The State of the Cannabis Industry with Leafly's Bruce Barcott


We are pro. Cannabis media. Hi Ruin welcome to a very special edition of we'd talk now I'm Jimmy Young the founder of cannabis media and I'm in the founder of cannabis dot net and we are very happy to be joined by Bruce Barkat whose the editor of lethally DOT com. He's also the author of a very popular book called lead the People Bruce Thank you so much for joining us tonight out in the great northwest of Washington. State House it. How is it out there? is fantastic. Thanks for having me guys. Welcome to my mobile office This is working in the pandemic. I- emergency came up with my kids today. So I am I'm set a ready to go got good strong, WIFI going and it's a beautiful day out here. It's must be in the mid seventies and sunny. So we're all we're all good. Maybe the place to be in the United States with all the different humidity and heat that's been plaguing the United States during this era of climate change. But let's let's jump right into the cannabis conversation. First of all I wanNA give you Kudos I have this philosophy in policy that I only interview authors if I read their books so I got your book I read it and I couldn't put it down I really enjoyed it and and what's amazing to me about that book Bruce Is it was written five years ago. Have we made some progress in five years or what? We have made amazing progress. A funny thing is it came out. Out Almost, eight years since I started it and when I started the book, this was twenty, early, two, thousand, thirteen and. Things were still very shaky. I mean Colorado and Washington State had just passed. Don't use legalization and we weren't even sure if that was going to be happening if. Ads were going to allow the states to roll this out and try it fortunately they did it's been a wild success and. Now, we're we're sitting here with eleven states with legal recreational cannabis plus Washington DC We're looking at possibly adding a few more This fall was November election, and honestly when I started writing that book, one of the reasons I wrote the book was I. was. I really. Didn't have a dog in the hunt like I. I was very much on the line in terms of voting for legalization, and when we passed the measure as a writer, I was really curious to see what happens like was this going to be something? We're very proud of in twenty years or was this sort of going to be an embarrassing flop and? fortunately, it's been not a flop at all and I'm sitting here. Now you know an editor. and very proud to be a part of this this change in history. You brought it up, Bruce that November the election, where do you stay in again, I'll throw it out there your prediction on federal legalization. Interesting points brought up today by our by Senator Markey on a show saying if the Democrats get the House and the Senate bill legalize even if Biden tries to veto, give me your prediction on federal legalisation. I think. I think the votes are there in the house like that's not a question The question is the Senate the SENATE TENDS TO BE A. Much older generation and I think one of the things that we've learned over the years with cannabis on cannabis tissues and cannabis legalisation is that there's a certain amount of split between the Democrats and the Republicans Democrats tend to favor legalization Republicans tend to not. But honestly, it really is one of the few actual bi partisan issues and we've seen you know there are a number of Democrats really don't like legalization and I think you know Biden is. One of them but there are very powerful senator still in positions of power who are Democrats, senator, Dianne Feinstein of of California's one that comes to mind who has just been a even though her state has really progressed over the years. She really she sold her hold her nose and kind of allows allows us how maybe it's OK California's legalized So think the Senate will be a topper South L. I actually believe that if If the two houses can pass a legalization measure that Biden will sign it, he won't like it but I think he will sign it. I don't see the the reasoning for him to veto it. Other than sort of like a personal dislike and like come on that's that's that's Berry nineteen, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, nine, hundred, ninety. So I'm I'm hoping he can get over that. Is Trump or by in better for cannabis starting in twenty twenty, twenty, twenty, twenty, one if you just had to pick up somebody I. Think. Yeah honestly. In the year two thousand, twenty I don't think it's any equipment I think Biden is much much much better for cannabis and for progress in the movement I think four years ago it was a legitimate question. As to whether trump or Hillary Clinton just on the issue of cannabis was going to be. Better and allow more progress to happened because of the Hillary Clinton was very much a part of that old line mainstream democratic, party, that that tended to They found success in the nineties by being tough on crime, and that meant, you know moving forward and pushing the the the notorious crime bill and these sorts of measures and Hillary was not a big fan of legalization trump on the other hand back in two thousand sixteen. As with so many issues he was vague very cagey of. With the medical I don't like the the the the recreational. As we've seen over the past three and a half years. There've been so many instances where his administration actually took a