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Best Of: Marielle Heller On 'Mister Rogers' / Robert Pattinson


From the beach Y Y Philadelphia. I'm terry gross with fresh air weekend. Today we talk with Mario Heller director of the new film. A beautiful a day in the neighborhood starring. Tom Hanks Fred Rogers based on the friendship between Rogers and his cynical journalist assigned to profile him in preparation for the film. Heller watched a lot of mister rogers. I had this really painful experience watching the episode about death with my three year old at the time. Nine and we hear from actor Robert Pattinson. He's best known for his role in the twilight saga where he played the Vampire Edward Cullen a bloodsucking teen heartthrob heartthrob. I think Edward basically is no stranger to but at the same time he still has valid doing hair and stuff after becoming success in big box. Office Films Pattinson pivoted to Indie Art House films like his new one. The lighthouse support for this podcast and the following message. Come from the American Jewish World Service working together for more than thirty years to build a more just and equitable world learn more at age. AWS DOT ORG RG. I'm too old to have grown up watching Mister Rogers neighborhood but I loved the new film a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood starring. Tom Hanks as Fred. Rogers my guest is the film's director Mario Heller. She also directed one of my favorite films from last year. Can you ever forgive me. She previously joined us to talk about her her first film the diary of a teenage girl. The new film is inspired by the story of Rogers relationship with journalists Tom. Juno who was assigned to profile Rogers in nineteen ninety eight for a special issue of esquire. un-american Heroes Juneau says the assigning editor thought it would be amusing to have have him a journalist determined to say the unsaleable right about the nicest men in the world but talking with Rogers changed those life should know wrote a new essay about his relationship with Rogers published in the Atlantic to coincide with the film's release. He writes a long time ago. A man of resourceful and relentless kindness cygnus saw something in me. That I didn't see myself. He trusted me. When I thought I was untrustworthy and took an interest in me that went beyond my initial interest in him him? He was the first person I ever wrote about who became my friend and our friendship endured until he died in the movie. Tom Gino's name is changed into Loyd Vogel. His personal story is changed to. Let's hear a scene from the film in which Lloyd is interviewing. Rogers Lord has a bloody cut in a bruise on his face which he told Rogers he got from a softball game but he really got it at his sister's wedding when he got into a fight with his estranged father this Peace will be for an issue about heroes. Do you consider yourself a hero. I don't think of myself as a hero. No not at all. What about Mister Rogers? Is he a hero. I don't understand the question. Well there's you fred and then there's here's the character you play. Mr Rogers said it was a play at the plate is is that is that what happened. I'm I'm here to in to you Mr Rogers well that that is what we're doing. Isn't it Marielle Hiller. Welcome to fresh air. Congratulations on the film. Thank you What did you due to help Tom? Hanks embody Mr Rogers in the movie. I mean the positive thing going into this was obviously the the way the the public feels about Tom. Hanks has a similar quality to how we feel about Mr Rogers so there was a warmth that we were starting with there was so much that was already done there but the truth of the matter is Tom is a very different person energetically than than Mister Rogers. He's very he's very funny. He's very charming. He's actually got like a loud booming voice and walks into a room. And you know he's there he shakes everyone's hand. He cracks cracks jokes. He's he's boisterous he's really vibrant and It's never awkward when you're talking to Tom. Hanks I've never seen him have an awkward conversation with anybody and what we figured out in our research about Fred was that he really was comfortable sitting in silence and awkwardness and he would ask questions to people and he would wait for an answer. No matter how long it took and he wouldn't fill that silence in And he had a stillness to him too. So so a lot of what I had to do. especially in the beginning was to kind of rain. Tom's natural buoyancy back and settle him into a kind of Zen. Like state where he was being hyper present in every moment. Did you watch Mister Rogers neighborhood as a child I did so. So is there an thing that he said or did that. You remember from your childhood. I have very clear. Memories of loving the part of the show that was in his house and then feeling scared of some of the puppets in the land of make believe. And I think particularly lady. Elaine What scared you about her? While she looks like a witch