Think of the Children


Sports of katie. Nolan is fueled by gatorade whenever path. You take to greatness gatorade. They're there to fuel. It greatness starts with g. They did cut him a break. Tim tebow catch a path. Press passes because they're hanging in front of me. I saved them. Why why do we all save landlords. I don't know. But i have all of them and they're pretty cool. Welcome to sports is what i meant to say next. It's the podcast that end of the question. Mark start to the question. I'm katie nolan illustrious host. She's christina whoa high. I don't know why like that in the dock. And i'm ron burgundy she's christina i. He's travis on. I change it up a why did you do to change of all the things the doctor change up and you changed that up. Because the other voicemail last week was sentenced always and christina. So i wanted to allow. He actually has a resul house. Dots feels like performance. Change travis but we can get to it in that into what that is after the voice mail. Which is this is it. Here's today's question. Hi katie christina travis. This is ben living in boston. So i've kinda got a little crush on a bartender at my local watering hole. And they think there's at least a little something on her and now no katie as a woman who used to be a bartender. I'm sure you have to deal with this situation before. And my question is. Is there a way that i can give her my number or ask for hers without embarrassing her or bruni unwanted attention to her while he's trying to work or is this something that i should forget about and just be happy that i found a good bartender at a good bargain. I have a report with. thanks a lot. That'd be meet by. Ben i love you and i mean it and i want you to look at me look at me. I contact you You and i are going to make it through this. I'm going to give you some tough love here. I'm going to be honest with you. But it's because i love you and i mean it. The option b. is what you should do. You should be grateful that you have a good bartender that you have rapport with and you should. If it's like a bar in your neighborhood that you enjoy going to if if this person is very interested in you and you don't make a move but you're not you're flirting. It sounds like you guys are flirting. You stay flirty. If they really want it they'll start to drop hints. And then you can decide. It's kind of like dating a friend where you're like. I'm sacrificing something. A lot of people don't have a really good friendship for you. It's a really good bar with a bartender who at least has facial recognition of them and a moderate interest in their needs and thoughts. That's depending again on where you live because you never really know if you live in like a college town that's hard to find. Maybe it's easy for you where you're at the sounds like a pretty cool situation that you have. If you decide to take the risk. I will give you one piece of advice and that is when she is at work. Don't make it seem like you are treating it like you're on a date. Does that make sense. Don't show up at my work and sit at the bar and kind of hold me to the expectations of girlfriend slash. Hold yourself to the expectations of boyfriend before we've even breach it's like a lot of people use it as a substitute of they know where to find you. It's in a social setting can come eat a meal and it's there's no way for her to not be interested like if she wasn't interested it'd be bad service which is against her job. It's her job to give you good service so just if you are going to take the leap be conscious of keeping those two things separate your potential romantic interest in her and her duty to have to sit in there and serve you and talk to you in order for her to make a living. That's all i'll ask. There are ways to do it. You could slipper in note but you have to be very like i realize in this moment you are essentially backed into a corner. You are not physically backing her into a corner but if there is no interest from her and you and you ask to aggressively you are backing her into a corner. Because there's no way to be like Man i have to. This guy knows that. I'm gonna be here all the time. I like this job. He seems fine. You know you don't want just don't back into a corner. You both are being quiet. Am i being too harsh. No i think one thing that might be is. He's find out without making obvious if she's even single first of all we need establish a and there's more subtle ways to do it than so. You got a boyfriend yet. No one little sneaky way maybe hop on bumble and drop that mileage down to under one mile and see her profile pump. So that's not a bad idea. Look i'm telling you if the girl is interested she'll find a way i had to put the. I made sure dan new. I was single. Let's say that. I made sure he knew. I like kept bringing it up in conversation in what i thought at the time. We're subtle ways that now i'm like no i don't think i'm being subtle basically was like. Yeah well i'm i don't have anyone i have no one. How are you. i'm alone. I did. I said i'm alone out. But he's not ass in men honestly. Listen we tell you most things we are telling you most things just lists in the the problem is it's the listening also putting the two and two together and like okay. I'm was. I'm hearing what you're saying. Oh that's what she's meaning and we're not always the best that i know you're not i know but you can talk to katie's point of deciphering whether or not she's being overly nice because she is in a position of if i'm nice to you you give me tips and you pay me well and i make a living off of this. When you work in that sort of industry sometimes people are overly nice and so you need to decide whether or not you're mistaking this connection for her. Just being nice and being good at her job versus is she actually reciprocating what you might be feeling. I've been in situations where one of my guy friends did. This exact same thing asked out a local bartender. it was a bar that we frequented all the time. Our favorite place. They went on a few dates and it didn't work out. He took it really hard. Didn't go to that guy. And then it ruins ruin bar. 'cause she's not going to quit her job just because this is a bar do frequently now. It didn't work out and sent her. She could see him. he can't see back. Yeah it's you just have to take all of that into play. And i'm not saying like paralyze yourself with indecision. I'm just saying think through it. Make sure you've got the emotional. You said you're in boston right. I just i have to my instinct is saying that she that it may not be mutual. But i don't know. I'm not there and i can't tell you that all i can say is there's no harm no foul. If you're respectful immature. Yes just don't take a swing that you're later going to be like. Why'd i do that. Just be measured about it. Just be a honestly mature about it. I think i'm trying to think of the times that it 'cause i've i mean look. This is not me bragging about myself. Can i please speak honestly without having to qualify it by saying that. I know that i'm not prize. But i had guys hit on me. When i was a bartender. It's something about like. I've said this about men. If you take a guy that you would normally deem even through personality and looks and not rating people but like let's say they're seven on whatever your personal scale is in your brain and you put them behind a bar. They could get to attend it. Something about they're in control of a room. They're like watching people do their jobs if they're good at them is is attractive like watching an athlete. Play sports if that's the kind of thing you're into watching. Dan do comedy for me. I'm like man. It's been a really long time. Wanna go watch them do comedy again. Because he's good at it. And i find that attractive so watching a bartender be personable and charm. Entire bar can make them seem more attractive to you. But you don't know that person as well as it might feel like you do. Which is the point of an and it doesn't make them a liar some good at their job when you go to a bar you wanna relax and be comfortable and feel like you're with somebody that you can talk to if you want to. You don't have to talk to you don't want to. It's a delicate dance and being good at it is difficult My point was. I was trying to remember if there is anybody that had ever worked. Don't put your number on the wrist. Slid it over put a note. But you'd have to write a note it would have to be like. I don't wanna bother you about this at work but i would like see outside. Yeah you would have to make it known. That was not like a. Hey your hot number. Kind of say respectfully. Yeah and i've gotten guys that right mean things on the receipts to try to get you to call them. And you're like well that ever world i you can't negligence and go out with me why you can barely do it in person. There's no way nagging works in written form. Please don't try this again. The only time. I've ever given my number to somebody who asked is because i felt if i didn't i couldn't come up with a good way to say no or i don't know how to say no the meeting by phone and i'm like yeah i have a. I don't want them to think. I'm a big meena later. I'm like well. I'm just going to not respond. So now i'm a metoo so i'm jealous. That ben has like a local watering hole that he can go to and like report the barton. I wished i had a bar here. That like i go to like you. Walk in and the barton already knows you and travis there's one bristol's the size of your hand so there's nothing in that area but there's gotta be something somewhere around. Yeah i mean the second line of cheers that people forget is and they're always glad you came and if you if you're bartender knows your name and date them and then you guys break up our know that the bar staff is going to be glad you came so just keep that in mind. He gets it he's from boston. He knows you're breaking up with