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Mini Crush #108


Here's the thing saving money with. Geico is almost better than playing pickup basketball. Because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock. He constantly brings threes. And who completely hack you? And then put his hands up and say no foul no foul with GEICO. It's easy to switch and save on car insurance. No need to fake. An ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted so switching save with GYCO. It's almost better than sports. Guys bobby bones. I host the bobby bones show and I'm pretty much always sleepy because I wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later I get all my friends together. We get into a room and we do a radio. Show wisher allies. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world if he possibly can and we look through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country. Artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music to wake up with a bunch of my friends on ninety eight point. Seven W. M. C. View in Washington. Dc or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP. Welcome to movie crush a production of iheartradio D- Hey everybody and welcome to the mini crush. A very special many crush because sitting across from me is not the Harry. Gamy knoll it is the less area and I assume pleasant smelling any. I really appreciate that check. That's one of the best I've ever gotten assume pleasant smells yes how you doing. I'm doing well. Last night was Mardi gras little tired. But Oh what does that mean for young folks? It means you go out. It means yes. okay what kind of drinks on. Mardi gras anything like hurricanes and stuff like that. I had one hurricane but mostly just a beat a beer. Okay what is Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane? Who's in arrested development? When I was an army that was always one of my favorite jokes that he wouldn't say the army right. What is hurricane? What is Hurricane Hurricane? A lot of stuff but primarily rum. Okay Yeah it's a rum based drink I got you. Yeah and you were wearing a Kruger industrial smoothing gays for Jersey or not Baseball Jersey. Jersey Style t-shirt Ramsey's wearing and snap jersey style. T shirt right. I didn't get the memo guys. You're not cool enough for our Jersey Club. Is that a movie. Ref Is Seinfeld Seinfeld reference. Yeah when George. He worked for Kruger curb industrial industry. Wow and they nicknamed him the Cocoa Okay. The back zero man. I can't believe it I get that because I've been watching Seinfeld a lot lately have you. Yeah for some reason. It's sort of been my go-to late night. Have something on while I drift off. Yeah and I think I watched like five episodes last night. I'm kind of jumping around but season three is tough to beat. Sandrine Jason Four. I think that the prime really yes when Seinfeld with in its stride scrape. Because it didn't get I mean I liked the whole Ryan got not as great toward the end In that first season was a little rough right but They're really hitting their stride. Yeah I watched One of the ones last night was the one where they were trying to set. George up with Elaine's friend who was I knew better from Chandler's girlfriend on friends Oh Janice Janice Yeah Janice Fran Drescher is. Sounds like she actually put that voice on in a big way on fringe because she didn't talk that way on. Seinfeld right right right right but it's just so funny. Georgia's talking about how he needed a thick and lustrous hair. I grew up watching Seinfeld. It was like one of the thing a few I only had four. Tv stations one plan called all the time. And I actually remember asking my mom when I was. You know ten or eleven. Is that how you meet people? You just go to a bar like every week someone new and she's like Jerry dated a lot of eighty we they have someone new coming in. Yes and we were actually last night emily. Now we're looking at the murderers row of actresses who played his girlfriend's yes. It was crazy like Amanda Pete in Teri Hatcher How man who else was on that list. I'M GONNA look it up real quick. I mean it must be. I would love to see some numbers. Around how many people he dated during the right of that show and he got so many great actresses who went on to be really big. The reason I started looking at up is because Last night I also watched the episode where Jerry dated the Painter and George got suckered into buying a painting. And that was Catherine Keener Right. Yes so Janine. Garoppolo Garoppolo Kristin Davis from SEX IN THE CITY. Courtney Cox Before Friends Matt beat Debra Messing. Laurie Laughlin who? She's in trouble. Cheese and Chili. Yikes and I mean this is a partial list. There were so many Let me see. Oh Ben Stiller's wife or they divorced. Now I do not know Taylor yes. They might be divorced. Oh I'm sorry Ben Bummer. Yeah Debra messing crazy. I mean I didn't date. I dated like three people in my life right Jerry. Jerry dated three people in three weeks exactly as a kid. I assumed that the whole world must operate this way right. I'm very glad my mom should date a different guy every week. It sounds like a lot of work. I know way too much work. Yes so any I A couple of things go ahead and plug away anything. You've been working on okay. Cool is I want people know you know your stuff and where to find you. Yes well you can always hear me over on saver which is food and drink. Podcast that I do. That sometimes gets to travel which is exciting and then on stuff on never told you where we do a thing. Every month called feminist movie Friday. We Really So needed alien. Yes did you terminator no but I would love to do terminator okay. Yeah we did. We've so far we've done alien Batman returns which was at Ramseys nodding emphatically Ramsay. What do you remember about that movie? What can you not talk about that movie which confused which one was that? Michelle Fights Christmas movie standards for walking in that. Walk Ins in it Right right right right. Vito as the Penguin Penguin or was that his only England only penguin thank. Yeah it was like clutch came out. I think the ninety nine hundred ninety two years. There's a limit to where spoilers and all that can end and start and all that stuff so ten years and apparently Ramsey decides that yes. It's fine. I'll cut that out now. Do not In what else are the only two so far. Oh no we did a first wives club which I had never seen. That was fun. I have not seen that. You know it's got some. It was fun. I'll say it was not my type of movie perhaps but all right And then on. We just did Milan right. The obviously animated version gets regulars out yet. Exactly my friend Stacy worked on the The new one. I really traveled all around the world for like a year. That's cool to some amazing places. That is very cool. It looks it. Looks