she's got like this burnt nose and burnt cheekbones. And she had this very scratchy scratchy voice and She was terrifying. I think she was terrifying for a lot of kids. And you know I've I've rediscovered the show now as a parent I've we've had a very different perspective on it now that I'm a parent and I can watch it with my kid. And we also the first way we really came to it was through Daniel Tiger's neighborhood which is the modern day incarnation of Mister Rogers neighborhood that the Fred Rogers Company makes and it's all based on the teachings of Fred Rogers but it's an animated show And that it shows just been the most incredible thing for my kid and for me and it's been the thing that's kind of that I was reconnecting to before I even was signed onto this project. Act that was the first show. I let my kids watch and It kind of got me back in touch with Mister Rogers from a different adult perspective. Tell me more about that adult perspective on the show. I think I have a memory of thinking that the show was just all happier. Go lucky or something or it just easy and then as an adult looking back. I realized that he wasn't afraid of any of the hardest parts of childhood or talking about the most uncomfortable. Things he tells the truth. I mean that that is a radical notion but he tells kids the truth and I was blown away way going back and seen the topics that he was covering on his show. I had this really painful experience variance of watching the episode about death with my three year old at the time which it's kind of it was such a profound experience. We were having a snow day and so he was home from school but it was a day that I kind of set aside that I was going to watch a lot of episodes Mr Rogers so I asked Wiley if you wanted to watch some episodes with me and I let him pick out based on the kind of thumbnails on on the Internet and he picked the fish one because he's very obsessed with underwater stuff's ocean stuff But I knew just looking at the end they'll sufficient one. This is the episode about death breath and I thought Oh. Are we going to go here. Okay and so in the episode Mr Rogers goes to feed the fish and one of the fish is dead head and he tries to revive it and puts it in some saltwater and he sloshes it around and it Kinda limply sloshes around he says oh it looks like it's moving but it's not actually moving. And then he buries the fish and he tells this story about his dog Mitzi who died when he was a kid and I just watched I my kid watch this episode knowing that we hadn't spoken really very much about death and as Mr Rogers is telling the story about the Dog Dying Wiley looks at me with this kind of skeptical look and goes togs. I don't die and I had this like Mister Rogers in my head and went. WELL NO DOGS DO I. I And I told I guess. What's a little bit of a stretch of the truth but I said you know when they're when they're very old and their bodies are tired you you know dogs do die and and cats die and we have two cats and he looked at me and went cats cats die and I said yeah and he said but we have great cats and I thought Oh God what have I opened here and and and then I pulled out a picture of one of our cats who had passed away when he was a baby and I said you know remember? I've told you about this cat who died. WHO's buried in the backyard? And you know now. I believe everyone believes different things but I believe when I wanNA visit him. I I can go to the cherry tree in the backyard and and visit him And I could see kind of wheels turning wheels turning and we kept watching the show for a few minutes and then while he turned to me and he goes mom Walruses don't die and I said well walruses do die and he started wailing wailing in a way that I had never experienced before he like it felt like he was weeping for all humanity or I like the entire universe and just asking me if we could bury all the walruses in our backyard so we visit them and I I held him and I was crying and all I could figure out to say was I know this hurts. I know this is so painful. All I don't know what to say But this really hurts and then later that night as I was putting him to bed you know. The dreaded question came which which was. What about people You know people don't get the way he said it was people. Don't get dead do they. And then we had our kind of second round of weeping that happened in that came out of this episode episode of Rogers and. I don't think I handled it great and I sort of felt I still feel guilty for how this all came up because I felt like. Was it too a young for us to kind of go there but I also felt like all like had to guide me. Was Fred telling me you know we we. We let the kids guide these conversations. Listen and tell them the truth and so. That's what. I tried to do. Amazing Story. I'm just trying to figure out what I WANNA. So it was also one of the first stories that I told Joanne Rodgers. When I went to Pittsburgh I'm just remember? What did she say I think we sat in her