the entire bar. Not just her or him see. Can't i wish you the best band. you sound. very charming and probably d- handsome. I don't know but you i. I know the best will happen for you. I do want to like at least go for it so it doesn't think like regret it. You know what he's gonna do he's gonna write on a no listen to this. Podcast time stamp. She's going to listen to it and be like oh boy i quit my yes she quits her job. He never goes back to that bar again. There we go. Oh man. I miss it sometimes and then other times. I don't isn't that nice four of most things. What what travis. You can't at the very end of everything. Say the odds of everything we just laid out. I'm not saying just make it awkward everything but find enough information of. She's i find out if she's single. People don't ask a cocktail server. If she's single she's just gonna gossip about you over the french fries in the but if you you're friends with somebody else there then maybe they can somehow. Oh that's in second grade. My friend wants to know if your friend is single or my friend over there things. You're cute no do you wanna date me. Yes no circle one. I think that. Listen as george strait check. Yes or no work. I mean then. I know i just told you to listen. But don't listen to travis. Listen listen to. George strait check yes or no to sign. He just did that thing. Where you referenced. Something respected so that. I can attack your take but it's not your you're checking the and now take well. That's the ben. Thank you for calling. And i hope this is an well or don't ask i mean both are fine. Let us know either way. Yeah let us know. I guess Chavez listens to these now so he will actually be looking for an update from you. Ben if you have a question or somebody who works interests called. You can always leave us. Voicemail hits eight six zero five or six five five seven one. Hi going on back on thursday. It's wednesday for us but we've been recording it on thursday and then putting them out on friday and then now it's so it's going to people who are listening to this. It's on thursday. Now what how are you. How are things. i'm good. how are you fine. fine amari. good your eye. Makeup looks different today. isn't i just have mascara and nothing else. Maybe that's why that's it mascara has stopped working for me. It straightens my eyelashes now. I don't know what's up with my body chemistry. But i will curl them. They'll be curled. I'll put mascara on and they'll go straight. It's annoying especially because everybody and their mother has eyelash extensions now. And i've i haven't put on a fake eyelash in i've warned fake eyelashes once. I miss him. I've never know how to put them on once i put them on. I don't either but when somebody puts them on for me they look so much better on television than just your regular human eyelashes. The one thing that the one like makeup you go ahead traffic through vs you've got this. The eyelash like clamp thing. I don't understand how anybody that uses. Those lake used it enough time the first few times scary. You feel like you're time you get a speech from whatever person taught you to use it and they're like okay now if this hertz say something but you wanna push it right and then it becomes muscle memory. Then you're just like a at those curled. I love how though this is a sign of just like when we do this podcast. We're just throwing on raynham close. It's like the slightest little makeup or something of someone a haircut inside. Oh you look really nice. If i put on even just like tinted moisturizer travis's like you don't look awful today. You saw the other day. Well today it was. I had to add tv. I overslept today. Woke up to dambiyn. Like hey you know it's ten o'clock and certainly not as i am still sleeping. I thought you sleep like eleven. I usually do but when highly questionable on it films at noon. I have to find out what we're talking about. Figure out what my dumb ass is going to say on a show with two smarties Find out what's funny about it and then get myself looking. Not even i'm not even fully. I still slack off get missile freddie. I need to get my haircut you guys. I think i've said it enough now that i think next week it's going to be cut. It's just at the point. Now where i it's so long you can tell. It's not a person who hasn't gotten a haircut. A person who is like not trying not to get their haircut like yeah like now you accidentally off my head. Yeah look like a twelve year old. It's like your parents aren't taking good care of you. Go get your haircut. So i have to do that And i will. What else. So i got on facebook today. Okay for now. They're yeah we're friendly banter. We already answered the second. we say. Hello there used to be a cage door that would slide open or closed. But that's all right. Tmp got it was. It's the first back for school for my brother's kids And so you've got the photos And the oldest one is a freshman in high school. And i'm not doing well. Why because it makes me feel old see when you put seventh grade and fourth grade freshman. I thought you a freshman in college and two of my little cousins iced. I still call them little because in my mind they are still children. They're both entering high or college. You're still child but they watch. I'm what twelve year old zina still feels like. That's still feels like. I'm so much older. I'm twelve years older right now tv privileges for you this week academy macaroni tonight. But they They're entering college this week. Both moving into dorm rooms. And i feel very old. Yeah i don't have any nephews or nieces yet and boy am i grateful for that but at some point. I'm also going to be begging my brother to hurry up and give the family and niece or nephew because then my mom will stop. That's that's a fun day. Gave them myrtle. Hey you got one. I've travis if i could tell you how many times i've used that argument like we've got myrtle. My mom really does love myrtle. But i watching old home. Movies control that rhythmic gymnastics stuff. I saw so many clips of like my mom with me as a baby and man. My mom's great with a baby. Oh i don't recognize that in me but she is so good at taking care of a baby which might explain a few things about me and my baby and then for some reason okay. My niece the school that she's in they don't go to school. It doesn't start till nine. Isn't that what it always was. I don't go for the stomach. Was once i get to middle. School is seven thirty five. I was i. Maybe it was very early like six. Am was always weird or because it was older the the it was later it was earlier. The older uganda and every study of like adolescent sleep patterns. Is that like you need it. More and children naturally wake up earlier anyway. So it yeah. So it's it's backwards. But i'm sure there's a reason that makes sense like work and stuff like dropping kids. I don't know either way waking up early for school man. there wasn't. I probably made it to homeroom four times in high school. So i never had an issue in this two shows the sports news that i was i wake up at six. Am go downstairs and watch sports center and get dressed like during the commercial breaks and then leave at seven. Yeah i feel like. That's all my memories of sportscenter are from getting ready for school in the morning. I've told the story before about how my brother ran down the stairs. Because my dad was like cavs top ten's on and my brother ran down the stairs and slipped and fell and cracked his skull on all my god and i was getting ready for school in. This is back when my mom cut my hair to be. You know really short and so getting ready meant that my mom had to blow dry. It had to blow dry it into this cloth. Otherwise i just had this. I just looked like a beetle. Not the not the bug. The singer and so i. I didn't know how to do it but my mom did. And so. I remember. And i remember this hating myself for it as i was doing it but my brother was being carted off to the hospital. And i was like. Who's going to do my like i do you understand. I get leased relentlessly for this every day. When it's done perfectly. I go to school like this. I'm gonna get laughed out of the building. I understand kevin might be in pain but you gave me. You signed up for this life lady. You said my hair was going to be like this and when you said that when you made that decision you signed yourself up for life where yes doing. Your daughter's hair has to take precedent because she's already getting made fun of relentlessly as it is. That's why you should have went and fell down the stairs and culture scoping you. It's probably why. I threw myself down the stairs when i hurt my ankle because they seem to take by this exactly they by injuries so play by this i would have been late for school every morning but by the time i was able to drive myself i was a senior in high school by parents. Got me my first car We just had nowhere to park. We had plenty of parking but my sister. She's three years younger than me. So she was a freshman at the time. So i By the time. I was able to driving could have somebody else in the car. So i would drive my sister to school with me every morning. We are the exact opposite. She needs to be there twenty minutes early. She's a straight a. Student like five point. Oh she's like super super smart. I didn't really take that approach. And so on the way to school she would be like. We have to go faster to get there. We're gonna be late. Oh my god like why. Why are you going so slow. Why are you dilly-dallying. So one morning. I remember because it says because why i don't wanna be so 'cause i'm dreading walking in new orleans perfectly explains how much how little i cared. And how much she cared were on the way to school. I hit a bump. And i got a flat tire and i have it. I know that. I'm driving on a flat tire and so i asked my sister said hey. Can you poke your head out the window and see if the front