pretty bad ass totally. I'm excited I am too I I love the animated one so I'm excited to see it in live action. I think Disney is GonNa be about a fifty percent success rate on those because I didn't see the Lion King. I heard it was not good. I recently just watched that. I'll give it solid. All the cast is really. I mean it felt like it was in a weird space of it added more than the animated movie did and then updated some things. I it was like you were listening you favorite song and they were just kind of jarring notes or something which is from Harry Potter. Didn't come up with that Really that's a quote from Harry Potter. Yeah but I think it is appropriate for right now. Okay well you know Magic Harry Potter Fan. Oh well that is order of the Phoenix who he gets to school sees the festivals. And it's not right That's a running joke I've never seen any. I couldn't about it. And what and what else so Batman Returns First Wives Club. Yes Milan and Milan. And that's it so far in these come out once a month great. That's fantastic Jason. Yes here's the thing. Saving money with. Geico is almost better than playing pickup basketball. Because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock. He constantly bricks threes. And who completely hack you? And then put his hands up and say no foul no foul with GEICO. It's easy to switch and save on car insurance. No need to fake. An ANKLE SPRAIN. Because you're absolutely exhausted. So switch and save with GYCO. It's almost better than sports guys. It's bobby bones host the bobby bones show and I'm pretty much always sleepy because I wake up with three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later I get all my friends together. We get into a room and we do a radio. Show with your allies. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world if he possibly can and we looked through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country. Artists always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music to wake up with a bunch of my friends on ninety eight point seven. W M Z Q in Washington DC or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP so we decided I decided since you are in here and not the Harry gaming all that we would bring a female perspective to this episode at least exciting and just Sort of honor. Honor the ladies out there so we went. I don't presume you have ever listened to this silliness in this version of our show. So what we do. Is We post little games on facebook. We do what we call social studies post where people just comment about queries and questions and stuff like that and we are going to start out with the social studies right now on movie very simply I just asked the crushers who is your favorite all-time and roll yet You can think on yours unless you know who that is. It's athletic. It's not fair. It's hard to pick out. Just one person yes but You can still on that for minute. Okay and I'll start start going through some of these here. Let me see so I decided to just do a very simple query. Who is your all time? Favorite actress enroll. You can think about that okay because another. It's not a fair question. Nope I never pick out. Just one actor or actress but we're going to see what movie crusher say we're going to start with Quinn Ca Ville appointees zero great. She says Amy Adams she is. She's tough tin for me for sure. Cheese AMAZING APP. I adore her and everything she's ever been in and she says a rival is her favorite role. Truly fantastic in that movie and doesn't overact at all. I do love that role. That is a really great wine if you're not bowling at the end of that movie you're dead inside just absolutely body in your basement. Somewhere your socio bats Let me see here. Kelly Ferris Mark says Catherine O'Hara in pretty much everything Best in show is cookie. Flack MAY BE MY FAV- Yes. I have not seen as seen Shits Creek. Have you seen that now? I haven't heard the truly good. Yeah Africa thanks boy. She's great to. Yes that inland always laugh at that. That I guess you could call it a limp. She does in best in show after she hurts her leg This is the most ridiculous thing ever seen in my life and his love. How far she takes the comedy so dumb and in the best way of right yes Christi. Richardson says gotTa Be Carrie. Fisher as Leah. Oh yeah or to argue yes I have a whole feel about. For instance. Yes well. Let's hear it o que se. Spiel safe place feel I just think Re Wash? I've watched movies lately The original trilogy of Star Wars. And I think she's so like the fact that her planet gets destroyed. Spoilers I guess yeah and then and I love Luke. He was my first crush. He loses like old duty new firm in it and he's like all sad about it and she comes and she comes and comforts him. It's like okay. She doesn't like it's never knowledge. She went through this massive laws and then she continues to. We'd never really thought about that. Yes she's not allowed to mourn hardly know and she is immediately. There's no time for our SARS commander we have to. We have to move on. Yeah she's just like this huge bat. S that is sort of not acknowledged throughout throughout. But it's just understood she is. There's never any questioning but it's never acknowledged and then agree. Yeah Yeah why? Why does Darth Vader says his last line? Tell your sister. You're right after. He tortured her. Oh my goddess selfish thing to say yeah. Tell her I was good about it. Yeah I need to I need to go back now. Everything's finished Watch them in an order. That pleases me. We'll rogue one when ends. Yeah Ends with right happening. And she turns around and looks at the camera and has like a smile on her face. Yes doesn't sit well with me now and that was just blew up. Yeah and that was one of the first instances. They used technology after she was dead right. That was a little Durham. Yeah but I have recently fallen in love with a medium called Mick clunky. Oh wait a minute. I think I've heard of this and the Disney version revenue And one can only imagine. I like to believe even though I know. It's not true that George. Lucas lies awake at night. Thinking well shot. I keeps changing this but anyway if you haven't watched the Disney plus Virginia has a very funny unintentionally. Funny scene in it. Yeah says mcconnachie is unexplained. Now doesn't mean like Oh Shit. It means you're death is coming from an episode. One Phantom Menace SA- BOBA says woe makunike. Death is coming but he says it in like an alien voice isn't as weird. This is like a random inser. Griego just says mccloskey. And if you don't know that's great I do love Every time I see it I laugh well to were really funny. Doesn't sound like it means what it says. No and the the memes that have come out of it is crates are beautiful. I have a whole. I've sent it to Ramsey. It's a whole package. I