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Welcome to the HDTV PODCAST. Featuring guys are under dairy in. Afraid Russell now the HDTV PODCAST. Welcome to Episode Nine Thirty Nine the HDTV and home theater. Podcast this is Friday March Thirteenth Yuga. Yuga nother episode of the. Hdtv hunter podcast for you are. Is it a freaky day for you so freaky Friday third into not a freaky Friday? It is a normal Friday for me and just guessing right now. Because it's not even Friday yet. Then you ask me that so. I tried it. Yeah I'm asking look into your crystal ball and will it be a freaky Friday? You're saying now looking into the Crystal Ball. No IT WILL NOT BE. I see myself doing some woodworking in the afternoon. Doing some work in the morning and then Enjoying some music and Bourbon Friday night. Nice Yeah I don't see myself switching bodies with any of my boys or anything on Friday so I'm predicting also not a freaky Friday for me as well but you know what I tell you that would actually be Kinda cool to go back into like a twenty year old body and You know go to USC big man on campus. It seems like it would be super weird though right it would definitely be weird. Yeah yeah I'd be trips me out. I mean everyone does it as if. Hey this could totally be cool to go back to be young again. But now I think that would mess with your brain way too many different ways. So let me ask you this. I've I've thought about this before. Like I said I can go back to high school with the knowledge that I have now Things would be so different and it would be because now you're a fifty six year old man living in eighteen year old body and then I thought about it. Although the bodies only eighteen the mind is fifty six. So that kind of makes you a creeper. Doesn't it exactly? That's what I was thinking is that you're like an eighteen year old dude and is eighteen year old women and that would be normal. But not for me. 'cause me think about that creeps me out so yes. I have thought about it but in my mind is it has nothing to do with that. It was mostly sports. I would totally have a different approach to playing football and baseball in high school. And there'd be all kinds of other things I would do. I'd write myself notes. Invest in apple and Google Invest in Microsoft. All these things. I would have tried to leave myself note so that when I switched back to my fifty eight year I'm fifty eight years old. Not Six fifty eight year old body. My eighteen year old self when he came back with. Say Oh what are these notes? Okay better invest in Apple Google Microsoft. Then I'd be sitting there really rich. That's the scenario where you sort of do the Mardi fly you go back in time right but if you just ended up switching into like a younger body than I mean there's a Lotta stuff. I know that I could get away with in school that I was too afraid to get away with when I was a kid that like it was just kind of a normal kid. Afraid of authority sort of thing that now I I knew I could get away with a whole lot more stuff and I could have a whole lot. More fun in school But the whole other side of the of being an adult in high school just kind of freaks me out all right. Let's go to another approach. My Dad God Russell. He was very strict Person He he was educated engineer. He always was kind of and this was more of the parents back then. Thought I didn't know anything you know. And what are you know? You're just a kid right so imagine now with what I know. I go back to my eighteen year old self. My Dad at that time would probably be about forty so at this point. I've got like eighteen years on him right and so I I start challenging him on things but not in a way that would get me in trouble because no matter what I still respected my dad and did whatever his wishes were but I would. I would kind of put things out there. That would cause him to think like. Where did that come from you know and not be disrespectful but challenge them on things when he would tell me something that I knew was wrong and I had google to prove them wrong because nowadays when my kids challenge me on something I go prove it to me whereas back then you literally have to go to a library to look something up and then you had to go through microfilm and microfiche to find articles that supported your opinion? Now you just type that into a search engine and you can have the results in in no time but I would challenge him on all kinds of things in the thing. I'd probably end up giving them a nervous breakdown because he's like. Oh this kid's GonNa kill me. Yeah you know I think anybody who's been listening to the show for awhile knows that I can ever once in a while. Have a little bit of a mouth on me and I certainly did when I was younger. And and unfortunately with my parents to as well But Yeah If if I knew then what I know now I would have been called my doubt and so many things that you just made that up. Didn't you you have no idea what you're talking about. Because I can look back on times in life where he told me things or said things had to happen a certain way and he was just making it up because I know me as a parent and a lot of cases. I'm just making it up. I'm going with what I think is like the best answer but I have no idea and I you know I would have challenged him so much more. It's a good thing actually back then. Yeah I didn't know then what I know now. The one thing I would have done is when I was younger. I would've had him quit smoking a lot earlier than he did because he ended up dying of lung cancer and the Doctor Said Smoking Kinda was what push that on so I would have been like annoying in his face. Kind of I'm saving your life. You know kind of thing all right enough of that let's get into some Home Theater and That was freaky Friday discussion. We may have ever had but but I hope it was ready to one so this is HDTV and home theater podcast. You can find us at our website. Hd GUYS DOT COM. All of our contact information is there. Thank you to everyone who has I say tuned in but it's not tuned in that would have to go back in time to get to any time where you'd actually tune into anything. But thank you for listening. And the show is entirely listener supported. There are couple of ways. You can do that if you WANNA help out. One is by going highbrow way and signing up to become a patron of the podcast Patriot Dot Com and you get to that by going to patriots dot com slash. Hdtv podcast And you can sign up there to give a recurring amount of your choosing to help us. Keep the show going and going and going and the other way is through our coffee metaphor you can go to the website. Click on a cup of coffee which equates to a different dollar amount of a one time. Donation there or you can There's even a recurring coffee donation. But that's fixed at five dollars Patriot. You can choose the dollar amount you wish if you buy the largest one. It's twenty five dollars. We call that a CAF POW. You get a shout out on the show in this week. We had to Cath Pals and one's from Matt Duval and the other one is from Sean faster and you as I said you gotTa Shout Out. A LOT OF PEOPLE. Just send an extended email. And that's exactly what Matt and Sean did so. We'll go into their emails now. All right so matt's email and thank you for your Kath how that says greetings hd guys. I'm a patriot. Supporter but when a piece of HD GUY. Knowledge improves my home theater. I want to say thanks through a CAF POW house. Hd Guys help let me count the ways. I ratings DOT com. You introduce me to this website. And through their in-depth review in analysis. I saved six hundred dollars on a new. Tv because the twenty eighteen model was just as good as the twenty nineteen. Little aside here. I spent some time on ratings dot com. Because I realized that I've still in my analysis paralysis on the new TV and I've been using ratings dot com to do the exact same thing but matt continues on hang on spoiler alert. You're going to see that analysis paralysis goes back to twenty thirteen. Yeah Yeah Yeah no kidding. Aright so Matt's continues on audio gone. He said I needed to channel amp to power a second zone and I wanted something a bit better than just an off. The shelf amp through the audio gone marketplace found a use rotel amp. That sounds great not to mention the weekly newsletter from audio. Gone