Running Backs Preview Part Two (08/11 Fantasy Football Podcast)


This is fantasy football today from. CBS, Sports. It's time to dominate your fantasy league. Now here's some combination of Adam Dave Jamie Heath Ben. To of your running backs preview for twenty twenty Atta Mazer here Dave Richard Your we know you know you. You know how you feel about running backs. Welcome back. Thank you. Well said good intro there. He's comings and Ben Gretchen here he. Running back this year. That's fine. I like him. Okay. All right and Ben I gave a little love to the running back dead zone yesterday. Not. As well as you could. I'm sure but I pointed out how disappointing the around three and four running backs have been. The last couple of years has it going? How do you feel about running backs? Burning backs. None of them. But I just I don't like running backs. What don't like? You've been hurt Dato matter. which ones you like we'll see what's ones you like as we go through the show. It ADP review here on for us. It's Monday afternoon for you. It's Tuesday and remember we have twitched tonight PBR mock draft on twitch. I'll tell you more and more about that. First thing I wanted to I exercise we're going to do here is four different spa, awo exercise I didn't sign up for this. That after your APP state joke yesterday I. Know You didn't sign up for this yes. Okay. By the way, Dave almost wore that shirt today that would have been really weird. or or? Amusing. Musing if we have the same shirt or on YouTube youtubecom slash fantasy football today. Okay I'm giving you each a spot in the draft. You're gonNa tell me based on average rap position half PBR from fantasy pros. How would you approach running backs just give me an example of maybe one way to do it. I'm going to give myself the first pick since I had the first pick last weekend in the flex draft two Saturdays with this point. And I'll tell you how that went. That was an industry draft I gave Heath I think the Fifth Pick Ben, the eighth pick and Dave the twelfth pick. So here we go I pick how do you approach running back? All right. You're taking McCaffrey number one if you have the second pick could take Barkley Camaro Z whatever. But you got your start running back. So this was a twelve team league. It was three receivers to flex spots and it was half PTR. In round two running backs went pretty brin pretty early. So the best available were James Connor and Melvin Gordon in my opinion for net was off the Board Aaron Jones out the Board Todd Gurley was out toward but I just went Juju Smith. Kettle and that means I'm GONNA be a little bit weaker running back but I'm okay with that especially to get cable round one McCaffrey round to judy round three kid around four. I did not get much luck in this draft Jonathan Taylor went three picks before my pick to Jamie. I took Devon Single Terry and I took Tyler Lockett at the four five turn. So that gives me two running backs two receivers in tight end by I two picks I really wanted Ronald Jones at the end of round six he went to pick before me. So I took Marlin Mac doesn't feel great and then took brandin cooks. Now, three running-backs through my first seven picks I finished with Daryl Henderson, in round eight. AJ Dylan Josh Kelley later in the draft. McCaffrey Single Terry Mac Henderson Dylan and Kelly. It's not great. It's not great I went back and I reviewed it. What could I have done differently what could I have done better? Look personally, I think that taking. Her twenty fourth or fifth overall instead of George Kibble. Would have been a mistake would have been reached. So I don't regret those picks maybe I could've taken jk diva's instead of Marlon Mac maybe that might help me later in the year snack and help me earlier in the year. Maybe, I could've taken Philip Lindsay this probably where I could have done better. Philip Lindsay instead of dairy slayton something like that yes yeah. Zach Moss instead of Darius Slayton. Remember it's a three receiver league and Catches Count Yeah this is actually the way that you describe that as a is like I I would love to respond to because the two situations where he said the guy you wanted didn't go eric's using went just before you and so you just took another guy That's the exact situation where I think it's wrong to take a running back in those routes like that is if you WanNa talk about a mistake in my opinion, your mistake is that you still stuck with running back even though there wasn't the running back that you wanted like were you didn't get wrong Jones Beach Mar Mac you just take another receiver there you get strong a different that's what I do you get strong another position and you understand you can build up you take an extra one later and you and you hope that you get one of those late round hits that Volts forward, just because of an opportunity opening up for them but running backs position where that can happen and I think so many drafters the natural thing and the how extremely running back unfriendly I am in drafts is so uncomfortable when you're doing it and so many drafters do what you just described as I'm not trying to get something wrong. But that is like the crux of the way that I think about it when I draft like don't just chase it because there's a position that you need to fill. Okay. It's easier to do though because he had McCaffrey I been. Yeah. Of course absolutely. Okay. I completely, Hey, Devon single terry and Marlon Mac or two running backs that went after the like I like those guys enough and you do need some running back depth look. Sometimes, you have to take unexciting players because you're going to have by weeks and you're GonNa have injuries and you need eight points to get by in the waiver wire stinks. So I don't completely regret the pics but I I get that philosophy. Okay. Let's go to fifth pick heath. How would you this was a real draft I'm going to let you unless you have A real draft drawn otherwise using ADP. How would you structure your team at running back and this is the problem that I have when we talk about half pr in that like I, know it's a nice mcvay after of the two formats and so hopefully, it will apply a little bit to both but it's also of the three probably the one that's used the least. and. So looking at half P ADP. Michael Thomas Is Fifth Derrick Henry is sixth. Well, if it was a p league I would take Michael Thomas and I just wouldn't get a running back in the first round. It was a non league. I'm definitely taking Derrick Henry in the first round at fifth if he's there. In the second round again looking at this ADP, I'd be pretty thrilled to get Kenyan Drake Austin Mile Sanders and they're all showing. They should be there in the second round. The fact is they're never there in the second round of the drafts we do. I. Don't think they probably are going to be there for you either. So I'm probably taking Travis Kelsey or George biddle. Okay and then okay. All right. Fine. So you have maybe no running backs, your I two picks or maybe of Henry and kit or whatever. Well, if I have Michael Thomas and Travis Kelsey I am completely fine having no running backs now what? Now, you're going to have to be I, think there are running backs available in round three that are worth taking their I'm still a pretty big fan of Chris Carson. And I'm pretty happy to get him in the middle of the third ranch I'm okay with that. So that's probably the to I. Don't have any running backs. If I've already taken a running back, I'm more likely to take Dj more or Calvin Ridley in that spot and around three. But again, round four James. Connors, there I think James Connors an awesome fourth out bic. So I'm perfectly happy. So if I start my draft with Michael Thomas Travis Kelsey Chris, Carson, James Connor, I've got two of my top fifteen running backs, my number, one wide receiver and I remember one tight end. Fantastic. Get Carson Connor who's your backup plan. There's not really from the fifth spot. I don't think there is another running back I would take an either of those two spots Jonathan Taylor. I would not take him in the first four rounds. I would rather start with Michael Thomas Dj more Calvin Ridley Travis Kelsey. Okay Fair enough. I'd feel great about that and then I wouldn't really hate deck around five. Okay. Then who are some mid to late round? Best you're going to be taking like there's there are and that's the thing is it's very true that there's this group of elite