You're hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started at indeed dot com slash outside. This is outside. The Lines Ryan Smith here. What makes Baker Mayfield tick joins us with that story but our big story is another one from the N._F._l.? Have the Houston Texans run afoul of the Rooney rule and their search for a G._M.. Here we are fifty days from kicking off the regular season with fourteenth today beginning the steady stream of squads reporting to training camp but only one team in the League is without a general manager the Houston Texans after firing Brian Gain in June. Now you can argue the team has made some internal bungling as of late perhaps evidenced by not getting a long term deal done with defensive engine Avian Clowney and perhaps incurring a grievance for their linebacker franchise tag designation presumably to save money but now they are facing questions about their search process for the G._M.. Job The team interviewed two African the American candidates for the position Ray farmer and Martin Mayhew then tried to hire Patriots Director of player Personnel Nick Caserio but were blocked by New England who later filed a grievance for tampering against the Texans over the situation well. Did they ever intend to hire one of those men of color and do their actions violate the N._F._l.'s Rooney rule so let's talk about this with Fritz Pollard alliances new executive director Rod Graves congratulations on the new title the New Job Rod. Let me ask you what specifically concerns earns you about the way the Texans high handled their G._M.. Search in terms of respecting the Rooney Rule Orion let me first point out that Houston is in compliance with the Rooney rule they did in fact interview a couple of outstanding minority candidates and with that they are in compliance our concern as the same concern we would have with any club is that they're checking the box with no real intention of hiring one of those minority candidates that in our opinion circumvents the spirit of the rule and that's the biggest concern that we have but let me point out that Houston's track record under the McNair family has really I've been respectable. They have a long-term longtime G._M.. In Brit Smith who served that organization I thought extraordinarily well for twelve years and they've got female representatives at the highest level food chain but what we've noticed is that there are no individuals of color at those high level positions and we hope that they will readopt the strategy that they want to add onto Bob McNair. It's a story that's been coming up in the news surrounding the Texans recently so just fans who are looking at this and wondering how it all works. How do you judge if you're looking at this as the head of the Fritz Pollard Alliance? How do you judge whether or not farmer and make you were given that kind of consider that kind of consideration that you require well? I think I in talking with individuals that were interview both of those guys Oh veteran N._F._l.. Executives and they certainly know whether or not the interviews where a show show or whether there was any real intention. Both men indicated that their interviews were well thought out <hes> they covered a lot of content. They were given a chance to talk about their philosophies. News and and what they would bring to the club and in speaking with them I came away satisfied that the approach of <hes> the interview itself with each candidate was certainly worth <hes> the time of those men and was in essence a thorough interview process okay and by the way we reached out the Texans for a statement they won't be giving us one at this time you mentioned the seriousness. Seriousness aspect the idea of four show versus not where is the line as you see it. When you have a situation like this in terms of whether you are satisfying those requirements or not where is that line where it's for show versus <music> serious well I think first of all this has to be a sincerity by ownership and other key decision makers within a organization to make diversity of priority and we we believe that diversity should be at the top of the business plan of every N._F._l.? Franchise ultimately it's our goal to see it in all of sports but I you know when you have of individuals who are qualified and we believe that with those individuals if they are in a position where you given a fair chance of fair opportunity <hes> to interview and to advance. I think that that leads to positive results for the game so then. What do you do to make sure that happens with an organization like the Texans well? We need to keep harping at it. We need to in impress upon the owners that diversity is good business that it's good for our fans. It's good for our players. It's good for our stakeholders and all we can do is continue to work with on his ship to impress upon them the the nature of that but ultimately we believe diversity is good for the game all right Rod Graves. Thank you very much appreciate it. We'll keep an eye on this situation. Thank you for joining us. Thank you well if you believe the pundits Baker Mayfield is expected to lead the Browns to a division title but how does he feel about the words franchise quarterback. We'll see next when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot Com. Tom Post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using intuitive online dashboard and when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsor