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She was in Hollywood working on her latest film and according to the column she was more than enjoying her time away the tabloid read Charlie Chaplin Continues To pay ardent attention to Marian Davies. He spent the evening dining and dancing with the fair Marian. He never took his eyes off the blonde beauty. Hearst slammed the paper down chaplain had a reputation reputation. The thirty five year old actor had recently impregnated his sixteen year. Old Girlfriend Lita Grey. Now he seemed to be advancing seeing on hearst's lover and it wouldn't have been Davies first indiscretion. Hearst hired a private detective to spy on her while she was away in Los Angeles according to the chaplain wasn't the only man. Marion Davies was seen the power hungry Hurst saw Davies like she. She was one of his newspapers like he owned her. He wouldn't stand. You're with someone else. He picked up a pen and some stationary and began writing getting a note to Marian it read. You're running around with all your old beaus and a lot of new ones. I know all about you when he finished. He told an assistant to book him the earliest train out of New York. He was going to Hollywood to take care of the situation once and in for all. But was it Charlie Chaplin. He found in the arms of his mistress or movie producer. Thomas INS and did the affair and in murder. The welcome to unexplained mysteries apar- cast original. I'm your host Molly and I'm your host Richard in life. There's so much we don't know but in this show we don't take we don't no for an answer every Thursday. We investigate the greatest mysteries of history and life on earth. You you can find episodes of unexplained mysteries and all other podcast originals. For Freon spotify over of you. Listen to podcasts. To stream unexplained mysteries as for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type unexplained mysteries in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let's know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at park gas network and if you enjoyed joy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. Wherever you're listening? It really does help. This is our second episode on the Mysterious Mysterious Death of pioneering movie producer Thomas Ins- he died suddenly in November nineteen twenty four after spending the weekend on a a yacht owned by newspaper. Magnate William Randolph. Hearst last week we explored inches and hearst's backgrounds and a suspicious and varying accounts of the last days of inches life. This week will look at the aftermath of incest death and examine the various theories about what actually the happened that fateful yacht weekend and will try to determine what ended the life of one of the most prolific Hollywood producers of his day day in the fall of nineteen twenty four film producer. Thomas H INS was is in the midst of a business deal with sixty one year. Old Media Mogul William Randolph. Hearst hearst's movie company cosmopolitan productions was hoping into US insist studio in Culver City to shoot their films and inscribed use the money as part of their discussions. I invited into a weekend party on his yacht. The ONEIDA IT happened to be incensed. Forty four th birthday so I thought it would be perfect occasion occasion to celebrate. He had no idea however that it would be the last birthday in would ever have after more than a a full day of partying. INS- was forced to leave the Oneida early Monday morning. Supposedly he was suffering from indigestion caused by champagne and salted almonds. He had a history of peptic ulcers so both were prohibited by his doctors. You made a brief recovery then on Wednesday morning in November Nineteen nineteen twenty four. He had a heart attack and died or so. The official story goes with so many famous and powerful figures on hearst yacht inside. His death became a breeding ground for sensationalism and conspiracy theories the. The story had the kind of intrigue that might have landed on the front page of one of hearst papers had he not been involved. One popular dealer account is the Thomas Ins was caught getting a little too cozy with hearst's mistress Marion Davies in a fit of rage. Hurst shot pins who later died from the gunshot wounds. A variation of the first theory suggests that insight was possibly mistaken for Charlie Chaplin and who was actually the one making a pass at Davies. Our second theory suggests that a drunken scuffles broke out below decks. Someone pulled out the gun and it went off. The bullet passed through the ceiling and struck in his cabinet. Above finally will examine whether INS was was really the upstanding family man. He portrayed himself as prior to ever boarding the Oneida he may have sexually assaulted Davies Secretary. Mary Abigail Kim solving and impregnated her according to the third theory. When Qin solving saw INS again she shot him one version of the story reports that she was assaulted and killed him off during the course of the party before we dive into our specific theories we should address one element? They all have in common each hinges on a cover