GSMC SciFi Podcast Episode 207: V Wars S1E1


golden state media concepts side podcast. Together we dive into the world. In science fiction from APSOS. Star walks to the. Resident in all the. Science fiction movie from the Bachelor Marvel or DC golden state media cuts cy five cats. You'll never get sized stations the same way again. I. took. Five Times Bras by the GS NC podcast network. I'm your host Alex? Today. We're going to talk about V wars. I was a big Fan of vampire diaries, and so I decided to go ahead and watch V. This year. And I'M GONNA. Tell you guys I loved it. It has vampires. It has climate change. It's a lot of science in the SCIFI and it was also fun. It had a lot more socio politics in it than I was anticipating, and I live for that type of content show. I, very much enjoyed it and we're going to spend a little bit talking about v Wars. The basic premise of the wars is that climate change has resulted in a lot of ice and snow melting, and has allowed for the reemergence of long dormant viruses, so we've seen something similar to this in an x files episode. In season one except instead of a virus eight was kind of a primordial worm of some type. Show. In this case in viewers, it is a virus. And the show shows us that this virus could be genetic information her in alter our DNA so if you haven't listened to the episode EPA genetics yet. Maybe go back with you, and that will also help lay some groundwork for this one. So the T. L. D.. I, is that this virus emerging from the melting ice from climate change can affect our DNA in a way that can cause some changes. resulting in a needing to drink blood and do things like that, so it makes people essentially into vampires. But we start out this entire series with a doctor. At an Arctic research station much like the one in the X. files season one ice. Show at this Arctic research station. He has very clearly infected himself with something. We don't get to know this person very well bed. He's very expendable. He's just fair to let us know. Something has gone awry. And he is really going to just shoot himself in order to avoid whatever is about to happen to him due to his exposure to whatever this is. And his body is just kind of outside in the cold, and it's the Arctic, so it's really cold y'all the man is definitely dead. Then we get to see. Dr. Luther Swan played by Ian Summer holder. And he is giving a speech on climate change causing glacial deterioration. I really love in summer. Holder is playing a doctor in this show, and that he is taking such a serious approach to climate, change and epigenetics. It's pretty cool to see a scientist. Giving these lectures and I've seen them do that. In other shows, but conferences are really big part of scientific researchers, life of any academics life really, and it's just nice to see the scientific creature in the natural habitat. I also really enjoyed his speech in general, not just from a narrative standpoint, but also from a scientific standpoint. And he says that science has no borders or agendas only truth. And that it's important that we globally take this approach to stopping climate change in his tracks, because we don't even really know why we could unleash or on earth with all of these changes that are happening on the globe with everything warming up, and we talked a little bit about the potential impacts that in the python versus alligator episode from more of a satirical standpoint. But this show and that episode from the X. Files is, do raise excellent points. It very well could release some of these things back in to the general population. And it is going to take a global effort to stop it and I think that the timeliness of this show coming out around the time of the covid nineteen pandemic is exceptional. Part of the show is about the approach of dealing with a pandemic of this scale like it's a part of the definition of a pandemic is at scale, but it's really a big problem and Dr Swan talks about the modeling of how this pandemic could go much late. People in the healthcare industry and scientific industries have been talking to us about how covert nineteen could potentially. Potentially be spread how this might go and how we end up with some folks, not really listening and others kind of listening and then still others who may try to take advantage of it for their own means, whether that be by dumping their stocks to protect their finances, or in the case of this show, trying to find a way to weaponize this, there are always opportunists, and I really enjoy how the show points that out. especially from the political aspect, they talk about a military response to it, but that again seems to be directed by politics two. So in the show. We have a lot going on, but it is overwhelmingly. Pretty Dope. In my opinion, we have a family component. We have these interpersonal relationships that are strained and tested. And we also have a lot of learning as they go along, but in this episode it's mostly pretty chill. In the first episode we see that Dr Swan is met by Dr Lansing. Who tells him that they've lost contact with the folks at the Arctic Research Station? And so swan calls a guy named Michael, Cain and asked to be transported there. Turns out that there Bros. like they are very close like brothers and go way back and Michael Caine teens to fly helicopters from what I gathered and will transport swan to different places, so swan has to pay somebody to do. It might as well be as Bro, right and then it's just a bro trip, so they go up there and arrive at the Arctic