jobs new users can try for free at indeed dot com slash outside. That's that's indeed dot com slash outside terms conditions and quality standards apply. Here's more stuff that matters Ohio state is reviewing donations received in two thousand seven from Financier Jeffrey Epstein and affiliated foundation five a million dollars were donated to support the Woody Hayes Athletic Center and the Les Wexner Football Complex in a statement the university called the convicted sex offenders connection to the gifts concerning Epstein was indicted last week on charges of sexually exploiting and abusing dozens of underage girls between two thousand two and two thousand five today's b-block Baker Mayfield expectations are high in Cleveland and Baker. Mayfield is one of the reasons why Baker Baker Mayfield's play as answered most of the questions. He's faced over the years talent check. The two thousand thirteen walk on Texas Tech became the first true freshman quarterback without a scholarship to start a season opener at A. B. C. School Swagger. Swagger check skills and big playability check and check after transferring to Oklahoma and starting from two thousand fifteen to two thousand seventeen may feel one hundred nineteen touchdown passes forty-three of which came in two thousand seventeen for he walked away with college. Football's highest honors Heisman trophy winner is Baker Mayfield of the University of Oklahoma yet that season had its share of controversy as behavior kept him in the headlines February twenty fifth two thousand Seventeen Baker Mayfield in trouble with the law may be was arrested for public intoxication disorderly conduct and fleeing charges September nine two thousand thousand seventeen after a thirty one to sixteen week to road victory over Ohio state his three second half touchdowns more at the talk. This was two months later November eighteenth after getting snubbed. I'm for pregame handshake. He led Kansas know how he truly felt about it. Behavior like this lead to one big question right there n._F._l.. Gyms are GonNa see that could he be the face of a franchise or would he become another cautionary tale. The divide on Mayfield continued for months leading in the draft. I would take him. I in issues draft Baker Mayfield at the bad yes one team at the top of the draft seem to think he could be the one Baker Mayfield Square in the conversation to become the number one overall pick. Could this guy be the savior for team that had gone eighty eight and two hundred sixteen since the turn into the N._F._l.. Of Nineteen Ninety nine fourteen that had twenty eight starting quarterbacks and at twenty nine at season can start two thousand eighteen N._F._l.. Draft the Cleveland browns select Baker Mayfield under then coach Hue Jackson Mayfield Rookie campaign began on the bench as you watch tyrod Taylor lead the Browns to an old one in one record then when an injury knocked Taylor out of a week three game versus the jets it was Mayfield. Turn a chance say what Baker Mayfield down fourteen nothing who the proven collegiate winner lead a team that had not won since week sixteen of two thousand sixteen and yes choice led the browns to twenty one seventeen win their first victory three to six hundred thirty five days with Mayfield under center the browns ended the season seven eight one three more wins from their last three seasons combined still there was some controversy with Mayfield's actions after the browns Relieve Jackson of his head coaching duties in week eight the former Browns Headman during the Bengals coaching staff and found himself on the receiving end of a Mayfield staredown following a week twelve matchup nevertheless after a few big name off season Pickups Mayfield has people belief in the browns. The browns are the hunted they are not the hunters anymore. People expect them to be good with eleven wins dogpound think about the last time you heard that about Cleveland when Meena Times Times recently sat down with Baker Mayfield you gotta check out our excellent piece on E._S._p._N.. Dot Com right now. It's also the cover story on the upcoming issue of E._S._p._N.. The magazine and we are pleased to have with us right now so meena I found it interesting you talk to him in the article all about being a franchise quarterback. What does he think of that term well? He rejects the traditional connotations. Even though it's long been felt like everybody wants to be a franchise quarterback right. It's the steady reliable guy you build around but I think. In Mayfield's is the way he expressed it. He sees it as maybe not being yourself having to hide how you feel about things not speaking out because the way he talks is not like really any other quarterback in the league and I think it's what makes makes him so unusual at this moment so you talk about the way he talks but you also talked to members of his family. Tell us what he was like as a kid and and how that compares to how he is now. I was really surprised when his mom I'm Gina described him to me as a rule follower and then she left she knew his yeah right. It's obviously ironic seed said this didn't make the peace that he was the kid in class kept everyone in line and made sure everybody followed the rules which is hilarious right knowing who he is now. He told me that he was shy. Growing up he hated public speaking obviously none of that squares with the Baker Mayfield we know today