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You are listening to gangland wire hosted by former Kansas City police intelligence unit detective Jerry. Merry Christmas all you wire-tappers out there. His a special little merry Christmas episode very short. I just want to let you guys know. Oh how much I appreciate all of you. Who have listened to me and let me know you listen to me and sent me some money every once in a while and bought my movie and you're he's still buying my now? You're buying my new movie brothers against brothers and I've got a lot of good reports back on that like people really like I tell you the truth. I'm really proud of it but not really really. I'm not really here to do commercial Just want to let you know got a Christmas present for doing a couple already. Done a couple of podcast August episodes. And I'M GONNA release very close around Christmas Day. I think maybe one is said the twenty third and maybe on the twenty fifth or twenty six. I can't remember I have to go go back and look but anyhow You know man you get tired of all those rallies they're talking. You can just go outside or go out to the garage and lineup cigar earn. Go out on the patio and SIP on your drink and listen to a little known story that was revealed by Sammy. The boettger Bano when when he turned on Gaudy and the whole organization This was one that they didn't see common. They knew it was out there the FBI US attorney knew this was out there and Sammy. The bull really locked in for them. They had been picking up on. The wiretap are actually they had been picking up on a hidden microphone there in and then apartment was up above the rain night. Social Club that there was some guy who was a policeman or a lawyer or a golfer. Or something you know. Oh and he was a cousin to somebody in might be somebody named Pete And and they started and this guy was talking to Godley They couldn't I forget who it was. And and you know and no idea and you know what's interesting. Is Sammy the Bulls and one that really put this guy in the trick bag in the end when he turned in the first information that he related the guy of course not directly to God but through a An an underling of goddess on the first information that he relayed was about several hidden microphones were in businesses owned by Sammy. Bogus Bano so. There's no among thieves for sure but in as is a bonus in the second episode this story. I have a man who is originally from Kansas City and interesting guy. I worked the case on a MAC in the nineties. Actually I didn't personally work. It was supervised the surveillance team that helped the FBI worker case on him. And he's now out and and and we connected up here lately. Atlan in he met Gatti's informant the one that they're trying to figure out who he was so hard in worked with him in the bakery in the federal penitentiaries that that John was in John Saint John's name so this is quite a story. It's I'm GonNa tell you how the guy got started talking to Godley and what his motivation was. It appears like a and now you know he talked to God. These people say he's talking to talking to God. He talked to God's people and they passed on the word. The Mount. Wiretaps in hidden microphones out. There who was informant when indictments were being handed down. They defied jurors and mob trouser. They could maybe go out and try to bribe. Bribe somebody and anything else they want to know. When he was making some pretty decent money gotti adding more on a retainer would payment up to five figures of was really the juicy piece of information And then continued down the story. How this intrepid? FBI agent practically were out a pair of shoes or we used to say gonNA solve a case. You gotTA expense shoe leather on it. That made you gotta get out at Bang on doors. You GotTa talk to people you got trying to find witnesses. You gotTA follow clues wherever they go and and not. Just sit back in your office and it may be tried to call informed or or look at some video or something you know you gotta get their bang on doors and hit the streets. It's and he solved. The mystery of who this man was because even Sammy the Baldin. No he was but when they put it all together then guy ends up in the penitentiary with my friend. Don Say John You know as an aside here in Kansas City. We had a couple of different guys. I worked intelligence that we knew too close to my guys and you know in both cases this is we're able to set them up and Cottam running license numbers in the EH. DMV Computer for an address and so they didn't really lasts along they didn't they didn't last too long after that I actually did go ahead and retire. He I seem every once in a while. I've seen him a couple times a day. You always gives me this fish. I look okay I know you are dude It and he says yeah. I know you are too but we never say a word about it now on another note Finish off with. There's little shorty that just make Christmas episode of because I'm leaving. I'm heading south man. I'm heading South Tomorrow With my beautiful wife is done. Brian Song says you know just lied those nylons and home. Honey it lead them pretty legs. Short is hot down where we're going. Of course it won't really be that I would be much more than it is here I just listened to another mafia pied gas today when I went over the gym and went on the treadmill have been doing. Exercise has been spending too much behind time behind the mic back in front of the computer and this friend of mine's got Bernstein who has The mob blog called Geisha report has a mob a podcast. It's kind of like ours here. Original gangsters name of highly. Recommend it. You know there's very few of us out there. They're doing just this. There's a lot of our crime to grind bod- Gazza lot of missing persons to grant bond gas Rape and kidnapping and sodomy in in all those kinds of crimes very