where you can see these incredible list listening rooms people build. I tried to get a pair of six foot. Tall Wilson Audio speakers but the twenty thousand dollar price tag couldn't make it through the Finance Committee and says Bang for the buck guides. You guys do a great job reviewing lists of TV's and receivers that give the best value for the dollar. I picked up an APR that you recommended and was really impressed with the options in performance for only four hundred dollars and last but not least svs while my twenty year. Old Validation still works. It was time to find something new. And you've mentioned svs several times. The sub is the heart of any home theater. So I was a bit skeptical buying a huge of online without hearing at first but I pulled the trigger on a PB. Three thousand and holy but kickers Batman thing is amazing. I don't have a dedicated home theater room. So it's in our combined media area kitchen slash family room while watching the movie. A quiet place as the monster was walking up the stairs. Each footstep shook the house in every dish in wine. Glass was rattling. I'm laughing and my wife was like. Isn't this bit much when a sub makes you giggle like a schoolboy? It's pretty good. And then Matt finishes with congratulations on fifteen years. I know have been with you guys for at least twelve since ours recommendation in two thousand eight bridge. Abcd I'll as seventy year projection TV. I actually owned one of those. Jvc's sorry that was me and another aside there. He says here's to another fifteen years changing our lives one. Hdtv at a time. Thanks Again Matt. So brayden is sent the Does email onto my contact over. Svs because he put in a great word for svs and then he ready goes. Oh you guys are coming up. On fifteen years. We should collaborate on a giveaway. So I'm in the middle of that. I have no idea what's going to come of it. But I'm hoping that I can get something lockdown that on our anniversary we can announce a really cool giveaway with svs or all right. And then Sean fess lers fasteners email. He says What have we got here guys? I'm a longtime listener ever. Since I received my Ipod Nano over ten years ago. You know when I read stuff like this brain. Disa- me interjecting. When I hear that people been listening to us for that long. It just makes me so happy. And it's like we have these friends and I recognize tons of the emails and sometimes I'll think about someone who we would exchange emails with frequently and then I don't hear from them and I say oh I hope they didn't drop out and then every now and then we'll get an email and it's this great connection that we have with everybody. I wish there was a way we could do. Some sort of Community event where we could all kind of get together but I was looking at. Were all our listenership is now granted. It's like ninety five percent in North America but We do have listeners. All over the world so maybe we need to look at some sort of Online thing we're bringing you and I get on a we just chat with everyone. 'cause I see some people do it on On Youtube and maybe we don't do anything other than just chat and see who shows up we'd have to Kinda announce it in advance. So is that something you'd be up for. Yeah totally virtual HD guys on well. We'll talk and I see the people when they read the comments and we talk about you know going back in time and you know taking over our eighteen year old bodies again all right so let's get onto To Shawn's email here he says I've heard that some setups are extremely dark with hd our content. And I would like to hear what your experience has been with this and how to prevent it. What the recommendations that you have to mitigate the issue issue backstory I entered the HGTV world world in two thousand and six. And I had a front projector in a ninety two inch screen installed in my basement on embarrassed to admit that. I still have the same projector receiver at this early stage. I'm looking at projectors as well as L. C. D.'s and all displays and that's from Sean and he's in Hartford Wisconsin so A the issue of the darker scenes in HDR is. I don't have that but that's because I typically watch movies in the evening not during the day and yes the scene some scenes. We'll be a little bit darker but because we watch with the lights down I can still see detail whereas I think if you're watching in a very bright room it could make it hard to see detail but beyond that I don't have any Input and I and I do know that is an issue and some people have complained about it. The other thought I had a Brayden was when blu rays first came out. Do you remember some of the discs. Just weren't very good in a lot of the studios. Were still trying to figure out how to master for Blu Ray discs. I'm wondering if some of that is going on with hd our studios are trying to figure out how to use HD are yeah. I mean that's entirely possible but also Referring backup to Matt's email ratings dot com does give you two categories in their on. Hdr performance for every TV that they review and some are with content. Just kinda dimmer than others that are brighter and do better with HDR content. So it's it's probably part the content itself and then there's probably part the display. I know for Sean. That doesn't help if you're looking for a projector but if you are looking at LCD and led displays ratings dot com is a great place to look for HD. Our performance of those sets and our next emails from John says it's a correction for you the new security feature that's being implemented for home kit not restrict your remote access of your home kit devices if you read that again about the most restrictive mode being limited to your apple devices. It's their gateway if you have a home pod that's the gateway to the Internet if you have an apple TV that can be the gateway or have an ipad. That can be the gateway. What's allowing you to do is restricted from other web access? A says a home kit would be useless for most of us if we had to be home to control our devices unfortunately some non home devices open themselves up to other web communication or Internet communication. So essentially you're web kit becomes your web gateway for those particular devices. They can still get out to the Internet but it has to kind of go through that web kit channel so to speak. I is what he's saying. Yeah I kinda misunderstood that one. I Read that article last week. All right. Oh twenty twelve tweet. Tv's from wheel in upstate. New York says hey guys longtime listener and Longtime Petri Patron says just listened to episode nine. Thirty six where you guys were talking about. Black Friday deals on televisions and twenty twelve and are asked if anybody is still using one and would they write in and he says the fifty inch plasma that sears was selling for three hundred dollars in two thousand twelve man. Can you imagine that three hundred dollars for twenty twelve plasma? He says I believe this was the same one that the same one I bought back in Black Friday and twenty eleven. It was fifty inch It was a fifty inch. Panasonic Viera Plasma and I believe it was an entry level s fifty model and yes. I'm still using it today in my master bedroom connected to a TV a T. Bolt for the last nine years. It's been absolutely perfect. It doesn't get used much anymore. Probably only three to five hours a week. But it's still very good picture and I'm very happy I bought at some nine years ago. Keep up the great work. Your podcast is by far my favorite in the first one that I listened to each week when I download the latest podcasts. On my list and thanks for that email will Brayden you no longer have any plasmas right. I know you had the one. They're all gone. I'm assuming yeah all plasmas have moved on Yes. I gave mine to my brother when I bought this four K. TV. A few years ago and he was moving in him and his son. Were moving. The last Ma and my My nephew he slipped and dropped the plasma and everything shattered. He was so upset but I was even more upset. All right and let's see our next meal is from Robert who is a smart home technology specialists. And he's got some feedback on episode nine thirty where we talked about. At and T. TV and he says working with a broad cross section of consumers from retired professional couples to seniors in assisted living or just normal