really strong steps to undermine legalization with Jeff sessions rescinding the call memo. We've seen we've seen recently this whole bizarre thing with with attorney general bar going after like these small time. that. That was that was nuts anyway, just stuff like that has been going on. I would read I. Think the only thing I say that exact same answer to people am my only but in there would be. At Least Hillary was a Democrat and Bernie would've been somewhere in her cabinet and we might have got progress it. Of course. No, one saw jeff sessions coming. Right. One hundred percent of what you said accepted Lee's Bernie would have been a higher level pushing buttons but we'd never got there. Hey I gotta I gotTA interrupt for second be back to something you said because it definitely kind of lit a fire under me. You said that the Democrats were using that tough on crime mantra. Haven't we now seen what tough on crime really means isn't that just bailed racism isn't that what those whole black lives matter thing is about the law enforcement people that were going to be tough on crime were targeting people of color because it was easy to stop them, Frisk them and Ooh look there actually carrying a little joint let's foam in jail for their lives. Yes. Absolutely. I mean that's that's very clear. I. Think you know. We've seen a number of layers of the onion being peeled back, right like one of the obvious layers is with the introduction of smartphones and cameras in all of our pocket, and now we actually see the police brutality that is is basically practiced upon people of color especially, specifically black people in America. So we see that with our eyes and I think with cannabis one of the real points of data that we got was was. Was a few years ago with the at really landmark ACLU report that came out and showed that lacked people were arrested for cannabis at four times. The rate of white people issue average nationwide, even though use and consumption of cannabis was essentially the same between black people white people have you dive into that report some of the some states and counties are ridiculous. It's like ten times as much twelve times as much. And I think for for people like me and many others that was. Wild that's that's really a shocking statistic that I can't be argued away and I think. For? Most people? Who are trying to learn and understand what's going on today and really doing a lot of reflection and thinking. About the the tough on crime deal in the nineties was just has been a disaster. The problem is I think that that for a person like Biden. He's been pretty comfortable since the ninety s his Sin Sita's Mary comfortable. This challenge there and he really hasn't had to think about cannabis in the way that you know like the three of us and many of your your your viewers and listeners. Have thought about it and so it's GonNa, take some time to move him along I. Think there are people who are were were actively doing that right now we need. We need to take those steps I, think many of us took over the last years we take him we need him to take those steps quickly. Absolutely You know the article that you posted on June second really hit home for me Bruce and it was one of the reasons why I wanted to talk with you. I was so moved by it was I keep reading it and saying yeah. Yeah. This guy gets it. This guy understands it at here we are in a historic time. Did I ever think in a million years that cannabis and race relations would actually be tied together in a progressive movement and it's happening right in front of us with an opportunity. Now for a new industry to actually help restore some sense of normalcy in our economy and in our lives I mean I can't believe I live to see this day. Let alone what might happen in a few months. I totally agree and one of the things that I try to do Both in person and in in social media, and in the things that are right right now is I have two kids You know once once eighteen and wants twenty one and they're very active in what's going on right now right and I'm the old guy and and we have a lot of great conversations about that and we had a great one a few weeks ago where we were talking about. are are the difference in our roles in what we could do affect change at a said look you know one of the greatest things if you guys want to do it is go out by all means. Go protests raise a fuss in the streets. But no for me. I'm in a position like as enter leafy right now, I'm one of the guys coup in a way you're protesting against like those signs are meant for me. I need to I need to change my practices and really take give more thought to things like. Where am I drawing my writing pool from who the voices that are speaking on leafy? Who Are we speaking to the assumptions that we're making and that ripple through the entire cannabis industry everything from Re, who's WHO's getting the licenses to open shops and grow facilities to WHO's being employed, and who's being locked out of the industry by some of the early laws where we kind of you know it was we made things too difficult for many people who have been formerly incarcerated to come into the industry that had essentially been built on on their backs, and so those are a lot of the things that were. I know I'm thinking about reflecting on right now and that is something that's that's happening company-wide lethally it's a I really been kind of proud of our company is is is taking this