Golden Knights trade deadline bonanza!


Golden podcast dispenser by Estienne Sports From Station Casinos. Sdn sports the only sports betting APP. You need this season. Sign up today and get a new sign up bonus of up to fifty dollars. What IS UP HOCKEY FANS? This is the golden edge. Podcast coming at you the podcast. Where the Las Vegas Review Journal Talks? About Hockey and boy. Do we have a lot to talk about today for a week but Yeah Boring Week Perfect time for me to have to leave the state of Nevada for a couple of days and while I was gone everything happened. There's so much we have to dissect As a quick mentioned yeah trade deadline was Monday. Were recording this on Wednesday morning and we have to talk about all the moves. The nights made both on Monday. And then of course in the preceding days because they were active leading up to the trade deadline to this is going to be a really fun. Show so make sure you you know like subscribe whatever you do on your podcast platforms to us on. Itunes stitcher spotify excetera. Make sure to check out all our trade deadline coverage at review journal Dot Com because we had a quite a lot of it over the last couple of days when also WANNA remind guys. That Eagle Niche podcast is sponsored by Sti Sports Mobile From Station Casinos in today we are presented by untuckit. So we think those companies for their support Gentlemen I'm here with of course Adam Hill and Dave. Shane my great colleagues at the Review Journal. Have Your head stopped spinning from everything that happened on Monday? I'm looking at Dave. I feel like no. I think he's drowning skittles right now. Just kind of figuring things out Also did you run out of podcast platforms to talk about or did you just decide to stop? I just decided to stop. We have so much hockey to get to. I wanted to get to the hockey. As quick as preferred I referred to rehash all of your podcast platform run down. That was impressive. I was I was enjoying that. And then you just cut it off so there's running on adrenaline like Davis. You know I feel bad for Nick Holden. Moment he gets a two year contract and it just gets buried three fair. I wrote about him today. Show like I think we we still. We still doesn't give us a moment though you know nick. Holden doesn't want a moment. I if anybody wants a moment other than like Nate Schmidt in that locker room yeah secretly. It's probably Nicole and you know what I think you're I think you're right. It's the public persona of Nicole than is just kind of quiet business and that's not what is in reality. He's a fun Goofy Guy. One of my favorites Road traditions when you're covering the Golden Knights on the road is that you're waiting for the locker room to open. You can talk to players in the locker room and nick hold them. We'll just walk out to get his pre-game stretching teams but hey guys no sorry not available. You know interviews. Today guys have swamped too busy good. He's a very. He's very personable guy but he doesn't really show that he just UCF. As I think publicly to see him as like family guy and he's got the four kids Just kind of goes about his business but then if you talk to players like behind the scenes hilarious and he's rewarded. I thought it was very telling in announcing the contract extension again Nicole and two years he was gonna be a free agent at the end of the season gets a two year extension for less money than he's making now but he decided he wanted to be around here and when you they announced the extension it's of course you know it's what he doesn't ic- he's a solid player He just kind of fills his role. But what are they talking about? Good Dude everybody likes him even on the road. He's in the visiting team's locker rooms because everyone around the league dislikes him he just such a a good guy so I think it was pretty telling that that's kind of how they announce it of like. Hey this is a guy that we want and when I talked to him yesterday About resigning he was like. Yeah maybe I could have made more money if went to free agency. I don't know it could have been good could have been bad but I just love it here. I WANNA be here. My kids love it here so I thought that was pretty telling. I did a terrible job asking the question because I was trying to be polite and I didn't. I didn't know how to phrase it without kind of insulting him. But you know it's a two year contract and you know Nick Holden's thirty two right now. I think it'll be thirty four like you never know if he's going to be your seventh defenceman. That's kind of what I was getting with with everything with that question when I asked killing the criminal about it but my point with it was when you have a guy who might or is a seventh defenceman at certain point. You can't have somebody that's in there complaining about playing time going to their agency and I wanNA trade rocking the boat and all that Nick Holden is going to be the furthest thing from the if if that happens and again I don't want to just project that and say where because he's played really well you know he's going to be on the third night against the oilers they bumped. Alec MARTINEZ UP. But he's kind of that utility guy he's if if it turns into he's your extra guy. You want something like Nick Holden there. I see that as just you know with the highest compliment. Yeah totally and I think that's something that Brad Hunt gave them for a while. Brad Hunt Kinda needed. That's just his own job. Security were Brad. Hunt was pending free agent. He's like well. I gotTA play. 