nontechnical people that grew up with a TV just being a TV. What we take for granted still isn't as mainstream as one might think there are a lot of consumers that do not have an apple. Tv Roku or a fire TV while other people you might think have upgraded their TV's have not upgraded their TV's so they don't have a quote Unquote Smart TV either. Although personally I don't like the pricing in contrast issues with the new. At and T. set top box. I can totally see the benefit for some consumers of having a simple all in one. Tv Box for watching TV and streaming content. The consumer only asked to deal with one company. At and T. For both the APP and the service including the remote control for. At and T. Getting rid of physical installation and sending technicians to the home to troubleshoot the coaxial cable amplifiers repeaters splitters and assorted hardware and simply ship out there streaming box directly to the consumer will actually increase their support and customer experience while dramatically lowering their operating logistics expenses conceptually to us geeks and techies running. Apps on a general purpose or flexible device like an apple. Tv roku or an android box or a computer is intellectually more appealing and liberating but the practical support issues of dealing with all the mismatches between firmware and software upgrades and all the edge conditions. Where things may almost were but not completely isn't the best consumer experience. Imagine if you had to reboot your toaster on a weekly basis or can't use the BAGEL setting ever since the new software update broke that feature. He says so. I'm not surprised that in the last year or so I've seen a lot. More regular consumer clients that are using. Smart. Tv's and say they're good enough they don't WanNa buy an TV or roku boxes to do so because in their view it's already built in for free in the TV THE AT and T. Boxes aimed at these mass market consumers. That WanNa simple plug and play experience for watching TV as long as cord. Cutting is still confusing inexpensive when it comes to local channels in sports the. At and T. Box provides a simple solution to otherwise struggling multiple services or juggling multiple services my fault subscriptions to multiple APPS and even over the ear antennas for mere mortals and non geeks. And then again. That's from Robert. Robert thank you for that email and yeah I mean I totally get the argument but I think and this is me Brayden kind of going off on my opinion on it. You still have all those same issues with an. At and T. Android box where you have to make sure that all of the APP center on it 'cause. At and T. Isn't going to provide their own version of a Netflix eappen. All those things so they're going to have net flicks and they're going to have Hulu and Voodoo and and all the other APPs on there so you're still going to have the mismatches and the things that almost work the same way you would with an apple. Tv roku probably even worse because from my experience doing those things on android boxes a little bit more of the Wild West than it is on something. That's a bit more locked down like an apple. Tv or road. Who I think the difference. Brayden is that they are going to control it. You as the consumer are not gonNA downloaded so they'll push out the updates. They'll push out delay the NETFLIX that works. So if there's a Mitch mismatch it's on them to deal with it because they're the ones who created it right so they've uploaded a new Os if you will. But in their quality control department they should verify versus like Netflix and all the other APPs that are on the box so I don't think it's going to be as much of an issue. Well that is a huge expense for. At and T. unless they decide okay. We're only going to support like a handful of the APPs that are available because there's thousands tens of thousands of apps that consumers currently on those shoes I know brain but I don't think they're going to allow consumers a download APPs. That's my point. I think it's a completely closed system. It's it's It's just think of it like your cable. Box THE DIFFERENCES. It's got android running on air and you yourself are not going to do the downloads. At and T. Is going to push the software to their boxes. Just the way they do with cable boxes. Okay so sorta like those old slide. Smart Blu Ray player but you had a selection of fifteen apps that you could use on the BLU ray player but you couldn't get to like any apps that you wanted exactly. It is literally the same as their direct TV or their universe or your comcast. I it just think of it like that. The difference is instead of coming over the cable. You know like a proper cable. Tv SERVICE IS GONNA COME OVER IP TV. And that's how they're going to get the continent to the box. My thinking was that there are just so many but I think they need to do this to start weaning people off of the other services in probably this is where they're gonna go in the future. Flopping are you flopped flipping right. No no no no no no I still I'm not gonNA ever do this. But Robert pointed out and so did a couple of other listeners. That there are a group of people who just don't want to deal with Getting apple. Tv Roku or whatever and downloading APPs my mom being one of them she just wants the TV And Regular Channel Service. My guess is this one. I I don't know this fact but my guess is you would even put in Channel. Two thirty two to four. You know have traditional channel numbers instead of using a remote to scroll through things I think. So it's meant for people like my mom who do not want to deal with APPS and eventually many years from now. I think they're gonNA phase out the direct TV so that's why they're doing this. I still think it's one of those situations where if it's GonNa take him ten years to get that in ten years. Most of these people might be used to using APPS anyway and if it's essentially the same thing as a cable box then why would anybody use this thing instead of just keeping their cable box that they've got I mean what's the appeal to it? I know it's over the Internet. Which probably makes it actually. Unfortunately you know when everyone's using your local cable network and everyone comes home at the same time and they're all streaming at the same time quality goes down your speeds go down so other than the fact that you now have to contend with the fact that you know you might get pixellated Video you're watching and stuff that you didn't get before when you're on cable what's the benefit to it over. Just keeping your cable that benefit to the user is not much the benefit is to eighteen. T. because they don't have to send an expert out they'll tell you they'll be able to tell you connected and if it's if you've got a WIFI connection they'll say here go to this page and hook up your Wifi or if you've got an actual ethernet connection just plugging you're either net and that's all they'll have to do. That's the benefit and Because otherwise it got to have somebody come out there and turn it on so if you've already got Internet so there's a benefit for. At and T. But the consumer essentially often one cable box for another cable box. That's one hundred percent true. That's that's where I was doesn't make sense to me. What's the point in In your camp on that the benefit is for them now if they were just say you know what we've got two years we're going to phase out direct TV so if you've got direct TV You you're GONNA have to get this box. That kind of makes sense to me too. They're they're saying that we're not going to support the satellites anymore The satellites either going out of orbit. Whatever that happens satellites ran out of fuel? Whatever it is so let's fast forward to. That's where we are and this is their approach that over the next year the are going to phase this box that makes sense to me but so early that I I. I don't understand the benefit. Are you going to be able to get Sunday ticket on this box? I didn't see explicitly that you can but I think that's probably because there's a contract that says You can't stream it. And even though this is going to be their box of the future it is still streaming and I think the networks and content providers just have to get over streaming versus Over the air versus cable. It's the same thing The same net result. So you