tires flat. Because i don't know what i'm going to be able to do about this. And she was like no we have. I'm gonna miss homeroom like we've gotta get there. Okay fine so we're like right at the bottom of my schools driveway. I make it up to the top but just barely. I don't even have time to turn the car off and ask my sister for help. She's already out the car running to like through the front doors of the school so she's not leaving for home room not leave for home room. Meanwhile i'm like don't worry i've got the flat to hire. I guess so. I like i. I walked inside and was like hey. Can someone help me with this flat tire. I wasn't even park my car in my parking spot. Because i couldn't get it in there and they were like. Yeah we're going to. I watched so much the story. All i can hear is that stupid gecko going somebody you you send my parking spot. We designated part. Did you actually have a reserve only because we did. The school was so small. I graduated with like ninety something people so we might go. That many parking like we didn't need that much parking to begin with anyway. So oh my god the our school the freshman or underclassmen if you could drive had to park in the bag and the seniors and juniors rod in the front yeah. I didn't have a very big. I remember renting spot from a person who lived next to the school. Parking in their these people would just sell spots in their driveway. that's unreal. yeah. I mean i went to a big high school. We used to be a north and south. And then by the time i went there. We weren't anymore. So wow big school but what. We're talking about being afraid. Let you know what happened to me yesterday. Okay let's hear it so. I oh my god i just read it. How little little. As i don't know how old but i would say under five for sure. Okay story so. I care so little about my appearance when i go out in public i like do for you the listeners who can't see i wear these same red sweatpants that i have on right now these right there. Same with me but minor blah. I wear these same rental adidas. Like i dunno old sweatpants that i've had for god knows how long i wear like rip shirts mismatched. Fuzzy socks slippers. I don't care. I don't care about you hate it. Why do you hate it. I hate when people were different socks. You need to wear the matching socks. Don't wear yellow crane saugus. Naturally i don't match my t shirts to my sweatpants. I don't care. I'm going to the girl restore am just there to get my stuff and get out. So yeah i. I was wearing these sweat pads. I had on like my boyfriend's baggy t. shirt and slippers. My hair's a mess. I have no makeup on. I get in the elevator for my apartment building it. I'm on the third floor. So we stop on the second and a mom and two of her children get in baby and had to abandon a child between one and four one five. It was walking and talking so okay. I'm standing in there and i could already tell that the mom and the daughter. The kid had been arguing about something because she's pouting and mom is saying you know it'll be fine. You're fine we get out and we're walking through the lobby. And i hear the little girl go but she's wearing her. Pj's in public. Oh my god. I was a great point. That kids going to be a lawyer. So i turned around and her mom something to say. H my face. The ari and i went. Oh my slippers. Because then indeed i am wearing my. Pj's public yes. She's not wrong wrong. But you should be apologizing to the mall. you should have turned around and been like. Oh sorry about when you guys saw me. Come and you're like that's not going to help my argument. Grown lady dressed in her pajamas. After we just thought. I was offended and i was like no no. I am not offended. Because i give that little girl credit. She saw what she wanted. Which is what. I was wearing said. Mom look at that. Why can't i be that. I would have gotten grounded for talking back. But i'm making valid point. This woman is wearing pyjamas. she's a grown woman and she's wearing her. Pj's in public. Why can't i at first. When i saw this on the rundown i had one take. I now a different taking the take tickets. You still in your apartment building that does not public. You can go. That's a hard to count. That's not out in public. You can walking into the parking lot area like we were going out into the public area. Yeah but had you. If you were at the grocery store in this could set it up like all right. Yeah no i understand. I mean might have a point like you're still even still. It doesn't look. Let me tell you what hurts is when it comes out of nowhere and it's for middle school aged middle groups of middle. They terrified if you can avoid walking past them. Please do because. I remember fourth of july a couple years ago i was like china height myself up to go out. I really didn't want to. And i was in hoboken and i'd have to go all by myself into the city to meet people who had been drinking all day so i'd give myself like a monk. Eighty go do this. And so i made myself. I got all cute. Golic festively cute. Did my make up. My hair was curled. But i was like take a shot be confident and i walked out of my house to get my uber and like four or five middle schoolers on bikes road and one kid laughed really loud and then another kid goes your solo and and i just stopped in the middle of the street and was like why. Turn around and go home. I wasn't but you but you have to remember that. That's the evolution of children. You get to an age. We find out that your words means stuff and but you don't realize that you shouldn't just constantly have an effect on people that are you don't know it was. It stayed with me. It hurt a watts. It hurt even more that it was. It was probably the exact same group of kids. Who made fun of me. When i was their age but then i just was like go. Get drunk and i did do that. This wasn't like do what i do. This is learn from my mistakes. But man yeah. If i had a little kid. I was in my. Pj's i would laugh. Because i've been through now that i've been through. Yeah that's rough. When i got my first backseat shot. I got it in my car. So i assumed second dose team derna. What up that. I was going to get the shot in my car again. So i was wearing some sweat. Shorts and a tee shirt wasn't looking like a scrub but it definitely wasn't interested in public. Yeah and the second shot. You had to go inside. That didn't appreciate the lack of a heads up. Should have put on a little card. Thank you let them know no. I didn't At least middle schoolers around to say you were ugly. World is different post cove it and we're not even post yet but like i used to. At the beginning. I would be putting on jeans every time. I still try to put on jeans. Every time i go to the dog. The dog park which is now why. When i put genes on myrtle goes nuts. I'm like i got normalized genes in this house. Because she just thinks it means he gets to go play with other dogs. I used to put them on when i walked her. And then. I got to a point where i'm like. Okay if anyone has something to say about me doing a lap of around my apartment in sweatpants adidas slides than they can call me. They can take it up with me. I just i care so little about like. I've always worn what i wanted. I haven't like. I have such different style of clothing than like my sister and my mom. Some of my best friends i just. I don't care what if. I'm comfortable my first and foremost if i'm comfortable that i don't care as long as i like what i'm wearing. I start developing personal style. That can evolve. Because i don't have it whenever i have to go to a red-carpet i'm like your guess is as good as mine i. I don't know what kind of say your fashion is. I'm like i don't know. I don't dressing up for things i'm very. I'll tell you if it looks good on me. But i'm not yet but there are things like i'll look at myself at an outfit that i'm like no this looks dumb on me and the person who's helping me is like no way this and if they're convincing enough and i wear years later i'll see the picture of me in that outfit and i'll be like that outfit is so cool but at the time i'm i'm so behind so that to me proves that i genuinely just needs somebody who knows what they're doing in that department to tell me what to do. I don't have personal style. I just like to be covered up. And i don't know good looking cute enough where i struggle is summertime where you want to go out but look nice like i have lots of like t shirts and i can just throw on a pair of shorts but like if i like go on a date or something summertime and i don't have here like shorts like it's that's where i struggle is the summertime nice clothing ads my like wintertime thrown jeans and a plaid button up of some kind and i'm good to go but it's the summertime. Where stroke on your feet so a lot of times. It's just like the slip on bands or that's like all where those with jeans and shorts but then in the wintertime. sometimes if it's wintertime cold. I have a couple of cole haan sneakers at all wear. Oh second or third. I am a big fan of cole. Haan boy i didn't know i also have like a borderline obsession with fun. Dress socks in the. That's easy. He adds up. I of like fifty years away session. I think yeah that's fun. We'd like that's for weddings and stuff. That's not fair. no you could wear like jeans. Invite up when i go into work. That's fine. What a fun thing travis. With the socks. I just said today on highly questionable that i don't know how to wear socks. I understand that they're in now like showing your socks Every time i do it. I look Like a mistake doesn't look like i did it on purpose. Kids nowadays is like the thing they were in their nike's or whatever like the socks are like showing. That's saying you're supposed to share your socks now. it looks. I put putting looks cool on them it looks. I don't think it does. Because i'm so like i'm stuck to what we did. I don't think it's cool even though