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Building a Yes Culture with Kevin Harrington


This is contact talk radio dot com. Consciousness in action, and you are taking action into your consciousness by tuning into contact talk radio dot com. Contract. Talk radio. This is L cold from CBS radio thanking you once again for taking time out of your hectic schedules to tune into another fantastic weekly episode of living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. Another shout out of wholehearted gratitude to living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald's corporate sponsors, health and Honda forever. And that reviews clicks shares. Download speed back and testimonial or appreciated leases purpose and mission is to uplift you U2.. Fearless and to live more to appear as a perspective guest on living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald or to connect with Lisa regarding her suite of products and services, you can reach lease at living fearlessly with Lisa dot com. So for now, a are fearless friends? Here's Lisa living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald? Good morning, everybody. Thank you. So very much for joining me. Rejoining me again on this lovely Friday morning. This is Lisa McDonald host of living fearlessly with the contact talk radio network. Listenership spans two one hundred and forty five countries two hundred twenty TV radio terrestrial satellites and the potential for millions of two downloads. Once again, we are joined by yet. Another phenomenal guest. My guest today is a phenomenal brilliant gentleman by the name of Kevin Harrington. So who is Kevin Harrington? Well, what I can tell you is Kevin is an original shark from the hit TV show shark tank and successful entrepreneur for more than forty years. He's a co founding board member of the entrepreneurs organization and co founder of the electric retailing association. He also invented the infomercial. He helped make but wait. There's more part of our cultural history. Kevin is one of the pioneers behind the as seen on TV brand has heard more than fifty thousand pitches and launched more than five. Five hundred products generating more than five billion in global sales twenty of his companies have generated more than one hundred million in review, each Kevin is also the founder of the secrets of closing the sale masterclass inspired by the master of sales zig Ziglar, Kevin is the author of several bestselling books, including act now how I turn ideas into million dollar products key person of influence and put a shark in your tank while come to living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald, my friend. How are you? Oh my God. Thank you. Lisa. Very nice introduction. So you thanks for making that possible for me to plug. So I just wanna I open up by saying I couple of weeks ago introduced an interviewed our mutual friend and collaborator. Jim brent. And I just wanna say what an honor it is to be partnered up with you for corporate sponsorship for living lease McDonald, it's an honor. It's a privilege to the degree that you believe in me and the program. I can't thank you enough and an honor again to be contributing author to cracking the rich code, so let's start with that for the listening audience. But I do. Yes. Yes. So I wanted. Yes. So I wanna dive in very quickly here and everybody who follows me for which I'm very grateful for knows that my protest, very unscripted. I think it makes for a much more organic and authentic conversation. So why don't we start with? How it is that sealing driveways what it taught you? And what it prepared you for the business arena? Kevin. Well, so I go back to growing up feeling driveways. I was fifteen years old. So we're going back forty five years ago. Oh, my father was my first mentor, and my father was an amazing, man. But when when he first started, you know, he he started the far tender who said I want to own my business saved up some money opened up his own bar. I started when I was eleven years old working under him, and he taught me a lot. But he says Kevin you'd need to be an entrepreneur you need to own your own business control your own destiny. And so when I was fifteen I started a driveway Serey business when I was in high school, and it was a summertime job. But I was generating as much as a thousand dollars a week in revenue and a lot of it was labor. So it was it was a pretty powerful, you know, this. We're going back to you know, going back to the seventies. So, you know, this, you know, in relative terms that's worth a lot more. Then then. Than than in today. So, but from there, I really that was beginning of being an entrepreneur and just continued to create entrepreneurial activities, they started a heating and air conditioning company and college, and then I became a business broker and selling businesses, and and then of course, I can tell you the story at you wanna hear it, but got into the as seen on TV infomercial business from they add in a been a great run. And you know, the last forty years of a building businesses have been a lot of fun, and you know, looking forward to sharing some of that day. Absolutely. Well, I