up by William Randolph hearst. The reasons why he buried the truth change with each theory but we should first examine if it was possible at the time. Convinces death one in every four Americans got their news from a hearst owned media outlet. He was one of the wealthiest men in America. Today he would be worth more than thirty billion dollars. Not only was he rich. He controlled a pretty sizeable portion of the United States economy. And the hearst family empire has only grown since outlets under the hearst umbrella today include L. MARIE-CLAIRE ESPN good housekeeping. Harper's bazaar cosmopolitan esquire and more which which is all to say. He was rich enough to pay for people. Silence rich enough to potentially keep. Thomas Instance wife quiet rich rich enough to remove the Los Angeles Times Wednesday morning headline that allegedly read movie producers shot on hearst yacht not to mention he certainly had enough money to pay for a hit on anyone he thought might speak and he was powerful enough to get away with it but money aside side. He wouldn't have needed to spend anything to get the story he wanted out to the world. You don't have to pay for the news when you are the news. The only thing he had to do was keep his story straight. But I couldn't even do that. The initial reports from hearst's own newspapers claimed that ends wasn't on the Oneida at all he'd been vacationing at her estate. In San Simeon again with his wife and kids after becoming sick. INS- fell unconscious. Two doctors and three nurses were summoned to treat him then and five medical personnel. Put him into an ambulance and took him home. That bit of fiction didn't go over. Well there were too many witnesses. Who'd seen instant San Diego and aboard the Oneida? So what did her supposedly do. He ceased coverage almost entirely. He tried to remove this story. Are you from the site geist in any circumstance. A successful producer like Thomas ends having a heart attack and dying should have been newsworthy. No story at all must mean there was something that I didn't want known no story at all is certainly worthy of a conspiracy theory. Sorry in the hours. After ince's death evidence of a cover up mounted a private funeral was arranged on Friday November twenty first in attendance were Hollywood celebrities. Douglas Fairbanks Mary Pickford Charlie Chaplin and of course Marian Davies at least three of whom had had allegedly been aboard the yacht conspicuously missing however was William Randolph hearst himself and he made no effort to explain his his absence. After the funeral there was no burial. Instead inside his wife Nell had his remains cremated that afternoon various various rumors abounded that there was never an official cause of death that after his death knell took the children and moved immediately to Europe. He even that hearst funded. The trip was a trust fund to remove them from the media frenzy or to keep them quiet however right now actually left for Europe a full seven months later and was left a very wealthy woman and the INS family were at the office and according to their close friend Adalah Nora Rogers Saint. John's had long had a plan in place to cremate. Still something in was suspicious about the whole ordeal hurst appeared to want to leave town quickly to a week. After the funeral he sent a telegram to Marian Davies saying saying I better go east as soon as possible situation here unsatisfactory. Whatever the unsatisfactory? The situation was first seemingly escaped it but in California people were still asking questions as the weeks passed. Just the pressure began to mount more and more voices called for an official investigation but no one who had been on board. The ONEIDA seemed to want wanted doll and their silence was oddly. Suspicious about a month. After Incest Death Sandiego district attorney gesture. Camp Lee started his own investigation. He claimed that if a crime had been committed it happened while the yacht was in his jurisdiction but although up to twenty guests were on the Neider for reasons. Unknown Kempley only interviewed one passenger Daniel Goodman aw goodman was one of her smoothly production managers the same person who accompanied ends to del Mar after leaving the Oneida though he was licensed to he didn't practice medicine instead. He worked full time for hearst in his testimony Goodman in claimed that was in good spirits on the ship especially since his business meeting with hearst went well he allegedly ate a hearty dinner and then retired tired early for the night but some things about Goodman's version of the story. Don't add up. It was inside his forty fourth birthday and he just just made a lucrative deal with one of the most powerful men in America. It wasn't exactly a night to turn in early not to mention the rumors suggesting testing that. Everyone partied well into the night. Goodman's testimony also stated that after heading off to bed ins was actually a blade played with indigestion and suffering acute chest pain when morning arrived Goodman agreed to make sure ins- was taken care of and brought him safely to del Mar supposedly ins then told