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Hello hello. I am so excited if you have gotten a copy of fearless or if you've enjoyed a little bit of the snippets of audio i've given you for the book. That comes out on june fifteenth. I want to invite you to a live event. June fifteen at twelve pm eastern standard time. I have some incredible guest speakers those. Msa john who you've heard on my podcast jessica alba amanda kloots. These women are incredibly inspiring. Resilient and courageous so if you've purchased a book or if you want to purchase a book head over to wherever you buy books. Amazon read fearless dot com. Sent me the receipt to fearless at rebecca dot com. And i will send you an invitation. To this event. I hope to see their capital. One business has partnered with my podcast on this episode to encourage a conversation about the experiences a female entrepreneurs in working with capital one. I've personally seen how passionate and dedicated. The company is to supporting and celebrating. Women owned businesses. Hey everyone you're listening to superwomen. Today's guest is the incredible. Daniel jones the founder and ceo of power hands. Danielle's are jones is a proclaimed vision chaser which i'm excited to get into business. Strategists and philanthropist with two decades of executive leadership and sales and marketing experience as a ceo and business strategist. Danielle has the unique ability. To create an articulate. A clear vision while crafting the next steps to best in class execution plans. Welcome to the podcast. And i'm so glad. You're here with me while i am so glad to join you. Rebecca thank you so much for having me. So first and foremost. I thought you could tell it better than i ever could an intro. What is power hands. Oh absolutely and it is. It is my pleasure right You know this is something that i eat sleep injury all day so i appreciate that. Power hands is a global athletic training and rehabilitation product tech company so we basically design innovation that helps improve overall performance. War the kid. That's trying to make the team who's playing multiple sports to the professional athlete all the way to the fitness enthusiasts. The mom. Who is recovering from you. Know having her baby so getting back in shape in exercising all the way to know someone who is doing boxing or cross Or you know some really hard. Core of fitness training As well as you know we create innovation that plays a role in the recovery process. If you haven't upper extremity injury we have designed this innovation for the last almost seven years in have just been humbled by the fact that we've been able to a scale in over eighty seven countries. We have some of the most renown and fitness enthusiasts and celebrities that Use our products. But really the ability to serve and to have a kid who said hey. You've helped me compete better improve my overall performance and gain a competitive edge is why we do what we do every single day. I love that. So what gave you this idea. And how did you get started like a lot of entrepreneurs right we we have a. There's a decision that needs to be made. Either we wake up one morning. We're like oh. I'm going to be an entrepreneur right. I've been trained to be an entrepreneur my entire life. I don't wanna go work with anyone or for anyone well. That wasn't the case with me right. I thought my journey was going to be the ceo of a fortune. Five hundred medical device company. I had you know a little bit of sports background Coming from jacksonville. Florida everything from track to to ballet right of was the ultimate competitor And then a little bit of a nerd so from an academic standpoint I have an nba and award marketing leadership a degree but i spent almost two decades in the medical device arena a gaining experience in taking stretch roles in sales marketing operations integrated marketing communications product development inside the us outside the us. And what i realized while. I did not jump to be an entrepreneur. I realized that it was time for me to push past my fears into do my own thing. I had to be developing a lot of these skills. That i have these talents that i have along the way that when i was in corporate america you know rebecca. I was told that you're to innovative. Right something. That is broken or danya because i grew up in a time where it was very male dominated in my field There was a lot of times my idea. Even if i had an idea it was said by me and instead what by someone else who is a male it sounded greater coming out of their their mouths so now i realized through all of that experience through all of the times when i was crying like why in the world right. Aren't my ideas being embraced. Why can i go from this table to the next. It was time for me to build my own and power hands came when after i got married in two thousand thirteen My co-founder darnell jones who has background play professional. Sports came and talked about one of our first patented products which is an anti grip waited basketball glove and we took that one product in the basketball market realized that there was a gap for overall skill development innovation and we didn't scale that one patent now into four different patents five patent-pending products and twelve products in our collection. That again we have been able to scale in to five different sports. So i would love to hear about that moment where you said alright. I'm not necessarily satisfied in corporate america. I'm gonna go off and be that entrepreneur. Talk me