few that focus on the complicated schemes aims of the Mafia and the and the convoluted things they get into the complex organizations. They have in and try to enlighten and educate people about that and educate it myself and and like my friend Cam. Educate him about this to. He's a great researcher. Too by the way Cam I if you listen to this I am say anything. I really appreciate eight. What you've done for me over the last few months because I was so tied up with all this Mob Film Festival and tradition my movie rather against brother. So I appreciate it Anyhow Scott has this as a Scott. has this new podcast called original gangsters. He didn't put him not quite as often as I do. And I don't really feel bad about you know promoting somebody else's mop podcast is. I think there's more than enough to go around But he gets into the real story he has sources in law enforcement in the mom And this one listened to today was an interview with the son of Jimmy Hoffa Stepson Jackie. O'Brien of course you know. That's not right now because of the Irishman and you know if you saw that film that that film indicated that Jimmy Stepson this Jackie. O'Brien was a man who drove drove Hoffa to his death in the this is the steps in and the Stepson. That Jackie O'Brien had steps on. Who wrote this book the neighbors Jack Goldsmith Turns Ao that? The title of the book is in Hoffa Shadow battle. So Jackie. O'Brien grew up in his shadow and Jack Goldsmith grew up in Jackie. O'Brien shadow and you could tell by listening to him. There's a lot of of Respect and love for the stepfather for in both these cases. Really interesting if you think about it. And and Jackie O'Brien you know. His is that real father supposedly was a Kansas City. Gangster who was a AKA minor gangster. I guess it would be this On that just has lost his name. It's not probably not that important. He was a bodyguard to Charlie Benagiano. Who is one of our mob bosses in the thirties? All the way up to the fifties Charlie Benicio became famous in nineteen fifty one because himself and one of his other Bob. His political the political end of the Kansas City Crime Family Charlie Gargano and Charlie Benagiano got killed at the democratic. I Wore Democratic Club. Love is really famous. You've probably seen the image down my APP. it's Smiling picture of Harry Truman. Looking out over a dead body laying on the floor so what these guys were killed in nineteen fifty one and and really stirred up because it nationwide stir and the one of those commissions the Got Again think of the name of one of the one of those commissions that goes round investigates the Congressional Commissions. It goes round investigates. The mob came came became said he primarily because of that the murder of the two Charlie's on an interview in this Son of Stepson. Jackie O'Brien Jack Goldsmith he's a really bright guy he's a he's a lawyer he worked for the. US Attorney's office For quite a while and his career and he he researched his bookie looking for seven or eight years he had He revered his father but he was really unflinching when he described. Jackie O'Brien relationship with Hoffa and with members of the Detroit mob Black Veto Jack. Loney who you know. He indicates probably the man on this deal. He doesn't really by the Irishman story that Jackie O'Brien drove his stepfather to the Murder scene of. I don't know I didn't really by either seem kind of strange. I guess you know if you listen to that uncommon. I did on this. But anyhow the The Radio Los Amount of the what. The Amazon thing says in office in Hopper Shadow although the author tells the moving story of how he reunited with his stepfather after he disowned him and then set out to unravel why the twentieth century's most persistent mysteries. And what Jackie. O'Brien role was in in in along the way Mr Goldsmith Explores Hoffa's rise to the top of the teamsters union and his fault and he kinda cast a little a new light on Some of the surveillance state date that we've gotten into and on the architects of Hoffa's disappearance and heart rending complexity and explain some of the really heart rending complexity complexities can't say that word and complexities of love and loyalty. So it's a great podcast. I really recommend if you're interested in that whole office story which I think everybody is recommend you do that. I'm GonNa end this now Again Merry Christmas and happy New Year in Look for my little Christmas presents presence and and another thing. I'll have another special one atom doing several after those two guys stories. I'm doing I'll probably skip a week at New Year's and then I've got another Scott Gotti story story and I'm going to be on a live new show from something called newsmax newsmax dot com. They have live news it. I don't know I can't until what it is I've never I'm not I don't have cable. TV I just use Cutback cut my cable. I just use the APPS for the different Amazon Aladdin's Antenna TV. So a look up that newsmax and they have live shows all the time and this can be on January sixteenth. Seventy eight and they're going to have have me on is a is a mob expert So I'll have a podcast telling another gotti story or two because that whole life podcast is going to be about God. Enough had Brush up a little bit and then a little bit about they're gonNa ask me questions about Ms Thirteen and other You know Mexican cartels in the new modern transnational organized crime. I'm Gangsta. I've got a brush up on them a little bit too. So no commercials Just stuff coming out of my mouth today. And I'm not even GONNA at this. Edit is so if you notice I do make mistakes every now and then and then I dread edit amount as best I can Good good evening wear diapers using provided by our good friend and Superfan from Portland Oregon. Casey McBride Thanks Casey

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