research station and the door is open. Now I don't know about y'all in how y'all grew up, but my parents did yell at me lot about whether or not I was born in a barn, and leaving the door open, and letting the heat down and all that other stuff, so if you've ever been hollered at by your parents for stuff like that, you will be horrified that someone left the door open at an Arctic research facility. Think about the heating bill, you guys and taxpayer-funded. What the heck show they go in there and they can't find anyone to answer them, but they do find the body of the guy. We saw kill himself at the very beginning of the episode. In Swan realizes that there is like a petri dish that is broken on the floor and Agar Plate. And there was something in it, and he's not sure what it was, but that it could very potentially be airborne, and they need to call in a quarantine team because of what the folks up there working on. So, that's not great, and they end up in quarantine themselves in Washington DC, while the cleanup crew was working on the stuff in the Arctic. We're going GONNA. Go on a quick break and when we come back, we're gonNA talk about what happens in quarantine stated. What to find out what movies to go, see and check out the GS AMC movie podcast. It's your ticket to the latest movies whether it's a new blockbuster event, romantic comedy or action flick. This show has got it all covered. They talk some what to go. See now. Don't bother. What's hot on Netflix and everything in between that GMC PODCAST DOT COM back slash movie dash podcast when it's all about the movies. It has to be this new show. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit GS MC podcast dot com for more INFO. took. Taste. Best with poor grapes were introducing the concept of the wars, including Z climate, change and epidemiological components. Now we're going to talk about what happens. Once Dr Swan and Michael Caine end up in quarantine after being exposed to an airborne pathogen at the Arctic research. Station. At some point after they have been processed into this quarantine facility Dr Swan's wife Jess whom we saw making out with him at his lecture, as it was their anniversary I, believe and his son Desmond who he calls. Dez Come to visit him. and. We can see that Dr. Lansing thinks that they're probably going to be fine. They're a little uncertain with even what they're dealing with. And without having a live subject that has before been exposed to this or having anyone else around to tell them where it came from were what they were doing with it. It's kind of difficult to really predict what the problem might be with this new material. It's not really that like anything that they've seen before. And so they take all reasonable precautions that they know of and then when nothing seems to really happen to them, that's all that bad. They go ahead and cut them lose. So Dr Lansing's like eight. I think you're fine. And Dandy gone, says hey. Maybe keep us for a little bit longer, and he's like Bra. You don't need to be in here anywhere you're. You're done, so get out of here. So, he's a little bit nervous Dr Swan and going home at this point. He thinks that they should give it more time but Dr. Lansing has technically done everything that he is supposed to do. He's done is due diligence as they know of for their protocols, so they're cleared and they go about their business. But then we start seeing that there are some weird killings reported in the news and that the police chief is in charge of those investigations. Then we start seeing Michael fantasizing about biding someone in the neck. And, we also see that he is kind of plagued by being able to hear a lot of voices in noises around him quite loudly. So? It seems like he has super hearing of some sort, but unlike in a lot of shows, in which is depicted as a good thing, it really seems to be bothering him, and in that way it reminded me a lot of the folks who could hear other people's thoughts in some of the Star Wars books. I WanNa say it was Gan Torres. Torres in strain can't remember which one. But they were Luke's Jedi Academy Temple and One of them would just hear these voices all the time, and it was just too much to be around a lot of other people, and that's kind of the impression. You're getting from Michael's reaction. He is not having a good time. And then over dinner, with Luther he tells him that his teeth are hurting, and he's like you know i. feel like I can hear things from like far away and things like that and losers kind of down, and he's like you came. You have a fever or something. And, then we meet Juergen Juergen Weber and this person is someone who were lays information on the killings to independent. Journalists Kaley Vo. So so far we have the police chief character chief macaroni, lane, we have Michael Cain and Dr. Luther Swan and Juergen Weber and Caitlyn Vo. Dr Lansing so Kelly is an independent journalist who posts about a lot of these things on the Internet and she's getting this information from Juergen about these recent killings. And Kayla learns from him that the victims are missing blood, and they have seemingly been a sanguine via some wounds on their neck. Anchalee's like Whoa. These are like vampire slayings, and she just kind of runs with it. And? Then we see Michael Go ahead and Alert Doctors Swan about a weird emergency. He has a deadly in his apartment and he can't remember what happened. I really like how they play out this ethical issue in this series. So. What do you do when your best buddy gives you