Mark Officially Has A.D.D. - EP 284


Who was that? Who was that was that? Really? Mickey was that really? You. Foul that is unbelievable. Sounded very mail. Like I didn't was that a joke was that I'm drinking a soda diet Hanson sodas. They're delicious. And I don't I don't I don't know. What's not in it something, I don't know one of the health food stores. So it's good for. You just down. That was bad. Sorry, please do that on call. Can you just do it? There's your answer. Anyway, everybody. Welcome to Croker record reporting. That was the prayer. It is our first show, back home NICKY. Stop it being in. All student we were in Brooklyn in the last two weeks, you got to hear the fun. We had there. We're going to recap all of that. Plus, so much going on with Fags CJ has gone onto he's in Hawaii with EM either having great vacation. So we're all on a losers here. Still in. Here in LA filling in for filling in for CJ CJ's ten. Mark is less than seven be still here. We're excited. There's not fulfill in up markets here, and he has some breaking news. I cannot wait to get to. Are you going to be on your computer the whole time? No, no Steph to send this is about the thing. We're gonna talk about later. Just gotta get it cleared up silver. Got it super duper. Hey, Mike McMurray. It's horrible. He's the gay best friend. You wish you had and no you need this top love money. Now here is Ross MAC. Share? Sweet. Temba gye. Welcome to the program. What if really been almost show we have for you today's around? Jay cooke. My new thing down the round is that I'm not going to pronounce anything. I love it. Nayla. I love it so annoying. And oh. Oh, Marcus Dylan computer, take an Email to Mark's. Breaking news. I do have to say before we do that, we haven't really seen you since Brooklyn really you guys. I heard, I know you heard that first episode cracker, nausea was really interesting. I know there was a little audio issue in the audience. Just one of the mice wasn't reading, otherwise. In other words, I thought it was great. And that second episode. Nikki bobbin for Apple's big Apple's that episode was so much fun. So I was so I was so hopeful that it would translate in the pockets, the fun that we had there with all of those straight talkers from all over the east coast. And I think it did you know, I mean you can't really show what it was really lying. But I feel like eighty percent of what it felt like was there in the audio. But but can I fill in the second the last twenty percent? That's math carry the one in was so fun to be there for starters with, with you guys and CJ but to be there with those listeners, and we do the meet and greet. And and I remember sitting backstage in. Saying tending j rod out, and I said this on the show, I said, I are there, any straight talk, I couldn't my head around that, you know, and then when j went out and he said Hello Ross pot. And, you know, a hundred seventy people scream with Bush Ricky back, and that which is a one show, the first, it was so rewarding as we because we sit in this silly little studio in my house. You know, this guest room and receive homo. Literally in the middle of a sentence. But your computers now me. It was it was emotional all joking. Aside was very much closer. Did you feel that you saw me? I was crying backstage. I couldn't believe it was just very it was like all those little inside jokes that we feel like we have in here, we hope resonates, then all of a sudden, we got that validation and fit we all felt like family. When you say straight talk family, we really mean that well, I have to it was we, we, we do this podcast as excuse to get together laugh with our friends. It's like youth group and that, right? And like I didn't really understand how invested you all were Intel them. I got it. There's something about this one. We were on the other side of the country. We're outside of our comfort zone. I didn't know this venue. I didn't know anyone would show up and doing what in Palm Springs, easy because no one shows up fine. It's like you know, quarter mile from house get drug into the matter. This felt like steaks or something. And the fact that you all showed up, and I know Nikki doesn't eat meat but it still. I felt like steaks. What do you sometimes beef with me? This it just felt like. Made me think about how much this show means people. So it just reinvigorated me that I needed it just did. And I really loved it. And, and we did walk off stage in Nikki burst into into tears. We did have this little green room on the side of the stage a little bathroom attached to it. And we all sort of using it all throughout the day in the first show, we go use it. And then it had a door going right to where the audience was. But we would always lock it until we realize that, that lock didn't work and anyone could walk into any point. Now, you remember that I was on antibiotics for my soul and salivary gland. And those antibiotics returning my butthole into a chilly with the heat. Oh bubbling over my body. And so, I told Nikki right before we were going for the second show. I go oh my God. I it's got to happen right now. It's got. But, but where do I go like there was no way to get to an outside the only bathroom but the audience is right there, and there was just a little like builders grade cheap door between there that could it lock? Nikki, you've gotta go on the audience stand by that. So if you were in that audience that day for the second show you just saw Nikki for some reason, come out into the audience like. Like. Stand randomly on the side of the venue in front of a door and I couldn't move talking. I can't hear you and I'm holding the door knob area on patrol. But she say that. When I go, she didn't say that because I heard everything she said, because I went to the bathroom and as my chilly pot is bubbling over. I hear Nikki on the other side of this door. People are like, making Nikki clapping going. Nice to meet you. Oh, we're gonna get started any second Roth excited to shitting. You're, I'm a foot and a half away bubbling over. Skidmarks. Toilet. Rossi's bubbly. With happening two seconds of right there. I thought you were joking when you're like, Nikki, I have. I thought he's joking. He's not going to go in that he went in there. What would the other option was to just go pants during the show? Yeah. Done that. There's a whole thing about Putin, my pants member with. Yeah. And you wrote a song this before you joined full seamark listen to the show. Mark knows all about the show. So tell me what you think about flaxseeds career is automated. Penn writer. Great specifically. Automated part. I like that