know for many of us, including yourself, specifically, the executor has been very key instrumental in many of our own individual journeys. And I know that that is true for you. Kevin. So if we focus on a couple of his principles, you know, you can have everything you want life. If you help another people enough people to get what they want. Let's talk about how that underscores success. Let's talk about what that means in terms of paying for being of service as opposed to just the bottom line and making a sale. Yeah. I mean, I think Vig Ziglar was in. You know, amazing an amazing, man. I think they broke the mold after zig was born. And he he really truly had a, you know, a great motivator. But in my opinion, one of the greatest sales trainers, one of the greatest salesman, and then sales traders that the world's ever seen. And and so then philosophy like, he said, you're gonna everything you want. If you just helping other people get what they want that sound he approached a sale wasn't. He didn't come into a sale. Like, a can't I need to close this deal to make commission he approached the sale from how can I solve this person's problem? What is it they need? And hey, maybe it's my product that will solve a problem for them. Right. So on and so when he approached business. That way it was a long-term aspect. It was a problem solving aspect, and and he wanted a customer for life a one call close was was not his mentality. He wanted to help people today. So that they we continue to come back years later. So I just I think that that that problem solving mentality in the sales process differentiates true long-term sales person, my zig was and like he taught Burson people that were just in it for the quick buck to get to get you know, that commission. So it it worked for many many people in and and when you when you look at you know, selling cars or selling insurance, or whatever it might be someone's not find a car one time. I over my lifetime. I probably about fifty cars. Right. You know? It's like, you know, so. Somebody hustled me on the first one and never went back came on them. They lost maybe forty nine other sales. And this is what Zing his philosophy was was, you know, get help people through the process of they're going to be coming back to you on going in the future. Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, and that ties into another one of his principles, which you've just kind of crystallized stop selling start helping which is the segue. Kevin. You know, why do you think it's still part of the human condition today in two thousand nineteen where people are still committed mindset wise to be problem saturated as opposed to solution focused. What is stop block for that percentage of people that still serve the planet? You know, I think first of all it's, you know. Vicks loss of the long term aspect. Sometimes that means you might have to forgo a commission today, you know, because in the best interest of the client. Maybe maybe don't need your product right now, but they will in ninety days or six months. So so I think one of the one of the challenges that exist in today's world, you know, people that are so focused on today making that commission and driving that it's they're putting their own interests ahead of of the person that they're dealing with. And I think many people would would look at that. That's not offense. And that's you know, this. This isn't what I'm looking for. So so I think that that when it's all said and done. Yes, this philosophy is is is for the long run. And those that that can't understand that or or or you know, are going to be focused. On the today as opposed to the tomorrow and building that continuity business. And and that's that's what I say mean, it's the the in the in the business world, I look at I I look at a couple of numbers the personal look at is what is the customer acquisition cost. What's your cost to acquire a new customer, then the second number? I look at is. What's the lifetime value of the customer? So it if you're focus on the one time called call one time sale, and and you're only making a one time sale. Your customer acquisition cost is is is always pretty expensive. You may barely cover the cost to acquire the customer you made your commission that you've done. Whereas if you're looking at it from the long-term standpoint that the lifetime value is something, you know, something that I'm going to be in this in a relationship with this customer for years and years and years all of a sudden the lifetime. Value may ten x. So I it it's an amazing loss and it's worked for zig. It's worked for me and many many others in a fall in a phone. So as we all know, Kevin you've been credited as the person to produce the first infomercial back in nineteen eighty four. Now, tell us a little bit about the inception of dodge journey because that truly encapsulates what it means to be a visionary and to project something being beneficial advantageous to the consumers at large by you having come up in a dotted that idea. So what was it that made you what made you resonate with that whole thinking that whole mindset of you know, what there's a better way to get