running backs that I've Kinda think probably runs out before you get to the end of the first round, but we're expanding it to go into the second round. That are true difference makers in hard to make up for if you don't have one of those guys but there's also a ton of running backs available after round six than I am fine with starting with if I have guys like that I would in this type of situation I'd like to have one of like David Montgomery in full. Round seven or eight I'd love to have one of Tariq go and what I want is to guys maybe Marlin macro Kerryon Johnson that I feel like I can start weeks one, two three and then I want a bunch of lottery tickets you mentioned jk Dobbins. Daryl Henderson, chase. Edmunds Tony Pollard andor Madison I went those types of guys as long as I have to feel good about starting week one. All right, let's go to the eighth or ninth pick right around there. Ben Uh, give you that draft slot. How would you approach running back? Yet tough spot in drafts this year I would. Probably because I thought it was interesting. He did mention Cook but I have cooked still at five in this format or wasn't looking at either Thomas or Henry, and as soon as those guys are gone in Henry is not a consideration for me even in half be happy are. So at eight, it would be as soon as those other five are gone the four that we agree on. Cook. I'm going to be going to either Thomas For it's tyreek Hill at number two or Davante Adams. If really high and then on the way back probably getting myh RB ONE I don't hate taking are being the first two rounds but certainly at the back half of the first round when you're not getting when those elite running backs at the heath was talking about. It does become a little bit more more precarious, and so I think in this scenario probably get one but I can also see what he's just said as being my structure. Miles Sanders or Clyde Brasilia's elite or mixing in half. BP, I think they both get dinged a little bit I. I like them both and no I. Don't think they have a lead upside. I don't I don't think of them as lead picks I think they have. Okay. There might be six in our seven P pr but I don't think it was leaks in the second round. I might go with one of those guys if they were there Iran. Probably if they were there if not like a job or Jacobson happy are fine for me and then basically from the third at I know of taking. Taylor. Tunnel drafts, I still really liked John Taylor I. Still I will say that discussions that we've had have made me recognize it kind my path for his ascension is probably more of an upside path where. He's getting plenty of worker in the season because they're software early season schedule. Then he's earning a huge role in the second half. Let's probably more of an upside path and more. Particularly we get closer to the season and I'm seeing what's happening in baseball and some other sports I am sticking to that idea that running back the most opportunity based position is the one where The the late around picks can gain the most value just by getting thrust into a starting role. If somebody has to miss time, we already know running backs time at a high rate anyway. So I, don't mind having like he said loading up on lottery tickets having a whole running back room and not late round, not sixteen throughout monetary picks but like from like around seven or eight through around thirteen where we can get a lot of those guys he just named or. I would stress that to include Boston. Scott who I love and Barrington Evans and there's several names. If I get a whole running back group of those guys, it looks like I have no one to start in week one I understand that there's concern about that ideal. You like you said, you'd you'd want guys fill your Zach mosses and other guy throwing that group Antonio Gibson is going in that range. But how about how are you getting like me your first five rounds? From eight or nine spot. Okay let's say I take tyreek or Adams doesn't matter, and then I'm GonNa take one running back in the second round in the third round probably trying to get dj more fees there the fourth and I'm trying to get Brown. If he's there in the fifth round I'm taking another one of those receivers you know single Terry was there when I talk about the single terrific I don't hate single Terry I would not even put him anywhere near the available receivers that are there when you just. Think. About it in raw terms like feeling good starting spot. If Tyler lockets there if he's not digs or those types of players Terry, maclaurin Dj Shark in the fifth and unloading up at receiver I'm probably addressing tight end at some point, I might take mark. Andrew depending on where he goes I I could make the case that keep he's made about taking Kelsey or kill in the second round and then yeah, just loading up on a lot of late around running backs and that strategy is. It's the eight slot, but it's kind of applicable to where I'm drafting from anywhere. All right, Dave. Let's go a little old school here and maybe show a little bit more loved running backs. Heath and banner. Are risk-takers. They are what? I'm sorry. What did I say what I say like? Running backs are still the riskiest position. Very, not even first two rounds, not not that bad of first two rounds. But they could still breakdown of. Last year. They did pretty well last year. I. Mean it was. It was kind of disappointing because Barclay and Chimera got hurt I get that but. That's that's the big part of the risk because they are more likely to get hurt today are they are, but they're also there are also more likely to be great than any position I'd say you know what was the first round pick last year I pick yeah. He was a huge bus I'm you know what I'll tell you? I'll tell you exactly what happened last year two, thousand, David Johnson was another one obviously somebody got traded. But that's a good example of someone who was valuable because of the size of his work load and the running back workload can just vanish and he got a little injury and I it was really chase Edmund. It's going to tell you what ADP was Barkley Chimera McCaffrey Zeke David Johnson James Connor Levy on Bell Neck Chubb Round. One round. So that's more misses the hits. Okay round two was very good though Cook girly mix for net. Carson Damian Williams. That's five out of six finishing in the top fourteen in half. So. That's really good and then overall I mean we're David Johnson. Go I thought he went and. Did, he was around one pick. His realm pick and that was an unusual because the two previous years around one was a lot better than that and those guys basically had to get injured. To be bad I'd say or. Bell. Several Levy on Bell David David Johnson was a top ten running back before he got her. That's the point though soon as he got banged up his backup performed well enough that they were like you know what? He was valuable because of his opportunity he was an efficient runner. He was adding value in the passing game was a bad. He shouldn't have taken a guy who who was bad. Who's basically got lucky with workload the year before average like three point seven yards per carry. It was a bad pick, but you know running back. In hindsight to say the battery? Picks. Trump I, the first two I look I laid out on yesterday show. The first two rounds are typically pretty good. They are at. Then you've even made that point I mean that's where they have better rates for sure. Yeah. So take risk but. It's hard to find hard to find running backs. You take this strategy like last year, the strategy that heath and Ben just laid out. Probably lost, it was not a good strategy last year and it's not true. I. Don't agree because I did it and one leaks. Yeah. But the League wide receivers that we all consider so safe every year they were good last year and where were those high upside running backs that paid off last year I mean yeah it didn't happen as frequently. Back. Oh Dave, you're picking twelve would you do well first and foremost I think the last five minutes of this podcast relate out the very first thing that every fantasy magic should do before they go into their draft and that's look at a list of running back rankings and find out where you're comfortable. Everybody's GonNa, feel comfortable with the first four guys and I think most people will feel pretty comfortable Alvin Cook. But how comfortable would you be starting Clyde towards e Clyde Edwards layer as your number