Dan Patrick Show - Hour 2 - Ryan Fitzpatrick and Von Miller (09-18-18)


It's all about me. Dan, Patrick gas, there is more where that came from click back for new episodes all week long. Michael Strahan plus a little cruise ship dancer taking over social media. People are coming up to me and asking me for autographs. So it's kind of awkward, right? It's heavy more awkward now. Today at three on NBC four. Imagine moving into a new home in hearing scratching screeching every night inside the walls, hundreds of back. They just took over that. I had no idea warning signs something could be lurking in your home today at five on NBC four. Have you been drinking. Broadcasting from the Mercedes men k. o. Boston is your two thousand nineteen NBA champions. This is Dan Patrick tower to Dan. Patrick show led to have you on board. Got a busy hour coming up. We'll talk to Ryan Fitzpatrick the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in von Miller, the Broncos John Smoltz. The hall of Famer will join us coming up in the final hour of the program. This program brought to you by the great folks at Mercedes-Benz twenty eighteen Mercedes aim g class. They've got a suite of innovative technologies. One of the most challenging cars on the road go to MB USA dot com or visit your local dealership to schedule your test drive. Today. I some headlines here Russell Wilson, junior the third sacks six times for the second consecutive game. In fact, the bears had five different players have Sachs in the first half against Russ as the bears beat the Seahawks twenty four seventeen patriots trade for the Browns wide receiver. Josh Gordon got a pacifist goal, no word. If he'll be able to play, he has the injured hamstring. I don't know if he's going to be able to play on Sunday night against Detroit. Dodgers grabbed the west lead by a half game eight, seven, seven, three DP show Email address DP Dan, Patrick dot com and say good morning to direct TV the audience don't work. That's channel two thirty nine direct TV and the NBC sports network say good morning to Scott and Tampa. Hey, Scott. What do you have for me today? Hey, Dan, what vantera Divet Davis did makes me sick being a bills fan. People forget John Kruk did the same thing. He got a single in Baltimore God, his average up to three hundred and then walked off the field, but his teammates knew that he was going to do that. Okay. I didn't know that I didn't wasn't wasn't aware of that part, but yeah. So I mean, what von Davis did, I mean goes against everything I was ever taught. I had a plantar fasciitis when I was a kid at eleven years old playing on my father wouldn't let me quit because of that injury, he said, you made commitment to your teammates. You're gonna stick out the season. So it's just it's mind boggling. Well, and thanks for the whole. There's got. I just don't agree with these columnists who say we should look at vaunted Davis as a hero because he knew when it was time to quit. I couldn't. You've just finished the game. You don't want to be known for this at a ten year career. He's a Pro Bowl cornerback for two years. Now, people are gonna go, vantera, David, all that's the guy quit as we pointed out in the first hour, no matter what he does. He goes to a party him and his wife. He can't leave halfway through. They're going to go, you leave halfway through. Can't stay for the whole party here. But I don't view him as a hero, and I'd still love to ask him if that game was in Los Angeles against the chargers. Would you have quitted halftime because then what are you gonna do. You gotta get a flight back home. You're gonna sit in the locker room. There's nothing heroin about that in my opinion. Ain't got our poll question mclovin. Yeah. What would you have not believed a month ago? Mahomes leading league touchdowns Cleal MAC being with the bears, Josh Gordon patriot or when Ryan Fitzpatrick lighting up the NFL and Brian Fitzpatrick leading the Paul Ryan Fitzpatrick the buccaneers quarterback joining us. Where are you today? Ryan. Good morning. I am sitting in the quarterback room watching some Pittsburgh Steelers film right now. Pretty exciting stuff. I can tell you got popcorn, you got, what do you get doughnuts? Yeah, I got my. I got a water and a coffee in front of me. So. Riveting riveting. All right. You're watching Mahomes light up the Steeler defense, first of all, what do you think of Mahomes. So I actually haven't gotten to that game yet, but it is. It is amazing. You know the start that he's been on, especially since you know, he hadn't had much experience. I think he has three starts to now. Two of them have been this year and it's it's insane. The numbers that he's putting them. Can you be young and naive? Can that be a good thing for a quarterback. Yeah, definitely can. But I think the the older you get the more you realize how difficult this game is. And so you know, for me, especially when things are going right, you learn to enjoy him