him that he had these attacks before but they'd always gone away. Goodman wasn't concerned so so once they were in del Mar he found INSA hotel summoned doctor. Truman a Parker and left the patient in the medics capable hands goodman included. His statement by saying Mr ends gave no evidence of having had any liquor of any kind my knowledge as a physician enabled me diagnose. The case is one of acute indigestion. Goodman's testimony raised many an eyebrow. There were enough rough accounts of the weekend weekend to contradict what he was saying especially the fact that he claimed there was no booze to be fair. It was the prohibition so blatant at Middle Middle to copious drinking would have been strange but if he was lying about that what other parts of his story weren't true. Oh not to mention that a non practicing doctor with no equipment seemed overly confident in his diagnosis but outweighing everything else else was. One question who in the world is from indigestion. The only other person Kemp interviewed was the nurse who accompanied Dr Parker Harker to the hotel. Del Mar Jesse Howard and her testimony contradicted Goodman's. She claimed that INS- admitted to drinking heavily the night before as for whether he'd been murdered she denied seeing any bullet hole on insists body which may have been because ause there wasn't one or or that was the one detail that hearst had earlier made sure was corroborated. The fact cons- wasn't shot would take priority over the fact that they were drinking in international waters but the inconsistencies didn't seem too concerned earn. Da He closed the case stating people interested. In insists. Sudden death have continued to come to me with persistent reports and in order to satisfy them. I conducted an investigation but after questioning the doctor and nurse who attended Mr Inset del Mar.. I am satisfied fight. His death was from Ordinary Causes California journalist. CF adults Berger summed up public response to the findings when he wrote wrote a district attorney. Who passes up the matter because he sees no reason to? Investigate is the best agent. I could employ in this country. Three Hurst appears to have had something to hide and the ability to hide it. But what was he hiding. Coming up. Did William Randolph hearst shoot. Thomas ends in a jealous rage podcast listeners. I'm thrilled to tell you about our newest shocking series. It's called secret societies and you can hear it Thursday starting now secret societies let you discover the unbelievable schemes rituals and parties. 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Back to the story rumours that forty four year old Thomas ends died of a natural means means began immediately after his death in November nineteen twenty four the first and most enduring all theories is that sixty one year old William Randolph. Hearst shot in after finding the producer with his mistress Marion Davies according to sources close to hearst. He owned a revolver encrusted with diamonds. He kept it on his yacht and occasionally took it out to impress crowd or two practices. Aim on Siegel's but the revolver wasn't the only potential murder weapon. There were other guns on board one oneidas stairway led to the Upper Dak and at its foot was a large display case inside an enormous collection of firearms. Which meant hearst? At least I had a weapon with which to shoot INS- if he was suitably motivated and his incentive may have been jealousy hearst was known own to be deeply in love with his much younger mistress. Marion Davies some. Might even say obsessed and he was possessive as a Hollywood Hollywood starlet. She got plenty of attention from suitors. But that never sat well with hearst as the story goes he allegedly found inside inside and Marian embracing at the door to her room. Perhaps it was just an innocent hug. But hearst didn't wait to find out he grabbed a gun from the nearby case and confronted the pair an argument ensued then. Hearst raised the firearm and pulled the trigger in this this version of the story INS- collapsed to the ground bleeding from a head wound. He either died instantly or within minutes. That would gene. That insists travels to del Mar his visits from Dr Parker and nurse Howard and his journey home to Los Angeles. We're all just theater a carefully constructed act to ensure that his death wasn't linked to hearst. That would be one explanation for why INS wasn't taken into the hospital but carrying instead body all that way would be in gruesome and difficult as for whether or not inste- took an interest interest in Davies. She later laughed at the notion that he might have made a pass at her. She stated would have had to have had a death wish to give me a wink. got a yacht which has as much space and privacy as a barrel. I could still recognize it when a man gave me. The I and Tom Ins didn't but even as she denied the events she confirms a critical component of our theory any man interacting with Marian Davies. I would have had a death wish. Meaning hearst was violently protective. But perhaps it wasn't instead hearst was jealous and even more popular iteration of