PMS 2.0 369 - Dak Prescott Got PAID, Michael Lombardi, Darius Butler, Jane Slater, & AJ Hawk


Hello tuesday march ninth. Big show huge show. Today you're gonna like today. I think not all shows are good. Today is not too bad. Nfl news today. A lot of things happen has will tomorrow be a friends elephant. If you like this show if not exactly you never happen. Yeah dak prescott agrees to a deal that will see a hundred in twenty six million dollars. Guaranteed to him over the next four years. A total of one hundred and sixty million seventy five million of that. Basically being guaranteed just next season dak prescott looked at a contract that said a very large number on it a year ago two years ago instead. Nah i don't want he gets franchise in his brother comes out not happy about what's going on everybody else on teams getting paid his agents said. We're getting this money. Hey don't you worry. We're getting this money. A week ago came out dax rate underneath. What patrick mahomes got. He's looking for that deal. That's right up there next to the guy who's already won an mvp already won the super bowl in. Yeah dax coming off a gruesome injury. But you saw how shitty that team was without his in damned they did. Hey seventy five million dollars guaranteed season. That's a record. The nfl that is absolutely awesome for deck prescott. None of us know how this is going to work with the new salary. Cap one source told adam schefter that this was jerry. Jones tipping his cap to the media deal. That's coming now that there's a seventeen game season that they can sell to these networks. And this is jerry jones. Say hey we got a lot. Lotta fucking money coming on seventeen game season in. Did you see our numbers this season. We got money or making in right. Now don't worry about that salary. Cap salary caps. Don't be just fine. I'm a bad motherfucker. Seventy five million next year. Don't you even worry about it. And if that's the case bravo to the nfl money than they've ever made in the year that had no stadium's basically filled at all. No beer sold no nachos no concession. Stand no merchants none of that. They still figure out how they bus outta. They bust out the trump card. They bust out the the right. You're playing euchre the power they bust out everything and saying now. We're going to seventeen games. We need to renegotiate. Al-tv deals and by the way al-tv deals every single network. Whenever we walk in. This is how this is gonna go and you might be able to put on your resume that you negotiated this deal but let me tell you how this is going to go. We're gonna walk in. We're gonna say your best it you're gonna say yes if you want to stay in business with us or you're going say down and guess what you're gonna do you're going to go out of business because we are gonna go somewhere else so they do that with espn cbs fox amazon. Now the nfl knows that they are the game. Everybody else's ratings are going down and i know nielsen ratings are potentially bullshit okay. I know that that is potential all bullshit with nielsen ratings. Nobody knows how they calculate. What's being watched. Where but in that. Same ratings bullshit system. Everybody else seemed to drop the nfl. Just continues to build. More is in every other sport. It is something that they'll be able to be a cash cow forever. They're predicting in five years. The salary cap right now before this jerry jones deal before we find out exactly what it is was predicted to be one hundred. Eighty one million dollars. They're sitting in five years from now. The salary cap will be two hundred and fifty million dollars. Two hundred fifty seventy million dollars. You quick math okay. Sixty nine to be exact. Because i think it was one eighty one or whatever but the fact that that is what it's getting into. That's what they're doing. Motherfuckers might be the best business of all time amazon. I guess right because amazon. Just everything everybody the. Nfl just continuing to raking cash is absolutely awesome. That's a big credit to not only obviously the organizations but the players that have put out an incredible product. The coaches in. Let's just make the rest better. okay now. A lot of other things happening franchise tags are happening trades or happening restructurings happening. We've got a massive tuesday. Wanted mad dog. We'd like to hear from you at cova cowboy over there. Maybe that maybe that should be. It's at turn digs or z but at cove cowboy. That might be the play. Something no because then you'd have to get back and we probably wouldn't be able to get back to digital. We could take him from someone saying that. I ever leave the covert. We know you're doing that. I'm gonna lie. You might be a surfer guy. At some point there will be some off community mob. Okay that takes over is going to start walking in here in hawaiian shirts from flip flops. Oh things just more relaxed now but big things are happening in the nfl right now. Big things you gotta feel pretty good. But debris officially on the market but debris was a absolute power for the pittsburgh steelers. His injury was a big deal for that. Pittsburgh steelers team long-term him coming off the edge with tj on the other side although cam heyward and the boys on d. line did a great job. He was a massive loss to the steelers this year. He's becoming free agent. He great with the indianapolis colts. This dude is a certified killer he will go and get it and i think he works his ass off as steelers fan. Ben rothlisberger back a week ago. Now bud dupree is definitely gone. What's going to happen what you might be a whole new team out. I mean buds gone Microphone unfortunately probably gone. James conner is probably gone. Juju probably gone. There's a lot of. There's a lot of turnover but you guys stink. No no that was by the way. I don't anybody coming after a lot of friends in that organization. I'm just wondering if in digs his mind with all his turnover with quarterback at least for one year guys stink just like the players that are leaving. Juju steelers are really good. Really good wide receiver depth james conner. That doesn't matter at all Gosh oh friend of the show because plug and play. An incredible human just turned sideways. Dan door being cancer. A isn't in your best seller keys. Whatever you get them out tony. But i'm saying those guys can be replaced by the wages. There was no rebuttal. Guys just said response but this is going to be something that's going to happen around the nfl. Yeah lots of teams are going to look very different. I mean trent brown just got traded back to the patriots from the raiders. The raiders have released like six rather well known players from their team. And they're not going to be the only one. There's a lot of people are. The saints are getting rid of people that are restriction things. There's a lot happening all because the potential salary cap and then people now are saying jerry. Jones is tipping his cap that salary caps going to be more are some teams can be pissed off with the cuts at the made because they talked to salary cap was going to not move as much and then it ends up doing in other teams. That are completely out of touch with where that's going to be. There's no way. I would assume every team knows the same information that jerry jones knows right. You would think if they don't shame on them. Well that's what because if this is jerry jones tipping his cap or tipping a cab to thinking. The new media deal is going to be worth in jerry jones. Now i'm not one hundred percent shore. Yeah adam schefter reports at one lead source on the dak prescott deal. You know what this is. This is jerry jones tipping off the extraordinary tv deal. That is coming okay. So does jerry jones. No stuff that everybody else doesn't because everybody else should just cut and players because they think it's going down and if that's the case are you pretty pissed off. Nfl owner if one guy knows a little bit more than you do that means. There's no way there's no way that could be possible. Because i assume jerry's not just working. He signed deals by himself. Everybody would have to know the same information weddings. Yeah you would. You would think i mean. Tampering can't have it. I mean fraudulent chain not orly. Jerry's don't owners meetings like i don't know guys. Tv deals not going to be what we thought it will. It's a bubble okay. We don't know when they don't know so. That's kind of compensation our report back after. I sign this guy to seventy five million dollars next year when everybody else is just now. That's his cap. It somehow seventy five million dollars cap it somehow because the signing bonus was to something else they they. They figured out a way to manipulate it. Where it's only like it's less than what it would have been if he was franchise tag or whatever but still the point remains. It's how how is he everybody else's going the other way. And he's judging what just got paid to know what seventy five million seventy five million dollars. I'm fucking pump for only is any time somebody gets paid. I'm happy for them. I hope everybody makes a billion dollars in his happy. And that's legitimately how i feel about every situation. It feels like the only people that are actually doing over the the owners in the nfl. The money just keeps coming in for them. It's unbelievable well. It just makes no sense because you look at the the packers. They're bigs everyone's talking about. Hey they might be players they might go grab a couple of guys like their big acquisition is bringing funchess back. I mean it's so hey. Chess was on the colts. Okay funchess schmidt at boston connor by the way great to have you boys here everybody in the back you guys are. The best foxy is getting a lot hate around the internet. And i can't wait to hear him opened up a little bit but funchess he was. I guess i what. Why are you doing it. I guess it's funny. I didn't recall that. Until i saw the photo of him making a catch there for the colts score. Not just a cat or drop. They're throwing the bus who who made that. I don't know that getty image is at fox. Walks jedi here. We go so it's interesting. I literally just said fox is getting also. He's setting this up for failure. In a michigan man with zero touchdown so okay so what i'm saying is okay. And then he goes the green bay right in he opts out for last season wasn't the only person in the nfl. Although a lot of people did play last year a lot of people played very good football. So you know it was always interesting for who opted into opted out. What are the long term effects. If you're a made man opting out assume when the fact that there wasn't a lot of than patriots players that were made men that were opting out everybody else i they said like hey there will be no judgment on the other side but there's humans making decisions so let's assume there's potential judgment from some not all but when he opted out or whatever you know i was like okay. I can't wait to see what happens. I just learned a lot about this guy. I fucking love this guy and he is a savage to. Oh yeah hey. I i wish i knew him. Earlier i was shown of a video of his that he posted on instagram. I believe this dude is way too. He puts on the green and yellow green and yellow game changer. Foxy please. Roll this video from devon punches at a pickup basketball game and tell me you don't want this guy on your team. Yeah that's devin funchess at a pick up basketball court letting everybody know like hey i got time for your shit right now. We're playing down here by the way guy is a guy that i want on the team. Him coming back for the green bay packers good news. They had to restructure his contract. He's taking less money or whatever that's a guy on my team. One thousand percents interest and now. I'm actually pretty excited for the green bay packers. You know they got another weapon coming off. I mean if you keep watching that video and listen. I didn't see him play last year. So did who knows but he might be better at basketball than he saw. That's that's what i'm concerned. Also unbelievably need a guy in the slot. We don't need a big bruiser on the outside like them me. I guess we'll take him. I think the packers could save. You know more money. Just cut him. But i mean say if they taught him and as you grasping for cash right now as you tell. This was a conversation that happened earlier. Today when i was introduced that video from him that i it was awesome awesome. Yeah it was hey videos especially if that's at like la fitness or something like that. Just think you know. Some average white played in high school walking in there. Just going almo- lace my boots for first time you're gonna get into little pickup him bodily. This can happen. You go into some of these games. You run into a guy former college. All american actually hurt his ankle his senior year. He would have been a lottery pick. It's like why the