messages out there. There's a better way to get products out there. How did how did this originate for you? So so I was young for newer early eighties. And I was having a lot of success in this thirty five years ago. So of my twenties and young entrepreneur, and I bought a house and cars, and employees, and you know, couple of dozen employees. And so I I remember I ordered cable television for my for my home and prior to to this time in early eight P, and I don't know lease if you can remember lacking wife television, or when we first came out, right? What went from four channels channels to thirty the first offering was thirty channels. And I remember saying, oh, okay. I got ABC CBS NBC, and and you know, like a PBS station. But now, I'm have twenty four hours sports ESPN twenty four hours of movies HBO, twenty four hours of music MTV. I got to the Discovery Channel. Which was channel thirty. And there was nothing there, and there's actually bars on the screen. So I called the cable company, and I said, hey, I love this this package of of all these programs in candles that I'm getting sports movies and everything, but I'm not getting anything on your thirty channel. There is their technical problem. Or what's the discovery? They said discovery is only eighteen hour a day network. You must've tuned in during the six hours that we have nothing. Okay. Number waited, six hours of nothing. Yeah. So that's when I said, well, what can I put on that time that we could be doing business together so on and so that's when I started putting products on and we started in the early days with kitchen products than we went to hardware that we went to fitness than we went. You know, we've done it all with, you know, Tony little fitness Jacqueline lane. And the juicer George Foreman. We did the jenner's in the cart Basheer in the Hiltons and many many others. And it's now, you know, let's fast forward thirty five years five hundred products, billions of dollars in sales is been a it's been a fun road and of an an an along journey along the way, we we've made a lot of great friends, and and made a lot of people many millions of dollars. We've made, you know, hundreds of people millionaires in the process, so. It's just an unbelievable experience dealing with some of these amazing people Pariente while not only is that story, and how that came to be for you brilliant. I mean, you talk about visionary, you talk about ingenious, but again that sinks very well. In terms of being in line with what we just moments ago when we were referencing the principles of zig Ziglar if you can identify somebody else's problem or how to better make their life more convenient than you're going to have repeat customers. And so when you think about what infomercials are premised on, you know, who doesn't need this who doesn't need that who doesn't need an upgrade on this who doesn't want the most latest greatest product. So I mean, clearly, you did identify embody those principles, and it's served to well, my friends, so congratulations on all your success and accolades well done, thank you. I love it. So if we go back to the time on shark tank, and we know that you began your. Time there on two thousand nine. So if you take a look at where the show is today, how how do you think? Fast forwarding to today. What's evolved? What do you think makes the show even better than what it was initially back in two thousand and nine what's the lasting factor? Well, I think it was funny. I I got the phone call and in two thousand eight to go meet Martin for net when out met with him. And he's explaining to me what the show is all about. And he's like, you know, hey, there's going to be five of you investor sharks in the front of the room and someone's gonna walk out. They gotta business idea product service. They get a pitch you three minutes, and you have three minutes to make up your your mind. Whether you're going to invest in it or not and like to pay that's what I do every day. He's I really I go to the house where showed the hardware show, the fitness show it cetera. So make a long story short. You know, the the original show was was great format. Great concept. And I think today if it's such a powerful program because entrepreneurship is across many spectrums. It's mail. It's female, it's young. It's old. It's teenagers. If kids in grade school, I mean, I do shark tanks or the bit grade. It's at some schools, where they got ideas, they wanna run if I sharp, you know, so it, you know, the world, you know, today's environment and the marketplace, I call it the we're experiencing an entrepreneurial revolution on global basis. I was just India the entrepreneurship is unbelievable Singapore was India. Singapore Hong Kong thousands of people. People are coming to see me and talk to me about their ideas. When I go to these markets. So it's it, you know, and and when I get calls from high schools in college, I mean last year, I probably did twenty events and different colleges around the country. And so it it, you know, people love the concept of shark tank. Maybe the changes in the show. There's a lot more celebrities on there, you've got Richard Branson and Ashton Kutcher and