living room and she teared up and we kind of held hands as I talked about it because it had just happened when I talked to her about it? and then she made a little video for Wiley. Not about that but to sane. Hello my guest. Is Mario Hiller director of the new film. Beautiful Day in the neighborhood. We'll talk more after a break break. And we'll hear from actor Robert Pattinson. He became famous for playing a teenage vampire in the twilight saga he stars in the new film the Lighthouse. I'm Terry Gross Rawson. This is fresh air weekend. This message comes from. NPR sponsor capital one with the capital one Walmart rewards card. You can earn five percent back at Walmart on line. The two percent at Walmart in store restaurants and travel and one percent everywhere else when you want all that you need the capital one Walmart rewards card. What's in your wallet? Terms and exclusions apply capital one and A. Let's get back to my interview with Mario Heller who directed the new movie. Beautiful Day in the neighborhood starring. Tom Hanks as Fred Fred. Rogers and Matthew Rees journalist assigned to profile him for Esquire magazine when we left off. Heller just told the story of how she and her three-year-old son had watched an episode of Mister Rogers neighborhood that dealt with death which was an upsetting idea for her son who had never heard about death before. Do you remember number. How you learned about death I remember my grandmother's husband dying. But I think I was older. I think I was seven or eight eight when he died but I remember that being the first real person I knew who tied and that my parents didn't let me go to the funeral enroll and I remember feeling like it was really unfair. You wanted to go. I wanted to go like I felt and I think about what sort of Mister Rogers. In that way of like I I felt like a full person. You know I felt like I was having as big of an experience. France's everybody else. And why wasn't I allowed to go to the funeral. And I think they were trying to protect me Was it upsetting for you to learn that such thing existed stuff. Oh Yeah Yeah I mean I. Yeah I was one of those kids who thought about death a lot and we had. We had the big earthquake in the bay area. Eighty nine I will really then ten But that really it scared me and like a deep dark way you know really shook my sense of what could happen in the world was just the first my my brother. It was trapped in a warehouse and we couldn't get to him in Oakland across a bridge and we didn't know if he was okay and you know friends of mine. Their parents here in San Francisco and the Bay Bridge had collapsed. We didn't know if they were okay. And there are people who were part of our community who died and it. It was just so chaotic. It was just the end of the world it felt like the end of the world at the time it really did and it definitely you know it was it. It's still something that has meant. You know meant something in my bigger emotional life that I'm still dealing with therapy and you know I think back on myself as a kid and I'm like I and I see it in Mike and I think that's why this experience of showing him. That episode was so so I felt for him so much. Because I I remember what it was to be. The kid who was thinking about the kind of dark questions of life and while other people weren't But now you know I had this experience when I was preparing to make this movie before. He went to Pittsburgh Berg. I went to a a talk at the Buddhist centre in Brooklyn and I think I had this idea in the little. I really really know about Buddhism or Buddha where I was thinking that somehow if you are very enlightened that you're very peaceful that you're you're at peace you're sort of happy happy and this woman who was giving this talk said The goal of Buddhism is not pure peace or to to never feel any pain. The goal is to feel All the pain and that made me think about Fred at that time because all all of the things we were hearing in the research about Fred was that he would empathize such a great degree with the people he came into contact with he would meet a stranger on the street and they would pour their heart out to him about what what they were going through and he would almost hold it like a vessel like he he just became this great vessel for other other people too poor what they were experiencing into an And I think he felt it all he was he was present in the pain of the world and not denying it and he grew up with a lot of illness. I mean who has a sick child was often isolated. That's how we started doing voices voices voices for puppets. His parents were so nervous that he was going to be kidnapped. They had them chauffeured to school so that he was even more isolated from his friends. Oh Yeah Yeah and I think he was in his own head a lot in that way but I think he also was very He spent the rest of his life therefore trying to be super connected to other people rather than being separated from them. I WANNA play one of Mr Rodgers songs