one running back her mouth Sanders Joe Mixing. Drake, those names, Aaron Jones, we talked about him on Mondays podcast is that somebody that you'd be really cool starting how do you feel about Connor Carson and then you go all the way down to girl in Gordon the fewer running backs that you're comfortable with the sooner you should draft running backs in your fantasy draft because at the very least you want to have a team review like your players and if you go. Zero R B at least you know, hey, look I like a lot of running backs later I want to be safe early on you're comfortable at that. You know that and you'll be okay starting Marlin. Mac and Jordan Howard for the first couple of weeks of the season but you've got to be comfortable. You GotTa know what you want here. Because at wide receiver, you'RE GONNA find somebody worth the value in every single round. then. We've already outlined a lot of names out there that we like quarterback deeper than ever. If I'm picking twelfth and I've got those back toback picks. I've gotta come away with at least one running back but I can't say for sure I'm taking too because I know. That there's going to be an elite wide receiver there according to the ADP that we're looking at Julio Jones is still there and I'd love to get him. But if Tyreek Hill makes that far I'm going to take him along with a running mal sanders ADP that we're looking at fantasy prose, FBI, Pr He's going twenty first he's a first round pick regardless of format. He's going to be great this year. I'm comfortable with him being my first round pick so if I. Start my draft, Mile Sanders and a stud receiver and come back in round three and I'll cross my fingers that one of Jones won't be there. But Carson or connor will be there. I'm loving it. I'm happy and if they're not there that I might have to make a decision between Melvin Gordon Todd Gurley maybe there's another run back that I consider it wouldn't be John Taylor. Sorry. Ben. But it could end up being receiver tight end or receiver receiver and I've got at. least one running back through my first four picks and whether you go hog wild on running back early or solo rb where you're only taking one study, you'll worry about that second rb later on I think those are the two best paths to take I. think that they protect you from having to fumble through running backs all season long and it it also will save you. It'll it'll save you some face because a lot of teams in your fantasy leagues are going to have. Very. Good running backs very sociable running backs and the reason why I gravitate toward them because they have a chance for twenty to thirty five fantasy points per game, you've got to start two of them. You can't say the same thing for wide receivers. They don't have ads much upside on a per week basis or a per season basis as running backs. Do I want to get that position loaded if I can okay I'm just going to say a looking at the flex draft. The the guy who the eleven th pick he took Clyde Edwards air and Austin. And then he took our full, then he took our Robinson and Robert Woods I mean, and that's exactly my point is that you can still get to very good running backs and is that P or full dvr three receiver league with axes. You. Prefer those in full P pr. But at least you're getting something out of that in half and the receivers that you've gotten rendering four. Great. Yeah. No one should complain if Allen Robinson and Robert Woods are your to starting wide receivers in a format where receptions cap. Your only to starting receivers you gotta start three and you gotTA. Start. Flexes to Got Stefan Digs as third and he's got flex. Yeah. I mean. He's got camakers as well. Okay. And that many more receivers. Yep. So you you named his first three go through. Their actor Alan Robinson Robert Wood, Stefan digs I five picks, the other receivers, CD, Lamb Stevenson's Corey Davis. Let's look at the twelve pick this draft though bic also went rb rb Josh Jacobs Nick Charles. Aj Brown Jay Brown Amari Cooper. So. That's another way you start. I'm not going to go through the whole team. No, but. I think you're GONNA see a lot of teams go with two running backs to start this year goes excel people fear having to start a running back that they're not comfortable with at some point during the season and it's GonNa Happen to somebody if half the teams in the League are GonNa go running back running back all these running backs are not going to stay healthy all year. Long and and maybe that's the point that Ben is really trying to hammer home is that the fragility of the positions should matter but everybody's GonNa have six running backs on their team. Everybody's GonNa take shots on late round guys. It's it's it's the fantasy major that hits those late round guys and or more hits on the ground running back. That's going to coast to the fantasy playoffs. I just WANNA the heat don't. WanNa. Bring you back because I feel like I cut you off earlier this strategy of taking late round flyers, the pollards dead men's the Madison's Addison gets a little bit more work The problem I have with it is that it could depend on your bench size and you could have injuries early in the season and you could have a roster crunch and how can you justify taking someone who literally giving you one or two points strictly on your bench as a I'm hoping someone else gets injured. Play it's sometimes it's tough to justify keeping them and you end up having to cut them. So that's why I don't want to go too heavy on it and would what do you think about that? Adam, heath just stepped out. So let's throw that question to Gretch. All right heats. Question I think in shallower bench formats like some of the ones that we play we played in it with some of our CBS last year I think it's a lot harder to execute this. Absolutely one hundred percent agree won't disagree with what you just said there was five bench spots. in that format, it makes it a lot more difficult and part of what Dave said is ever team's GonNa have like six running backs and whoever hits on the late running back. Part, of my strategy is just based on bulk. We don't know who round stars are going to be a we'd be drafting them higher if you draft five of them compared to someone else drafting too late round running backs, you immediately have a greater chance of I mean even if you're not better at picking players, you have a better chance of one of them hitting just based on the fact that you have significantly more of them. We don't know where the injuries are gonNA come. You know it's it's very unpredictable, and so there is something of a you know taking multiple bites the apple approach to that right and you know what going to say. Do both get the running backs early, load up on. Later you don't necessarily have to carry a lot of bench wide receivers and I'm fine with that. The to the two starts at Adam just read with a two running backs in the first second round I'm not opposed to that I'm not that's not my issue is in the third to the seventh or eighth, but those those teams went running back running back. We're we're still in the top fifteen where we still trust a lot of these backs and then they went straight to receiver I'm fine with. Yeah. Okay. Well, I thought we were going to get into ADP quickly, but this turned out to be a pretty I. Think useful helpful conversation with some different perspectives on how to draft running backs and look I. Guess we're just kind of sitting there waiting waiting for for football to come back right and Oh, and he spects to that's good. But look this has been a very different summer. No question about it social distancing is changing. 