Charles Barkley and Alex Rodriguez and Bethany Frankel or now sharks is is it's it's created its own kind of just a massive cult following. And it's a global show. Now, it's running in one hundred plus countries networks all over the place. So, you know, it's it's it's just become one of those things that I mean, it's the number one business show in that's ever existed in the world, and I'm just excited to be part of the branding of. Chart tank, and and be part of his birth and help get it off the ground for Elliot phenomenal. While I also had the honor and the privilege of showcasing interviewing Huron living with Lisa McDonald, one of your cohorts team in John I you know, what you're all doing is. Just absolutely amazing in the space, truly amazing and the ways in which you are cultivating change shifting people's paradigm really upscaling in leveraging the trajectory of where people are going. You know, people are looking to people like you Kevin because for anybody who might be doing something similar if you wanna level up, and you wanna be coach until you got even from an intangible perspective. You've got gotta look at the people who are already endeavoring have endeavored and have been massively successful. That's who you learn from those are the people that you pay attention to so for the ways in which your messages has resonated Grizz needed with all of us on the global scale. I just wanna say thank you because I've learned a lot about. My business through people like yourself. I don't know where I would be today if I didn't have people like you to look to go k well, how would Kevin deal with that? What what would Kevin strategy? So you've been instrumental in my own entrepreneurial January journeys. So thank you so much Kevin. You bet. Thank you free. She hit and on, you know. Hey, look, we're all in the business, helping entrepreneurs, and it's great to be able to be here together with you today and on an and hang out a little bit and talk about entrepreneurship. Well, let me ask you something else to sell for all the thousands of pitches that you consistently get, you know, there might be somebody who has a good idea, but they don't necessarily know how to articulate it or they're not the whole package deal because we know that there's more at play than just an idea. So for you. How do you a NATO intuitively make the decision like, okay? I don't quite understand all of that. But there's something about this person. Who is just fired up. They're passionate. They totally believe in the concept of what it is. So they can deliver it they can sell it. They can market it. What's the differentiating factors for you? When you're making that decision. Yeah. I'm going to endorse you young going to support you. I'm gonna. Back you as opposed to. No sorry. It's just a flat out. No. Well, there's a couple of things. I mean, it's I I actually have a ten point checklist. That I that I look at on, you know, without I spend an hour on that. But you know, so I think just a mention a couple of things that motivate me as an investor. I mean, I something that solves the problem. First of all, but it, you know, so problem-solver is where it starts for me. And this is kinda how inventors invent they, you know, an inventor wants rented house and says what problems have here, then I can focus on creating something to solve that problem. But it's it this is where it gets is an investor where it gets important. I look for problem to solve. But it's gotta be unique unique solution, and and so I say is is your product or service unique enough such that it solves the problem that no other product for Serb. This solves is similar fashion. Okay. This is where the kind of the rubber meets the road. How what is the positioning of your chronic? If if you invent something that there's already a dozen products out there do the same thing. Hey what? Good is. Right. I mean. Yeah. Or there's things out there already. So I look for unique positioning. I look the problem solvers. I look for things also that have Indica of the business. I'm in the SEC business, the home shopping business virtual business, it is very visual business. So I look for things that have a magical transformation sort of some kind of a before and after type of thing. So so solve the problem solved. It you need. So, you know, show me the magical transformations. These are couple of things that we start bringing to the table here. So hopefully that gives you a little bit of an overview of that. But you know it. It's there's a never never ceases to amaze me. Somebody comes up with something different new and exciting. And sometimes you gotta think outside the box for sure. Absolutely. Just get rid of the box all together, right? Well, we know that you've been named by entrepeneurship Zine is one of the top one hundred entrepreneurs of the world. We also know that we're living in a space where for some people. It's more a buzz word. It's the flavor of the month. It's trendy to say or classify characterize yourself to be an entrepreneur, but for somebody to have had your longevity. Kevin for somebody to have your visionary. Capabilities what because we have a lot of entrepreneurs who