this story was that hearst's intended target was actually Charlie Chaplin. The motivations remain the same jealousy and rage but this version may have a touch more credibility if only because we have more concrete examples of chaplains owns dalliances with women like hearst chaplain preferred younger partners in one thousand nine hundred eighteen at twenty nine years old. He married his sixteen year old girlfriend. Mildred Harris according to California's Penal Code Two six one point five which was enacted in eighteen seventy seventy two chaplain could have been arrested for statutory rape. The couple's celebrity however may have prevented any legal action. This also may have been a shotgun wedding meaning. Mildred was pregnant at the altar. But the exact timeline of events isn't clear either either way. Mildred gave birth to their child ten months later in July nineteen nineteen then only three days after he was born their son passed away in April. Nineteen twenty the couple divorced chaplain later wrote in his autobiography that they were irreconcilably. Blee mismatched in nineteen twenty. Four history repeated itself thirty five year. Old Chaplin impregnated his sixteen year old girlfriend girlfriend Lita Grey. He went onto Mary. Gray divorced her and remarried twice more. Needless to say he had a reputation. Asian one that might scare her stiff the twenty-seven-year-old Davies and thirty five year old Chaplin ever met and that past summer they had add. Davies was starring in the silent drama. Zander the great Hollywood gossip columns reported the Charlie Chaplin visited her. Nearly nearly every day on the set naturally Hurst found out but apparently that didn't stop their blossoming romance according to the Rumor Rumor Mill at the film studio. The guard at the front gate would alert Mary and if I ever showed up unexpectedly that way chaplain could sneak out through the rear door unseen. It wouldn't be too far. Fetched to imagine that hearst invited Chaplin on the Oneida that weekend. Not because he liked him led to catch the pair red-handed as the story goes. Thomas INS awoke in the middle of the night with indigestion. He went down to the Galley to find something to soothe his upset stomach. When he arrived Merion was having a drink? The two stood close casually talking in dim dim light. When hearst entered? He believed he'd found the evidence he was looking for. He mistook INS for chaplain pulled out his diamond instead revolver and fired only afterward did he realize that he just shot his new business partner. Hearst allegedly quickly went into cover up mode. He called upon his loyal production manager. Daniel Goodman to help Marion Aryan Davies wouldn't dare turn him in but he needed more than her silence. He needed everyone on board to cooperate. Using his industry influences influence as leverage he swore them all to secrecy. He paid nurse Jesse Howard for a medical alibi and pay district attorney Chester. After Kempley to close the case as for Nell ends in order to secure her silence. Hearst opened his pocket book look he took care of Nell and her children for the rest of their lives. There was only one other person he needed to worry about. A woman named named Luella Parsons. She was gossip columnist who was supposedly aboard the Oneida. Incest murder could be a career defining story for the reporter however I had the power to make her a star by just picking up a phone and that's exactly what he did following in his death. Hearst brought Parsons to California and proceeded to syndicate her columns in his papers across the country. She became name one of the most famous Hollywood reporters gossip columnists in the United States. Her articles were printed in more than four hundred newspapers. Nationwide she eventually became known as the First Lady of Hollywood in her biography years later. Parsons denied that she was aboard the uniter the weekend. The Thomas Inside. She insisted she was home in New York. But some witness accounts placed her on the yacht. Actress Vera Burnett claims that she specifically saw Luella. Parsons come to the studio where Davies Film Zander. The Great was shooting. Parsons was accompanied by Charlie Chaplin to picked up Davies and headed off to board the Oneida. However Parsons presence Ore lack thereof doesn't settle the matter one way or the other and there are some holes in the theory that hearst mistakenly shot ins biographer. Joyce Milton noted that hearst and chaplain remained friends for years after instant death so it seems rather unlikely only that I would have ever tried to kill chaplain. Even if it's happened to take the bullet for him. Marion Davies also denied every part of this narrative she even claimed that hearst never kept any firearms on the but there are numerous eyewitness accounts of a gun cabinet and of hearst shooting shooting. It's seagulls that maybe it wasn't hearst. That shot ends. Perhaps ins was accidentally hit during a drunken altercation occasion. This theory has several iterations. The most common goes as follows chaplain and several other guests stayed. Data late in the ship's Galley drinking chaplain