that you use in the film. I particularly like this one. It's the one called. What do you do with the mad that you feel? Yeah and it's awesome. It's a song all about learning to control yourself on your emotions. Get Out of hand and I think this is a song that must've adults adults should learn by heart too. So so this is the real fred rogers singing at Here we go. What do you do with with the mad that you feel when you feel so mad you could bite when the whole wide world seems Oh so wrong And nothing you do seems very right to. What do you do do bag? Do some clay or awesome roundup friends for game tag and see how fast it's great to be able to stop when you land thing that's wrong and be able to do something else instead and and think this song I can stop when I want to can stop one. I wish stop stop. Stop adopt any time. And what a good feeling to feel like this. You know that the feeling is i. I know that there's something deep inside. Nope US become what we can or can be someday a woman and boy and be some man. Okay Mr Rogers Do you play these songs for your son. I do that one. I played for my kid all the time that Song Sorta it became like our thesis for the whole movie. This idea that so many of us don't actually have practical ways to cope with our feelings and You know it was a song quoted when he did that famous Hearing in front of the Senate where he got money any for P. B. S. but also it was a song that we put in the movie specifically because it felt like it was telling the story that we were trying to hit on with this movie which is about this grown man who really hasn't figured out his own coping ways he can't he hasn't figured out what to do with his own matt. And and what does that mean. What what type of man is he? Then so I read that when you were making a a beautiful in the neighborhood you kept the shooting to a limited number of hours a day. Yeah so that people like you could get home and you know. Put their kids to bed or spend some time with family So so can you ever forgive me. Your previous film came out last year. What's the difference in age in the age that your son was between so went out and the new one and also? So what did you learn from making first film about what you needed in your life and in your family's life in order to keep doing this and not feeling like you were a neglectful mother. When I was making? Can you ever forgive me. I think Wiley was too and I would leave in the morning when he was asleep and I would get home and he would be asleep and even though I was shooting in New York City where we live I felt like I was just gone and it was really hard. It was really really hard on all of us It was hard on my husband. It was hard on Wiley and it was hard on me and I felt over the course of the next year. People were constantly asking me questions about about like. How can we have more women directors? Why why is it so hard for women to direct movies like what do we need and I thought well one of the things we need to stop pretending is not true as a lot of us are moms and how do we make it more sustainable for those of us? Who are parents to do this job? It's really really hard not to mention the fact that there were a number of stories about out crew members dying after eighteen twenty hour days driving. Home long hours you know I just started to think like this is pretty unsustainable life that we choose choose to live and production particularly is really insane. There's the sense of that. You have to kind of kill yourself in order to do this job well and Melissa. Melissa McCarthy was the one who actually said to me. Have you ever shot French hours. which we we call them French hours but it's not what they do? In France. I've since heard in France they take like for our lunches punches. With wine I guess but The idea behind French ours is that instead of doing a twelve and a half or thirteen hour day with a lunch break in the middle. You do a ten hour straight day. Everyone kind of eats food throughout the day. Anyway on a set. Nobody's going hungry on a film set But you work straight through and then you're done and for me. It was the the difference between getting home to put my kids better. Not So it was you know seventy five or eight to six. It was Most days out of the week and we didn't do it everyday of the filming. I mean but we did a large majority of the days. There are certain days when you have like a big move or the schedule just makes it impossible to do that. You really need a longer day. But a lot of days we found it to be just as efficient if we were in the same location. Not taking a break in the middle of the day shooting less hours. But you don't have this kind of dip momentum that happens when you take a lunch I found on it to be just as efficient And so it was something that I started talking about really early because I said you know. I don't think Fred Rogers would want would want us to make the movie about him where we all abandoned our kids in order to make. Yeah