Dan Patrick Show - Hour 3 - Chris Simms (10-31-18)


It's all about me. Dan, patrick. There is more where that came from click back for new episodes all week log now is the time to visit Florida gorge to get that floor of your dreams. For a limited time, we're offering special financing for eighteen months on purchases of ninety nine or more. Choose from the largest in stock selection at guaranteed, everyday, low prices, top-quality floors, rock bottom, prices and credit offer to help you complete that project. Offer ends ten twenty one eighteen visit Florida court today or Florida core dot com promotional financing available with Florida or credit card accounts offer by community capital Bank, which he turns Paul vacations for credit and promotional eligibility. Minimum monthly payments required. Broadcasting live from the Mercedes men case, it's Dan Patrick twenty lower on this Wednesday end of the dannettes, Dan, Patrick show spent a lot of time last hour talking about what's going Maryland football DJ Durkan is being brought back. They did. Well in his absence, the head coach you had a death under his watch Jordan McNair nineteen year old and he's coming back and. You know, I had some emails tweets and phone calls where people were talking about this situation. And I said if there's somebody who can tell me the counter argument to it as to this make sense, bringing DJ Durkan back I wanted to know football wise, if you why you're bringing him back. I understand that there's money at stake. Is there culpability there's already culpability? The president already said there's culpability now that there was a toxic culture going on. If you have one hundred ninety two page document there that talks about this. But a lot of people have emailed to say it's about the lawsuit the day, they resolve the lawsuit with the parents, they will fire everyone. But if they fired anyone before that lawsuit the firing would cost the university. Millions can't you fire DJ Durkan. Can't you just fire him for not being a good football? Coach can you fire him for toxic culture. If you fire him does that mean, you're admitting guilt with what happened with Jordan McNair, the president? I believe is already talked about this. He's already admitted that there's culpability there and the five million dollar buyout with DJ Durkan. What isn't DJ Dirk and do the right thing and just resigned. Eight seven seven three DP show, Email address teepee, Dan, Patrick dot com. We'll talk to Christine from NBC sports. He'll join us. Coming up James t Brady is the president. I believe of the university of Maryland border regions, and he talked about DJ Durkan situation. We believe that coach Durkan has been unfairly blamed for the dysfunction in the Atlantic department. And while he shares some responsibility, it is not fair to place all of it at his feet. The board of regents recommends to the university leadership that coach Durkan remain head coach of university of Maryland college park football team. Maryland makes headlines for all the wrong reasons here, I can't imagine DJ jerk is the head coach of this team next year. Matt. Because you're going to be used against you as far as recruiting. I mean, just the football just the product you're putting on the field or trying to put a good product on the field. And a lot of people said, why don't you get boomer science? And on former Maryland quarterback we reached out for boomer boomer said he had some things going on. Appreciate it us reaching out. But if he had a different argument or discussion point I would have put him on in a second. So it's not like I'm saying, hey, let's just all gang up on Maryland football. I'm open to listening. If you know, Maryland, we've invited people from Maryland to come on DJ, Dirk Nkhoma, the president to come on Daniel in South Carolina. Hi, daniel. What do you have for me? Hi, dan. It's one one seventy five. You know, this is really a I don't get it. I heard some of the comments I heard one comment from I think it was the president. Who said we don't believe that he created a toxic culture, but he did create a culture where and he basically described toxic culture. So seems like they're talking out of both sides of their mouth and a quick how we nickname out. Stephen ghost Kalki kicker for the patriots. Okay. I've let me run it by fritzy fritzy. Ghost counts. No alec. It's workable, it's better than probably two thirds of what I shared earlier, Josh and Los Angeles joins us. Hi, josh. ADP things are taking my call can a buck ninety five. I think that you brought up the resign thing at the beginning of the segment, and that's where my head's at is. I think this is a case where resigning for DJ Dirk in is not only best for the school and for Jordan McNair parents. But it's also the best thing for durken's career because he can he can go to the parents and say, I'm so sorry. This happened on my watch they'll settle with some financial settlement outside a court, and then he walks away. And maybe he looks good in the public eye. And maybe he can kinda reevaluate and say, you know, what I can't have this anything like this ever happened. Again. He can start off, you know, maybe at a smaller school, and now he's toast. He's gonna get lucky to get a diesel three job at this point. He ain't never cover from that. Well, he might get somebody that he knows who will bring him in and assistant. Coach. Thank you. Josh that happens a lot when there's a scandal