a little bit more because they're always going to be struggles this this game is too hard. It's too hard to play this position to, you know, go through and have a magical year where everything goes, right. You know, there's going to be struggles, but you gotta be able to, you know, overcome the adversity hits house, surprised. Are you with your star. I'm not. I'm not real surprised. I mean, maybe the, you know, the ticks are a little bit Godley in terms of, you know, the four hundred yard passing games and all that. But in terms of us being tune all right now and you know the connection that I've developed with Mike Evans and Sean tax and OJ Howard and Chris Godwin, and I don't think we're surprised in the least at the some of the production and the wins that we've been able to put up, they make twenty of your age. It'll. Yeah, all the time. That's okay though. I still feel young at heart. Now, do they make fun of you that what do they call you? What your nickname. Are right, tackle Tamar Dotson call me grandpa last year, just as old as I am. But yeah, I lot of it is just in reference to anytime there's a, you know, an old school rap song that comes on or anything that happened before two thousand. Usually, you know, nobody knows what saved by the bell is. Now, there's a lot of things like that, or I just find myself looking around and then talking to the coaches and of the players. Who came up with fits magic. I don't know. I think the first time it came about was in buffalo, they, I don't know. It was just people started. Throwing that out there at me. And you know, obviously I've been called worse things so I don't mind it. When did you real? Who told you you look like Conor McGregor. So the first time I heard it was last year we were playing Minnesota. So I was walking around the mall of America with garrison Sanborn and Brian anger and Nick folk. And somebody came up to me and started talking about my fight with Mayweather and it took me a minute. I didn't really know what they're talking to. And then when they when they walked away and it was like I came to the realization that they thought I was Conor McGregor, which I think I'm a little bit probably bigger chubbier than he is. But you know, I'm okay with it. I guess eighty pounds more than him and probably six inches taller than him. Yeah, he's got a few more tattoos as well, I think, but I hadn't. I hadn't gotten it other than that, and then it wasn't even, you know, my intent or thought going into that interview, but I get it. I get it with the side by sides now. Okay. Whose idea was it to go in with Shawn's clothes on. Well, it it of originated when he walked in the locker room. I just started cracking up. 'cause I mean, he, he looked great in the gear, but I was just envisioning, you know, if I were to ever walk into a locker, I'm like that you know how much grief I would get. And so I told him if we win, I was gonna throw it on press conference, and they corrected me and said, when we win, you're going to wear so k. and the. Yeah, I, I don't know. I don't think it worked very well, but I'm not gonna change my my fashion sense anytime soon. Oh, you know it was the highlight of the week. So now you got the Steelers and you know that these guys are going to say, hey, now what are you going to wear? What's your encore perform? Is that a one and done as a one and done? It was like, you know, wasn't thought out. It was just kind of spontaneous deal. That's a one and done. I hope hope people aren't expecting anything more. 'cause you know it happened and it's over with paulie, would you check? I'm checking with paulie my producer. How long have I gone without mentioning where Ryan Fitzpatrick went to college. He may have set a record. Seven minutes. Okay. Yeah, I just, yeah, I was about to bring it up. She had. Do you do you wear a Harvard Scher? Do you have a t shirt that like has Harvard on. You know what I do, but it's like a subtle. It's a subtle. It didn't say, you know, Harvard and in the big white letters and too subtle one with the shield on the front. And you know it's dark gray and it's hard to see though and usually, yeah, usually don't bring it out unless it's game day, but are you supposed to know every answer because it can work against you when you go to? I, I went to Dayton so I'm I'm in a trivia contest, trivial pursuit and stuff, then you're supposed to know everything so right. Yeah. Well, I'm I'm supposed to know every answer ever which you know is a little bit annoying. But on the other hand, people think I know everything so they'll ask me a question. I'll have no idea what the answer is, but I'll make something and I take it his truth because they said it. So it works both ways. How do you look at the quarterback position now, as opposed to ten years ago on what the ingredients you the the key ingredients to be successful. Has it changed? I, I don't know that it's, I don't know that it's changed. I think you know, I think