so how do we do this. How do we find a way to do this and I was just lucky that everybody who worked on this movie was really game for this idea. Pretty much everybody involved had little kids for kids remembered what it was like when their kids were little and a lot of us had kids under five and so figuring out a way to make that happen became a huge priority for me and it worked great and you know I found that the actors loved it to to Chris Cooper particularly said to me you know I hate taking lunch when we're in the middle of a scene. I hate breaking the momentum. I don't like going off and eating a big plate of potatoes. You know I come back back and I feel like I don't remember how it was feeling or I can't remember my lines it just I don't eat anyway because I it it just distracts me and You know I often would find the my script supervisor. My EP or I would end up. Having meetings are working through lunch anyway. Nobody was really taking a break so it wasn't actually functioning as the break that it was supposed to be so this became just sort of a mission for me and something I want to talk more about. I WanNa talk to the unions about. I want to talk to the directors union in to the crew unions to everybody about this idea that this could benefit all of us that it is a way that we can get more parents as directors durst because I think for a lot of us. It's the difference between the Spena sustainable lifestyle and at Nantes but also that it's safer and it could benefit all of us wissman wonderful to talk with you. Thank you so much for this interview and for the movie off. Thank you Terry. It's such a pleasure to talk to you. Marielle Heller directed the new movie a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood starring. Tom Hanks as Fred. Rogers won't you won't you please my my next guest. Robert Pattinson became a teen heartthrob after starring in the two thousand eight film twilight as a very attractive seventeen year. Old Vampire He. It was in the sequels too but he stared his career in a surprising direction. Pursuing out of the mainstream films by directors. He admired like David Kronenbourg James Gray. Okay the softy brothers and Werner Herzog. Now he's in two new films the king which is on net flicks and the lighthouse which is in theaters. The lighthouse directed acted by Robert. eggers is a two character story it said in the eighteen ninety s in a lighthouse on a desolate rock off the coast of New England. Willem dafoe plays the old lighthouse keeper. Pattinson places young apprentice there alone together. The only other life around the SEGEL's as the two men are hit by fear storm. They begin to lose track of time and to lose their minds. They salt each other verbally and physically. The film is shot in shadowy black. Can White giving it the look of an early horror film and like horror films there are some supernatural occurrences or. Maybe they're hallucinations. Let's it's here. Assign defo's character has been the verbose one but after constantly insulting and mistreating patent since character Pattinson the apprentice finally explodes. Let's sound like a parody. Given nagging order like Lakers sprints to school mom all the while stationed of cold Williams Shelf. It's all your leg. You see life all invite you one more word coming out of your foul rotten smelly all and you think high and Mighty Blind House game. Well you ain't and capture no ship a new never was you know general general. You Ain't no copper. You Ain't the president again. My father sticky you acting like you is stickier laughed snoring. God God okay events in welcome to fresh air you spend so much time in this film getting abused by the weather and getting abused by Willem Defoe and by Seagulls when you signed on for this movie. Did you worry about how unpleasant it was going to be no. I think there's definitely a part of that somewhat masochistic I think okay It makes it easier for me when in intense performance stuff where there's a lot of elements pushing against you and so just You're just reactive by fold. You've made such interesting and offbeat choices in your career. Go in from the incredibly successful franchise series series twilight to films like like Damsel and working with David Cronenberg and Werner Herzog. I'm after twilight. Did you have a long talk with yourself about about like what direction do you want ahead in. Because you know you'd become such a heart throb and that's not the direction you chose to stay in not really really. I felt a little bit novice when it finished because I basically just done a movie in between each of the twilight movies and just kind of consistent neom six or seven years and then when it stopped I kind of felt a little bit more nervous to do more experimental stuff because I didn't and have the safety net of doing another sequel which would basically recess everything off to its but then right around that time I got off this movie Kranenburg Cosmo palace which I still like opposite. Love