could send along the best means. I've found all right. Maybe we can do that on the movie. Crush page teams fleas Greenwich says I will always Love Toni. Collette I love Tony. Oh yeah she said a Muriel's wedding and share in moonstruck. Yes sir. All such good roles Kenneth Hanan says Kate Blanchet She's one of my biggest crushes. Yes Cate Blanchett and everything. She's done But magnificent as Kate Hepburn in the aviator who also has hell or actor. I loved her Yeah that's right boy. She's good Love Kate Blanchett. Anna Shrestha always have a hard time with your name. Anna Apologize Old Pal. She says Kathy Bates. Her Diversity in film is amazing Prior to her performance Oh I'm sorry. She says honestly. I prefer her performance in Dolores Claiborne over misery but probably Fried Green tomatoes is their best. Geez. Great yes twos really good. Did you see the Richard Jewel movie? Oh no I didn't see how did you I did Took a flyer on it just because I had was going to the movies and Because I had an opportunity and that was out and she was great. The movie was okay right. Paul really loved it. Oh Yeah Yeah. Give me a hard time. Top like man. That's not far I do. He's like my little brother Paul Let me see your brand new. Mcdonald's says off the top of my head Sandra Bullock Always love which he brings to roles but practical magic she was so memorable and I want to be friends with Sally. Emily He's talking about she can watch movies based on Dwellings that she loves Like a bad movie if it's got an awesome house okay. And there's a room. They're they're sort of witchy greenhouse room and practical magic. Just like since replaces yeah. She'll she'll watch practical magic for that room. I've never heard anything like that. She's watched the dumb movie The Lake House six times because of that house did you see the title of it was like maybe this is. I mean. It's pretty amazing house. I get it yes I. It's very funny we had some people come to do the same thing. So she's not crazy Old Pal Courtney Hoover says Helena Bonham Carter. I totally agree. Yeah How she blends into roles yes she really does lose yourself. Good Quality. Yes actor Jim Van Valen. One of our old friend says Gimme some TILDA swinton. Who what a strange creature. She inhabits every role. It's delightful to watch. Yeah have you. Well I don't want to spoil it. What the now what we do in the shadows show. Oh my Gosh yes. Such a great look because she can go to a lot of different places yeah from slight androgen e two straight a vampire to loving mother and she's also really funny. I always surprised when I see your role. She does kind of have this look in. That means she's been cast in a lot of sort of supernatural type roles but every time I see something that's comedic. Oh Wow in what I guess in some of the Wes Anderson stuff. She's she's got some humor. Some of the supernatural things she does. Well Yeah but what we do in the shadows this my most recent example. I wonder what she's like. Ah a person I hope she's Nice. That's what all of us just one. Yeah Nice they don't have to be the most extraordinary people. Just don't be that's all I want. Kindness Emi Warner Royal Palaces. Meryl Streep Hey somebody had to say it. Yeah you know She's she's so good that it's just almost I don't know it's we definitely take for granted because it's just so easy looking for her. Yeah I mean I. She had seventeen Oscar. Nominations it's ridiculous at least sixteen. Yeah I think it's more than that because I was a couple of years ago. We didn't episode on on how many she'd been nominated for no sixteen so standing yes and how many she won. I feel like maybe two or one more than that. I mean she should have won. Probably thirteen out of the hardy. You just can't give her the award every year. I can't do it our old POW. Alex Glasnost Bitch says Sissies Basic. Oh I love her. Yeah maybe my favorite overall actress but favorite role is Pam Grier in Jackie Brown. Who of that movie One of our oldest pals Rebecca Robe Glad you're doing better rebecca. She says there are just way too many to pick from a yes amazing. She's going the underrated routes she lists Joan. Kusak you're speaking my language love Joni. She's fantastic Bransky Christine Bransky. Jodie foster ran mcdormand. Of course Allison Janney. Yes Viola Davis. Yes I can't pick. She says another princess. Leia vote for him cat Gene Bruno Let me see here. Kathy Lee McRae's Meryl Streep Scott Hodgin says jodie foster. She is able to convey so many things in a slight expression. He's not around enough anymore. I WANNA see her more movies. Yeah I do too I do too. She she definitely when you see her. There's this presents there's a gravity and she totally. Yeah it's just there. Yeah it's like. She's jodie foster exactly. I mean she's been around. She was a kid. I was watching her and candle shoe when I was a child and watched her grow up and I think I mean. I respect someone who was super selective and I think that's her deal she. Yeah we only acts when he really loves the role right. Yeah and get get for her. You know. Yeah it's tough in Hollywood to Especially as a woman. I think to step away. You have to be really really established because if you go for a couple years. That machine rolls on yeah and especially. I know. I've said in previous episode we've done The older you get Hollywood just kind of like no. That's fine yeah you know. I think what happens is you. There are roles but that tunnel just gets more narrow and more narrow and you fall by the wayside unless you're one of like ten people. Yeah you know And since they don't write movies where a woman can Be viable sexual creature after the age of forty five right. Then they're aged out of Wife roles girlfriend roles. Yes because they're going to be played by you. Know someone your age right so you know the problem though I. I knew this was an intervention. You WanNa call me the problem. You should perhaps watch first wives club then I will say it's a fantastic film but it does. Have they talk about that? Goldie Hawn plays a character whose an actress and she's like caught between playing the she she wants to be the daughter but now she's getting cast as the mother and the mother is like described as grotesque and like. They're gonNa put our movie makeup on her. Yeah Yeah so. It's like this or this right here. I- between exactly. Yeah exactly it's tough stuff let me see here. Celeste Edwards. Encana gator. Great Name She says Social Ronin. Yeah she's fantastic and I'm so excited to be catching her sort of early in her career although she's been around for a while she yes. She's done a lot for for her age. Yeah I loved little women so much. That was good. Did you see the movie Hannah? I never saw it know. Soma pointed that out on the page yesterday. That was the right. She was young and I think played a Like