through the emotions. You felt there. And what gave you the courage to do that at that time in your life. Oh the very top motion was you know i was. I was very nervous about. Is the grass greener on the other side. Right what am i doing. Should i stay in a situation where i know the industry. I'm very comfortable very comfortable with my saleh's doing very well. As an executive within a fortune five hundred company the only african american women top directors in that industry and now going over to another industry where. I'm going to have to fight my way as a woman in sports in fitness in. You know what. I didn't come from playing in the wnba right or wasn't an olympic track athlete. So i was. I was very nervous. And what i realized is danielle the same brilliant that you have developed in medical device it has nothing to do with the industry it's the same brilliance in the core competencies. That are transferable in anything that you do you can take in a simple thought in turn that into the most world class marketing strategy for any single sport or industry that you're involved in and not only. Can you do that for someone else's company you're gonna have a lot more passion about building your own and truly established wealth so that fear was in broken down into. Try it like this. Is your one time to do something. Really really great and to teach your kids beyond yourself that you can have your own innovation. You hint have patents. You can build your own company outside of just working within someone else's environment in a blueprint that they had given you. What were some of the biggest shocks once. You took that leap in that risks. You might have thought to yourself. Maybe you didn't at all like oh was this mistake. What were some of the early moments in interesting that you say that you know early moments continue throughout the an entrepreneur and i tell a mini entrepreneurs that exact same thing because you think you know after you get past the five your heart right it gets easier no because your your dreams your strategies and your ability to serve gets larger and you have to continue to scale Sustain along the way. So for me. I still have that same gut of. Oh my gosh. I'm not biggest competition with overcoming the fear of dreaming bigger than where i am today and i'm also my biggest cheerleader. Because being an entrepreneur is lonely right you have these wild in a dacians ideas in things that you wanna do in the world and if you really sat down and you talk to the family about what you wanna do my parents right. I i still think they think i'm crazy for leaving a very comfortable position In in corporate america. Never forget the first time i told him right to become an entrepreneur and building my own so the again you have to be your biggest cheerleader also realized that your biggest competition is yourself. The other the other thing is You know the moment is definitely dreaming beyond the original vision. I had no clue when we put our business land together when we did our perform that we were going to be a global company. It wasn't until we started looking at our analytics to really understand that we were serving in australia. Reserving you know in multiple parts of europe in africa in the philippines in that sports and fitness is an international language so really not being afraid to dream and reach beyond our borders is another thing that i wish i had realized very early on and the last that will say is. I could sit in create in my pajamas all day long. And just be really a geek about designing and in learning different things as an entrepreneur. You have to be a subject matter expert. That doesn't mean you have to be a subject matter expert in everything. But you really. You're gonna convince someone else to be a part of your dream and that you're going to really fulfil get in. You need to make sure that you've really understanding the people that you serve and how you can really help them in their lives. Get better so that that piece. I knew early on but At six almost seven years into this. I'm really really diving into the mission of what we do. Every day than focusing on the profitability of the revenue. I love how you keep saying. Serve you know most most entrepreneurs and even myself will say i sell talk me through the mindset of your idea that you are serving someone and thank you for recognising that that word in nomenclature is culture of what we do from our customer service department to the conversations that i have with partners I don't want you as a partner if you don't understand that my mission is deeper than selling. My mission is about serving a community and bridging a gap within that community when we think about health and wellness right I'm not creating innovation in products and technology for you to use in your household in the gym excetera for the point of you just purchasing our products. I am trying to improve the health and wellness of our community and a for our entire country to decrease the disparities that are existing. When i put together a she is why And i think about you know the inequalities that exist for women in sports. I'm only getting them involved in our innovation. But i'm also really trying to knock down the barriers of why they don't have strategic partnerships while they don't really understand that philanthropy is abridged. Helping them get to you know the next level etc so everything that we do. I focus from day one and it's really something that is imbedded in my soul. It comes from. I'm going to do something in