Steelers Preview: Does Benny Snell Jr. equate to the return of smash mouth Steelers football?


Pittsburgh Steeler fans. Let's going on this, Jeff Harbin editor of behind the curtain dot com with another episode of the Steelers preview. We have a lot to talk about tonight information about our jersey giveaway information about as information about Benny Snell junior. We're going to take your questions, that's a lot of stuff to get through. And then obviously, we have the either or at the end of the show, the first introduced my co hosts for the evening as always the dynamic duo. Brian, Anthony Davis is here. Brian, how's it going? Whole lot doing very well my friends. Very good. Dave. How are you? I'm I'm so excited. Jeff I can't I can't be myself anymore. I have to do it. Spoiler. The Steelers won Super Bowl. Nine sixteen to six over the Minnesota Vikings. Franko Harris was the MVP. I don't want to be give any other spoilers. I'm gonna stop it Super Bowl mine. I tried to get the forty five years, but I couldn't quite do it. All right. So let's give right to things in that is we want to talk about this giveaway and I pumped this up on my show, which actually was Tuesday Night Live on YouTube, but rand today Wednesday today's Thursday. I'm all messed up because this schedules. I did my show Tuesday published today on Thursday. That's correct. But I talked about the giveaway. We're giving away a free juju. Smith Schuster jersey, we've been talking about this last two weeks tonight is the night, the Dave is going to give you all the information you to know including the hashtag, so pay attention, get out your penny. Pencils? Write it down in that way. You can enter to win this free. Jersey Dave, go ahead. Takeaway, tell them about the giveaway. All right. Just to give a quick recap of what we talked about last week. It is a free Nike replica juju. Smith Schuster jersey. It is the nice kind. It is. It's, it's not the, like Jeff mentioned in his show. It's not the three hundred our nothing. No, no, it's not the authentic. Fantastic. But it's, it's what you would most people would would order, when you when you wanna spend one hundred dollars to through through the Steelers to get a to, to get a jersey. So that's what's going to be the sizes, your choice from small to three XL. I will will will get all the contact information. Once the contest is done, but the contest was or is you'll be posting on Twitter, a short video of a possible juju. Smith Schuster touchdown celebration that he could use for this upcoming season. Be creative on it would be nice if you gave it a name and gave it an intro. But when you post it, you need to you need to include the behind the curtain Twitter Jeff on a remind us, what that is BT steel, curtain, that's at BT steel curtain. That's important ahead. So we got you. Gotta ask me, bro. So you got to do that, then you also have to include the hashtag people couldn't post their videos until we got the hashtag, we are officially announcing the hashtag now. And that hashtag is juju. Jersey contests. Jeff, I'm sure is going to put it on the live chat. We're going to put everybody can if you're alive on YouTube juju, jersey contests, there's your hashtag, if you had your video ready to go. Go ahead and get it out there, the sooner it's out there. The faster you can start gaining likes remember, if juju likes it. That's an extra million likes of years is the only one you can get you to like, you've got yourself, juju Smith Schuster jersey. Yeah. And it was funny on vine is still Kurt. And we did an article just kind of letting all our readers know that we're doing this giveaway because not everyone listens to our podcast. We understand that in terms of our traffic numbers for. The site compared to our podcast, not yet anyway. And a lot of people were all, you know, old men yelling clouds of a social media, blah, blah. Look. Okay. Whatever if you don't wanna do, don't you. But someone is going to get a free jersey. That's it. I mean you're gonna get a free jersey like there's no strings attached here. You just follow us on Twitter. You get your friends together. I don't know make makeup something fun. You're allowed to put I believe at two and a half. Minute video on Twitter. Echo. Something creative get a bunch of likes if you are. We checking the behind the curtains, Twitter notifications, it, make sure you tag because I will reach we'd amount there, you'll get some likes and we'll see who wins this thing because when Dave Logan announced next Thursday is Evan will announce the winner. Yeah, we're gonna I'm going to let you talk a little bit about it. I, I had as a deadline of next Wednesday night at ten pm I is originally, what I said to put out their we're all cut it off. So that gives us time to make sure we've done everything properly, and do it. And then we can announce it the next day, does that does that work for you, Jeff. That's not a problem. So there you have it, folks. In case you were late joining us, just. Listen to the beginning of the show, and I said this on my show the Steelers burning question this week, and that was we will talk about it right off the bat so everyone can hear it. You don't miss it at the end of the show. So there you have it a free juju Smith Schuster jersey. And like I said, I already have a giveaway coming up. I actually want to involve writing in this one that'll be coming up. We'll talk about after we give out the jersey, so let's get right into things. The Steelers are in the just completed the first week of organized team activities phase three which means that this is really what people call the OT as organized team activities have three phases. Phase one is to strengthen conditionings face to they can work with some coaches here there but really is still just conditioning. And then face threes, where you actually have offense versus defense and things like that. So this is what Mike Tomlin so eloquently called football in shorts and how it means. Absolutely nothing. So when I think of OT as I don't always agree with the fact that there's nothing to draw from this, I think there is. You can see who the coaches trust. You could see who's maybe starting with the, you know, for instance, Devon Busch St. was splitting time with Mark baron with the ones that tells me something you hear things that the players are seeing out on the field. It I'm not saying it's the utmost importance in that you should take it as gospel. But I do think it is important with that said, Brian OT, as what are your thoughts? Is there anything that has surprised you or anything like that? Just what comes your mind meeting in the first week of OT is. Well, poor Jeff is a huge thing getting these guys together, and I just I don't care if they're in shorts, I don't care if they're an tights. I don't care if they're dressed like gladiators is just good to be out there working together and getting on the same page. You're not you're gonna see a little less of the last couple of years with everybody skipping, because everybody's a diva and we had that, that's kind of the thing that we had with Antonio Brown leave you owned bell was never there. And then you'll bent the time off to now. He's being there to be with his team, and it seems like you're going to see more guys there. So that's a good thing. You know, they're, they're, they're getting a jump start on everything, and it kinda helps I mean, years ago, Chuck knoll had the team, the team lost draft picks because they were in pads earlier than everybody else. They lost draft pick because of it. And they said they were cheating, but for me, that's that's something that, you know, that's invaluable they were able to go out and work together. Do what they need to do. And get like I said, get on that. Same page, the news out of minicamp. There was so much stuff with Ben Rothlisberger breaking his silence with juju making some comments about how he is going to be good with reporters. The big social media problem now, which I'm going to say problem because it's not a big deal if you're making a big deal out of Terrell Edmonds liking a post that he didn't read, just because he was liking something or the fact that, that, but Duprey is sticking up sticking up for a juju Smith Schuster, by by calling a Steelers reporter fat, boy, Mark Kabali fat boy. If you're worried about that, you know, come on. That's once again, I'm going to the greatest, quote ever on the show. Just happened five minutes ago and it's Jeff hartman's man old man yelling at clouds. And that is really. That's really how I feel about that. Look. The guys are together. You know what that tells me they're United? They are United. And so I mean, give give Edmonds a pass on that. I I there was he came out right away. It said. Well will I'm sorry. I didn't really read it. No problem with that. Let the guy that let the guy play but debris everybody's saying. All right. This is the wrong time because he really needs to show up. I mean I I hear I read stuff that he's the wrong player. It'll be speaking out. We not know he's sticking up for his teammates. Shut up, everybody shut up. All right. Let these guys United were mad because they're sniping were mad that there's dissension limb be a team. What do you people want? All right. Read over man. Yelling at clouds, you kids, get off my lawn. You just kind of turned into Rush Limbaugh there. For a second. Anyways. All