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I'm going to undress you three and three. You're going to undress me for and four. We're gonna freak some more Libertad, Stu gods and team coach in on ESPN radio. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance, commercial insurance through progressive, protect your business and your dream choose from over thirty coverage options at progressivecommercial dot com. Tim coaching and get to join us just a second on the shell Pennzoil performance line takes your phone call seven eight, six, four, five, six, four, eight, three, seven. Here's your sportscenter update game. One of the NFL c. s. between the dodgers and brewers is tonight I page eight. Oh nine. PM eastern GIO Gonzalez who we just learned today is a brewer and their ace. Apparently he'll face off against Clayton Kershaw reminded that all MLB playoff games can be heard right here on ESPN radio. You saying bolts has marches. I start for Australian soccer league side, central coast, Mariners with two goals against MacArthur, southwest in a preseason friendly into goals, Volta to goals. These early better than anyone who's ever played soccer in the United States. Ed finally. This is the tough on edge. Sharon's shape of you is the most streamed song in Spotify history for all the latest headlines that information due to the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout today. All right. If you wanna talk baseball or if you wanna talk life, if you need advice, etiquette, Tim Kirch is here for all your needs seven, eight, six, four, five, six, four, eight, three, seven is the telephone number. If you wanna talk to Tim, Kirk last week checked in with him. He had a wedding right to God's wasn't. He wasn't he in a wedding during a big baseball day. And so he was going to be checking on scores from his nephew's wedding. Yes. So we we discussed this last week and I think there was a quadruple header on that day. We're Tim had the wedding and he was a little nervous how he was gonna take in all the actions, Tim. I'm wondering, can you paint a picture of yourself at this wedding, very important wedding for you and your family? Can you paint a picture of you sneaking away watching baseball. I did not watch one pitch ball from the Yankees. Red Sox game last Saturday night. The venue had no television in it, and it was a great wedding. It was for my nephew very close to. So I did the right thing by not searching for a TV, but there was no TV in the venue. And my oldest brother was giving me updates on the ankles Red Sox, but I did not check it myself. How about that? What's amazing. Stunning. So not even on your phone, Tim, did your body start at ching? Like did you get a rash of some sort? Well, I was standing next to my brother and sitting next to my brother for most of the night. So he was checking for me though. I didn't get any bad itches or rashes. I did the right thing at a wedding for my nephew, your brother was doing play. Why wasn't it? He was doing he. He was a, he's an Astros fan, so he was keep me posted on both games that day. Astros Indians. And then at night, Red Sox, Yankees, Tim, Kirk church with us. The playoffs are in full bloom, the Yankees complaining about angel Hernandez who I have called the blight depan my people, everyone agrees to him that that he's terrible empire. Like everyone says that. I've never heard it quite like this ac- you know, some people would complain about Joe west, but I've never heard it like this about one guy who's the who's the empire that you've gotten the most complaints about in your life. Well, angel Hernandez is near the top of that list, but it's not because he's a bad umpire or really bad empire. It's because he doesn't deal with people particularly well. We can be abrasive. He does it work with the players or the managers, as well as they would like having said that he had a terrible night at first base, which is well chronicled and night behind the play. I didn't think it was as bad as he's about the said, but he's not particularly well regarded umpire, but it must be well regarded enough to work a playoff game because they put him in a big one this year. Does angel Hernandez looked like the mask you buy when you're going as a roaring twenties Munster for Halloween. Does Andy Reid looked like a civil war reenactor who just got reprimanded for wearing glasses that are historically inaccurate. I'll blow your on with Tim coaching. Go ahead. Blow. What dry, what guys you more crazy Malta. They're called strikes or strikes that are called balls. I think it's strikes that are balls that are called strikes. Look is hard enough to hit in the big leagues today. Most hitters have virtually no chance. It gets a pitcher with great stuff who is locating and when they great pitcher with great stuff gets away with pitches that are not in the strike zone that frustrates me even more than the other way, but it does bother me tremendously when that pitch that is two inches above the belt is called high when it is not it is a strike, and sometimes it isn't called that way. Those berry Melrose looked like the head of casino security for one of those sad Las Vegas