the masses think it's like i remember having a make my own ankle socks back then. They didn't have no show sock. Yeah i it is. I wear socks over when it's only when i'm wearing leggings. Though do i wear socks. Travis hates this. Don't get worked up into a lather to pull them up over my leggings but in any other situation unless i'm wearing like tall boots to where they're gonna like rubbing against my ankle or something. I don't like my socks showing what's up with me. Oh i don't know. I feel like i've done nothing since we talked last because it was really only two days ago while it really. What about four days ago. You went saw pablo exactly. I finished in treatment. It's done i came around on that other remember. I told you there was a new therapist in the new season. And that i wasn't sure yet i came around on it. She's great. it's an incredible sees. No oh my god you remember because i definitely citizens sweetest thing. I assume you guys tune out. When i do this. Yeah it's a really good show. And i really recommend that if you like good writing and if you don't then don't watch reality shows no i don't like good writing i know but it's like like reality shows for that reason i don't know reality shows though you're not watching them and paying attention to every single word they say. Are you zone out. Sometimes you think about yourself think about other things this show you have to like. Turn your brain off and focus on someone else's problems which for me feels like a vacation along those same lines Have you ever gone back and re watched like. Let's say a season of tv. Show that you really liked and there are episodes. You completely you ask me right now. What happened in stranger. Things season one which i watched and loved. I have no idea. Because i felt like i love the show. I was so invested. I watched it while it was happening. And i do this with entourage all the time. I'll go back and it's one of those shows right. Well that's a very much is watch you. I'm just saying meant you'd all. The problems are resolved by the end of the episode. There's a cool cameo some hot woman that's unattainable becomes the new it girl and then it's very much a show that you don't have to focus on everything they're saying kind of show but there are episode like i watched this religiously and binged watched it and paid attention to it and then i'll go back. I'm like wait. When did this happen. Who is that That happens all the time. Isn't that i've just feel like this weird. It is but it. It's also like how much stuff is in here. Our brains that we like need to make room for. And i used to always yell at myself because i remembered the lyrics to every song but i can't remember like my dad's birthday. Yeah or like the now just studied twenty minutes ago for an exam and so now when i'm a when i'm like forgetting a tv show instead of seeing it as like man. Why do i forget. I'm like oh hey thanks brain for doing the thing. I wish you did with song lyrics which is forget them and make room for other stuff. Yeah file those anytime it. Did your parents ever like if you messed up on a test or something like you can remember. These song lurks became. Remember these questions use that as you're like oh you remember those pointless things and you can't remember when it comes time to take a test mike. Yeah but i bet you know justin timberlake birthday. That's mom sounds like when she's yelling at me she talks like still my parents bertha. It's like why have facebook still I honestly haven't been on facebook in. I haven't been on facebook as myself in many years. I for birthdays. Unless yeah i if i have a notification that usually tells me like hey so and so's birthday is today that i'll check it but i i'm so bad with like wishing people happy birthday and other. That sounds bad. But i am so bad with remembering to tell people happy birthday. I've even see on facebook like. Hey it's your friend. Taylor's birthday and then i don't. I don't go wish her. I just didn't want to have to deal with the friend. Requests and deciding who to say who gets to just a very weird thing. Request is still pending. That's a different quests. I mean my my profile pictures still from garbage time. I haven't changed it. It's either read idea. What mine is. Because i haven't had. I never like. I always saw people like accepting friendly work with and that makes sense to me on its face and then the other half musical. Then what is the keeping me separate from public me. It was just like a. I don't want to have to do this dance every time so i just didn't keep checking i don't maybe that's why daniel snyder hasn't accepted my request. Because i don't go on. My facebook doesn't go on. He hasn't he does he. Wants to keep it separated. I'd like to think because katie doesn't go on her facebook that that's why he has an except i don't know what i'm choking on but it is unpleasant. Don't die please. what else have i done in the last few days read. I'm reading another book but it's not like a cool book. It's like a book. They referenced a lot on treatment. That was like i'll read that. But it's like an old psychology book and so while there are some truths that still ring true. There's a lotta like old ways of thinking in it like there's this whole part about how any no woman would get her nipple pierce if everything was about. Her childhood was good and it was like well. What is this. Wait a second making valid points. Two seconds those paragraph about. What are we doing here. It's just you could see all the shame that still involved in those things back then boy the world. We're all trying to figure it out. Have been since the donna time. Ain't it something anything else now. No okay well. That was bantering friend. Louis which is really what the whole podcast is. Now just kidding. We have a lot of things in the podcast today. Some of which travis what what are some of which an update on megan and her status playing on the united states national team record spoke on last time. I don't know can't really t's a mistake. You made last week. Tim tibo oh we have to. I knew he was. He's our lebron. Mlb getting a little Interesting talk to say it. It's we're going to look. That's a minefield that topic. When you said we're gonna talk on the gas. I was like. I've kind of backed myself into a corner here because some of the step well hold it christina because when you see it don't don't pick on it you sorry for yelling It's okay we'll get to it. What else an update on the taunting rule and Nfl you roll your eyes. No one sees that. I but i also went which i think part of it. Yeah anyway continue throat role. I can compare myself to jamal adams. We'll find out why. Okay i mean how coming up. I bet i bet you nothing in common with yet but i'll bet you. That's not a tease. You do that all the time. You gotta give the part of it that makes it. It's okay we'll get better. It's just a broadcasts but before we get to all that stuff that we're going to get better at as we go. Today's podcast that you love so much brought to you by simply safe. So travis dare. I ask how you'd like me to talk about simplisafe in honor of the read it in honor of meeting stole it from Yeah i'm giving them credit. Well all read. It didn't come up with one idea. 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Because if you can't take care of your own body the least you can do is take care of the bodies of those you love when you agreed mr rock hold. I looked at your didn't know your name. I looked at your file. I think at least can do that. I will set the security. So then when i go to the bar for my one social drink that there's you wearing a mask. Yep that's simplisafe dot com slash nolan. These are hard because they get sent to simply safe and sometimes when they're like hey a guy who hates person. Then you're like well. I have to also sell the products. And sometimes they get mad but we'll see we'll see we'll see. Tell me about the news. okay what how. Oh it's tim. Tim has been released by the jaguars they cut him like. First thing tuesday morning even they didn't wait considered even away. Which i guess actually is better because you don't want to go through practice and then get cut but why say you're gonna do it at four. No that's just the deadline. So maybe they're maybe there's like two players where you're like. They did cut him a break. Tim tebow can't catch a break. Just not a pass. This fall tim attempt to return to the. Nfl's a tight end after years of playing quarterback is will end also. Baseball is over the jacksonville. Jaguars released the two thousand and seven heisman. Trophy winner tuesday as part of the first round of roster cuts tibo posted a message on twitter shortly after he was released in which he thanked the jaguars for giving them a chance quote thankful for the highs and even the lows the opportunities and the setbacks tibo wrote. I've never wanted to make decisions out of fear of failure. And i'm grateful for the chance to have pursued a dream thank you to the jaguars organization and everyone who has supported me in this journey and we know that god works all things together for good romans. Eight twenty eight okay. Well by after he got cut. It's like let's just bash him. Tibo like all right travis. I'm starting to notice that it's starting to your very sensitive when people say anything. Negative about tim tibo. It was a point that i tripped over last week. Trying to make to you. But i'm curious to know why it is. You think tim t-boz getting picked on. While i know why but i just don't get like why would somebody trying something. Why would you want to put that. Put him down for and basha so he tried to give football one last shot at a different position the way the world works people. Put down in bash. Anybody who does anything. That's i think in. The funny thing is is growing up. I was not attempt fan mostly because he played for florida