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Auto Sales Continued A Tear in 2019, Plus Blake Griffin News And Recycling In Detroit


nearly destroyed US brought to you by the community support our work at Patriotair dot com slash daily Detroit. Hello and welcome to your daily daily Detroit for Tuesday January seventh twenty twenty. I'm spend and I'm Jerry stays on today's show. Three things I shelled. Joe Krebs from auto trader joins spent a comb through some of the data on one nineteen auto sales across the industry can record setting sales numbers last. And why did some popular Ford. SUV's post sales declines. Oh the suspense chair. Meanwhile Detroit has gotten a grant to expand its recycling program an important move who've state with recycling rates that are among the lowest in the country and Fletcher Sharpe joins us to talk about the latest with Pistons Star Blake Griffin and much more. So let's get started. Joining us by skype is Michelle Krebs. She's an executive auto analyst for Auto Trader Dot Com Michelle. Michelle seems like. This was another strong year for auto sales. The overall number appears to have surpassed seventeen million four the fifth straight year. Who did the best in twenty nine thousand nine and why well you're right Twenty nineteen The sales were down a bit. But it's still hit seventeen million in just barely For the fifth consecutive year and that is historically never seen that happen. Well let's start by segments. be saying that you could not ignore this past year. Trucks eighteen percent of all new vehicle sold were trucks. I think that's the highest percentage ever and of course. It was a huge battle between Fiat Chrysler Ram and a General Motors. Chevrolet Silverado The Ram beat the Silverado and sales in twenty nineteen. I think that's for the first time. At least certainly since it was reintroduced to the market in two thousand one right so ram becomes The number two truck in the US behind the Ford F series. Does that spell trouble for General Motors with the Chevy Silverado. I think they're doing a little bit of redesigning because they they kind of fell short on some of the Interior Design Ram by our study. It shows that consumers were impressed with the Rams Interior I. I don't think longterm also remember General Motors endured a forty day strike which shut down a truck production so I think this next year will be telling and and also Fiat Chrysler. I put a lot of incentives and put put a lot of those vehicles into fleets and so we'll see if they continue to do that next year. Right gyms overall overall sales were down two point three percent for the year while Fiat Chrysler dropped just a single percent. Meanwhile Ford was kind of the loss leader among among the Detroit automakers. They dropped three percent. They saw declining sales for the escape. The explorer and the police interceptor utility which is basically the explorer built for police departments. A Michelle thought Americans were in love with. SUV's what gives here well Ford had some production problems. It has a new escape on the market. Really it just got up to speed so they have been selling the old escape and the new escape next year. It'll be more towards the all. The new escape escape the explorer. They had tremendous production problems at the Plant in Chicago which also makes the Lincoln Aviator and the interceptor receptor. So and the interceptors coming last so That slowed everything down for Ford. They are just getting production out there of the explorer. They're still still behind on. The aviator and the interceptor will be going to police departments just this year so they they've got got some making up to do yeah. Yeah meanwhile Michelle I do some freelancing for auto blog I wrote yesterday about how Ford managed to sell more than two hundred twenty thousand fusion and the Esta cars the fiestas not even in production anymore in the fusion is endangered. This despite really doing nothing to try to to move off of dealer lots well yeah. They're selling those down They stopped production of the focus. And the fiesta. And there's they will end production. Production at some point of the fusion fusion still has a strong brand name and there's still people who want sedans They're fewer and fewer of those but They're still out there. Two hundred twenty thousand Is a figure. A lot of automakers would Would Covet numbers like those. So seventeen million now five straight years commercial. How long do you think this can? These kind of sales can continue well We are predicting we will not hit. Seventeen million here in twenty twenty. We're expecting sales to drop about two percent. Maybe about sixteen six sixteen seven but still that those are very strong sales We we think that the economic growth is slowing. We're seeing Well credit is cheap and pretty available. there's a certain part of the market the less than prime customer. That's struggling in fact. We're seeing delinquencies very high in that Among that group and so we expect credit to tighten up there but another strong year but just we may not hit that seventeen million again. Michelle Krebs is executive analyst for Auto Trader Michelle. Thanks so much for coming going on daily Detroit thank you. Detroit will expand municipal recycling after receiving nearly eight hundred thousand dollars in grants from the Michigan. Department Donovan Varner. Great Lakes and Energy and national nonprofit. The effort is funded by Eagle and the nonprofit recycling partnership part of the states. Know it before you throw throw it. Recycling education campaign that launched last year the recycling partnerships I grant to Detroit will fund a citywide education campaign. Starting this year to increase participation in curbside and multifamily recycling programs city will also use it to purchase more than sixteen thousand curbside recycling carts and and nearly four thousand multifamily containers governor Gretchen Whitmer and other supporters have established a goal of doubling Michigan's recycling rate to thirty percent. I twenty five at ultimately push it to forty five percent. Michigan's fifteen percent rate of recycling is said to be the lowest in the Great Lakes region and and among the lowest in the nation the national rate of recycling stood at thirty five point two percent in two thousand seventeen according to the EPA