fuck in my plan innocent. Well it's pickup. You know that guys. That guy's entire nuts are on your face most of that game if you choose to play defense and if you don't play defense games going to be quick and you won't be as tired something to think about funches on the court if he's guy on the field favor player yeah i mean if he shows what he showed on that basketball court on the football field. Next year he'll score like fifteen touchdowns easing explosive ashley. Shadow to devin funchess. By the way we would run your entire highlight video here sir. Could see the song is just you know. They'll they'll shut our entire business at boston. Connor big patriot fan. Oh my god. Who's in the game. Well back in the game after a season of having a massive disappointment Not cam newton's but cam newton comes in the offense has connor campbell plane wide receivers right. You know what i mean. A lot of players opted out last season. Not a lot of win. Ono tommy. Foxborough goes on to win a super bowl somewhere else through. It seemed like the tide was really turning on the people of new england and then all of a sudden sixty six million dollars in cap space. Let's bring this offense a tackle back the town from las vegas. That's on big snows out of play. We need a little bit of that. Now he's going to spend some more money. People were saying van noise going back. You got to be pumped about free agency. Here comes bill all these other in the nfl. They're scrambling for cash. Dies talking about cutting funchess. Who throwing down dunks. Just for a million bucks builds out here slinging. We still got fifty five million after the eleven million for trent brown. And we talked about it before. Hopefully we can rework some signing bonuses somehow get even more cap then you know who knows maybe. Ab comes back. Why won't maybe we bring. Abc beck calvin knowing next week. I mean there's plenty hausky is going to be free jazz bridge shit. We gotta take run at brady. If they don't get that we'd like to trade no magic. If in a blockbuster trade the new england patriots have traded for tom brady god. It'd be. I know anything relationships. It always works when you get back together after the break. It's always like you know. One older gentleman describes it to me like this. I was obviously much younger coming out of a relationship. We went on a vacation. My boys and i while we're on the beach we ran into a man. Who is a alderman with this guy by the way very successful man. Okay he he actually flew us back in his plane so we flew to beach commercial. We flew back in this guy's playing. Okay so guy had money or whatever and you know we were having a good time. So he came over. He was an older gentleman like to have a good time so he came over partying with us or whatever and he goes so he gets broken up. And i go. Yeah he goes now. Don't go back into that fridge. My friend and i said well you're talking about. He said it's always interesting to me. People put the milk back into the fridge after it's been expired. And then they shut it and then they get to a point. Where like what does milk was good. At one point it was wasn't it was really good milk at one point. And you're like. I'm go back in there and i'm going to try to drink that and it's going to be just like the good old days and then you drink that shit and guess what it's more than it wasn't and i sit. You might not have noticed because it was cold or whatever but it's going to happen quick and you're gonna regret your decision to go back into the fridge. My friend raised up like glass. It was like a like a magical moment there. That's real in. That is something. I think that would happen potentially with the patriots and tom brady especially after. Tom got experience. What life was like with bruce. arians remember. Tom said he didn't want throw wednesday. Fuck don't there was never able to do that with bill. I mean there's no way but if bill belichick starts becoming a destination place for free agents look for them to potentially win some more games. That's right there's eleven shown in the patriots milk. Okay we can go get a b. Or maybe allen robinson we know the lions aren't gonna franchise. He's already right. Al robinson robinson broke some nba this andre jomon signing with the nets. I so i. I saw that we i was like okay. This is different. Allen robinson in every response i yeah. What the fuck are you doing. Hey i liked it. Alan robinson's getting source. I hope now we have great relationships within sidra. Okay we great relationships and there will always be news for insiders to break. I mean they have friends that don't i like the thought of players though being insiders further friends and things like that. I like that a lot because you can. You know. I mean it's a big deal this. This tweet is a big deal. And if he and andre drummond boys or whatever like that's quite a bone to give your friend. I remember eight q shipley whenever he was gonna go sign somewhere. You just let me know whenever you signed. Somebody's yeah absolutely no problem. He says there prob. Then all of a sudden. I'm reid shefty tweet about shipley signing with the payback nears. I'm like i knew this three weeks ago. I said this three weeks ago when he goes. I didn't even know. Okay schefter new before me. These guys know like the owners they shefty has ins with like the lead counsel with teams enwrap report. Has these high up sources. so sometimes players can't do it. Andre drummond doing ron robinson awesome. Look for alan robinson. Potentially return the favorite. Andre drummond for what alan robinson's gonna guess. Let's keep an eye on. Andre drummond social media accounts to new york. You know maybe then allen robinson will follow him and go to the giants or the jets. You think they're such good friends. he's my god is there. i just came from chicago. You know it was awesome. Mitch trubisky i want to go to another place. That cold season short bob solves quarterback. That stinks who do i mean. He's on sam darnold o tie with all those. Qb gurus or slots is going to hear this and not be happy animal worrying to fox. Or you're just going to say allen robinson from detroit. Andre drummond spent a lot of years in detroit so it does make sense that they're boys okay. Speaking of it made sense at the time was allen robinson in high school whenever he was play into trey how many years you play in detroit detroit. you know. He's from detroit. I'm saying probably spends a lot of time. Detroit on the offseason. Nba games in the offseason. Meets up with andrei dot. I'd but does anybody spend their off-season in detroit. Calvin johnson's still lives there. Barry sanders still lives there. Mike posner says you know he's made love in every city but he'll be buried in detroit he's from but i don't think you put things when they're carried. Well that's where he's from. Okay little respect but it never in that song did he say visit detroit. I mean he just said. I'll be buried in detroit loves it. I've gotten into a big mike. Posner kick by the way really. Oh big bangers. Here's here's a song called like. I can write a song. It's basically him as hell explaining why he's good at writing songs. Pretty pretty good banger. To the melodies import is just high guide music and all levels. What are you speaking of. Detroit and wide receivers. It was expected that godwin robinson in galway could all be franchise. Tag godwin was franchise tag. We don't know about robinson but we do know that golladay will not be safe on the marks pella. Sarah the lines don't plan to tag wide receiver. Kenny golladay per source. No final decision on whether detroit may use attack on someone else but it appears day headed into the market congrats kenny. Call it out. I'm sorry. Come on a mostly kimball guy a great come on. Yeah but this healthy would be a great as what alan robinson. Anybody that can catch balls well in his on the market. Come on down to indianapolis we need in carson wentz. Wait till you see what he can do the evanston it for a bit but wait until you see him back back. It's going to be nice but when you talk about the detroit. Lions moving on from stafford not tagging. Golladay i know the conversation was they. Were going to keep them around for another year but feels like this. Let's go ahead and restart got new owner okay. We new way of doing things. We all communicate here skype. Start from the ground up. Yeah we got offering quarterback we get it because he came with the think but let's go ahead and build this thing from the ground. Maybe expected out this point but this is good for thirty one other teams that kenny. Golladay hell is gonna throw is dan cam. We're going to suit up and then being up there. Coaching pinson dude and got tj. Considering i watched a couple of clips from bussing with the boys with him he looks awesome guy on the team that i'm on i short. What's that. They just signed tarot williams to offer. Oakland left oakland. Okay here we go. I'm thinking whose team really why isn't run the ball by can you on that team. Were you not here for the experience that area now. No but here's absolutely understand. Dan unbelievable football guy. They're gonna be biting off kneecaps. Unfortunately the score did it played in the same division as aaron rodgers. They don't have a chance. Yeah we agree. But they're planning for q one two two twenty twenty six twenty twenty and fair building hoping is that they actually give motorcity dc. The i mean the the leeway to get this thing done. Because i tell you what it'd be a real shame if they go to and fifteen next year and just in And what. I'm saying all right. It is much non. That mc dc slander k. By the toxic table slam huge lines guy. Just trying to look at the whole game comes back in here. No and sway your opinion. No smoking big. Forget what it was like. Talking to dan campbell. That's what i'm saying. I'm a huge dad campbell guy. I love the lines that means but they may go to fifteen situation is troubling right. Get about watched. Jared goff joining us. Now is a man who's been waiting around for too long while we talk about. This guy was former general manager in the nfl daily newsletter writer for the daily coach. He has the gm shuffle podcast. He works for visa san. He's gotta lombardi line lombardi line. This guy works harder than any human. I've ever encountered and i think he writes also for the athletic ladies and gentlemen michael and back with how are you. That is a great. You look good. You look very good right now. Coach thank you and you know. I put the fourth out you know. It's the fourth thing scenic work. This season is impossible. You know during the season on twenty. Five eighty brass. You know i. I am unhappy. Because i eat. Because i'm not go. He's very clear it's great to have you back on here. I feel like. I learned so much every time we talk right now. There's a lot of decisions being made around the nfl. You're in a of those conversations with every job that you've ever had in the nfl which is basically all of them Jerry jones pays dak prescott seventy five million dollars next year. Hundred twenty six and fully guarantees one hundred and sixty four can go up to intermodal. No trade clause no tag provision this if you think back to last year and include the franchise tag is a five year deal ultimately from when the dallas cowboys in deck had the four year. Five year discrepancy. But with this amount of money being paid to dak. Prescott is this jerry jones telling the world that the salary cap is going to move up much more than we thought with the media deal or is this just him trying to deal done as fast as possible. I think this is surrender. I think the white flag went up in dallas. And this is surrender. I think he had no choice. But the surrender. He wasn't going to play the game. Mahomes deal came in at forty five million in watson. Steel comes in at thirty nine jerry trapped. He really had no leverage even jerry. You know the way jerry acts behaves he said look. I don't have a chance that he had dacca's all the leverage and so he made a deal. You know he overpaid. He could have done a deal probably earlier but he thought he had leverage at that point. This is a miscalculation of leverage enacted. Brilliantly taught france nice job of understanding where the market was going. Never doing a deal before mahomes. Never doing a deal. Before watson waiting letting them escalate the market and then taking advantage of it and i do think based on the tv revenues that are going to come in and how impactful these new tv contracts will be the cap logo up. I think we'll we're in a little bit of a depression every state this year but next year or the year after this contract will be able to be adaptable within his framework. Yeah the renegotiating of tv deals because there's a seventeenth game and the extra wildcard weekend games. I mean there's more product of available for people to buy in