in particular was trying to drown his sorrows. He didn't WanNA marry leader gray. The sixteen in your old he'd impregnated he allegedly tried to buy her off with the equivalent of roughly three hundred thousand dollars but she and her parents refused. They insisted on a wedding chaplain was distraught. On the one hand. He wanted to stay single. And avoid another sham marriage edge on the other if word got out about their child out of wedlock it could ruin his career and reputation. He would later state aged. He was almost suicidal about the situation. According to Chaplin's biographer Joyce Milton he owned a gun and was known to use it in jest. The silent film star would often pull out his weapon and melodramatically threatened to kill himself. That may be precisely nicely. What happened aboard the Neider while drunk and wallowing in self pity chaplain brought out his firearm and put the barrel to his temple unsure whether he was joking or not? The other guests intervened and in the ensuing struggle it went off someone either accidentally accidentally pulled the trigger or the firearm fell to the ground and discharged in either case. A bullet went through the ceiling and struck inside the head. He collapsed to the ground as blood splattered the walls of his cabin. He was dead on impact. Just a victim of circumstance in the wrong place at the wrong time but her still covered up the incident because he didn't want the scandal of a fatality on his luxury. The yacht but it feels like a lot of effort to hide a perfectly explainable accident given the sheer scope of the cover-up conspiracy. Many I believe that something. Nefarious led to Thomas's death. And maybe he brought it on himself. The shooting wasn't murder her but justifiable payback coming up. We'll explore whether Thomas INS- was the real villain of this story now back to the story officially in November Nineteen nineteen twenty four forty four year old movie producer. Thomas INS died of a heart attack after attending party on sixty one year. Old William Randolph. Hearst got the Oneida we've already looked at two alternate theories that suggest that something much more diabolical occurred our a final hypothesis is all about revenge. Marion Davies Secretary Abigail. Kim Solving was on board and she was pregnant. With Thomas Instance Child a child conceived by rape. There are some variations on when the crime happened but at some point Abigail Kim solving apparently told police that INS- had sexually assaulted her and that she had bruises to prove it though. She denied nine being involved in incest. Death it naturally led to some questions. If INS was shot did kin solving pull the trigger. Could it have been an act of retribution. There is evidence to suggest that Thomas Ins wasn't exactly the family man that he counted himself to be some claim that he even boarded the Oneida with his alleged mistress actress. Margaret Livingston Livingston had starred in several Vinci's films just how close they were however has never been confirmed and most likely their relationship was only a fiction created waited for Peter Bogdanovich fictionalized movie version of the crime. The cat's miaow. What has been confirmed? Is that Abigail. Kin Solving gave birth to a child just months after the weekend on the united some claimed it was inches but the timeline was too short for her to have gotten pregnant pregnant on board the ship so the conception must have happened earlier others claim that the father was someone else entirely and that kin solving blame Elaine. The pregnancy on ends. Because she was ashamed of having a child out of wedlock an assault would take the blame off of her and dense already. Dead was an easy scapegoat. Another iteration of the Qin solving theory suggests that she had a consensual relationship with INS- she was his mistress and when she found him on the Yod with his other alleged mistress Margaret Livingston. She fired if police knew about the rumors surrounding Kim solving. They didn't seem to take them. Seriously there's no evidence to suggest that anyone ever investigated the assault allegations but there is a shroud of mystery surrounding the events. After Kim solvings child was born not long after giving birth Earth Kim solving died in a mysterious single car accident and the accident happened on hearst's estate in San Simeon and two of his bodyguards allegedly found her and there was a suicide note in the vehicle. As far as we can tell no one knows rose what the note said but supposedly it was written in two different handwriting's kin solvings infant daughter. Louise was sent to to an orphanage where she was financially supported by none other than Marion Davies first mistress which raises the question. Did First Order King solvings death. His guards found her shortly after the car accident. And hearst state was more than forty thousand acres. How did they know where to find her? And what details were they encouraged to hide. And why would I want Kim solving dead. Maybe because she was a loose cannon willing to turn herself in after killing ants or as revenge for murdering his future business his