in the coach gets fired. Then sometimes you bring him in as an assistant coach you can sort of hide him a little bit and let him kind of build his way back up. But. And you're just looking and and it's not a great program to begin with. And he didn't have a great record. He's ten and fifteen and then you're going to bring him back. Could you have kept him suspended? To bring him back. Like, you're just you're revisiting these headlines again. And if I and if I keep him suspended, and I say to him look its best for all of us that you're not coming back here. We'll keep you suspended. We'll pay you. But I don't see the positive of this the so by bringing him back, then you're saying, hey, he's not responsible for any of this. Well, he is whether it's hands on or by proxy. This is your strength and conditioning. Coach who ran your your your workouts? You hired him. He's your guy. You can't separate the two. Trust me. The second most important person in a college program is the coach in strength and conditioning. Coach. In if you're the head coach, your DJ jerkin, the reason why you get paid what you get paid. Is. You assume own responsibilities that that goes with your title? You know, you get paid for this. You get paid when you win. You get blamed when you lose there's buyouts there's bonuses. There's all of this. So you can't all of a sudden pick and choose and say, well, no you not involved in this. And I don't I don't like pointing fingers in certainly Maryland football. But I I just can't imagine what this must be like for the family of that boy who died and you're going to go. Yeah. He's hey, not head coach. All right. Anybody else lose their jobs? You can't admit that there's culpability because you're worried about a lawsuit. Hey, we got budgetary concerns here. So you're the university losing money. Yeah. Could you see a scenario where the disgruntled players on the team and some of already joined Twitter and are set stuff on Twitter. Do some type of protests or some type of walkout out a big game this weekend. Michigan state at home. Their biggest game of the year at home. You know, what this has become must see TV just for the start of the game, in my opinion that normally you wouldn't watch Maryland play anybody, and the fact that Maryland's playing Michigan state at home after this. And I'm wondering what these kids, and I was asked if I was in college, and I was nineteen or twenty. I don't know if I'd have the backbone to do it. But as a football player and football team in what are you going to do? What should you do? What's the right thing to do? Because somebody's going to say, well, you know, Jordan McNair would want us to play or you know, what we should do something in his honor in his memory. So it's it's not an easy answer. And these kids have had enough thrust upon them that I don't want to put that on top of this like, you gotta do something whatever they do. They're going to do it for their reasons. The right reasons as a team as a teammate, but. Not going away. Not gonna win already NFL trade deadline. We talked to Peter King about this. If you missed any of the interviews you can go to the app, go to Dan, Patrick dot com. We talked about golden Tate Texans getting various Thomas Dante Fowler going to the Rams. I think all of these were great pickups for these teams. Really do. I like the Rams especially with Fowler. Got a guy who can rush the passer. Golden Tate is still good is, you know, he had lost the shine a little bit because you know, Kenny golladay became the number one guy in Detroit and to marry his Thomas helps the Texans now that gives you, you know, a a Robin to Batman with the Andrei Hopkins college football rankings. Bama, Clemson LSU Notre Dame. And then you've got Michigan Georgia, Oklahoma. Who's the team that's going to be out on the outside looking in and Ohio State still has a chance here because if you beat Michigan he still going to have a chance in your Ohio State, Georgia Kentucky this weekend. That sneaky good as well. The rockets are now one in five. Five and I would think there's a little bit more concern there because they were so close last year, it feels like they're so they're farther away from winning a championship than they were. And do you go after Jimmy Butler? Now, can you get Jimmy Butler? If four first round picks aren't gonna you're gonna have to give up somebody, and that's what they don't want to do. But if I'm Minnesota, I don't give up Jimmy Butler for just the draft picks. I need somebody now. Absolutely ardy. We say good morning to our radio and TV partners. Phone calls are always welcome. Eight seven seven three DP show, Email address teepee, Dan, Patrick dot com. Say good morning to direct TV the audience network channel two thirty nine the MDC sports network and our great radio Phillies around the country. Mclovin is not here. This segment he is putting on his Halloween costume, right? After the break. We'll bring him out. He said that he could only wear it about eight seconds because he then thinks he's going to die. Do we know anything about this polling zero he his tone is used his MO as you say seventies or eighties athlete, usually kind of obscure? Okay. I walked by the bathroom. And I and he was he I could hear him trying to stuff things into a constume grunting. Yes. So I I I'm not not quite it. Gimme a guest here. Anybody gotta guess who. Mclovin is going to go. Seton has no clue Pauling any clue here. I