we've been talking about it for weeks. So what is it? If you're 'cause you're an expert in the show, you schooled Fags iw member. He's, he's even on the show. He should know it. You're on the show, so Philipson. Mario it wasn't episodes Amman. Well, no. That's true. You don't know what Fags he does know. What is this? We talk on the show for weeks and weeks. You don't have any idea at all. No say it floating for him. Automatic ten writer. Automatic pin writer, would you mind like replying password, Mark? What is automatic pin writer? What did they do? What is an automatic pin writer do? Honestly, no idea. Well, now's when you would guess so you. Was the first thing that comes I think that it. Oh, because I've seen the I know what you're talking about now because I've seen the post where you write notes, and things people leave them. They're like that's your. Yeah. I've seen the post like on the Facebook, Instagram, Instagram. What is what does he do? He writes, these little notes and leaves them. Yeah. Yeah. That's kind of cute. No. That's incorrect. With the ball. Do you find? I'm going to. Here's what I'm gonna guess is that you are person that if you have a paper and you have a pen in your hand even if you're not paying attention. You find that you, you just write things. No. Would you like to? Bone. Tell him wrong. I'm an automatic pin writer, which is a form of medium ship kind of a psychic thing where it's in the same ballpark as my paintings. So you would ask him a question, and he has a pension sketches. And it gives the answers gives Amjad. Channeling the spirit world through your hands. Yeah. Yeah. So, so Fags he's doing this and he started. You know, he read Adam upon and it's been a beautiful experience your career thrive. Now I am. Of course you I'm into newly into crystals. They've changed my life, you know this. I talk about what do I talk about all the time. I do love my mold divide. Now, if you don't know, mall divide is a space rock on, I need to gather it is. Oh my God. I know right? Listen. I just wanna do a disclaimer. Forbade shit. Crazy. Yeah. Batch it crazy. Disclaimer I hear myself. I understand. But if I could tell you the difference in my life before I bought a four I found motivate. And after it is night and day. Okay, I motivate is a very so in the Czech Republic fifteen years ago, comic crash, and it formed this like thing, this GU dried and in it like those bubbles that the air pressure in there is a bazillion times stronger than Austin because it captured it froze, right awake. So then these these rocks and you, they make beautiful jewelry out of them. And I bought a piece we were to Krystal storm just recapping in case people didn't know. I, I don't think I knew this part after sort of traumatic experience in my life. I went and went to the crystal shop and like they said. Oh, you need they kept trying meat facts. Took me. There are other types of crystals and things. Right. You can just give a shout out to the crystal you called it crystals in bullshit. But the stores called the crystal shrine here in Burbank, and I'm going to get to that store here in because that store is now playing a pivotal role. Mark in our lives, as you're still on your computer. I'm actually totally listening. Okay. Great. So what's the name of the store, Irving? Oh, I didn't catch that. We said before I. I call it crystals. And but. I like that crystals. No. That's a strip club on San Fernando. I knew I'd seen. No as funny. That is so funny. Okay. So I went into crystals bullshit crystals, but holes in, but I call it bubbles of bullshit. Right. But I still I'm looking at all these crystals and nothing's doing in the woman, there named tamra tamra goes, you need a unique motivate and she walked over, and she puts his green things stone in my hand, and it's like my body took flight, and I bought it, and started wearing it and researching Moldova and motivate it's supposed to really like harness your intuition, that voice in your head space. Yes. I went through it how fifteen million years ago. Yeah. I mean I just did while you were saying, you're listening, while you're on your computer. Sorry. So you miss that part to Jessica did. All sounds familiar now the thing is because you and I have talked about this, because when you talked about it, and so I. Confusing. The two whether it's at an hour, then sorry. Glad you're here. Now, we are glad you hear more we announcement coming up for Mark, which will good honestly, make some sense. The deep but I think we'll have a clearer picture of Mark in general coming up. So I look at all these stones she puts motive at Miami's minutes. Harnesses that intuition it harnesses your second that you already have it brings it to the forefront. It's very powerful. In fact, facts and I went to a different crystals bullshit in Palm Springs, the annex and we what's it called the in the Palm Springs? Yeah. I don't remember that game of that, but we walked in and I said, do you have any mole divide? And what are the women's at oh, you got to be really careful with the mold of I it's only for specific people. She goes to civic people can deal with that she said, most people can't handle it. Everything's changed since I got my first piece of mold of it. So then I got my second piece of Moldova, which is this. Ring ring. We that is. It's on your pinky. And it is a good. Could rain could hurt. Can you let other people shirt? Not supposed to the Nikki, no. Get off my motivate. So what is what is what if you could sum, it up in, like a couple of words, what is the biggest effect that you feel the mall divide has had on you? I feel like it has. Honest since I cannot. Trust, it feels like any it's, it's strengthened my intuition. Okay. To do what the little voice tells me, you know, sometimes that comes in your head, you're like, okay, this is so much easier to this way, or I know. But, like I don't want to that little voice. It tells you why are you playing this role in this? Why are you doing this? You should pick that one many people push that down. I'm sorry. We all heard that voice. Absolutely. It really makes voice so loud. That's what made for me that I go. Okay, I'm gonna follow that voice and every time I follow it things just like experiences. I've never had have happened people that I never thought I would meet I've met, I've really listened in a different way. And maybe it's all bullshit and psychosomatic. But whatever a my mold of I has really done something. I, I. Think that there's things that have been around for thousands of years before medicine or anything like that. And even if people say psychosomatic, so what it's