a call and says that there is a dead person in their apartment and that they know how it looks, and they know. How they might be impacted by this, but they have no idea what happened. They just now that if someone finds them in there, they're going to believe that he's the one who killed them. And so Michael Fain is all panicked and Luther. Swan is all panicked, but he leaves and goes to help out with covering this up. Michael insisted he didn't kill the woman, but you can kinda. Tell from looking at him they he very well probably did, but he strongly might believe he did not. And he also asks Luther to help him clean up the apartment, so we don't know if he knows or not. He did maybe maybe not, but you kind of get the feeling that he needed this. And this is good. It's alarming for Luther. And it's alarming for everyone who's viewing it so after then clean up the apartment. Michael Ends up accidentally breaking the bathroom sink he likes slams his hand down on embrace it. And, so he has hearing now and super strength, and he can also find people's blood in their veins so. He's a vampire y'all and his last name is fine, and it sounds a lot like Fang, but it's not hang with close enough. So. He is a vampire in this series, and it's heartbreaking for our buddy. Because Thor's than Resat about it in Michael's GonNa be sad about it and really luther just wants to help his bro, so we have this going on, we also start wondering. Is Luther also going to come down with this disease to? They were both exposed to the airborne pathogen, and they weren't separated from each other during their quarantine, they spent. Spent the whole quarantine together show even though it was a clean environment, if was exposed at the facility, even if the other did not inhalant their their close proximity for the following weeks for the quarantine duration would most definitely result in exposure to it so now we're just kind of waiting it out. Way The luther to see if maybe vein metabolize it faster than he did. Maybe he was more susceptible earlier on. So we wait with bated breath in that capacity, but we also see that luther is having a crisis of conscience. He's having a really hard time right now because he is. A doctor and he is a man of science. Any has ethics. Ethics are very important in science. Integrity is very important. And he's very upset by what he has done. You can tell even outside of being a man of science at just the general type of man that Dr Swan is, this is gutting him, and he made a decision in the moment to help his friend into help, protect his brother, but now he is getting some of that adrenaline out of his system, and that proximity isn't as blinding as it was before. He feels like he's made a terrible mistake. Any talks to his wife about it. Just seems absolutely horrified that. Luther helped Michael to cleanness up. Even s loser didn't think Michael did it and he's not really sure what to do about it now, but they ultimately decide that luther needs to go to the police. And report what had happened so that? If Michael is sick, they can help him out. And that's where Lutherans up going. We're going to go on a quick break and when we come back, we're going to talk about what happens when he goes to the cops stay tuned. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searched. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered. From News, sports music fashion, entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop alerted around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build that podcast is. Whatever it may be, visit us at www dot Jesus MC podcast dot, com follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes. soundcloud and Google play. States. For. This guy. Up to the point, in which Michael Fain has killed the lady potentially and his buddy. Luther has helped him to cover up. So. Lu there has a crisis of conscience afterwards. He believes Michael may be sick. And he is really concerned with what is happening. Is these events are unfolding? So, he goes to talk to the police after he talks over with his wife would. He gets there the fact that he has also helped to. Cover up this body to clean the crime scene and to dispose of the body that does make him an accessory to murder after the fact, and so he is also in trouble, so they put him into a room and have him. Sit there for a while a lot of times. They'll do that with interrogation. Leave people sitting there for a while. What I'm STU, a little bit Kinda. GO NUTS! Make them more likely to talk later on so that anything that they say can be held against them. And so they sit him there to fall into this trap as well and as a doctor, I kind of expect luther to understand this a little bit better. I expect him to understand that if you go to the police about that, they're also going to penn you up, but you know he's still trying to do the right thing and is sitting near trying to calmly discuss with them. What has happened and explained that his buddy seems to be sick, and the chief of police tells him that you know helping him clean. The crime scene is gonNA. Give you like five years at least for obstruction of justice. So, T., l., Dr this is not working out that well, for Luther and truthfully. How did he really think this was going to go? In going to the cops to report that his friend who is a man of color. Is Sick and killed someone, and then he helped him to cover up the crime. Doctor Luther Swan is very intelligent in many ways, but his intelligence in this case is in serious doubt. Perhaps he has