people are going to buy the nfl. so jerry jones also part of that negotiation. I believe what the media. But let's talk back to todd france that you just said there. His agent is their agents around the nfl. That gm's no like okay. Came out taught for instance. His thing is getting the most amount of money for his clients. or whatever. Is there some agents who reputation maybe perceived them a little bit or is there. Is there guys that gm's no like okay. This is gonna be a battle. I mean you do know that. But i think you have to be able to put yourself in the other person's shoes right. I mean that was what al davis she talked about. All the time is you gotta think the person who negotiating against what is his leverage. And i think jerry miscalculated the leverage that was going to have because you know if less he was willing to say goodbye to dak and go on with another quarterback he really had no choice in once he franchised on then he got into this really bad cycle and he knew what was going to go down and he couldn't get france to say yes mean last year france was never going to say yes because france knew that watson was coming up. Fresh knew that mahomes was coming up. So he's going to let them carry him to the finish line and basically take advantage of those contracts and he did a great job with an injury. I don't think really ever really thought that was going to be the case. But i mean jerry. Sydney say look. You're not the other than russell wilson. He makes thirty three million in theory. That's correct in theory. that's absolutely correct in reality. it's not because in the negotiating quarterback contracts. It's just that's the way it goes it next person up is the next person if you're going to put them into that. World water seeks. It's level right so if you're free freedom means if i can get to the finish freedom why i'm going to get rewarded for going there and there's no discount for waiting that long so yeah. I think jerry miscalculated that one and look gotta deal jerry one about jerry. Now he's gone cash he can print it can write checks pretty quickly. My hands donkey crazed job of saving money. There as the cowboys spends a lot every year that they've done a good job of holding back and their cash outlay isn't as high as people think every single year. Well that's fascinating because it does feel like they pay somebody the biggest contract every other year at a different position and now they get the deal done which is a massive question mark around the cowboys future. Even though it's only for four years who knows what mike mccarthy is going to do with that let's pivot out of dallas and let's go to las vegas. I know you have some thoughts. Jon gruden. john. And mike may over there. At the raiders. They are making decisions. Now that tana make previous decisions not look great. They seem to be in trouble with the cap issue. They got all their offensive lineman out there. Now what do you think's going on in las vegas and how do you see this playing out long-term if you had to guess you know i think look i might may aucas really hard situation. Because he's working for a coach that is really not the best personnel guy. He's impatient he wants veterans. He falls in love and out of love quickly. I mean if he was on match dot com he would would be constantly rolling over. Constantly he falls law falls download. It's just gruden's nature. It's like if you literally give players in april by nato hate him by june traded it. How motivates himself. I wrote about it in gridiron genius. John as a coach is a good coach. john is an offensive. Coordinator is a good coach. John running your entire operation. What we're seeing in. Las vegas is the result of a guy that doesn't understand the big picture he can't put all the pieces together. Go back and read is quotes about lamarcus joyner. When he signed in they they made no sense like you signing an undersized five nine guy who's going to cover travis kelsey seriously you're gonna pay them all. This money seriously made no sense because the big picture of how to build a team is way different for coach an executive so much mike mayock though has no out here right because if he says i want to kind of take over that dude. He's being paid much less and gruden was one that got him hired right now. He works for gruden. I mean what we don't want to understand is john lynch. I don't mean to sit any disrespected. John lynch the geology. Is john lynch works for kyle shanahan mic. Mac works for jon gruden. I mean that's the way it is. And i worked for bill belichick and i was happy to do that. I didn't tell belichick wants to do why not right. That's the role you play. But what happens is ballot check. Well listen you could say bill. I don't think this is the right thing. Valid checks more of a big picture once the discount. He's the warren buffett of this. He wants to get cheaper. John wants to guy now. One of my one of my one of my in love with throw william side have non in love with nelson aguilar sign hip like you can't run a team like that. And then when you don't draft pick colin farrell fourth pick overall the draft you pick abrahams in the twenty s. He can't cover anybody at safety. Where are we going with this. Like where is the blueprint. Where's the plan on how we're going to title as where's the plant and right now derek. Cars are quarterback and everybody saying he's going to get an extension or whatever and then as soon as russell wilson's available year. A bunch of raiders. Fans like if we can get russell wilson. Hey let's do that. And i was soon gruden's the same way. Fuck in russell wilson. Let's try to do that. Will place a question mark right now. Yeah i mean he's he's very reactionary. There's no there's no plan look. He's got a ten year contract. He's got mixed ten million a year he walks in there. He really should have walked in with a plan. Here's how we're going to build this team. Here's how we're going to just dramatically build this team inch by by inch but instead he's grasping and pulling things around you'll see next year. They'll all the guys they size a year before. When are you know the linebacker mcaliskey whom our they signed. You know they're going to end up cutting those guys because they're going to be overvalued he has to get it under. He needs a strong personnel guy. That will say john. We can't do that. He needs needs michael lombardi. I would rather have twenty hours of now in one day. Do possible to deal with you. How do you know this. How do you know this. I work with john in philadelphia. I work with john in oakland and john in oakland was al davis was in between john. John couldn't make any decisions on personnel in oakland. Unless signed off on it or unless we all signed off on it you know when we signed jerry rice al. Al was not as with doing that. Because it was going to affect your james jet but we all agreed he would be a better player so acquiesced to us so there is there was. There was a lot of hurdles to go through but look at look at john independently in tampa in his drafts valuation. Look at john and oakland and his the draft evaluations and in las vegas that that says somebody like i need how building his team and what he wants. He wants to just he wanted. He wants it. And that doesn't how you build championships. You have to think of this job as a stockbroker as a money manager. That's what you are your high profile money manager and if you keep making a mistake but think about this pack grew thirty million over three years avenue all the contracts up. They've given out with draft picks and these free agents that have caught. It's it's gotta be over one hundred fifty million zip in worth it well right now. I assume. A lot of raiders fans questioning. That know that you. John had history like that is i wrote about him in my book and i respect does he does he. Does he hate you. I don't know it doesn't really matter valuing. I'm one thing about. I tell people what's up. I wrote the book. I have personal freedom. I really don't care because it's all on paper right. If you want to disagree with it not you can do whatever you want. I wrote it. It's where i believe. But john and i gave john look. Giants coach is really good. John motivation himself through convincing himself as though players. Look at these guys. they're giving me to play with. I can't win with the scott when we were in philly together. Every player in green bay was great. We had no players. Now we have ricky watters. Charlie gardener irving fryar jason. Don a bunch of guys that were good players. But i got to open them with them. Silly had group players. We have no good players. So it's just the way he motivates himself and that's really good but if you do that you got to have somebody to stop him from. Hold on. Hold on with you saying that. Now i've never met younger and so but with you saying that whole thing like got no players that's probably how the rumor started that he hates. Derek carr right out assume that he sent our guy. Does this instead of this in. That's probably somebody who's never been around moves like this is. This is probably That makes a of sense on how out there when he. He's very emotional. He's he's a lot like he's awesome on monday football. There's an old this is. This is who. There's a great basketball coach. You should get him on your show sometime. He's tremendous larry brown. He lives in charlotte. Now he is tremendous. I love larry brown death. I learned a lot talking to him. But larry brown is a lot like john's lot. Like larry brown the very impulsive and when they wanna make decisions rapidly. Larry brown was the head basketball coach at the denver nuggets in the aba and he was going to the nba and he wanted to get bigger stronger players. So he wanted. George mcginnis from the seventy sixers and he was on al atlases but his general manager to trade. For george mcginnis finally two years later they trade george mcginnis. They gave bobby jones and a first round pick. They get george mcginnis after the first practice. George mcginnis larry comes off the court. Says we've gotta get rid of. He's not good enough that's awesome. It's awesome and it's interesting to hear that that's potentially happening around the nfl graciously on earth about to have a two hundred and fifty million dollar salary cap now. There is some breaking news mike. I'd like to hear your reaction to this. Alan robinson has been tagged by the chicago bears. This chicago bears still. Don't have their quarterback situation figured out. They are allegedly in for the shawn. Watson therein for russell wilson ryan pace their gm said. I'm keeping all options on the table. Quarterback they now franchise tag allen robinson who allegedly turned down a sixteen million dollar a year. Deal to go back to chicago one year more and more year for an incredibly talented wide receiver on a team. That could potentially go up in flames next year or be good again. I mean it is no idea what's going to happen. You let this move or hate this move buys on. I think you've gotta protect your team right. I think you'd have two camera with some with the jaguars. He worked thirteen seven no but to replace him. It's going to be a lot more. Alan robinson's the same thing. He doesn't want sixteen million fine. We'll give them the franchise number at less will random for year and we'll go on with life. I think it's probably the smart move. You protect yourself. Hunter henry out in los angeles load of money. It's cheaper just to franchise against the team of year and then they could see where the cap is now. Restricts you cap wise in terms of what you want to do but overall building your you're renting this player for a year and you have the right to trade him if you want. If somebody wants to come in you could hold his rights. If somebody wants out robinson you've got a chance you own is rice. You could trade the trade. They have to deal with you first. So it's a smart play. I think if you can do it now when you tell you this much cap bears and you still need a quarterback you got to solve that problem someway hunter. Henry has been officially notified. The he'll be released from the chargers. So they're not gonna franchise. Kim but when you talk about. He's going to be like he's going to be the prettiest girl in school gonna want everybody's gonna want to. He will be a huge free agent signing because the tight end position in pro. Football is somewhere to control the middle field. There's so many guys that want that so you know. I think he's going to be yonder. Henry is a lucky guy right now. Okay so alan robinson's franchise tag will be higher than the standard wide receiver price costing the bears. Seventeen point eight million dollars. This is just coming out right now. It says because of his twenty. Twenty compensation alan robinson's tag will be higher than a standard wide receiver price. That's being tracked. who has. What does