know. Let's free up Sunday ticket to everybody because I could see that as a huge benefit to the consumer of being able to get Sunday ticket on a box where you don't have to have someone come out and install a satellite on your roof and run all the whatever cabling in boxes and stuff. You need to get it to work if they can just ship. You one that you get on your Wifi or plug into an Ethernet connection and now you have Sunday ticket. If you know something that you wanted to pay for. I can see that making a lot of sense but in a very easy way for someone to switch over to an eighteen t product without having to do all the direct TV set up and that's a whole nother subject. I think NFL. Once his contract expires they should just sell. Sunday ticket the way MLB in basketball and everything else is done on as an APP. And if you want to buy it you buy it and you have it anywhere. You go simple as that. Make a lot more money if you ask me okay. Last email longtime listener chuck in thousand oaks. Says I've got my video seventy TV connected to my Denton. Apr X Twenty Three Hundred W receiver. When I turn on the TV it sends a signal to turn on the receiver. Also the volume mute controls are controlled by the TV turn the volume up on the TV and it does so on the receiver. I actually see both volume control bars overlaid on top of TV at once. Yeah that's that Control over Hdmi I use that on my projector to actually now works early on. There was all kinds of issues but now it it works great call control CDC Anyway he says however lately Half the time when I turn on the TV it does not turn on the receiver. I then must manually turn on the receiver using the dennen remote control when this happens. They are no longer linked together. I can only control the volume on the receiver via the receivers remote control so to try to fix this problem. I turn turn off the TV and the receiver and start all over and sometimes this fixes it. Sometimes it takes. Several Thai tries sometimes give up and control them separately. What do you think happened? Why do you think this happens intermittently? I can understand if it stopped completely. But the intermittent part I don't get nothing has changed recently to cause this the TV is the same the receivers the same hd. My cable is the same. You think if I did a factory reset on the TV or the receiver both would solve the issue. Thanks for your help so I reached back out to chuck and ask them. Did any of the units in the sequence in the Series. Have A firmware update. Because that could have caused it. Maybe they broke something and he said No. That was the only thought I had so anyone else have any ideas. I'm putting this out there to you. Britain and the and our listeners. If they've got any ideas yeah I mean it happens because there's a handshake between the two devices and if for some reason that handshake can't go through then they will just decide okay? I can't control you and it'll move on. That's why you know even when you turn the receiver on manually afterwards. They haven't done that handshake. They're not the volume control. Doesn't Work My. I thought like you are was one of them. Got A firmware update. That changed timing in that handshake. Did something to interfere with the handshake. And maybe a firmware update was applied. That wasn't manually. Applied was somehow automatically applied to one of them by the manufacturer in the background So in that case if it was like Some sort of update that was applied in the background. A factory reset may work. It may get you back to the original factory firmware. But I do a little googling. I and do saving figure out where to find the versions of your different products in their menus before you do that. Because it's possible that that won't fix it at all Ya Se his. Tv is disconnected from the Internet. So that there's no way the T. V. could've gotten it so then it just maybe the other devices in there and I doubt the. Hdmi cable came but You know you can check that some sort of grounding issue that just popped up recently in his power. I don't know I'm kind of throwing it out there for anybody. Who might be able to help all right so jumping over doing a little bit of news. Sonos has been under fire lately for the way it handled a few decisions around its oldest products last fall the company introduced a trade up program. If you own one of Sony's of Sony Sonos oldest products you could send it to the company and get a third and get thirty percent off of any new gear however to get the discount you had to put your old products into quote unquote recycle mode setting that would permanently make them unable to connect to a network or work with other Sonos gear so essentially brick mode. Today the company is reversing course. A Sony spokesman confirmed that the trader program will continue but recycle mode is no more if you WANNA get thirty percent discount. You need to prove you. Own One of the eligible legacy products by validating serial number once. That's done you can apply the discount. Anything Sonos is currently selling its online store and the trade up name isn't exactly accurate anymore because you can continue to use that legacy hardware as long as you want so no says you can give it to Fran keep it for yourself sell it. Recycle it send it to them doesn't matter unfortunately if you've already set some products to recycle mode you can't reverse it but they did say customers in that situation should reach out to customer service to see what can be done And I totally get both sides of it like hey if you're trading up quote unquote. You don't have to ship it into us to pay the shipping costs. But you're gonNA break it because you're essentially trading it out and get something new but at the same time if you've already got it and what's the point of breaking a you know so the second mode that they're in now of saying hey we'll give you thirty percent because you're buying more stuff from us you know is is a perfect thing. 'cause that's driving more sales to to their website and then you can still keep it or give it to a friend or give it to a kid or whatever I think it's cool a cool program but if you already briefed you may be permanently bricked. Yeah and I do not understand why that was a requirement. Anyway it just seems silly Is it because like you said if you were to give it to a friend? You're introducing them to Sonos. Maybe they're going to buy more product having the thing. Just go dead that nobody can use. It is pointless to me. Yeah if you move it to like a room where you didn't have a Sonos before like you put it in the garage and you didn't have one there before. Eventually these old products are going to stop working right. 'cause they're not still supporting them their legacy products eventually. They're they're going to you know not work or not. Have the features that you want? And you're still gonNA want Sonos in that zone. So you're going to upgrade that device at that point and you're GONNA pay full price for the upgrade yard. Used your thirty percent off so all around. It makes more sense when you think through kind of projecting into the future to say yeah. We'll let you we'll give you thirty percent off because you own one of our legacy devices but you don't have to break it exactly all right so next email. A sneak peek of a product page from an upcoming ring video doorbell three show some upgrades over the ring video doorbell. To which includes a Pre roll feature for the doorbells plus model that captures four seconds black and white video before motion alert goes off. The product page described it as first to market feature for a battery powered Doorbell. The basic design of the video three dozen appear to change much from its predecessor but the new models face plate will be face. Plate will be easier to remove. It will have a near motion sensor to reduce false motion alerts and we'll have a two point four and five Gigahertz Wifi. Currently only two point four is available and it's not clear when the doorbell will be available and last new story for today. Google reportedly will turn to android TV to power. The next iteration of its chrome cast ultra device. Odongo that's expected to come with an external remote android. Tv's inclusion would allow users to incorporate Google assistant as their search engine and more easily cast