hotel. I take that as a yes, you're on ESPN radio with Tim. Kirk should go ahead Meg. Good morning, Tom. I'm wondering what was the full menu and what did you choose at the wedding to eat this weekend? It was a buffet style, which was great. Maybe you could go back and eat. They had a beef dish and chicken and pasta and some great, great potatoes and vegetables. So I ate all of it and it was all good. Sean McVeigh looked like he sits on the bench, press going through his phone instead of working out. Does look like that. Does Paul finebaum looked like the snooty spectator at an opera who uses these tiny binoculars to gaze upon the from his luxury. Does your on with Tim perks? Go ahead, Mike, he likes the finebaum one takes particular delight in the finebaum. Go ahead, Mike, you're on with Kirk Shon. Hey, Tom, I was just wondering who could take a fastball off the stomach better Bartolo Cologne, or Dan. Oh, or total Cologne by mile because he's a baseball player and he's used to do these things really good fielding pitcher for a heavyset forty, four year old man. He's a pretty darn good hitting pitcher for a heavyset forty, four year old man. So he could take anything in baseball punishment of any kind better than Dan could because he's a baseball player at Dan is not mentioned, so we can take suspension is better than. TIMMY, how do you attack the cocktail hour? Because the last time I was at a wedding Sodano's wedding, actually Dan's dad, and he taught me a very valuable lesson. He just found where the waiters and waitresses were coming out and we just stood right that we posted up right there and pigs in a blanket all night. How do you go about the cocktail hour. At a wedding. You mean Jess? Well, this wedding was absolutely perfect. You walked out of the area where the two got married and literally two feet away was reception area. And the second that you walked in, there were four bars that were opened. So nobody waited for drink. Nobody had to wait for anything. It was absolutely perfectly done when it came to the open bars scenario where you drunk know how old you. I was the designated driver. I had five people in my car, and I was in charge. So I'm a very responsible guy when it comes to those things. So I got everyone home safely. And that was the most important thing. How drunk were they? Not too bad. In fact, that was not that was less dancing. I was told at that wedding, then any wedding, any of our kids have been to and even though it was fun, it wasn't. Raucous because the husband a wife weren't rockets, and it turned out to be a wonderful night, but not a crazy wedding night, Greg, you're on with Tim. Kirk should go ahead, Greg. Hey, Jim, a brace, thin. I've been hearing rumors that Freddie Freeman minutes strength convinced the organization to pick up Bryce Harper. What are your thoughts on that? Well, it certainly would make a lot of sense. Bryce Harper's really good player, and the Braves have turned the corner, and they could always use another star player on that team, I guess, is that's not going to be his first choice. I would think the Phillies dodgers cubs would be ahead of the Braves, but you could do a whole lot worse and be the twenty four twenty five year old guy and go join a team that just made the playoffs. And as that many really good young players on it to me, I feel like I need your permission on this. If Kershaw is lousy tonight and I crush him on Monday. You're going to cry my no matter what is due God. So this is his twenty first postseason start tonight. And I think he's completely turned the corner as far as any sort of postseason struggles and he has great numbers at Miller park. So I'm not into supporting any sort of major problems for Kershaw tonight. What if he gets clobbered headed rhythm? Because you will anyway. Thank you, Tim. How do the brewers hang with the dodgers considering there seems to be a discrepancy and starting pitching quality? Yes. The dodgers have demonstrably better starting pitching than the brewers do, but twice in majorly history, we've had seven gates series won by team that use more relief innings than starter innings. I was seventy nine and two thousand one. So you can win a seven game series by using your bullpen more than. You use your starters, that's how the brewers can win the series and they can win this series, but they're going to have to make sure they use that bullpens as affected as possible because it's one thing to sweep three games over the Rockies and use the bullpen that much. Now you're gonna need a baby for seven game that will be the challenge, but it has been done before does Bret bielema looked like the guy who listens to the beginning of your story about adopting a cat and immediately interrupts you with. I'm a dog person. Does Trey wingo looked like he spends part of his Saturday shopping for a pair of white socks that have enough elasticity to keep themselves up, but not so much that they cause a visible line on the skin. Does Frank Sola look like an FBI informant. Men. Does does Matt Patricia look like he enjoys throwing people in the pool. I. Joe mini Moni. My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be the smoking mom. My first experience with jewel. I do remember being like this, good. It's it's it's like a cigarette, but not. I don't miss smoking at all. Like I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette Asher lingering odor make the switch and j. u. l. dot com. Slash sports warning. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive, chemical. Donlevatar, mummy human. Do you say to this me still gods. Do you know poet base as they lebatardshow with Stu gods on ESPN radio. So you may have heard that college football players at Oklahoma cannot legally be paid, but their defensive coordinator recently fired because somehow they lost Texas, which had lost to Maryland, Mike stoops who's chief qualification for that job was being born with the last name stoops. He will be paid monthly until two thousand twenty twenty five thousand dollars a month. He will just be paid monthly until two thousand twenty. That's not a coach. That's not a head coach a coordinator at a big program. There's not money for the kids. They say they can't pay for the kids, but they can do things like that. And they do things like that at every turn and they can pay the coaches. These ridiculous salaries. Now keep in mind that his salary allegedly according to the. Oklahoma and was two hundred seventy five thousand dollars. That's the base salary. But then when you start playing around with some of these things that coaches play around with and you'll stay benefits personal services appearances on behalf of the university. It's goes up to a million for being a stoops and like I just don't see how you look at that and don't see something fundamentally wrong with it. I pay stoops with education. He's got plenty of time now. Go pay him, pay him with education, right? Let him go to the library as much as he likes as he could check out as many books as he likes. It's a big bonus. He gets he can take as many classes as he likes. Let's give stoops let's pay him in the monthly installments of of all the classes he'd like until two thousand and twenty eight at fury aiding. But I wonder like if stoops if he takes another job, I'm assuming those payments go away. If he takes another Geno that's severance that's just he had just recently signed an extension. All of that is severance they just they just give him an extension. Then they're like, oh, that Texas laws never mind. Let's get somebody who costs more money because there are no salary. Caps code, Oklahoma would be kind of foolish to give him a non compete. I want to ask you guys something might because I don't know what the rules are, but pop culture was consumed yesterday with the circus at the White House where you've got Kanye west in the presence of Donald Trump and. Hijinks ensued. So there was a sports science. Jim Brown was there l. that's right. Sports tie, and that's right. Jim Brown was lording over the preceding. Thank you, Mike. I'm here for you. Be careful. So what I wanted to ask you guys about, because we've talked about some of this before. I can't wait till the book gets written on this. Okay. Late night. Television has been a fascination in this country for a long time. Jimmy Carson Ed Sullivan, Johnny, Johnny. Carson. Wow, and just fifty dollars. Yeah. Okay. I'm sorry there to Jimmy's in prime time and late night. Fair enough. I know it is bad. That five dollars five, five always said. So Johnny Carson. If you've books have been written about the war between Letterman Leno to have the tonight show, which was America's place to watch television. One of the most esteemed programs in the history of television Letterman was deeply hurt by not getting the tonight. Show Leno, got it. And then became somebody who was milk toast on purpose so that he could be popular to the masses and what has happened since Trump was elected to late night, television is that Jimmy Fallon was given that tonight show and he inherited. He had some talent. He did some musical things. He did some creative things with celebrities played funny games with them, Justin Timberlake, but he got swallowed so fast because he could not keep up with Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, and Seth Meyers who were doing politics. He doesn't want to do politics. He doesn't want to do polarizing. And the reason I bring this up is because Jimmy Kimmel did something really moving, and you know how late. Night works. Now it's not people watching late at night. It's them sharing clips. The following morning of what happened on late night, television. It's all change. But Jimmy Kimmel did something where I believe this woman from Texas created song viral song about the president's comments that this is a very hard time for boys. It's an exceptional song and you with daughters should check this out because I bet you they get moved by it, Mike, can we get the sound to Jimmy Kimmel? Can we see if we can get that cleared before the end of the show so that I can the reason it was moving was done with such a deft touch, right? So you're flying in a viral video woman who is saying moving song that has reached people with with power, it's an inspiring song. And so what happens is she's out there