beat ohio state status freshman year so irrationally just didn't like him but now i'm like i think i'm president of fan club. I'm not sure. I think so too. I think everybody agrees you are the president of his fan club and look i've met him. He's very nice. He was very nice as far as our personal interaction went which they didn't run very deep but he'd seemed very kind. I was a little uncomfortable by the worship for him that i've witnessed from other people. It people like reaching out to touch him in like asking him for their blessing and not. That's not me. Judging religion i grew up in a religious house. Not you know a strict religious house but we grew up catholic. It just felt very. I dunno that he decided to come out of retirement very randomly just to play tight on. I thought it was funny. I never thought it was going to go very far. What's that a lot of. People wanted him to try to be tight end back when he insisted he was a quarterback and he refused to do it and then he came back and did it and people were like. Yeah you should not years ago. I think that's why the one thing that bothered me was the whole. He stealing a spot. Can we be clear that more than one thing bothering you do. This whole thing has upset you from day. One anything short of tim tebow being named the starting tight end was a slight. No i was okay. I didn't think he was gonna make the roster. But i was okay with people you stealing a spike. He's if he made the roster he wouldn't be stealing spot and people wouldn't be saying that i don't think but if he if he was actually good then i wouldn't have enough to play that position. I think a lot of people wanted him to not get cut so then they could go. Oh urban meyer. Keeping tim tebow which maybe they would have. But then guess who's in control of the narrative. Then tim tebow good enough to make it to the football team. Go just be good enough to fee on the sh shut me. Basically people are always gonna say something always you just have to be like well. Are these people right. Are they wrong. And i think on this one. There's a lot of people who called it and then it happened and then now they're like people love to say told you so and that's what's happening now but it's it'll go away in a few weeks anyway. Yeah if he stops trying to play sports. If there's another sport that he's dreamt of gopher give it a try you know what i think. I think that it's just like a beer league. Ab- you could be owning a beer league somewhere you could be. The best people could clamoring to play with you in a pickup game of whatever. You wanna play. Tim tebow but instead you just go do that. Just go be the biggest fish. Yeah i think that it's unfortunate. That drives your dreams. Travis driver and make gymnastics to your to do. Wait travis. i am not what point the the point that he made about how people were basically making fun of an athlete. Who wanted to try something. I'm not making fun of the fact that a guy wanted to come out of retirement and try it because he's not a bad ashley. I just thought it was silly that why why now why i it was. Just why y and he's he clearly showed he wasn't good enough. So katie whenever a shot somewhere so to have more. You wanna say. I'm done urban. Meyer said we knew that was an uphill battle for tim. Players loved him. Locker room loved him but it was the right thing. it's like. Yeah all right. He's a great guy. He just had a good tight ahead. Sure sure and i don't see the everybody's just got chill on him a little. I'll get over it. I don't think you will. But i will talking about it again next week. What because there's going to be like games and stuff so yeah okay. What else happened So do you remember the whole taunting the point of emphasis on it. So giants owner. John mara is one of the people that is on the competition committee and he came out and said that they were We get kind of sick and tired of talking. That goes on from time to time on the field. We try to balance the sportsmanship with allowing the players to have fun. There's always a fine line there but none of us like to see that. It's just a question of whether you can have rules that can be enforced and without taking the fun out of the game too but nobody wants to see a player taunting another player. I know i certainly don't and to your point you always say who's we the competition the first time he said. It's yeah so i did a little. The competition committee includes Rich mckay owner of the falcons. John mayer owner of the giant stephen jones jerry's son who's also president mark murphy. The packers as some of the bears than mike. Tomlin john. elway sean payton. And ron rivera mike. Maybe the competition committee should have a couple players on that allowed. They would never say that allowed you that i mean it's the nfl you make up your own rules right. You allow anything. They're not going to allow that. Then ron rivera came out and was like you know a speaking afford also in His big thing is we. Don't need the pop warner and pee wee football kids seeing this That's always the buddy children. Because i'm marching in their culture. It's it's it exists a lot of it. The funny thing is that the one that they're they keep talking about is the one in the super bowl when what's his face. Antoine winfield yes. When winfield did to tyree kale hill what tyreek hill had done to him and he gave him the peace sign which is just a peace sign awesome and they said that that was the thing that made them like. Yeah we got to get this out of our game and like look when we talk about sports and other countries or it's sports in other situations and some of the words being used in taunting. That's a different conversation. I think think that most of us would agree that we don't want football players to be using racial slurs and derogatory words to talk to each other on the field that being said flipping a guy a peace sign because he did it to you. Earlier in the season on the biggest stage in the sport is not something that would make me think we needed more rules. And it's just weird that these owners who are billionaires. I think are all of them. Billy can you just safely. Say that or do i have to say these owners who have lots of money and control spend it trying to force respect like not taunting if you really wanted to get that mentality out of the game would take a lot of other behind the scenes. Smaller moves than just making a rule. That's like you're not to. It's weird that somebody so competitive because in order to get that much money you do have to be pretty competitive in this capitalist society. We live in the In bo made a great point that these some of these guys are second generation. Money that don't have the same understanding of it as the people who earned it before them but you have to have some sense of enjoying competition and like you know taking taunting is just being like take that well. So i when i was reading this what i think is funny as you're telling a bunch of grown men who to your point they have to love competition that's how they got to the highest level of competition in this sport They should see the way. I play drinking games with a bunch of my friends. And how like competitive and aggressive. I can get and then tell a bunch of grown men who worked there but off for an entire game that if you make a great play can't say anything to the other players there hell yeah exactly bodies on the lives. That'd be like hey don't be proud of yourself when you finally get that guy back competition and i think that if as long as it. I'll say what my boyfriend told me. One of the first times we played drinking games and we opposite teams. And i got a little too competitive. He said There's a way to talk smack and then there's a way to not and You just got to be respectful as long as it's all in good fun is safe. Fun in air quotes competition like. You're not being disrespectful. You're not using racial slurs or derogatory terms. If it's all within good clean fun of competition why do we care. I know they're unrelated. It just frustrates me. When it's like owners want them want to tell players that they have to not taunt because of the kids. They want to be respectful because of the kids. But then there's like make tickets cheaper so you can go to the game. Yes that but also. It's all hypocrisy because it's like what about when there's an issue with a player off the field that fans would like you to address exactly and they're like no it's fine he's fine. I think you shouldn't out part your games. Yeah kids see that. So it's like don't tell me it's odd that they're choosing known as the prime example of how to set the example for kids when there are so many other aspects so we could be looking at where it's like. Hey also ella wellheads playing pee wee football barely. Any of them are anymore. Aren't they isn't like pee. Wee football just. Oh i don't know about that but can we. Before he finished this topic. I want to dive quickly. Into what drinking game do you really get route up. The most pristine i need. We need to get more into this Well i was playing. While i was playing flip cup the last time that i got really aggressive but pretty much any drinking game. I love competition. I love playing sports. And now. Because i am a washed up athlete i choose to choose to play drinking games so because i know why washed so i therefore i could no longer participate in the competition of the sports. I grew up playing. I now turn to drinking games and those drinking games are of the many variety. I can play beer pong flip cup cornhole with a drink in my hand. That's a drinking so and are you a sore loser to then No ashley really i. I don't think so. I think that it depends if the opponent is being a sore winner like rubbing it in my face. Then i'm gonna get mad like why just as the winner you don't like as well i was. I'm a respectful winner. But i'm not i'm not gonna rub it in