but he also said that he sort of found his voice and became more of an extrovert introvert when you went through that college recruiting process because we all remember he was not heavily recruited. He felt like he was kind of unfairly treated only got four offers from S._P._F.. Scholarship offers from F._B._i.. Schools and I think that's when when he became the quarterback he is now. You know you mentioned that idea of keeping everybody line as a kid but I think about what a quarterback needs to do on a great great quarterback needs to do in a great team. They need to do things that are similar to that. What do you know what did you learn about Baker Mayfield and his personality the knowledge that we don't often see on camera that sort of might show people his greatness but may come as a surprise well? I was surprised Ryan to hear that coming into the season you remember we showed the video. He was not the starter even they. They said the Browns said before he was drafted. tyrod Taylor is going to be a starter you know if we draft someone they're not going to start and he was pretty quiet about it and he told me he felt like he couldn't really be himself at first like he felt like you know. Rookies are told be deferent. Keep your down and he did all that but he also felt like he was suppressing personality. Then the jets games happens he becomes the starter. There's massive term loan the browns but he really sort of becomes the face of the team and you saw him exposing more of his personality and yeah I think acting a little bit more similarly to how we knew them in college so the Hugh Jackson Situation I always like to give athletes a benefit of the doubt in the moment you're all fired up does he look back on that and think maybe I would have handled that differently no not surpri Bra- no but I think actually hugh I talked to Hugh for the peace and he said when he said look I took the job it was the right thing to do for me. I wanted to rejoin the organization that I had been with but I really I thought it was very interesting and telling how he talked about Mayfield. He told me look what happened between us in those final few weeks he used that to fuel the team because with Baker Mayfield. It's very tribal everybody who knows him says this you're either in or you out or you're out and Hugh Jackson knew oh he was out and I think while obviously probably didn't like it. He understood he understood. That's how he leads in how he operates a couple of seconds left. What does he think about the expectations on him and the browns this season of course? He says he's not afraid of them. He's he used to win in his past. He says everyone else in Cleveland needs to get used to winning as well. What else is going to say but that's what you expect out of a franchise quarterback whether he likes that term or not Meena thank you so much folks? Don't forget to check out our excellent article on E._S._p._N.. Dot Com. Turning now to the W._n._B._A.. Los Angeles sparks card required. A Williams has been suspended for ten games without pay resulting from a domestic violence incident involving ex-girlfriend in December now Williams who was arrested on felony burglary and aggravated assault charges after allegedly striking Curia Davis in the head and pointing a gun in the direction of a man breaking up their altercation was re signed by the sparks in late May and has been playing for the team while the criminal cases ongoing the W._n._B._A.. Says it conducted its own investigation making their own decision based on the nature and seriousness of the conduct at issue including the involvement of a firearm the W._n._B._A.. Players Union intends to file a grievance on Williams's behalf executive director Terry Jackson stating we are disappointed with the League's actions there is an ongoing criminal proceeding and in fairness to the player of the League could have and should have awaited its completion before taking action now as we discussed yesterday on outside the lines the W._N._B._A. Doesn't have a policy specifically addressing domestic abuse but they we do have a personal conduct policy so what should be done about players accused of assault and how should the W._n._B._A.. Address these issues now and in the future to answer those questions we welcome in N._B._C. Sports Washington basketball analyst Christy winters Scott Christie. What was is your reaction to the suspension? When you come down well? I was actually pleased that something was done about it because it really didn't look good for the League to have those charges hanging over the head of and active player on the sparks roster so with that being said today is the first day in office for the W._n._B._A.. President Cathy Engelbert and so I think that will be something that she will address immediately and terms of having having more than just a player conduct code in writing so I think obviously domestic violence it oversees everything in terms of gender and race and everything else wrong wrong so so I think they're right in the ten game suspension which is the most in W._n._B._A.. History Yeah you mentioned the how this looked. What do you think of the optics of a situation where you've got arguably the most well known women's Sports League in the country without a domestic violence policy Housi- particularly against women in the height of the metoo movement right well here in D._C.? There's Becky's Fund and I am very actively