are plugging into this show today and consistently every week. So what to you, would you deem or classify as the core essential ingredients for what makes breaks an entrepreneur. Well that that's a great question. First of all, I think an entrepreneur has to have passion, real strong belief in themselves. And you know, it's funny this weekend. I'm gonna be the world launch of thinking grow rich Napoleon hill tastic of the thinking rich world tour. Right. And so this is the the I bought Napoleon Hill's book thinking grow rich when I was fifteen years old. And he said what whatever you can save and believe you will you can't keep and and I have there's another great entrepreneurial gentleman that I followed for years names, Paul j Myers, and he said it in another way said whatever you vividly imagined or did lead desire. Sincerely, believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass. So I think that you know, I believe you gotta have passion. But if you. You look at those steps, you know, passion is desire. Right. So you know, it taking Paul J Mars, whatever you've been imagine ardently desire a lot of people have great vision. They had great passion. They lots of desire, but do sincerely believe that they can do it. And then that is where there's a missing link sometime, and then the the next step. This is where many do not make the cut do they endure the acidly act upon it too many thankful they got this. Great idea. They have a passion. They have a design. Yeah. They wanna be rich. They want to be wealthy they desire it that. And maybe they believe it. But this is where they sometimes don't. But do they induce the ethically act upon it? No, this is where a lot of people fall down and enthusiastically acting upon it. There's there's two steps that principle. It isn't. Just going and doing something it's understanding that you're not always going to be successful. And so you can be doozy. Aston, but if it's blind enthusiasm, and you get knocked down, and you quit. You know? Then you're out. I say you you have to do the act upon it with the understanding that not everything is going to be successful. And there's another quote that I'm gonna bring in and I'm giving a lot of quotes here. But you know, the one of the greatest gentlemen in politics over time was Winston Churchill, and he said, he didn't successful means you have to be able to go from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm. Yes. Yes. You would do Chiesi glee act upon something. But be prepared for not to work get up dust yourself off and go back at it again. So most entrepreneurs in the first round they fail. And then they're like, oh, wow. I can't this. I can't do that. So, you know. So the question is do, you know, do you have all these elements? You have the belief. You have the passion. Do you have the the the the Azam, and then you have planned to go make it happen? Absolutely. Well, you said something that I think would be important for the listening audience to understand it more of the back story in terms of you walking the talk here being deep. The breathing example of knowing that this is very true. So going back to your days of being an initial entrepreneur fifteen years old, and you're sealing driveways and starting up your own little business. You know, you got rejection after rejection after rejection, and I think we live in a society today where people are just so soft people are not. Hard wire to go. You know, what this is part of the grind? This is what's going to build character? This is what's going to make me hungrier? This is what's going to make me strategically go. Okay. I need to recalibrate here. Something I did. Or didn't do wasn't working. It wasn't flipping or converting into a. Yes. So what do I have to do? Because essentially, it's all about taking accountability you have to take ownership whether it be for your success or your failure failures. It's it's applied to both. So you have been rejected time and time again before you amassed, your great wealth and your great success in your great name and your great products and your brand. So what would you say to the people who are listening today who you know, they get a couple of back to back rejections and all of a sudden they're in the fetal position. What would you say to them? Well, you know, I think I would say like Winston said you gotta be able to deal with it. Right. Jesse being able to deal with your failure without the loss of enthusiasm. I say you've got to get yourself up dust yourself off go back at it again. But there's one missing link. Sometimes people don't understand not everybody has the total capabilities by themselves. Do it. All okay out. I had a lot of failure in the early days. I couldn't raise capital why? Because I didn't know how to do it. I didn't learn how to do that. Nobody taught me how to raise money, right? I mean, they don't teach it in grade school or high school or even college in many cases, right? So you know, I had to learn hardway. I'm going to be a successful entrepreneur, go global build a billion dollar business. I need to have capital. So I said to myself, I got a surround myself with a team of experts. I I actually