'cause I WANNA stay in the NHL and he stayed in the NHL with Minnesota. But I think that's kind of what the nights are going for here. An affable dude is great in the locker room who can provide some depth than the Blue Line. We will get back to Nick Holden. Probably and how as Dave mentioned that contract might affect the nights future but I think we gave him do off the top here Let's dive into other things. Yeah the bigger headline deals that the knights made on Monday at the trade deadline. The Knights of course had previously The last time Dave and I got together to record sent to second round picks to the Los Angeles Kings for Alec Martinez who has decided to just go off offensively after being not an offensive guy for the entire career and I'm sure he will eventually kind of go back to his career norms but he is certainly looking like a find pickup so far then over the weekend they send cody Eakin to his hometown. Winnipeg jets in exchange for a Fourth Round. Pick that can become a third round pick if the jets make the playoffs or resign. Ekin Ekin to Winnipeg for cap space. Yes they essentially cap space which they then used in part to acquire two players on Monday. Nixon's was kind of bottom six. You Know Filler guy from the Montreal Canadians kind of took a one year deal with Comedians. To resurrect his career because he was waived by. I believe it was the coyotes who didn't want him back signed a one-year one million-dollar with Canadians was having a is having a career year in terms of points per game. Which is still only. He's got twenty two points and I believe fifty six game so now is going to give you a ton of offense but kind of a bottom six grinder and that was in exchange for a twenty twenty one fourth round. Pick what we allowed to say on this podcast really quick. We are would like do. We have sensors we because Alec Martinez gave the like the best quote about Nick causing center. Yourself Yeah so we call them a bleep disturb over which I think is just like the best description of a you know a bottom six just past that you can never have enough of in the playoffs like I am all about having guys like that on your team I you know I know I can't say the word. I'm sure everybody can figure it out. There's an Emoji that you know little kids probably like to to you know do on the phones but anyway what? I thought you know I just thought it was the best description probably of of nick cousins and what people can expect of him no bothers you yes he does. Yeah agitate yeah good word. Good good as bleep to stern out here the PG way to phrase it so that was a move that got announced basically after the deadline it was three PM eastern time you have to basically have your trade queued up with the League in order for it to go through so a lot of trades can still be kind of broken news wise after the deadline. because teams are just on hold waiting for the NHL to make them officials so that was one and then before the deadline the obviously biggest talker there were spend a lot of time talking about and kind of debating as that the knights acquired goaltender Robin Lehner from the Chicago. Blackhawks in exchange for Malcolm Sudan a second round. Pick and prospect Slava Damon. They also got the Toronto Maple leafs involved in the deal. They sent them a fifth round. Pick so that the maple leafs who have a couple of players on L. T. I. R. Will take up some lanes remaining salary this year. Because layer is a pending unrestricted free agent. So the nights get some cap relief. They add leaner had not a huge hit to their books but now they have just absolutely fascinating goalie situation. I mean we could talk a lot. About how Malcolm Zubin who is now. The Chicago Blackhawks was not getting it done for them in net and Kelly mckernan made that very clear in his post deadline comments. We can talk about hallmark. Laundry flurry has not been necessarily at his best this year though he's certainly been better lately. Now all of a sudden you add a guy who was a Vezina trophy finalist last year to your room. Which by the way Marc Andre? Fleury has never been a veteran a finalist. There's obviously the angle of Robin. Lehner is a fascinating human. Being who has a wealth of interesting things to say powerful things to say He was one of the clear highlights for me at the NFL award. Show last year in Las Vegas. Leave this up to you. Start with you David. Where do you WANNA start? With the fact that the Golden Knights have acquired Roman Lane Robin Lehner. And what kind of jumps out to you about that transaction. I felt like you needed a fire extinguisher. Walking out of there because he just absolutely roasted Malcolm soon you know and I know it's a harsh business and I'm sure climate crime and probably would go back and say some things differently. Maybe I don't know you know. But he was very candid and honest that they did not have confidence that Malcolm Soobee and can win in the playoffs. They basically couldn't wait for him to develop into the heir-apparent. Marc Andre Fleury any