recycling recycling generates nearly thirty six thousand jobs in Michigan according to a two thousand sixteen study hitting the goal of thirty percent. Participation could add thirteen thousand more jobs and at at least three hundred million dollars to the state's economy so I just say that those recycling raccoons apparently That's the estate has chosen. I think you may have seen the billboards and stuff. They're pretty cute. They're pretty cute. Yeah they're they're you know. Part of the state's effort to encourage recycling rates are shocked. octave this though. Fifteen percent recycling rate in Michigan. That has vouched. Yeah that's terrible. I mean I'm a fervent recycler. I guess you could say I'm I'm just I mean I would expect nothing less from you to be honest. Well Yeah you know. I've seen the videos. I think we probably anybody who's been on. Social media now has probably seen those videos does have like the Third World countries where on the seaside the waves come in. And you see that the surface of the water is completely coated in plastic containers. Mrs Shocking shocking. Right like I don't understand how and I think we've also all met people who are like. I don't recycle people. Don't say no way. I don't recycle. I'm not doing that which I mean I mean frankly it's the vast majority of people looking at this data. I mean I don't know that all of them just say are just fundamentally. I'm not going to do it. I mean I will say recycling is like it is a little bit extra work and that's part of the education campaign that they're talking about is like telling people like you know you need to rinse out that milk jug before you throw it in the recycling like if it's still got milk in it it can spoil the entire stream and recycling is still not universal across the region. I mean I even know in subs in some suburbs where there is recycling for single family homes but when it comes to multifamily the landlord house asked to pay for the recycling bins. And all that kind of stuff. And that's something where you know land. We're looking to cut costs. They're just not going to do it. Yeah so I'M A. I'm a diehard recycler and I mean we bring things to Sacre which is like the. That's the stuff that doesn't go in your curbside recycling but you know you can electronics and old cans of paint and things like that up in up in troy so we I mean I I was joking with my wife just the other day that I feel sometimes like we're like a waystation for like things before we ship. I'm off to the to get recycled but but honestly like I mean you know. We're running out of landfill space We have you know plastics in this country are at at crisis levels. I mean you know. We need to start with recycling but we also need to like start thinking about like reducing our consumption cause. I don't think we can recycle our way out of like environmental final crisis. Oh I don't think so either. I do WanNa give a quick shout out to recycle here as a city guy. That's been around for years. I know they're actually going through some transitions where they're going to stay open the entire hire time. But they're actually shifting around their operation bit but such nice people and a great way to make. Some new friends will recycling. I know that sounds kind of crazy. But that's I I know of multiple. Oh people who've made new friends well saving the environment. Yeah I mean I remember when I lived in Detroit. I was before the city had any kind of recycling Curbside recycling program and Dan you we had to. I'm not sure if it was recycle. Here I think it might have been before that but there was it. Roll off container that they brought down to the CPA building parking lot down there in Cork town right off the parks and once a month you and you'd have to drive all your stuff down there so that meant you had to keep a month's worth of recycling recyclables materials. Israel's in your house I mean talk about you know extra work and they were you know they they would always like look at your stuff and say you know you need to flatten those cereal boxes or and things like that you know they they were but it was. Hey you know I guess I'm committed. Hey friends reduce reuse recycle as we record this segment. The Pistons have lost eleven of their last thirteen games. They're on a particularly brutal streak. And there are a couple of major storylines swirling around the team and and joining us to talk about that. As always is our sports correspondent Fletcher Sharp Fletcher First of all hello and happy New Year to you. Hope you're doing well. Thanks Avenue you guys. Well yeah all right. So let's go through these Storylines Blake Griffen continues to really struggle. It's Kinda painful to watch him sometimes. He's clearly we not himself left. Knee still giving them troubles and late breaking reports say he will undergo season ending surgery. So how big of a deal is this for the Pistons. As last year it was very big deal because their offense was centered around him news producing at a high level of that segment or that near the end of the season where he sat and they went into the playoffs with him. Sitting Kinda showed that they were not really prepared to run their offense to other people This year not as much while he has offense has been centered kind if through him at times It's shown he's very much not helping There are times where he's showing flashes of old but There are also a lot of times where he kind of checking up shots and for those advance stats nerds of us. Not really helping team with just checking up shots while it is a lot of people to Open more often if he's not gonNA give him the ball on even though he's a play making big There's really no point during to be out there. Also if we're trying to build for next year he is still a part of the Pistons WanNa keep special because he costs so much money. It's better for us to get him at eight hundred percent than to half struggle through season where we're definitely not going to make the playoffs. Well it's move to one of the other Pistons Big Stars Andre Drummond. There are rumors that the Pistons have been talking to the Atlanta Hawks among other teams about trading trading him What do we know about this? Fletcher What do we what would the Pistons get in return from from any trade involving a guy like Drummond? I'm not sure but I know that trade doesn't