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So it's Definitely the one that I choose when I need a moment of Jill and so you want to reset this summer reach for the bill beer that's made to chill and and no nasty after. Thank you very much. Thank goodness and you can have course delivered by going to get dot coors light dot com and finding local delivery options near you celebrate responsibly course bring company Golden Colorado. Okay Hey hey, he's. On this. Did you really don't like I think. Even known I asked You a question and I didn't know you were gone and that Shaggy Lehto we have this messaging system set up for in showed where we send each other messages and I always pay attention to your message is no one else does but I always pay attention to your messages I just thought you would pay attention to mind. I saw one of the last show but Gawk closed. It was from heathen and said, he's not GonNa see this. I'm sure whatever message he was talking about was probably directed me and I didn't see it. I. Dave. Just sent me a note Alvin. Kamara said he tore his knee in week six and was dealing with it the whole season. Well, that's not true date. He was dealing with after week six but fair enough. So that. About camera and we're about to talk about him because let's get into our average draft position. Review here fantasy prose half pr there are a few that really stand out is one that I don't think we really believe like Mile Sanders going twentieth overall but maybe I mean I think he's a first round pick now and a lot of leagues but maybe he maybe he's back into the round round to I know. But here we go here running backs McCaffrey Barclays Zeke Kamera are your first four pics then Michael Thomas then Derrick Henry Than Dalvand Cook. Maybe Delve Cook I'll double check right now maybe Dobbin Cook as a head of Henry NPR. But in half you are essentially tied and yet cook is actually because some reason. Ahead of, Chimera NPR. Don't really understand that other basically. I think what you have to recognize is at it says it on the site there there have pr rankings come from a different site than their rankings which come from a different site. Then they're not PR ranking. So I'm not just format but I'm looking at ADP is now ranking. Yes different. Yes I know I believe that's the same. I believe the CBS rankings UC on their or under their non PR rankings. Probably Eighty. Eighty P okay. Okay. Anyway. You got your top six running backs are McCaffrey. Barclay Elliott Kamara, Cook, and Henry. With only Michael Thomas, mixed in there. Do we have anything to say look we did a everyone is a bust episode a couple of weeks ago so Maybe I hope y'all heard that but do we have anything that we want to say about this? Is there a player or players that you're avoiding anyone that you like more than everyone else heath I'll give you the I if he's long as you're still here, I'll give you the first word I believe the biggest discrepancy we have would between Dave and is with Zeke Elliott's I know he hasn't number two behind Christian McCaffrey I think I currently have him number five. It's really interesting but he has been super consistent and remarkably productive on a per game basis basically always. But last year a really high touchdown rate hid that they changed the way they used them a little bit. His carries were down about ten percent from where they've ever been on a per game basis. His targets were not where they were in twenty eighteen and Tony Polar. It's pretty good. I think he's going to touch the ball a few times every game, which wasn't always the case with Zeke's backup. I don't know unless he scores all those touchdowns again, the that he's going to be a top through anywhere. But all those things happened last year and he was still an incredible fantasy running back and he was still super consistent and you could say the touchdowns headed guess what it's not like he's about to go to zero at touchdown. He's GonNa score a lot this year the offense is tailored perfectly for him to do exactly that when they get in the red zone defense is going to be a binding against this team. Might lose three or four to Dacca over the course season. But he's been doing that every single year I think he's a safe and consistent as gets if you're looking for a safe consistent running back Ezekiel that. So why doesn't everybody just give me your top five running backs? He started. And we're doing half PR. Why don't you tell the difference in formats I guess like I've got this in this format and this and that format. Okay. Yeah. Problem and non. I it McCaffrey Barclay. Henry's Zeke Chimera. And then Cook. And then Cook. I'm no better than six yeah cooks, Cook Sixteen, both for me I just think he's like Dave talked about safe Zeke is I can't imagine someone being riskier. Then delvin cookies with his injury history in. I go McCaffrey Barclay Chimera. Zeke and then Cook and then Henry. Okay. So we're going six. Six, Dave you're next non er are actually it's the same order non PR PR the first four, McCaffrey Zeke Barclay Camera, and then once you get to full P. Pr. will be five and Edwardsville. Larry will be six in non PR and I'll probably in the swing half CPR's well Derrick Henry Five Thousand Cook Six Ben. McCaffrey Barclay Kamera. Elliott. Cook Edward to Lehrer. Non Don't actually have. Ranked anywhere but it'd probably be McCaffrey Barclay Elliott Than Chimera, I think I would put Elliott ahead of Chimera non that will be close though I let him quite a bit more for some of the reasons he said Than Cook is GonNa stay five for me in non Maybe Derrick Henry six but I probably would never take him. Well Jamie's basically said that you know and when we say Derrick Henry it's like we know how high he goes. So we're we're just not gonNA take him in the first round, which means we're not GONNA get Derrick Henry is that's what Jamie said. Ben Seems to feel that way to. We. I don't want this podcast to be the Anti Derrick Henry podcast. So why don't you be a little more pro Derrick Henry? He is an incredible specimen team that if they have their way, we'll run the ball as much as any team in the NFL. They are not going to be as good as they were last year, but they went to championship game with this approach. So I expect them to be pretty stubborn. Think, they're going to make a massive shift three four weeks in if they're sitting at two and two in terms of their run pass volume, and so I still expect he's going to have more carries than anyone else. He's going to be above average on a per carry basis. He's going to score a ton of touchdowns and he's going to catch somewhere between five and ten more passes than he did last year and probably break one of those for like a seventy five yard touchdown because that's what he does and nobody wants to tackle. Derrick. Henry. Okay the concerns would be Ben-. What are your concerns? They doesn't do any of those things. Catching five or ten more passes I WANNA. Hear that explanation because titans GM John Robinson after draft talked up during Evans specifically about how a skill set translates the pass blocking I don't think they have any interest in Dirk koetter catching more passes. He's never caught twenty passes in a season and I have no idea why he would. Like Last last year in fifteen games than I haven't for throwing twenty percent more passes. So I would expect he'd catch a couple more as well. Okay. Yeah. I don't think there's going to be any type of big jump here in Receptions I. Mean I've talked about on previous podcast Ben you just said it. They've had them for four years. You'd think at some point in the last four years I'd say, let's get this big guy involved in the passing game and they've never done it and he told us he's trying to earn his coaches confidence to get that role going and Darren Evans shifty running back good hands can plan the slot. He's he's GonNa take whatever big receptions bump Derrick Henry wishes he could have and then add the other concern is rushing. He wasn't a particularly efficient rusher or I mean he was he was efficient He wasn't putting up a ton of points especially NPR scoring through week nine last year in the second half of the season when the whole offense clicked, he was obviously a monster. But when you separate out how he did that during that stretch, he was averaging six point five yards rush from that point on he was averaging a crazy medicare is it would put him on pace I hadn't somewhere I don't remember how high that pace was I gotcha he so he well. He had a hundred and fifty two carries in seven games. So that's well over three hundred carries his first eight. Games Henry was the number nine running back and non yard number twelve and PR. He averaged only three point nine yards per carry. He might be just a guy that gets better as the year goes on I mean that's kind of been a theory on him as certainly held true each of the last two seasons but I there's an argument Ben four and against let's end it here on Henry's we have lot running best because you're right about those first day games people kind of forget that he was not great but he still was top twelve, thousand, nine Pr. Pr Because he had one hundred and fifty one carries and he had eight catches but that's