being able to deal with and handle adversity is a huge thing because it's gonna come at, you know whether whether you get off to the homes type start, or you know you, you struggle at the beginning. You always have to have that confidence in yourself to be able to overcome some of that stuff. You know, I think I think the physical part of it a lot of times. What gets you in the league, but the the mental and emotional side of it, or the things that keep you in the league. And you know, give you staying power. And I think the position has definitely changed a little bit. Everybody's got a quarterback coach now and a special warm up and all that. But you've gotta have grit play the position, and I love watching the guy like Andrew book just toughness. He exudes when he plays the position. That's, that's what I think about. When I think about quarterback. But you also look at Brady in Rogers breeze like these guys make it look easy, and you're, you're, they're here to remind us that it's not that easy, but why do they make it look so easy in it? They're amazing. I think I think you know part of it with them, they're, they're obviously so talent, talented, but so intelligent too, and have been in those systems and you know forever. So just the way that they can operate at the line of scrimmage, the way they can see the defense call plays have everybody on the same page. It truly is amazing to watch them play and the ease. 'cause it's not like I'm, I'm a constant reminder for everybody wherever I go that you know, this is not an easy position to play, but you know, sometimes you do get a little jealous watching those guys or even, you know, when Peyton and watching Peyton Manning play it was it was like, how is this game? So easy for this guy. But you know those guys. Grind just as hard as anybody and you know their preparation throughout the week is what? What makes it you know, allows them to make it look easy. He's Ryan Fitzpatrick. He went to Harvard. He's the buccaneers quarterback Steelers coming up on Monday night, gimme a play call it. Can you call play in in real time for me? So if we're in the huddle complex play, do you have one that you can throw out. I mean, which which offense we talk about here. Dan, I've got about fourteen. So gimme gimme the most complex offense that you ever ran, whatever team that. Well, the most conflicts offense or the most wordy offense I was ever in was Mike Martz my rookie year, and I was absolutely amazing. I just remember, you know, he would. He would call plays. I was the fourth string quarterback behind Mark Bolger, Jamie, Martin and Jeff smoker, and he would call plays every now and again, and he skipped words on purpose and goes stand behind me in the huddle and listen to me. You know what? I'm sitting there looking at Isaac, Bruce Torry Holt and Marshall Faulk, and I'm, you know, mumbling my words, and he would kick me out of the huddle so fast. And then I go home and I'd write it on note cards and had my life flash the note cards to me and it was all just pure fear and memorization. But. You know those, those are the memories that I have of the complex plays. Now they just kinda roll off the tongue because it's, you know, I've been in so many different systems, but was a scary guy. Give me one. I mean, the one that my wife still remembers that I couldn't get right. My rookie year was I right slot? I write slot Zun pitch lip x. quick screen. Right? Which doesn't seem that tough, but it was the one that got kicked out of the huddle four times in a row. It's probably just a hand on Frank. Do your kids play fantasy? Are they old enough to play fantasy? My? So this is the first year. My eleven year old has played. And my wife just sat down before he started playing and said, look, you don't have to pick that every week. And. Luckily the first two weeks, he picked his head, so. Oh, that's good. That's good. Yeah. Does your wife ever said, you know what you are you worried about being tackled by your beard. No, no, she has. No, because that's legal isn't he would love for. She would love for it to get ripped off though. I think she would love her all the hair to be gone. Okay. Well, why are you keeping it then? I mean, somethings working. I got my seventh kid on the way you know, seven, you're going to catch up with Philip rivers. I don't know if I can catch him. He's got eighties, amazing pace. He was on yesterday and he says, he's not stopping at eight. Well, I don't know about that. We're going to, I don't know what we'll meet up love and intervention the Philip. How about you? Said, your wife, if we make the playoffs when we make the plans, then I shaved the beard or I wanna make the Pro Bowl. No, definitely not. Wow, beard is a part of me now. Just can't guys from z. z. top when your career is done? No, I can't. I can't care that long. I don't. I don't wanna grow up that long. Hey, well, congrats so far. It's been a lot of fun and good luck. Seven kids. Number