more integrity than he does intelligence. This really was not the safest option for his friend. Let alone for him. And, he might have been better off if he believed he was sick in trying to get someone in a mental health capacity to perhaps help Michael Fain or to get someone in healthcare capacity, but then again we don't really have a great way in modern American Society to call on folks in emergency situations beyond if you are bleeding or on fire or having threat of bodily injury. There's not really an emergency mental health service number that you can just call at least not that I'm aware of in the current American Zeitgeist. So he kind of guess picks the best option that he can think of. It's not the safest option four Michael in addition to making him a target of some groups hunting him down like the police for killing someone. He's a man of color. He's not likely to get fair treatment to begin with. He's much more likely to be shot and indeed Michael Does. Get shot while he is targeting another woman in a tunnel system. So they shoot him and arrest him, but that is separate from. Luther is doing I believe it doesn't seem like. Him Reporting, it is what ends up getting Michael Shot. But Michael is nonetheless shot and arrested, and then he survives it and decides he will only talk to luther. We also learn about kind of a side quest wherein Mike went to his dentist, recently about those sore teeth mentioned a luther over dinner. And that his dentist, his recently committed suicide. So that is to people who are connected to Michael, who are now dead and someone else. He tried to target. And then Luther finds out that might knows that eight. He's been routed out that somebody has alerted the cops to him. He's also very strong now, so in addition to the super hearing, and all of the things that he has going for him right now. We saw him break that sink earlier. He strong and he just straight up breaks cups. He fights the cops, and then they decide to put him under heavy restraints, so they strap him down to a Gurney. And around this time to see that the Journalists Katie Vo has also made her way into this medical facility where they are holding. Michael Fain in police custody. Show. Katie goes into this building and is trying to meet him. She specifically wants to meet him look, she's been reading and looking on the news and getting this news footage from Jergen about all of these different issues that are going on. She's been getting it from the police department in stuff information about these vampire killings and Katie is convinced that their vampire killings, so she sneaks him a that badge and we see that his bullet wounds aren't there anymore. He has already healed, and we also find out that he has drank the victim's blood. Then he quickly breaks free from his restraints bites, a guard to death, then uses his body as a shield, just kind of dangling in front of him and use it to dampen his landing when he jumps over a railing. It's pretty hard. Core Kaley makes it out alive and was able to speak with him momentarily, so she got what she needed after some of this stuff happens. Luther gets the point across to chief Macaroni Lane that his family is. Endanger from Michael because Michael knows that luther knocked on him, and he needs to get to his family before then so for whatever reason instead of sending a security detail to the house to check on them or anything like that they go ahead and lead Dr Swan temporarily go to protect his family from Michael Fain. He's trying to get them to just leave the house with him and immediately come back. By the time he gets there. Though DEZ is locked himself inside, he is felt like someone or something was chasing him all the way back to the house. and was very freaked out. and. You also feel very freaked out for Dez because you know that. Michael Fain is out there and you don't know how. He would take it out on this kid at this state. You don't know how he would react to luther betraying him, because they're like brothers, and it is a deep betrayal. In this case, end does probably like Michael's nephew, but he also doesn't seem to have a lot of control over his actions right now or his urges. So we're going to go on a quick break, and when we come back, we're GonNa talk about what happens when Luther gets back home. Watching TV has changed over time. Streaming has become the new norm. That's why golden state media concepts television podcast dives headfirst to the world of cord. Cutting wants to be on the loop of what's hot, hot and Netflix or if it's not a preference, what about original shows in Hulu? We've got you covered. Join us as we filled the blind and talk about movies to street. And what show you should be binge it this. This is a golden state media concepts television podcast. Just. Back. For the break we were talking about the outcome of the showdown in the medical facility. In which we learn that Michael Fain the has survived behind shot, and also that he. HAS USED A man's body to dampen his fall as he has launched himself over a railing like a story or two below. It's pretty medal, and they did a good job with that seen in my opinion. So now we know that the police chief is leading Dr Swan go home to his family to protect them from his friend. Michael because Luther thinks that Michael might take out. His frustration and anger at Luther narking on him to the police by harming jess and Dez. We haven't seen jess yet, but we've seen does run all the way home down a forest path that is not quite reminiscent of the village, but