an assassin. I think so. Yeah could trial the scariest. You kidding me. You'll never hear them coming. That's true you never suspect while. Maybe that's the perfect disaster. Exactly oh her yeah she start neck. Yes finish up here with Boy There's a Lotta Tilda Swinton Cath Kathleen Master. Said I've always loved Natalie Portman and especially in Garden State always makes me laugh and then cry importance. Great I I love Natalie Portman when I was a kid because to bring up. A Phantom menace again that I was like nine. I was at prime age for that movie and I loved her as a kill. My God Queen Amidala. Yeah Yeah so you were nine when that came out. I was roughly nine when empire came out Really so I was on that first. Wave at about the same age that you're on way too. Yes and then. There are nine year olds now. Who are seeing these new ones? Yeah it's kind of the coolest things about that whole star Wars Jam. I think yeah is the generational quality. Yeah and I do. Try to remind myself of that. Now that I have age and I Perhaps don't like the prequels as much But I do think there was value as a kid. I loved him Okay third one. The third one was pretty good. I actually watched those for the first time since theaters for the new the new. I don't think I've seen him since heaters. I enjoyed it really. They're not. Yeah Yeah I think I remembered them worse than they were. Yeah I think casting was a little bit of the issue because Poor Kid Jake Lloyd Yeah just not great. Yeah and the what did he keep? The I don't know if it was writing. Or if it was just something he did but he would say there's some line he kept saying and I was like why. Why yeah it was like you know or some? It was something I guess. He kept saying I guess really. Yeah I wonder if that was. I'd much a boy look at him. Now Oh no don't do this. We bet too much towners already. Oh he's dark side no mugshot. He was also in Jingle. All the way which I found out there was a massive lawsuit behind that movie. Really of like a teacher to teacher wrote it wrote the script and then they made it in the future like sued them. Yeah Interesting Yeah I. Is it happening now now now? I think it's still happening teacher. Who's GonNa wait to let Ray maxes out grosses? Yes until I can squeeze everything out of it and then I'll pursue so now that you've had a chance to do you have a favorite Labor is definitely some of the suggestions. Like Princess Leia. That is hard to beat do. Toni Collette S- And hereditary or the six cents knives out I. I watched eyesight I. We haven't seen it at home again because we didn't get to see a lot of these movies right so now they're all out on. We'RE GOING TO JUMP IN. Yeah can't wait. Cdn So good. I every time I see it. I see something new. It's yes yeah Is there an actress that you're like? Oh I'll see it because she's in it. It's pretty rare now. I've actually heard that's a pretty rare thing among people now and that's why because he used to be oh put Tom. Cruise's the example. They usually use put him in a movie. People will go right and that is not the case anymore. I yeah So I don't I for a while Natalie Portman was one Improperly Scarlett Johansson for awhile. He's Great Yeah Yeah The tough and why did you do this? You got one Emily Watson Yeah. My favorite movies is breaking the waves. And what a movie. Yeah she's fantastic and that and pretty much anything. She does so like right right. When I saw that I was like this. This this is a star. I mean like I was just blown away by her performance in that. Yeah you know what movie? I love. that she was in Actually I was thinking of someone else actually know. Always get her confused Man so in from Harry Potter name. Oh Man I got her confused. With Samantha Morton. Oh well they're sort of like they look a little bit of like but I was thinking of the movie. Jesus's son Jesus son you ever see that. No you should check that out great movie. It was a book Very very good movie. It was a book of sort of vignettes and sort of shorts about this character. Played by Bill Group in the seventy S. He kinda wanders in and out of these various situations Female Director Alison Maclean. Who ACTUALLY WORKED WITH ON TV commercial? Oh cool and I walked up to her right when I got to set in and I was like hello. I'm a big Fan of your work and I think that's the only movie directed. She's been busy doing other things. Tv and stuff but Again I think goes to show you how hard it is in the industry. She directed this. Great Indie Film. Fray Start Billy. Creative Samantha Morton Jack Black Dennis Leary Holly Hunter Dennis Hopper Just a ton of people What's his name? Michael Shannon was one of his first roles. Greg Gherman really great Cast Miranda July. Think it was maybe her first role. Great Yeah you ever seen her stuff. I've heard I've done a lot of it's funny on the show. I do a Lotta Times. I ended up reading about a lot their movies or whatever but I never actually see them so I feel like I do all right. So we're going to move onto the second social studies social movie okay and this is a big as bad as a female characters of all time. And I'm hoping I haven't looked at these atom hoping there's arrange because to me movie. Bad asses can come in all shapes and sizes. Yes I mean. There's clearly the You Know Alien Terminator Types of batteries Like it'd be hard to say Ripley. Sarah Connor aren't two of the tops right but there are many kinds of bad asses. Yes so you think on yours. Okay unless you know you probably Princess Leia. Do I need to go back into my Spiel We'll start Sarah Strand. She says growing up Sarah from a little princess. I never saw that. All there are multiple versions. I can't really name the one I saw but I really liked it. There's no I can't remember like any of the actors. Yeah well this was a different kind of bad ass. She said the little girl crossing between two buildings on a wobbly wood plank in the pouring rain while that mean lady tried to pull her back in she might not have been physically kicking ass but she was incredibly brave and went back for her friend. And I think that's pretty bad ass. Yes yes is bad as. That's exactly what I'm talking about One of my favorite parts of the Oscars was Laura dern speech The whole speech was great but at the end when she talked about her friends. Yeah and I was just like man. That's that's what it's all about. Get up there and thank your circle. Yeah and your support group. Yeah the people who really helped you. Yeah Yeah agents manager. Sure they're valuable but like when the rubber meets the road. It's about your besties. Yes you know I love it I do too. I've got a lot of good good old friends. They can all get fucked. I will not be thinking you actually all left me. let me see. Sanders says Ah Koy and Black Panther who laid by how you pronounce that Deny Guerrero I think