seven. On the way? Yeah. When seven do. Late January, who interesting timing there on your part. You got names victim, you know what? Dan Patrick. Patrick Patrick would be here. We can go with that one. How about we're still working? How about Daniel Fitzpatrick Daniel? I liked it. It's gonna nice ring to it. Yeah, it is it a boy. Let you know. We'll send you a birth announcement. It is a boy. You go into birth announcement and I'll also prize you my love that good luck against the Steelers and thanks for taking some time. All right, thank you. That's Ryan Fitzpatrick definitely tried out voice me today and morning voice their seven kids. And what is it with these quarterbacks, Philip rivers, eight and not stopping? Yeah, paulie by the way, he's nuts. If he doesn't think all of us are waiting for him for the next bus Collins. If they beat the Steeler, he throws a couple touchdowns. He better show up in zebra outfit. Yeah. Yeah. He better bring it if you beat the Steelers, you go three and now. All right. 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Spend some time. Well, we've talked about a variety of things just had Ryan Fitzpatrick on and I, our, we talked a little bit about Josh Gordon going to the New England, Patriots also vantera Davis quitting at halftime. So we'll revisit those topics coming up von Miller, joining us today on behalf of new old spice fomer the foaming body wash that ladders into flesh just like von, he's partnering with old spice the foams zone obstacle course game. And you can see that on old spice YouTube twitch and Facebook live today from five until eleven o'clock. Eastern actually sent us a goody bag here and an autographed picture of von Miller. Von good morning. Thanks for the goodie bag there. Good morning. How are they should go think I'm doing pretty good taking one day at a toe. How anything heard today. No, I'm feeling pretty good. You don't have to win, you know, all the little mix and bruises they, they don't feel as been. Did you watch Monday night football there? What do you look for. Oh, I just I just didn't. They. I'm a fan of the game. I just like to watch, you know, great games and of Russell Wilson. Everybody knows about Khalil. You know, it was a great game. That's that's what I'm looking for. Do you measure yourself against Khalil Mack. No, no, really. I feel like I feel like we're two totally different players, but when you look at it, he's he's one of probably like three or four dominant players in the league. So at the end of the day, they all, you know, Camo comparison together. So you either you do, you don't you, but the fans are going to do it. How surprised were you that Oakland traded him? I was. I was surprised, you know, guys, like, you know, and Donald j. j. watt, Khalil Mack guys like that. It just untradable you know, in my opinion, you know the raiders did. Raiders when hit and do something. Yeah, the raiders. I'm sure the case keenum appreciates the raiders trading him as well. I noticed that you got eighty seven and a half sacks in your career. This is your eight season. Is there a hall of fame number for Saks do know that if you get to a certain number that that means it because you're going to be a hall of Famer Super Bowl MVP, but is there a number. It's not. It's not really a number for me. I just like to go out there and and play the best to my ability and just, you know, out of these years, you know, you gotta use. You're gonna have the numbers that end of the day, you know, they should speak for themselves, but do you think the voters have a number? Not you, but do you think they if you get to one hundred twenty six. I don't think so. I think it's goes and I think it goes in the hall of fame under one twenty. I think I think the Marcus has the market is for sure going. You know, I hall of Famer. He has, you know, one thirty. I think he has one thirty eight. So you know, I guess, I guess you know right around the market is or you know right around there. But at the end of the day, I don't really have enough. I'm just trying to trying to be, you know, football player, I could possibly be well, you got four sacks already. The clay Matthews it on Kirk cousins. Did. What did you see on that play. Man, it was a, oh, I don't think he, I think he really tried to, you know, I think it was really a referee passer, you know, call. But then again, you know, I'm a, I'm a pass rusher as well. So I felt like you know, everybody knows it's been a huge emphasis on protecting the quarterback this year after know erogenous, man, you know, hurt taking off your risk season last year. So, I mean, everybody knows that they're gonna try to pretend to quarterback where you go in that particular moment. I don't know. I, I really don't know that that was a tough one on both sides. Von you. Do you know how to do your job when it comes to hitting the quarterback, what you can and can't do? And now you know, you can't scoop the quarterback. You can't