singing the handled it with such great such touch. She's out there singing, and then women start coming in singing behind her singing behind her. And then after that young girls come and sing with her, and the song is is is funny and sad, but it's just not something Fallon would do like Fallon doesn't want in those waters. He. Doesn't have a party everything I know, but what's amazing about it is how he's gone. It's this brand that is one of the most sacred brands in the history of American media has been swallowed because the other guys are better at politics than he is now. It's still Kasur finally wins. However, Colbert has a winning streak here recently, in fact, recently got over a million viewers more to his show than Fallon's, but but still relatively tight. I wouldn't throw dirt on Jimmy Fallon's grab, but I'm saying, well, he's given up a lead that was, I mean, he's given up the inheritance. Inheritance has gone like that is that's that shows prestige. You don't finish second place. There was a time where people thought Gobert went last year. Like that's how far ahead Fallon was. There was a time in the the gap was what the Gavin. We have to go find that are you? Okay? Yeah. Why? It sounded weird existed. All right, you sure I'm fine. Yeah, you get. Are you not stunned by how quickly that gap closed anybody. Colbert found his lane. He was struggling. Mike, Jimmy Kimmel is now to in healthcare. He's out here doing. He's doing me to like that was that he wasn't going for funny with what he was doing last night. Kobero is kind of had that lane though the lane found him when Trump was elected. Yeah, that's true. But that change everything. It's the combination of Trump and technology have sort of turned a late night television upside down donlevatar. I would love to see you own a form. What would you love of God? I think I would starve. I would lose weight. I wouldn't know what to do to God's sit on a tractor. Imagine Mike milk, Mike pal. There can't be a worse farmer than me anywhere walking. This plan become a close second on that. I don't. I think everybody in the world would be better than me live at our show with this two guys on ESPN radio. What was Beckham find four like is that a normal thing? I know that there are fines all over sports, but making comments in an interview is not usually something that results in organizational action. Are they finding him because he did an interview outside of their umbrella. One of these can find their own players. This isn't a league fine. This is conduct detrimental to the team as a team software, but have you heard it's according to Jake laser? Have you heard of reports before an? I'm sure there there must be right, but if you're telling me that he was fine for comments, what were the comments he was fine for? Was it when he was asked if the giants had an issue a quarterback? You said, quote, I don't know. Like I said, I feel like he's not going to. Get out of the pocket. He's not. We know allies not running it, but it isn't a matter of time issue. Can he still throw it? Yeah, but it's been pretty safe and it's been, you know, cooled catching shallow routes and trying to take it to the house. But I'm, you know, I want to go over the top of somebody that's not findable. They find those are the comments. Yes, that's why they find him. Are the ones did it? Yeah. I'm asking you guys, do you think that's fine? -able you think that's a final offense? I, I can't. His answer wasn't. Yes. They answer was initially, I don't know, and then he volunteered plenty. But he said, I don't know. I could see where the team has a problem with that. I don't win all of it dead. I don't dispute why it is or how it is that the team has a problem with it. I dispute a union allowing a player to lose money over things said during an interview that are that benign. That's what I'm I'm trying to take degrees at this. Yes, of course. We can all agree that this would be perceived by Pat Shurmur as conduct detrimental. What I'm saying to you though, is that this interview these words that I just read to you? They're not that flammable there flammable because it's that guy saying it while sitting next to little Wayne if it had been shepherd saying, is it also a fine do even care? I mean, you didn't feel this way when number twenty one for the Miami Heat, got fine for saying there's a lot of teams that use their center. It's bleed that we don't. He got fined for that. This is not uncommon across sports, and now we would not care of shepherd, said the same exact thing. No one would get little way won't be sitting next to shepherd. Jesse Anderson won't be traveling to go see shepherd. No one would care if Shepard had anything to say he's shepherd. I had such a problem with what Joe buck and Troy Aikman we're doing yesterday did Martellus Bennett, man. They just singled out. They just don't in on Beckham first off. He makes a block that spring saquon Barkley free for touchdown. No one mentions it on the broadcast Odell. This is a scored a potentially put the giants back in the game. Odell on the sideline is trying to get his team back into it. Hyping himself up screaming into a sideline fan, the