it did remind me quite a bit of the village that might sue partly be because the I, saw the village the only time I've seen the village three honest. I watched it on cable. And it started about halfway through, or I started about halfway through it like two o'clock in the morning when I couldn't sleep during college and so all. I knew that there was a girl wandering around the forest. And then I won't fully end up it for you case. You haven't seen it yet, and you still want to. Bet It looked like that to me. She's just freaked out and she feels like something is chasing her. So it reminded me of that a little bit, but now having read about the context of the village I understand that this is not at all the same, but that feeling of being hunted by something being through the forest reminded me a lot of the same type of Erie. Feeling I got when watching the village, not knowing that it was the village. You get where I'm going with this guy, but anyway luther gets home and does his manage to run all the way through the woods and locked himself safely inside of the House so luther goes in to get days, but they are very quickly attacked. Not by Michael, Fain though. Unfortunately, it looks like jess has also been turned into a vampire, and she tries to attack them both so luther has to kill her with a fire poker. He kind of has to beat her to death with it. It's pretty graphic and it's pretty upsetting. To Watch, but you know. We only got to know her for one episode so I didn't feel all that upset about it for her. Personally I'm just like Oh no poor luther. He's GonNa be so sad that he had to kill his wife, even though she was totally a vampire, and he did it to save his kid, and he was definitely warranted in beating her to death with a fire poker in this case, because she was a vampire and was trying to kill them both. So she seems to have even less control than Michael. Right now, because it looks like the early stages are really difficult for these vampires to control, and that's pretty consistent with. Different Vampire TV shows and movies throughout the years such as in twilight, in which the newborn. Tend to have a much harder time controlling their powers. or their urges really. Both maybe! But they also tend to be pretty strong, so the strength component doesn't really seem to play into it here, and in shows like the originals and vampire diaries and legacies, usually when you first become a vampire, it's really hard to control your urges, but also you tend to get stronger. The older you get, so that's a big difference between twilight and Vampire Diaries, but in V wars it doesn't really seem to have an impact at least not that we can see yet because there are only a couple of characters who have been impacted that we know of by this point in the story. So this is a big bummer for Luther had to be his wife to death so shortly after bear anniversary. And it seems that the police really think that he may be helping Michael Fain Kill these folks in these vampire murders, so this kind of went extra sideways for Luther WOMP WOMP. I'm sure he'll be fine. Though he protagonist you got. Luther will be fine began. He's been through a lot in this episode. By the end of the very first episode of the series, he has delivered a lecture on his anniversary. He has had to fly all the way to an Arctic research station in which he has contracted some type of virus that airborne, or perhaps he hasn't, but his bro has, and then due to this. His Bro starts killing women when he gets back into town. He says it is teeth hurt and he goes to his dentist and the dentist mysteriously commit suicide. And everyone is just kind of going bonkers right now. With what appeared to be a string of vampire type murders. So no one is very happy about this. And this all seems to be taking place in Modern Day America from what I can tell so folks aren't really inclined to believe that. Jesse was a vampire or even believe days that jess was attacking them, and was enough of a threat that luther was justified and beating her to death with this fire poker. This does leave us with the question. Though of where is Michael Fain and also how digest get infected if luther seemingly had no symptoms. While he did get intimate with his wife in an earlier scene in the episode. That's mostly pretty glossed over, and he says he's a little bit concerned about them. Not knowing the types of transmissions order presentation of this type of pathogen, if there indeed even is one that is truly problematic and can get into humans, but she just waves. It Assigns Lacaille Dr. Lansing cleared you. It's fine, so they had been intimate, and that means that he very well have transmitted it to her by being a symptomatic or being a carrier of this virus. And then transmitted to her via his semen or his saliva, things like that they're all different types of transmission between folks when it comes to types of pathogens, and if it can be airborne and be in respiratory droplets than you know, making out with somebody or having sex with someone who may also be affected can be detrimental to your health to those respiratory droplets are the vehicles for viruses? covid nineteen and potentially can be for also this pathogen that is represented in V wars, as Michael initially gets it from airborne transmission, their particular of it in the air, and Luther notices those from shining his flashlight into the facility since the lights are out in the doors open. So he sees them going through the air and realizes that they are perhaps in trouble, so he