actually doing something for you, because I've noticed since you've done that, that you actually started putting yourself out there more. Yes. A lot more. I think that whatever was going. Don't do that. Or whatever was holding. You back. You really just put yourself out there. So it sounds like it just puts you in touch with your gut more. Yeah. Yom got too strong word, but yeah. Can I just say in that story, it was really fascinating because he put the ring on his finger and he felt pain through through his hand up into his arm. It was I hear I didn't belive I, but he, he kept saying it was felt say this airy-fairy shift you all the time. And you look at me like I'm crazy. And now you're saying to me, and I'm kinda like I wish I it's a tale of two Ross's because I'm looking at myself, and I'm also experiencing so stupid, you guys. But just tried out Google love it. But, but so let me tell you a story, so crystals Bullshits here in Burbank. Which is called crystal's shrine. Shrine isn't it's my favourite crystal store. It's on magnolia. It's great in Burbank. So Fags east doing the autumn, he starts doing the automated Penn writer here on the show. We'll at crystal shrine. They have a booth in the back where they have tarot card readers or a little room. We I go site game mediums. They have extra large. They have a pet psychic. Can't go. The pet psychic is the one thing I can't wrap my brain around. I just had a reading from her she's great. How do you know if she's telling you the truth or not because because animals have souls? I agree with that. Although I've Diana's father in law says they don't have souls. The only reason they love you because you feed them not true. No not. Jesus little weird is no. She picked up my dog personality. The one yes. Yeah. Healing for me because I was stuck that I, I actually help believe it or not. I get that more than the people that, like, go to a live dog. And then say your dog is saying this, and that value somebody reading the dog. Yeah, there's a psychic, who I love name Sonya Fitzpatrick. She's I don't know if she has any more beyond Sirius XM, and she'd be like. People call me like I wanna know if Fluffy's happy slap feed doesn't like it when you leave should talk. Yeah. Yeah, he does. He loves it was you. Give treats treats fluffy loves that more. Hope. That's like the whole plot of secret life of pets. That's not like a stretch early. Okay. So here's the deal. So in that booth in the back room Fags alone. Got an idea in his head. I in fact said to him. I should do my automatic pin writing back there for clients you that thought. That's right. I did. And I ended up meeting scheduling a meeting with the owner of the crystal shrine and her name is. That's not her name. Her name is Shana, and that's the owner. And so I met a matter Shanna. Shunt shannon. I went and met her. And she ended up telling me that she listens to the podcast. You knew everyone here. Let me do the story. Yeah, so facts he walks in show is the owner Shana and then tamra is walks in and on here for my interview and tamra tells Shawna. Oh, this is Ross is friend and Shawna says, all I listen to the podcast. In fact, she goes, I'm Fags Malone. And she said what did she say right away? My god. And then she said, MO. There was she mad that I call it. Crystalline bullshit. No, she thought it was hilarious. She has a great sense of humor. She loves the show loves it loves you. And so, but it was just great that she knew all of us, you know, so she fancy gives her an automatic pen, writing debts every time I wanna get that every time I say that. Shimao. You guys always put this in songs. That's your favorite. So every time I say, automate, Penn writer for now, I wanna do that. I like that he gives her a reading in the back room. And then when did Shana do Shana hired me on the spot. So now the reading just really came through for her so fag Z Malone now every Saturday is will be at crystal shrine in Burbank. Damn straight giving readings every Saturday every Saudi Saturday from eleven to six our listeners can go in meet alone. In reading, at Christie's shrine in Burbank. Amazing. Mar do you have a special pennies does the pin have crystals in it or anything like that, or just any panel just do any pen? And how did you find out that you could do this? Well, I kind of explained all doing it kind of in a way because I've always done art. It's in the same ballpark people. Ask me all the time like how do you paint? I don't know how is magic. Answer marks first question was. How did you learn that you could do this? Right. Well, do you really want to repeat? Yeah. Well, I was going through. I really fell in love with a guy that didn't like me back. I was I felt rejected. I really lost myself in this experience. I mean really lost myself. So I ended up going to a bookstore one night and book presented itself to me called the boyfriend within, and I thought, well, if I can't find a boyfriend out there, maybe to find a boyfriend in here. So read the first chapter, it was about that the author explained this technique of using to where you pick up. One journal you pick up one right out of question. Put that pinned down. Pick up the other pin kind of clear your head and just let it flow. And see what comes out. So I started receiving these beautiful messages started healing me, and helping me sleep. And it just was it was amazing just help me so much. So then I was thinking at the time, and I presented, she wanted to see. And then she. She sent me to the hip hypnotherapy center here in Tarzana where I did a reading for them, and they diagnosed me, as an automatic pin, and now he's a professional when but. Readings in two thousand five. What if people aren't here in California can't make it crystal shrine on Burbank to get an automatic pen reading facts Malone every Saturday at eleven? What did they do? I created a website automatic pin writer dot com and you can go on my website, and you can book a reading through there, and I'll call you and we'll do a reading thirty minutes, sixty minutes this is so exciting. I'm so proud of you. Penn writer dot com. You can get all that done one other totally. I love your question. So I've just always wondered this, when you see psychics and stuff do you. And if you don't want to share this fine, but how does the payment work do you work on hourly? Or do you work on a per client basis? You like. Jer. Well, when I first started doing the readings I was giving readings seamy valley in the back of my friends store just took donations. So this now, I charge sixty dollars per half hour one hundred twenty four an hour get that we're