that mean well. I don't know what that means. He's gotta get one hundred twenty percent or the franchise number. So he gets by franchise. Okay the franchise tag. Let's go back to that because the way you were talking about how. It's a one year rental and then we can't afford what he's going to because he was asking eighteen a year. So this is a one hundred and twenty thousand dollars cheaper than i guess. But it's only one though it's cheaper in a sense. I don't have to give you cash. Upfront i pay you. I'll tell you what it's like renting a home. I don't have to put a down payment down. I commend you. Sign the tender. You'll get one seventeenth of that. My you'll get a million dollars a game basically to play and then when the season's over though i have no dead money following you life goes on. It's a rental. It's like it's how we get into rental homes. You know it's just easier. Players hate to franchise tag is. It's not long term stability listening to you. Talk about the franchise tag from general manager standpoint. That's never going to be something that gets removed from the cba. I don't think i don't think it will be. I mean it's obviously going to be an for ten years. It does the players. Well look every quarterback russell wilson they're all benefiting from the dak prescott contract you know. Look aaron rodgers sitting in green bay or wherever sitting right now saying like wait a minute. Wait a minute snacks. Making women just got forty one and thirty three seven five million dollars this year. Cessation mr murphy. You know so. I think i think that that's even though the flyers complain about it in a long term it creates water to secrets level. It rises the tie around dan. That's how he got digs mike. You talked about hunter henry. Prettiest girl in the market. Now that godwin and robinson have been tagged golladay is the best wide receiver on the market. Where's he gonna go. You know. I mean look good. That'll be the highest bidder. Wherever whatever and again you know. Who's got the money jacksonville. They need a receiver. You put olive with jacksonville with dj chart alongside of them. They've got the kind of cap room to handling. The jets could use golladay. New england could go after golladay obviously got coercion. Their coach dominoes him really well. They need an outside receiver to. I think you've gotta follow the line of who has salary cap. Who is who has the room to do that. Because it's gonna be expensive now don't minimize. Some teams teams can create catholic. That's the one thing we've learned through this twenty five years of the cap you wanna play you ingredient. Kako now. which have to be able to do is you need about five or six million dollars of room in your cap. The side of the draft picks. So as you go along you got to keep that in mind. you know. the raiders. Right now are three million. Oh under the cap right. They trade trent brown visited to the patriots. They'd pick up fourteen million dollars. They're now learned seventy. That does some room. Those ivy laura on cap friendly deal for this year to pay him a lot of money but they still have room for the draft mike. You're the best. Thank you so much for joining us. Today you're the greatest appreciates thanks much. Listen real quick question whenever wrapping these conversations up you are the fastest to hang you hang up before is it just because you got i mean you want me to stay on and say goodbye to do good yeah got hey we got a minute and a half real quick lombardi. I worked ten years row. Dave's he never said goodbye. The the only way you knew the phone call was over was when you heard the click and i'm deaf in one ear. So sometimes i didn't hear the click. I would stay on that phone five minutes literally. Like if i hear the click. I waste five minutes. Hello sir well. We experience that on the other side as general mike. Thank you mike. Most is have tried a lot of different ways to you know try to last lube longer and making love baseball team. That's boring sport. 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Jeez that's get roman dot com forward slash. Pat mcafee no spaces and get your first month of swipes for just five dollars when you choose it. Monthly plan showed at the roman charlotte to you shot to get roman dot com slash. Pat mcafee incredibly intelligent man when it comes to the football world. He's coast man-to-man pod casts which is one of our favorites here in the office human antoine but they laze german joining us. Now darius butler man good it was rage as right calm rage as the founder and other brandy which is ray j sister so she would support but jr smith average. Oh they all love them. Try you know for me. I would wear them every day. But camp existing. Let's get right to darius. A football player is making seventy five million dollars next year. Let's talk that's big. This is a big deal. Dak finally gets the four year long term bag hundred and six hundred twenty six million dollars guaranteed up to one hundred and sixty four seventy five million next year. This is massive. This is good for players. Everywhere dares i said earlier i want everybody get paid a billion dollars. Thanks keep pushing it up man. I don't even understand why it was the compensation. Obviously we know how it is. Whatever the market says god worth it dak. If you didn't that draft over again he'll be number one pick overall so if you look at it from that lens. It's the number one overall pink getting his money far too late. In my opinion. I think dallas kind of tricked off the situation. It could have paid him a couple of years ago but he got his money. He got paid on the franchise tag last year. Obviously and hopefully he keeps getting better. And we'll see if cowboys to be actual contender going down a lie. It's definitely everybody. Kinda saw this one coming whenever the dallas cowboys delayed payment to him and everybody realizing saw what other quarterbacks were making my thing is this this is what a lot of people immediate reaction is that prescott coming off of that gruesome injury or you just banking that. He'll be the exact same quarterback or better afterwards. Is that what everybody's just banking science technology. We got this shit. This ain't a problem yeah. I'm not worried about that. He's a pretty horrible guy. Didn't miss any games. I was the first time this time basov injury was a nasty kind of one of those plays but i think that could be fine. I think you'll be saying going forward. It's not like he's a lamar jackson. Type guy who. S a big part of his game scrambling needs to a pocket pass and he's been getting better over the years. Okay whenever you look at a quarterback like that prescott nine years in the. Nfl played very high level corner and safety. All right when you look at a quarterback like dak prescott. What is it about him that you think like. Yeah he should get that type of elite money versus maybe another quarterback who should not get seventy five million dollars in one year. I mean he's a. He's a top ten quarterback and so once he got. I mean we've seen over the years guys get paid leave money. That weren't you know. Elite talent jimmy g. was the highest paid quarterback. One time matt stafford hurt because he's got eighty four guarantee so let's bunch of guys who weren't necessarily elite elite but they got their money so i think you know it's the same when it comes when it comes a day like i said it should happen us a book on the field. He's a he's a. He's a above average. Quarterback is a good starting quarterback. And it's not like he's you know we'll be on. His promise has got us twenty seven years old so you expect him to continue to grow. You've got weapons around gussie. Land got one hundred million dollars. You got callup got you gotta own line. I can piece back together. You've got weapons around him. Everything around him night for him if he's successful so our bet on him continuing to do you think mike mccarthy's guy that's gonna take the cowboy super bowl. Let's go. hey big guy. He found the sledgehammer season. I mean here we go. I'm not confident. In mike took more people speak highly of he got the job he had to be Dot pretty highly of because he got that note quarterback job quarterback coach shop fresh off. A plane basically retired quarterbacks coach in the next year you continue on be the coordinator so they obviously got a lot of faith in him in that building. So maybe his mind and mike mccarthy can come together and just the things going but i think that having that guy having pay not only just the money like what it does for that locker room. Obviously that lock group loves them. You find funny doing right. By your franchise guy so hopefully i kinda resonates. Throughout their locker room. They started create some type one coach overdue deal. Whenever you see everybody else get paid but your quarterback you have to have some questions even if you love dak prescott you have to think yourself is the long are we getting. They get into business for a long term together. Somebody told schefter an inside source that he thought this was jerry. Jones tipping off. How big this media deal is coming with how everybody's cutting players right now because salary cap question marks or whatever and now he's paying a guys seventy five million dollars next year. He is a large part of the negotiation for the media deal. Have you heard some of these numbers that are coming out for some of these deals the nfl in five years. It is alleged at the salary. Cap is going to be two hundred fifty million dollars. It's unbelievable right now. But they are they are taking over everything. Every dollar in the sports world is somehow funneling to the nfl. It feels like you see a lot of a lot of these numbers trinite down everywhere else. Nfl you know there. It continued trend up. No it's still america's game You know people people love the game. So that money's gonna keep coming in. I wouldn't i mean if somebody knows jerry would know and that'll be hilarious if he's really are here for the other owners like cutting bait in and trying to shit fat on the grocer. And he's taught that earlier like jerry. What jerry's going into like the zoom calls or whatever with every other earn like it feels like it's going to be and then just immediately as soon as zoom goes off goes into another zoom with dax agent. Everything out more money than any motherfuckers ever been paid. It'd be awesome if that's how that whole. Thanks out fisherman. I saw a report that came out. I want to say yesterday before deal came out saying like i think it was from jones's saying that that has all the leverage with some data. And then next thing you know he gets to do and if you look at it do i mean like you said seventy five year one and he's back at the table at the latest thirty one years old so i mean no trade clause no tag klaus. I mean this was just a i mean. It's hard to poke any holes in your honesty from dak standpoint shout back we have a guy guidance office. They knit. You know nick hockey nick. Nick is immediately going to look for the potential negative view on things the source that jerry is tipping his Hand at how. Big the medial is jerry trying to cover up for getting hosted by dak prescott. Is that what you up beautifully. Yeah i'm getting taken to the cleaners. Here pap don't worry on the back end we've got tons of money. Coming in from espn nbc. Whatever doesn't matter don't care. He said that's a spins on of that whole thing very interesting very very interesting. If that's the case and some critical bigger right there who jerry jerry. Smart may knows how to finance the media. Put out what he wants. Oh and that's why we talked about. The deck has all the leverage the other day. It's like that's normally coming from somebody. That probably has the leverage. Now that i think about it but this is an interesting time We got a lot of shit popping off around the nfl. Chris godwin franchise tag down tampa. We talked to him about that. He basically said like a business is how it is or whatever. He gets a chance to stay down with. Tom brady for another year. Obviously it doesn't a long term deal that he's worth But it gets a one year franchise tag guarantee here. This is a good move for the tampa bay buccaneers. I think right yeah. I'm very good. Move very good keeping a beautiful one more year of receiver last year. Down the stretch you know didn't play as well but what he's what he's seeing. He's continued got better year. You're out so it's a good move for them. Keeping them keeping them in at least one more year trying to run it back. Trent brown goes back to the patriots. Las vegas trades for trent brown trades. Trent brown out of town. They cut and get rid of like six people that you know of on the raiders. I'm excited to see how that team looks next year. But bill belichick now sixty seven million dollars in cap space trading for the guy back that he let leave