seriously. In. The future media and cannabis right now, his canvas dot net and are in the similar space and you guys fed layoffs and we'd mafs layoffs. Is, the future going to be at some point, the lease, the maps, the cannabis dot net, where we can process and water in create the revenue saved from a vertical integration whether we're shipping it or I always argue that media sites rate now the ugly stepchild. But as soon as that federal law changes and we become Cinderella because we're the top of every sales funnel will we can get a lead for an order for Because you're content ranked so well or a user can see up. is their thoughts that And of course, part of what would be your orders I guess would go with privateer till ray but is there a goal at some point to just sell weed? Oddly That I that I don't know. The honestly, like I'm a I, don't think there's a there's a plan for us to become a a retailer anytime anytime soon and you know we're we started out as being a wholly-owned subsidiary of of privateer holdings which also spun out and created children. We at this really have no connection to chill rain and raise up in. Canada. So that's that's like they're kind of our our long lost sibling like when they do all great, but it really doesn't have much effect on us. So in terms of media, it's it's it's fascinating I think right now we're in a position that is is is similar to so much other mainstream media where we're all trying to figure out how to produce good journalism, grow accurate information and. Draw paycheck like we're all trying to figure out the monetization game. Out Streets right here. You just pointed everyone on the creek. Her. Support and Support Him all right on right. But I. Don't know the here's the thing I think that there is an unknown in terms of what may happen when federal legalisation does come. What may happen in terms of the special niche that we all occupier right now and we occupy in part because everybody else's scared occupy it. Mainstream places are really scared. You know I mean I think you know a place like politico has done a really good job of hiring smart people and letting them just cover cannabis like another beach, but we still see I mean. The New York Times still covers. It s sort of like a giggle fast. It's like, Oh, it's still Kinda Kinda funny. What they're doing out with with cannabis and California you know and you know there's a story a about how edibles it sold really well, what a surprise it was not a surprise to the rest of us, right? So I think that there still is there still will be a place for media that. Handles cannabis in a serious way and doesn't just assume that everybody who consumes cannabis is a couch locks toner or people are dumb I mean. That's one of the things that I really have loved about this journey started seven eight years ago in writing about cannabis is the way in which it has completely undermined. So many of my assumptions and eroded a lot of this sort of judgmental bone, but I had my pocket. Hey, you know what I remember that part of the book, and if I remember correctly, it was a discussion with your spouse I believe is her name Clare. Yeah Yeah. So and at one point she said you are voting for this aren't you Bruce? Right. There's the couch. I had a really good a good friend a neighbor down the road who she was actually at the time a lawyer for the the local ACO you and the CEO of Washington was one of the primary drivers of legalization in in Washington state and. She really Kinda put it to me and she said, you know you're aren't GonNa vote you're GonNa vote for this right and like I don't know it's it's not my thang in. And she was one of the first to introduce me to the underlying issue which was and she literally said, look this is not about you nobody cares whether you like. Marijuana on or don't like marijuana this is a social justice issue. This is a civil rights issue. This is what you need to know about how this is used. Chew put hundreds of thousands of people of color in prison every year, and we we talked about the fact that. Still, any even today six, hundred, thousand people are arrested for this, which is just like. It blows my mind that that is still happening but. You. Know there are inequities even today in legal states. But there are inequities at least on such a smaller scale you know we've gone from arresting twelve thousand people every year in. Washington State to maybe hundred and twenty something like that. You know so. It was a big step but yeah, you're right. That was that was a big conversation for me back then. and. Then you went on with your whole journey as you experimented a tad and you were getting exposed to the culture if you will in Colorado as it was beginning I actually because of my own personal history I admit. I knew that Colorado and Washington state were at the forefront of legalization but I really wasn't into the advocacy of it until a few years ago when I started to talk to people from my podcast who were in this fight and I love some of the first hand. Observations that you had, as you went through being exposed to some of the culture in Colorado and I'm talking about some of the parties some of the various characters you met, you know what I'm saying. Yeah this was. This was one of the great joys of writing the book when I did. This was basically twenty, thirteen, twenty, fourteen in two, thousand fifteen was being able to just go out there and and sort of swimming in that