content to TV sets equipped with android TV. And I think this is a good sign for those who like Android TV or when you use android TV based boxes because like I said before it's always been sort of a wild west But if Google's building it into the chrome cast maybe it'll get a little bit more love and attention and kind of get pulled into the same conversation as Apple. Tv roku fire TV. All righty so We've been doing this for a while now. Now that we're into new decade we're going back periodically and reviewing a year That we had before so today. We're going to review twenty thirteen and as typical. We start out with our predictions for that year. So we'll go through my predictions and Brayden. You can go through yours. I one I had was social. Media will determine whether a show stays on the air and I don't think that data's one hundred percent true but they are using social media in some of the good numbers for show audience size. Sorry sorry I was just GonNa go through mine but we can go back and forth no problem you and do all yours far away. Mandalay back and forth all right my first one was just a simple one just audio smother plasma so I was waving goodbye to plasma and I don't know if it actually bailed in two thousand thirteen officially but not soon thereafter not long thereafter deficit. Like totally said that wrong but I think I reply. I replace it with the correct version. Who knows someone could send me a correction and I said product placement will be big and that was in response to people fast forwarding through television programs on their DVR's and so another way that these menu the content creators. We're going to make back. Some of the money was with plot product placement and there was some shows like The Mindy Project used product placement a lot in a lot of other ones do Even believe it or not news uses product placement because I've seen some stories on some of the podcast that I listen to where they break down a new segment and they say this is nothing more than just product placement. They treat it as a news story. But it's nothing but nothing more than product placement every year you get this at. Walmart has Some guy comes out and Pays the layaway for a bunch of people. They treat that as news and that is kind of like Walmart It could be the peop- Walmart themselves doing it to get the news. And then they team up with the news media to Show that story. So there's these kinds of things are going on but anyway so that was my thinking. I think it's bigger but I wouldn't necessarily say it's big There were some shows where it was ridiculously beginning was chuck if I remember right the Toyotas and they would stop in the middle of the show and talk about the features of their Toyota. Minivan a lot of them would do that. Yeah yeah all right. My next prediction was all by that for three hundred dollars. The average selling price for a forty two inch ten eighty P L C. Tv will be three hundred by the end of the year. Three hundred bucks by the end of the year down from four eighty in two thousand twelve and I have no idea if that came true or not but I don't think you can buy a forty two inch ten eighty P LCD TV anymore. They're all like a four K now so probably hit three hundred at some point all right and then I said apple will enter the home automation market and they actually did but not in twenty thirteen. The first home kid Products were available in September of twenty fourteen. So I miss out by about a little more than a year and a half and my next prediction was. Let's be more than friends as the economy continues to struggle and the price of electronics continues to plummet twenty thirteen. We'll see at least one maybe a few large mergers or acquisitions in the consumer Electronics Home Theater Industry and I can't think back to a single large merger acquisition. We've seen some sort of in the home automation with ring. And some of those smaller devices being gobbled up by the bigger companies That was obviously more recently than two thousand thirteen But I don't remember any big ones huge changes in the CBS show of companies. Not showing up anymore so big changes in the market but not the mergers and acquisitions aright and then I said we'll see a true smart TV I don't know if that happened in two thousand thirteen but we definitely have true smart. Tv's now our next one stream it to me this year will see new release available via streaming in an all you can eat subscription package. Still haven't seen that happen so didn't have it in two thousand thirteen still hasn't happened in two thousand twenty. All right and then I have. Movie Studios will eliminate drm for from their content and That sadly has not happened and my last prediction was. You can take it to Grandma's house in twenty thirteen. Someone will show the prototype for a truly portable tablet computer and I think that was the Surface came out in twenty twelve. I don't know I don't even remember what I was talking about with is truly portable computer. The IPAD PRO didn't come out for a few years after twenty thirteen. I can't remember what I was thinking at the time. It feels like this. The surface was already out but maybe it was just the weird version of it. That didn't have like a desktop and stuff I don't know man. I probably got this one wrong. Odds are I gotta go all right. Then we'll go through we put. Cas twenty thirteen wrap up. I'M NOT GONNA go through. This whole thing is kind of long. I just wanted to point out a couple things brayden. Maybe you might want to point out something to we had at sharp we saw the world's largest led TV. And I believe they were showing an eighty five inch eight K. TV. This was in two thousand thirteen and we were pretty impressed by that and there was a they were not showing any the elite. Tv's and if you remember. Sharp bought that name elite from pioneer. I believe so. We didn't see any back then. There were several. Oh lead. Tv's all the way back then. I think it took still a couple more years for them to make consumers but lg had an Ol- ed Panasonic had the world's first or the world's largest sorry Ford Ko lead and then Samsung had some leads. Sony had Samoa leads So even companies that haven't come out with Oleg. Tv's were showing lead. Tv's back then in the last thing we'll talk about here There was a thing Brayden and I would always go check out and it was a glasses. Free Three D and a company called steam. Tv networks would always show it in and they would have like little footprints on the on the carpet and you were supposed to stand there because that was a sweet spot and it was kind of cool because it did really look like three but you moved a little to the left or right in the three D. effect one away. That was a technology that never went anywhere and my guess is partly because three d just kind of disappeared. Yeah being remembered every year we went it. Seemed like he got a little bit better. But it's still. There was such a big gap between a little bit better. And what was actually you know? Really usable in a home. Where if you had one spot on your couch where you had to sit in order to see three D if you sat anywhere else. Everybody just saw blurry screen. Didn't seem like it was going to be very viable but it was kind of cool each year that we would go and check it out. It's like oh it's getting better. It's getting better. It's required. Got There all right and then in two thousand thirteen the HDMI one point. Four a was available to us and that was in July of twenty thirteen and later on in September the two point Oh. Hda PLANO was announced but some of the things that the HD one point four had was HDMI Ethernet channel. And that was it's not like arc. That was so that you could connect all your devices via Ethernet. And then if one of those devices had ethernet jacks it could end up being like hub or a router or switch. I never saw anything make use of that. Do you recall anything that that made us that. Yeah I thought it was a good idea specs. Yeah I mean I would assume that all the specs beyond then still have it and I still haven't seen really anyway talking about hd my ethernet because a cool thing there is if you would connect your Even if it didn't have the The hub what you could do is connect your Ethernet to say your receiver and then if you connected your your TV and all