that movie and I thought it just felt so against the grain of everything that was was coming out and Does something really exciting. I mean I'm in being can with with Dave the night but I'd never been to count before and I I'd grown grown up loving I. My film taste is from can And every year when it came around I love seeing read newspaper to see what was nominated donated and try and getting the. TVD's everything that had been nominated for every And are moving being with him and I was very very nervous and he said that. How do you think is going to go tomorrow? And David saying well like clearly expecting significant a number of walkouts and it kind of I I absolutely terrified me when I first heard it and and then there were. I think that may have been a couple of walkouts front but as soon as I saw his pleasure and thinking that that would be walkouts. It really made it It really makes a kind of big effects on me and What kind of effect it made? It seem the more appealing when people pray for about their movies. I mean it's kind of like I don't know you'll always if you're chasing after people getting them to like you. You're always going to be unsatisfied whereas if you team with people who throw caution to the wind about the work and are tightly unconcerned I guess because I'm just not really that kind of person so I I like being around the energy when people just if they get an opportunity. Maybe they're gonNA make exactly the movie but they WANNA make and it's regardless of the order of anything that's it's almost like that. Pirates taking sort of robinhood than someone's given them financing for a movie that GonNa make whatever they wanna make and if an audience likes it that's great but it's not a major concern at all. My guest is Robert Pattinson. He starring in the new movie. The Lighthouse is other new film. The king is now on on Netflix. We'll talk more after a break. This is fresh air weekend support for this podcast. And the following message come from K.. Buxbaum in support of the David Gilkey and Zaba ULITSA Mata Memorial Fund established to strengthen NPR's commitment to training and protecting journalists in high risk environments support for NPR. They are also comes from. WHYY presenting the PODCAST. Eleanor amplified an adventure series. Kids love here. REPORTER ELEANOR ATWOOD CRAFTY VILLAINS and unsolved mysteries as she travels loop to get the big story available where you get podcasts or at whyy dot org. Let's get back to my interview with Robert Pattinson Anson who became famous as a sexy teenage vampire and the twilight saga so since its twilight that major famous. Let's hear a scene from the first twilight film and you're a vampire who's been seventeen years old for God knows how many centuries and then you bella played by Kristen Stewart who you fall in love with and she falls falls in love with you and after revealing to her that you're a vampire you want her about. How dangerous you are? And this is the scene in which are warning her and all the swoosh sounds sounds that we're hearing in the background. This is demonstrating to her visually. How strong and powerful you are and how you're capable of flying around disappearing? I'm from one place and then a moment later reappearing in another. So here. Is Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The world's most dangerous Predator. Everything about me invites you went my my voice my face even my smell is if I were to mediate any goodell. Fight me off designed to kill. I don't care killed people before I wanted to kill. You never want humans blood so much and my my life trust you. Don't going here I trust you in my family. We're different from others are kind. We only hunt animals launch. Control a thirsty you you sent second drug to me. I mean like my own personal brand heroin smell real good I love how like your characters is like brew like Toxic Masculinity and the seductive dangerous Chris Young man mixed with a sensitive young man trying hard not to lose control of his impulses NBA. What's Your psycho-sexual analysis of your character? I mean I guess. Yeah in the context in context that will now. The context has changed. I mean I am I remember when I was doing it I think what I was thinking was The danger inch of When he fall in love with someone to the instinct to build a pedestal higher and Higher Aaron Higher and higher than sudden? It was something to do with I keep make clearly round up everything. Vague every car job played some kind of self doubt. Is She I thought when he falls in love with Bala It makes him feel weaker and weaker and weaker and he and she becomes this kind kind of enormous kind of That she becomes his fantasy figure. And that's what's terrifying. Him is making him feel week from week. the psycho sexual stuff. I mean it kind of I don't know there was something I remember watching Lust caution was very very obsessed with that movie when I was doing A fast toilet and it's kind of I. I always kind kind of imagine that