longer. They need to win right now. And they didn't feel like if something happened to Marc Andre Fleury. Whether that be he continues to kind of being consistent like we talked about the end of last year right or if something like again we saw last year that he gets hurt and they have to go to Sudan. You know in the playoffs. You see all the time teams get down. Change a goalie looking for a spark something. Dif- whatever it might be Marc. Andre Fleury knows that firsthand from Pittsburgh I mean. There was a point in the two thousand sixteen playoffs against Tampa Bay. I believe where he came in relieved not Murray and then got the start the next game. I don't think he wanted but played pretty well. Actually and Mary regain the starting creased up winning that series they won the Stanley Cup. But it happens all the timing. You need to have faith that the the guy that you're going to go to or could go to can get it done and can carry. You can get on a hot streak. They just didn't feel like Malcolm Sudan can do that and to me. It says they feel like they have a team up front on defense. You know that. They're eighteen skaters. They feel. I can win a Stanley Cup as long as they get quality goaltending and they just didn't feel like Malcolm Sudan was in there that that was going to be the case and they didn't want to risk it. That was my big takeaway too. Is That you look at the Knights Roster and I guess we should mention how well they're playing right now. I mean this is a team. That's kind of lit the world on fire this previous homestand and then an a brief swing on the road in Anaheim but yeah I think it was his Kelly mccrum looking Malcolm Soobhan and saying you will not blow this for us. We have spent especially the past two years assembling a top notch. Roster that is playing kind of top notch right now in terms of you trade for Max Patch ready and Mark Stone. You Resign William Carlson to a pretty team friendly deal. You add pulse. Tasmania now you've added Alec Martinez previously that Group. They've gotten rid of cody. You took a flyer on Chandler Stevenson. It's really worked out like you got a ton of guys playing really really well like now right now. Shaffi door is obviously a big headline item in that group as well and so that they were not gonNa let knock him soon. Be The reason that this team didn't go far. If like Dave said something happened to Marc Andre Fleury now that being said it still is kind of a luxury by in terms of like I mentioned earlier. Robin Lehner is a rental. The nights as we're recording today. Maybe I'll pay yes. His contract runs out Yorkshire and the nights as recording. Today have eighteen games remaining. They play tonight against the Edmonton oilers. So while the average rental player was going to give you eighteen games of production Robin Lehner is going to give you what we think. Nine maybe at most. If you literally literally split the starts between him and Marc Andre Fleury's that makes it interesting but he's certainly a guy that you want to have in your back pocket too. You can certainly understand that logic. Statham what were your thoughts on the medial clear. Clearly it was a Hey. We cannot as everything they've said we cannot go into the playoffs in this is from the Golden Knights respective worrying that if something happened in my country. Flu Season's over like Dick. They cannot with the way that they built this roster. You can't have that That chance but I think it does go further into some sort of question about where Marc Andre Fleury is. I mean if you look on paper. Certainly his last five games. He's been much much better in the defense of implied much better in front of him in giving that opportunity. But you know we talk so much about the analytics of the skaters five on five. And how how? Well they've been and they haven't. The record hasn't quite matched up to how they played. The analytics have not been good this year so as as well as they played out front. Think there's some question of where is he wears his game. Is he going to be able to carry this team all the way through? I know that they wanted to make sure they had the trust in the backup in order to give flurry some. Rasta missionaries fresh for the playoffs. And all those other things. But I don't think right now. They're going into the saying well Leonard Tobacco. I think. It's let's see who plays well down the stretch. And who are starters in the playoffs? I do think there's a question in their mind. Who their best goalies right now? Yeah I think that's fair to bring up that it's not just a matter of if something happens to Marc Andre Fleury meaning he pulls a muscle and gets hurt or something. It's what if he continues to. Let's say underperform and you want a spark in a series. You get down to warn you down to nothing or something you know. I mean like I wrote brain. Hope he wasn't starter. The beginning of the postseason when the capitals went on their Stanley Cup run it was filled. Gruber and they've gotten a to nothing whole against Columbus now it's not that Hopi rescued him or anything like that. But you know you go to a different goal. You happens all the time and maybe make a change in you which are trying to do is find the guy who is the hot hand and you ride them and that ends up being