your satellite boxes and whatever else to year receiver they would all have ethernet connection and I thought that was a great idea that I don't know that it went anywhere They also added support for additional colors. HDA micro connector. Came out back then and then there was also the HDMI connection system were new cables and connectors for automotive video. Systems were designed to meet the unique demands for the motoring environment while delivering true aged equality. I don't know that anything happened there as well but That was at the time pretty cool stuff and back in the day the direct TV. Genie was a big deal back in twenty thirteen. And it said we said if you're have if you're a DIRECTTV subscriber. The genie is a great upgrade and so the genie was Essentially the the directive version of the dish hopper right Yeah Yeah But now Every device essentially as a genie right. Yeah so we were excited about that. In fact I even went in was gonna get a genie and when the guy came to the house he talked me out of it. He said don't get any genie's you can just use all your set top boxes as Jeannie if you will because they would all communicate with each other and I said Oh sounds good to me and then now with direct TV now or ATV. Now I can watch anything anywhere doesn't even matter so yeah all right and then this was. Kinda back in twenty thirteen. We were already thinking about this projector versus a large format TV. So here's what we said in our conclusion. Our analysis kind of like a goldilocks and the three bears are largest. Tv is perfect on size but too expensive. Our smallest projector is perfect on price. But too small. So gotTA laugh when we're calling a seventy inch. Tv too small. But let's just go with that Wa- our just right projector. The eighty inch sharp gets you immersed in the action without breaking the bank requiring a complicated installation final. Thought if you want to wait until Christmas. There's a ninety inch that will be available at a half price so even back in two thousand thirteen Brayden we were talking about wanting to use the large format. Tv As a projector replacement and we never did know I may still but I gotta get out of this seven year analysis paralysis for me. I did go I so I did have a projector than I bought a seventy inch. Tv which was a little bit smaller than what we were talking about here and we no longer felt a desire to go upstairs and watch on the big screen because seventy inches was actually pretty good in a family room. And now I have the The ultra short throw which works great and daytime and I only use that for like sporting events During the day for the most part because even with the ease of use HDR and the beautiful color and everything. We Still Watch downstairs. Because it's close to the kitchen and I think that's why if you were to get something like that in your family room That would be the ideal situation. Yeah Yeah I agree I got. I just got to do something right. Something's better than nothing. So all we're back in twenty thirteen areo if you remember them they were big deal was a service that allowed you to watch and record. Live television from anywhere within your home coverage area via an Internet connected device. A low caste is making a run at doing the same thing thing but areo essentially got sued out of business back in the day. They were the ones that had these arrays of you know thousands of antennas and then you essentially would rent an antenna from them and then they would take that over the air and converted the digital and streaming out to you so essentially. What they were saying is you're using an intended to get over the air. Were streaming it to you. But because they were quote unquote retransmitting that content over the Internet. They got shut down by the broadcasters And low caste is trying to do it now but the broadcasters are trying to shut them down as well all right next up I had new. Tv shows for twenty thirteen. But there's a lot of them. Why don't we just skip that and If anyone's really interested I can send them a link to this Let's go to With our Black Friday preview for twenty thirteen and what we do there is just Summarize what the best deals were in two thousand thirteen so in the thirty two inch price range. Walmart had various brands seven twenty. Ptv's for ninety eight dollars and you know what they haven't really got much lower. I think ninety eight dollars is the minimum it you can get a TV packaged manufactured package shipped and sold. I can't see it going any cheaper other than buy one and get a thirty two inch for free that we talked about last week. Yeah and then that. How do you WanNa do this when you want to take him out? Go ahead doesn't it doesn't matter to me. I mean I think it's the same content either way you've got a more dulcet voice. The tones people like to listen to you speedy here. I'll take the next category and then we can go from there so the next next one on the list was the thirty seven to thirty nine inch. Lcd TV's best. Buy had an insignia thirty nine eighty p one hundred sixty nine bucks and then sears. Had A Saiki. Thirty nine inch four K. Which back in two thousand thirteen was a big deal but also a big price at four hundred ninety nine dollars for a thirty nine inch four K. in where is Saiki today Then there was the forty two forty two inch target had the element forty inch ten eighty P TV for one hundred seventy eight dollars and then target sweeping the list and forty six to fifty two category also had an element fifty inch ten eighty. P for only two hundred and twenty nine bucks. Do you think element? Tv's are available at target right now. I need to check because a lot of times these companies that only show up during Christmas time Some I next time I go to target. I'M GONNA go see if there is an element. Tv there or if they're just kind of like a black Friday brand. I wonder if there was a target house. Brand isn't target. Usually the only one that has element it could be could be I. I don't I used to just go to the TV section and just look at. What was there? I just haven't done that in years all right. And then the only plasma TV that was available was sears selling a fifty one inch Samsung seven. Twenty P for four hundred twenty nine ninety nine and then the last category on the list was the big boys the sixty to eighty inch. L. Kmart had a westinghouse sixty inch one hundred twenty hertz. Ten Eighty P LCD for only five hundred and eighty eight dollars and Walmart had a video seventy inch ten eighty P smart led HDTV for a thousand bucks. Ninety eight all right. Then I'll I'll do this real quick Brayden the receiver buying guide for twenty thirteen. We had two receivers at were over a thousand dollars and it was the first one was Marantz. S are seven zero zero eight nine point two channel ten eighty P Four K ultra hd pass through and that was two thousand dollars and we also had on the list of Sony S. T. R. Dash. Da Fifty eight hundred es also nine point two four K. VR RECEIVER WITH AUTOMATION FOR TWENTY. One Hundred Bucks so today. A comparable What comparable receiver will cost you? There is a Marantz for K. U. HD. Av Receiver. Its model numbers SA are sixty fourteen. It's nine point two channels. It has all the new format because back in two thousand thirteen. There wasn't an atmosphere. It even has amax enhanced it has Amazon a lady online streaming home automation essentially everything. The two thousand thirteen model had and more for a thousand dollars less. It's GonNa cost you fifteen hundred dollars but if you go the Sony route. They have the S. T. R. Z. A. Five thousand. Es It is a nine point two channel AV receiver similar to the one above. And it's twenty two hundred dollars there. You get everything that the two thousand thirteen model had and more of an update for audio formats. Airplay that kind of thing but it's GonNa cost you thousand one hundred dollars more. So marantz is where you WanNa go if you WANNA get some savings from twenty thirteen. Sony is just charging the same amount for basically a little bit. Better equipment. Yeah and then. The last thing we'll talk about from twenty thirteen was we went through our HDTV buying guide and gave you a bunch of TV's that we thought were good. Tv's two by two thousand thirteen and then at the end of that list. We always do our