history, onyx of punching the sideline fan, but they made it, oh, man, this is a mess on the sideline. Now we actually just made a huge play that you never discussed and he's trying to get a steel visit. This is this broadcast, okay, and I know buck and Aikman are you know the broadcast team, they are the lead voices, but that. Team. Joe buck or one of his most famous moments was getting indignant just outraged by Randy moss pantomime ING mooning the Green Bay crowd. When this this season, somebody New York jet, I believe. Yeah, right. But with the football was pretty quiet, but but this is this kind of stuff. Okay. Look, this has been happening a longtime in my journalism career when. In the broadcast booth. It's the old white guys raining down, you know, judgment on the behavior of the young black guys. This is something that's having for a long time. And in this case, you've got Joe buck a personal friend of mine and tro Troy Aikman who is a quarterback would usually doesn't say very many controversial things on the broadcast, but it's probably going to protect other quarterbacks. And certainly even though he had Michael bleep in Irvine is his wide receiver and should know something about these things. He is going to likely understand the quarterbacks position better than the wide receivers position. But this has been happening my entire life in sports journalism where one attitude in the press box is different from the attitude on the field of the star player. But some of this is on the star player. He wants to be destroyed. He clearly wants story. I don't have an issue and listen in a blowout game. They're focusing on the story lines which are Odell Beckham, junior and Eli, manderson. Good, but but no, no, no, no. But wait, there's plenty of talk about Eli was not the same stugatz. It's simply wasn't. There's nobody in our audience who heard that that did not sound like the criticism of Eli manning was the same as the criticism of Odell Beckham and Eli, Manning's play was actually bad. I know I'm just pointing out that there was some credit. It was not the same. You're right, but there was some criticism even from Aikman directed towards ally manning. So there was some of that, and I'm just saying without Dell like, listen, you going to do that interview and you want to be that guy. You want to be the star. You're going to be the focus, whether your team is winning or losing. That's it. That's the deal. I mean, they're going to focus on storylines he's the main storyline in the NFL. Right? Did feel like a bit of television was happening there with the way that they were slanting. Things were even positioning saquon as this veteran leader on the team, even though as rookie because he went to Odal trying to calm them down and I'm seeing the video and I'm like, that's not what's happening. There are two players trying to hype each other up because they just made a big play. Odell made a. A block ally. Apple always on the sideline. I don't enjoy volunteers at he doesn't like any of this. They just thought they had a fumble. What is going on here? Are you just trying to keep me invested to watch what's going to happen on the sideline? So here's Martellus Bennett. Writing on Twitter, man. These commentators have taken a hundred and fifty shots at our Dell tonight. Shut the bleep up. Talk about the game, stop trying to vilify every single thing he does. The giants are bad team into not because of him criticize how bad ally is playing. All I'm saying is that I believe as a commentator, your job is to point out all the things going on in the game highlighting how plays breakdown and why. Instead they pick a person in nitpick at one guys, every move they made the game harder to watch when they should make it more interesting. Odell did nothing wrong in that game on the field. He went all out effort. He was blocking for these screens that they called way too many of I didn't understand the obsession with him. So somebody writes back tomorrow Telus Bennett use aound jealous, and his response is jealous of what. 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Guillermo is the home of the his, the red zone channel, the home of the falcon. So many of you are complaining anytime anyone mentioned anything about race. We get the very common complaints and the people telling us they're going to leave. And what I'm telling you now is if you do not like race talk, I understand. I just say, go now. No one here will miss us. So just go, just because I'm going to do it this segment, if you if you don't want it, you can leave it. So Troy Aikman and Joe buck were. We're in the broadcast booth last night and what I'm talking about here. I don't even see how it's up for dispute throughout my lifetime. What I have seen from media members is the people generally who are white in the press box, have white sensibilities, and they're different from black sensibilities. And so, oh Dell. Beckham behaves that way yesterday and you don't ever see a white wide receiver behave that way. You sometimes see the quarterbacks behave that way, but we throw that under fire from Tom Brady or Philip rivers, it's fire. It's not what Odell Beckham