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Let's pray together. Lord Jesus as we open your word this morning we do ask that you will hold us. Close is that you will speak to us and we will hear what you have to say as we think about taming our tongues we ask that we will see those weaknesses in stripped away through the power of your love. We also the power of your love work in US and through US each and every day and that we will open ourselves up to that love more and more and we are praising your name and this morning we're looking at James Chapter three if you want to turn to that in your Bibles James Chapter Three and versus one to twelve James Chapter three verses one twelve if you're using one of the core bibles it's page one. Two one four page twelve off fourteen and if you picked up a set of message notes nail help you as we go through this passage together again for those who perhaps haven't read grapevine yet yet from next week in Sunday morning meetings rather than producing message notes to help us through the sermon. We're going to produce a resource source called going deeper. which is something that you can take home with you? After the meeting and look at the Bible reading we study on Sunday mornings again and use the results over the other six days of the week as you open the Bible's hire more. Wherever is that you do your daily devotions and hopefully that that will also help us get closer to what God is saying to us through his word? Have you ever said anything that you instantly regretted. I imagine jeff on the video earlier. This morning instantly regretted thinking that the lady was sermon to nine months pregnant when she found out the week. Before we've all probably said things that we've regretted when you have said something thing that you wish you hadn't have you had the opportunity to take those words back now because once those words out of your mouth. There's no way that you can put them back in once we say them. They're said we have to deal with the consequences. Unless you're on twitter because on twitter you can say things that you later regret and you can actually delete your tweet and the problem is of course however many hundreds or thousands or maybe even millions of people that have seen that tweet before you get a chance to delete it it and if they managed to screen shot it or somehow save it then it can come back to haunt you. There are quite a number of famous instances instances of people saying things on twitter that they later regret it some might think the president of the United States does on a daily basis. I have not chosen him as an example but there are others Rita Ora hands up if you know he read or is some of your weather with it. Good British British pop singer for those who don't know who read it or is she wants regretted a tweet when she was trying to engage her fans on twitter but it backfired because she wants put once tweeted out that she would release her new single and New Sun on Monday. If she got one hundred thousand retweets that's where people share the words that she's used now she had nearly four million twitter followers followers. So you would have thought one hundred. Two thousand people re tweeting. What she said wouldn't be too difficult problem for retail aura? Was the only one thousand. People re tweeted so she was nowhere no where near her target and quickly deleted the tweet to savor anymore. Embarrassment going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS AIDS just kidding I'm white. Oh my goodness that was a tweet from a lady called. Justine Sacco. Who tweeted tweeted it? Just before she got on a flight to Africa and despite the fact that she only had five hundred followers it went viral. It went round the world so much so that the hashtag attack has justin landed yet went around the world while she was still up in the air flying to South Africa. You might be surprised to learn that her employers is a media. Company called Sea parted company with US shortly after that very bad tweet. Politicians are not immune to these things either and neither are journalists in September. Two thousand thirteen. BBC News Night Editor in cats accidentally. They sent a message to his twenty six thousand twitter followers describing the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Rachel Reeves as boring snoring after via appeared as a guest on the show in response misreads issued. What was an apparently sarcastic reply simply saying thanks? Mr Katz later adds an official apology to the Labor Party for his words. Do you remember Chris. Huhne Liberal Democrat politician nation. He became center of the speculation that he was secretly trying to undermine a colleague as if politicians did that to each other by accidentally making in public a private message on twitter he wrote in October twenty eleven to a guardian journalist that he needed to keep his fingerprints off a story so it needed to appear as if had come from someone else he quickly deleted the message but not before quite a few people had seen it and probably my second favorite one is an internet sensation that was born on April Twenty Eighth Twenty eleven when shadow chancellor at the time Ed balls accidentally tweeted his own name when he was searching for his name on twitter in the search box and it when out to his thousands of followers and he didn't delete it because he didn't know that you could delete tweets so it stayed there and so people on Twitter Stewart. Does this people on twitter still setup. Celebrate Ed Balls Day on April the twenty eighth and last year. Mr Ball's actually gonNA be occasioned by retweeting original message. I'm saying well it would be rude not to but this is probably my favorite's Labour leader. Ed milliband who was left red-faced in January twenty twelve after he bungled the what might seem like a simple task of tweeting to mark. The BET. The death of Bob Holness who was the presenter of blockbusters is tweet read sad to hear that Bob Holness is diet. A generation were amend it. Remember him fondly from blockbusters does and that became particularly embarrassing and a and a particularly embarrassing time for milliband because his shadow health health minister at the time Diana Abbott at apologized for racist remarks. She made on twitter. Only a few days. Before you can delete tweets. But you can't delete what you say what we say and what we don't say are both important. It's not only about saying the right words