knows that it's possibly airborne. It's definitely airborne. Tell Michael got it, but then he also is now finding that it may be transmissible via saliva or other bodily fluids. We're GONNA go in a quick break and when we come back, we're going to talk about the graphic novel source material of viewers stated. The GMC life, been happiness. PODCAST takes you journey of exploration we'll discuss tried and true methods alongside the latest trends. How best live your life to its fullest happiest from psychology to meditation science to self help books, the GMC live in happiness podcast. We'll help you to discover what makes you happy and how you can live, live being the best possible download, the GMC life and happiness podcast on Itunes Stitcher, Don, clow, who will play or anywhere you bind podcast just GMC in the search bar. ticked. Welcome? Aboard the. We were wrapping up the end of the first episode of v Wars that was out on net flicks earlier this year. It's still on there. If you guys want to check it out, I really enjoyed the show all the way through. The mythology that it exports. And a lot of times. Vampire shows tend to go a lot more fantasy than sci-fi. That is the general bent for them. They're horror or fantasy under the speculative fiction umbrella, and this win is a lot more Sifi, so it really stood out to me as being a really fun Saifi and just also a much heavier, sociopolitical and scientific vampire show than lot of what we're used to. Now I will watch absolutely anything you guys in which the characters have superpowers I don't care if it scooby doo in Google School, or if it is something like the words or vampire diaries legacies the originals everything in that whole series. I really loved, but also you know they have the force like in star. Wars or if they are mutants wake in X. men, or the very last movie in the twilight franchise in which we get to see all of the vampires from different areas, come together and see all the different powers, and that is a lot like seeing the X. men together it's. It's a very exciting type of battle because it's beyond just beating up on each other, it's beyond just the super strength. They have a lot more to really dig into with like the electricity and the allusions in pain and premonitions, and all that it just gives you a lot to pull from and to. We've more into your stories. It's kind of like. Pokemon, it's going to be a totally different fight with a fire type in a water type Burr says a psychic type and water, type or psychic tax and fire Thai you have so much that you can do to cross those over and get all of these different outcomes, and that's one of the things that I love about speculative fiction in general and Saifi especially, we're also some horror movies like my favorite horror. Movies are the monster movies in which you have weird things happening like. Where Sharks Fighting octopuses? So, there's that also don't add me. Octopus is totally legit with to say the plural form of octopus. You can say octopuses occupy or eighties, although technically octopus is an octopus. Correct because octopodes uses the same route and prefix from the same originating language and with octopuses anytime you bring something into the English. Language and you are going to lure allies it. You anglicized it so octopuses technically correct. I was occupy girl for years and was absolutely shattered when I found that out. But you know as scientists, it's important that we don't really have an agenda as Dr Swan it, and that we are able to take this new evidence into account as we come across it and make new decisions going forward. So back to VCR's and Dr Swans beliefs. Viewers originated as a graphic novel by Jonathan. mayberry and Sam West mench the artists for it were Alan Robinson and Marco Tarini. And then there were several different folks who worked on the cover, and that included Ryan Braun. Kevin Eastman J. Photos Ronda. Pattison Allen Robinson Diego Rodriguez and Marco Tarini. There were a lot of folks who worked very hard on this project. And the wars in general is a graphic novel series that published by ID w publishing from twenty fourteen to twenty fifteen, and it continues the Anthology series. So it's about overall the battle between humans, and what equates to a hundreds of new species of. Who are now effectively vampires. They aren't really wanting regular people food anymore. We see Michael turn up his nose at the people food that he and Luther are eating at their dinner, the same dinner in which Michael is telling him about his ability to have super hearing, and also about how his teeth were aching at the time he feels. There's something wrong with his food and Luther is like. Like mind's totally fine man. I don't know what you're talking about, but he thinks that there is perhaps something wrong with his food. Because that is the thing that makes the most sense to him right then he doesn't know yet. The his body is morphing away at an EPA. Genetic level to make him crave blood, and to not really enjoy the taste of regular human food so much. So? He thinks he's getting sick or that. He is eating food. That's gone bad. And that makes a lot of sense. He is very human in that aspect, in which he is taking the culmination of the different experiences that he had in his life and applying that to the situation. He's in to find the most likely answer. But, in this case it turns out, the answer is a lot more supernatural than what Michael was truly prepared for or indeed what any of them were prepared for? We also see in the