hired a former Bank president to command. And and be a mentor for me in how to raise capital and barely the banks that it. Turned me down that we got three million dollars lines of credit from. So it's, you know, just because you you want it you desire it, and you're acting upon it. If you don't have the right people, if you don't surround yourself with some experts, I call it creating dream team. And so, you know, I mean, you have certain expertise I have a certain expertise, and I can only take things to a certain point, I need operational, folks. Need legal folks, I need finance, folks. And I surround myself the best of the best. And this is why when I go back with early days of sick Ziglar at Serra. I I didn't have cell. I learned how to sell and zigzags methods and books and videos, and every I learned from the master. So don't think you can do everything yourself, surround yourself with mentors coaches and experts. Absolutely. Well, and I think it's important to note too. I mean, it it's it's well known. We don't know. Know what we don't know. But if we know enough to know that we don't know what we don't know that should you should have enough foresight and fortitude to go, okay, I know that to be true, I need to go talk to people about the missing links in my business that could take things to the next level or even just get it off the ground. So I think I think that's very key too. And I have really embodied that and embrace that myself. You don't know what you don't know because we all have different strengths, and we also have to play to our weaknesses, and we have to know, how do we turn those weaknesses into strengths? So that it becomes a well oiled machine. So I think that's important, and you have to be coach -able a lot of people. They think they know everything they think they know everything. And then they they can't quite conceptualize. Why it is something fell apart or why didn't happen or go? According to plan, you know, you got to release that ego and be teachable. You've got to be coach -able. I agree a hundred percent with that fantastic. So for all the different hats that you wear Kevin for all the different pots that you continuously have your hats. And you know, if you could only maintain doing one thing in all the aspects of what you do whether it be speaking, whether it be helping other businesses whether it be writing books, whether whatever the case may be for all that you do if you could only continuously do one aspect of what it is. You do and do well which out of all of those would fire you up the most. Well, I say this. I, you know. It's a great question. My day. Every day is is is unbelievable to me because every day is new day new opportunities, and I the old days, I called it exercising your curiosity. Mean you need get out there. I said to people that you know, what's been one of the things that that has been so powerful for you, Kevin. And it's it's that I started going to about thirty trade shows a year going back, you know, thirty years ago. So I've been to that the Chicago house where show thirty two out of thirty four years. I've been you know, the hardware show is coming up in Las Vegas. There's the the fitness shows the beauty shows the toy fair, the the PGA golf show. And Joe if I wanna find there's the shot show for fishing where that, you know, guns, ammo and fishing, and so I don't to this day. Still get the thirty. There's the big one is. The consumer electronic show, but thirty some years of doing dozens of shows a year has connected me to so many people, and so many relationships around the world that I feel that that that has been the most powerful thing for me that continues to bring the tremendous deal flow. So I mean, let's put it this way. If you wake up today, and you've got one thing to do you got one way to make money, and hopefully, it's a good more. What happens if you spend two years on it? And you went down a path of a lot of time and money and it ended up nowhere got a smart over. If you started today with five opportunities and work those, and and I'm not saying stretch yourself too thin, but have teams of people that can help and each one. And and then it two years two or three of those popped. He'll maybe the one you thought was the best on the front and didn't. Work. But one misses the crazy thing I I had a project that everybody in my office said I was crazy to get involved with it. So I said, okay, I'm gonna I'm not gonna even best much money. I'm gonna spend less than ten grand on this deal. But I got a hunch that it's that it's an opportunity and on it ended up doing two hundred million dollars in sales. So out of it. You know, it it it was a hunch. But not not like, I thought this was going to be huge, you know. But it's you just never know. I mean, the beautiful thing that about the world. I'm in today where I cast. I say I like to test before I invest the beautiful thing about that is is that sometimes it's something they get no was going to pop that popped. So it, you know, you just you know, unin the business I hit one out of three one out of four things in product world that I test and and. And so if I let's say, I'm gonna you know used to fifty