still I don't know. I could see it both positive and a negative. They're like you could say look he average less than four yards per carry but still got so much work that he managed to be top twelve. In non NPR, not per game though probably were snapper game. All right. Anyway that's Derrick. Henry. So let's move on in the first round passed that group. And we've got Joe Mixon. Rb Seven. WE'VE GOT NICK CIA we're actually mix in the last in the top twelve. He's going tenth overall Inbetween Davante Adams and tyreek Hill Nick Chubb Josh Jacobs. Aaron. Jones Mile Sanders Kenyan Drake Austin. Instead, of even bothering with ADP, I could see these guys really going in any order So Nixon Clyde Edwards dealer late riser. So he's not here. He's not on this list right now, but he's certainly in this group. Mixing Clydes Mile Sanders Drake Eker Chubb Nixon. Aaron Jones, think that's pretty much it. Dave. What's your take on that group? That's probably going to be late round one into round two I, think the majority of those running backs have fourteen, hundred, yard, nine touchdown potential, which is great. We'd love to have that honor squad the end of the year but there's a couple of them that I think can be better than that and the two that stand out to me or at were dealer because he's in Kansas City because he doesn't have Damian Williams as major competition anymore the closest major competition is the Andre Washington. I, I, think it bodes very well for him to do a lot of the things that he did it Lsu four Kansas City and an offense that just makes it easy on running backs and I think Mile Sanders is in a position to to benefit from playing in Philadelphia, and he's not going to every single snap, but he should be somewhere around sixty to sixty five percents of the snaps. He's a great pass catcher out of the backfield. You could really tell that he was a better runner, a more patient runner toward the end of last season his aunt pace over. His last eight games was over fifteen hundred yards. He was the first running back and and Doug Peterson's history as head coach. Philadelphia's only a four year history, but it's still a story where he had over a thousand total yards on the year and I think the sky's the limit for him to. So those two guys I look at as easy first round choices in non PR and still pretty easy first round choices in PP are if if you hear those names and you hear my argument and you're still not sold, then you're probably headed toward Michael Thomas in the first round. Yeah but it could be more like you're it. You don't have that choice know Thomas Michael before them. Are you going to take Davante Adams retiree kill over miles sanders and Clyde Edwards right? That's the personal choice. That fan what are you going to make I'm taking the running backs. Running backs over Michael Thomas NPR to I'd just I've got I've got to take my stab at a player. Who's got that kind of upside. Michael Thomas is great upside but I'm I'm GonNa, go with the running backs I in. Here's something I was looking at like Micheal Thomas scored more fantasy points than all running backs except for Christian McCaffrey NPR Lester and we don't think he's going to score as much devante Adams pace over the past two seasons was more fantasy points than any running back besides Christian McCaffrey last year I don't think those got like I am on board with those first four maybe I five. Over the wide receiver. Clear with quite over dealer who I agree has enormous upside but a ton a ton of downside and again I go back to I don't think you can win your league in round one but I do think you can go a long ways towards losing it. You know it's interesting comparing the running backs, the Michael, Thomas because NPR like Pr Michael Thomas in two thousand, eighteen averaged nineteen point seven fantasy points per game. He was blown away by McCaffrey Barclays Zeke Chimaera. Chimaera McCaffrey and Barkley all average more than twenty three and a half twenty three and a half or more. So they crush them. So it's like I. Don't know. Do you do you kind of average out the two thousand and two thousand? We're not comparing him to like those. We've all agreed those four or head of Michael Thomas I'm not trying to make the argument that he's better than those guys. Okay. All right fair enough. I guess it probably was silly detour niche of Joe Mixon. Like I'm love him. Go ahead. Later we get around one the more I love them. Just in general though I'd be like, I love Mile Sanders this year sure. I think I love. I think Joe Mixing showed us. In. The last eight games last year just how impactful he can be in fantasy and how good he could be in Cincinnati and I think Cincinnati upgraded its offense this year not just a quarterback not just having Aj? Agreement. You have. The Passion. And I guess I am finding it in my heart I am it's beaming throughout my nostrils that I love Joe I need to know who you guys love in this group. Then allaire mouth Sanderson Kenyan drake for me are in their own tier. from six to eight NPR, and then the rest of them are in another tier. I go mixing acura Shove Jacobs Henry Aaron, Jones but. I don't really take any of those guys spray. Great. Yeah. It's Chubb Sanders Drake and Clyde, for me and in some order it changes almost daily. Sanders Drake Cli- okay. So you're, not Equa. I didn't think he said I thought he was in the next group no, no this is our Ecuador is by far my favorite of this group. In any format or just NPR and NPR and and half are in non PBR Chubb is my favorite of this group. What do you think like Eh cler has had a lot of work when Melvin Gordon's been out each of the last two years. I'm thinking something like seventeen touches or more per game. Average twenty touches per game last year without Melvin Gordon and in three games without him in two, thousand, eighteen, hundred, seventeen. So. Do you think that's realistic. Are we talking seventeen and more touches per game for? If he does. that. Then I'm probably still to lower them. I don't know. I don't know if that's true. Yeah he might just be I mean he could have his worst year efficiency. Wise ever he probably will. But it's not like last year was the first time you ever extremely efficient he always has been. It's not I mean it's efficiency. Yes. But it's also the touchdowns I think we're actor we you have to recognize how much of a difference Philip rivers to tyrod Taylor is in terms of potential targets we've talked about with Shawn McCoy narrow Taylor's pass before McCoy had fifty and fifty seven targets. The two years that they had Watkins and Robert Woods even remotely decent to receivers Downfield parliamentary speaker Taylor, his sixteen game pays as. The starter was about one hundred passes. You're than Philip rivers just on passes to go around. Then McCoy had one big season where I think it was like seventy seven targets. He led the team with a cloud over one hundred last year cut in nineteen balls I. Think even Boeckler has more targets than McCoy ever had at any point alongside day whereas the clearly back in Buffalo, you're still not talking about talking about a substantial shift from Russia, from receptions to Russia, and that's a huge difference in the potential fantasy valuables touches. Okay. Let's go to the next group here. Real quick I just WANNA. Go Round I want no more than five ten seconds thoughts on. Josh. Jacobs becoming a superstar fantasy superstar. It can happen I I'm a little worried about the reception total being very high form, but if he can keep it together for sixteen games, he's the raiders lead back and it'll be. Ben Heath are grouped heath. Ten seconds on Josh Jacobs though. We're having some issues there with heath scouted out sounds like a typical conversation. I next round Ben you can go grad drink water for the next five minutes I. Don't think you're drafted Ed Baxter for a while here. But we'll see. Leonard for Net Chris Carson Melvin Gordon. Todd Gurley Levy on Bell James. Connor how about that group of six? Not, necessarily going to be round three. Some of them are going to go into round four, but some of them are going to be around to, as we said in the flex draft fornet and girly were around two four net Carson, Gordon Gurley Bell, Connor from what I gather connor and Carson seemed to be the favorites there. Dave's feel right debt. That's how I feel I I'd be nervous at a lot of. People are going to draft a particularly for net and bell because