went back in the back to see if he had brought in some gear, and I didn't see anything. He's been. He's been pretty clandestine about this. I can ABA player. Uniform, but he can't breathe. I know that's the K tight uniform. Maybe that could be tight uniform. You're right mascot, maybe for got an idea that Phoenix Suns gorilla or something. Like that. We give away who just got didn't Philadelphia team. Just get a new mascot. All fires. The flyers got that weird googly eyes. Guess I like that guess long that could be an orange tree monster whatever that is more phone calls coming up, by the way, max last night much in buffalo. Miami of Ohio. It was awesome. I think they had five touchdowns in the first. I dunno eighteen minutes of the game. It was great. It was fun. It was one of those where I'm watching. So here it is Tuesday night. And my wife comes down to the basement because I'm sitting there by myself and she goes football on Tuesday. And I go, yes. And then she goes who is it. I said. Buffalo in Miami of Ohio. And then she goes, whatever. And she just kept walking. Like, oh now, you don't get it. I got action baby. You ready for some action? Yes. I was actually I tell we'll take a break. Mclovin. We'll have the big unveil here. If you're watching on NBC sports network direct TV audience network channel two thirty nine fourteen after the hour back after this. Hey listeners this college football season. Remember that a little exaggeration makes every story more intensity like dose AKIs the beer used to water every college football field in America. But don't take it from us. Take it from legendary football coach, les miles. 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He can't see first of all say you also whispered to me that he can't hear. So what kind of communication you're going to have with professor gritty can the side. Would you put that head on? Definitely not. Okay. Too many bad member. That would be breathe. Can I take it off? Yes, you can. Well done mclovin who guests who gets the Philadelphia Flyers Seton? But a cleaned up version, but he looks like a crazy overweight drug addict coffin, and this is a if he got his act together if he cleaned up his act if he went into rehab, e would look like you I got some Email here. Some great Email, and I always appreciate the input that the audience provides. This is from Clint, I'm an attorney in Pennsylvania, the retaining of the head coach at Maryland can't be a decision because of fear of possible lawsuit. There is a rule of evidence that says a correcting measure can't be used in court to imply guilt. So any lawsuit wouldn't even be able to mention that. He was fired. This is from Isaac Barkley who says I do not disagree at all. But I think you've gotta follow. The paper trail Maryland is still paying Randy edsels, currently the second highest paid state employees boosters are contributing to salaries so adding DJ Dirk in to that list isn't necessarily a good look they're hoping he takes another job or leaves on his own at the end of the season. So that money doesn't have to be paid horrible move. Because it tells the players and families that Maryland only cares about money, which is something we already know about college sports, my kids wouldn't play there. And I love the school. Thank you Isaac. This is from Monte DP new angle possible. Possibly the reinstatement of DJ Durkan would provide him the opportunity to retire. Which would save on the payout. If he's fired possibly the university. Said you retire and save face the we're will fire you with. 'cause in you in court if needed. It's. Guess not a simple solution here. I'm just curious what the legal ramifications are because that's what this is. If there was no lawsuit. There was not money big money attached to this would Maryland have kept DJ Durkan and the answer is no in my opinion. So if you're doing it to protect yourself with lawsuits shame on you. But I think that that's probably what's happening. We'll talk to Chris Simms. He'll join us coming up. Get his thoughts on this as well. Eight seven seven three DP show, Brandon in North Carolina joins us, Brandon. When he had for me today. Dan, what I have for you is they proposal. Okay. Now, it doesn't have good elect today. You guys you're talking about yesterday. But I was interested in Luca Pagliuca Don chick year for what are you guys with the field? Shower. Shane a shower of does anybody wanna piece of Brandon and North Carolina shower shame. He takes Luca, Don Shik, and you guys can have everybody else. Mclovin. I'm silly that twain Haskins for the Heisman versus the field bet. So I think that's one too many. All right. Paulie, Luca Dante's, averaging twenty points, six rebounds, four assists. Trae young nineteen points, three rebounds, six and a half assist. The Andre eight and seventeen points, ten rebounds or assist in a block those big four Baddeley's in there. And that's about it. Okay. Does anybody wanna piece of this bet with Brandon North Carolina? Anybody anybody mclovin, I'll jump in just for the juice. Okay. I mean, it's a syllable big field against them. Right. The andrea. Yeah. What do you think damn Whitson lies bet here? I think de'andre Aden's going to continue to put up, you know, good numbers. But Luca Danni Chik, man. I think he's he showed that he's he's here. He's ready to play h nineteen. So there you go Brandon. We we got a bet. All right, Dan. Just real quick. I do have what could be the