ultimate Christmas present and that is the almost like You know money is no object. You go out and buy yourself the best. Tv You can and put it under the tree. If it'll fit we had two on the list for two thousand thirteen. Both of them were ten eighty P. TV's one was the sharp Elsie Eighty L. E. Seven fifty seven eighty inch awkward squad on ten. Eighty P smart led three HDTV loss of acronyms. There that was thirty. Six hundred and eighty eight dollar super expensive in today's market And was Quash Ron R. O. Was that thing where they added like the Yellow Pixel to it. So they had four. Rgb Aniello made a whole bunch of colors or whatever you really didn't and the other TV that we had on the list was the L G fifty five e eight ninety eight hundred cinema. Three D ten. Eighty P curved. Oh led with was a smart tv so this was a ten. Adp back in the day nine grand so I think we had to go with curve because everybody like doing the curve stuff and Oleg was curved And Ole Ed. At the time we'd seen a bunch of CAS was just like light years ahead of all the other tack and it looked so much better But you were paying a lot of money for those lead. Tv's back in the day. Nine grand For this fifty five incher. Yeah and it was curved. What were we thinking? But because I think at that point the fact that it was really what won us over? Yeah and then. There was one that we left off the list. It was an eighty five inch four K. Tv Samsung had an eighty five inch four K. For forty thousand dollars by an eighty five inch four K. TV. Now for like fifteen hundred bucks. Amazing isn't it so all right? Let's move on here. There was a poll over at ABS. Forum du Stream Movies live TV or shows and The we'll go through the categories and tell you what the percentage is so one person or the first thing is Ice Stream. That was thirteen percent. Yeah that actually came in at number four on the list of the like. The highest amount of people responded to that. And then the next one said. I'm a true cord cutter discs for movies and shows plus over the Air TV so no paid subscriptions to anything at all. That was way down at four point. One eight percents. Very few true cord cutters. You know it's funny. I think back in the day that number would have been higher but because now of these over the top TV services people are less apt to cut cord and just go with a low cost Ip TV. Service are right and this is I prefer discs for movies and Stream. Everything else That's interesting that's at twenty. Two point six nine percents of those are your movie aficionados and the movies will be at their highest quality assuming that those disks are you hd disc or at least blu. Ray Yeah and that was actually the number two highest lea- responded but this is also a BS forum where a lot of people consider themselves to be kind of like a video files or whatever or maybe they felt a little bit ashamed if they didn't say half the next category on their is streaming plus over the air live. Tv is all I need and that was almost nobody down at three point. Five eight percent then I stream movies and shows US cable over the air Satellite for US cable. Ot A and satellite for live TV. That was at thirteen point. Seven three percent. And what was that number five or number three and the next one is the number one and it says I prefer discs for movies streaming for shows and cable over the air or satellite for live. Tv The number one answer on the list at twenty eight point nine six almost thirty percent of the respondents chose that one so they're getting that's people that watch movies on disk. They stream their shows and then they still have cable or satellite for live TV. And then I get everything for my cable. Satellite provider including on demand TV services for movies shows and live TV and that was one of the lowest. I think that might have been the lowest at one point. Four nine percent and this next one is just a weird category. And I'm surprised that got as many responses it did but it just says I have a collide escape so I- download movies. I also stream and or have cable satellite over the TV. So this is anybody that had a kaleidoscope so they download their movies and it actually got three point five eight percent so you know as same as people who have streaming plus over the air I I was surprised that that many people had to collide escape there. You go in the last one actually got zero percent. It said what is all this. I spend my time gaming and yes nobody. Ats Forum spends all their time gaming They'd be at gaming of forums. I guess all right Let us know where you find yourself in there Pretty much I am streaming for everything except certain movies. I will watch on the disk on my projector but only the first time and But I'm also finding. I'm having a hard time now where I feel the the hassle of buying the disk and watching it like Is that much better than what I get streaming because I've seen some really good streaming stuff and I know I know it's better with The disc but it's kind of like if you can have a pizza dead has like everything on there and you really love it. But let's say you can have the same pizza and maybe one topping is missing or even to toppings. It's still good so that's kind of where I'm at. I'm at the Supreme Pizza with maybe two toppy toppings missing. That's what I think about streaming nice. I like that analogy. I'm definitely an ice cream. Everything I do. They only the only way any contact gets into the house anymore is via the Internet. Yeah exactly okay. All right then the last thing we want to talk about here is there was an article that said cord cutters. Don't care about live. Tv and are willing to watch ads according to Nielsen. I thought that was bogus. I I do care about why A live TV. And I'm not willing to watch ads but sometimes I'm forced to and that's very rare when that's the situation so They had two tables on here. We have links to all these articles but two tables that I wanted to pull out here. One is the importance of video streaming attributes. So we're going to go through these. In the highest to lowest order so cost is the most export Important to streaming attract attributes an eighty four percent of. The people said costs was most important. Where do you fall on that breeding? Where do I fall as far as exactly exactly? Is it important or it is important. But it's not the most important I wouldn't put it at the top of my list and the second one on. The list is ease of use as eighty-one percent and that to me is also important in maybe more important in my opinion than costs. Because I've had some some streaming services that I canceled Hulu because I couldn't figure out how to watch the content without so many more ads and the ease of use was an issue. I didn't Hula. Cancel who live So ease of use. I think to me is more important than cost. I want a product that I enjoy using a you know. It's funny you mention that I tried. Hulu live and I gave up on it because I thought they interface was terrible and same thing. Ease of use their basically killed it for me Right variety availability of content and that is important But for me to get that variety and availability. I have like five different services that I subscribe to yet but I think all the content providers know that that's really high one was seventy nine percent. That's why everybody's investing in putting their own content out the next one on the list at seventy seven percent was streaming or playback quality which I think is important but I don't know where I'd put it on the list because I just kind of take it as a almost like A. GimMe that they all essentially are the same. I don't know maybe there are people sitting down and comparing the livestream quality of all the different live streaming services. But I just take it as as take it for granted that they're all basically the same but It's interesting that That is not the number one cost is more important so people are willing to give up a little bit of quality for cost for me. It's not the cost. It's the it's the convenience and I think convenience is on here somewhere Speed Menu selection loading content. Yeah I agree fortunately for me because I have very high speed Internet it looks pretty fast. The next one is accessibility or search for desired content. Seventy one percent and okay and then there is accessibility