of past performance and they remember Lebanon Bell in Pittsburgh and they'll say there's no way he can be as bad as it was last year in New York and the the reality is he might see less work this year than he did last year and Leonard Fournette he's he's definitely going to see less work in Jacksonville now because the coaching staff. Does like rock armstead they added Chris Thompson he's going to help on passing downs and they tried to trade Leonard for net and they found no takers. So by them trying to trade Leonard Fournette, you don't try and try to play if he's good they didn't think he was good or worth keeping on the roster long-term. They didn't want to give them the contract extension and all that. Maybe they think he's an. Okay back. But thirty one other teams in the National Football League, said now we're good. We're not gonNA, give you what you want for Leonard Fournette. Okay. So what does that mean for four net? Maybe he gets traded before the season or in the middle of the season and maybe it ends up being a really big windfall for his fantasy value or maybe he stuck in Jacksonville with the coaching staff. That's just like. When it comes to let him for that and they they're either going to. Plow him between the tackles and then when it's third down, he's out of there because the new offensive coordinator, trust Chris tops and as a pass catcher or he just doesn't do well period and you're left holding the bag on him for that was good. Once upon a time I'm worried that those opportunities that helped make him good aren't going to be there for him and twenty. Twenty. And Ben, I understand your philosophy is to sort of void this group right not going to be. If there was anyone here for Carson Gordon, Gurley Bill Conner. Anyone that you think could be really good this year. Yeah I mean it's always going to be receptions and touchdowns in Offense related I think really situation is the best and think that is able to stay healthy. If his knee is not an issue, he has the best chance of this group to have a big season. You know they rooted devante Freeman at a time to a little bit probably better of a pass catching back then girly which kind of a little bit weird to say because. Overall. But Gurley was among there was an article today at five thirty on in separate separation desperate. He was among the worst in the league and you just kind of went out into the flat for the last couple years as a pass catcher were doing a lot much better earlier and scream. But I think if he gets some of that back gets a little bit of a spark back and step in. He's doing some of the things that frame and done the pass game and is able to convert in in close which he's always done with rain teams devilish touchdowns last year that's the one here. That's the offense that I would target out of all these veteran backs where. Competition is not great behind them I. think he did really hold onto a big role, but you can take the big points and what you just said about girly and apply directly to James. Connor, and say that if he stays healthy, he's in a great spot to his offensive line is great his offense as good. They're gonNA give him the rock a bunch and he's got a shot at catching over fifty passes. He's done it before he was on pace to do it again last year and he was on pace to score fourteen touchdowns last year. That's how many girly scored I believe. I look at connor as a slightly less risky version of girly mainly because his knees I think are healthier than girls, knees and I think the steelers have no choice that kind of painted themselves into quarter as much as you and I love Anthony Mcfarland Ben I, think the steelers paying themselves new quarter there's okay. Look James Connor is going to be our guy. Well, I think Benny smells in the next to the I would agree with the what degree to what degree is Benny Smell going to be I agree with what you said this comparison completely except for the point about girly not having a ton of backup competition I think conor BITs means Samuels snout McFarland has a lot more competition. Samuels team. And we as far as. Running backs and in competition I think really might have more. I just don't know if they're necessarily good competition. Is the best name, but they always ask. Heath is brought this up I'll speak for heath since he dropped out, they always split carries in Atlanta I mean nobody's. devante. Has Been like a fourteen carry per game guy something like that. I remember my head recently. And by the way, just to bring up Melvin Gordon's name. I think Melvin Gordon's got a pretty good chance at fifty catches. You guys right because he's going to be on there for pass protection. He scored eight or more touchdowns. Three straight years. He's just good at finding the end zone. So He's interesting to me. Sucky your offensive line forum but if you don't yeah, it's always been. That could be trouble for guy that's struggled to maintain a good rushing average. Sure. If you don't like this group, this is why. This is why a lot of people are going to take two running backs. With their first two picks after this group Mark Ingram, Devon Single Terry David Johnson Jonathan Taylor. Mark Ingram Devon Single Terry David Johnson Jonathan Taylor were twenty four running backs, deep guys like any of them Ingram single, Terry Johnson Taylor. I'm starting to feel like we're drafting. For. The same reasons why we're drafting for net and Levian and it's just he's been doing it for so long and he did such an amazing job last year they're five receiving touch lots last five receiving touchdowns last year. It's hard for me to say and it's hard for me to believe. They'll actually do it again and AK Dobbins being there. He was already sharing to a pretty decent degree last year with Gus, Edwards nirex Dobbins I'm starting to get cold feet on Mark Ingram even though it's a really good situation and you know there's a running back. They haven't named yet who I like in the same range and we talk about every show we're not gonNA talk about Roy Jones Yeah. But I mean the hype train is starting to really get going with him. And then you're gonNA. Take him here. I'm GONNA take them right around here like I'm looking at my non PPO rankings and I've got girly at eighteen levy on nineteen ingram. twenty-one Rosette of David Johnson Devon. Single Terry for net Montgomery Moster in non PR and I don't know I'm kind of starting to feel like he could be better than all of them. I know John Head of all those guys to. Jonathan Taylor is the upside pick here for sure. I made a pretty payload I have ahead of all the vets still running back reads I mentioned that I'm China from taking him a favorite some receivers, but I'm not moving down. I made a pretty passionate case for Devon single tear yesterday you can hear that I you know. I I. Really. I do find myself liking decent amount of running backs that are going. In this ranger later and it's personal preference for everybody like I'm not GonNa Take David Johnson and I just think the Texans just not been a very good spot for running backs because they don't throw the two running backs much and still do Johnson there there. There could be a lot of carries, but I don't really trust them to hold up. David talked about that yesterday but like. I can find players in these ranges that I like So we go to the next range. It's also if you like the running backs in this range, you could take too early and then take two receivers and then come back around five and around six and get one of these guys then. Yeah. Then you've got great running back and it's is you like but? You can still got a great quarterback, but you may have lost your chance to get a great tight end, which is fine. You don't have to have a great tight end win but now you can still find a pretty guitar after round south. Fine but you can't find one of the top four. So going into this if we're going into this season thinking the top four tight ends of the difference makers. On draft anyway Dave strategy of two running backs, two receivers another running back probably takes you out of the mix for those top four but. You just take one less wide receiver, and then you've got one of those tight ends on your team because you're gonNA find a wide receiver later. Anyway. All right. Let's go to the next group here after rb Twenty Four, David Montgomery remastered De'andre Swift Kareem Hunt and camakers. Montgomery moster swift hunt acres like anyone