Robin Lehner. If that ends up being Marc Andre Fleury. I don't think anybody really cares short term if they're lifting the Stanley Cup. Who's I still think the fans do? But the Golden Knights sorry to tell people the Organization cares zero about what you think and they just want their names on the cup and it doesn't matter who's in the blue paint at that point they'll figure it out later. That's the other thing I think with. All this is just you know it speaks to. Where's the long term with Marc Andre? Fleury clearly they've they've kind of reset as far as okay. What's the what's the succession plan? And who's GONNA take over? Because they were very you know they were very open about Malcolm Suzanne. That they felt like could be your would be a number one would be the guy that eventually takes over and you know like. I said earlier they just they just couldn't wait on that. I if they're listening to the Stanley Cup in June They'll gladly have to figure out where they're going to get a backup goalie point It's the same with pizza. I mean they they said okay. We feel like we need to make a change to you. Know to give us the best chance to win this season. It seems to have worked to jump. Start the team a little bit. The way that they've played. Sarli these last five. Six Games has been on a different level where they do look like a championship contender where they didn't for much of the season the they show that they are. They're willing to make any decision. They have to to put this team in the best position to win. And I think if you play these last say say. The plan is nine and nine these last eighteen years. I don't know what the plan is. They've talked about it. They did say Marc Andre Fleury starts tonight. This is Wednesday gives a couple extra days to kind of get familiar acclimatize. I think the word and potentially play against Buffalo. Yeah on Friday. Obviously one of his former teams may be a little psyched up for that. You know but it's it's possible to go ninety nine and split them right down the middle and that was something they certainly weren't doing with Su man It gives flurries and rest. And it also gives it's an audition for WHO's GonNa who if you asked right now who the game. One starter is in the playoffs. I think it's because they're familiar with AMIS here but that could certainly be different in a month. It's fluid that sets the word. It's a fluid situation situation absolutely. It was not going to be you know as we've talked about a fluid situation with Malcolm Sudan. It seemed very telling. And we've talked about this when it happened but pibor basically said when he took over and I asked him in Minnesota like. What's your kind of goalie rotation plan you said there isn't one the best guy starts every night and I think we all had our eyebrows raised that statement and said that's a really odd thing to say. When you're starters a thirty five year old goaltender will. The nights probably felt that way too and said Yeah. It's not a rotation because we don't think Malcolm Suzanne IS GOING TO BE. Our Guy Did win his last restarts now. They were cut two of them. Were kind of wild six five game right. He had to get bailed out a little bit. Basically and you know to to those games. The defense wasn't tremendous in front of him. But you know it's not like they could not win when he was in that but I think I if if you're looking at him saying is he going to be a guy that goes out and gives us a shutout or only allowed one goal and gives us a chance to win. We're not our best. They didn't have that faith and I think a lot of that was also you know they weren't confident enough to play him enough to get into a rhythm because we saw when he played more. He wasn't a rhythm but they didn't they never got that confidence level to where. Hey we can give them more and more starts. Get him that ability to be confident. I do think that they believe he can still be a very good goaltender one day. But they're they're they don't have time to wait on that they don't have time to develop them right now and so move on and I think he showed tom-tom again an unbelievable talent to make some unbelievable save some great plays in that kind of taunted you a little bit because there was the inconsistencies and there were times off of quick change turnovers faceoffs where he just didn't seem locked in and ready as much as he would. If they're the fee had a little bit of time to have to try to make save he would do it but there were times where he wasn't complete focus and I. I don't know that he that. They had the confidence that he was. He was showing the ability to be ready like tomorrow. It was more a year from now two years now and they were. They weren't gonNA wait. Yeah I think that's kind of you summed up career where it's kind of just been summed up by inconsistency in this kind of chicken or the egg scenario where you can always be like. Willy doesn't look great but are they not putting him in the best situations to succeed and also teammates don't appear to be playing well in front of him but also much of that. He's just not covering up for some of the poor team defense that the nights are playing whereas more country flurry does cover that up a little bit and gives them one or two bailout saves a game that you