net the sour of shame. Okay, eastern Europe. Big I work in a brewery. So the shower of shame. We'll be on a Monday, you get a five gallon bucket of spent grain you leave that out till Friday outside in the sun rain dog p whatever. And that's what will be dumped on mclovin or that's a little harsh there. I mean, we don't need dog urine on you. But I you know, whatever happens to it. Thank you Brendan. Thank you. Yeah. Right. So you're signed up there. This is a tough one. He's got a great chance. I mean, he's thirty six years old and say, he's no we had more Cuban on. And he said that there were couple of a racer marks there on his verse ticket. But he does believe that Luca Danni chick is nineteen. He should be your favorite player. Fritzy? Oh, that's not necessary. Lusa donncha. Got a stat of the day here seating. If you'll hit the music. Games with over ten three pointers all time. Steph curry has six of those Klay Thompson to then it's Kobe kyri Donyell Marshall Dennis Scott JR Smith and Darren Williams all with one dental tire stat of the day. I was wondering about this. What if at the end of the year, Golden State was playing a bad team and the coach on the other team said, hey to Steve Kirk you don't want. Let's see what your guys can do in a game. Like, go out and have fun. I don't care. Yeah. Put it on my guys, you know, because what would Klay Thompson scored the other night. What would Steph curry of scored earlier this year when he had fifty and three quarters sixty five. Is somebody somebody going to approach Eighty-one at any point? And who would be the guy that you would give the green light. If you just said one guys get the green light now with Klay Thompson, you sort of have to feel him out. You know is he hitting a shot because you went from that Knicks game when I watched and I went his, no, he's no no clue with his jumper, and even CLYDE Frazier said it he's in his head comes out and has that performance. But wouldn't you want to see just how great Golden State could be in one game against a really bad too? And you don't want to run the risk of rubbing it in. And then somebody takes shot at you. Because that that's really, you know, but Koby put up eighty one against Toronto and it was a competitive game. So wouldn't a blowout? Did you see where Jalen rose was in Los Angeles at the I believe the Lakers game. And Laker fans were chanting eighty one eighty one eighty on and Jalen didn't guard covy the whole time. Didn't Jalen talk about that. He goes. I mean, we all guarded him or at least try to guarding their Channing Eighty-one eighty one eighty one. Chris Simms Bleacher report NFL analyst former NFL quarterback. And of course, co host with Mike Florio with pro football talk live joining us this program brought to you by the twenty eighteen Reseda AM G E class with a suite of innovative technologies. It's one of the most intelligent cars on the road. Go to NBA USA dot com or visit local dealership. Schedule a test drive today. Chris good morning. Thanks for joining us. We'll get through the NFL in a moment. What do you make of what's happening with Maryland bringing back DJ Durkan? You know, it's a it's a weird situation altogether. I can't say Dan that I've followed it all that closely. I think the listen, I it's unfortunate situation where you would think there would be better protocol and things like that in place. But to me, you know, again, I'm not going to sit there and say that, you know, coach Durkin should never been able to coach again in the NFL or coaching college football ever again. But I will say this that, you know, the whole college like you got to work until you puke and all that old school thinking, it's gotta go it's stupid and their needs. That's why there needs to be almost like the NFL. Will you have like that third party doctor on the sideline there needs to be somebody like that around college football programs during off season training and things like that? Because I've seen that kind of stuff at Texas not that anybody came close to death. But you know, I it's oh, you know, you're not tough unless you're throwing. Up or you know, you're going and pushing yourself till you can't go anymore. It's a stupid way to train first of all sciences already proven that why do you train guys to work like that? When the sports about four second explosions, it's just outdated stupid from that standpoint. Dan, I guess that's my take more than anything and you practice in the heat, and I mentioned the strengthened conditioning coach might be the second most important person on a football staff, but aside from the head coach and the head coach is the one who brings him in right? Yes. Exactly. Right. That's that's the head. Coach is you're you're right. I mean, I think he's the second most important guy and just about any college football program. And yes, he's usually a guy that is extremely well trusted by the head coach. And you know, also I'd say to that too about the outdated training methods. You know, it just Wh-why is it offense lineman running and doing all that like wide receivers and running backs. Like, you know, hey, a rhino doesn't have the same skill set as a cheetah. So why would we expect it to be able to? Do the same things. I think I think that's the thing that drives me crazy even thinking about back to my day or even now when I see high school practices or anything like that. I just go just makes no sense that it offense alignment is expected