right. Rush. All right. Dave, what were your thoughts takeaways from TA's week? Every little thing is a story. No. What was it, sudden Smith? Take some snaps at fullback and it's a big story. They wanted to say to Bush started off with the ones was a big story, but then they corrected said with it, it was really it was really baron and Williams that had the first naps but they were doing pure three man rotation. Something that was just came out tonight was David decastro has not been there all week because his wife just had their second child. And then as we had an article today that someone already been mentioned in, in the live chat, how dare him. Yes. How they're him that Jordan Dangerfield missed today because he went because he finished his college degree, even though he came out in two thousand thirteen he finally finished it up. So he was back at talent for that. So I liked it. There's some good stories but any little thing, they're just trying to get we went so much Steeler news. We want to know exactly what's going on. What's happening with all these guys. We're so ready for it. We what the season to be here already. So any little news that we get we just want to suck it up as much as we can. But we just gotta realize it's just football and shorts. Thing for me is you bring up how they are. There are a lot of different angles. You can take my as the editor of the site, I try personally to just state what happened. I, I try to. I don't want to speculate anything like okay, Devon books fulltime with Mark, Barron. I'm not gonna speculate that he is ahead of schedule or I'm not gonna speculate that he is on pace to start week one because you just don't know and a lot of these reporters because they're all writing the same stories are talking to the same guys. They all want to get the inside edge. They wanna have that unique creative angle on an article, and honestly, although bud depre- needs realize social media is one hundred percent public. I had no problem with what he said. Because if you read what Cavalli tweeted, it really seemed like he was trying to push narrative, and it was a narrative, I wasn't really comfortable with, because it just seemed like he was trying to drum up more drama in bud depre-, could he have said that without calling him a fat boy? Yes. Did I find that hysterical? Yes. But at the same time, I'm reading Kabali rights, and I'm like this isn't even close to a juju is saying, I mean you guys heard the interview right at anyone not hear the interview. I heard pretty much everything that juju said, but I did not see the whole thing with Kabali but oh. Oh you didn't. Okay. So what spin Tamale was trying to put on it. He basically that's when Judy made the comment of I b o k having three catches for twenty yards. And we win compared to two touchdowns and ten receptions and Cavalli took that as he's that's Javanese. He and he didn't say that at all aided reference. Antonio Brown your he was just really really speculative. When I come to the quotes of bud depre- then responds to volley and says there you go again, trying to bring up stuff and basically saying it's last year's last year, then he calls him fat boy. That's a really big inference to go that he was definitely. I mean you can take it that way. But I mean, come on, now, you're just assuming, yes, AB can't get over the Steelers. Everything out of his mouth, and everything that his mind is focused on the Steelers. But that doesn't mean that all the guys on the Steelers can't be that every little thing that they're doing is about him. It's not. We can't be that way about it. Well, yeah. Okay. So that, that story assigned go ahead. Brian, go ahead. Brian. Yeah. You know, it's just like like you said earlier, we just Dave said this earlier, we have to have a story for everything. Hey, breaking news. What are the undrafted rookie rookies went to sheets and got an MTO today? Let's write an article about it. I mean that's basically what's what's happening right now. And we're, we're guilty of it, too. I mean but not to that extent we just always have to beat some everybody has to beat somebody to the deadline, and we've got to create controversy in when, when the media starts creating the controversy in affects the team. So basically, you're covering the team, but you're also trying to. Destroyed the team in interest in that something that I've always struggled with. Yeah. Well, outside of the media scrutiny and outside of budget pres idiotic response in Terrell Edmonds liking Antonio Brown's tweet, which by the way, anyone's Twitter. There's a lot of times you go through your feet and just use like everything. I mean, it's an Instagram, Facebook, there's people that just like everything I have an aunt at likes everything. I mean, everything you could put up a picture of grass, and she would like it or paint, drying video of paint drying. And she would like it. So there are people like that. I, I don't I don't care. It's real Edmonds liked it. Sweet. My question is, who the heck is looking at that stuff? I that means it someone literally opened up the tweet clicked on legs scroll through every single person that liked it and found. That's relevant insight, did I have better things to do with my time, personally. But that's I digress. I'm not I'm not because that's not necessarily true because I saw it in the first place because I don't follow a B anymore, but I followed throw Edmonds. So it came up on my feed. And that was. That's how this whole got star. Eight you're right now. You're right because Twitter change their algorithm. And on your main feeds, the I don't check my main feed. I only checked my list. I have Steeler writers official Steelers lists. I only read those in, they'll check our notifications, but I don't check our feed. That's true. You're right, good point, David. But for me, I will say this that what popped out to me was just kind of what piggyback on what Bryan said. And that is it really seems like this team is committed. I Ben Rothlisberger today. It was he was not going to practice. He doesn't practice three days during the season. He was gonna practice three days, not as but he was still there, and he was still working with the receivers in and James Washington spoke today and said, how, you know, he sees that a sixteen year veteran fifteen year veteran escapes me, however, many years, he's, he's going into a sixteen season. It's impressive to him when he sees him there, a lot of guys would just say, I'm not going to practice. I'm either going to be getting treatment. Or I'm going to be working out, or I'm just gonna go and enjoy my family for a long weekend, but they're all they're, they're all there, David decastro. He's not. I get it is not like you had the situation that we've had in the past this team, it might just be lip service, but I feel like they are really committed in. I like that. I don't I'm not putting any stock and in the live chat people are saying you know, I heard that zone. So Raymond the ones they're gonna throw people in different positions. I mean, if already burns gets a snap with the ones are we going to start writing articles at Artie burns? The reclamation project is going to happen. Someone will I could tell you name of probably three or four websites right now. That would I'm not saying I would. But so. OT rotea as it's good some good talking points. But ultimately football shorts folks as Mike Tomlin calls at football in shorts. So we'll be interesting. We'll follow this stuff as we go in the next three weeks. Is that sell long OT as are they three sessions next week, four sessions the following week? One of those is typically a trip. To Dave and Buster's and not a workout said don't expect for on that week. But let's, let's go onto our stack. Eeks. Dave go head stack. Eek. Sorry, I double click my button, almost started talking with my Mutola game. It's. It's, it's interesting that you brought up that sometimes we have a narrative, and we're just feeding stories before, leading into this, because I got a cues to that, by some people with an article that I put out yesterday, which was a really important part, because in case you guys haven't noticed I've really tried to dive into the whole compensatory draft pick stuff this year with the Steelers lined up for a third round pick next year. And there was something that came across that I realized that I think it's something needs to change that if a player gets cut there, no longer are in the formula. So it was a scenario that I wrote that a lot of us on the site of if something happens the way it sits right now is, if this is some numbers, if the Philadelphia Eagles one a gain another fourth round pick they already have a third. They had the first overall pick from from losing foles, and they already have a fourth, if they wanted to need to gain another fourth round pick. They have to cut by week ten. Either Eljay fort or Anderson Deo, I'm pretty sure it's Andrew. So it was the whole idea of if fort would get cut by the eagles. That would mean the Steelers would lose their third round compact for bell, their only option would be to cut one of the guys that they have, and the most logical one would be Dante Moncrieff. So here's the question I just set it all up for you guys. If you had to choose between getting the third round comp pick or keeping Dante Moncrieff. What do you do? I'm gonna keep Moncrieff