town. What is going on in new england. How do you see this thing ended. Sounds like a potential afc championship honor. I know conners come on. Let's call okay. I've got shrimp franchise. Franchisee guard over here to who was supposed to be a pretty good player. We'll see franchise. They did not frame instant. Now they check off. They chose to breaking news on my line. Aw hey you got a loop is is treacherous out. How killed out here. Job for biard gridiron. Divas yesterday off did we. That is now listen. I do think they take a lot of. I think they take a lot of hats. They're covering everything but boy there's been a couple that they've gotten us into some real shit. Jarido yeah yeah pizzi. Magic was retiring and infants. Magic wasn't retired. I mean. I get dmz from people. Like i never said what you're saying. The graph it was a wild day while they there's a lot of people. Kenny golladay is going to be a free agent of the allen. Robinson probably going to be a free agent it gets franchise tag. Guess could still happen but with these weapons that you have to have. If you're a team that needs weapons. What should they be looking for you. Think in the wide receiver what for carson wentz for instance is a cultural quick need a wide receiver. What type of wide receiver do we need for carson wentz. You think to make him better. I mean you need a guy with a big catch radius and also can't create separation not many guys around and walking around like that. I've got today's one of them out of rama's definitely one of those guys can make even when they're covered they're open. And if you've got a quarterback. I think carson's good enough for those weapons around him to be a good quarterback but if you've got a big body guyau also create separation and consistently win one on ones. That's what you want even if the guy's not digs. He creates some separation droughts. That's gonna make a quarterback quarterback better. You're gonna see whatever quarterbacks goal. You wish your quarterback i do. Should this money man. You seventy five and one year. The immediately following by the way. One of the most gruesome injuries. We've ever seen like i. I love that got paid but there was no way in fucking hell. I thought he was going to get the money he just no way. I thought there was no chance. Because if you're not going to be in that number two spot. I didn't know just because what the salary cap question. Everybody had obviously dallas doesn't pay him is they're going to be another team. That's gonna be like okay. We don't know this guy you thought so. Oh yeah via market you got it on. The market will probably more but it was only it was only after. That injury is quarterback like you said. I mean we see guys terror you know. Acl's and achilles all type of injuries and come back in. And you know been elected twenty-seven-year-old quarterback you know what i mean. It's not like a lot of his game. It's so two for almost five thousand yards healthy. It's not a lot of his game on. Scrammed been outside the pocket so absolute and that team fell apart really after he got hurt. His people are actually saying andrew did you. Did you see before. And then after what happened was i'd actually like a percentage of the star. I think we would. Actually we'd like the top little triangle of the star. That is where we think we deserve in this entire thing Diba we appreciate you joining us. Man appreciate oh always fun. What are you doing on. i see. you're teasing something about sam darnold. Because he said that he stinks a quarterback. It sounds like you've done some research automotive not actually exactly what got me to the lab. Sam darnold stinks actually said that to danner lousy raving about you know sam. Darnold's everything you know. Hey let me tell you about this. Forty thousand picks. But i'm gonna tell you why and what could potentially be great goal force. Hey look santa ana stakes. It'd be better if you. I say you know what i don't like to say guys stink without actually digging their during a deep dive so he's the guy started with obviously just picking soccer draft so it's a lot of questions about should they stay with him. Should they go to new college guy. So i'm jumping in level. Sam darnold answers get some answers to the people and this will be at darius jay. This'll this'll be on my social berge butler on twitter instagram. Also everything db and on menem airpods wherever you follow. Because i've done all the film. Study sam darnold. Add my own thoughts. I can't wait to hear yours with each other's brains. I did not watch all of his films so well. You do the film watching. I'm gonna watch and that's probably going to be pretty influential into my thoughts into sam darnold so a lot of pressure there. Let's go ahead and do this right. I got we got that coming up. We got wherever start putting out. Polls and i would like to say this as somebody who was a team with darius legitimately one of the smartest football players walking this earth. I got a chance to experience this in team meetings chocolate. Ask questions to the defense. It would normally get passed around to a couple people. No answer no answer call. A friend darius comes in in we should do about a bond judge right darioush when somebody darioush these questions right. Does the next one and the same thing happened over and over again. So i think a massive part of your game was actually film. Study right like you're you're basically smarter than everybody on the field. I was everybody had to have had to put that work. You had confidence about their make. Plays anticipate things as db garden julio's. Abc's the deandra hockey and you can't just be out there just trying to okay. I'm a guard. Everything got anticipation themes to eliminate certain things based off concept splits. All this stuff is so so. I love that part of the game. A lot of players do some players. Don't but i love that part of the game. It would be awesome if your athletic enough. Like if i could one day do that to walk up to. Julio on like a sunday game be like whatever you got today do. I'm the line and lining lineup. Whatever julio julio shit different stay up a little later watch a little more film. Eleven out there. I cannot wait to see what your film study says about. Sam darnold ladies and gentlemen derek. 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I guess what dates from from the shirt that i'm wearing you know because that's really all you see most boy. There's a couple of times where i've worn the same shirt close to like maybe every four they are every day or something like that really gets me fucked up. I'm like wait a minute. Is this one now. It's from two days ago got it is. It's difficult deciding what shirt to wear Especially i mean. We got a shirt coming out. That has connor's face on it. I'm gonna start wearing that one. I think that's going to be one. I'm gonna get going but you're right. The arnold classic has been a classic for you. We appreciate you joining us. How about that prescott. Getting one hundred in sixty million dollars. Hundred and twenty six guaranteed seventy five million dollars next year. How do you feel about this love. Seeing somebody get paid but this is insane to look at. It's absolutely insane. But it's not shocking. I guess it's surprising a little bit. Maybe i don't know. I think how much got how much he got. How he kinda set new records. That may be a bit surprising to people. But hey like when's this going to be beat. It'll be beat soon right when maybe when rod gets an extension here. Get more prettier year. Whatever i just goes isn't it. If aaron rodgers gets seventy six million dollars of one year just not just but aside from outside businesses doing that type of thing for you and football is the only thing doing that. I am fucking. They're saying two hundred and fifty million dollars salary. I've said like three times today because right. Now it's one hundred eighty one or something like that. Projected two hundred and fifty million dollar projected salary cap five years from now holy the. Nfl is printing cash. At this point. It is unbelievable and dakyns agent. Todd france absolutely one on this situation. He's going to be a free agent when he's thirty one if he plays the whole deal after three years probably gonna renegotiated mark day and give them more upfront money. And he can't get tagged so he becomes a free agent at the age of thirty one after hopefully winning some games now and the next four years now. Big mike down there is going to turn that team right back around a little bit sideways. Donner last year. At one point during the off season you have to remember one year ago now dak prescott back one year ago a sports pundit a man that talks about the nfl every single day had the dallas. Cowboys are super bowl. Renders i asked. Do you still feel that same way right now with that being back. Aj hawk are still feel good about my pick last season and wouldn't have gone down with. It'd probably won the whole thing man. Thank you you wouldn't have had a boat parade or you wouldn't even need to the watermelons either. You wouldn't need any la. What are the the question is. What are the cowboys. Do with zeke. Deal in another year or two. What happens to the rest of their teeth. Well that's the big question. And that was kind of the whole conversation revolved around whether or not they'll pay him. It's like is now. is you paid everybody else. We paid back because if you do that. That's always gonna affect other now. Mike lombardi just told us set their cash. Output or cash flow is actually better than people. Think i don't know how that's possible. Because they pay. The lombardi knows more about that than i do. I don't know how they're going to build the team around deck. I don't know how they're going to continue to win. But i'm fucking pop back that money. I hope it continues to happen. It's like the rams though. They paid their wide receiver. They're running back to pay their quarterback. They didn't let go. I mean all three of them but they go cokes and girly before they like all golf so they paid. They paid wide receiver. Paid the running back. They pay the d. Tackle corner then. They played paid their quarterback than they had to cut everybody and then give horseback somehow. Some teams are able to manipulate cap better than others. The chiefs have been able to do it at an incredibly efficient manner being able to lock everybody up. I don't know if the dallas cowboys are gonna be able to do the same or not. But there's this jerry talking about what the salary cap going to do we are. we underestimating. Are we overestimating the salary cap. That's coming because everybody seems to be cutting and trade in and trying to get on the salary cap in jerry. Jones sign big deals this jerry. No more than everybody else. Aj really yeah. Anything i've read over the years when there was owners. Think about when all the owners in the room together or they're negotiating with the tv networks. Whatever they're doing they said jerry's like one of the ringleaders think about he's been around for so long you such a high profile guy. I think he's one of the main dudes that can speak in other owners. Actually listen to them. But what if he wasn't speaking and they didn't have a chance to listen and he was not telling him about the salary cap because people just cutting c. See you gotta renegotiate you stink. You're out have a good one you're going to be on the market and then all of a sudden jerry's like old horses was paying more money because these folks don't know what's going on. Imagine if they do if that thing goes from like one eighty one projected to like one ninety two hundred next year. That would change everything people. Well we cut a bunch it will. It has to do with the new. Tv deals coming out. Well that's what you would think. What this jerry. Jones deal is okay. The salary caps going to go up a lot more than anybody could have predicted out. Assume in jerry feels comfortable doing this interesting because just a few days ago we living in a world where everybody's like they get paid at. All guys are going to get cut because they sell caps not gonna move. It's like what is this saying. Something different is saying the salary caps going up. Do you think that's why we really. I mean we call them. This massacre monday massacre week and really. It doesn't seem like we've got the bloodshed that they were expecting. We even created something four massacre week like expecting whatever something gets titled bhaskar week. We made something for when it came and it was a great. Keep done around even after mascow. It won't be massacre week though. So we'll just have to take off the massacre. Just mashing on me and i feel for the the strictly the serious listeners. Didn't get to see that beautiful graphic as well. Yeah shameless i on a lot. But we get a chance to. Hopefully you know. Penetrate their