kind of need at the NHL Level. It'll co elkem. Does Chicago Blackhawks. I mean that feels like a as you kind of mentioned anime team. That's a slightly better fit for him in terms of they're not trying to win it all now. They traded quite a few players The past couple days with obviously lehner being one of them they also traded their defenseman Gustafsen. Who's a really good offensive player? Someone that we speculated where the Knights might be interested in he has a lot of defensive deficiencies though and ultimately was moved At the deadline. But that might be a spot for Malcolm to kind of have some growing pains down the stretch here But he is going to have to play really well because he's once again a free agent at the end of this off season. He's a restricted free agent. He's kind of playing for his career at this point and so interesting. See where that goes. Can I jump in? This is no no sorry I the only reason I want I mean. I WanNa be a little bit devil's advocate here in kind of be the negative Nancy about it and not to be too harsh but you know what you're talking about and part of part of this is Malcolm Superman didn't earn those starts like with his performance and and yeah we can talk about the situation and the guys in front of like that game on Sunday in Anaheim that was Malcolm Sudan's entire career in a microcosm he made a handful of like unbelievable saves and then it's five three and you figure you know okay. You got three minutes to just get it over the finish line here no big deal and then it just ends up being a white knuckle ride because he gives up a rebound gives up a goal and then you can just see like everybody. Everybody has doubt at that point of whether it's GonNa stay for every shot becomes. Hold your breath and you can't have that DHL level. It's just the one thing like you talked about Ben whether it's covering up for it or what. That's the difference. That's the difference between you. Know guys who start out as backups. And the thing is is yet stinks and it's a hard job and you never get putting good situations. You're always getting the signature of back to back and you know all these other different situations that are favorable but you know what almost every back of goes to that situation and the good ones are the ones that elevate and still put up numbers and still figure out a way to get on a run. Get on a hot streak and earn those starts basically it never just. It never quite happened that way with Malcolm. Subbiah nut in consistency. You know like you said it's a tantalizing you see the saves you know you see the lateral movement you see the explosiveness an and all that sort of stuff and then you just see the other times where at the end of the game you go. Well you still give four goals. He still give it five goals. You know four of the last five games. He gave up four goals or more. I think he's three and or something like that was like you know. He had the good he has now. He's getting the run support all of a sudden always the thing with him. He never got the run support. Well now he's getting it now. It's basically kind of masking the fact that you know in the last three minutes. He's got to lean. You're basically you know on a roller coaster ride hanging on for dear life with them and it's not the way that you want to be going into the last twenty games of a season when you're fighting in the division and going into a postseason where you feel like there's a path potentially there for you to make a run. Yeah the night's have decided to of course get off that roller coaster ride. They are now in the Marc Andre Fleury and Robin Lehner Business and as we mentioned it's GonNa be fascinating to see how that business develops throughout the rest of the regular season and the postseason. We're GONNA talk about some other moves. 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Tuck. It is the way to go visit. Untuckit DOT COM and use code blue for twenty percent off at checkout. That's U. N. T. U. C. K. I. T. Dot Com Promo Code blue for twenty percent off all right. Let's quick hit on some of the other business moves. The night's have made recently. We talked about cousins already. I WanNa Kinda get into the swap for lack of a better word. They made their they sent out. Cody you can. They gave him to the Winnipeg jets. Who you know. They're kind of in the move where they're just on the outside of the playoff picture. They're not a very good team and kind of they've done a soft by this deadline. Any ICAN and then defensemen Dylan Danilo just enough to probably make their roster and fans. Happy that they did something but not enough to actually give out significant capital and then the nights brought back in cousins which should kind of help them remake their bottom six in their thir- line specifically. I think one key thing that this allows the team to do is to move Kanter Stevenson potentially to center David. I of course had him on our special podcast. A couple episodes ago he has to check that out and he mentioned that he likes playing center a little bit better. He has certainly performed at center a little bit better so that opens up a spot for him with Alex. Tuck on long term injured reserve currently but expected to come back by the end of the regular season that gives