partner but it seems more logical to assume that hearst had Kim solving eliminated because he had killed in the father of her child and she knew about it the biggest problem with this narrative however is that there's seemingly no mention of the alleged assault until nineteen ninety the six when her granddaughter Patricia Campbell Hearst published the fictional book murder at San Simeon. So there's a distinct possibility ability that the entire theory around Abigail Kim solving sprang out of this novel. Numerous sources published since nineteen eighteen. Ninety six have mentioned the Kim solving rumor. But none before we've also been able to verify that anyone with this name ever worked for Marian Davies the American literary critic magazine Kirk is reviews. Wrote Abigail Kin Solving Secretary to Marian Davies. ABC's is as fictional as the protagonist herself and we would have to agree. If Abigail Kim solving was a real historical local figure we can't find her and if she didn't exist were left wondering why. Hide the truth about Thomas. Ince's death the lies printed in hearst's papers suggest cover but the counter arguments to our theories are pretty convincing thing. is well if I were conspiring to hide evidence of a murder in the words of historian Brian Taves one would have to assume that hearst I was powerful enough to seal the lips of not only his yacht crew but two nurses the authorities of several counties the opposition press instance wife and instance two brothers it would have been a monumental task. Hearst may have been capable of such a thing but it's hard to imagine he pulled it off without someone talking but what if the newspaper mogul covered up not a murder but an unintentional channel but fatal misfire author Joyce Milton Inner Book tramp the life of Charlie Chaplin admits. The Charlie's gun accidentally. Going going off is all too plausible but she argues that if ins was shot by accident. It likely wouldn't have been a mortal injury me. It would have been incredibly unfortunate lock for a loose bullet to shatter the ceiling and hit ins in the skull with enough force to kill him in addition in nineteen sixty nine longtime hearst journalist. Adela Rogers Saint John's quoted Nell incident article saying. Do you think I would have done nothing. If I even suspected that my husband had been the victim of foul play granted those words might have been in an attempt to deflect suspicion especially if she'd been accepting hearst's bribes but now hasn't been the only instance speak out his his granddaughter. Nancy in pro. Burt went on record in nineteen ninety eight. She said my father told me there was absolutely nothing wrong. No injuries no bullet holes of any kind not to mention. There's a signed affidavit. From Inside his studio manager saying that his body had been inspected by officials before cremation as is required by law which should confirm that INS- really did die of a heart attack. But then why did hearst papers lie about his death what was there to cover up. There's one more theory that we could could look into. But it's not as popular as the rest. Perhaps because it's not as sensational in one thousand nine hundred ninety four hearst was under investigation negation. By the Department of Justice for bootlegging it was the middle of prohibition and the Department of Justice had documents alleging that one of his boats I had been running boos along the coast of California ins- had been drinking before he died and the last thing I wanted was for anyone to pay attention to the overnight as alcohol service so he formulated a series of lies to deflect from the real story if he was just twisting the narrative. So that inside. His death wasn't traced back to alcohol. That's a much easier task than getting away with murder. He would have just had to pay awesome press representatives and maybe that's what happened in the words of nail ends. I do hope for the sake of my children and my beloved love. It grandchildren. No such belief in such a weird and silly story will continue down into the generations. Money talks power talks talks. Rumours guy hard but insted incredible things for the movie industry shaping the entertainment. We grew up on and Ed loved day rather than spurious conspiracy theories. We think that should be his legacy. Thanks again for tuning into unexplained mysteries. We'll be back Thursday with a new episode for information on INS amongst the many sources we used. We found. Thomas INS- Hollywood's independent pioneer by Brian and tramp the life of Charlie Chaplin by Joyce Milton extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of unexplained mysteries and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not only to spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast. Originals like unexplained mysteries for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream unexplained mysteries on spotify. Just open the APP and type unexplained explain mysteries in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at Park and twitter at podcast network. We'll see the next time. 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