wild. Atmosphere in Colorado and in Washington state you know here in. SEATTLE. I met up with a couple of folks who were. Essentially. Driving around the city all day looking for storefronts make a lease. For retail cannabis spot and there were so many Difficult legal issues to work through their but there were also just like. You know there's a certain amount of wheeling and dealing that was going at the time to have that and then you had also. This amazing exuberance that was being expressed everywhere from you know very serious conferences like drug policy alliance. You know they haven't conference every two years that it's just like an international drug reform conference and in some of the best legal minds in the world come together and gather there, and you know the first the first event after the passage legalization was like an explosion of joy. It was amazing and on the other side none is another part of the spectrum. You had a events like the Canvas Cup in Denver I think it was twenty fourteen it was the first year. After the retail stores opened and it was just it was an extravaganza I mean, it was like no show I've ever seen one of my favorite anecdotes from that. Weekend was there were there was a a subway and McDonalds right across the street from the where the event was being held in. DENVER. And the McDonalds literally ran out of meat like they had no more meet. The lines were out the door and by like two o'clock we've just put up sign like. Me Sorry. As, long as they had French fries 'cause the. Still. The best. Yeah. Yeah Yeah I WANNA go back to your article for second again, turn a little bit more serious and I think it was the final paragraph you talk about why it's on us being in the cannabis industry. And it is something that has been a common theme of both hurt myself why is the cannabis industry being held to such a high standard as far as a new industry trying to make it work? In a Capitalistic Society and I love how you kind of phrase this you said the answer's simple cannabis has a special responsibility because cannabis has a special history America laws constructed around this product but millions of black people in jail denying them jobs and housing and strip them of their right to vote and to pretend to pretend otherwise is to perpetuate America's four hundred year crime. I'm hearing this theme a lot now and I get chills thinking about the fact that only God, this could actually be the turning point in race relations in our country because you're hearing people I. Think it was this past last night NBC had a great discussion race and they brought in. A lot of the athletes who are playing golf at Lake Tahoe and Charles Barkley was there and some of the conversations that they talked about again. I've heard them before, but it does seem like it's different. Now, do you get a feeling that the movement that we're seeing now because perhaps of the eighteen and twenty, one year old in your house are taking part in it? Is it going to be a different end? I'm hope I hope I have great. Hope that it will be different end thing and I think it's a different ending. In part because. The private, right. Time. The time is right. The pressure is so overwhelming. I have a feeling like. For a number of people who have been trying to advocate for this whether it's within their own company or within their own city council or whatever situation they're in. The that. For a lot of people have had to kind of. Hold back a little bit because It's not it's not making money. It's not getting gaining votes affects the bottom line. was perceived to affect the bottom line in a negative way, and now that equation is flipped. I, think if you're not. Working on this actively right now, it will affect your bottom line and I hate to say that. But it it it. It's just this is America. It's capitalism. That's that's the system in which we operate and you see it in in very stark and clear terms when it comes to things like. You know take a look at the The Washington's football team right now. Now, he acted great name as. Ready. For many for many years, you know many years but when Fedex comes in and said, we're gonNA, Take Our name off the stadium. Things Change. And that I think I think in in smaller ways happening in a lot of different industries, a lot of different companies. and. As you say in cannabis, we have all known that this is a very special industry because it has a special history and it's a special history but we also have this amazing opportunity because we're creating. This system new, and we're creating the rules for each state. As we go along, we're creating these companies and we're creating different company cultures, and so it's it's so exciting. We don't have a decades of sort of built fiene cultural and historical systems that we have to kind of get in there and take part. You know we can really build from from the ground up in a lot of a lot of states and I think that's that's one of the reasons that that that kind of keeps me at least and keeps me excited about what we're doing is because. They're so often new states coming on and they have a chance to build and do a little better. Do a little better than the state that came before. You get to the point where these social equity and economic empowerment candidates don't just get trampled and they're not your heads like we're seeing in the high time steel has fallen apart with harvest held where a token se, your e applicant it's really