thing in especially in movies because the intent the the tiniest individual touch or just presence you know if you're in each other's his presence of just very very briefly in these tiny little moments they become so magnified in cinema. The I wanted to make even less about outs Them holding hands or anything. I mean I I wanted them to only touch like three times in the entire movie and just those three times associate of electrifying. And it's it's it's painful to them like it's it's not a kind of. It's not particularly pleasurable thing. That how much they're attracted to each. It's just a traumatic. Just kind of probably how I felt about my teenage relationships tabooed is the more like electric. It becomes yeah. That's the way it's really difficult to generate that when you get older. I think it's hilarious. Actually that you know you worked with were Herzog. And he made this Great Vampire Film Nas for two and not the silent version of NAS for up to but North Route Two starring Klaus Kinski. That's one of the darkest films and his version of the vampire. Somebody who is living forever and doesn't much like the idea you know he he. There's no pleasure in his life and he's he's kinda hideous and like the rats follow the plague follows him wherever he goes and endure. This kind of romantic like Montgomery clift was a vampire you know so it's just like two completely opposite visions of the I think I think Edward basically is no stranger to but at the same time he still has about doing his hair. Written stuff has no hair because he is kind of a set of I. I don't know what they are. The kind of massive bone of contention adamant when I was doing twilights like they've lived hundred years. Why they still going to high school? It's always seventeen seventeen forever but even I mean people drop out of high school with no people drove out. Say What does He. He's he's in the same. So if your vampire was seventeen forever. How how old were you when you played him I was I think I started when I was twenty? One Twenty one to finish plus twenty six. What was it like for you when fame hit I mean it was it. It's funny because it was so Sudden I mean it was. I think I don the movie and gone. I was in la just doing auditions and stuff and Then we did COMI CON in two two thousand eight And it was literally from having absolutely no one recognized you whatsoever. We went into the the big Whole H. in San Diego and it was like being am backstreet? Boys just made aid lemonade from we walked through the Dole and it was just down the rabbit hole and But it was so sudden it didn't feel real L. to me at all I mean it was like I am. I think I'm really happy I had that I kind of brush with it all like that because it seems so surreal That I felt like I was. I'd gone to pay to see a show of if people go screaming crazy and it was nothing to do with me whatsoever. I mean it kind of and I kind of always felt the whole way through it. I mean it just. It felt so sudden but I didn't feel the weight of responsibility with it at all getting back to twilight for a moment. You and your co Star Kristin and Stewart or a couple for several years. When she hosted Saturday night live in two thousand seventeen she referred to that in her opening monologue which was hilarious? So the here's an excerpt of it all nervous be hosting. Because I know the president's probably watching and I'd only likes me that how much here's how I know for years ago. Is this guy named Rob Rubber and we broke up and then we got back together and for some reason it may donald trump go insane. Here's what he actually tweeted. This is real Robert Pattinson not take Kristen Stewart. She cheated she did on him like a dog. And we'll do it again. Just watch can do so much better now. I know what you're thinking right that's crazy. The president tweeted. What about you once narrow the president's weeded about me eleven times he also said everyone knows I'm right that Robert Pattinson dumb dumb Kristen Stewart in a couple years? He'll thank me. Be Smart Robert I know and then one day later he tweeted and everyone is asking me to speak more in robbing Christie. And I don't have time except to say Robert Draper. She cheated on you and she'll do it again. Okay so to be fair. I don't think Donald Trump hated me. I think he's in love with my boyfriend because he also tweeted this miss. This university doesn't solve pagent will be airing on NBC and tell them until December nineteenth open invite students for patents. That's it's crazy right. The president is not a huge fan of me. But that is so okay and Donald's if you didn't like me then you're probably not going to like me now because I'm hosting SNL. And I'm like Okay Dude. Kristen Stewart's opening monologue and Saturday night. Live so there's one other Miss Universe reference I mentioned from Donald Trump tweet from two thousand twelve Robert. I'm getting a lot of heat for saying you should dump Kristen but in right if you saw the Miss Universe girls you