at the right time but it's also about controlling ourselves elves not to say what we perhaps want to say but shouldn't are tons disclosed the real us because there are no limits to what we can say there's no inbuilt restraint or boundary. You can say anything and it's only after they come out of your mouth that you may then find yourselves in particular constraints and consequences if we gossip if we belittle others if we swear if we bragged if we manipulate people if we Li- if we exaggerate if we complain and if we constantly flatter other other people then that says something about our hearts John MacArthur says and this quote is in your message notes. It's nowhere is the relationship between faith and works more evident than a person's speech what you are will inevitably be disclosed closed by what you say might be said that a person's speech is a reliable measure of his spiritual temperature monitor of the human condition. Edition the Rabbi spoke of the tongue as an arrow rather than a dagger all sort visit because it can wound and kill even from a great distance since it can wreak damage even when far from its victim the Bible variously describes the tongue as wicked deceitful perverse filthy corrupt. Flattering Slanderous Gossiping Blasphemous. Foolish boasting complaining cursing contentious finches sensual and vile and that's an exhaustive list and in our passage this morning Jennings sees the tongue as John. R Macarthur carver says as a test of living faith. A connection between what we say we believe and what we actually do. The tongue represents our inner person because the town only produces what it's told to produce by the heart. Listen listen to are these words from James James Chapter Three verses one to twelve and Derek is going to come and read them to us. Benny of you should presume to be teaches by brothers and sisters because you know no that we who teach will be judged more strictly we all stumble in many ways if anyone is never at fault in in what he says he is a perfect man able to keep his whole body in check when we put bits into the mouths of horses as to make them obey us. We can turn the whole animal we can turn the whole animal take chips as an example even they are so large and are driven by strong winds. They are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go likewise likewise the tongue is a small part of the body but it makes great boasts consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire a world of evil among parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person. Such the whole course of his life on fire and is itself set on fire by Hell. All kinds of animals. Birds Reptiles and creatures of the Sea are being tamed and Have Been Tamed by man but no man contain the tongue it just a restless evil full of deadly poison with with the tongue we praise the Lord and father and with it we curse men who have been made in God's likeness out of the same mouth come praise and cursing my brothers. This should not be can both fresh rush water and salt water flow from the same spring. My brothers kind of victory olives or a grapevine affix Nye the kind of salt spring produce fresh water. Let's just put those words and James's letter in context. Because I think it helps us to do that. James wrote during a particularly difficult and tense. Political situation does that ring a bell with anybody attendance and difficult political situation. The Roman world at this time was suffering from huge economic problems. There were different factions of Jews. Were fighting each other. And then there was this growing revolutionary resistance from the limits in Judea breath and eventually revolted against Rome in sixty six. Hey Day and that led to a huge outbreak of violence in the region. I'm the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple. That was the situation in which James wrote this letter. Who wrote help Christians? If in a world that seems off the rails and he wrote to help them to live with integrity and to represent Christ in that world and in that situation and the best way possible now he was wise enough to know the wrong word in such a volatile situation. Could light the fuse of yet. More violence strife and misunderstanding. That's why I said it's really important. What you say you might be able to delete a tweet but you can't delete a wrong word in a wrong situation in verse? Five says so also. The tongue is a small member yet. It boasts great things how great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire. The wrong word in a wrong situation can only create an uncontrollable blaze that will cause irreparable harm. And so James says the IMF you if this pay attention to the source of your words. It's an inverse. Eleven he says does a spring pour forth from the same opening both fresh and salt water. This isn't a difficult sermon to fall under this morning. I hope it's pretty black and white. Isn't it a fountain Spring Kinda pour forth both fresh and salt water from the same source. Like begets like a salt. Spring produce this salt water. Fresh bring produces fresh water. Victory cannot bear olives because a fig tree Baz fix and an olive tree fix because an olive tree bear olives. What James is saying here? Is that Tong but produces curses as well as blessings is a contradiction to genuine faith and he was only following. Of course what is brother. The Genus said in his Ministry Matthew Chapter Twelve Verse Thirty Five Thirty Four for example he says to the Jewish religious leaders of the day. Brita vipers how can you speak good when you are evil. Can't be done it's impossible. How can you speak good when you are evil Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks what James is saying. Here here is pretty black and white. He says that someone who got six for example isn't a genuine Christian doesn't have a genuine Christian faith. Somebody who belittles other people has a faith problem heart problem. Someone who swears isn't fully surrendered to Jesus. Someone brags isn't growing the spiritual of humility someone who manipulates relates. Others doesn't fully follow. Jesus someone who lies someone who exaggerate someone who's always complaining or flattering other. People contradicts predicts the idea that the holy spirit is living in them and working through them. At least all of those things if bad things come out of someone's mouth then it raises the question about whether the heart of that person has been