land on the quarterback. I mean, it happens in split second timing. I, I don't know how you guys do your job. I mean for me on what what helps me is I just go through ball. I go for the buck every time. I think if you really just focusing on the on the football, you're going for the football every time. Then you know everything goes, you know, really takes care of itself. If the guy's going to ball and I'm going for the ball and I'm like slot for the ball, and he throws it. Then I'm, you know, I'm not really going, you know, for the quarterback that's I mean that's supposed to be helping me. You know, I have, you know, some of the biggest passer calls out they'll so you know, I, I have a couple of reference because what you know, my my whole parties is going for the ball. Now usually goes, you know, I watched the clay Matthews play a couple of times here. It wasn't violent. He put his hand down almost to kind of brace his fall and taking cousins to the ground with him. I, I, I don't know. I just feel like there's no rule that has benefited the defense in a long long time, and it feels like we're, you know, we continue heading farther and farther away from that. You know what they, you know what. They should do is they should call more often as voting coast. That'd be great. Do you get held every play. I mean, probably going everything. The player is not a game is played like this is holding when you when you create separation, the guy still, you know, holding onto you with, you know, they put a bigger emphasis on, you know, calling office holding on the line. And then you know, who knows? We have more probably we have. We're probably have more rough in the past because I like how many quarterbacks are bigger than you. I'm a lot of them. I mean, if you look at Cam rathers burger. There is. I'm like two hundred and forty pounds. Two hundred and forty two hundred forty, five pounds. So it's a lot of quarterbacks right now. I think Andrew luck is right around in there. Yeah. So you got extra pretty big quarterbacks. James Winstons preview. He's von Miller, the Broncos linebacker and former Super Bowl MVP. Have you ever heard a story like the vantera Davis one where he quitted halftime. It's crazy as well. Whenever you whatever you think about it. This is just crazy. You know, game day, especially for us game day is the biggest day of the week. You know, that's when everything's about, and you know, I guess it have time. I don't know. I, I really don't. That's the tough one. That's a tougher. I know if one of my guys, what if one of my guys walk down on me, you know, you only have forty fifty three active guys and you can only sue what forty eight guys and you have this got doing a special teams and all that stuff to try to help you win. And then all of a sudden he's out now because he's injured, but because like he wanna play more, I guess that's. I guess that's just a tough one. I I want I don't. I don't know how about that much, but when you say, couldn't you just, you know, stay on the sideline you. You only have to be out there for two more hours with us, and you know that all of a sudden at halftime you go, you know what? Now's a good time to retire. That just strange. It just shows you may football is a tough sport, you know, I, it was physically and mentally demanding sport, and you know you could. You could break it. You know, at any given moment, you know, that was just mental fan. That was that was that was a telephone said that until but does. Is there stuff that still goes on in the pile like when you say, we know it's a tough sport, but what don't we see. Honestly, I feel like I feel like the fantasy everything. So many camera angles is so many. You got so many guys, you know my on the field. And then again, it's so many cameras. I feel like the fans, you know, she everything from the from the teams, you know, Emso ends on the sun on cameras to, you know, whatever networking shooting, but there's no plunging or grabbing or any of that stuff anymore. No, it's none of that, but there used to be. I guess. I mean, I really haven't had doing days whatever I'm playing. I'm so focused on trying to, you know, be technically sound and be, you know, and get my Simon right for my teammates. I'm I'm really focusing on that all the extra stuff. If it's really, you know, honestly, I'm really not even thinking about here. So give me your pitch for old spicier for we say goodbye. I'm an old spice guy again, which is which has been great to be with these guys for so long. And you know, we are promoting me, oh, spice, fomer. It's interestingly instantly lathering body wash and like you said before they have the spice obstacle course. And if on all spice media channels, social media channels from five pm t eleven PM and you can check it out his frequent. They actually have like a a foam statue of me that guys would be climbing over. So it's pretty cool. I'm gonna give fritzy the. Old spice