because the draft picks I said this before. I mean unless Moncrieff looks absolutely awful. And he can't catch a cold. He has Lima sweet syndrome, or semi code syndrome. Then I'm keeping Moncrieff because he's a proven talent in the league. Whereas draft picks even in the third round, there's no guarantees. That's what I'm gonna, I'm gonna take Moncrieff. What about you, Brian? That's absolutely, you know with that whole scenario. No, not no fence to you, Dave. But just the worrying about draft picks right now when you are trying to build a team with personnel. And even if the guys, I mean we're cutting guys because of the future now because of a possible extra draft pick. And I realized that, that's the Steelers only third round draft pick possibly next year. But no, you've gotta play for today and worry about that later. I mean, that would be just insane to let go a guy like Moncrieff you know, give him time to develop. And he's the kind of guy that's got in their early to go ahead and work with Ben they were supposed to hook up during the off season. But if that happened, but there was talk about that. And so I you know he has an opportunity to play with a great quarterback. He did not get. To do that all the time in Indianapolis, because Andrew luck wasn't around all the time, he played better when he was with lock what he's going to do with Ralph for can be good. He can potentially be a great free agent signing. We went ahead and we have something that's going to be published very soon a fantasy football report. And he was one of my guys to look at that. No one else was talking about, I think Moncrieff is a guy that we re that I really think could be a sleeper for this team. And I'm looking at drafting them in the fantasy football season because I just think that he's going to come up and pay off. So why why even think about that right now? David, you write that article that said. That was my point. Exactly. The only reason I put that out there was because the issue came up. I was trying to look into does cutting a player affect compensatory value or the formula. And I thought I don't think it does doesn't make sense that it does. But even though it does make sense. It does so that could change everything. And I just wanted to put the information out there so that way, people weren't screaming. We didn't get a pig. We why didn't why wasn't this scenario brought up first of all, I don't think that eagles are gonna cut for it. I don't I think when he had a three year deal, we'd carry dead money through it would if they're going to cut someone to gain that pick. It's going to be Sunday. Ho the only thing was is if what happens if fort gets dinged up and isn't available. You know his his only you know the best the best abilities your availability. So it's just something that is still a possibility out there. But no, there's no way that they should get rid of Moncrieff. Just to get the third round pick, but people have been hung up on this third round pick for over two years, actually, since they traded away. Their third round pig in twenty twenty four to with the Denver Broncos. They're on getting that Compaq to compensate for that loss back. Yeah. And every and I mean, everyone was saying, with don't transition bell. We want the third round pick and I'm like, there's no guarantee we're going to get it. Because if we signed more people than what we lost it didn't matter if we only signed seventh-round guys in lost third-round guys, you don't get the pick. It's gotta be more people lost than people gained and that's what it comes down to. So I say, let's not let's not worry about that pick at all. I haven't either or for you guys. Brian those confused. Do you have a question, Brian? I was just going to say, I'm just going say, I know I'm not confused. I'm, I'm incensed why should that even be a situation that after he's gone that the eagles cut them that the Steelers lose their picker, any team loses their pick for something happens after they're gone that's complete Louis what the hell I tell you what this league is broken. I'm completely and I've had it agree. And that's what I'm saying. I think this should this rule needs to be changed. I really do because I mean if there's a deadline of after the draft that the second Tuesday has the draft that if you sign someone at no longer affects you that, that they won't hurt you in a compensatory formula, then cutting someone after that Saint time should not matter that you should not gain by saying, I'm gonna cut someone's one. Get the extra pick one another or another team lose out because somebody else decided to cut someone. I completely agree. We're think that's, that's a part of a broken system. One of L J fort gets syphilis and loses his ability. In his early. Play, so that at least dealer as the Steelers I really love L J for. Now. I mean I like for what if something happens. I mean what if something happens and they, they cut him because of it. I mean this is this. The eagles are going to save a pack. Yeah. All right. Brian. L. Let the clouds so I- tonight for for, for stat geek, I wanted to bring up that question, because it dealt with the numbers involved with everything. But the other thing I wanted to do is we, we, we've been like, in the over under, I told Jeff, I'm going to cut it back to one, because I want to actually give you guys the numbers involved with why we did it Jeff was talking with his show on Lance with slants on Sunday about when we talked about the number of sax last year. And that's why I brought up to them the Steelers of never had three years in a row with fifty six that's why it was good to set the number at fifty. I didn't realize that at the time where I said it at fifty but now I realize that's a good reason to do it. So I didn't an over under number. But I wanna tell you guys where it came from. And this was actually inspired by Lance Williams. Boy, that's been this is the number for two thousand nineteen of bit of Ben Rothlisberger 's touchdown to interception ratio. He's big on the touch. Genders. Session ratio. Yes, I set the number at three point zero now before you guys answer. I'm going to give you the other numbers so you can make an informed decision. Ben has gone over three on his touchdown to interception ratio three times in his career. Okay. His highest was in two thousand fourteen where he was three point five six. He had thirty two touchdowns to nine interceptions in two thousand fourteen he was three point two five. It was twenty six to eight and in two thousand ten a year that they reached the Super Bowl. He was three point four oh, now I'm not going to tell you jacker, what ratio was there, because I was going to ask as actually going to Brian this little bit of trivia, Ben Rothlisberger has reached the Super Bowl three times in every regular season that he's reached the Super Bowl. He's thrown the same number of touchdowns. Do you know what that number is? Or just to guess it. Twenty one. You want to give it a shot. Jeff. Twitter. You know the answer. I don't check my. Twenty nine. How 'bout his career low of seventeen that he's done four times, his rookie year, and the three years that he's gone to the Super Bowl? He's only thrown seventeen touchdowns in those years. That's insane. I blew my mind. What's that Brian hurt and suspended though to in? I mean you're a rookie that excuses it hurt the next year for a few games and suspended in two thousand ten so. Eight. Yeah. In two thousand eight he threw seven, he played all sixteen games went to the Super Bowl on the Super Bowl seventeen touchdowns. Fifteen interceptions is ratio is only one point one three and two thousand eight but his ratio was three in the playoffs when they won the Super Bowl in two thousand five is ratio was three point three three in the playoffs. So his his lowest touchdown interception ratio was two thousand six. It was under one it was point seven eight two. When he had eighteen touchdowns in twenty three interceptions but real quick before you guys. Judge it here here's his last five seasons. Going into virtual order, two thousand eighteen was two point one three two thousand seventeen was two point oh, two thousand sixteen was two point two three two thousand fifteen was one point three one and two thousand fourteen was his highest ever of three point five, six. So for two thousand nineteen I've buried you with. The numbers over under of the touchdown to interception ratio of three point zero. I'm going to say under just for where it's at Dave, but I have another, I have an over under let's say over under ten how many of our fans and us included could spell ratio. Ratio for this and easy word difficult. You're talking to. All right. I'm gonna take the over. I'm gonna take the over because I think that every year and I don't know. It's every exactly every single you're typically when he has a poor season in terms of interceptions. He recovers a little bit. Lance had numbers for his show last week, and he really he reiterated them on Sunday. He's always around that ten to twelve Mark, but I do think he's going to go down from sixteen and I think that his touchdowns could be about where he was maybe even a little bit better, believe it or not. And I know a lot of people are gonna say you're crazy fifteen touchdowns, just left. But I think this is going to be a team that's still going to school. A lot of points. I'm