to run and have the same endurance at all of that of a wide receiver who's, you know, six foot one hundred and eighty pounds and has like seven percent body fat couple NFL things here with the trade deadline. I know we love to do winners and losers here. And and a lot of times we do winners and losers with draft picks. But I always say I got to wait three years to find out or four years if I won or lost with a draft pick with a trade deadline golden Tate's gonna play right away. Dante Fowler right away to marry his Thomas right away. So let's assess it in real time who who was the big winner yesterday. I look at the eagles is the big winner. I I think the golden Tate move was phenomenal by Philadelphia. And I know that Philadelphia, oh we wanted to Sean Jackson and all that. Or are they needed a steep guy? First of all, golden Tate. It has a lot of speed still. He's still is explosive has incredible acceleration. You know, he's a typo player, Dan that you're seeing more and more at the wide receiver position in the NFL, which I call wide receivers that are in running back bodies. Right. And he I look at the eagles this year. I don't think they're going to get back to what they were last year in the run game. Why should they were one of the best one teams in football this year there somewhere around twentieth and football running Jason Peters being in and out of the lineup. They're always having to meet a lane Johnson being hurt. I think they're going to have to depend on Carson Wentz and his right arm more this year, then last year, and golden Tate can do all those little tyreek hill things that you see Eddie redo in Kansas City. He can do the speed sweeps. You could toss sweep them like you. So Dowell Patterson would the New England Patriots last week. But I do think he brings great value. And I think, you know, with Nelson Aguilar, and of course, alshon Jeffery who's the big target on. The outside. But I and Tate will be a great combination. Yeah, they're similar players in theory. But I think Kate is more dangerous in space or making plays happen with the ball in his sand. After the catch that that's the one. I'm most excited about also. Because I look at the eagles too is, you know, I don't think they played their best football yet this year. And I think there are a team that's still a Super Bowl contender in my eyes. And if they get in the playoffs I'd say watch out in the NFC if I gave you the Rams of the field in the NFC. Yeah. Who you taking? Ooh. I would probably take the field. But that would be really tough. I mean, it's a close one. But I have so much respect for Sean Payton down in New Orleans and their style of football. And what we've seen them do just here in the last few weeks. You know, they're they're a team. You know, it doesn't matter anymore. Drew brees. Oh, he's gotta be in the dome to win playoff games. You know, drew Brees is phenomenal. But there are team that showed over the last two weeks. They can win a number of different ways. They really kind of not offense align special that defense allies got three first round picks on it, and Sean Payton how tough his teams are and his ability to game plan. I think is a factor in that. And then the NFC is just so talented to and the other factor. I throw into that with against the field is the Rams, you know, as you know, are still a very young football team and learning their way. So that's why I would say the field. But I still think the Rams either favorite if I gave you the patriots of the field. Ooh, good question. I think. Who New England Patriots are the field. I would go with the field this year. I would I don't think the patriots are slam dunk to come out of the AFC this year. I still think that if Kansas City somehow got New England come into Kansas City in January is going to be extremely tough on the New England Patriots. You know, I look at the Houston Texans as a team that gets into playoffs with that front if they can stay healthy. And to Shawn Watson the way they'll run the football. They could be dangerous. I think the chargers are dangerous. So, you know, again, New England New England would be my pick as the best team in the AFC. But I think I would still take the field that a close one. They're the best, quote, you how about your opinion. I want to hear yours. Well, I picked the saints in chargers to play in the Super Bowl. So we were thinking alike. Yeah. I I picked the saints in the Steelers. I had the chargers go into AFC championship game. But okay, I I like it. Then you the man does lay on bell play for the Steelers this year. Yes. He will play for the Steelers. I I do think that will happen. I, you know, they're not gonna resend his franchise tag or do something like that. Why? So he can go down and sign with the Philadelphia Eagles, and they can hear about it in their home state or signs with the Baltimore Ravens. And then gets into play. Also, that's certainly not happening anything like that. I do think he'll play. I don't think you're gonna see a good Levy on built. So the very end of the season, and he'll be in prime shape for the playoff. But, you know, hey, James got her is doing a great job there. And I think bells probably probably every bit as excited as James Connor that he's doing that. You know, one of the big things. Well, be bell. Doesn't wanna come back. It didn't wanna come back 'cause he didn't want to be beaten into the ground, but you know, four hundred and fifty touches this