cars busy. We appreciate your listening for sure. You did miss out on good graphic though. It involves a grim reaper. Pretty good graphics and everything like that digs has an update. I was just looking at the salary cap so from two thousand twelve to last year it went up ten million dollars at least ten million dollars every single year so in the next five years like if it starts at two thirty would be the lowest that you would think to fifty being pretty pretty good. Yeah i mean it's going to be the amount of money these dudes and ladies obviously sorry but dudes just in general these dudes at the nfl. I'm that you get these dudes at the. Nfl turned a year where they weren't supposed to have a season into a season where they had no fans in games in generated a profit bigger than they ever have in their entire. Life is fucking unbelievable. It's because i guess because there's no competition. I mean fan crazed. Football's push in Thomas dewey dwayne johnson is doing his thing over at xfl and whatever but they're the biggest show in town vaneau it. There's no competition people are always gonna love the nfl and they walk into these networks and be like last year down here so you know what that means. You're fucking girl. Good pick up. you're going to do. That's that's how it's good double it last time. Okay doublet. i'll you don't want okay. Jeff bezos all right. Don't worry about worry. We've had a great relationship. We love everything you've done. I don't worry about it. we're going to go. Yeah you can't use it for any of your shows either okay. We're going to go all you will. That's interesting you found the money now. Okay now we're done with this and we gotta go somewhere else and do the same conversation. Hey how you doing you want exist. Yeah ok well double. That's how it is though it feels like legitimate holidays and there's nothing anybody can do about it. It's like they're right there. One hundred percent right. It's the nfl. The nfl is king when it comes to appointment watching tv that people will sit around and actually watch it. One of the last people talk about all the time. But don't you think throughout this whole process with kobe and putting the season on being profitable and they're gonna probably double their tv rights. They have to feel untouchable. I'm sure you've already had a high level of competence. But now they have to feel like there's nothing we can't handle. They probably walk into those meetings. Sit down in a slow fashion because a lot of very old. They probably put their feet upon desks. And they say with hocus. I soon they have cowboy boots on in my head. They were wearing cowboy boots. Okay just so not to help us gave. They're wearing to health. Is i understand because they are incredibly comfortable in all whites by the way who can't get to that. But i assume they put their legs up on the desk and say we the fucking greatest ever what we are the smartest human to ever exist. Pandemic live events shutdown. Nobody made money. We doubled our revenue. Is there anybody fucking better than us. No probably do that whole thing. They have to at this point. It's unbelievable and by the way it's because the product is so impressive. The players coaches the games. Everything about is just so good. We were lucky but not as lucky. The nfl owners. If you get lucky enough to own one of those teams. Yeah i would imagine. Those guys have always felt pretty untouchable but now after a season like this. I mean you might see jerry. Kill someone and his boat or something just not knowing what's going on because he is untouchable just because he enter what thoughts and opinions and ideas of those that are on this show do not reflect that of their employer at that. I'm not saying it will happen. I'm just saying you could see how guy could forget you know. Think he's in a lawless country Out at sea somewhere. Jerry doesn't already do that. Oh there are some. There are some jerry jones store. He was guy. I mean if you own an nfl team yeah. It is at this point. You are sitting on a cash cow. It's not just like a couple thousand bucks a week because of a car wash cash cow. I'm talking like a cash. Cow is always going to find more and more value somehow in this world that everything seems to be depreciating and their world. They're just finding a way to garner more and more cash for the same shit they've always done and then they add a game. Oh we're there's more than other game. I mean it is unbelievable to think about this whole thing when got covert now. None of us are cap experts in here but the capitals one ninety eight this year a normal world would have been like to eight is what we have to worry about in the basement of the the cap in that. The number of ceiling is the roof the ceiling shoutout jordan. But i think the basement is where you have to worry about isn't it. I don't know but like next year. Does it go back to normal. Like since it's one year with full revenue back like does it goes back over two hundred or is it going to be like one ninety five next year so because they said there was conversations with the pa in the nfl. Separate this or divert this over. The next ten years is in the. Nfl will find some way to get into the top shots. They're going to be satisfying brown once. They topped thinking that odell. The nfl's like thank you. That's another ten billion real videos. What is it an f. T. not for me. Yes it is here the fucking amount of money people are paying. It's only a matter of time for the nfl funds new ways to make. It's just the way it's unbelievable any pet if if you nhl owner and you're watching all this and you're seeing what the nfl is able to do like how how jealous are you. They're trying to work out a new. Tv deal with whoever right and see what's the money like nhl tv deal compared to nfl. I would assume that that is quite a situation and just said you talked about how everything is relative. You know if if you think somebody's rich you should see that person hanging around somebody that's actually rich and it is just a whole different ballgame. You know if you if you think. Somebody's trying to be good at some point so they play somebody else's everything is is relative. I would assume that if the nhl owners hang out with the nfl owners. The nfl owners have quite a laugh. I assume the nfl owners have quite a lot but the gel owner still much wealthier than any of us ever will be. So it's like it's all relative to us. You know they can. They can probably feel pretty good but they walk into jerry's office and i get this fucking what's your problem. Aj got the nhl to hide its product to really potentially bad for business. They should change that if they want to. Even get in the conversation with the nfl. it's definitely not all of them either. But don't several. Nfl owners just said like fuck it. I'll buy nhl franchise to a couple of own. The nfl team is the gold plate and the nhl team is kind of. Just you know the joining us now. Somebody that works for the nfl. A by the way biz never going on this. No no no She's report located in dallas for the nfl Ladies and gentlemen going on what's up. I wish that i could. I wouldn't have to suppress my natural use of the f. word in the context of i reporting throughout the day like i. I really have to channel dark side. So i love that. You guys are able to do that so freely here. Well i appreciate you saying that because there's a lot of people that do not like that we do it. The louder say it is a great word. And there's a video from bob explaining how you can use it in every different context. But i will say there are people that hate that we use it so. I'm thankful that you enjoy. Let's dive right into it. Though jane dak prescott hundred and sixty million up one hundred sixty four one hundred and twenty six seventy five million next year just a week ago they were nowhere close. Then jerry was saying dak had all the leverage. How did this come together jane. How did this happen. Nobody could have seen this happening. I don't know. I thought what was interesting last week. Was when i 'cause i've covered this. As a very exhausting off season storyline the fact that the two sides were actually talking. This time of the year was in my opinion of big deal. The fact that i was told that prescott was working out at the facility. Nearly every day to me was a big deal. Because if you feel so disrespected by your owners and you don't want to run into them really elsewhere so that was interesting to me. Every time i reached out to another player's agent to see if they'd started restructuring. Or i asked if they were talking about free agents and the possibility of the back would would be. I kept being told. A singular focus was getting duct prescott signs. And if they couldn't get him signed they were still going to apply that very costly franchise tag and still work on that and of course the goal was by march seventeenth. Have some sort of deal in place so that we could actually be meaningful shoppers and free agency. Now when i say meaningful i'm not saying. Expect big splash. We have not seen that recent years. I'm saying a couple of guys on one year veteran minimum. Still some of the obvious issues. They had from a depth perspective probably offensive line and defense. But it just felt like this thing was moving in the right direction and then on monday checked in a couple of times and still nothing. I'm on my way to yoga and then airpods out as a friend is calling the saying. I think it's done and it looks like it got done around four o'clock now dak prescott supposed to have a press conference tomorrow so we'll be able to ask him some of the intricacies but it's not unlike jerry jones did get involved in this at some point and i think he's got some idea of what these tv dollars they're going to look. Okay joe so you don't wanna start having negotiated deal. That's just gonna keep going up. You talked about lamar jackson. And of course josh allen are going to happen at some point could have gotten back done two years ago. Would we scoffed at thirty million and now here we are at forty million. But i think they both got something out of this. The cowboys got their guy and they don't have gamble on the open market next year because as one. Gm told me a lot of people may not see him as a one through five quarterback more of a kirk cousins six three ten so teams get to convince themselves to pay whatever number. He's demanding and to the cowboys really want to get into that sort of bidding war. He's their guy. They'd had a hard time finding a quarterback over the years. I can go down the list of as can you name some of the terrible ones over the years respect all we've had brayton leading we've had. We've we've had vinny test birdie in two thousand and three when i started covering this team not to date myself too much. They just haven't had a lot of success at the position in not only do you have a guy that's had a winning record who's been durable starter with the exception of last year and that awful injury but he's a guy that finds way to win ways to win and who the locker room truly rides for it's just hard to find a guy like deck out there and you found him in. The fourth round was a compensatory pick draft great aged jane so what are the expectations shift from the outside looking in now dak prescott obviously before. He's a fourth round pick. He's playing above his contract. He deserves a new one now. Like okay all expectations or on you. Do you think like how do you think. Cowboys fans and coaches and everyone else is going to can evaluate them. I mean super bowl or bus. I mean that's how quarterbacks are judged as you guys know especially here in dallas. I mean when you've got roger staubach and troy aikman ahead of you. Tony romo dealt with that for years. I remember when tony romo got paid. People debated whether he should have gotten the money he got at the time we went back. I mean that was child's play compared to quarterbacks getting paid that's just the market value but he's of course the expectations are going to be very very high for him. You know you just hope that you have thirteen guys on. I r last year namely you saw this offensive line really fall apart. You just hope that. Lyle call ins and tyron smith. You know you're all pro guys on both sides of are gonna come back healthy. Is tyler gonna be your center where it is not going to hold out for you and then on defense. It was awful. Last year they went from middle of the pack. Historically bad you've got a lot of areas addressed not only of the defensive line but also in the secondary. Can you do all of that to the drafts. And can you do that with some of the fund money that dax allowed with some of the structuring of this contracts. There's a lot of big question marks. But i do think team morale finding ways to win putting points on the board dak prescott gives you your best chance. They fell apart whenever