would reconsider. I so great. He's plugging his beauty pageant and making it sound like you should be shopping for a girl from my catalog of beauty pageant. Contestants like I'll show you show you them you can choose. You could have so so we heard heard a little bit of Kristen. Stewart's reaction to all of that. What was your reaction to the tweets? I I feel like I have a kind of alter-ego who's living that existence of it is kind of. I don't feel like it's an anyway in reference to to to me in reality at all yeah I mean. I think it's just an impossible thing to compete and I'm kind of I mean especially now I mean at the time it didn't really I wasn't even paying attention to at all yet. I mean it's kind of it's kind it fascinating. I think actually a while ago checked and I think he might deleted tweets now think. Hey let's hold out about you over it now You're like To fame your first jobs that resembled acting was lead modeling Me started modeling when you were twelve. Were you what were you modeling for at age twelve. I mean like what kinds of products clothing I I used to women's hand mode when you're kidding me coverage of food jewelry for yeah for like catalogue rings and stuff so the beautiful engagement ring would actually be on. Your Dad. Did that once. But I definitely like that I don't know actually I think it was just I think it was sort of an accident. I just had a women coming to addition and twelve year old boy and he asked the patriarchy snatches matches another one. I think I might have any about fifty bucks for it to The I I did that and I did. I very very few jobs I kind of I did like going to costings. It was always kind of fun Stephanie. Access to a world old I would never have had access to Otherwise and then to transition from that to Jane hotting additions. It was just I mean I I remember I I I did after having thousands of Modeling costings way you line up for hours. And they didn't even look at you. Look at your your burqa photos. And they just say no and then he do an activation. Actually people are asking you questions and stuff I mean it just seemed so. That's it was night and day and And I mean I think fast audition additional I think was full troy The movie and I just thought it was so fun. Even even the audition and just wild anyone even listening to any stuff. I think some people will probably the initially surprised to hear you people who I knew you from twilight where surprised to hear your British accent when you spoke as yourself You're we're good at accents. You've done plenty of them You're you also saying in in play. Music was think of musicians ear. And an actor's the era are similar in being able to do like accents and you know mimic voices and stuff but How did you teach yourself how to do accents? or it's just a gift that you had I think especially with American accents. I It's probably definitely from singing and And Sing and also and I did genuinely really. Do you want to be a rapper when when I was a kid and so the and I and I used to successive listen to that and on all kinds of nineties and early two thousands Rap Brecca they always used to have these Kind of into two little skits on the album and I remember my me and my friends off to school would always trying record those that make her own ones. Those and And still to this day. I mean whenever I'm doing a movie or character in an English accent I mean I find I literally feel like I'm naked and I can't. I'm incapable of doing my normal voice. in a character. Just doesn't it just doesn't come out at all. It's every single time I read something The first thing to change is is Something to do with my voice kind of it just does it naturally And I think I find kind of deep pleasure in doing accents as always kind of especially there's something at the lighthouse where I mean the Moi practice it settles a really fun. It's really satisfying to say. And it's kind of trying to get them into sound right. It's like cheating guitar strings strength and you kind of you can listen to a bunch of examples of the accent you're trying to do and then when you're practicing and pricing pricing repeating line eventually in the two You know your idea and sound comes in and Hominy with each other. That's very very satisfying. Feeling Robert. Pattinson has been great to talk with you. Thank you so much go thanks so much thanks. For Having Me Robert Pattinson stars in the new films the lighthouse which is in theaters and the king thing which is on net flicks fresh air weekend is produced by Teresa Madden. Fresh Air's executive producer is Danny Miller. Our Technical Director and engineer is Audrey. Bentham awesome our interviews and reviews produced and edited by Emi Salad. Phyllis Myers Roberta shorrock. Sam brigger Lauren. CRANDALL enviable Denardo. Heidi Soman Moods. Eighty Eighty Thayer challenor. Seth Kelly Joel Wolfram Molly. Seavy Nesper is our associate producer of digital media. I'm Terry Gross

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