year to where it hurts future value, and he's being a businessman, but I think he'll be back there eventually talking to Chris Simms from pro football talk live co host with Mike Florio Bleacher report NFL analyst a best wing costume. Do you ever? Go dressed as your dad for Halloween. No. No. I mean, gosh, I looked just like I dressed like him every day. I guess I couldn't get away from people couldn't even remember my name, Dan. I mean, they just call still or little Phil. Even when it got to the NFL you. I'd get sacked in a NFL game. And you know, the referee even look at me, you, okay? Still, okay. Yeah. So I didn't need address this. Okay. All right. Sorry. Sensitive still sensitive. I'm not sensitive at all not says the best quarterback in New England. This sunday. We'll be. Oh, you just want like, well, you know, my thoughts on Aaron Rodgers. I think he's the greatest of all time. But I think that statistically would all said and done who's the best quarterback Sunday. Yeah. I I gotta go with Tom Brady there. I just because of the you know, the parts around him. It's just too hard on Aaron Rodgers. It's always having to do it all himself. You know, you've heard me say many times that that offense is scheme in Green Bay is, you know, kindergarten math compared to what New England does advanced algebra, and well why allow that to happen? He's he's got more power in there in that organization than Mike McCarthy, does doesn't he I I mean? Yes, probably, but you know, again Rogers, this is the environment. He grew up in, you know, I always say this to Mike Florio. He doesn't know what he doesn't know. Right. He's watching New England film and going dead. How these guys get doing? What is this? And you know, unfortunately, Green Bay still run. Running the same offense. But fall right in nineteen Ninety-seven. And you know, like you saw last week Wade Phillips I watched that film yesterday. I mean, it was like he knew the plays that were coming. Sometimes. There was nobody open, and it's just Rogers having to make magic too much. I just I know if the Packers don't make the playoffs finished. It's over it's over. Let's go Mike McCarthy that yes, it has to it. Either has to go or he has to bring in a new fresh offense of mind, that's outside of the realm of, you know, west coast guys, you know, I know they brought Joe Philbin back, but you know, wolf d- freaking dill Joe Philbin. Was there before it's the same old, crappy ideas? How would how would ra- Rogers do in a New England system? Well, I'll I'll I mean, you know, of course, I think he would do phenomenal. And I I know Brady, you know, I saw a quote from Ian, O'Connor a few weeks ago on Twitter that you know, Brady told some defensive coordinator in the NFL that oh my gosh. If Aaron Rodgers played here in New England Heathrow for seven thousand yards every year. You know? Yeah. I mean, you know, again, I'm not trying to knock Tom Brady. People think I'm Tom Brady hater, and I just think he's absolutely phenomenal. And he's an all ways. I really do. But Aaron Rogers to me is like he's Michael Jordan. That is Michael Jordan. He's he is in another world. I just go. It's the strongest arm ever the quickest released ever he's excuse me. He's one of the best scramblers ever. Hey, he's the quickest forty thousand yards and three touchdowns. He's the greatest gunslinger we've ever seen and nobody protects the ball better interception to touchdown ratio. Then Aaron Rodgers second on that list is Brady at three two one and Rogers is at four to one. That's just that's I think that's speaks to the incredible talent. And Aaron Rodgers has it. I'm not trying to take anything away from Tom Brady of Boston the Boston, mafia. Oh, come after me. I still walked on Brady. Trying to keep what do you think Brady out in Halloween? Oh, like king-size everything, you know, king size and probably like some New England Fennell you would like an autograph or something like that. Autographed. Picture. He can't give candy. Whoa. You're right. And like all the very healthy, organic and. Out steamed vegetables. Yes. It like organic granola. You know? That's why you saw you gotta give the autograph picture of. Yeah. Go they're like man that's Tom Brady, but this candy stinks. So you gotta give a picture to go along with it. With a signed autographs did your dad feel extra pressure to give out? Better candy growing up. Still still does Dan still does dad is like he's built this aura in and he will have a line going up his driveway tonight. And my sister is in charge. And she spends thousands of dollars on the in. My dad gets great pride at knowing. He had the best Halloween. You know, give her in Franklin lakes, New Jersey. Nice. Yeah. Thank you talk to you soon. All right. That's Chris Simms. Pro football talk live co host and Bleacher report NFL analyst former NFL quarterback. He gave you a you man to man. Yes, mclovin. He went a little system quarterback there. I'd never I I'd heard that. Aaron Rodgers is not a system quarterback. Right. But he's saying that quote, the Tom Brady said that air Rogers would dominate in my system. That's interesting. He would. Would every quarterback dominate in that system? Because we go back to my argument with a west coast offense with Montana and Steve Young. And then you brought in Jim Druckenmiller or Elvis Gurbachan. They didn't become great quarterbacks. So you can have a system in place. I need you to be able to run the