he got hurt last year. Now at the end they kind of got back together. But boy i think decks impact was shown immediately upon his exit which was a massively gruesome injury. Was there any talk about where deck is in his recovery. Assuming his press conference smart people ask about that but the assumption is he's gonna be back better than ever with this whole thing which is amazing that scientists at that point because that was a disgusting injury at this point. Is everybody any talk about that. And there's daggers. People said anything about where he is physically after that after that massive injury. Here's what i'll say it's been a little bit of a mixed bag in dallas. I mean obviously it's a small town. People talk there was some concern that the second surgery that he had told about two weeks left in the season might have been more serious than people would characterize highwood. Push back that. I know that the cowboys were very involved in that second surgery. And the fact that he's been rehabbing at that facility in front of them so they've got a pretty good idea of where he's at and they felt good enough to give him ninety. Six million dollars is what he's guaranteed. They would be off the hook for after the first year. That doesn't sound to like they're that worried about it right to again. They have officially filed this thing. Yet they're gonna place to franchise tag on him as a procedure. There's a note tag. There's a no trade clause and he got all of this money up front that says to me. They're not worried about that ankle. And i would say this about deck. He is incredibly durable and has been in dallas. He didn't miss eddie. Start ahead of this. And there's a guy i just don't bet against. I mean going back to his high school in his college career. He always won the starting job because of another person's injury. He's just kind of this remarkable kid that you actually wanted to see. Get a win here and you know that the team is excited to get him back against scientists remarkable. i also think a lot of its mental. He's got a lot of the right mental makeup to come back from something like that. that's awesome. I can't wait to see how it goes. Jane thank you so much for taking time with us. They can follow more at slater. Nfl i appreciate and my girl. I last week. Diana racine to start upgrading. Your show these hold. We are getting much. Better thank you. We appreciate that. It's been documented at this point. Two shows getting better at this point. And it's probably because of you guys. Diana scenic came on though came in here and dropped a bomb or two. That you know we appreciated. Obviously i assume she had to answer for she did. She put a tweet out but she's killing it. As are you thank you so much. Ladies and gentlemen j slater thank you thank. You can now report that towel. Long is coming back to flip. Show i believe a week ago. Maybe a week and a half ago and i talked about his brother and he and he actually said i'm. I'm i'm pretty ripped up right now. Chris can get it. I live right down. The street is basically what he said. Chris can get right now. Chris long is confirming a report from green light. Pod insider making making sure or may come come knocking on mccown gunter tweeted out that three time. Pro bowl offensive line. Cow along is returning to the nfl. He is three hundred fifteen pounds healthy happy nasty and shredded in his signed with jeff. Tally of select sports. So now long is back in the. Nfl let's go talked about his exit from the chicago bears. We talked about being hurt and bitter man whenever he lets the chicago bears and i assume that he may be had a little frustration with the game of football whenever he decided to retire. Got a chance to step away from it a little bit look back as a fan become a fan and i think once we talk to him. It was really nice to see that he seemed to be in a very happy place. He's getting a lot more active on social media by the way if feels like how long a man that i got to meet at a pro bowl his rookie year. He was at a pro bowl by the way. Incredibly cool hilarious dude. It seemed like there was a time where football maybe didn't make him feel the same way. It did at one point now. He gets the chance to come. This might be wrong. He's never told me this. We are not that tight. I'm just saying from an outsider. Looking in didn't like gronkowski right. Who got away for a little bit dot healthy got happy got a chance maybe felt a little jaded by the game which i think a lot of guys do whenever they eventually retire and then once you step back and he started viewing it and thinking back about the good times not just the terrible times in the moment you missed the game. I want to get back to the game and he's still got it. I'm happy how long's back. he's great. fuck and football player in their offensive linemen needed in a lot of different places Basically every team would take a good offensive linemen. Let's assume how long can still play the chicago. Bears have officially released him. He is good to go wherever he wants to go. Shots at the green light. Bod chris breaking news on his brother. There's one team that comes to mind and needs attack. Who has a quarterback who might feel little. Jd is guard. He can play tackle athletic enough for sure the left and he can also you know teach carson wentz a thing or two about no appreciate in the game and the game coming to work every day. This doesn't think bro. that was retired. Awesome you're going to miss it man enjoying it april. I felt like you all right. I thought i was getting bamboozled. Turn got out there. And i was like what still got a lot of shit. He actually said to his brother. Yeah he can get right now. I'm really good with where he's at. I'm pumped car coming back if it was with coats. I'd be elated. Because he'd be in the same city as us and he is awesome. But i assume it's going to be a lot of people that would like how long other teams also another team. That just released two. Their starting guards. Who is dad played for for a long a raid us point. I have no offense wyman now car along like dad played their legend their vegas not bad sitting and i can still move right gruden. Solaire is still cool. Go move some humans around over there in the desert for not a bad play. Great running back great running back now playing. Qb i mean tvd possibly russ possible you. Derek carr obviously also breaking news in the nfl. What was it hunter henry. Oh yeah that's a fucking big deal. Hunter henry officially released from the chargers. Basically he is clear to go to free agency. There is a photo of bill. Belichick and hunter henry hugging other. If you just scroll down just a little bit. I think if you can scroll down no marriages hundred there is. There is a photo that was tweeted alongside of this announcement by shefty of bill belichick and hunter henry hugging each other hunter. Henry is somebody that the new england patriots fans are already pitching to come to new england. Need a good tight end. Who's going to be the quarterback. Nobody knows possibly jimmy g. Possibly you but hunter henry coming to the team. Alongside trent brand coming into the team are the patriots. Trying to build this thing back up once again. You bring cam newton back on the cheap. I mean look what he did in two thousand fifteen with really good tight end greg olsen. He took that team to the super bowl and he won the mvp. Let's bring in hundred out to resurrect cans korea out and let's go get got. We got an offense alignment. Okay just brought him back. We made a mistake and make a mistake. We're on the trading him back okay. So they bring him back. Make the thing happened only to pay him eleven million dollars next year for a very good tack or whatever i mean. The patriots are building at this particular time. Hunter henry is going to be able to move. Will he ended up as a patriot or elsewhere. That is going to be something. We have to bring back whoever they want. But it doesn't matter if they don't have a quarterback and cam cannot throw anymore. It's not two thousand fifteen so don't tell you a little better. Feel good thing i get. The patriots are almost back. There's no would. It comes the pacers feel-good okay. Hey listen i respect that. You feel that way. And i'm sir. I'm sure a lot of people do. But i got caught up in a moment. They're a little bit of thinking of bill belichick and bring these pieces back almost the evil villain guy rising from the ashes almost and coming all the way back with a big suck at tour next year with an entire team. But you're saying we don't want. I don't want that saw. Forget what he did to tom. Down foxborough have good talk. I know everybody loves loves tom. Yeah is getting dragged out of boats. You have a good time tequila of kado bills like that guy who runs the mon- stars in space. Jam come way that movie's coming back by the way. I think it's going to be good all right now. I just want to yeah. I'm asking some real questions here. Because i did not grow up watching any of the schick. Okay is documented is proven. I just learned of a peppy. Lobue characters office comeback. How did that slip by all your motherfuckers families and everything for as long as it did. I watched one video. And i guess i'm going to now. I was introduced a popular view this morning. I didn't know it existed. Thousand percents had no idea it existed. I saw videos like oh that flew for. How long was that thing. That thing was around for a long time. Oh happy with who create a penalty. We got question. Mr tunes senior. Two senior living that that creator should be called into some questions as well. The legendary cartoonist chuck jones peppy made his debut in nineteen forty-five jesus christ man. Okay so you can see how some of the things maybe quote unquote slip through the cracks over the years. No i don't. Everyone was making babies after the warts. Things are slipping through the cracks. Post world war baby-boom. Actually that's from the depression. Where the boomers or the coming home from world war two so that. Yeah yeah screw. Peppy la- puke as around. It was the boomer era. I guess also the guy who created peppy few maybe had some that occurs feelings about the french you know and kinda does undertones. There then was the greatest era and then it created that was the greatest greatest generation was the ones. That one day graded the bo. Thank you bye you trying to really appreciate what you guys did. Good goddamn could you imagine being them. Do they show those clips like movies at reenact the beaches of normandy or whatever just bucket in those boats just sitting there like oh. I'm going to die right. You're seasick. By the way. I think about all the little things if i was on one of those okay. It is freezing. I seasick by the way that is the least of my words right now. I am going into certain death at this point for that is fucking unbelie. Every time it comes on. I get chance to watch myself like i understand. We're all humans like rolling. Those are i could never. I have never ever done with those paratroopers jumping out of planes behind. Know behind enemy la. My god with flame throwers on their backs. I mean it's insane in run up to even use the damn thing. Well how about how if everything it was sand and then there's just a cliff. Yes literally could. We have not scouted a different area like that feels like that was the worst possible setup for a storming of a beach. Part of cracking a 'nigma was actually figuring out that normandy was the best option for attacking germans k. But hindsight right we just had to redraft attack would be the number one overall pick in that draft. You some other stuff that would happen. I mean probably not right. No that went into the decision of normandy. Thank you the idea was. Hey it's gonna be tough but once we break through here. We have a real. You're facing a ten win. In the end it worked results. Well a lot of people. I mean a lobby. Plenty should've just is gonna drown skylights boxes stacked and you break through the line of scrimmage. It's daylight okay so it was. It was goal attention. Choline defense academy on a fourth and one from the twenty but boy i mean it was thirty but it does feel like we potentially like derrick henry. We're out running folks on the other side of that thing to ensure shot up to the sport show. Hey good job everybody in here company. How you doing great day. We gambling or anything. Oh yeah we got champions league today okay. So once again you have told us before. But let's assume there's maybe a new listener that has never watched soccer before because that just seems to be on a regular occurrence. That champions league is a combo league of all the league's best teams in europe all the leagues in europe top four teams from each league and europe. Okay so europe. Spain italia germany england got done having. There is a great super boost today. Actually do what is it you