life that is always greater than me. My purpose for life is not about me. My true purpose is how can i make someone else's life easier in. I know that my creator is going to help take care of me in sustain me along the way to be able to fulfill that mission. I'm so glad you touch on the fact about doing something that's just beyond you. Feel like people can get so focused and narrow on their own immediate life so self absorbed with it that they forget that there is so much to be gained from serving others from helping others from helping out people. That are less privileged. So it's it's so nice to hear another founder talk about that because you know anytime. I might be bemoaning my situation. You know someone that loves me. Just casually reminds me. You know how much other people are suffering. And could i do anything to help them. Isn't that something rebecca. I mean when. I think about my vitamin in the morning. It's really waking up feeling so grateful that i woke up that i had a bed to sleep in thinking about all those little things that we take for granted that fill. My heart was the attitude that i pray. It doesn't allow space of selfishness right to enter into my heart and so as an entrepreneur. It's very hard 'cause you hear so many nos. I mean out of the one hundred opportunities that you have probably maybe ninety five percent of those if not ninety nine will be a no and so you have to figure out how to sustain yourself through that in order to get to that yes that will truly change the trajectory and the only way that i know how to do that is to be so mission driven in so connected to the vision of why i started this in order to to sustain me through those moments i think you you bring up a great point about having the passion and the love for what you do sustaining you. Because those lows that we experience can be so low that unless you have that passion there you might throw in the towel. Oh boy so many times and in. That's the transparency and that's what i love right about what you do. Every single day in your team does with every interaction. That i have. It's very transparent. We we need to help each other understand. That feeling is a commonplace. And that feeling doesn't go away with a money that feeling doesn't go away with accolades. That feeling doesn't go away with certifications. That feeling is there. Because there's always going to be on something on the other side of the why right so you're why and why not. Why can't i quit in. Why won't it work so you gotta make sure that win. You're thinking through that process that we're we're we're always eliminating the voice that is in our head is says it won't work. I cannot because we were created to be great and as long as we couple things one key people around us that our breathing life in oxygen Into that message is is absolutely huge that we are connected to our vision in our purpose and we're doing the work right. That doesn't mean that we can just say. Oh i'm connected to my vision and purpose and i don't have to understand my pl or i don't have to. I have a new strategy in. I'm gonna skip the work on a business plan or go to market plan. I've just done a goal. No you have to have order in purpose in your life to make sure that ibm were. We're serving going in the right trajectory. So what have you learned through the business through yourself in this journey that you didn't expect a while that's a. That's a really good question. I think what i've learned. Is you know. When i was in corporate america i started to doubt my creativity. I started to doubt my ability to be a business strategist because while i did receive lots accolade too. Don't get me wrong. I was the first woman president of our diversity equity inclusion group for all of our sales team again for this multi billion dollar organization. There were many accolades but in the same token didn't really understand my work. I didn't believe in my brilliant idea today. And when you are you know put in a home for instance and it's on fire either you're going to burn or you're gonna feed hat save yourself and as an entrepreneur you've had a figure out how to save yourself or you're going to absolutely burn and so now i understand my strength. I building businesses. And i love building businesses but it is dependent upon how healthy mindset is around if i can do this if i can sustain if i can bring the right. Brilliant in people in human capital on board. Helped me do this. If i can help get others to buy in to what my innovation is all about that it will help their issues in their pain points but it starts with me so that's the one one area that i is a true aha moment that i really understand my strength and again it's not about me. My strength doesn't come for me. It was certainly a gifts gifts that i've been given and i understand how to channel those in a servant leadership way than i never did before when i was in corporate america. I think there's a level of strength. I mean i guess i'm biased that you only know as an entrepreneur when you are faced with holding the bag yourself or you're faced with As what happened to us i guess. It's a year ago a year ago. We asked our business shearing off a cliff and having to rebuild your entire company. And i think that strength is what's beautiful about it and what you just explained as your story is. Sometimes you learn through these deep incredible failures but then once you know you have. That is almost like alright. Something might fail. But you never know you'll never be taken down in. Here's