system. Yes, mccollum. I totally understand all this era. Dresses, rewritten the record book in this system at when did this system, become bad and this system resuscitate Brett farve career? Like, it's hats it worked for Joe Montana. Why west coast became so all that? Do you think he has the pieces around him? I do rookie receivers. Green Bay has done a disservice. Aaron Rodgers I believe personnel live or scheme was personal and perhaps scheme wise. But I would I would defer to those who have played the sport to tell me differently on that. But I think they've done a disservice to him. I think we'll look back on the Rogers era like if you gave him Ben Rothlisberger town. Don't you think Rogers is doing more with that? He's going to have one Super Bowl to show for his career perhaps and people still make the argument. He's the greatest quarterback of all time. Now, he's the most talented quarterback. You can make that argument. Can I say he's the greatest quarterback of all time? I don't think he can. Yeah. Mclovin. But the it'd be he's put up better numbers than any quarterback in history. Arguably so it's not the offense defense is never stepped up to match them. Yeah. I mean, he's got the those guys make the weapons don't they Brady never has anybody. I mean Brady's receivers have been kind of a mishmash. Yeah. And I think that's that's a credit to getting the right people putting him in the right places. They took chances. They took chances on gronk with his bad back. That's why didn't go first round Aaron Hernandez. We know the baggage he had that's why he didn't go first round their first round talent. But some of the other wide receivers like Kevin Faulk became irreplaceable until James white came on board here, but they take Dion Lewis and make him a star HOGAN, they take him off the scrap heap amendola. You know, nobody heard of element before. So I have to give credit to the the the entire system. There of drafting those players to understand what their roles are going to be. I mean, it's phenomenal. It really is that it's, you know, interchangeable parts every single year feels like, and it's almost like degree of difficulty. When we started this season. I said man they've done it again where you just bring in some of these guys, and you can say all right, Tom, go make it work. You know, but they did go all in on Sony. Michelle using a first round pick on him, which I thought was eye opening because I'm on how Bella check went all in on a skill position guy because he always it always feels like he can go. Let me see who. Can I pick up this guy Rex Burkhead? Yeah. Who is Joan gray was that his name Jonas Jonas gray. He had that great that they cut him because he was like layoff by five minute. I know. Yeah. Seton? And that's actually what opened the door to Dion Lewis. I think was Jonas gray is late for a meeting. So they benched him and put in and put in Dion. All right. We'll come back last call for phone calls. What we learn. What's in store? Tomorrow. We did find out that Jared Goff was scheduled for Thursday, not Wednesday. And he will join us tomorrow. Definitely will be part of. Thank you, John. We'll come back after this support for the show comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. Let's talk about buying a home. It could be one of the most important purchases you'll ever make. But today's fluctuating interest rates can leave you with unexpected higher payments, which can turn a great experience and anxious one. That's why curriculum created exclusive Powell buying process. 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Licensed fifty states, let's consumer access dot org. Number three zero three. Oh, it's the Lakers are officially here on the official Lakers podcast on podcast one sports, neck joint. Emmy award winning sports reporters Suzy Shuster until host Aaron Larson as they discussed the Lakers news of the day and break down the upcoming season. With some of the biggest guests around including shack magic and the new king of LA. Lebron James check out the official Lakers podcast every week on podcast one sports net or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of ABC news headlines, right after this podcast. Now is the time to visit Florida court to get that floor of your dreams. For a limited time, we're offering special financing for eighteen months on purchases of my ninety nine or more. Choose from the largest insects election at guaranteed, everyday low prices top floors rock bottom prices into credit offer to help you complete that project. Offer ends ten twenty one eighteen visit Florida court today or Florida core dot com promotional financing available with forty four credit card accounts offered by community capital Bank, which she turns Paul's occasions for credit informational eligibility monthly payments required. Last call for phone calls following plans. Anybody? You guys got young ones. You got little ones. Mclovin has little ones. Paulie going out Turkey tree. Yeah. Holding the hands making sure they don't run on the street. All that could. Okay. But who is manning the house though, when you have trick or treaters coming? I think we do the the honor system. Honorable. Yeah. Which is dangerous. Didn't that sound like that should be a bowl game? The honorable the honorable who when weedy then the pull. Yeah, honorable. Yes. He yes, stay home. And my wife takes my son out with a bunch of his friends in the house. I remember the first