so proud. At the store to the rate, the rate at the store to listen. I uh something's going on. We need to talk about it happened, and we haven't had a chance to address it. Happy. Happy blunt. Happy day to. Here's a cupcake for you. Darling. Mark. There you go. This is so cute women's your birthday Marky Mark June fourteenth forty-seven got you. Things one a hot chocolate. Nice. Thank you. I got you a shirt with sharks really love it, and I got you my favorite fate. This is the pen of eight pens. Can I say, what name it is? Or should I not do an endorsement infused? No, this is the best, most fun gig Lee. Oh, one time. Can I Nikki, and I and some other people in my place in Palm Springs, did this and I haven't left that hard in so long. It was so good. We were together. Ross was smoking and Tommy bought it off of. I gave it brand new just take it. And he wouldn't take he gave me the money for it. Because it was brand new, but I just wanting to have it, but he gave me do it now. We do. Now, I want to start giggling. No. 'cause I gotta drive okay? But market is the best. If you wanna know it's called honeypot, and I get the Lang Lang and orange. Well, how do you say? Why? L A N G Lang Lang. Healing whatever orange. It is delicious. Okay. All right. Baby. Good. So very birthday. You are very loved me. All right. I appreciate that. Oh, we love you. When we come back in honor Mark's birthday, there's going to be an announcement market's going to make that very proud of him for finding out discovering. And I think it will help us understand him more and. Yeah. Yeah. Explains that wall, does, I'll tell you my hesitate. When we come back. I'll tell you. I tell you explain my hesitation, much more. 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And there's five gluten free and you can see the difference in your skin right away, expertly formulated with asked his on a thin blue even be right. A rare plant nutrient from organic algae, that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines wrinkles, maintain a youthful appearance and improve skin. Elasticity, plus bio tin to support, the growth and strong nail that is essential. Find new chapter at the vitamin Shoppe whole foods or your local health food store. Disclaimer, these statements have not been evaluated but Jordan ministrations not intended to diagnose, treat cure, bent seem. Celebration. We're celebrating the birth of how many years old now. Forty seven wow. I know honestly because I wasn't here, anything I kind of actually missed this. I didn't think this is going to happen. So I really appreciate it. Listen, we give you a lot of shit, but you, you are very much loved. And you were midst in Brooklyn, so many people asked about you. You know, it's, it's, it's like life just gets in the way, sometimes of being able to go. Do all the things that you wanna do. No. That was beautifully. Oh. Well, I mean, that's actually part of the reason why is getting up here for the podcast and everything. And when CJ's hair it's, it's I come weap- when I can do missed a listeners, and I love when I do show up, I get really nice feedback on, like Instagram. You've been really good, given interrupting me this any, this episode at all or anything a little different like I don't know your home, and there's something we are you being serious? I'm really I I've said a couple of times he's kind of cute. Like he's, he's very cute. How he's presenting himself today was talking to date. Do not know what the announcement is going to be, and it's so incredible. I su- Meyer ballpark of God, the fact that you were saying this is so crazy. It's not mold divide. This is actually not an aunt and motivate. It's not pen Mark just going on. So if you don't if you your regular listener to the program, you know, Mark has is has has. Has interrupted a lot in the past has not has jumped in has been like a little frantic, and sometimes that's hilarious. And sometimes drives us that you Crazy Horse. There's always an umbrella of love here because we're all family, okay? Right. We get that. Mark says to me a couple of weeks ago and can I just sort of? I would never make fun of anything anyone's going through with their health or anything like that. So this is not making fun of anything. Okay. If, if you struggle with whatever we're not mocking you. That's what I wanna put out there to Blake statement that being said, now now that we've gotten PC out of the way what we're about to tell you, explain. Spleen so much, Mark. Why don't you tell the story? Yeah. So for those that don't know Diana, and I, we do couples therapy, once a week, we just done that most of our relationship, it's kind of, like, you know, preventative maintenance, great to fight and it's nice 'cause then sometimes we can say let's save for therapy and, and. Say save it every let's bringing up there was there's immediate helps us like walk away from, you know, we're not perfect. We still have our issues sometimes. But it definitely helped cut back on that. And so the therapists we've been with, like probably a year now or something. She a few months back goes, I think ADD. And I go, what? And she goes, you interrupt you did it did. She I think aid, what did what did she say, interrupt? And because you did. I know you went home and Google ADD attention deficit disorder. I can just pull them up real quick off the top of your head. Can you remember some of it was interrupting being anxious losing train of thought? Which is also part of the interrupting because you're frayed you're going to lose train of thought losing things like keys and stuff. Not completing tasks. There's a there's a whole list that I could look up with just about all of them might nine of the ten while. So what are you thinking? When you wouldn't you're there, your couple's therapist says you may have ADD which I think you're couples, therapists speaks for every listener of straight talk with Ross. What did you again? So this is what I want to say, we're not making fun of people with ADD does explain condition. Well serious condition that should be diagnosed true. I think this and they even they, they even feeling that. It might have had something to do with tobacco diction as well. Would you would you about? Yeah. Because that would help me focus and how are you on that tobacco dish addiction phone off a couple of times? But you know it's a work in progress. Where are you now with your addiction off of it? Great. And I ask you a question when, you know you smoke pot does that. Yes, you down. Pot is actually a lot of people ADD use pot. Okay. So, so we're at home and you're seeing the diagnosis in his checking