bathrobe. Yeah, cool. Yeah, I, yeah, fishing. He's all against getting spice bathroom. Great. But he wanted to be naked underneath a bathrobe, and I didn't know if that was going to be a good look here on. I radio. Right. So it's your. Thank you. Good luck with old spice and certainly a great start to the season. Thank you guys. I appreciate you guys. That's much von Miller. Eighty seven and a half sack, sir. Yeah, pulling interesting. He doesn't try to hit the quarterback. Yeah, go for the ball. But that probably makes the most sense then because if you're going for the ball, then you know, now you're not going to get those big blow up hits. But if you're going for the ball, then you get a lot of strip socks there or at least potential. Yeah, club Khalil max obviously been doing that this year. He seems to get his hands on it last night. Again, John in Boston joins us, hey, John, what do you have for me today? Hi, Dan. Thanks for taking my call. Sure. At a lanky six four one eighty five. Thank you. And you know, just calling, I'm not a bills fan. I'm not on t Davis fan, but I just wanted to call play a little devil's advocate and try and give them a little bit benefit of the doubt here, especially since you know a couple of things you know that you know you said before, watching a game on the sideline that if you can watch game on the sideline and see and hear the hits that you wouldn't even want to watch football anymore guy's playing ten years. You know, it's taking a lot. You just had von Miller. No, not just physical game, but it's mental game to, you know if he can't take it anymore. I mean, isn't there something to say about, you know, not putting himself in harm's way and dangerous. He's not gonna go out there and give it a hundred percent. He's gonna risk himself and maybe somebody else on the field. I just trying to think, you know, he's definitely not a hero for quitting at halftime, but you know, isn't there a little bit of benefit of doubt. Fair to say that this guy's been playing for so long and is up to it anymore. But why then the call. All right. Thank you, John. But why then you're you're losing. What if you were winning. The dangers of there when you're winning in the pain, the same. If you're winning any dues, be out there for thirty more place. That's it. And then and then if you decide that you're just ham, not helping the team, I just I don't want to be out there anymore. Then I don't think anybody has a problem with that. But when you leave in halftime, you left at halftime. It's a home game. Would you've done that if it was a road game and if you were winning, would you you've done that like, so you got came to this decision. You had this epiphany where you go on its violent out there really after ten years you go, oh my God, it's violent. I gotta get out of here before you know, I put my health on the line. No, you've already done that. But you're not a hero. Yeah, pulling don't you wish your video Sean McDermott trying to rally the bills for a second half make it respectable, and the guys charged out. There's Davis kind of hanging back, send he slips out of his jersey. It's there's a lot of stuff to take off. There's no clubby. There's no guy back there saying he put on jeans, he's putting on genes for the secondhand. Should we look at somebody that might have been where everybody runs out, and then he just doesn't run out and they don't realize they get out there. Like when there's our corner bhante. Bhante. Iran die, like they security guard who watches the players cards in the player's lot sees Bonte just gone out my uniform. I wouldn't even changed into my clothes. I would is said I'm out. Yeah, fritzy. Now, did you say goodbye to anybody to leave a note or did he do a poof, like you do at parties? Like how exactly did he departs? I haven't even heard a story in the cow. I'm curious about that. Yeah, mclovin I thought being quarterback the worst thing that can happen. He was get burned for a long touchdown and the chargers they gave up on the game, but they were, it's creating the bills. Maybe he didn't want to be a poster is like God. Are you kidding me? I've just think it like it was. It was so embarrassing the first half any game to leave your a buffalo Bill. That's part of the script here. The other question is you're not the steel curtain. He's a part time cornerback. Couldn't you play out the string dollars? He plays half. He plays half the game. He's a part-time cornerback get this game. The rest of the season, five million dollars. There's only fourteen more games left. I just wanted him to play thirty more plays. That's it. That's only do then I would move on this wouldn't even be a topic Nathan in Indiana. Hi, Nathan. What do you have. Hey, good book. Good. I was interested in the optics of it because we bash him Davis, obviously. And I'm from Indiana whose colts fan he played for in a row in a really high level for us for really long time. Yeah, and he's a good player and he's a