ventas and dortmund both to go through from minus one ten to plus money i believe wound so dornan insists in italy yet. Dorman right. the storm door opens up three to from the first leg and they have three away goals so they even the aggregate playoff even if they i even if they tie severe work good so this is the championship of the champions league. Were in it you. Fantasy down to one on aggregate. I'd have the away goal. So if they win one nothing and they tied they have the away goal. They go through. Christiano rested on saturday event. This'll be today. Fagor good is three three goes to away goals fucking stupid. Pay man if those if those stadiums are cranked fads. That's a tough place to get a goal. Oh so it is actually home field advantage when there's fans in those places you go italy england. It's insane because back in the day soccer. Whenever i was growing up tight they go korkut. What yeah that was. One of the tiebreakers was corner. Kicks a number of corner case. You had to win the game then penalty kicks but it wasn't from the spot. You actually dribbled up. Oh yeah that's how they add. Awesome dude those are awesome. I just don't think why don't they just let. Pk's happened forever. Why do they save. Would this have peak. It wouldn't have piquet but if they're tied right like if there is no away goals or if the away goals are tied. It'll go to extra time and then penalties shots and the extra time is for the two games not just this game. No extra time is to win at all go through the only thing with potentially on now so one teams up to one right now. So let's say it's two one. Porto right event wins to one today and it goes to extra time today goal okay so we could get a shootout today because it's the two game come by ending exactly. Okay tie your thoughts do that every time we need a god damned perfect storm for this to happen. If i'm now longtime k. The english game. I think or something like that is. The documentary was founded. I watch a series on how the game was founded by the richest rich folk. Documentari- documentarian a Some guys awesome. Trains travel over to play him from the factory. You know those guys by beat fucking hell. It's spoiler. Alert it kind of do that. But if i'm soccer okay. I'm getting the shootout as much as i can't. Let's get this year's much today. There's a chance for that could happen. Man are fucking numbers. just cry. i actually went up or whatever neato. I've been a big fan of soccer recently. Strictly because we have the soccer sharp on planet earth which is just gives out walks him. I'm not saying i'm watching. Any of the games. Any of them three game parlor yesterday it was. Electric team was down to nothing with twenty nine minutes left. The comeback at three goals hit the three game parlors. Oh my guess. Another day for what's the guy's name The guy you're friends with you guys are to soccer. sharps nigel. seely the bigshot najrah shadow. You like night kit. Do we thought there a chance. That would beef. Yeah just because we don't know much about the soccer sharp world. I guess the soccer sharp by the way gentleman's game they make friends with each mesa put sorts house kind of negative neck by trying to really drive. Neck was trying to push a little bit of beef on gum. In by the way this would be a international international. Oh wow yeah yeah. It would be a show canadian beefing with a british man. That would be right. He's an england. Yeah that's an international international. Be i mean this guy was stopping over gump. Good name and gone. Wouldn't stand up to them. I was just joking around. Yeah that's what i and then. Maybe maybe he was just a laugh taking the past with the board. I'm maybe having allowed st needed. Some back he was a pow up there as a soccer show though he tweeted out every morning. And i really do feel like doing myself a disservice. If i don't bet on them. I'm like if you know money sitting there why you're not doing it now you've had some days okay. We're not going to deny that. I've had some bad days. That's going to happen in this game. Though sixty percent is more than a sharp in the bedding world. I think people forget that. Yeah well people by the way the problem is you. You are the standard. You set the standard for yourself in. That's what wanna do and you've on this pressure by the way this pressure. That doesn't just come to people that don't do. Nobody expects greatness from somebody that's average government. You have set the table here for yourself to be great so when you have those days of average when you have those days failure people automatically want to react. You can't let that affect you because you know why you're at the greatness level that you're going to get back to and ultimately deep down those people that bury your average days or blow that she's because they can't wait to celebrate whatever you're back on top which comes normally the next day so company you fucking keep swinging time billy walsh's fifty seven percent. He admitted himself. Billy walter walter. Shouli grades director way to go suit tattoo on his back. I realized as i get older and older not as many people watch on josh. Because i'll i'll do tweet reference to entourage boy. That thing is dries up on shame. It's get some phone calls. Shall we be you answered. These calls in by good. Yeah there's a couple of good ones on. Let's go to sam anaya what's going on fucking iowa commit hasn't told anybody but our fall actually do not work. I said the phones always this staticky. He goes yeah which focused. I also crackling like a fucking popcorn maker mid sitting in denver right now watching the show all sam. Don't on pell minutes not save trout. The boy covid on show. Thank you sam. We're lucky that you watch brother. We appreciate the hell out of you man on hell. yeah anyway. Lifelong tampa bay fan here in iowa obvious. Good year for us but also scout. Aaron rodgers tuesday's by families vikings fans and. I think. I finally got him to like erin learn. What do you wanna talk about them. Well basically with the whole cowboys and dax situation. I just wanted to congratulate jerry jones on making team kgo eight nine and losing in the wild card for the next four years. How about sam by the way getting the seventeen game season right tales there with sam saying they're going to go eight nine. Do we have our poll. Can we get to our poll by the way. The poll today was one that i assume this type of compensation will come up. Somebody would ask you know. Are they gonna win the super bowl now that they signed deck is. That's never really what you're signing. Somebody the poll today was sixty. Nine thousand votes will dak prescott ever win a super bowl yes. Seventeen percent no eighty three percent of his. That's crazy right. that's very crazy. Because he's he's making seventy five million dollars. You would think to win the super bowl. That is why jerry brought him back now. I'm not saying that. The poll where the people are ever in a necessarily smarter than everybody else on earth. Okay jerry mccarthy everybody down in dallas. They've been around dak experienced act in with the way the salary caps going to be. I guess they feel that. They're at a point where we can pay him this and still be a team but they're paying them to win the super bowl in this poll although it has helped us by fading it numerous times when it comes to bats and things like that. That is a large amount of people saying this. Ain't this ain't superbowl move for the dallas cowboys. Which by the way it would be every move you make in the nfl. I'm intrigued to see if dak prescott can give big fuck eater. Well with how bad their secondary was last year. And now you got. You still have staffer with the rams now rogers and brady with the book. I mean those are not greatest. I guess but three unbelievable throwing quarterbacks how could you not address that before you pay someone seventy five million dollars a year. He's talking about the nfc championship. Run on digs at the dig deep thinking. They're about something or not but he's talking about to win. Not only the division. You obviously got to win the nfc and then once you get to the super bowl by the way there's another person that's probably going to be waiting there for a while. It seems like at this point person wins but if the washington football team gets a quarterback out what kind of key seven million dude that guy played carter lights off chance cardinals did get. Jj watt looking backwards going to be a saint and he's got nothing approved by the way he can't be a seahawk not a tweet us at say. We hate to see hawks. I don't think that's fair at all. I compliment carol all the time. I tell them into seahawks. I talked about seahawks. Exactly how the seahawks now granted last year. Aaron rodgers tuesday's russ was mvp. Usa's mvp wasn't if you're watching football. He wasn't he wasn't he wasn't in an inevitable. The entire season ended up happening right. Okay never got like an apology. By the way for seahawks fans for coming after me all year for that. But still i feel like i'm rather fair to the seahawks with that being said how the fuck of the seahawks going to have russell wilson. Be back on their team at this point. That is a weird. That isn't weird. Dynamic that has been created in seattle with the team ross in seattle seahawks and they send a letter out to their season ticket holders yesterday did not have russell wilson's name on it. Had decay metcalf tyler. Lockett and others on there do not have russel's name on their service. Oh shit like it's going down now. i must add. I saw that season ticket. Holders letter on the internet that might have been faked. But there's a lot of other shit it might've been we don't know we honestly have no idea now. Think the person that reported that Season ticket holder letter with somebody that maybe would know exactly how to photoshop and entirely letter i think was kind of maybe a little bit older person and put it on the internet for might but it seems like shits ugly over there. The bears don't have enough to trade for them. The saints seemed to be doing everything they can get under the cap. They're making people renegotiate. They've got do what they gotta do. I don't know whereas options are now because people are saying the cowboys potentially we're an option. I just. I'll be intrigued to see how he gets out of there where he goes. Who hasn't enough to get them. Yeah i don't know how they would do it. but i guess it. With people saying the raiders. You could see with everything they're doing right now. You creating all this space that maybe they'll try to make a play for him but how long's backers almost makes too much. What does the bears did. I've seen this three once khalil. Mack and nick foles yes khalil. Mack and nick foles. We're definitely on the move. They have a one this year. That's late in the day of one next year and one the next year. So you begin here next three years up plus khalil mack. Who has been a game changer for you. So you're kind of robbing peter to pay paul here on the defense offense aside with khalil mack. Leaving and then. Nick foles you want him as a backup quarter if you're going to go on a super bowl run. I don't know. I just none of those teams are better than the seahawks. That's my thing but those teams will allow russ to play football potential. Make him an mvp and player. Because philosophical differences said that russ cooking didn't lead to more success for us so we're going to become a more balanced offense a lot more running abo- says pete carroll. Let's get rid of shoddy. Maybe one of those places will become a place that just. Let's open it up but if you want to be an mvp win. Do you think because this whole thing is fractured so quickly that they may have backed themselves into a corner and they might not get as much in return because it does feel like. It's hard to believe that he will be playing quarterback for the seahawks next year. Think of the leverage that russell wilson people have right now if you want to get out because if they don't get rid of them it's only gonna get worse shawn watson houston texas and leverage is in every other building right. We know he does well. It's going to be bubba. We'll come back to you like a week or so. This is going to continue a mess. This continue it's interesting. It's fascinating can't thank enough for allowing us to penetrate your ear. Holes are the best the best the shows continuing to grow. It makes no sense at all to us. But i am so thankful you choose to spend time with us if you like this show. Please be friends elephant and if not it's all good we'll see around we'll see you around speaking of seeing around. We've got a big one tomorrow. Be affronts other frontier police placement music and propelled these people in a beautiful tuesday night jeers. Thank you to everybody you Soon

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