projects year and we've hit on ten to fifteen or so those would somehow pay out some would become winter someone become grand slams. We'd have some single some doubles, triples and some home runs. Okay. But it it, you know, it if you took a bunch of smart people on the front end it said which ten or fifteen gonna hit it is all over the place, not knowing which ones ultimately would be those. So I'm just going to say that it's it. You can't focus in my opinion. Don't focus on just one thing the entire of time. Because this is something. My father said to me, many many times is you've gotta have multiple streams of income. Yeah. Yeah. Go. Anyway, you know that that that's something. I think you know, in the old days, I had one stream of income. We'd go up we go down. And I didn't like the downs. I I I live my life today with dozens of streams of income Pantai stack. Well, and I it's like with anything. I mean, the people that I gravitate who are the people who are the most diversified. And I think that carries through and transcends with every other aspect of their life. You know, because then you get away from the tunnel vision. And you recognize that there's more there's more here that you can capitalize on in terms of your talents, your passions, your creativity, never mind. The commonsense approach to your Bank account, right? Absolutely. Yes. So being called Nissen of time because although I'm grateful that you've joined us here. It's taking me for years to get you. That's how relentless I am. That's how much I don't with every action. I don't accept rejection either. I just keep going. But being cognizant of time I would like to give you the opportunity to let it be known. How can people connect with you? What's up coming where can people buy your books, etc? Etc. Thank you. Appreciate that. So anybody who wants to track me down? Go to go to Kevin Harrington dot TV. That's my website information on my folks got a couple books how to become a person of influence that's a seller. Also, the my my very first book was act now how during a million dollar products. So so I think bottom line is that you know, that's a good place to start on. I mentioned it the holy hill world tour. It starts Friday in Anaheim. And that's something that I'm I'm excited about and and you'll go all the way back forty some years ago. I getting Napoleon's book I also did adventure with zig Ziglar family on. And I I own the digital rights all of the assets of of of of Ziglar. Of selling products all the books that the IT of of his stuff is owned by the family, but we own the rights digitally to take the sales products around the world, and we'd done millions of dollars in sales now. So so everything is is is is out there on my website, Kevin Harrington dot TV, and is been a pleasure of getting with unite cruciate of the persistence, and I think I think that's one of the traits. We kinda talked about is is is having a belief in. What are we saying in doozy? Aston act upon. Yeah. Certainly you did. And I wanna commend you for that. And thank you for having me today. It's been a real pleasure. I hope our listening audience is is gotten into good tips. From from our conversation today is been great hanging out with you. Absolutely. While you've been a wealth of knowledge, and I wanna thank you again for the gift of your time. Because I know you've got to cut out here earlier. When we usually round up wrap up the show, but the fact that you were able to fit in and again, I wanna thank you for our sponsorship relationship and partnership and collaboration and honor. Again, it is to be a contributing author to cracking the rich code with you. And Jim I think the world of both of you, and I'm a mentally grateful. So I wish you all the best. We'll talk soon again Kevin for the listening audience. I wanna thank you once again for taking time out of your hectic schedules for tuning into living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald here on the contact talk radio network. My purpose. I'm very clear on it is to uplift you to fear less and to live more wishing you a phenomenal safe weekend. And I look forward to being back with you again next Friday love and gratitude all my best take care. Kevin. Thank you. This is L cold from CBS radio thanking you once again for taking time out of your hectic schedules to tune into another fantastic weekly episode of living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. Another shout out of wholehearted gratitude to living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald's corporate sponsors, health and Honda forever. And that give reviews clicks shares. Download speed back and testimonial early appreciated leases purpose and mission is to uplift you to fearless. And to live more to appear as a perspective. Guest on living peerless Lee with Lisa McDonald or to connect with Lisa regarding her suite of products and services, you can reach Lisa at living fearlessly with Lisa dot com. And until next week are fearless friends. This is alcohol from CBS radio telling you to be your own hero. The euro Chiro the. Own leader and be your own best friend.

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