Nick Wa some regular playing time in the NHL Right now so it certainly gives them a new third line and a new thing to kind of play with their which is something that they've kind of needed all season because you know most third-line combinations season involved cody Eakin and Alex Talk. And they were not working. Dave Yeah I mean I think there's a little element of maybe the Brad Hunt stuff at work here too. With cody can going back to Winnipeg. Certainly he serves a purpose. Winnipeg needed somebody down the middle. The you know. Kinda strengthen the bottom six and and do a lot of the things that he was doing here but Kalama crimen kind of talked about the emergence like you said one challenge Stevenson. You know at center but also Nick Law and they just feel deeper down the middle once. They're all healthy and they felt. I think like you know the CODA iguanas basically expendable at that point. If they had to move somebody he's almost making four million dollars. You can clear a lot of room and you still feel good about your center spot. You know if I'm if I'M GONNA play manager like yeah. I'm doing that. Move to so I think from that standpoint. I don't want to say it's a no brainer but it makes a lot of sense you know cody can go somewhere where. He's going to have a chance to resign. I mean certainly you know twenty two goals last year but he's going to have to walk into negotiating the summer off what's been kind of a sub par season who knows where you know. The market's going to be for him and things like that. You know going back to Winnipeg. Maybe he's able to impress your last one games. Maybe they get to the playoffs. Maybe the nights see them in the first round. I mean also right. Now it's kind of lined up that way right. Gordie wants to go to Winnipeg. That would be fascinating. See how this kind of new look. Third-line performs released as long as Alex. Talk still and lt are. Nick will play first game for Golden Knights. Tonight as we're recording this. He just arrived in Las Vegas. He had some visa issues that delayed his arrival other quick moves. You want to get to like I mentioned about the top Alec Martinez actually looked really good for the first three games. He's been with the nights he is now been moved up to the second pair with Shea Theodore Atom. I know you got a chance to talk to him a little bit today. Just kind of wears your sense of where his head's at now? Kind of being a little bit more acclimated to this team into Las Vegas for the first thing. You mentioned the fact that he's kind of had an offense of outburst in these few few games here with the Nice. I think that a lot of that is just kind of being freed. He was with the king's his whole career. But you know these have not been great certainly for the Kings in this year in particular. Just Kinda you know just kind of existing on a team that where he's won championships and now he's in the same place. But you know the team is not what it has been in the past and it. Just kinda languishing there. I think he's just excited to be away from there But right now he's looking around saying I've been here five days and I'm not the new guy anymore. Like this is Kinda cool. He said some of the guys are like hey kind of ask him for advice on how to you know going into the teams went into the city. Like be a part of it and he's like I can help you. I guess but these other guys are going to be much better than me. I've only been here five days. But he does. He is look around now like right now. I'm not the only new guy in here. There's some other guys that are kind of joining in being a part of this as well. I I you know he seems you know thrilled to be back in a cup race in in in the playoff picture and now he's going to have the chance to play wish theodore tonight and we'll see how that pairing kind of evolves. I Know Pete the board said he's just kind of experimenting now. He doesn't want to do in the playoffs. He's trying to figure out who works together but he talks about being very excited to play with a guy like Shea Theodore who is so often simply talented in such a gifted player in Martinez can be that veteran presence with them so I think he's kind of excited about being part of that tonight. Yeah I think one thing you mentioned there in terms of him being a veteran and then him you know giving guys advice or lack thereof one thing. That's really interesting to me. Is that his lockers right next to Zach white clouds and I think you know we talked about David when they acquired him lassie or last. Podcast about how he's two-time cup winner he brings kind of these intangibles that are hard to quantify potentially to your locker room. I mean that's one thing that I think you can point to like okay. Here's a twenty three year old kid kind of starting out his career and looking at a guy like Martinez whose career he probably wants to have that quite cloud with love to be a part of two Stanley Cup winning team. So that's intriguing. Something to watch you know and like you mentioned Adam. He's certainly added something to that lineup. Had been promoted already. Someone's real interesting is the fact that we talk all the time about how business guys move around. They get used to it right like you know. We see some of these guys back and