony Nomination does last luxuria for best actress in a musical ninety six because the rest of the cast and crew overlook consideration. Wow. Yeah, she's. She's a winner. I can we just keep Julie Andrews forever? 'cause I I want her I desire to be around. The only thing is, is shame what happened to her voice? Yeah for those that don't know. Yeah. Because she did musical's now for the longest time why she stopped. In Ninety seven. she started developing hoarseness or voice kind of like I sound right now. Actually probably worse considering she had to go under under oath surgery. Because she had. It the surgery was reportedly to remove noncancerous Joel's from her throat. but actually. The. Hoarseness was just a muscle strain. So she didn't have cancer. She didn't have Najah goals she didn't have anything but the surgery permanently damaged her vocal cords and has given her arrest in her speaking voice. They told her that she would get her singing boy. Voice back within six weeks. And that never happened So. She she can still sing, but she doesn't have the range that yeah the octave soprano before now she's now toe. Yeah. It because I remember hearing about that and then when I saw the Princess Diaries two and she saw a sudden started singing and it's like I thought she couldn't sing anymore and it does sound. Has To be lower for more operations. Yeah. Since that original ones yeah, hurt her voice does sound lower and it says here like they had to to. Adjust the the music. So it was an octave lower, but she could still saying it's just not the same. Yeah. Like you said, it's a shame that happened but she you know. She seems to be taking it in stride. Yeah. Plus her four if. I could we could sit here and Gush about. Julie. Andrews. Old. Couch. Julie Andrews. and. She. Was it. Less. Oh crap what deep she was on this last. I think it was the very beginning of the season. So you have to go back a bit but I believe she and one of her daughter's. was on Allen all this. PODCAST. rule. Because she wrote a book. And she was actually going to do a book tour before everything. Down But I do believe that. Believe that was her. On our? I know she was on a podcast I listen to her on like sometime this year but it's like honest knew a lot of podcasts and sometimes people all appear multiple if they have something to plug. So. but I do believe that. It was. The earlier in the spring. Okay. This this is amazing and I did not know this was a thing. There is a Netflix series called Julie's Green Room and Julie Andrews hosted its. It's Educational Preschool Television series, and I'm like Alex you have a new favorite show. I didn't know this I did not know that this Ab I WANNA watch I have no kids. She's got the it's Miss Julie WHO's Julie? Andrews she she's says she's director of the Wellspring Center for the Performing Arts and then there's A. Like Sesame Street muppets. are kind of her her I mean, they're they're not the sesame street muppets but it kind of in that same vein, they're sort of her sidekicks or you know. Her people that she interacts with and she there's a lot of she's had like. A bunch of different Broadway that Menzel els been there been on a Carol Burnett was was a guest on it. So. So long. I'm like, okay we're GONNA go look this up because holy cow this look this sounds amazing. I mean some of these, some of the puppeteers I recognize some of the names from sesame street yeah. I'm like, okay. I got to check this out. It was late last year November twenty fifth. So around Thanksgiving her and her daughter Emma Walden Hamilton were on Al Chaipas link in the show notes. And then she's also GonNa, be in the Bridgeton TV series whenever that finally finishes drops. Voice of one of the. Major characters and that's yeah. I'm I'm a little iffy on that one. Just because of. I'm not sure how well they're going to to bring that into live action. I am curious about it but having Julie Andrews, on their lends them a little bit lends him another point or two? Yes. You want to up your Your your street cred. Through in Dame Julie Anders. Yeah. She'll. She'll. She'll give you a little bit Give you a point or two in your famous. Oh Yep She's just. What can you say and she's still add it yeah. GOING TO BE EIGHTY FIVE HERE IN IN A. Couple of months and shoe. More power to or. Long live the queen. Renew Dame Julie Yes She played. She played a couple of Queen. So they're yes. But being a the dame. That's that's the highest honor you can get from the Queen. C equivalent of being made a a sir. For the boys. Well, that's awesome yeah. I. Think. We'll just stick with those two. Oh. Two Really. Different yet still interesting YEP Celebrities. So. Top of their field. and. If any of our listeners have anything, they WANNA say about these these two. Very accomplished individuals or any any movies or other things that they've been in that we did not talk about. You. Know. Julie Andrews. Case that list is quite long. Considering the career she's had drops in some. Feedback will read it out and if you if you have anything you want to. Say about either Julie Andrews Mark. Ruffalo yeah just let us know our email addresses five ish fan girls at dot com. You can also visit site, which is the five ish fan girls dot com and there you'll find links to all of our social media. FACEBOOK instagram. Youtube Channel. you can leave comments there will treat those feedback as well. If you don't WANNA email us that's fine we're still posting are DND adventures on? On Youtube a couple of just come out a couple recently. So we're in a dangerous don water. So enjoy you know pirates shenanigans going on I shall sail more. And We download our podcast wherever you get your podcast. Were there pretty much, and also if you want to support the show financially, we have our our Patriot his is always available we, have our Amazon affiliate store. Or Yeah that will that will help us get a little advertising back from there will still have an audible link where if you haven't signed up for audible and you want to pick out some somebody of books which going back to Julie Andrews She's also narrated audio books. So pick out go certain search for to pick out a few I. mean she wrote a book so. She's probably got it on there. and we we get a bit of a referral bonus for that. So there's a that link. Designed for audible. We have our our red bubble store where constantly adding new designs for stickers and tote bags and. mugs and things like that. So in going back to the We, totally think of those things on the line sometimes that's going on a sticker. So that, there's that and our and our Kofi Account. So all those are ways you can help support the show, and as always we appreciate and thank you for your support for listening for sending in your feedback and your comments and. We're we're just happy to know that everybody's out there listening and and enjoying what we do and and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for for. Her being there with us and hope you continue to enjoy in that. We can continue to put out high quality content like what you've just listened to right now. And it's a fun thing about names of the head. He's like you just never know names are going to come out. So who knows how the discussion is GonNa? Yes. We we may. We may sit here and struggle to talk about somebody for for a few minutes or we may just happen on one and be like and I, know that one and that one and. Louis or something new. So it's it's it's an adventure for us all. And I need to go check out this this Julie's green room because Dang. That sounds amazing. I need something else to watch. But. Oh, right well. With We shall signed this week. In Bethlehem sing the night. Tonight from Salt Lake City. This is Rachel in Annapolis Indiana. Here's hoping I don't sound like this on the next. Move. You haven't been listening to the five ish fan girls podcast. You find more episodes and information at the five ISH GIRLS DOT com. Any and all books, movies, Games, and then the other forms of media mentioned our own operated by the respective copyright holders no copyright infringement is intended or implied. If you wish to support the show. The easiest way is to leave us a rating and review more ratings and reviews will make it easier for others to find the show. If you wish to support. US. Monetarily you can do. So at Patriot, dot com slash five ish angles podcasts all money goes towards fees an equipment to keep the show. For official five, ISH fanduls merchandise visit red bubble dot com slash people slash five ish fan girls. We. 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