gonna take the over. What about you? Dave. What do you think? I'm I think it's going to be right around that number. I'm gonna take it probably as barely under. I don't. I'm hoping he doesn't have to just costly. I think improved defense is going to be the key to this of not having the throw as many touchdowns. But every time Ben has gone over three in the regular season. It's been a year and where he had single digit interceptions. So I don't know that he can get down to single digit interceptions, especially if he's playing fifteen or sixteen games. So I think he can get close to three. But since I have to choose, I'm going to go under. I have a quick over under for you guys that I put in our Friday, six pack at two weeks ago and under your might steal mind for next week. But no that was the one you talked about the other night. And that's next week's Chris Boswell. Oh, I Chris Boswell over under on missed field goals in two thousand nine hundred assuming he wins the job, I'll set the number at three. Brian. Over and he will get the job because they don't they don't okay? Over over attract over. Does he keep his job, if he misses more than three? Oh, no, no. They will keep them the whole season because they will their face savers they, they will keep them just because they signed them to a long term deal, Dave, and that, that's another thing that takes Brian off. I think they're going to buck. Angry Brian tonight. This is good. I'm gonna I'm gonna buck the Steelers book that trend, I'm going to say he misses less than three field goals this season because he will not be kicking for the Steelers. I've, I love Boswell. I'm pulling for the guy from UCF. Come on, man. I'm going for the rocket. Scientists. I need to as a member lying thing there. I need one. More for nothing. I, I think that it has to be under else. He does lose his job. I could see him winning the job because of the contract. Like Brian said, if he gets off to a rocky start. They're not going to have the patience had last year. There's always a Matt mccranie type sitting around watching football they can come in and kick field goal. So those at this quick to just want to get your guys thoughts on that. Hey, I'm Spencer Hong. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan nanny. I'm Jason Kirk, and we're the hosts of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast. It says in the script onto riff on what that means and basically, what I mean, is this all every Tuesday, we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling, too unfashionable pants worn middle school. We also do talk about college football every now and then, like mascot fights announcers, fleeing the early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football, exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts. Or in your favorite podcast app? So let's go. Now let's switch gears and now we're turning from this tacky to or preview player of the week. We're in the fourth round, we're talking. Benny Snell junior, snail. Yep. Any smell football? Those awesome little, you know saying that he has for himself. I think he has Snell yet tattooed on his body somewhere, which is interesting. Stale. What the Snell? Yeah. What is that snow? So what the smell? Ooh, that's Snell. Leonard Skinner reference maybe. Okay. You know what it was way. His Twitter handle is Mr. snow. You later. Mr snail. Yet later a love it. Okay. So. By that. What I titled this episode was Benny Snell junior if you haven't looked at his highlights or seen anything about him, he is a hard nose downhill runner. He's not a shifty guy. He is more of a three yards in a cloud of dust, and he will break some runs if he watched the Penn State game versus Kentucky, which he played for Kentucky. He had a great game there and had some breakway runs against the Nittany lions my question is, though. And this is what I put in the headline is does Benny so junior equate to the return of smash mouth football in Pittsburgh. I'm not suggesting that he's gonna start James Connors the feature back period. But as Benny snow junior's presence in the possibility of them using him in a fashion for say short yardage goal line or to spell Connor does this mean that the Sears may be more committed to the run and really running it down the opponents. We'll go with Dave. I what do you think? I'm gonna somewhat answer your question because I'm going to say, yes, he brings that back. But the thing that I want to focus on is how much are Steeler fans going to be incensed. If they don't give him the chance to do it. Meaning if they don't if you don't see him out there in those in those, those grinded out situations that they're going to be wears. Now we wants now come on what's the deal, we're going to hear it? If they don't I'm really hoping they do. I'm really hoping they, they, they, they share the load a little bit even though Connors feature back. I think he's got the chance to really just bring it back and Pittsburgh, even if they only give him six carries a game or less. They're gonna love him. They're going to embrace him so much. I mean they already love James Connor, so it's kind of tough there, but I mean they he's he's a Pittsburgh Steeler. He has a potential to really do that. And he can do it for a long time. I guess. When I look at, and I'm going to ask Brian, what he thinks about this in a second. I guess when I think about how they're going to utilize him. I picture a scenario where James CONNER has been on the field for a long time. He's he's winded. And they might even if he was having some success. He comes on the field. Or maybe that four minute offense, which Benny snow himself talked about that during rookie minicamp saying just feed me the rock just gimme the football. And I haven't seen the Steelers do this type have this type of back have this type of power football since room that is was the running back where you literally can just handed off in just impose your will lady on bell had a few games, but it wasn't like the bus the bus could just grind out, first downs. Any would just punish the defense in the defense would be so deflated because you knew what was coming and you just couldn't stop it. So Brian, what are your thoughts about this acquitting the smash mouth football in an I also want to ask you how you think they're gonna utilize Snell this upcoming season? Well before I do that fellas. Let me throw something at you through an under over under at you. Twelve games. James Connor, how many games does he actually start this year because of health? Let's put it twelve days over. I'll take iheart over. I think he stays. You're thinking he's because of health. Okay. I think I think, because of Snell to that I think, because of snow and they're not going to have to run the wheels off him that I think that he's going to be healthy this year. So I'm going to take over. Dave. I'm gonna take the over as well because I'm hoping they're going to do it the right way. And that is. Connors connors. Good for thirteen to fourteen games kind of like last year. Let's take those carries and spread them out. All sixteen games because you got other people to end the ball to, I would love nothing. More to see James Connor have a sixteen on pro football reference next to him with a starter each game as a starter that he's there to do, it, actually prefer fifteen from not have to play the last week of the season because that game won't matter because the Steelers will have everything locked up by then. But let's. He's only good for probably what Brian says for right around twelve or thirteen games. But I think if they cut the carries down a little bit because they have the people to do it that, then who actually play it more than twelve. You know what I I love James Connor? I wanna see him play all sixteen just like Dave, I have not seen him do that yet because of various various things that he has got had going on his career. The guy has had to overcome so much so, but I, I really have not seen that much of a full season out of him. I'm sure there, there may have been one in college. We haven't seen it in two years in Pittsburgh. So that's where my and I'm not a pessimist, but that's where my pessimism wise here, but it's good to have another guy like this. And we're not forgetting about Jalen Samuels as well now to piggyback on something that, Dave said a little bit earlier with the fans Yellen form. Well that's definitely going to happen. I'm going to tell you why. Because in the preseason the guy's probably gonna have about a lot of situations short yardage situations. They're not going to need to put James Connor in there. You're. To see a lot of Benny snow football in August. There's gonna be tons of it. This guy is going to probably be the star of the preseason in Pittsburgh. And with that being said, that is where you're going to have the fans phone level them right away their fall in love with them, because of stuff like Benny Snell football and his interview. And the fact that this kid in college just throw a stance away. He played in the ballgame. When everybody else was staying out to sacrifice to not sacrifice their chances of the broS. He didn't care. He makes a sacrifice for his teammates. So the fans love this guy the fan. I mean he is a committed guy. He's everything that old Pittsburgh Steeler football was about and everything that the fans went back. So this is a great