warriors more of the old school beliefs about vampires that they are dangerous and are out to harm humans and her part of a human food chain, in which they have replaced humans as the apex predators, and actually prey on humans, so it's more old school vampire type stories, the past several decades, or so have been more of this sucky buster incubus type character in which they are. Really going in and seducing folks, they're they're. Vampires are getting more of a sexual lean more than anything in recent years. That's the whole thing with twilight. Is that Bella just finds herself crazily attracted to Edward. Even, though he is super cold and I mean that literally on his skin, but also his aft- pretty. Flat so's herself. and. He's really strange and we'll. We'll go ahead and call it out right now. Just give out of the way Edwards out. Abusive going and cutting the lines in Bellas truck so that she can't go and see Jacob just because he is jealous and everything super controlling, but he's just apparently just so hot and sparkling who she cannot help herself, even though he is breaking into her room in night to also watch her sleep grand, she's asleep. She doesn't know it, but you get where I'm coming from. They are trying to turn them into like these romantic heroes and they've been doing that for years people in literature, and by all means go wild. Take it wherever your imagination wants to take it. Go ahead and explore vampires as romantic heroes and everything. But I really like this return to viewing them as monsters as well so we have movies Lake thirty days of night that portray them as being more like monsters, and I think that both types of portrayals do have merit. Really enjoying monster movies, because monster movies are my favorite for many go horror. It's going to be a monster movie. And Jonathan May? Berry has been quoted as saying at a San. Diego Comic Con that nothing here sparkles. It's old school, scary monsters, and it actually is old school, because this is not the Hollywood vampire so this age, not Bela Lugosi, y'all this is way further back. It's going back into all the different types of vampire beliefs throughout the world, so there are all types of different explanations of vampires in different countries around the world and. Years and they're not all necessarily. The same one countries vampire may need to be killed by beheading, while another win may be to the heart, and another one they can be warded off with holy water or silver or crosses. It really just depends, and Jonathan may vary really digs into a lot of those. We're going to go on a quick break and when we come back, we're going to wrap up talking about this anthology series. Stay tuned! The golden state media concepts travel podcast the show that gives you advice on everything travel. We explore places. You've always wanted to go as well as giving tips for traveling in those places, we'll give you advice on the best sites for travel tips, information and discounts join us as we travel the world explorer. And Meet New People the Golden State media concepts travel podcast has got you covered download the GS MC travel podcast on Itunes stitcher soundcloud, who go play or anywhere you find bog, asked just type GS MC in the search bar. Statistics. Before the rates, and we're talking about vampires in general in different shows like legacies, the originals. Twilight Vampire, diaries, and how they are a bit different from the wars in that V, wars has more of an old school. Portrayal of Vampires is being scary monsters instead of being these. Grand seducers. So I really like this approach that the author Jonathan. May Vary and his fellow author, Sam West Mench have taken in this. And there have been about twelve issues so far of the viewers graphic novel by W. Publishing and I'm excited to get my hands on them now that I have finished season one of the show. Sometimes you read the source material I like I did with watchmen, and then saw the movie and other times it's the other way around, and in this case I saw the TV show I and I am thankful to an summer holder for bringing that to the screen, and thusly bringing it to my attention. I love this kind of thing, and I'm all about putting a lot of science in sci-fi and turning. What's otherwise a horror or fantasy genre into being more of a sci-fi? So envy worse. They really do this turning of folks into vampires as being more like a plague than being just something nets magically transmitted via the blood. Do, you never really talk about it. In most horror and fantasy portrayals of these vampires, these creatures a lot of times. It's just Oh, well, you know. They bite you. Drink their blood. Now you're going to turn or just they bite you and now you turn and you're sitting there going okay. Is it in their saliva? What is it about dying with this in their stomach? That is causing these people to. To turn when not having ingested wouldn't do it, and it just leaves you kind of wondering now whenever I watch those kinds of things I do just suspend my disbelief so that I can enjoy the show, but it thrills me win. Folks really take a hard crack at explaining these otherwise mystical phenomena with science, so I liked that they use this plague type approach I like that it's related to climate change. And saying that we may have a part in wiping out our own existence, but also I find it interesting that the reverse implies did at one point there were vampires, and they were either hunted all out, or they couldn't handle climate change, and so that Jan went dormant