in that group I like Montgomery Okay Not Ppo I think he's got some sneaky upside just because of like he's generally the last back available. It's probably going to get two hundred and eighty touches and he was super inefficient last year. But I wouldn't expect that to continue to Rico and with super inefficient last year two, we don't expect that to continue. So I like Montgomery especially non PR although I do think he'll catch twenty five. To thirty passes. Cream hunts my favorite NPR. I think he's a low in number two running back even if Nick Chubb plays all season long and Nick Mrs Time, he's a top five running back instantly. Fair enough how about swift and and acres here anybody. WanNa take a shot. You gotTa Invest Probably a Fifth Round Abia six round pick in swifter acres. Although, ADP I just don't know this ADP doesn't really match up to what we are. Near the five six turn. Okay. So are you are you comfortable with five six pick for MOSTER ACRES OR SWIFT? Yes. But there's a but and this gets into a whole different discussion about handcuffing insurance policies for running backs. I will try and get another running back on the same team if I take one of those three mostly it's my favorite of the three. I think he's breakout potential. I talked last week about him catching passes it's probably not going to happen. That was wishful. thinking swift needs to beat out Kerryon, Johnson and prove. That he can get a lot of action on passing downs. It sounds like the offense coordinator, Detroit Daryl Bebel was not over the moon for de Andrea swift and maybe he's just trying to stay even keeled way talks to the media but it sounded to me like he was very aware that swift had a lot to work on acres has a of competition. I'm starting to really like the value and Darryl Henderson because he keeps leading drafts and and that might be where I land is if I if I decide to go moster, I'm going to try and get Devon Coleman if I swift I'll go and get Karen Johnson but if I if I can really Kind of wait it out in acres one that falls the farthest I would like to get him and then I know I can wait a couple more rounds forgetting Henderson and boom I've got that rams backfield I, think locked up between the two of them Malcolm Brown will be involved, but he might just be a touchdown vulture and if it's PR, those guys can catch the football between the two of them. All of one that should be okay as a number two running back all year. Next group Sony Michelle. He's RB thirty Marlin Mac Ronald Jones I suspect Jones's ahead of them now. Kerryon. Johnson. Yeah Michelle Mack Jones Kerryon Johnson. Does anybody think Jones is not the leader of this group. Of Close. Who's he's the leader of the group but I I don't really share they. It's not even close intimate. Who's who's close to him. I just think he belongs in this group. He's a number three running back that if things go right, he might be a number two. Okay. Like you were number three running back. In yes have you been following any news again in Iraq? Yeah I started following week nine last year when Bruce Arians said, Ronald Jones is the guy. Fifty percent snap share twice the rest of the year. That's not a bad point and then they got rid of the guy who he was sharing. Barbara's on. Now he's. Replacing with Keyshawn Vaughn and Leshan McCoy. So I, if they really wanted to squash roggio. And if you're still listening to Bruce Arians, he's already said being of training camp that Ronald Jones is going to be the lead running back, which is something I pretty much figure it out just from talking to people close Ronald. He was the lead running back last year but that I mean, but not by a wide margin I, think it's going to be by a wide margin this. WANT TO SCREW UP A lot we'll look if you screw up a lot then that's that it's all GonNa crumble bad. That's all he has ever done. No, he's had some really good. Always screws it up, he has had some great place. He's. This guy was the youngest back. Classic last year was is twenty, eight, two season. What are you talking about? I'm and I'm forgiving him his NFL career. As we know what happened is rookie year, we talked about this podcast I guys. So when you look at Michelle Mac and it was a tweet, I wanted to read from Pat Thornton from established a run that Ronald Jones was the one hundred twentieth graded pass blocking running back last year and the Shawn McCoy hasn't allowed a sack since two thousand, sixteen, right it was just putting that out there Machel Mack Jones on Johnson how many of them have top fifteen upside? Any of them have top fifteen upside. I like Jones a lot. He's the closest of that group that might get to fifteen but things are really going to have to go his way I. I think he clearly stop the inside. In not PPO right. Yeah. Well. Look I think it could be PR to. In the data. Back. No because he gets short yardage work yeah. He's going to be well no, he didn't last year you got. Russia's inside. touchdowns were from know inside the five or really close to the goal line that went to barber. Yeah. Inside of ten yards, touchdowns came from inside Ted and Jones is a case for improvement. There's reports that he's worked incredibly hard this. He's put on weight and can do he's caught tons of balls out of jugs missions every day. What like? Every single day. All right. Yeah. Guys walking out during the offseason but the case for Jones's that you still love this talent essentially all along. But like I have and now it's literally just turned twenty three weeks ago. That's how young I listen. To to To season's already NFL. Disappointed but he's incredibly he's younger than some Baxter Scott is younger than Keyshawn Paul. Talked about. So I, the the cases that he is now grown to his body and is going to be very official plant. Let's move on and talk about the next group here. It's James White's Aiba it's Mad Brita Jordan. Howard James White Philip Linzie. Keyshawn Vaughn. That's five running backs there by the way Jacob Dobbins according this website is going one hundred and tenth overall. I've never seen that. But sure. So if that, you can get a one hundred and ten overall, there will be very good pig but yeah dolphins running backs James Wight Philip Lindsey Keyshawn von. Do you guys find yourself drafting any of these players and we're already at the hundred pick here. So we're getting to the late rounds not ready to draft. Lindsey. And Vaughn at this point. Now, that yes, some of these guys I have ranked. Probably far behind some of the guys we haven't mentioned yet. So you mentioned it already getting late round, but I don't think it's dragging. So a of very exciting group I guess Brita and how you want to give me a quick thought on the dolphins backfield. I don't mind those guys at all in the situation where I have drafted him upside running backs and what a week one early starter I expect breed and Howard both have their moments and I think like of route at the end of round eight start around nine. That's right about the spot they should go. So do you think though that if you're just hoping that they could be week one stars. Their. First two games of the Patriots and the bills does that bother you? It's not great. Like I don't know how to account for the Patriots Defense Right now, right? Right. They are weak. Wanted in buffalo week to Yeah I. Mean. That's a good point. And Buffalo starling loaded lay their one of their really good run stopping beat tackles is. Also. True. Okay back, to ADP. JK Dobbins. At one hundred and tenth overall followed by Daryl Henderson and seven. Coleman Dave just spoke about pairing them with camakers and where he mustered Alexander Madison. Latavius. Murray. You are with Madison Murray. You are an injury away from potentially a top five back. Henderson, co-manager if there's anything you add there. What are you laughing at? I wasn't laughing I moved, but I think they're really interesting One thing I think it's real interesting this year with some of the rookie situations like Jonathan Taylor You know we talked about Mac just a minute ago. He's not super excited. We talked about top fifteen upside Taylor mistime Taylor comes down go or or something Mac or Yeah. Would have thought that the upside oftens line in that schedule on all those things that said about Taylor could apply to Mac certainly. So are you some of these? Are you in a rush to get Mac if you get? Taylor on draft no, I'm not but I because I'm I'm making a decision