guy to have in their how they're going to use them. They're gonna use James Connor. I now just like Jeff said they're gonna. Oh, they're going to spell them a whole lot more. So it's a great opportunity to go ahead and get this guy about six to eight carries a game like Dave said just to be able to keep Connor fresh. I hope that works. That's I mean, you the best, the best laid plans of mice and men, but will actually happen. Will you have to see this guy start games were Samuel start games? So it's a long season. We can't look in that crystal ball and know all I know is it's going to be a return a smash mouth football in a way because they're going to have the ability to do that. They we talked about this last week when we were talking about Ben Rothlisberger, you know, he's not going to have to throw thirty four touchdowns this year. You know, we're talking about losing fifteen touchdowns with Donio Brown. Well, if, if the defense is playing better and Ben Rothlisberger is playing better. They're not in shootout situations. They could dedicate to the run. So. Oh, much more. If the run is, is moving the chains and moving things along, then you have an opportunity to get these guys. Some work in Ben doesn't have to throw as much. So it will be smash mouth football and away with that option to go ahead and air it on out, because it's kinda the best of both worlds if everything works and the planets align. And that's what we're hoping that it's going to happen with Benny snow junior. But he's the perfect guy to put in the situation. The one thing I hope this dealers don't do is I'm fine with a goal line back or short yardage back. But I remember a couple years ago, I think his name was Terrell Watson was edit the, the nightmare. Yup. Team. And it just was it was awkward. I don't say awkward it just didn't look right? It didn't feel right? They were taking lady on bell off the field and later on, does ever been a badge where yardage back and it didn't always work. So if they're going to do this, it's gotta be more fluent. And I think they have to get Snell some reps that aren't just go line in short yardage. And, and see if that might pan out the Dave, you have some stats on him from college. Go ahead and dive into that, yes, I have some stats, but rather than just regurgitate a bunch of numbers to you guys. We're going to play a new game that all the young people were playing these days. It's called Snell or bell. Okay. So I'm gonna ask you a quick question and you are going to tell me which person the college stat belongs to. Benny snow or Le vian bell. All right. So I'm rather than make you have to ring in. I'm just going to ask one of you the easy one is going to go to Brian I because I know he knows this number forty eight rushing touchdowns. Smeller bell. First of all, when he said, we're going to play a game that all the kids are playing I thought we were going to be playing shag. Mary cal. I got really worried because I don't really want to do that with anybody in the Steelers. So. So help me understand this forty eight forty eight touchdowns in their three college in the three years of college was that. Well, I know this, my heart. It's Betty smell that was Benny Snell. Three seasons. Yes. And that's something I do want to stipulate. You guys both these guys played three seasons in college. They both came out after junior year. So here we go. I'm going to go to Jeff bell or Snell, or is it Snell? Her bell? I dunno whichever one odor. You wanna go, which had over one thousand yards rushing all three years of college. I'm going to say snow. That would be correct. Benny Snell had hit went over a thousand yards all three years of college levian bell did not he only had he did. He did not go over thousand yards. His first two years. Okay. Brian to you double digit rushing touchdowns. All three years of college. I'm gonna say Snell as well because he at forty eight that's correct. It would be snout that was another easy one for you. Okay. Jeff, I'm going to say seventy eight receptions over three years of college. You gotta have a lady on bell, and here sooner or later, I'll say Bill that one's about seventy eight to throw in. Snow only had twenty nine but he did increase both his receptions and yards each year. Okay, here. We'll, we'll go this one to Brian we'll, we'll get back to the rushing rushed for an average of over five yards per Percy per carry each of his college years. Let's why I might not say that right in every year for for the year. He averaged over five yards a carry all three years of college. I'm going into. That's a tough one. I'm going to say Snell, because if I'm not mistaken, the average five put one. Yeah. He was here he was over five yards in each of his three years of college. I was very good levian bell with his rushing. Didn't did not do it his junior year of college. So I'm going to do one last question to Jeff. Snower bell had over seventeen hundred yards rushing, their their, their last year of college. I'll say snow and we finally stumped. You guys that would was Levy on bell, even though he ever because the problem was he he he rushed for three hundred eighty two yards is, is junior three hundred eighty two rushes his junior year. So although he had a lot more yards than Snell did in any one year that he rushed. It's because he he was the boss anytime his final year at Michigan state. So if you really want to look at it, I know I don't expect then he smells to be a levian bell. I really don't but he could be I know. I don't know that everyone expected Levy on bell to be Levy on bell. But he put up some really good college stats. So that's just I kinda wanted to just throw those out there. And I thought that was kind of a fun way to do it with doing it now ban. Absolutely. It's good stuff there. So he's no junior fourth round draft pick expectations are high. I'm not sure they should be that high. I hope that fans are prepared for James to the feature back the Steelers like their feature backs. They always have the always will, and that doesn't mean he won't get his carry. So here we go guys quick over under the finish up any still junior. We'll go with Brian. I over under averaging ten no eight touches a game. Averaging on the season. Unfortunately, I think it's going to be under. But I'm hoping it's not. And I do want to say one more thing about Benny snow junior before we go onto something else. The man did not do this in, in the big twelve conference didn't do it in the Pac ten he did this against SEC defenses. And that's a pretty big deal to me. What about you, Dave? I was doing some quick calculations. You said you said eight. I said touches I eight yeah, what did you say touches or carry high said touches? Ooh. That changes a little Zach, therefore, although I don't know that they're gonna throw him the ball with ton. I think Jalen San was going to get the ball thrown to him a lot more. But just a couple of them, what would really help. That's one hundred twenty eight touches for the season. I'm going to go. I'm gonna go. That's that's, that's the killer number right there, man. Who you're right on it. It makes it again. I'm going to go over because I think I'm banking. One hundred percent of the fact that he's going to get over twenty five carries on week seventeen k at the truth. Team hurts. I want everything to be wrapped up for the Steelers James Connor and Benny Snell, they'd just go in and hand him the ball three hundred and fourteen times. Okay, we'll see. We'll see I'm gonna take the over. I think that they find a whole for a spot for him or he's gonna get more carries. The most people think I hope fingers crossed or I said, look, we have a short amount of time here, probably a five minute window where we're going to open up the show to your questions right now on the QA in the live chat. We have almost one hundred people maybe right around there in the lecture. If you have a question for the show, now's your chance to enter that in there. We'll do the best. We can answer as, as we can. But if you really want your question answered a guarantee way to do it. It's use the super chat feature where it says chat publicly at BTS's Steelers radio to the right hand side is a little money symbol. You can donate any amount of money goes straight to the show at high. Let your question we will guarantee to answer it anything Steelers specific, and yet you can do that, or you can. Fire away for the questions for the show, and we'll see, you know, I have a question that was asked me on my show. The burning question I wanna ask you get started in the question is about Jalen Samuels? It's just kind of fitting that it's all about running backs today, d think Jalen Samuels flexibility in his ability to possibly be flexed out as in as the tight end not as an inline tight end. He's not a blocker. Do you think that allow the Steelers to not have to target a tight end either in free agency or earlier than when they did Zach entry in the NFL draft? And we'll start with you. Absolutely. I think h back, I think Frank white check who did so much for the Tennessee titans over in the late nineties early two thousands. That would be a perfect situation for a guy like Jalen hill. So, yes, I said it on my show that I thought his versatility gave us the flexibility to not have to go out and take a, a high and tight end or spend broad. Dave. Do you agree or disagree? I think