so many boxes. And does that freaking out or making feel like, oh my God? Of course the God. Of course, there's no out. There's no shame this. Great. That's how it should be great. So you're thinking, oh my God. Amazing. Right. This could maybe help. Yes. Exactly. So then what do you do when you I'm sorry. But when you get a diagnosis, sometimes it's a big relief. Like sometimes when it hits, you're like, yes, finally, that's what explains why I'm like the way I am. Yeah. Do you know what I mean a diagnosis, really power? And the thing though, is to is that there's a difference dream for you know in medical. There's a difference between a therapist in the psychiatrists. Right. Psychiatrists are MD's therapists are not so therapists usually have a masters degree, but the can prescribe anything for you or anything, so hatchets. Hatchets to match Easter. Yeah. Yeah. So you have to then find a, a mental health, professional that has an MD to actually do an analysis that we, we did a deep dive into our insurance, who's covered and everything, like that I will tell you those people out here listening, if you wanna have a career that you will always have a job go into mental health, because it took me two months to get an appointment because people are so backed up, and that is, honestly, one of the biggest issues with school shootings, and PTSD all the bad things we hear about in the news is because we do not have enough people in the mental health profession to help people. Right. So it yet so two months, and actually, the first few people, I reached out to our like, we're not taking new patients. So it was it was a quite an ordeal finally get in two months later, and you go in this is just the other day Tuesday. And what's in Mark calls me right after it? What did this mental health, professional say within ten minutes? She was like, Yup. And then we just talk for another twenty or so. And what made her say? Yep. So fast, I think partly the way I was into the program. So. You know, I 'cause my trained thought would jump around and I'd start a story here and then I start another story without finishing that story and then she was asking me about my childhood, and, you know, I was all when I grew up, I was born in seventy two, if you were obnoxious, kid, it was sit down shut up. But even when I was a kid, you know, my dad would sometimes call me mouth through the mouth, because I was always like talking or eating. He's and. So with that, and she said, the problem is, is that there's usually two kids, and she said, they're usually boys in the class, and there will be one. That's really obnoxious and that person gets the attention and the other person it's kind of undiagnosed. And she did compliment me she. She said, usually people are of a higher, I q, which I used to be gifted programs and stuff that you learn how to adjust telling really long stories. Yeah, exactly. But you create you create coping, mechanisms and you create ways to deal with it, and you can usually deal with for most of your life, but his life, progresses and things become more and you have kids and you have jobs, and you have all that at a certain point, it just becomes where you can't deal with any more. So she put you on a small dosage, and it's so easy. Okay. In a couple days in great. You guys already walking. The they sensed it have. You. What did you open the front door? You said Ohio, are they still recording the first show is? Yeah. And then I just walked in, and I thought. Was a very calm very like centered like quick question. Not very interesting. Ross usually work is I wonder where I was on time and you're on time. What, what did you notice faxing? Well, I noticed that he was there was an energy, just calmness around you. There was a you were center it felt like you were centered. And you were calm and you were present. Yeah. Well, and also I felt like it was affecting my work too, because like when we did the thing in here of the who does that. And everybody in. Here's like marks slow to return emails to you. That also kind of started a clue me in on things because what would happen is, I would start to write an Email to somebody because usually, I'll just jump on things as they come. And then something else would happen, somebody who call me text me, another thing come in. I get distracted whatever. And then I would forget to go back to the Email in your think finished it. Yeah. So I would go back to I'm telling you, I was like young. This is going to help a lot of people's. I'm glad that you're so if anybody is having these, these thoughts, maybe we can Google signs of eight. Absolutely. And, and you know, there's may take a minute, because Mark says they're backed up. I don't know if that's the same in every state. But if I just want people to have zero shame and give zero fucks about any everybody else's opinion about this kind of stuff, you know, if there's something out there there's a reason we have medicine. There's a reason, right? They can help with some of the things here. Here's some of the symptoms often makes careless mistakes, and lacks attention to detail often as difficulty paying attention to tasks often seems to not listen when spoken to directly often fails to follow through on instructions tours, or duties in the workplace often has difficulty organizing tasks activities often voice dislikes, or is reluctant to participate in tasks requiring sustain mental effort, like for pairing reports completing forms or reviewing papers often loses things like tools while it's keys paperwork. Eyeglasses mobile phones, often easily distracted by other things, including unrelated thoughts and often forgetful in daily. Titties such is running errands returning calls paying bills and. That's me. Has Diana been bringing these things up to you or she just sometimes you get so, used to your partner sort of idiosyncrasies, you just kind of write them off. But she'd been bringing this up to I think it has been part of our problems with our fights and stuff, because that is even the therapists when you're when the person you are having a discussion or an argument with feels like you're not listening. They start repeating man they start raising their voice escalates, so yeah. Without knowing that it was that, I think Mark is more tractive is volka. I was like he'd looks really good evolve market. I think some of the things that behavior was almost like a smoke around you. So we couldn't even like it is a job really like this is really good. Mark. This is going to open. I have one final question before we go to Greg. And it's just important for me to know with this medication. Now, are