your face but if you rub it in my face that i'm going to be a sore loser i just wanted to say on the record. I feel taunted by nfl owners. All the time. So i loud anymore. I'd like to throw a flag on the play. yeah. I'd like to stop being personally victimized by the nfl owners. Thank you yes. You're making the referees already. Have a heart of job as it is now. If the police have someone was taunting or not it will also what constitutes a taunton. Can they say like. I don't know like can they after a plane like. Yeah i did it. Is that taunting or like what spin the ball. That's ever happened so i don't think they've ever had on the anyone's ever said yeah. I did it. I signal i down. I don't know. I don't know i this feel so stupid. It's so dumb. There's plenty of other things that they should emphasize that should be their points of emphasis before this. But okay then you put some players on competition committee or at least a former a former player to it's former player. I think is a lot more likely that an active player they'll never have an active player By the way winfield junior was fined for the peace sign host for peace side. Come on for the peace out that had been done to him. But i just trying to spread peace. No fun league. That's for sure. What else travis. So now onto. Jamal adams in how i feel. I can compare myself to him. Okay you're at how with. I've been waiting with baited breath so it took five months negotiations thirty million dollars and guarantees and a piece of mother motherly advice for jamal adams to get his deal. Done michelle adams had helped push the deal through Jamal adams said she said my full name. When my mother says my full name i think i need to pay attention that you can relate to my will. My mom was always travis. Abram and then when i was like feeling cocky than i'd go rot cold the end and then i'd iran. She used full name like first middle and last name she would know she would just say i i and middle on me. And when she she dropped the when she is the middle name with it. That's when i was like. Oh we must stop I do that to myself. I don't think. I don't know if my mom ever did it to me but whenever i do something really dumb i go catherine bethnal and oh but i don't know if i do that because my mom did or if it's just because it's a thing that people's moms do. I don't think my mom used it very often with me. I think if anything it was just like. I would make like stupid mistakes like accidentally backed the car up into the mailbox when i first got my driver's license and instead of and who has the trash no me to those little things. Mike online spied so start a on the stone. My mom never say christina elizabeth. It was always my dad going. Jesus christ chris data so there is a difference when my dad said that i was like so shout moms and dads but wait how the whole story he didn't finish the actual story so she texted him a paragraph and told me that you don't have to prove anything to anybody you did enough. We're happy as long as my family's happy and i'm happy. I can come and do what i love to do. That's all that matters to me travis. Cut the story off to get to the part where he gets to jamal adams who surprise. Let's the better part is says you though says you paragraph He got his bag. Yeah that's really. The takeaway is good for jamal. Pagan paid the deal. A volley of seventy two million over four years twenty million signing bonus which includes thirty eight million guaranteed so all of you who tuned in to find out the specifics of a contract. Because you know that's what we bring to you here on sports there. Those are courtesy of travelers sports here. Nobody says that more news in a second but today's podcast is also brought to sponsor. So travis tell me how you want me to the people about sponsor and your gatorade add voice. Gatorade dell's there are many paths to greatness. How you get there is up to you. Sometimes you got grinded out to get up early and put in the work even when you're not feeling one hundred one hundred one then it hundred p. Sometimes it takes take staying focused on a goal knowing where you want to be in that you'll have to pour everything in to get their other types. You just need to dig deep. Show some guts to be brave and never let anything stand in the way of what you can accomplish. Then there are the days you just have to get in the gym and see some gains put in all the reps and get stronger each day. But whatever path you take to greatness. Gatorade is there to help fuel. The journey because greatness starts with j all right what else. Poor josh rosen man. How many teams has josh rosen bandwidth. Since he was drafted. the fish. This was his fourth house loved. He was he was drafted it the tenth overall pick in two thousand eighteen. He went from what the cards to the dolphins dolphins right to. He's in the bucks practice squad to the bucks parts. Now with the forty niners. I when josh rosen was first drafted he was the one who In his post getting Not right when he walked off stage his post. Getting drafted interview was basically like every team. That drafted before me made a big mistake. Not picking may because he felt like he should have been drafted like top three I i like to that. And i like i wish the best for him and it's just what i'm so sad for him. He's got like. I truly fell. When he went to the dolphins i felt like he just wasn't getting the shot he deserved. Because i felt like he's an actual good quarterback but now at every time he goes to a different team. I see things like he wasn't performing or obviously underperforming and practice and this and that so is he just not good. I think i'm wrong. I think he's not good. Let's hope he gets drafted by the cardinals. The cardinal is ethically bad the fire the coach after one year would just fall. It was the situation he was dealt. And then they take color murray. So i'm like oh a fair shake and then it's like yeah then. He went to the dolphins and the draft. One time one team. It's like maybe not fair shake on a bad team. Maybe there's a change of scenery and then it's like the dolphins but then the dolphins drafted to and they want him to play. Not i just feel bad for him due to. How do we go back to not feeling like most sports stories. Now that before. I'd be like oh you can make a joke about this now. I'm just like oh right. Okay because i thought he let's see what a signing bonus music you're gonna move all around the united states. I don't i feel all the places that he went. You had eleven million dollars signing bonus drafted makes me feel a little better. Yeah i mean on the bright side. You seen a lot of the country so nice place arizona arizona emmy tampa tampa. You're listening. tampa is nice place. It's probably not the worst miami. You like miami better than middleware connecticut. Yeah i mean. I've lived in ohio indiana now. That's why i'm saying. What about you screams miami to me. You're allowed to like what you like. You don't have to just like the stuff other people say is i love the sunshine in the water. Yeah there's a lot of other stuff too well. I love georgia georgia and florida. What in the world does that have to do with says who you don't to ever been there. Shorts and florida are like jelly. It might be the capital. I don't know that seems like something we need to explore is florida the capital. I feel like california has a lot of Feel like the mid. West has a lot of george to They're all different genres of george shorts capital the world Gainesville florida see one thing here. He just googled it. And now we're going to say that because some website that won't exist tomorrow said that they were the torch capital of the world. You are this listen. Confirmation and florida love their. I can george. Yeah but florida is another. It's another place down there. It's like some little country. Okay fine. I fight with you. Take my word on this. That's how i end literally. Every argument. I just don't want to here. Yeah just you're right. You're right and i'm wrong. Curated shorts okay. What else So a man that was working for Pj tour stole thousands of tickets. For the uso ben and sold bomb and profited more than a million dollars in apparently the fbi was the one that like informed the pga about this. What so he sold. He sold three point. Four million dollars worth of stolen tickets so a former employee of professional golf's governing bodies still thousands of highly coveted tickets to one of the sports for mayor. Events sold them year after year and pocketed profit of more than one million federal employees said. Prosecutors accused robert fryer the former assistant director in the us golf association us the taking office of conspiring with two eastern pennsylvania ticket resale companies to provide twenty three thousand passes to use men's open between two thousand and thirteen thousand nineteen. That is are there total. Damn that's a lot i get. If like each year a couple disappeared. Sure they allegedly paid him one point one. Five million for his efforts in resold tickets for combined profit of one point seven million. They did not. Prosecutors did not identify either of the implicated ticket resale businesses in announcing the charges but the acting. Us attorney accused fryer of exploiting both fans and his position at the us. I mean that's a fair accusation being levied in his direction. Dang i just wanna know how how does the. Us not learned of the theft when contacted by federal authorities. Over months ago they've taken steps since to implement a new ticketing platform. I mean that is like he got away with that for a long time From twenty thirteen north of three thousand tickets a year man point four million dollars worth of stolen tickets. That's the charges of conspiracy as well as wire and mail fraud conviction on the most serious In federal prison for up to twenty something tells me I mean what a what a crime. What a