a company behind them. Just they're putting them on the board or giving him forty nine or fifty one percent. How do we? How do we fix that? It's a tough. It's a tough issue because you know it is a, it's a it's a systemic issue. Right? We one of the things we've learned through canvas is that It's not just. You can't just solve these things by giving a certain number of licenses to people of color because you can give them a person who is very competent, very smart, a licensed, but if they don't have access to capital like. They can't go out. You know it's got. Two, hundred, thousand, all establish or front. So. There's those issues. One of the things that I really I'm watching closely and I have a lot of of optimism is about our. what these the I'm sorry. I'm blanking on the word now These organizations where people come in and incubators. Sorry. Onward incubators where folks are coming in entrepreneurs are coming in and they're. Both helped but they're helped by people who are already established in talk with them take their. Talents and knowledge and smarts that are already there and say, Hey, maybe okay. Let's talk about how to reach out to investors and investor wants to hear what they what they don't WanNa hear. If you have a lot of great growing experience. That's that's fantastic with their other aspects to this on a partner you with with this person here who can bring you along doing this it'd be like it'd be like putting me in charge of an entire magazine operation suits not like I can assign I can edit can get the get the guts tax photos together. You put me in charge of of AD sales. I don't know if we're GONNA make it right? Hey, you got a lot of layoffs lately so they. Looking. You know when you put a team together, you always try to put the players in the place that accentuate their strength and hide there. And I think that's what might be happening what I I guess the question the next question is a lot of the multi state operators that are out there. Are you finding they have a social conscience that they to give opportunities to others those who've been most active on the war on drugs, for instance, and help them along or is it strictly money grab at that level? It varies right as an indie and the industry one of the most disappointing. Stories from me of twenty, twenty has been the unraveling of men and to see that multi-state operator. Kind of just just. Implode before our eyes. Because, they were such a in part because there was such a face of the industry in so many places. But on the other hand I think of I have. I've always had a lot of great conversations and and I I feel a lot of good faith from an operator like a Chris Crane at forefront. Right and I think that there are a number of other people people who are. With the minority Cannabis Business, association folks there who are who are doing it the right way and and I think that the more we can elevate those folks and put them up as as sort of people who are putting best practices in place the more we can spread that that. Quality Knowledge and positive way of operating, and that's in a way. That's partly my job is to look at who were covering how're covering them. And let people know. WHO The people are in Colorado or Massachusetts, it's who are. Making it. Making a hostile contributions to the industry. You know especially, if they're other people of color and they're making a go. Check out how are they making? How are they making it? How can that be replicated in in other states? So and also we're looking at. We're looking at things like. What are the visuals were putting up on our website? You know are these all kind of? Soccer moms a lot of white people in very clean situations and e or do we need to have a much more diverse array of people so that we can essentially you can. You can't be it until you see it right and so that's one of the things that I've been working on reflecting on the last few weeks. I gotta ask you a question about the movement towards legalizing suicide and can that take away from the focus on actually moving towards federal legalization of. Cannabis. We've been talking a little bit about it internally and I said I don't want to go near it because there's so many issues related just to this plant and hemp. We haven't even talked about hemp yet and yet word now we're we're a lot of people are focusing on Civil Simon I don't I again I'm trying to to gauge what kind of interest there is on. That's A. Question that we have been editors that. We have been debating ourselves I think for the past two or three months or so I I, we had a small wave of cities passing legalization measures, and now we're looking at interesting measures especially in the state of Oregon coming up in November. And we have that internal conversation about look. We have limited resources at lethally where we're GONNA put them. Should we be covering this if so how? Know, we haven't done a lot of coverage of of hemp. Because I think that a lot of people who are interested in Hamp have other outlets. And I think we're actually. So we haven't covered a whole lot I. think we're actually coming down on the side of giving more coverage to Simon and those legalisation measures in part because for us it similar to cannabis in that, there's so little accurate information out there if we're going to be asking people to vote on these measures in November. We Wanna be a resource for them and say, Hey, look, this is what an actual like