you able to find this little? The nice thing his with the medication she gave me if I don't, it's, it's not like like depression medicine. We have to take it every day. And if you don't it messes up your chemical balance this medication. I can take it if I'm going to be working. But if I want to have the weekend off in one just let my brain wonder good. I don't have to take it Sunday or something. Yeah, we do have to take a break. Thank you, Mark on all honest. If you have any questions reach out to Mark on social media, you can find them at bubble the monkey and he'll remember too. If I can figure out how to do that, on Instagram. All right. When we come back, we've got what do we oaks, some good bad jokes? Yes. Nikki trending minute. Mark JIRA getting saucy and I have an Email of the week. Right. Bye. Two thousand nineteen is just started. And yet history has already been made the new normal is here. Have you seen it brought to life in a short film that runs only two minutes long the new normal seeks to leave behind eighty years of unjust prohibition in favor of a safer happier world? 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Oh, my friend. Liz, who is just so good and having such a moment right now. She's your friend. Yeah. We met doing drag race, and then I've just see her all these events and stuff. Absolutely love her. Do you know you know her album, right? Like you know this I don't hold on. Let me play this on grade. One. She's most famous for really. Crystal. Every. Okay. When I hit song, we saw her perform glad award loved her. She's great really great. Flute solo. Good. Yeah. She was on the daily show to she. I. Yeah. Instrument nominal. Welcome back to the program. We're celebrating marks Spurs facts, new pen, writing automatic N writer, prom. Yes. The CDN burping at crystal shrine precision bullshit, and make no EM. Uh-huh. Oh, guess what? It's time for our we don't have. Oh, how are we going to do? You have to do them yourself. It's ever. Good bad joke. Good bad, Joe. Yeah. Straight with. Yes, you know, usually Fags he would do it. Valley girl voice, you'll do it you want Mark to do it. Well valley go. That's mark. Doc to it. So Mark gonna hand you the, the jokes. You'll read them. Don't, don't overeat them, don't we them yet? So don't look, I want you to get your actual. Yeah, actual reaction. So you read them, I'll translate what you say you and your best valley girl voice, we didn't even best valley voice, I will go. All right, Mark. Let's go. Okay. Then pause till the before we get the punch line. What do you call a fat? Okay. What do you call fat psych, an extra large extra large joke? No one what, what do you call a fat psychic? A four chin, teller, four chin, four chin. Teller. Fortune teller who were. All right. Martin. How did the stone propose how did the stonier propose high something with high in it? No buzz, no, Mark. How did the Stoner propose marriage? You wanna k- married. You wanna marriage? You wanna you wanna great beautiful Mark or next. What's the next do? Nikki nikki's. Mike is none. No oak. Okay. Great. All right. Mark continue. What does a baby computer call his father, MAC mop by megabyte, your close data processor data? Mark, what is the hardest of skydiving? What, what is the hardest part of skydiving falling? If you really think about it falling hardly. Jumping on the plane, the hardest part of skydiving falling not dying ground ground around. All right. Is there? Another word is the last one. There's a few here. Okay. This one's got Scott to read it all the way through. It's no punchline. It's okay. I told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows onto high. She seems to pry. Okay. I like that one. I liked that Nobu on that one. Good. How'd you crazy? People go through the forest do crazy. People go through the forest. How tree by tree branching out. Crazy people know go this I go path. Hey, as a person that suffers from mental disappear. I find it now. Very brave. Why did the music teacher need ladder? Why did the music teacher need a ladder to climb notes to eighty? No. The booze for they're all bad jokes. It's an old joke. You'll know this one, what is worse than Greece on a Livia Newton, John, I know the. I don't know. Come on. I lean. You're more. This is from a listener. I believe did you hear about the constipated mathematician? Did you hear? About the. Thinking is so bad. Right. They even already wrote the boo after. So what is it? He worked it out with a pencil. My favorite one. And finally, what do you call an alligator in a vest? What do you call an alligator in a vest, a crocodile invested vest in vest, bent crocodile? I dunno and investigator. Yeah. Yeah. Right. They're good. Joe? And I tell you George favorite joke. Everybody with bras. What Mark knock knock juries? Who's there interrupting cow? I wanna take an Admiral. These stores. Hi, so I wanna give out a shout out to straight talker. Tighter for sending us all these goodies from. I think it's Mellon goats. Thank you so much for the goodies. We, we, we were in New York. We were walking CJ Nikki, and I after our brunch at Jacob's pickle which are the listener Stephan brought us to she invited us win surprise. We were walking home and was can we go in the store and love it? And it's called. We've all seen Mullen and go go it, it's hard to pronounce. But we all know that. And so we're in there. It's called. Emmy LA? I n plus geo. E. T Molin goats. And he's I love this or so we walk in, and they all know us. Right. So fun. And then turns out that's a straight talker. One of them works for them and sent us each a gift care package with Cologne, and perfume, and, and lotions and stuff for Nick fix Nikki's face. So exciting. So exciting anchor, and I said he was shot out, it will think you and he said, it's funny because she's gorgeous, even faze me anymore. He said, I can we give your shot out. And he said, no, this is gratitude because you give me so much. I picked out each fragrance according to your personnel. I love him. Okay. So is okay who unbelievable? Hey, straight talkers. I've been listening to people leave a this. Oh, I've been listening episode one with the cold chicken fingers. I have a story this happened a year ago. It freaked me out partly because I wasn't sure if I believe goes, and I don't want experience any goes situation just not my thing. Remember this Ross used to be not as thing, but man, you didn't have any go stories and. Goes to me, too. All right. So I had a co worker who once said she would appear some way if she died. And so I'm still waiting for her to come back anyway. I'm sidetracked. Here we go with the