it helps. That's why I mean, although they did put in the way they did put in a waiver claim although they did not get it him for the tight end. That was that was released by the jets. It looks like that. The Steelers are still open to the idea of a tight end. But do they have to, I think Jalen Samuels helps that, but I really think they're going to know more what they wanna do after OT as just seeing what they a little bit more what they have in gentry, even if it's football and shorts and if grumbles making improving at all either that is it. How much of a is it a big need? Or is it or is it a luxury is what it basically comes down to? Next question. Rapid fire will start with Brian how many touchdowns for then he smelled junior, this year's from Ron. Six dave. Five. Jeff, too, okay? Another question here will Big Ben repeat with the most passing yards in two thousand nineteen rapid fire Brian that's from heath. Nope. Doesn't need to Dave. That was my answered. No because he won't have to. Okay. There you go. That's good. Okay. Now. What's that? If he does because the Steelers are trouble. All right to next question here. This might be a little bit longer up. Hold on. We have super Chad see the trumps, everything, Trump's everything Felicia, donated some money. And she said, thanks for the last and infra have a great weekend. Oh my gosh. She didn't has a question. You're the best Felicia. Thank last week too. Lisa. All right. Let's see here. To where was it? I had one. Oh, here, it is shield asked what is each of your most memorable Heinz field game experience? Brian, we'll start with you. I would have to say October thirty first two thousand four the Steelers in Ben Rothlisberger his rookie season beating the patriots. I was there, I high fide, high five Jesus in the parking lot and. And he actually made Sports Illustrated. The, the guy in the Jesus suit the Jesus costume and then the very next week against the undefeated eagles as well. So. Two weeks in a row. I got to do that a whole lot back then that was before children. What about dangerous season ticket holder? This might be tough. It is. It's super tough because. They're, they're all memorable. They've really are the patriots game last year was great. But the guy that I took with me wasn't as good a company as other times. No, he wasn't even a Steelers fan, but. The last minute. And man. The playoff game against Miami was very memorable because it was cold and they and they crushed when they crushed San Francisco that was when when chaser went nuts when they when when I was at the Oakland game. When, when aby set the records of that one does not as memorable now because things played out. So. I'm. I'm going to say, I'm going to shock you all. I'm going to say the meaningless week four preseason game last year because I took my daughter to her first game there. He goes sentimental. That's nice. That's so sweet. Oh, yeah. Hope she's listening. Okay. Some commenters gonna destroy you on that day. No. Because all the other games were so good. It's just so hard to decide it really is. I can tell you which ones were bad, though, who. Yeah. Well mine is simple in. I think it's two dozen twelve was that the they started four when they went to England and lost in Minnesota or is that he doesn't thirteen this twelve right? Twelve yeah. That year. Team. Because Bill was there. That's right since he doesn't thirteen I was selected by NBC the Steelers fan of the week and I got to be when they played the Chicago Bears. Jay Cutler on Sunday night football. I was there for that. And I, I was able to go on the Sunday night, football boss. We went on we were there for the whole weekend like the first night, we had dinner at grill, thirty six on the house that we went to remain brothers on Saturday. And we got to make our own sandwich. Had a contest there for us. We went up to the incline, which I'd been there a million times, but it's still pretty cool. Drove around I got her pictures taken with the clemmie statue, tailgated front. The game had awesome sees. They lost that game which sucks. But ultimately, that's my best. I, I haven't been the Heinsohn many times these guys have Brian you're laughing hysterically. What is funny? For Matty's I over two keys. All right. We have a couple, we have a couple of super chat questions Ryan asks, do we think there should have been any players that should have been kind of policing Antonio Brown last year, so that he didn't turn into such as he calls? It quote unquote. A diva toured real quick, Brian. What are your thoughts? That's tough. No. I mean they. Can't follow him around in this was kind of unprecedented, so, no. Okay. Okay. What about you? Dave last year. No, it would have he needed to be fixed with his attitude long before. Then I don't someone even coming in last year wasn't going to help. I don't he's not only was he so egotistical than it wouldn't have mattered Ben Rothlisberger Cam Hayward. The leaders of the team, they all would have said they would've said, hey, knock it off, and he's not gonna listen and he's a grown man so he can do. He's gonna do it every once anyways shield ninety one. He was one that asked about behind good experience that he's had to do first game this season. He thanks to the answers use the super chat feature. Hey, man. It is a it is a mecca for Steeler fans. I don't care if it's just a preseason game. You have to get there. I haven't been there as much as Bryan and Dave, you have to get. There you save your money. You don't have to go there for a big game. Sometimes you can get cheaper tickets for the games that are, like leave him, not Nike names are not always as expensive because a lot of people don't want to go and Dave. Was one of those people that just want to go to a Nike. He's trying to sell that ticket try. I'm trying to sell dolphins tickets. Oh, hey. Oh, hey. Lowered lower deck. Endzone section one twenty two. Hit me up on Twitter. But yeah, so you gotta get there. Right, brian. Yeah. And you know what a shield Ninety-one if this is your first ever game, I want to give you some serious advice. Make sure for the first time you go in the front entrance you walk in and you just stop. You're going to be in the end zone. Breathe it all in, because it Jeff was saying that it was a mecca lake experience. Just get there early enough walk around. Enjoy that stadium. It is there's things that I've been there, probably over thirty times. And there's still things that I see new every single time I'm you go into that great hall, you go just enjoy it and have fun. You will never forget walking in the first time. Throw something in with that. I know you might like tailgating ahead, never to the parking lot. But I wouldn't park there. I would go to station square pay ten bucks to park twelve bucks. A person if you're if it's your first time take the gateway clipper. It's just it's icon ick. Pittsburgh, I do it almost every time I go the only time I'd have used the clipper was in the playoff game against Miami when when it was no it wasn't my game. It was Jacksonville playoff game when it was flooded. And I couldn't run it. It's just it's just part of the experience. Dave there, a couple of commenters want your Twitter Twitter handle. They're looking for this dolphin ticket. So you might have just told your tickets. The same as my Email that we had to plug for forever. Superfan dad? L ourse superfan to type it in. All right. More characters. That's true. Just make sure you get the last super Jack question. I'm trying to see which are laws. Beyond say, Arianna Guerande and Drake are talked about ad nauseam as celebrities. But there's one thing that's rarely discussed their music on switched on hop. We go deep into the sounds of pop music to explain what it means how it's made and why it's so effective. We talked with some of today's greatest artists producers journalists to decode the musical logic behind our modern soundtrack and understand its role in our culture switched on pop. Won't reveal for you. How a secretive Swedish producer is behind many of the top ten hits of the past twenty years, and we'll uncover the ways that songwriters imbed their political activism into today's most popular tracks, we'll show you the surprising musical similarities between Cardi B and Tim swift and will even dive into the classical pass to hear how the Jonas brothers Muir Mozart's youthful party days. I'm songwriter, Charlie Harding. And I'm musicologist Nate Sloan join us on a journey through the world popular music by subscribing. Switched on pop on apple podcasts Spotify or your favorite podcast episodes, every Tuesday. I don't see another question. Oh, yeah. The super chatty will we do a live chat questions from snowman. He said, well, we do a lot of to have Lance. Dave, brian. We did that for the NFL draft after round one. I don't know. I mean what are you? How'd you think that when it's such a different dynamic? Lance Lance than I have a report, we've been doing this for a long time. I have a report with each of you matter. No. Brian, I was your first time ever talking to land set. Did you think that what? Okay, I loved it. In fact, he's, he's my new spirit animal. I mean, I feel like I feel like I can learn a lot from Lance. I'm a huge fan. I think lamp Lanson I doing a show together. Just the two of us would probably get views in probably get us blocked. So. The funniest thing