weird and specific alleged crime if it like you. Do you think that he does this in other walks of life or do you think that this this gulf thing was his whole rack of this was it because he worked for the us right. That's right that's right but if you're going to do it gosh i i think you need to play like all right. We're gonna be on the criminal side for a second here if you're gonna do it alleged to be you need to play a long game and only steel like you can't seal twenty-three can't still three thousand tickets. I mean yes you can and you know what says that. He ran the seven years that he did it. He did it for sure. But i feel like i it. It doesn't seem like he would have been caught earlier. Had he done. It's like i think he kind of nailed it. He might have gotten greedy. It's like maybe if once you get away with that many tickets in the first year maybe you should go down every year. But i don't know that's i don't know why it's weird now. The titles don't really mean anything because associate director right. That was his title. Yes sounds to me or assistant director. Oh i said high up enough but it feels like nowadays. That could be the entry level position like i don't actually know what the assistant director does. The assistant director of the ticketing office associate gets slapped on so many. I know sodas assistant assistant can mean nothing can mean little. It can mean like that means. They're younger but it can also mean like no they're actually pretty high up there second-in-command. It's very confusing the way we title things now. I'm wondering if it's easier in golf. Because i don't know if they like. Have the exact amount of tickets every year because there's no seats each year. This guy even got into golf. You wonder if he got into golf in the first place because he was like what sport can i rise through the ranks of just. He'll all themselves. What if the whole thing was a long con- pro more. Is it more of a breaking bad. Whereas the situation of his life dictated that he was going to end a four and a what trabzonspor love breaking. Just dumb of you for not having seen its you. Your whole personality is like you love breaking saw. Good it's all good you your life will be better after having watched breaking that. That's not even a recommendation for every person out there. That's specifically for travis. Okay so after. Friday night lights. I will then insert breaking bad okay. That's smart but i don't know when i'll get to it so usually bend on the weekends and we've got something coming up okay. I bet if you tried one breaking bad you would. But i heard is breaking by the one where you need to watch like five or six episodes like. You can't give up early. I wouldn't have given up early. I don't think when they process a new show or a show that you should watch with okay but you have to get through the first few episodes or you have to give it to you before you get no not now going into thinking the first few episodes suck. Don't don't listen to say. Should i date this guy. Well get attached and then you won't break up with them but are they the guy to date or is it just going to be an unhealthy relationship. Really really rare. Six months are gonna suck but seventy million break his. I think breaking bad was right away interesting. I don't i don't understand mad. Men was slower but breaking. I believe breaking bad was right away interest. People say that about breaking bad where they say like the first couple of episodes or super. Slow don't go into it thinking that i loved right away. He the thing happen. So i don't think from what i remember. I trust stop watching it. Don't hold it against me if you don't like it take back your time. I won't be offended. i don't watch it. We might not be friends. Seems like you're gonna love to go once you're going to nonstop say i'm the one who knocks just feel like as soon as you get what christina you can't katie just said if you don't like stop and like we had been good and then you throw in that we can't be friends and now i have all personally christine on. I are two different people in this is a good time to remember that he or she draws a different line. Draw different line. We don't always draw the same line most times. We do draw parallels you know. Most of them are parallel. Sometimes but that's just called wisdom exactly christina agrees with me. Because i'm right. You know not because she doesn't agree with. Ucs girth driver. You're never right. what else. Oh speaking of your number right. What's the say i. I correct myself on previously on sports. I got megan pinot and super confused. Then also thought they were married. They aren't married so few corrections that we had to make on mondays. Couple huge correct that in most in most human lives a would be the only big events you have retirement and marriage and you assign them so and you were wrong so just a minor redaction but but i own the mistakes. Yeah was wrong. We're trying to make you go. But megan piano has been asked about our future shows. Actually on spain fitz on. Espn radio and she's such as not yet. Okay so that need to take some time to think about it. She said did she go on to say. And i really wish. Travis rock hold would shut his mouth and nuts in. Keep my name out his mouth. I really wish would on there like i'm thinking about it. I'm actually not retired Cato text me thinking that. I was because her producer said i was and actually i'm not. I'm not yeah that'd been great one. You would've loved if she had said like the lame stream media keeps reporting that. I've retired in. What she meant was you. I would have to pop out to you. You made my day not retired meghan piano for now. Yeah the conversation is always anguished in your mind or people. Don't think about it. But i've been thinking about it. She does i i can. I have you not rooting for that. Please okay but if she does you had it first. Everybody likes that if that were how it works. Then you could just tweet right now. That betty white unfortunately passed away. You can't be the first that had it. You have to wait till it happens when it comes to like retiring death at at some point everyone is going to retire at some point. Everyone's going to die. You can't just throw it out not make any sweeping accusations. I don't intend to die. So but for katie and other fans. I hope that she does it and i hope that i've remained wrong. Okay yeah thanks travis. Katie and other fans noticed how he's separated us from anyone who doesn't meghan regina fan. I discovery everyone but me. Yeah okay we've arrived at the worst possible topic to discuss and again like i said. How did this podcast famously. Not objectify athletes christina. I'll let you know when to watch. I don't watch it Travis let me ask. You is the link that you put in here. The one that i said i had the one that was like. Oh that's well that's something or is it the first one. It's the the first one. Oh i guess major league baseball has been using talk the way people use to talk. But it's just i guess alarming because it's major league baseball and it's they're kind of using memes and talk. I don't know i guess. Memes is like trends yes to sexualize their athletes can watch this first one okay. But it's the second one that got me to the first one. I got me So what it. Tell us what you saw lethal why i need. You need you to talk. Now what is bad why it is. It's just a bunch of players with the with the the voice in the background in. It's it's just so bad just a bunch of players the heart is and they're just. They're saying that they're all hot. They're all hot cup. Like you have a cupcake cupcake. Cut case yeah. So it's it's it's it's shohei ohtani for the first like you have a cupcake me describing tectonics welcome to katie. Describe as a picture of rare junior. When i like you of a cupcake and then the last part that it says is back my but like jerome. I'm unemployed okay. Then okay now christina let me send you the other one. Okay not not worse. I wouldn't say worse. I would say that that first one. I was it that one is worse. I guess and double down sure. This was like oh But it also was. I don't know. I don't want to say this. But this one is objectively sexier. I'm not trying to say it. I'm the production of this. One is sexier this when you could say. I don't know works better. I'm trying to copy the tweet christina. I'm just very flustered. Gimme one second all the time. You need jimmy senate tour. I'm putting it in the app right now right in the dock. No way see your face though. Travis you saw it no no i mean i know. Can you describe it. Please just so is this so it's not a it's the music where it's like Put your head on my shoulder. Cozy like it the beat drops and he's now first of all is this fernando. He's walking slowly towards the camera. Just throwing the ball up and down and it's a very nice at first and then all guy drank cute. And then he the beat drops in he gets real gets a red room and you just see his like outline de the trend for those who don't know the trend and so now he's sexy dancing in the red light Here's the thing about tick doctrines. Sometimes they weren't and so sometimes that one let me say this. Can i say this it resonated. Can i say that that one resonated with me is that a safe am. I allowed to have my own without do you can. I say that. I am the target audience of that post. We should add so he had been out with an injury and he returned. And so this really really leaned into fernando's back and we are going to put out some tape. Talks to promote him being that bat was it a bad strategy. How they could say that. I just wanna know who who in the like. I have imagined that the people that run the tape accounts. Nobody talks to them. Whatever and they are like on an island during like emma. My interaction with jesus. These classes are falling off my face. My interaction with people who have to do social media