was doing because he's got the dyed blonde hair and he's just a different kind of dude. But I'm also not saying that the history onyx are a black thing. What I'm saying is that black people and white people play sports differently. So of course, Odell Beckham would look at the game differently than Troy Aikman does. Of course, Michael Irvin would look at the game differently than Troy Aikman does. And so what ends up happening last night is the whole thing gets run. The whole racial thing gets largely run throughout my career through a white prison because the white people have been the columnists on ESPN raining down judgement on bad behavior and bad character. And over time, the press box has gotten more and more diverse. And this happens less and less, but. But Joe buck and Troy Aikman from the old school man and they are what? What mean? Joe book? He kind of seems a little cooler than this. I'm not wait a minute though. He gets mad about he got mad about the Randy moss thing. And when I'm saying that racist playing a factor, I'm not saying that racism is playing a factor. We play games differently, man, black people, Brown people, white people, play games differently. We showered differently how we learn this week. Black people ain't got no time for the white people's non use of the wash cloth when cleaning the for. Different about a lot of different things have changed with lupus though. Why people love loofah. Thank you. Cross all racial boundaries. We evolved loofah where it's at because even the wash clause cloth when you think about it can kind of be filthy too, but what am I saying that's bothering anybody, Mike, what isn't it? Isn't what I'm saying obvious like is it just that any time that race gets mentioned, everyone's going to put up their fists and run in different directions. Like what I'm saying is, yeah, yeah, people don't want to have that discussion because del doesn't make for good mortar, but okay, but fine. He doesn't make for good martyr. But would you not understand Martellus Bennett perspective on it like he's doing that differently than Troy? Aikman is, do you do magin why it may be because they were smoking a blunt meeting cake and room temperature water. But it can also be because his perspective and the perspective of the Bennett brothers, it's probably just a little bit different than the average white persons and a little bit different than the average commentators and both your points are allowed to exist. But for a long time, the viewpoints have been monopoly. Allies in front of microphones by white people, and that's changing now. And as that changes, you see this dissipating, man, there has been a climate shift, a cultural climate shift with social media. Young people are deciding how these things get talked about. Young people are deciding that's generational. That's not cultural and young people are more liberal about this stuff. Young people are more bothered by Troy Aikman and Joe buck, then they're going to be by Odell Beckham. Yeah, they still represent Joe buck and Troy Aikman so represent the majority opinion, but the minority and Keach Royce of words, I guess, is becoming more and more vocal, and they support what their dollars people love their. There's a fraction of the audience that really digs owed ELS attitude and his marketability, and they support him by buying his jersey and his Nike fire. It's the new template if you want your q. rating to succeed to not be boring, don't be be interesting. We. We will. We will continue to support the products. You are schilling. If you remain interesting in the way to be interesting now is Cairo. Irving, man, Kyrie Irving wasn't a star. He he drafted in LeBron's wake and then said, SIA, how much of this television. Now, how much this is just narrative pushing keeping people invested in blowout games, keeping people invested in a bad team to get a lot of good television. Let me ask you this, and that's fine. You are right that that ends to God's made a good point when he's talking about Odell Beckham is brought all the narratives to them in a blow out. People are going to talk about the stories, but man, I wouldn't mind talking about the story today that Troy Aikman said, Eli, Manning's done, and she'd get out the cat a strong opinion about that. Like if there was strong but not this code among quarterbacks and broadcasters where we protect the coaches and quarterbacks Troy Aikman could have said, hey, look at this thirty seven year old Eli manning now maybe he doesn't feel that way, but I'm saying there are ways to make the story interesting that isn't just killing Odell Beckham off the top of my head. There seemed to be a sequence in which six straight plays were screened. A screen passes including one on third and sixteen that jumps out we should talk about. I don't understand why last night they were not crushing ill, I manning, 'cause all of us were washed watching a washed quarterback. We were watching a watched quarterback. Thank you for washing father says that at the end of every highly questionable students out by the pool. We go to the grid of death. Next.

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