already on which way I want the back of the gopher that offense for that that. Team nine drafted. But my point with those like the way, the ADT structure this year some of those veterans are going a little bit later and he's mentioned their goods zero running back options the lindsays in and whoever but I also think like they're also handcuffs like if something Gordon Lindsay is GonNa play something Andrea Swift Jerry on Johnson's GonNa play a lot more I mean those guys are all. Pretty solid pets in that range you're gonNA eat viewpoints and they're going to essentially get you a lot. All right. So why don't we just finished with this? Who who are some? Players we haven't mentioned or Sunday that we have that you like to target at women named a single Washington running back, Tony. Gibson for sure. Gibson. We we've. We've batted around the idea how many catches he'll get on. F, t this week. I think is upside is seventy receptions I. think he could be very involved part in the passing game for Washington not so much in the Russian game because he's inexperienced there. All right. It's. Three Cohen by the way in half. Pr Is going one hundred and twenty, four, th Ag- I don't buy that at all, but you take them sooner. Kind of by that. Yeah. People do not like Trico wants going the eighth round and full PPO so. It doesn't really surprise me that much that he's going that low and he's a good buy in this format to. All right. He went in the eighth round in the flex draft, which is half Pr. But Feels too early. I would say round ten and half. Pr Good for Tariq on. One hundred, twenty, four, th overall basically like around eleven. So she I take him and I I I agree with where win the flex drift. Eighth. Round. In Up mentioned Zach Moss yet he's too low on on this ADP that we're looking at. He should be up in that range what Marlin Max and Matt Breeders I think. We've forget anybody. How about the chargers? I still prefer Justin Jackson. I one. More guy all throughout that's I. Think my favorite late Guy is Boston Scott. Like Scott I think he's got some decent standalone value because I think the Eagles coaching staff sees a lot of sproles and him. Yeah and obviously, if something were to happen to Mile Sanders than the the summer of not adding a running back with really benefit the you know who? Reminds me of a lot right now is also. Just like you was behind melting Gordon, he's he's small. But he's big. He's apparently a workout warrior just sets ridiculous. and. Squat records and he tested athletically very well he's not too dissimilar from Ecuador and I, think he angle even though he's only like five eight handle a little bit more You got some work in receiving worker handle a little bit more early down work. If something were to happen to standards I think he could be explosive top ten upside on the subject of the chargers running backs. We've we've. He thinks that Justin Jackson is the better one I think Josh Kelly is the better one. Here's a scary thought for those of you that like Austin. What if both of them end up getting five to six touches per week two key it's fine light on her. I. Was Hoping for there will be twenty five to thirty touches the chargers backfield every week every week. Okay I, would expect. A. Few more names out at you tell me how much you like them Damien Harris Reich armstead. I've liked Harris a lot since his days at Alabama wasn't that long ago and he was there and if Sony Michelle can't get healthy. Boom Batta here he comes as a part of the. Patriots run game. Great great laid around. Flyer. And if by week to he's not doing anything, you cut them all stand for Ver- right? Well, because I think there are scenarios with Leonard for net where he is just not on the team by the end of this season I don't know if that's you know a disciplinary he's been disciplined by the team before I. Don't know if it's they trade him mid-season but I don't think Jacksonville. Like they might run into the ground, but I don't think they're really fully committed to him. If their season go sideways early, it would not be surprising if they just decided that for leanings a free agent and he's not there the running back late in the year and they go forward with this this young guy requiem status kind of their main back. Would it be? Aj Dylan Jamal, Williams. I like I like lettuces Tom I do too and I think that the packers do as well. Mala floor probably a lot of Derrick Henry in Aj Dylan just like Ben Gretch. Saw A lot of Derrick Henry in AJ Dylan leading up to the draft, and he could end up being a real pain in the butt for Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams the same trainer that Trans Ronald Jones. Tranche all Williams two of them were together all season long in Arizona and apparently. Jamal, Williams has been running around and catching passes trying to improve. So he can play slot receiver it's not necessarily the packers asked him to do. It's what he thinks. He needs to do any started sending clips of himself to Aaron, rodgers on instagram and Rogers text and said stop sending me at this way text me directly and Aaron Rodgers finally gave Jamal Williams's phone number. Because he wants to see his progress I have is on the phone number. That's like Michael Jordan. Steve Kerr staffy well, ever Scotty Burrell as the case may be I want to clarify I'm not saying AJ Dylan. It's just when I'm looking at those late round running backs I that need one injury to have a huge success. I'd really like to know that like they're the guy if some if air dry it's hurts Jones gets hurt I. Think this is a committee still and maybe a worse committee. So I'd rather that's why I prefer guys like chase Edmunds who I Worry who I think if if there get cert- there, clearly top fifteen running backs and let's be real if you draft AJ Dylan or Jamal Williams for whatever reason, and it's week three and they haven't done anything and you need to pick somebody up off the waiver wire that's going to be the first name you turn to and cut. So I totally get where you're coming from on that. Maybe you'd rather spend the earlier pick on a better insurance policy running back like chase edmunds. Yeah. I WanNa make final thought about just the the late on running backs. All sit out. The show I think the difference between these guys is related to what they're upside could possibly be and he just made the point really well but like I, just made the case for all right. We'll armstead I think he's basically the guy that would become the got will if length for net for whatever reason wasn't starter, but we can. We can quibble a little bit about what we think they're gonNA be going into the season, but there's so much every year in an NFL season. So much churn at the running back position, and particularly this is going to be turned every position right? We Really WanNA qualify those one percent or two percent outcomes. I think that's how you WANNA targeting late round guys and you'd makes a good point Dylan's extremely good. But he might not get all the work think about that when you're choosing between these guys, do you think this guy could be a legit star? Is something braces what? And my thought was Latavius. Murray. And two games without Alvin. Kamara. Had Thirty or more touches in both games and had thirty one or more PTR fantasy points. Both Games he was insane. That is it for running backs. All right on tomorrow's show Wednesday show. We're going to talk futures ever gonNA retire emails at Fantasy football CBS dot com, the apple podcast questions we'll get to those well leave Nice Review and a question in apple podcasts. If you'd like we've got switched on Tuesday nights seven PM Eastern mock draft time baby. So check that out and thanks again for tuning in here on Desi football today but then David, he's Adam. Baseball season has officially started, which means it's Dole time join Scott White Chris, Towers Adam as her and me frank stamp on fantasy baseball today as we dive into every game every day we'll help you set your lineups, make waiver moves, rip off Your League mates and trades whatever it takes to win. We'll make it happen. Let me ask you this. Would you go out in the rain without an umbrella? Would you eat spaghetti without a fork exactly then don't play fantasy baseball without fantasy baseball today listen weekdays on apple podcasts, spotify stitcher and wherever else podcasts are found. By

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