so yeah boy. Oh God yes she said. Also I love this question and all the responses My my buddy Brian. Didsbury local Boom operator says any character played by greer. She's the original. Super sister appears great. Not enough for her either. I really thought after Jackie Brown. She would just be everywhere. Yeah Again. Yeah no exactly. It's it's frustrating that you can have something successful and that's hard enough bright and then it doesn't lead to else right. Yeah I totally agree. That's going to be a big big disappointment careerwise Because you think oh all right. It's all going to happen now right. And then yet it happened for John Travolta when Tarantino dug him out of the grave yes I saw phenomenon multiple times also face off. Yeah I mean no trust me loved everything from welcome back. Kotter to urban cowboy to was actually a pretty good movie For that kind of movie said magnanimous I would give it back. Nando is great but boy he's sort of fallen by the wayside. I think old friend. Rebecca Ruben says I don't know how you pronounce her name. New ME RE PACE. That's how I've always. She's awesome but yes album butchering that. Yes a girl with the Dragon. Tattoo series an absolute warrior. Now Alien Sci fi or fantasy a real woman destroying real monsters true. Fuck yeah I like the. That's one of the rare Adaptation adaptation but remakes before in film where I thought both were just fantastic. Yeah I think there's like the American version was great. Yeah you all enough. I had to do this class once on Cgi and that movie was a great example of people complain about CGI all the time but a lot of the snow and that he would never know it. Everyday person was obviously a little annoyed at people always thinks he is batting. It's like look at this. Look at this no you would never even who it will see. Gi Yeah Guy He. He's right the best. Cgi You don't even know what CGI era but you tend to focus on like these whole cloth characters or backgrounds right out in the snow this poor guy he just wants recognition crystal moon. Valente says Princess Manoke Manuka one okay. Oh yeah she is a great one. I totally agree with that. I never saw that. Oh you definitely should her opening shot you like finally see her and she has epic Mass Gut monstrous. She's writing a huge wolf. And did you just say writing Ujjwal? Yes a huge wolf. Wow and she the wolf has been shot and she sucks the blood out of the we one of the first shot. You see of her like spitting out this blood. Wow all it's great. It's okay yeah I'm going to of course be exposed to a lot of things is my daughter grows up that. I didn't get to watch back then. It is really really good right now. I'm just exposed to frozen and Rosen. Deal are the songs are there. How Jesus Yeah so mad at Emily. This morning she said guess what I have stuck in my head. It was like don't do north where meets the sea change other words though and it drives me nuts. That's how it goes GonNa Right. I've said before though there's a great fucking songs Oh yeah. They are really really good songs. I Love Them. Same Person Did a book a Mormon. I never saw. Oh yes very good. They didn't do a movie version of that did they. know surprised yeah. I guess I'd be hard to make the I think so. I'm not sure how many people would see it. I could be totally. Yeah Yeah Smash It on Broadway. It definitely is and all the songs are really catchy. It's really fun show. Also Josh Gad. Was He in that? He was in the first. He was in the first renovated. I don't Love Olaf that sort of that's the sticker. I mean he does a great job but it's just I don't know the character kind of annoys me but ella frozen and frozen to. We finally saw a few days ago. And it's so good and I think the music is better in prison to even look the songs I I do too and I also love Isla Fresno Resin to yeah. I was like finally a love that isn't about romance other types of love and even handled On as love story in the in a good way I think yeah yeah definitely In the relationship between her and Christoph is very supportive which rare unfortunately in most Disney movies. Yeah for sure you're on the right track now. Yes it only took them. You know seventy five years. Yeah sure they're doing it Let me see here Karen. Knox Mentions Hannah. She says under watched incredible movie Hannah. She's an incredible teenage assassin In so amazing go see it. And how Courtney Hoover says no bigger bad ass of course then. Ah Koy from Black Panther that is true yes Gentleman belan old Francis. How about for Juno here me out? Terrifying situation for a young woman knows what she wants to do. When Batman's character comes onto her. Oh I forgot about that yeah She is the grownup in the situation. Says EU and rejects them to stand up for herself against a hot older guy so many teenagers would have loved to have had a hot older guy wearing them and she said no that was important her pointing out how gross that is totally. Yeah that was a. That was a tough scene out here. Like oh because it was Jason. Bateman We Love Jason Bateman. Yeah he hadn't he's taken on a lot. More roles is an asshole lately but hymie had right so it was like I know It's but I think that plotline worked really well for the film and I. I totally appreciate that. That's I feel like it's a layer of Kind of sexual harassment. Or just the grossness that you're lost a lot yes like we always amplify but there are these other little things where you just think. Oh I'm going to go listen to music right and then this other guy with a life you know yes is just yeah Those are real uncomfortable. It's real uncomfortable for me in a movie where it's starts out his ambiguous and you're just as an audience going. No no no. No no no no. No no no no. Don't don't don't ask don't please don't go that way. Sometimes they down your thank God What it was an saw recently. Where the exact not that exact thing but it was sort of the same kind of situation where it did not go that way and emily and our both like. Oh thank God it was just. It can be such a relief. Yeah you're like. Oh Wow this genuinely innocent a lot though. Yeah it's like a huge relief that someone is just normal and not occur. Yes exactly exactly could be the default. Yes I I like a Tamer version of that wherever anytime I see like a healthy family relationship or like with parents or something right. It's it's more refreshing than it should be like. Oh this is a happy healthy family support each of which one's the serial killer but that's kind of movies to church very few times right. Yeah happen Let me see here. Cats noces Katherine Johnson from hidden figures. Who met asked by being a genius doing her best in an awful environment? Yeah she loves for THAT ONE JESSICA POLI says and I am not Harry Potter. How do you pronounce Grainger's first name? Her Miami reminded Grainger