where that expression of it went dormant did climate change results in the EPA genetic switch for fires, being turned off? I'm not sure. Is this to do with survival of the fittest in the way that Darwin really meant in talking about being reproductively fit and not just be inject. I'm not sure, but I'm excited to see where they go with this now. There's no way that they could have known when they started filming this or even, when it was written that this was going to come out net flicks right around the same time as the Kobe, nineteen pandemic, but it is quite timely, and if you guys have not seen a show yet, I highly recommend it. It talks about how politicians will use their response to these types of things to their. Their benefit you see what happens when people who are privileged socio-economically will change their minds. Would someone day particularly no is impacted by these types of events, so we see a lot of people right now. Going around without a mask and everything and a lot of folks just don't think that it's real. They don't think the COVID. Nineteen Israel and I talked to a girl at the box store today, getting packing materials to finish packing up my room for the big move. And she said that lots of people don't believe that. It's really even exists and she asks them we'll. How would you feel if someone you knew did die of this and people I know in my personal life have died from covert nineteen. It is indeed very real, but the political machine will keep turning. And it will keep throwing out all types of misinformation that will help them out most how they deal with it in your specific area, and whose fault certain things are they'll scapegoat people, Bill, Scapegoat Groups But v Wars, shows us about a lot of the science in the politics behind all of that, and also with journalism, where this information is coming from how it is sometimes even surpressed, so we see a lot of that representation with Kaley Vo and with Dr Swanson and with Michael, Cain and all. All of these other characters that are in the show and I like how they go through an early tie up all of the science and socio politics and culture and everything else with this neat little bow in the form of this allegory with Vampires, we also have a concept of there being different types of vampires in the show, so there were historically in this show different types of vampires, and that's again. Jonathan May Berry drawing upon the different portrayals of vampires throughout history and throughout the world. And that really is interesting the way he's brought this out, so he's brought Klein variation into it. soclean variation is something that any apologist Livingston put forward decades ago and that's the there is such thing as biological race, but there is Klein on variation, any variation that you see in human beings is. Graphic -ly. Along Klein's. Roughly correlate with latitude so the further you get from the equator, the shorter and thicker people tend to be because that is advantageous on an evolutionary level for being able to survive long enough to reproduce and pass those jeans on, because you're able to have enough. Heat retained fear, surface volume, ratio, N, similarly folks who are closer to the equator tend to be taller and thinner because they need to wick more heat from their bodies to not collapsed from heat exhaustion in these hotter areas, and also live long enough to pass those jeans on, so we see Klein all variation in many different aspects of human adaptation and variation, and I've spoken briefly about this before in previous podcasts. But. We also see some of this nv wars, so there are different types of vampires based on what he referred to as being their ethnic background, but your ethnic background is really defined geographically and in that way is also Klein variation, so he's not necessarily saying race, but we are talking about climate variation, so folks get those different genes triggered in different ways, so maybe some folks are getting DNA methylation. Maybe others are. Are Getting his stone modification like we discussed in previous podcast. Who knows I haven't gotten into the graphic novels yet I've got to get myself moved across the country I before I start diving into anything else, but this series. If you're interested in the graphic novel, has eleven, regular issues and a special one that you can collect into trade paperback, and there is also the TV show. It was canceled after one season. But Ian. Psalm holder is not giving up on it. You can check out his twitter for more information on this show. And hopefully we'll get another story from it in the future, it does hold up well, though as a stand alone story, so you can still watch it all the way through, and you're not going to be stuck with a cliffhanger really. Thank YOU FOR LISTENING TO G S. SCI-FI PODCAST brought to you by the GMC podcast network I like to ask you to please subscribe to the show and writing a nice review always really helps us also, if you please follow us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram I'd appreciate it. Thank you. And have a good night you've been listening to the golden state media concepts sci-fi podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot, g MC podcast dot, com download our podcast on itunes, stitcher soundcloud Google play this type in. Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music throw sports to entertain them and even weird news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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