is, is they getting bent with Bo. Bo who won our first contest. He has never liked. He was the one to call them. The I key account sky way back when we started on YouTube. And he's, I go, no. Oh, that's great. That's good. Dave, you're on mute. Dave. You're meted yourself. I gotta be careful of getting that backwards because my allergies are going crazy. I've been sneezing the whole time I've hopefully I've been muted every time it's needs. I really enjoyed that was with Lance, I was kind of rushing around in order to do that. Because I, I had hit up that vendors Ed game premier. But my oh by internet was shot. But because they were there was an attack on our internet carrier, and I got disconnected, several times, I was so bummed because that was a lot of fun. But it was all of us. Maybe we should think about doing that after we, you know, we have nothing else to do free profile while these draft picks during the summer. Maybe we'll find a time or definitely before the season. I'm going to do a preview show, and we'll get lands on there so he can predict the Steelers ago and sixteen 'cause they suck and he hates him. So with Ed, that will cut off the questions. They're great questions. I love doing that. Little portion of the show. I am now we get into the fun stuff, and that's our either or segment, and I have a quick one and it comes off the top of my head. Because Brian just mentioned walking into Heinz field for the first time what's more memorable for you. What at that first time e everyone can envision those those tunnels when you walk into a field. It doesn't matter. What field does matter foot it Rena? What's more memorable walking into this through this tunnels and all of a sudden a sprawling? Baseball field is there or a football field. So, in other words in Pittsburgh, going to PNC park and seeing that beautiful skyline. And seeing that field, just manicured like none other or going into Heinz field seeing the yellow stands the terrible towels. The big catch up autos atop, the scoreboard Brian, which is the better experience for you. You know, growing up, I was actually a more of a pirates fan than I was a Steeler fan. And then in the eighties that kind of flip flopped. My first experiences were were the cigarette ashtray of three rivers stadium. I love that, but it was a cookie cutter. I mean it was in Philadelphia. It was in Saint Louis. I mean it was Cincinnati was everywhere, and that turf. There was always when we were growing up in the eighties, there was always an old car in the end. If you want. If you watch this is like old nine thousand nine hundred seventy six Pinto in the corner. But it's. I would probably say, you know, the greatest experience for me is to walk into what was walking into Heinz field the first time and it was a beautiful experience, because it was the first regular season game in two thousand one and it was in the backdrop of September eleventh because it was right after September eleventh eleventh, the first game was. They had a move that game to January because of the tragedies and it was just a different time and anybody that lived through lived through that time knew that you're out of football game. But everybody was actually glued to the, the news, because there was a fear of a bombing at the time because this was like I said, this was October. This was right right after the event, and I remember walking in, in seeing that, and just feeling like I was at church and feeling like this was my scape from all the craziness that was going on outside, and I will never forget looking up at those catch bottles looking at everything going on and just feeling that everything was going to be okay 'cause I was in the stadium, and that might sound crazy it might sound dramatic. But it was something special to me. I have a feeling Heinz field Heinz field, a very similar way after the synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh this past season. I'm pretty sure that's probably very. Similar. Dave, what about you in terms of either were baseball stadium or football stadium? Your first time walking in, you know that this one is going to be, I think football stadium, I've actually never been in PNC park. I wanna one two three of us we're going to be doing. You'll trae coming. We'll see you later. With you. I told you the last time I was at a pirates game was at three rivers stadium. And it was the major league debut of Tim Wakefield. Yeah. That was the last pirates game. I've been to. So I never I never saw a. What's that? It's still rattled off the entire ninety two roster. I yep. To that. But I, I never saw a football game in three rivers stadium. But I've but I've never seen a baseball game at PNC. I've only ever seen on my baseball games. I've been to a lot of pirate games. But not since that Tim. If you when I went to that a lot as a kid on my, my first game at Heinz field. Was the against the ravens in, in week sixteen of two thousand four Ben Benz rookie here, the day after Christmas, and I didn't know I was going to that game until I found the tickets in the jacket pocket that my wife got me on Christmas day. So that was that was that's still are legendary Christmas present story. But yet to me it's, it's it's always been about the football. I played little league grown-up, but I did not play high school baseball, but I played football. Yeah. See I I'm a baseball guy. I love football. I'm on a baseball guy at heart and there's something about even when it was at three Reseda him walking through. And you see that ball dead, the diamond that baseball diamond and now at PNC park. Oh my gosh. If I don't care if you're sitting in the right field bleachers. You have to walk in on the first bayside. Just go into see you see that city dropped the backdrop and you see the field. It is stunning gives me chills. I seriously have chills right now, just because I've, I've movie guy, I love all the baseball movies and stuff. And it's just very cinematic for me nothing against football but there's something that's a little bit more dramatic. I also liked the weather you're typically in the summer, you know, so you're there. It's comfortable. You're it's baseball for me, so that's it. That's my word, Dave. Go ahead. What's yours? Okay. Mine's also Pittsburgh won. We all three we grew up all three of us grew up in different states. But we all grew up in the Pittsburgh sphere of influence. I know Jeff was in West Virginia, the wheeling area Brian was at Johnstown. I grew up in the mountains of western Maryland into deep creek lake area. So we were all within that sphere of influence with with TV and radio. So I wanna know growing up when you were in the car, or whether it was to go to bed or what it was getting up in the morning, and you had to turn on that radio station where you, turn you turning into one or two point five, W, D, V, E, or were you turning into before it was the fan. The infamous be ninety four. I personally was a DVD guy. I just thought they were. I thought they brought a different element to it. I was a DVD guy. Go ahead. Brian, what, what would you do? Okay. I, I have to start off in Johnstown, even though we had, we had access to both WD and to be ninety four. I started off with a station called w CRO twelve thirty AM and I can even tell you the lineup of the DJ's, because I was a big DJ guy, Casey Kasem was on there. And I actually became a DJ, and then I graduated to the top forty music, ninety two point one WGLA you, which I actually after in college I was actually on that radio station for four years. So I just have to throw those out because they're, they're my favorites growing up. It was it was ninety three seven. It was Quinton banana in the morning. I can still remember their skits. The morning, but when it was high school, it became DV, Paulsen Cran. And it was that ever since if I go to Pittsburgh, now it's DV. Dave. Well, if I go to Pittsburgh now, I have no choice for DV because of, however, be ninety four went away. But as a kid, it was be ninety four just like Brian said it started off with the with the Quinta banana. But when I was in high school, and then into college, it was the John, Dave Bubba Shelly morning show, the Friday song that they would sing, you know, I don't wanna work. I just want to bang on the drum all day and all the crazy stuff. They used to do that was my go-to. I enjoyed the music they're more for the rest of the time. But then as I got into college in the evenings when I would when I'd be working and did never TV sitting in a retail store that no one came in. I'd have the radio on to WD because they add some hilarious skits. Of a NAT, man, and Robert and pants net. And some of that other stuff was pretty good too, so they were both really good. But be ninety four was always my go-to, and I all right. Brian bringing up the rear. Guys. I just I called an audible. I had a great. I had a great karate kid themed one, 'cause I'm really into the right. Right now. But. Dave in both of you have me inspired thinking about growing up in my roots. So let's talk about famous Pittsburgh broadcasters. No. No fun. Or no doubt about Atlanta for Terry. Lanting for Terry. I mean, the guy got kicked off the squad because he criticized the team. They lost twenty years in a row. I'd be critical to Lenny. For Terry was the man. He was the man period of Dave. Dave. I didn't listen to lane for Terry that much. Because he didn't like baseball. Yeah. I mean I. Yeah. I, I didn't really get the baseball. So that's not going to be as much for me. I, I really couldn't tell you, I wouldn't 'cause my only choice. I mean, I'm sorry. It's Myron cope and you didn't even include that, as, as someone the play by play guy. Dave. Listen to the radio. Play by play because he did the commentary doesn't play if you. Yeah. I know I said ledger broadcasts, if you throw Myron out there it's over. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Let me ask you this then. Cope or Mike Lang probably taking Mike Lang. Brian. Brian, I'm Mike Lang is a living legend. I know Myron cope was too. Just say go cope cope. Why? Because because I'll never forget back in the day watching ESPN and they're doing penguin highlights. And he's thrown out, the Michael, Michael motorcycle and all this stuff. And they're like I have no clue what that man, just said. And then he said something else is like, yeah. Again clueless. And I just never forget that. And I think he's fantastic. I think he knows the game. I love listening to him on the radio when he's actually just talking about the team when in the afternoon. I think the guy's fantastic. I'm a coke guy. And I will always be cope. I mean gosh, my Email Saint Myron, and it's nothing for nothing else. But the fact that it's Myron cope, I cried the day, the man died. My kids were alive on this earth for five minutes. And they had a Myron cope bobble and a terrible towel wrapped around him round them with with. His name on it. So it's Myron cope. He's done. Original question, go ahead. We'll wait. Hold on. Go ahead. Okay. We're we already opened up the box go. Jeffy Myron is an icon by every stretch of the imagination. He created the terrible towel. He had the UAW in terms of what he brought to the game in my opinion. I don't think anyone has done a better than Mike Lang because Mike Lang is a pros pro, and he does a tremendous job calling hockey games, which is extremely difficult because it's such a fast paced game. There's less time. There's less breaks, and he yet injects his own personality in his own mix so beautifully that it's so local. That's what I love about Mike line if you're from Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh area and you listen to grown up, you will listen to him on the Radio Free on the penguins AB over the Jag offs. They put on the TV because he's that good. Myron cope was. Color. He was color commentary. Some sometimes you got so flummoxed didn't know what you were saying. I just think I'm not taking anything away from Myron cope. I love the guy. I just have to go with Mike lying. I think he's, he's up there. When people talk about the greatest hockey announcers of all time his name is being brought up, when you talk about the greatest color commentaries of football, I don't think in terms of the NFL, landscape cope is, is being brought up that often he's a local lore is what I'm saying. So okay, let's, let's look at it this way. Then let's just let's throw Jack Fleming love, I'm Jack Fleming guy. Loved the guy and I actually listened to West Virginia football for, for a number of years. Jack Jack was a legend when he's calling the macula reception is just just amazing. So let's throw Jack out, and let's come. Let's change us up. Let's go Lang since he did play by play and landing. You're not going to go back to Bob prints. I can't go back to. But I still think I still think, is lying for me now. Yes. Yes. Mike lying is amazing. I don't think you guys you're talking about two sports and football and baseball. That has so much downtime. I'm talking. We're dick Yetlis amounts of downtime, they'd great round in Jim in Bob walk two years ago. They were playing the parts are playing in Philadelphia. I'm listening to the game. They spent a they had a five minute conversation on Philadelphia cream cheese. I am not joking. Five minutes. It's just a different game. You call the game differently. Mike lying. I did just is it's really really, he's really, really good in my opinion. But do you have, like Bill Hillgrove? That's a good question because I know unloved a Billy. What about you? Dave, you keen on Bill Hillgrove. Oh, yeah. And I'll tell you what I the last time I was up at the fan. Blitz draft party. Whatever it was. Oh, you just miss. It was T J watt was drafted. We just bist him. It was up in the in the season ticket holder section. It was raining on the field by kids didn't get to go out and do this stuff with Roosevelt, next week or signed up to do but not many people had found whether the season ticket holder area was there was hardly went up there. I think I sat and talked to him for fifteen minutes. And he was just a fantastic down to earth guy. I'll be honest with you. I don't I would rather listen to baseball on the radio than watch it on person. That's fine. I think I think that, that it's a fantastic. Listen on the radio I could be driving home for something in a night and say, I'm going to see if there's a baseball game on the radio and I'll be listened to be really into it. And as soon as I'm home, I'm not going to go in and turn on the TV to finish it, because it's just not the same for me. I have lots of memories of hearing baseball, but I'll be off when it came when I was a kid. Listen to the pirates. I don't remember the guy's name. I really just. I really didn't. But Mike Lang, I still will will listen to penguins games. Now, now, I know he was out and wasn't able to even do the playoffs this year, which was really sad. But it's got to be laying. Yeah. I dated they paint a picture and guys that are on the radio. It's tough. I mean you have to paint the picture in the only thing I the only crack in hill grove is home, miss plays, sometimes. And I'll never forget a game against the cargo bears. I wanna say it was two thousand and nine they went to Chicago. Rex Grossman, I believe might have still been the quarterback for the bears. Those pass down the sideline and we ha- we couldn't watch the game. I brother satellite dish was all jacked up. And this is the year after they won Super Bowl forty-three and Rick to. Yeah. Instead there was a play in the end zone was like a jump ball and Hillgrove is intercepted. It knows touchdown. I'm like, come on, man. You're killing me. You're killing me. Just got me all excited. It's touchdown. And an interception knows it's such. And I remember when Rashard mendenhall fumbled the football in in overtime against the Atlanta Falcons. And he picked it up himself and still ran it. In the remember that is in overtime. Yeah. Wasn't that? Like a fifty yard touchdown. Yeah. He bought that call to goes any phone wasn't. Oh my gosh. It's loosen. He's scored the touch wed. What school you couldn't follow what he was saying? No, no, no, no. That's my only knock on Billy. But he's, he's good. They're all good. So you know what this, this was really an episode in futility because we have really been blessed with. Downsizers I mean 'cause I grew up with Lanny. And so, I'll probably always go back to Lanny. I mean, but, you know any criticism that I haven't Mike Lang is, is, you know, it's small because he's that good too. And even the guys that are there now but we have Bill Hillgrove tons. I mean you got to you can't say enough about punch, and Joe blocks. Really good. And now and now Steve glasses retiring after an amazing career. So there's been so many good voices that we've had in the city. So fantastic one last thing to add this, and that is I have a set of headphones for my television that I used. Sometimes when have we little kids, you don't wanna TV to be loud. So I have the headphones that I wear on their wireless or many way anywhere, and it would be a lot of times, I would turn sports on, and listen to it when I would go into bedtime with my son, and we just kind of just be, you know, snuggling in, in in my recliner, that's in his room and listening. And you realize how not nearly as skilled, the TV guys are, and how much they take for granted that you're seeing what's going on in the screen. Oh my goodness. Trying to listen to the NCAA tournament basketball, you. They weren't telling you who had the ball. They were telling you, anything you could not get anything from the sports just from their audio. You have to watch it with those guys that call it for TV. That's why I'm like, I'm turning this off. I'm finding a radio station because those guys know how to paint the picture. I mean, you think about Bill remember listened to and Rothlisberger in the shotgun Willie. Parker sidecar, right. Three three wide receivers. And you're just you're, you're envisioning it Ben gets the snap jobs back looks right? Fires less antenna. You can you're patriots. You're there it's li-. It's, it's, it's a live and your brain. I could talk about announcers. I love announcer. So anyways that we've gone a little longer. I hope you guys didn't mind. I know we didn't mind thanks for all the people that contribute it in the live chat tonight. Forget, the this giveaway all that information at the very beginning of the shows if you're joining us late, how to get the St. the free Steelers juju Smith shoes. Here's your hashtag, it is. Hashtag juju. Jersey contest use it get the information free judy's misused jersey. We will see you next week for another episode of the Steelers preview.

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