make either team that much better on. The hawks drafted a Guy Deandra. Hunter fourth overall this year. To be with the Andre Drummond supposed to Andrea is supposed to be right now so trading for that guy seems kind of like they're starting to pick already. I'm GonNa say this for Pistons fans now for all the fans at one hundred German gone. They won't realize how much he brings to the Pistons. Once he leaves the Pistons are near the top defensive rebounds bounce in the entire league mainly underground tracks down almost all of them we have no other rebounding bigs if he were leave none we have no bigs who consistently grab rebounds so when he leaves if teams Miss Shots. There's a good chance you're GONNA get thrown offensive rebound going business even more now. People are just trying to tank the season away and say hey. We'll go after a draft pick. That's fine they can have. They can afford to get abused on the inside. They can afford to give up backside protection again afford to other stuff. I I don't know why the Pistons would do this save for the fact trying to save money 'cause under Drummond is owed a big contract coming up And I know he's looking forward to it. I know he said in the past. He wants retires at Detroit Piston. But I also know that when you're his age and people are waving a Max deal in front of you. It's kind of dumb. Not Try and go for it. Get as much money as you came before. Your season's isn't over but to these two Storylines I mean. Obviously Blake Griffin. Having to undergo. Surgery is is no fault of anyone but you know being willing apparently to entertain entertain trades for Andre Drummond. Does this suggest maybe that you know. Now that they're well below five hundred Pistons maybe are are ready to kind of you know. Wave the white flag and and just kind go into rebuilding mode for next season. If he asked Dwayne Casey he'll say no. I'm a fast. Tom Gores he might struggle you. it's looking kind of like the Pistons might be trying to find that draft pick. I'm hoping not because when they are when they're doing decent to good. They're exciting even when they're bad they're still they still play it. Nice kind of running gun style. It's entertaining even if they are. clanking some shots. Even if people won't go to the game as much but like I don't see see a reason why to try to make push rip playoff spot when two of your three now. Actually all three of your main starters yet coming in Reggie Jackson Blake Griffin in an undergraduate or a potentially going to be out for a while Whether it's dredged from being traded eleven to being hurt so I I don't really see why they start to try to push for a playoff spot. Continuously Muesli 'cause missing way too many parts I think unless they go into historic Twenty eight game win streak breaking that record by rockets From a few years ago I don't really see them getting back in the playoff race. Or let's talk about something Hopefully optimistic and that his rookie Sekou Sekou Dubya. which is a name that Pistons fans might need to learn how to pronounce here If current trends develop he he's the Pistons First Round Draft pick from this year. French guy he's the youngest player in the NBA. He made his first three starts for the Pistons. Recently after playing in the G. League out in grand rapids what did we see out of debris up. He's coming into his own. I thought they were going to try to stash them over in Europe honestly at first so when he came over I was kind. I'm excited to see because grand rapids is not far away closer than France. So we'd build a human person from eclipse and the Games I've seen have been playing with grand rapids drive. He struggled at first mainly because when he played over in Europe he was one of the most athletic types so we had to try to find his rhythm as a jump. Shooter a little bit here here. Because while he was more athletic than most players use not supremely more athletic than other players and seeing his rounding into being able to shoot the ball consistently has been really welcome thing. He's had a few gainer. He's dropped twenty twenty five thirty grand rapids an IBM getting chance of Detroit albeit earlier than people would like his ceiling I don't want to say this. Because he's a European player his ceiling that I've heard is a genus from Milwaukee with with a bit of a better jump shot maybe not as much of a Power finish around the room but beyond jump shot was you'd be very much welcomed Obviously but really good really encouraging to see him actually taking shots it's versus catching. The ball remembers first game. He played to the Pistons. He got his first bucket finally after the team. Gift feeding the ball in Delhi to shoot. So it's good to see him actually try to to get a get his own shot and get his own points and given the the three bladed defend at some time he had to defend quite Leonard Draymond Green not much with rapid rapids. Still someone and Lebron James during their west coast strip and He's recorded double doubles in two games. That's encouraging I mean seasons kind of lost as of right now giving this one of the bright spots is giving him chance to shoot and other bright spot is when he gets back healthy having Luke Kennard continue to play during his better sees Fletcher. Sharp covers the Pistons for. Tell US DETROIT. And he's our sports correspondent here on daily Detroit. Pleasure thanks so much again. Yep thanks for having me and we're done for today shoutout to inside podcasting in our friend Dave Ling home for writing one of the nicest things about us that we've ever read for sure. Thank you man. The note got sent into thousands of Boxes Fox's through the national newsletter and it's ran by the incomparable Sky Pillsbury. She's really great. I'll be sure to include a link to it in the show notes and his quick reminder we are people powered here at daily Detroit. Your membership matters. You can join us for just a few bucks. A month at Patriotair dot com slash L. E. Detroit and and I'm spend Gustafsen and I'm jerry stays take care of each other and let's make a better Detroit together. Hello you and welcome to your daily Detroit for Tuesday January seventh twenty nineteen. I'm spend Gustafsen. It's twenty twenty. Do It on the top the show to catch you twenty one. What do you want to fix first?

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