Yeah. She's one entire series. Now not kidding she such a bad ass and there's no way to Harry Potter could have been successful without her. Oh he they would have all died without her first shore. I know I'm going to have to get into those at some point. The clock is ticking so I have so much I could either be great so it's not like I'm dreading it but I can joke around a lot about it right because I miss out on that whole cultural phenomenon. Yeah I I was like I graduated when the last book came out. I graduated High School in the last book. Came Graduated College when the last movie came out and so I was a write in bathroom yes and I love when I tell younger. People I My nephew who's about eight or nine. He's getting into it right now and He he treats me like I am. Oh my God yeah. What was it like? We waited in line at bookstores manager. Joe Yes that is so cool prisoner of ask all the way to the from the third to the seventh one. I waited. Well anything were you. You're getting young children. Reading those books are five six hundred pages longer. I think Or the Phoenix is almost nine hundred patriots nuts and we would just ray up like I have pictures of almost everyone. You know five. Am We've been reading all my friends and I it's sitting around reading. Yes and like trying to beat each other like yes. I want to know what happens. I like Reader's crying. You're like exactly that happened. One time really. Oh No. That's so fun yes I love it. Ramsey's your daughter into Harry Potter. She is not. It's on the bookshelf. She is she's seven so she's she's almost there. Yeah that's about the age right. Yeah Yeah they get pretty pretty scary for sure. Yeah Yeah especially like the fourth one is a pretty big turning point where it becomes. Oh people are dying okay. Parents dying it does. But that's kind of like the first page and then spoilers boilers All right let me take a few more of these will move on Angelo Chavez. Charlie's therein for Atomic Blind instead of The Mad Max Movie. Oh interesting I mean. She's a bad ass comic blonde. I want to yeah. It was pretty good Bobby Bryan Hamilton. Finally Sarah Connor in the Terminator Franchise. Yes yeah for sure. And then of course Luis Silva one of her old friends says Sigourney Weaver and alien. Yes she makes that whole series awesome. Yes yeah there's a lot of Sarah Connor's Ripley's Furioso Hannah's and the bride cal. No Yeah Oh here we go but speaking to my heart. Md Charnley says clarice starling and silence of the lambs straight face with lecture and took down Buffalo Bill in the dark. Yeah that is very very true. Yes I carry. Mcquaid says Emily Blunt and edge of tomorrow in that that is a good one even the quiet place to when she was young. Yeah that's true. Yeah boy that There are certain scenes physical things that happen shots and needles and nail step. Yeah can't do it Ramsey. Shake it. Yeah it was bad it was bad. That's funny I thought it was a funny movie experience. Though 'cause I my stomach was really quiet. People were looking around. Your stomach was it was not happy about it. Believe place exactly. Did you giggle every time? I kind of sunk lower in my seat and tried to go. You can stop a stomach from Galle on it and all sorts of angles and then I was like I guess I get popcorn and then I thought well popcorn also our sometimes you stomachs like yeah. It was a interesting situation being experienced so Ramsey. Do you have a favorite female character Yeah some of the people mentioned some of mine. Dolly Parton nine to five. I don't know if you know. Yeah yeah that was one of the videos. Yeah our parents will let us watch when kids and then one of the original great creeps. Oh Yeah I mean. There's a lot of creepy stuff move. Yes I mean just Dolly Parton in general I mean. She's she's always been one of the. She's amazing she's amazing. Francis mcdormand Fargo Cheese and actually wrote down a couple. So yeah and Jamie Lee Curtis Yes yes totally. I think we're making Fargo pregnant was just this little stroke of genius Sort of changed everything And but they didn't it wasn't like Oh look at this pregnant woman. Who was soldiering on? 'cause she was too so every day about at all. Yeah like she was just doing her job. Yeah not making a big deal about it right. It was just a part of what was going on their life. As one of my favorite movies I still crack up every time at the end when At the wood chipper yeah. She's yelling and then she she's has gone into hands and she quickly points at the badge on her hat. See that movie until pretty recently and I didn't know steeper shabby. Oh boy in how? Oh just sort of in a general way seen Fargo love it. One of my favorites. All right we're GONNA finish out with very quick stream this comet car because I told everyone you were coming on and you are a fan. Favourite Comic Card is when we answer questions and said throw any your any specific questions for a Little Ama Or an AA. Yes yes but quickly. What are you what he's been watching when he's streaming these days. I just finished Bodak Horsemen K. Final season I thought it was very poignant. S- and it was well done. It ended pretty much as well as it could have. I guess like I dunno it. Have you seen it Yeah and I had him in here. I had The lead editor in here. Who while through the computers? It's another right. Yeah Yeah I don't know I I kind of appreciate that. They didn't there wasn't resolution per se Which is really rare. Hard scare quotes everybody. Very hard air quotes. Yes I don't know I feel like you don't see that story enough like he you forget. He's the main character your mental sympathize with him. But you did all of these horrible things and he left all of this damage and his weight and so there's a part of you that wanted to him to get forgiveness. But then there's another part of you like let shitty though right. I need to finish that one up. Yeah it's really good really beautiful. Yeah you've been watching. I recently watched well-groomed on. Hbo a documentary about the dog. Groomers competitive dog grooming So it has the same vein as expected to here Sunday morning and I wanted something on the TV. While I was cooking breakfast and I was like just put it on and then netted no your grammy. Yeah we'll has. The same type is a documentary. So it's not a mockumentary but it's similar to show right right. It's the same type of people. Yeah Yeah victory. They make fun of their. But it's actually pretty entertaining. Kept my my daughter entertained and then as well as my wife and then I actually texted. Danny I recently re watched Cabinet in the woods. I've seen that once. I loved it. I should get out of the radio. Yeah so Goodwin. I just finished up. I'M WATCHING HIGH MAINTENANCE. Of course in real time my favorite show on TV and just finished Emily and I had to go back and finish up the final