across devices to me. That's important too because we watch on multiple devices. Yeah and then the next one which I think would be huge for me at fifty. Six percent was resolution available. Full K Four K ULTRA HD HD. Whatever I'm you know when I rent movies I rent him on Voodoo because I want to get the highest. That's where I do believe the Voodoo has for rent movies the highest quality available. It's expensive though and so when I read the The title of this article this kind of what the next two topics the next two attributes are going to talk to that the streaming ads skipping ads feature was only fifty two percent to me. That's very important. I'm surprised that it's as low as it is And for me a lot of the services I have I just pay for the no ads. I don't even have to skip. Yeah and so. That was fifty two percent barely over half on the skipping ads feature and then just below that forty eight percent so under half is the AD free feature the AD. Free option That to me might be the top of the list to the ability to have an ad. Free version Because I I hate the ADS in. I'm willing to pay a couple extra bucks a month to not have ads okay. So let's see content available for downloading. Offline that is A-plus I can see why is low as it is but I do enjoy that because when I go on a trip or something I love loading up on content because I don't know what's going to be on the airline. Ifc system and I can always make sure I have something to watch simply by downloading it and the next one is menu recommendations. I have no idea what that means but it was only thirty. Eight percent of people but thirty eight percent of people are really interested in menu recommendations and last one is content available live. That's important to me for sporting events and news so I do want I do want content live and if you were to tell me that You these services. Do not have a live option. I don't think I would go for it so the at and T. TV now gives me live content which is very important and then I supplement that by buying the CBS and Hulu and having Netflix and Amazon prime so well so that was the bottom one on the list at thirty seven percent. So that's what led them to this title. That says cord cutters. Don't care about live TV. But I questioned the the phrasing or the the wording of this where they say content available. And if you're in your mind saying how important is content available live to me for net flicks now. I don't care if it's live or not like I don't care if I have to tune in on Tuesday night at nine o'clock to watch Netflix show. That doesn't matter to me whatsoever. But if it's live content that I need to watch live like a sporting event or like a debate or an award show or whatever then it kind of has to be live. So do I care if Netflix content or Amazon's content is available quote unquote live? No I care at all. I mean that's at the bottom of my list but for a a to the content that needs to be live in order to be consumed. Live it if that's what I'm getting. That streaming service for you know if that's why. I Have Youtube. Tv or sling TV or whatever. Then that's GonNa jump up all the way to the top of the list because that's why I have that streaming service so I think this whole kind of wording and phrasing of this is a little bit funky and then the last thing we'll go through here is the reasons for subscribing to additional paid video streaming services and the first one is to expand the content that I have available forty-seven percent people said that I totally agree with that. Yeah that's a no brainer. And then to watch programs I used to watch on. Tv and can't find anywhere else. Thirty seven percent so I was like watching the office stuff like that totally. Get that too then to watch a particular program that I've heard about again. A lot of times listeners will say oh you need to check out this show so it's great to be able to go back and watch seasons of a show. That's no longer on the air so I'm totally down with that. I'm I'm jiving with this a lot better. Yeah for sure. I mean that's what I use. Hulu for for the most part To access original content exclusive to streaming platforms thirty five percent and there are a lot of people that are really really into some of the series and stuff that are on the different platforms. Stranger things in that so totally get that and to replace other more expensive TV services Minds more do enhanced but okay replace And then the next one is to access content with limited or no commercials as twenty eight percent and that would be way up on the list for me exactly and then to control playback of content Like play pause whatever. Okay that's great when you are watching. Live if you've got a dvr you can kind of do that now. But I I get that and then the the next one. Twenty one percent is flexibility of cancellation policy. I love it. I mean. It's not a huge thing. I guess it is a huge thing to me. I wouldn't sign up with something if it was like a Netflix. That required me to sign up for a year or anything so yeah. I guess that would be a huge win for me as well. Now I have signed up for your like Disney plus. I just paid for a year because it was a great deal but Yeah I can If they were to say Netflix. If you lock in now well maybe give you a good deal on it right. Lock in now. You can save five bucks a month. You do the math at sixty dollars. It might be worth it. But that's because you know you're going to like Netflix. And in my case I knew that my kids were gonNA like Disney plus a brand new service from scratch. I don't know that I would do that. And then to enjoy Allah card options. Brayton's been preaching this since almost day. One of the PODCAST. Yeah I wish it was more all cart to be honest with you because there's a lot of stuff on on the streaming networks like Netflix and others that I don't watch and I don't care about to be able to you know Kinda. Hone down my netflix subscription. A bit the next one is to access live content At nineteen percent and this again the same thing as the last one. I. It's just if that's what you have that service for then. Obviously that's what you have that service but that's not what I have half of my my streaming service is four or more than half. I only have one for live and the last one is to access content on the go for sure I do use a lot of content on the go and to me on the go even means when I'm at my mother-in-law's house I have access to my content there so I think we're living in an age where TV or media. Whatever you WANNA call it is so much better. And we have access to all this stuff but Even with that set. Sometimes there's still nothing to watch brayden yet. Do you know what I'm surprised that that access content on the go or on mobile devices was as low as it was. 'cause you know everybody and I think we've even seen a you know surveys. And other things in the past where people watch a vast majority of their stream content on portable devices so maybe they just take for granted the fact that hey all these things work on these devices so it's not a huge deal for me to get it on the go but you know I mean. I can't tell you how many times I've been sitting at the mall outside a changing room or or whatever or something event at you know in a downtime and I can just turn on Netflix show or Amazon or even stream live TV. It's huge it's awesome. I don't know why it's at the bottom of the list only eighteen percent. Yeah alrighty so that is it for today show thank you everybody for listening. Thank you for those who have supported. And if you haven't it's your turn now they're handing off the baton checkout patriotic go upset. Hd GUYS DOT COM and check out more about ways you can get involved fire often email do whatever you can do and thank you very much go on TV and we'll see you next time you've been listening to the HDTV and home theater. Podcast already Darian and Brayden Russell. If you're not already a subscriber find the show on I tunes Stitcher for your favorite podcast aggregate in social media. Look them up on facebook and on twitter at HDTV podcast to contact ARA or Britain questions and feedback email. Hd GUYS AT HD GUYS DOT COM. And they're on the web at HD GUYS DOT COM again. Be sure to subscribe and thanks for listening to the HDTV and own podcast.

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