mushroom looks like here the effects it has. Here's what here's here are the various compounds that come out of of this. Plant are sorry fungus. and. That's something that we can be real real service. To our readers. So that's that's where we're at right now like we're not. Know turning over a website to it but that sort of specially has been to really dig in and speak truth and be as accurate as possible when talking about cannabis because there's so much misinformation out there we want to be the source just says, look, this is what we know. These are the studies say and also. Here's how it affects me. Here's how it affects different people because so many islets are afraid to do that. Doesn't that feed the Gateway Drug Mantra of the prohibitionists though. You, know. They'RE GONNA THEY'RE GONNA. They're gonNa beat the Gateway Drum. No matter what you do. I mean. The gateway fury has been disproven eight ways since Sunday. You. Know. So many studies have come out and said, no, you know if you WanNa talk about even the idea of a gateway drug, we're gonNA talk about alcohol and that's where that's where we start. Caffeine. Caffeine. Society nobody cares. Yeah. You're looking at right here. Yeah seriously I'm I I think that. Those those. Yeah. It's I'd rather give people clear information and let's You know the people who are prohibition us make whatever arguments they wanna make not worry about that so much. Version graphics on your site. So I have to ask you how is it going with the new strain guy designed because when people talk to me and say, you know give me a one word answer for these websites. I'll say we'd maps dispensary fight there they say legal straight guide. Ten years ago they indexed it they built out there the straight guide guys. So how's the transition to the new strain guy with the? Triangles, but it's probably octagon or. Art Yup? No, it's going. It's going great. We actually we we invested you know almost two years of research and design into that because we knew. You know both we got feedback from from people, but also knew from personal experience that a simple strain name was not enough, and then you know saying into custody of a hybrid was not enough and the more that we learned about. Scenes. And the An and the interactions and the entourage fact and ways at THC. Interacted one find a way to really reflect those elements visually. So that, you could say at a glance. Oh this much more. This is a heavy THC strain. Or this is much more of a CBD front strain So I it's it's worked really well, I mean I. I'm kind of pushing a her our marketing department to put out more t shirts with with with with full color strains on them and everything. I kinda want a quilt with all of the various new strains and everything on them. So it's been working out. It's been working out really well and I think it gives people so much more information about what they're buying and even so feel like we're still in the infancy of knowing what we're buying and the what effect it will have on us. Personally. So I gotta ask you we we brought up the subject of hemp, and in a few nights we're going to be talking to Bruce Lynton who just raised one hundred and fifty million dollars to create a fund that will acquire. Companies as you look into the future. which is going to be the bigger has the bigger upside is it going to be hemp and it's multiple uses or are we going to see? More microbrews style of cannabis strains out there where do you see the biggest growth? In this industry regarding other uses of the cannabis sativa plant. Of I think obviously. Ham has. Has a great great potential in terms of You know the the the the hog farm analogy you know using everything but the squeal right in terms of of being able to harvest and Paul value from every part of that plant. But. I really think that the more that states legalize and we move toward federal legalisation and the more that people who are unfamiliar with cannabis become a little bit more familiar with it and find the products that work for them and the sort of media delivery device. That works for them. I think that the long term value of cannabis an ingested substance is going to continue to grow I know that I mean. You know in the pandemic we've seen so many people learn so much more about and think about what they're putting into their bodies I know like personally my alcohol consumption has gone down I haven't I. Don't think I've smoked a joint since March, but my my edible consumption. Has Really has gone up, but it's not like I'm hitting edibles hard every night it's more like, Oh, I, found a I found a beverage that I. really like these legal beverages that that have one hundred milligrams and the last me a week or two. And then. I found a gummy that I really liked that if I take half of it at night, you know I really nice drift off to sleep but I sleep through the night and so they become a regular part of my. Routine and it's allowed me allowed me years ago to stop my ambien prescription Um for insomnia which I love I hated ambient. So I think the more poor people are able to to come along and. Engage without the fear in the stigma. The more that market will just will will tend to slowly slowly grow. You know I think in the early years I thought we we thought maybe there was going to be a big explosion with the soccer moms discovering cannabis and yeah, those folks have discovered it but everybody else too slowly discovering to and I think