two episodes of better things Which is a probably a top five show for me as well. Pamela Pamela. Adlon fantastic one of my favorite favorite shows too so much art and again another great story about a woman a single mom raising daughters and how tough that is. Yeah and each daughter. It's like over. The seasons of all were the oldest to the oldest in the middle have been. It's interesting to see them phase through life like the oldest daughter in the first season's was the pain in the ASS Because she was the teenager and now she's got into an age where she still a bit of a pain but she sort of coming around like kids do with their parents. Yeah the middle daughter. When this last season is the one that's Troubled right and she has a really hard time with her but they're also great characters and then the little girls to such a little precious Sweetpea that like. She's the cutest little girl. Never just WANNA put her in your pocket. An engineer both like please don't let go bed. Yeah no just. Let her stay sweet. That's a tough when you're watching. Children enrolled like. Where are they going to take and Jordan run dog and I love the Beatles? Hi I'm Steven. Hyden and I prefer the rolling stones. Can we get along no absolutely not come here as duke it out on rivals a new podcast explores famous music feuds of the past and present every week Jordan will explore new rivalry delve into all the dirty details about our beloved musical? Icons just can't seem to get along with their federal legends. We'll debate each other about who deserves to have the upper hand. In these classic conflicts is big versus pop into oasis versus Blur. I can't wait to argue with you about stevie nicks versus Lindsey Buckingham Honey West and Taylor swift I- MTM Connie all the way seriously after he was such a jerk to the two thousand nine vm. As you standing up for beyond say Jordan. Yeah right see what we mean. Join US on rivals. Podcast from iheartradio. Listen now and follow on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to invest all right so we're gonNA finish up with comment card. Let me see here Charles Martin. Acres whenever old friend says as an actor and podcasters. What obstacles have you run into in those industries? I have three younger. Sisters have two talented daughters. My wife is a boss but I always wonder how I can help my daughters to succeed. Great question that question. Oh my gosh. Don't ruin your daughters lives I- obstacles definitely. I struggled with. Should I do I belong? Do I have a voice? I Guess Imposter Syndrome sort of Of I never had training or anything and I know but I didn't know that I started as an intern and I collect apple. Id remember that you email. You guys like send me the description of your show. You've come a long way I have And because of that I think I felt a lot of doubt about. Should I be here? Can I do this? Will someone eventually realize right? Oh she's not good and get her out. Yeah yeah so awful a little bit because none of us were. We kind of fell into this. Yes I didn't have any experience doing it either and I consistently like when is when are people going to figure this out right the Jig up exactly every suddenly copy? You're all fake You didn't go to podcast or school exactly forgot you started as an intern then as crazy. Oh I remember I played pranks on Connell. That was one of the first thing is our old boss. Roxanne you still have pranking. Ham is the intern. I usually had to your appraisal these off and my favorite. We ever did headquaters realism. I put a walkie talkie under his desk and she would randomly make go. Sounds a really funny? It was a great. How are you when you started? I was in college. I was twenty one twenty one and definitely as far as acting goes. We've already touched on issues there for women but it is. It's changing but you'll still get like some. Somebody told me onset. Some man told me. Isn't it weird to be in an industry where it's all about your looks and I was like Maybe don't maybe don't And He. They ended up replacing me with a man for that role really And things like that. Definitely the sort of vibe of I've run into multiple times of people being like. Oh maybe I can date this person like it's almost like a dating thing and then if you're not into that and goodbye to the rule yeah so I think having a good support group And and in any way that you can like finding women strong women are whatever doing things that show younger people younger women in particular. You can do this right. It is a thing that women can do if you can give examples of that. I think that's a really good thing could enter. I will thank you Let me see here Sarah Nagy says what is your favorite aspect Aspect of filmmaking. Do you like acting best or would you just prefer a behind the scenes sort of role? I love acting. I love getting into like trying to live someone else's life and for a minute. I love that and I get such a rush out of it and it is really difficult. Sometimes it can be really painful But I do really enjoy it. I also love writing so that is something I if I had to choose the two things I love acting and I love writing. Yeah yeah elevating to spun. I know as I catch myself like instead of I'm up late watching something. I'm up late writing. No that's great and a lot of times. I'm writing things that are not I have no intention of publishing. Yeah go anywhere. I just like writing asked him here. Sarah Law one of our oldest friends. This is a great question Do you hate being asked for a woman's opinion. Instead of just your opinion very good point it is sometimes I especially love because I work on a podcast is all about women and feminism. I love when I get randomly. Ten Twenty Six. What do you think about this thing that just happened? That has got the cultural tension. Or whatever exactly like and I'm you know I appreciate that and I understand this kind of funny like I don't right. I don't really have any authority to weigh in on these things I suppose I can The Co host of the feminist show. It's true You know your take on those kind of things exactly. It's just funny I. It's it's an interesting aspect of the job. I suppose I I usually I guess I don't mind so much being asked. Except when I'm like notice there are no other women. Yeah the token right And then that plays back into the impostor syndrome again. Would I even be here right unless they needed a woman? Yeah so it's I do appreciate when I get the sense that someone is honestly trying to understand something that maybe they did it But if I on the other side of it if I get the sense they don't really care and it's sort of like a token gesture in question or whatever it might be. I don't like that. Yeah right well now. I realize that I'm like let's do a show about the female perspective since Annie's here I'll talk about the female