what i love. This is another aha moment. I have learned that my pain has manifested my passion. I never really connected the two right. When i think about the things that i'm really really passionate about like what i'm very passionate about business and building business while when i think about my journey in corporate america for twenty years i was building under someone else's umbrella following their rules right and so now i can create my own culture acting create my own innovation and i really understand that i love building business. I'm very passionate about women Passionate my ted talk of the black hills in the room that i gave january at twenty. Twenty my gosh. I had no clue that that ted talk going to manifest itself route rested twenty twenty when i was focusing on. How do we make sure that. We knocked down the inequalities for women for entrepreneurs the don't come from a privilege or pedigree And small businesses am passionate about those things based on my own journey. And i wanna make sure that piece. I want people to embrace when we are in the fire. And we're experiencing pain to take some deep breaths lift through journal about it because that's gonna give us the most intense passion and strategies to help others lift through a and for us to get to the next level in whatever we do. Hi everybody. I wanna tell you a little bit about the platform i use to distribute this podcast. It's called anchor. It is the easiest way to make a podcast and it gives you everything you need in one place for free. Which is what you can use right now from your phone or your computer and it allows you to record. Edit your podcast. So it sounds great. They're also distribute your podcasts for us who can be heard anywhere on spotify apple. Podcasts google podcasts and so many more and then guess what you can make money with no minimum listenership which i can tell you is a game changer. So download the anchor app or go to anchor dot. Fm to get started with you did a whole tedtalk about the black elephant in the room. Can we dive into that a little bit. I'd love to in rebecca. I'll tell you. I sit back. Sometimes i smile. I smile not myself. But i'm really smiling at our creator. And how clear of lyon he is right. I'll i'll never forget when i was asked to you it. I was really struggling on what my message was gonna be because i was being coached to really talk about power hands right. This is your opportunity to talk about power hands. The spread your platform to talk about our to give and just was not feeling it. I said that is that is not. There's something so much greater than me talking about what i do right. That's not me being a servant leader. In when i had that moment where it was really jotting down my thoughts. My thoughts were around in yell. You were made for this moment from the time. My mother took me to kindergarten with her. And i spent k. Through five with her when she was the first african american woman to move into a school that was after the war versus brown of education. And so she was african american teacher with an all white classroom and she loved it and everyone loved her. And i would say it was multicultural because we come from a base community as well with the military and i learned to embrace everyone for who they are learned to address certain questions on why other people look like this in you look like this and why do you speak this. Way your thoughts with this way right and then growing up i you know i was always the person if the it was a new student that was sitting at a table. I wanted to go and ask them to come join our table. Our would pull up in Pull up at their table and ask them questions about where they came from. I am the person that loves young. Sonke row i love representing the underrepresented and the black elephant was a way to help people understand that we need to unpack our own fears and figure out a way to unite our community by really setting a cy. Our conversation about gender our conversation about race our conversation about religion and politics and really had that courageous conversation. That says why am i freight to get to know you. Why am i afraid to have a conversation with you about how you feel about a certain situation. Why my afraid to address this black elephant in. I use it as a way of saying. Don't judge me by the fact that i have called my elephant of black elephant in thinks that i'm calling else in a black elephant because i'm a black woman. I'm just simply choose to call my elephant of black elephant. Because i do love black and the fact that i am a black woman. But it's okay to do that. Let's have those courageous conversations because it's so to unpack that and Addressing the women addressing the fact that there needs to be more women horse that are having that are. Ceo's are women that are on paid boards Were women of course from a small business perspective. How important to them and give the resources and the small businesses. How do large businesses leaning was small businesses shared a blueprint in help our overall economy rise. That was the premise of message. And to see that message evolve into twenty twenty beyond where i have large fortune. Five hundred businesses leaning into power hands in our foundation to say. How can i help you where we see more women of course getting an opportunity to rise and shine in show the brilliant and we see stats that show that win. A company is diverse. they outperform. I think you touched on the foundation and before we wrap i would love for you to just touch on the