for a big entity is that usually. I mean very hard working. But they're not in. This isn't true of every organization. But they're not always able to just walk up to an athlete or person and be like. Hey bud i need this thing now. A lotta times the relationship is like can we get this real quick for social. And what i think i like. What major league. Baseball's doing and i'm not even entirely sure that i like it other than liking it as a consumer kind of in this way. But i'm trying to dance around It seems like the players are in on it. And i hope i mean i hope so kind of one but the first the first one with the cupcakes and the drums. Well that was just very legal. Players have no idea about that. Like they're just like slow mo like it's an ice oh of just them so it's like a video video that they have they have fernando danced for He didn't day how well let me say. Let's not talk any more about what it doesn't moves around. Just go on. But we don't know if you made that video four with that song intended yet you think. So why else would they say. Hey can you flip your hair back and run your hands through it like you just got like you're in wild things. Yeah i mean clearly Well i don't know. Maybe it's the cynic in me that's like man. They've been sexualizing. Female athletes since jump. So i don't. It's tough out behind upset. As long as they're look consent is important as long as this is something that you're player also wants to do. Then i say go an weird yet. That i was a little weirder. Because like you said it's stock footage and then they're basically putting emojis on it and i think it's a lot funnier if the real story is that major league baseball had no idea. This had any that that they were all just like. What do you mean. it's a tick talk like that's doing did you. Listen to what the sound set. Rob manfred like tic talk. What is that yeah. I don't think to. Yes or no does rob manfred. We're talking. i'm going to say business wise. Yes my halted a tic tac this weekend. So that's i mean she wasn't wrong i mean she was. She's by asking you for tic tac. She said she very clearly said. Oh what what telling needed hack. And i said oh it. It's talk but you're so cute. So i you know if they don't know what do you think is on. What do you think is on. Rob manfred for you. Page actually. I don't wanna know the cupcakes drums. All right. don't sexualize athletes list. I want to be a. But if i say yes unless they want to be fernandez he wanted to be sexual in this clip. So i can know if i like this clip or not but for the record. We did not sexualize them. No no no no no no no no and any sexualization. You think you might have heard. That's you projecting i am. I am not still watching this clip at all. So that's you that's doing that. Maybe take a cold hard. Look at yourself in the mirror. Okay be the change you want to see in the world. Maybe a cold shower. Maybe a cold shower. Maybe maybe take the rest of the day off a lot of things you could take. But play voicemail travis unless i'm connecticut and the announcement of carbon retiring that my question is if you can see one athlete come out of retirement and then do a new different sport. What athlete would you wanna see. Which sport would you wanna see them do. And why it by Well the easy answer will. One of the casino is soccer. Carli lloyd football. We've already seen that. She can kicked field goals. Is that your answer. Travis was something tells me you might be pandering. I've got more okay Tim tibo handball. I mean he needs to stop trying. Though is what we've been getting hat a question about come. You need a player to come out of retirement and you're going to say tim tebow when he quote unquote retired. I don't even know if that's official like a day ago. Pick somebody that you miss all right my turn. I'm gonna go big papi david ortiz. I want him to play. I play something fine. Like cornhole or something like nothing. That's 'cause i know physically. He can't he can't run. You can't do anything we can't. It's why he retired. Tiptoed a whole sexualization of rodman to be a boxer who i would like dennis rodman to be a boxer interesting. You know what. I hate about questions like this i. It's exactly why. And every. It's exactly why i'm just not a test taker. And a like insert trivia. I just blank. It's like when you ask the question. You could ask me this in any other setting. And i might be able to come up with fifty people but then right now because it's important. I can't think of anybody what you'd have to do. Relax your mind and think it. But for me i run through all of the sports that exist and all of the retired players. I'm trying to do too on at once. And i can't find him both at the same time you need to trust yourself. You know the answer. Because i used to be that way where it was like. Oh no no. They need me to answer. You just have to be like answer. But this is because it's two categories. Calvin johnson okay. It'd be interesting. sure sure how. 'bout how 'bout can pay. But right now is i just want to build robinson. No box horse racing the that so go get five. Could be. Watch that yeah. That's a cheating answers. Tony romo in golf okay. I feel like he. That is just like it's gonna here isn't he. Basically already there Pga tour though peyton manning competitive grilling that would be survey fun to watch grill. I don't think anyone would be that good of on the grill. I don't think he's that good seeing like a master bartlett guy like a dan. Yeah but see. I see him as the basic like what are we gonna have in all yeahs burgers and dogs. Yeah probably everybody manning. i don't see the smoker I didn't see you lie. Manning being a really good fisher a good. I don't need any more of him. he can stay retired. I'm good with eli manning. Disrespect solid begs though Trying to think there's got to be a good one out there Dwayne wade dwayne wade poker in the long jump. Oh maybe vince carter. I'm just thinking of people that can sell vince. Carter for the high jump long dumb idea for a sketch that never turned into anything. So i'll just blow it here. But if we ever got vince carter. I wanted to do like an interstitial where it's just him at a restaurant ordering chicken fingers and then when he orders dipping sauces. The like waiters can't control them so they're like again dunkin every time he goes to a restaurant there like a dunking. It dunk the amazing. It's stupid so like for my favorite players growing up so maybe it's a blast to watch of course anyway. That answers your question. Emma them down. I mean i feel like we let everybody down ben. We really actually now. Ben i feel like i was to meaning ben's going to be i feel like we been perfectly we gave them. We presented all information domain. The top of the dock. Because i forgot what the first question was out about gender one. Yeah yeah yeah to date bar. We gave him great advice. Okay well that's it for this week's edition of sports. Every time we do two now. I at the end of the second one. I'm like oh. That's the end of the stuff i like doing this week in. I gotta wait till monday to do this again. To simply safe and gatorade don't miss abbey's places. It's a new. Espn plus series soccer. Extra is retired again. Abbey's places only her name started with a p. Like the guy who. The show was originally named for abby. Takes you around the country. The hard soccer history. They should call it. Abbey's arrangement abbey's arrangement no he's alleyways atlas abby takes you around the country to the hardest soccer history and its cultural impact abbey's places now streaming only on espn plus a big. Thanks guys for listening now and then a second time later on a different streaming service just to was fine. I liked our monday podcast this week. I wasn't here for this podcast this week to today. I wasn't good so go. Listen to the other one. I feel like performance review. So i was gonna ask you. How did i do today. Hey good i you know. I after monday's podcast when ransom extra laps and watch some film reflection. I was tuesday. I was really nervous. Like i turn my phone airplane mode for whilst she's going gonna call. It just won't ring. I didn't want you to call and cut me. And so as a little nervous there for a while. But i didn't call but it wasn't because i wasn't supposed to cut you but now that we're here you made it. You made the cut for now but then we have another instead. Slow called in a favor. I'm okay with that. Oh no now you understand giving up his place. Would've sacrifice myself attempted though i bet you would have an honestly. You're not alone. Unfortunately that's what scares me or you could leave view wherever you're listening to this podcast. Which travis reads he loves them so much like this one from mr unlimited junior guide. Remember one russell. Wilson was doing that is. He's still doing it. It is the worst bit unlimited. Oh god i want to punch myself in the face just saying this is one of the best pods about sports. Ranked somewhere between one and twenty. Allegedly i see a lot of people in sports media. Tweeting out where they are on the sports podcast charts. And i'm like god. Imagine checking because i don't wanna not. I think this person. I've read it as whenever we're talking. Numbers were always like a plus or minus. Show moving onto a dental. If you got the joe. I got the you didn't know if i got the joke. She created the show. I got it. Oh no i think travis might actually created that one by accident. Either not agreeing with christina. While floyd i just find it funny i was standing up for you. The cultural dynamics podcast are all off. I gotta get out of here. I gotta get back in bed. Lastly don't forget that you can always leave us a voicemail that will fight about at eight six. Oh five oh six. Five seven one. Say goodbye christina by figure by travis love you and boy do i need it.

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