properly cleansed properly rinsed by God's powerful spirits. Jackie simply says to Christians everywhere. See that your lives are live inconsistency. He wants us to follow. Jesus as closely as possible as Tom. Right puts it to be a blessing only people rather than a blessing and cursing people to be a blessing only people rather than a blessing and cursing people admit. That's a high standard and it's standard. I don't reach all the time. Oh but as Christians. We are called to use our tongues to spread the good news of the message of Jesus. Christ that's why it has. Let's be such a high standard. It's a high calling and that's why it's a high standard fresh spring water. If you've ever drunk doc fresh spring water you know that it's life giving it refreshes it cleanses. It brings blessing. It's necessary to life and it brings delight. The Bible says that if we offer it to only holzer then tongue has the same. Potential Power Woah for good proverbs chapter. Eighteen verse four says. The word of a man's mouth are deep waters. The Fountain of Wisdom is a bubbling brook. This idea of fresh water fresh clean pure water tung. When given over to God into the Holy Spirit has the potential to proclaim the life giving message of salvation it can cleanse and bless others with God's word it can heal it can worship? It can bring delight in every situation. So how do we do that. Do you bring delight liked in every situation and every word that you say hands up if you're perfect sporting again we still haven't found any perfect people what it would probably help if we thought before we spoke. Did you remember. Tell you to count ten before you speak you speak. Sometimes I have to count to twenty or thirty. Not Speaking has to be controlled and it has to emerge from the deep well of God's wisdom. That's why we need a few moments before we speak because we actually have to dig down into that wisdom before we can say the right words. James says we should be slow to speak. Now I don't know about you in this age of instant communication. I think it's getting even more difficult to be slow to speak. Because we're expected to give an instant reaction to whatever it is that that comes to us when confronted by an idea or provocation. VEG viewer on social media. You're missing out on so much bad stuff. Good view because people react to each other and provoke each other and politics and all sorts of things without even even thinking without stopping to think what it is that they're writing but we can do that in our own lives. We don't have to have social media we sometimes we respond to people in the wrong way. 'cause we don't wait and think so when we attempted to respond to someone we can choose to give it five minutes. If that's how long we need maybe even longer before we do so and then we might even choose not to respond at all after that period of time. There's a heart that's fully given to God. We'll recognize that. Sometimes it's best not sometimes it's always best to focus on thinking about and responding to the right things things rather than thinking that we have to respond to everything. Don't know if you've noticed our passage but James seems to think that there is no hope of ever taming outturn. Did you notice that verse. Eight says no human being contained the tongue it is a restless evil full of deadly poison. Is he right but I suspect in human terms he is no human contain. Contain the tongue. There is just one person who can do that for us. Jesus Christ he is the only one and who can out tongue he will do for us. He will cleanse and heal our hearts he will ensure that our hearts are fresh springs not so water ones. It's his Holy Spirit. WHO gives us the power to control tongues? It's his Holy Spirit. That gives us that moment. Say I'M GONNA wait. I'm going to stop and think before I respond. It's his Holy Spirit. WHO gives us the power to control our tongues which often we seem incapable of doing ourselves in our own strength he will give us more and more power? It's a monitoring to control what we say as we ask him to help us see their art when we feel offended there are times on him when we feel unjustly criticized and we want to react. We want to say something we leap in to respond but the Holy Spirit that can remind us in those moments that God loves us just as we are and there's no need for us to react and to feel as if we have defend ourselves often we're hurt by someone else's actions or words it's then the Holy Spirit can help us and stop us from lashing out so this very simple sermon ends on the very simple point. Let's give out give out tongues to God this morning. Give them over to him. Recognize Ignites we control control them in tain themselves. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to help us to do that. Maybe first and foremost we need to give him our hearts. I say will cleanse those. Will you make those fresh spring hearts rather than salt water hops and then ask him to use us to be a blessing to others. We're going to sing an old him and some number three hundred in the psalm. Book simply says throughout these five. I think great spirit as you are as view are as you are the spirit of Jesus Christ in this world. I won't be like that too. I myself would be like the Holy Spirit and in I I we come straight to the point of James Chapter Three gracious spirit. Well with me I myself would gracious be. I'm with words that help. And he'll would I F- line revealed the words that we say reveal how much much the Holy Spirit is living in our lives. We're GONNA sing these five verses together and if you need to respond this morning if you need to just come talk to God this morning than our place the prairies open. And if you WANNA come and do that on your own and bring something in your hand if you want somebody to pray with you then come empty-handed and we will do that. But let's sing these five versus together doc. MM-HMM UH-HUH UH UH. Aw Aw OPTUS Aw and aw Jeez Uh Uh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh father. God we ask that Your Holy Spirit would indeed be with US would be in US would be in our hearts making them clean A.. And fresh I'm full of your power. We ask your holiday spirit will be in the words we speak to each other and to others that we come into contact with in this coming week may what we say. Shine a light fee you and spread your good news to those around us. We price in your name Armand.

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