time because I was working second shift tonight. I was never around for Halloween, and my wife said you gotta take a Halloween off. And I said all right. I'll take a Halloween off it's sportscenter and just walking around with the kids. I mean, it's great because I mean, they they go it doesn't matter if you're walking with them. But they go crazy where the, you know, going house to house, and, you know, all of a sudden, it's you bring the pillow Kate because I said, why don't you get a pillowcase Nagel? Why would we? Put the candy in the pillowcase. I said you can carry more in the pillowcase because they wanted to have like these little date t little bags like, oh, no, no, no pillowcase, man. Yeah. For and then they get so excited when they get that jumbo candy bar, and at the end of the night, the poor everything out on the table or on the floor, and they're doing little trades with siblings of friends, you know, things when likes more than the other. I do drive bys though with like, my well, my son took inventory, so. Of all his candy because he then the next day go three bay, Bruce. Wait a minute. There's supposed to be to Snickers only one here. And then I guard I took when I was the best though. Yeah. You lay it all out and sort of got five kit cats. Here's we know. And then whenever you knew as a kid that somebody gave out something great. Then word got around the neighborhood. Oh, you gotta start. You gotta stop at the Thorpe's. Then they got great stuff. That branded you as the rich family in town where if you live in a middle class area or lower middle class area, the people give out full size. It's like, oh, what's what's going on there? So we've got to raise we gave out embarrassing candy. We did we did like it's it's we gave out stuff that we didn't even take Mike my brothers and sisters. We didn't take right now. We don't we don't want it. It's like my dad's beer, it was, you know, never spending money on beer. So we never took it. Would it be improper if I fired up the traeger and gave people like a little mini hotdogs and great awesome kids at like it. That'd be great warm in your belly this. Yeah. Little weenies here. Do that get a little hot chocolate too? Little pigs in a blanket sippers. Yeah. You could make hot chocolate on trigger. Fritzy, are you trick or treating their drinker treat grown? I I did. But my son's too old to do that. Now in my I found out yesterday my daughter's going to a friend's neighborhood. So just a wife. Hanging out by the front door waiting for the kids to show it's over. It's really depressing. I really looked forward to you know, going out there and watching them, you know, bounce around from one to the other. That's if you go out alone. It's a little creepy. Just letting you know, I couldn't go trick or treating or just walking with other kids. Either my flashlight that would be a little bizarre. What did you learn today? A final results of the poll question. I make love. Okay. It was out. What was the most valuable player trade yesterday? Golden Tate ran away with close. What did you? Learn today ton Peter King and Chris Simms. Think if the Packers that make the playoffs. They wouldn't be surprised if Mike McCarthy is gone. What you learn today. Mclovin. Chris says eh Rogers is kind of the Michael Jordan of football. See no, Connor. What did you learn today? He'll bell. Check probably a lights out kind of guy on Halloween. Yeah. I don't think the lights are on lights out early. Yeah. No, unless his girlfriend he didn't marry her right? That that's not as new I don't think. So no say probably she might be handing out the the big time candy Hollywood Euler flyers mascot gradients to you. What gritty what did? I learn today for NFL teams. We'll take a close look at Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley at seasons end what we learned brought to you by truecar car shopping can be confusing terms like dealer price list price, invoice to court shows, you would other people paid for the car you want. You can recognize a good price when you're ready to buy new or used car, visit truecar to enjoy more confident car buying experience. Jared Goff of the Rams will join us tomorrow. The then. Have you checked out the big podcast with shack here podcast one? Yeah, we talked basketball. But we're a lot more than just sports this lady she's to be seven. It's new everything about me, everything sports. And she says, I love your podcast. But I hate that John. Listen free to the big podcast with shack exclusively on apple podcasts, podcast, one dot com and the podcast one app. If you loved the show share it with a friend and leave us a rating and review now is the time to visit Florida court to get that floor of your dreams. 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I just can't even imagine what our founders would be thinking to see a president to take the oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. And then abuse that sadly, the funerals continue today in Pittsburgh, three more victims of Saturday's synagogue shootings will be buried today. A massive search effort has identified the possible location of the crashed Indonesian jetliner in the Jarvis. See as experts carry out the grim task of identifying dozens of body parts recovered from the fifteen mile wide search area the World Series champion Boston Red Sox parade through Boston. In today. I'm Rita Foley lay.

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