forth. Ahl but more so you see guys changing locker rooms we talk about. Sue bans gone. And he's got to figure out how to go live somewhere else. And Cody eakin going back to his hometown. And that SORTA Albertina has never changed teams. Like he's better than that organization for his entire career and now he was talking about that. He's I've never. I've never done this like I've never gone through kind of learning a new locker room and a new place. That's new to me so I thought that was pretty interesting from his standpoint of we talk about this all the time all the movement that guy's having as professional athletes not him. It's a totally new experience for him. Certainly navigated it well so far and the fact that you know. He's here not just for the season but also next season super interesting. And we'll kind of finish talking about Nick Holden's extension kind of in conjuncture with Martinez because the nights now have five defensemen under contract already for next season's. Equa cloud is a restricted free agent. With a lot of restrictions. Actually so he does need a new contract to come back and then John Maryland. Derek England are unrestricted free agents. And so Dave will ask you this because you know holding also said to be a UFA and the nights locked him up and then Merrill and England are UFA's F- as still was essentially the night saying we want Nick Holden as you mentioned earlier to be that seventh eighth guy and that worked you know comfortable kind of getting that business out of the way now and it really looks like Marilyn England might be walking out the door yeah. That's probably an element of it right. I mean they've just got they got all these guys who think h o Scholz coggin right now. You know Who also Bischoff? So they've got all these guys I mean at some point you have to. You know you have to open up spots and let people move up. Give him an opportunity. If that's kind of how it is and I don't know if they're moving on from John Merrill it certainly would appear that they're going to kind of you know let him get to market and maybe move on we'll see I mean again. I don't know it just be you know if I'm going to put myself in John Meryl's skates or something for a second. I'M GOING TO PROJECT IN. Look at where things aren't and say you know. Maybe I am only seventh defenceman or an eighth defense. Maybe I'm fighting for a roster spot or something like that with the nights maybe I would like to go somewhere else. You know if he maybe he gets offered three years or something like that. Maybe somebody sees him as a fifth. A fifth or sixth defenceman. Excuse me I mean those are all the business decisions that that kind of come with us. That's why you guys have agents and things like that I mean you brought it up like I mean all right. I'll throw it out there. Have we seen Derek England in a Golden Knights uniform for the last time? Like he's. He's the eighth defencemen in Anaheim seeming. John Merrill took warm-ups John. Merrill is a seven defensemen. Took warm-ups Durkin was up in the press box with us. You know which tells me that right. Now he's the eighth defenseman. He's you know behind John. Mero in the pecking order depending on what happens. Maybe if Zach White cloud were to get banged up and they specifically said we want a right shot. They're you know they would look at Turkey island but right now. I don't know if Derek England gets another game unless they have something clinched at the end of the year and they can put him in a game. That's maybe not a meaningful game. I guess you could say or. Maybe they get em like the home finale or something like that before that last road trip. I don't know but right now I mean it clearly. Seems like they're not going to resign him in all signs point to right now him. Not being able to to crack the lineup. Yeah Dirk England's future is certainly up in the air but I think one thing we can all agree on. Is that the present for the Golden Knights. I mean looks really promising because of the moves. They made Monday and in the preceding days. I mean we talked about. This team was pretty much on a roll even before the trade deadline. Now I think it's pretty clear to say they've significantly upgraded backup goaltender on the roster right now as to who the backup goaltender technically is that might remain an open question the rest of the season. But it's certainly fun to talk about all these moves because it was a fascinating trade the trade deadline for the gold nights and they made what has been a very good team. The last couple of weeks potentially even better. Well that's GonNa wrap up this edition of the Golden Edge. Podcast a reminder if you want more on all these trades at the Golden Knights made check out our coverage at review journal Dot Com. Dave and Adam had some great stories. Ed Granny had a great column kind of talking about Robin Leonard Story. And all the things that he's been through the past couple of years to make sure to like subscribe. Whatever you do with podcast to us. I tuned Stitcher spotify X. CETERA. And make sure to keep checking back every week to listen to our thoughts on League Golden Knights for Adam Helen Dave Shane. I'm Ben Goats. We'll talk to you again real soon.

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