story. I part of it is back story. My husband and I have been together for eight years now, and I met him during a period of time, but his mother's health was poor and going downhill, quite quickly. I met his mom only a few times before she wasn't able to really be present so long story short after a few months of our relationship his mom died from cancer. I know sorry, cut to five years, or so later there was an anniversary mass dedicated in her name at a convent my husband's aunt his older side of the family's very religious hashtag, godless. The nuns at the convent made various flavor jams. So to be nice. We bought a jar of jam. We got elderberry and love better than the young ones. Younger berry, by the way, there's berry berry blueberry, but elderberry just seemed interesting and we went about the rest of the day we put it away in the pantry. I had forgotten about the judge 'em tucked away until it was making our kids loans for school. They love peanut butter and jelly anyway. I notice the Jillian I thought, well, so and I was curious to try it nothing to write about. Okay. Anyway, here's when it gets a little crazy and weird. I pull out the jar of jam out of the pantry. And as I'm walking back to spot at the counter where making the lunches, I was thinking about my husband's mom, and how short of time I knew her and so very much wish that she was around to meet her identical twin grandkids, and that, that chilly morning, we got out her jam and we went to mass for her. And so as I put the jar down on counter like the millisecond that touches the counter I feel something like a hand on my left shoulder is if God. Is if there were someone walk walking up behind me to grab you to get your attention. Like, that's how hard it was almost Licko the jar and flinched back to turn because there was nobody else in the house of the my twins who were three years old at the time. There's no way it could have been them touching my shoulder. Plus I was walking back to the counter. And I didn't see anybody else there. I freaked out for a second all the and then I didn't feel scared at that time, but rather since if peace, so I think this was my husband's Mancini high and that she's washing her grandkids. Thanks for listening kiss kiss. Aaron. Mckee that's wonderful. Love these stories so much. Because first of all, we're getting to know our street talk family, and I remember when Ross really wanted really wanted an experience, and, you know, you're having tons of air and get some motivating your. Brought towels of flown of doors shut. Your fans turn off or other crystals around your neck. Crystal put it on there, and it, kicked it off pretty Ming I turned around and I just put it on the, the stone had been to, you know, when somebody's like they put stones and silver some rapid. Yeah. Okay. The stone was off in. It was the mullet which is like I don't like you get up it did she say at the beginning there, how long the grandmother had passed away and the story, I don't I just have always been curious. Because I know when my dad died, and when my grandfather died both not long after. Like literally, the moment my grandfather died, I had a chat. I told this story at a podcast before. But also, like I feel there's like a window before they fully go where they're going that when people die, they feel like they have unfinished business. So that's when they end up like saying, hey, we're still here. Don't worry about looking errands, that it was five years. So, yeah, interesting. Thanks for sharing Aaron and. If you have in keep believable. Nikki. How can they send it to you? Nikki be at straight talk with Ross dot com. The heavenly. Such a thrill. Here in the knee to be. Email. Be my Email who you can Email me, too. It's just Rossi street, talk with Ross dot com. My phone buzz. Well, visit comes from Alexis and Alexis has an issue who need need their help says love the show. Love your hair. Love that. You love water. I'm a drag Queen in Chicago and yesterday. I got a call that said, no caller ID. The first of many calls though, I didn't know at the time I wasn't doing anything so answered Hello. Can I eat your pussy? The caller. Reclined in a hush tone. I stayed on the line for a bit just to try to find out who this was from. But nothing but I to eat your pussy, I even told him. No, I don't have a pussy to, which replied will can I still cure? Props to him for not skinny, I guess it was creepy. And unsolicited, so I hung up and what about my day, but the guy called back again. And again, I tried getting info out of him. I tried messing with him by making him repeat everything a minimum of five times. I even pretended like I was having the call trace, I held the phone away for my mouth and ask. Nobody do you have the number. Okay. Need to keep it on the line? Okay. I thought it was so clever with the last tactic, but tactic, but he still kept calling in a period of twenty four hours. He's called me, twenty eight times, not to mention I think he called another Philo Chicago, drag Queen who tweeted about it, not so fun fact. Did you know that you can't block calls, say, no caller ID? I'm just trying to watch. Riverdale on my phone. Oh, so I ended up paying for monthly service that unblocks blocked numbers. I've Veronica Mars, the shit out of the situation and now I know the guy's name his phone number, and where he's calling from. So there's a partly a service, you can pay when a blog number calls you that none blocks the number Alexis continues. My question to you is Ross now that I know who he is his number, and where he lives, what revenge should I take. Oh, this little pill, CJ, stop calling Ross, you the Queen of phone prank. So I'd love your advice, kiss kiss, Alexis PS so excited bubbly branches coming to Chicago. Your host Lucy stools in American treasure cannot, we tend yes, much, much more on this go brench coming up, including on how you can get tickets. But that's hilarious. So, so this, this drag Queen has somebody calling all the time you're busy. So funny found out who it is. What do they do now without information, Mark, either you or get a friend, give them a taste of his own medicine? That's right. Block put your caller because you can change your phone. So it has no caller ID and start doing the same thing to him for with your number. Then he'll see a ringing and he'll freak though, if you just call him with your number. Oh, yeah. And he sees you calling that'll. That'll that'll never. He'll look at his phone because no color, ideals voicemail. If you see if he sees that number calling him. He's no longer a non. Right. And you can leave a message and just