that's that's going to be good for everybody. One more thing about your book and I am not sure you remember this I'm sure the guy who? Had this book the Smart Approaches to Marijuana Guy Kevin Sadegh named Ellen. Habit whatever I you know what people like that I really don't spend a Lotta time making sure I get their names right Can you talk a little bit about what that was like going to that conference and then actually having dinner with? Yeah I mean I. You know again, I wanted to hear from people on all sides of this issue and I I came to them in good faith and WanNa really like dig into their dig into their arguments dig into their evidence dig into their data and I. Don't think that you know I don't think Kevin's a a bad guy I don't think he's low obliged figure or anything like that. I do but I do think that his evidence is. Too loose I think he's he's wrong in the arguments he's making and as more states legalize and we get more and more data back from the early states his arguments just are not holding up in terms of the great fears that people had initially about legalisation you know the other. So Kevin's got the the group US I. Think it's smart something about Marijuana Sam, right Yom, and then the other the other full. That's WHO's out there right now, Alex Berenson who had this book out a couple of years ago, and he's become a big Fox News commentator. He's kind of A. Co did corona virus truth now like weirdly I'd. I don't know what he's doing, but he his big argument was that there was a sort of secret massive outbreak of. Psychosis. Among people only Yankee because of cannabis legalisation and like the data's just not there, it simply is not there but he finds a ready audience in in folks like Fox News and others who WanNa hear a scare story and one of the things we're we've learned is that when things go well and problems don't occur. That's not so sexy in terms of you know the cable talk shows and that sort of thing. So it's it's much. It's much easier to get on and say the sky is falling people are running around stark raving mad than go on and say you know actually. Kinda quiet like things are going well. while. They're not going all now right now let's just say and I don't think. Do Jaded on that on so many fronts and I'm certainly hoping everybody in your world is safe and healthy and sane because I think it has all tried this whole experience has tried all of our patients. especially, parents of young children don't know how they're doing Kurt I. Don't know how you do it. It's it's always a challenge and hopefully don't get a chance to talk to bruce with this kind of Kobe. Change maybe dissipated. Hopefully, we have some changes in the. Front it'll be great to have you back on when that happens to kind of look back from this show what changed our predictions to host. Hopefully, he'd come back on the show in the future. Absolutely love it. It's been a real pleasure to talk with you guys. Thank you for having me. You Bet Bruce, and before we go I know that you're a sports fan right. Oh. Yeah. So you know there was a part of my life like thirty years of it where that's all I did that's all I care about. That's all I talked about I'm pretty sure at some point I heard you doubt that we will see a sixty game major league baseball season you still. leaning. In that direction still at this point. I wish you know look. Sixty Games is is still sixty sixty games of of of agony for Seattle, Mariners Fan, right. But No look within the right side you go. There you go I love baseball but. There are a lot of moving parts. There are twenty six players on a major league baseball roster that's probably expanded now. and. A lot guy is to kind of keep in keep contained. You know I mean I I. Have I have greater hopes that the NBA season can finish out and the hockey season, right? Baseball boy I I I don't know I mean it's. It's good luck. I'm I'm wishing well but I don't know that I would place money in A. You know. In baguettes on finishing out the whole baseball season and then I won't even talk about the NFL and also keep in mind two players in the NBA bubble have already snuck out so. Yeah, it's human nature. This is what's going to happen. I, have no idea if we're going to get to opening day, let alone a championship of world series of Stanley Cup an NBA championship and I don't I'm not very confident about the NFL at all. We think about. If you've played on sports teams. Ever. Team there's a lot of really great people but every game has a couple of wing nuts right? I mean. That's indeed we're all human. Okay. We have a wingnut. In our makeup, right? Yeah. Absolutely lay through Bruce. Thank you so much for joining my Kurt myself here on. We talk now and again don't be a stranger. You've got a place to stay in Massachusetts with two guys that we know our way around this The bay state pretty well. So you're welcome here any old time? Bent tastic. Thank you guys. It's been a real pleasure to talk with you. Let's do it again sometime you bet and that'll do it for we talk now. So for Bruce Barkat and Kurt Dalton I'm Jimmy Young remember it's a whole new world of weed out there use it responsibly thanks for watching. Thanks for listening. We talk now we talk news and in the weeds are all available in most major podcast distributors like I am spotify, Google play and our friends at Sealand s media, Dot Com and our flagship cannabis dot net. 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