perspective and time ahead. Good Intentions Castle questions. Here's a saver related when Jonathan. Cooley says I live in Birmingham but make the short trip to Atlanta frequently as a Foodie and a film me. What is your favorite Atlanta Restaurant in movie theater? Oh Dan Ramsey looking at me Atlanta's such a great food town. Now it is. I actually have a map and should you desire it. I haven't Atlanta Map. You can email Saver at Hello. Sabre pod DOT COM and I will send it to you. What is on this map? It has all of my favorite restaurants and bars and things to own. I can send it is ready to go because it is really hard to favorites are difficult. Keep asking him of me. But I There a couple of restaurants I really love. I love Hencke Korea of heirloom barbecue. Which is a little bit of a hike then cook a meal? Yes two words. Sesame SESAME FRIES DECATUR DOOR wedding really. Yeah Yeah we had a Taco Bar Hook and some burritos from them. Yeah the owner there When we were making stuff you should not be show. We went in there a few times for a little production lunches and he remembers me from that really went in there a few weeks ago for the first time in probably a year or more and he said Hey man has gone you still got the TV show up. No nothing sweetheart. Very surprised on travel. And you agreed. They're not great reheating. You gotta eat them there. Yes yes so. Good unbelievable I love What else the porter. I Love Boca Lupo. I haven't been to Boca Lubo yet. Good so good. I go to two four six for Italian. Oh yes boko the black ink spaghetti office. I have the black ink at two six of my favorite dishes. You gotTa go if they serve it with trumper. Yes shrimp and it spicy spicy. Like red pepper in there It's not that far from what else I'm trying to think too. I mean there's plenty great barbecue of course Community Barbecue. I think is the best if If you're looking for southern food what would you think? Well I mean it depends if you wanna go old school cafeteria style. Go to the colonnade Which you know you'll be the only person under seventy years old heating air you can also get an eight ounce liquor drink. Yes like eight ounces of Liquor Right Stiff Colin one. I used to go to all the time was signs and Inman Park which was a meat and three that is now a bakery right there on the corner by the Marta station. Right sons is gone. Which is a bummer But it depends on like there's two southern's barbecue and there's meeting threes. Yes and if you're listening you're like what the Hell's a meeting three sort of cafeteria saw where you're like. I'll have the fried chicken or the whatever right meet and then. The three are your three heavily salted in butter of again. Yes that means like I'll have the the back and cheese MAC and cheese loose weaponization of veggies. Yes you know what's good too is a Golden Eagle. Oh yeah really good stuff there in a very cool bar. Yeah like very sort of fifties madman. Yeah that's one of I feel like a couple of restaurants like opened kind of in quick succession of this kind of wide movie s Like when you walk in you feel like you're in a different time. Oh totally yeah yeah. Golden Eagles really got it but Atlanta. I mean there's five or six new great restaurants at open a month. Yeah and a couple of close. Every month raised that restaurant thing. It's a tough business. Yeah and it is a really exciting food scene actually for savor. We're thinking about doing. Normally we travel to place we do ten episodes from that place for thinking about doing Atlanta in Toward the end of the year cool because there is so much to talk about here and it would be nice. 'cause we know the area we're starting from a pretty good foundation and the options are endless. And if you'd like the map I will send it to you as far as theaters go. I Walk Everywhere. And landmark is my favorite without being to Virginia Highlands Island near here. Yes very walkable part town. Yes so anywhere. I can walk as my favorite place so the plaza midtown arts plazas great yes? It's alerts is great My favorites yeah. They and they also do for anyone not from Atlanta. They do a lot of movies. You won't find it other theaters. Of course yes. Yeah good stuff all right time short. So we're GONNA finish with Vicky Strickland's question what is your hogwarts House Griffin. You're through and through although there is a hack where you can see your percentages. Don't know any of this. Okay Okay so you take this test and what percentages are okay. Good we're starting from there So on the official potter more websites. You take a test to find out what house you're in which is essentially like the dorm you're going to sleep in and it's based on traits like courage Okay so you're you can see the percentages of how close you got into every house when this pack and I am like sixty percent griffin nor slit her in which is not good. It's not that it's not good. It's just they're kinda post in the books. They're definitely painted as like the not good house their ambitious and flying coming in most of the students that you do not like are portrayed from southern. I bet you there's a way retrofitting that into football Reference to you might not know Chuck. That's like saying Eagles fan versus or whatever. All right yes. There's a lot more great questions on here. So maybe we'll try and sneak some of these in on the next one awesome or just Have you back when Nelson around? I would love it all right. Thank you any your delight as always thanks for having me. It's a fun. Yeah thank you Ramsey. Yes and we will see you guys with any next week for more podcasts from iheartradio visit the iheartradio. App Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows dear. Young rocker is more than just a podcast about music. It's a memoir of how it feels to survive high school when you don't fit in and the freeing feeling of picking guitar for the first time it's also advice for anyone who is for was young and his ever felt weird or alone. Deyoung rocker is written and narrated by me Chelsea Ersan executive produced by Jake Brennan and comes to you from double elvis productions. Listen to Gary Rocker on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or you get your podcasts. Hey put on some Beatles no no the stones. How about pot come on? You gotTA play Biggie. Maybe some Katy Perry Taylor Swift Camman. It might be time for another. Episode of arrivals rebels is a new podcast that exports famous music fans of the past and present. Join me Steven Hyden Emmy Jordan. Run talk as we go blow by blow through the best music beefs and then debate. Who deserves the upper hand? Pick aside and may the best band win tune into rivals. A weekly podcast from iheartradio. Listen follow rivals on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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