working with them to draw awareness and and create some kind of a sounding board for the people who are in situations of abuse and that be children seeing their parents having issues or just any kind of situation like that again regardless of gender but with that being said I just think that it really needs needs to be spoken to across the board. It's a societal issue obviously and require Williams yes with a ten game suspension but then Natasha Howard also now with the allegations over her in her divorce situation in Seattle and those are allegations nations no charges but require Williams with the two felony charges and the gun charge. I think that's a bit egregious. You know the Union is filing a grievance. They're obviously in a tough spot. I mean it's not like we're surprised that they've done that. They have a defend their players but at the same same time what do you make of that call in this environment. Is this a situation where maybe they shouldn't do that or try to find another way now. I think there needs to be a light on top of the situation across the board again. It's a societal issue but I think that the League is doing the right thing in terms of doing a thorough investigation in all charges and allegations that have been mentioned with their players of the League and I think that it just holds players accountable to their actions. And again it should be a societal thing where everyone is trying to be more kind and compassionate and understanding and situations like that you know I know I'm putting you on the spot a little bit here but I'm assuming that this is GonNa come up in the next C._B._A.. Negotiations Association's. What do we think should happen to people who are accused of domestic assault? What should the policy be well? I know that require Williams is already actively in the consultation peace and she is getting advice and she is getting counseling with the issue that she had but I think something like that needs to be in place prior to issues occurring. I think you need to be preventative more than using something and a retrospective aspect so I think the more we can do ahead of any issues is the best this thing and I think that's definitely something that will be on the table and the collective bargaining agreements for sure okay Christie. Thank you very much for your time appreciate coming up. He was a legend on the Supreme Court but it took him over eighty years as a fan one of his the biggest wishes to come through. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living most of her life in the dark inside the other nesting dolls. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly she has no brain however Melissa when nesting all his the GEICO not only saves people money but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious you should switch because yes switching to geico is a no brainer pity in a most nesting doll and looks in life sportscenter six eastern after P._T._A.. Was Sage and Kevin they'll look camera and the Celtics sounds just right today Boston induction plus introduction plus can Alabama embrace being underdogs to Clemson and the best bets on the eve of the Open Championship sportscenter on e._s._p._N.. And the APP and our Wednesday night baseball matchup has the raising the Yankees squaring off in the third game of their four game series seven eastern E._S._p._N.. Can Always Watch this game on the APP of course from anywhere few in American history of done more to shape society than Justice John Paul Stevens the third longest serving Supreme Court justice in history who died on Tuesday at the age of ninety nine front and Center for some of the most controversial issue legal battles in history from the treatment of inmates at Guantanamo Bay to the decision on who would be the president in two thousand Stevens also decided cases integral to the sports landscape. He wrote the majority opinion in a Supreme Court case allowing schools and conferences to to make their own TV deals which is why you watch the S._E._C. Network Year round and scores of college games every weekend but if you've ever spent years rooting for bad team with seemingly no chance of ever winning the title here in Good Company with the man who spent thirty five years on the Supreme Court bench because through all their trials and tribulations the good and the unspeakably bad justice Stevens was a die hard Chicago cubs fan saw his first game in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and at twelve he was sitting in the stands for game three of the nineteen thirty two world series when the legend into Babe Ruth was cemented with his fame called shot the roof actually call one of the greatest home runs in baseball history was an issue of intense debate but the justice never left any doubt the put the bed in his right hand and pointed that right at the center field stands and then of course the next pitchy hit a home run and Centerfield and there's no doubt about the fact that he did point before he hit the case closed. That's one ruling. I will not be reversed through the billy goat and Bartman Stevens Evens always remained devoted to his team here. He is throwing out the first pitch before two thousand five game and he was steadfast in his belief sometimes pessimistically so that has cubbies would finally win the big one so one can only imagine what it was like for him in two thousand.

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