say, hi, Peter Smith or I made that name. It's me. You keep calling me. I know who you are. Don't call me anymore. Yeah. I was just thinking, give them a taste of their own medicine or actually, give this number to all your other drag Queen friends and say, eat your this is Lucy stool, right? That's getting the calls who's Lucy stool? That was a complete that's a whole thing. Do you know what I think you should go to Mark's? Dr. Lucy's still is hosting our Chicago brunch. This is the Alexis real quick. I don't think that I think she should have fun with it. I don't think she should call me that nice. I think she should call the she should call him be like pussy pussy plus fun with every day. Crazy put his whatever on bathroom wall. No. Because that is. You're no better than. Yeah. That's right. I think you can rise above it. You call just you calling him a freak them out. And if you need to have them, you, maybe it'd become friends, I say, texting a bunch of dick, pigs, are you all actually I think I think Ross is right? I think if you say, take the high road is a better view. So maybe tried that. But if that doesn't work, then go one eighty and give the number to all your drag Queen friends, and have them all call him saying, I wanna eat your busy, whatever it is more dick. Pic. Listen to Marta. Ring ring. Hello, would eat your pussy J, right? But I don't I don't have a secure dick. Thing about marks Admiral is now he jumps in forbids. Joining. I said something during the break. Diana has not experienced she's out of town. Right. So Diana has not experienced on Adderall yet. Fast active medicine that you could really feel the difference. Yeah, I I've started. I did. I don't know if I said this offer on air, but I started I did one till yesterday, and because she said you're going to have to find your dose, and then today because as much longer day, I did a pill in the morning 'cause I start working at, like, eight AM, and then I did another one in the afternoon. And it it's really 'cause you will know if you take too much, he's he'll start to shake. So she's like how hard you're gonna get fucked when she gets old so she's going to be like, who's this calm, debonair gentleman per minute. My husband, you know, because I've been talking, and everything and focusing on you guys. I didn't take down anything for a minute, Mark. So, but instead, may I make an announcement Marquis maze. So for those of you went fuck. I live on the west coast New York is far. I wanted to go to the drag brunch. And I wanted to go to the straight talk. Surfers. Listen to our will. Yeah because. Well, kind of because we are going or the podcast is going, and you wait. You don't even knew this. We're doing another life show. You don't know this is this is going to be the first time we have a drag bunches are taking place all over the country were announcing cities, very soon. We're about to announce a new city right now where we're doing a drag brunch and to kick off the first drug bunch. We are also going to be doing live podcast. And that city is Seattle, Washington. Ross is hometown. So I'm thinking we all go up a few days early. Go to mount Vernon. Right. And then do the show in a meeting a meet up in member. And if people want, and then do the live show. Donny. Labor Day weekend. So we're still working out the details for like how many podcasters we can afford to fly up based on ticket sales, and all that stuff? But it's going to be on Saturday. August thirty first for the podcast and then Sunday September first for the brunch and then Mondays Labor Day. So you it's the three day weekend, it's still Ross can attest to. That's when weather's nice up in Seattle at that time. Right. Yep. There could be surfers because there's true additionally, we want to announce we've sort of teased this, but we are the bubbly brunch, not so the podcast August thirtieth thirty first up in Seattle with the brunch. We're doing a brunch, bubbly brunch in Chicago. God and that starts onto. We are doing the Bakersfield brunch restarting that maybe once a month starting that July thirteenth, that's already sold out, so stay tuned for new dates. All right. So lots some more, and then those these once a month. Okay. So. I think the, the brunch may be coming back to Brooklyn to just so you know, shit. Okay. Everybody. We did it j rod, did you have anything quickly? I just we just have to because it's your good, or if you if you wanted sorry, Selena's walking all over me because she they're hungry. If you wanna follow Fags Malone fall hill him at Malone. You can also podcast gate gay gay gay podcast, and you can go book your appointment at automatic Penn writer dot com. And if you're in Burbank, this weekend, go see him eleven AM. Yes. Intel win eleven to Jill six till at crystal shrine on magnolia boulevard here in burping a Mark is at the monkey follow him. Thank you for being here. Always better ourselves. Thank you. Oh, by the way for the Chicago. Tickets are now on sale. So we'll put a link-up Ross bubbly and just please know on your it says it on it. But you have to. Purchase a separate ticket for the, the food part. So you buy a ticket for the show, and then it's a twenty dollar favorites. I don't. Okay. I don't like that because I think that they'll just by the brench when they get there. But that's how they wanna do it because the ticket anyway, I think they're trying. I think I will verify get info for food there. I don't know why they're having people. Buy them on. God bless what am I going to do on the air guys I had a whole phone call about it today? And they couldn't get it that way. So the way it is now is, if you'd like to pre you buy your ticket. And if you wanna prepay for your brunch, you can on the way. On the way. Brench when you get there, they're going to hate that. I say everyone hates always said this, but doesn't make any sense to me. But I do love food, so maybe I'd come out Marcus. Are you mad that I said that no, no I actually just emailed and the guy to verify that, that we can do that. So. You can't buy food. It's run, please. I know brunch Joshua. So mad j rod is Josh Rodriguez. And a Nikki Boyer is Nikki Boyer. Also medium? I'm Hello Ross. And the program is Hello Ross pod. Hope you've been watching presidential debates this week for the democratic candidates, and make sure next week that you tune in, we have a very special fourth of July special and we're playing a game with new American citizens star of unreal and the bitch ler drag race Jeffrey, Boyer chop, and who's also much for listening. I'm gonna go feed Selena and odd genus.

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