work you've been doing a people can feel like i don't have enough money for my own self. How am i supposed to give to something else. But you've made it truly part of your mission and almost built that into the company so we'd love to touch on that. Thank you rebecca. We have on day one. We sat with our friends and family. Investors in we said you know not only will power hands of course proved to be a profitable company. But we're also gonna do good in the community through our power to give foundation and at that time we could make it a five. Oh one c. Three because we were pouring money money into our four prophets. I which was power hands But that did not stop us from day. One when we launch having eighty kids from the boys and girls club there. We hosted a clinic for them. Working with professional athletes. Where we were teaching them skill development. They were asking courageous. Taking pitches with those in from that moment to see the smiles on their face got greyhound to support us in transporting there. We then made that a part of our mission so we have just done. Incredible things from working with nancy lieberman charities in building courts were who with. Nba cares with the nfl pa serving during covid. When you've got a mother that said on the front lines every day and my child is at home. I would love for them to have your innovation to work out at home. But i haven't. I don't have the money for it in so being able to give in serve individually Has been huge so Our our parents foundation is the core of who we are and we will never choose between making profits doing good community. How do you celebrate your success. I last rebecca When i knew you were gonna ask me this question because i. I don't think i celebrate my success. Well and i. I think it's so awesome when you can really just sit back in talk about things that you don't do well and i don't i. I'm more focused on the to do than celebrating the success in so i. I truly think that. I miss a moment And i miss a moment with team on from a cultural standpoint because my mind is so focused on the huge huge huge prize that is celebrating the milestones along the way. It sounds like oxymoron. When i just told you how grateful. I am when i wake up in the morning but when it comes to business and celebrating those milestones. I don't do the job of that so thinking about that question right. I wanna make sure that you know. I don't categorize a success as a to do. And i do a better job with really celebrating it along the way because i think one. It's going to allow the universe to trust me better that i'm appreciative of the mouth. Oh and then to. it's gonna from cultural standpoint. It's gonna allow team to help them understand that. I do trust in and that i celebrate them along the way as we're getting to that very very huge prize and complement incredible. You have such an incredible huge heart. And i'm sure that all of these kids are benefiting so much from what you're doing so i'm giving you a thank you even though i'm not that kid Q. before we wrap. I like to ask of all my guests. What is one thing we'd be surprised to know about. You could be a weird habit. A quirk something humorous. And then my second question would be. What is a piece of advice that you'd like to rela- to the women listening that you either learn the hard way or that someone gave you. That's proven invaluable. Oh two great questions. so Something that while i'll i'll i'll give something funny because the first that comes to mind. I love to sing. I can't sing. And so one of the enjoyable moments that i have with my husband or with them in the car by myself i call it car club in so i literally like singing to the top of my lungs Times i'll i don't get a chance to listen to music into my my. My husband is a lyricist And so will like listen to certain that i think is like edgier cool mike. Urban arap or something like that in literally having car club in the car and just completely being mindless in having such an amazing time and that is so different than what i do every single day. Because i don't go to the clubs anymore so we have. We have this amazing car club and it is. It is such a mental health moment. That's why mitchell that two people. I encourage you to do something. That is so goofy. That is so outside of your arm and just chill. Relax have fun so that something that maybe people don't know about me. And what advice would i give to women than has been the the best advice that i've heard of. Wow there's been. There's been so much advice but i would say The best advice is not self. In be treated. I self in push for with your brilliance. According to dine sell right really dig in to know who you are embrace who you are. Live your truth understand that people want to see the authentic. You and not a replica of who you are in. Do not try to conform to what anyone else wants you to be because that is your superpower that ensure cake your heart is your passion and your boots that you have on will round you in everything that you do so that. That's truly the superwoman. Spirit behind. I think everything that we thank you. Thank you all right. have a good day. you too take care. Bye-bye thanks for listening everybody and don't forget to head over to rebecca minkoff dot com show. Your love and support for the brand is something for yourself by something for another and also don't forget to try new fragrance again is available at all nordstrom macy's centers and birch boxes as well as.

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