good guy. I've, I've met him a couple of times doing like things. I've been Indianapolis, you know, public relations things and I, I really find it fascinating that a lot of people are defending lady on Bill for his decision to not show up. Now his teammates are bashing him. Obviously you expect that, but a lot of the the the media pundits you're saying he has take care of his family. He's make more money. He was only on one year day. We'll vantera Davis came out and said himself that he did not feel right that he didn't feel like he could play. And just like von Miller said it happened. I mean, I happened like that and he'd probably could have handled it better. But if he's making this decision for his family and his future, why do we really care? Why? Why? Why is it such a big deal to us that he quote on. Quote, quit. Is it just like the selfishness of it? We wanted to see him play, but then Levy all Bill sitting there doing the exact same thing with his team. There's a lot of people saying, well, he's right. He didn't get his contract. He doesn't have his money. I just, I wonder why we feel so angry with Vaughn pay over what he did. Is it just because it was halftime? Is it just because and the optics of it? Yeah, I, I'm not angry. I I would just be disappointed. Thank you Nathan at and I don't know von t Davis, but I would hate to be known as the guy who quitted halftime after putting in ten years, it just thirty more plays and then you decide you want. Don't wanna play anymore than then fine. And on bell was you know he cares about himself and could the Steelers have made this better. I put blame on the Steelers as well, but lady on bell doesn't doesn't care about his teammates. He cares about himself and the next contract. So if I'm his teammate, why do I care about lady on bell? He doesn't. Care about playing. I'm sure there are a lot of guys who don't like their contracts, but lay beyond Bill feels like he has leverage here and maybe comes back in week ten giving away eight hundred fifty, five thousand dollars fine. It. It's on him when he's all said and done. But this is a team that stood by him when a add some issues off the field, a couple of suspensions and team teammates management, coaching staff stood by now. It's going to hold them over a barrel here and it'll stay with him the rest of his career, whether it's a big deal or not. You know, we'll say that next team is that next team going to be scared by this guy because I would be as great as he is, and I would have done the same thing. The Steelers did. I would have looked at this and said, I, I got five years with this guy, and that's it. I would look at my running backs, five years. That's it. And if you get more than that out of them, you know, good for you. If you want to pay that second contract that's on you not on me, but if I get five, I'll take five but Dante Davis the once again, if they were winning what he of quit, if they were on the road, what do you have quit. Back with more phone calls after this these days news travels lightning-fast, which is great. 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People are coming up to me and asking me for autographs, those kind of awkward, right? It's going to be more awkward now. Ellen today at three on NBC four. Imagine moving into a new home in hearing scratching screeching every night inside the wall hundreds of back. They just took over that. I had no idea warning signs something could be lurking in your home today at five on NBC four. Right? Here's some numbers that you should be aware of the cumulative passer rating for all quarterbacks in week two, this according to Gil Brandt one. Oh, two point. Six. That's a new NFL record for a single week one or two point six. That's tops all time. The second highest, you have to go back to twenty ten. At ninety four point eight. These are crazy numbers here. Once again, proof positive that they want to keep the quarterback healthy breathing alive. Horizont or is it vertical they they want him standing straight up there upright. That's what I meant to say. Tony Dungy just sent a tweet, Tony's listening to the show, and he says, tell DP when the league put in the blow to the head blow to the knees, one-step rules. We had to develop a book on referees, who called a tight, who let you play just like basketball, knowing which ref's call it right, or let you play defensive players still trying to figure that out. Now with the new set of rules, they will adjust to how each referee is going to call them. But if the ref is calling it tight, like Minnesota green bag, you can't foul out. You have to adjust. See if Tonio join us tomorrow on this particular talk them. Yeah, mclovin. So Tony camonte call that remember he took over the Thursday night opener. It was unbelievable how many times the open it's Mike. So I, if I'm the NFL I don't like these officials inserting themselves. Well, I don't either, but they they need to insert themselves if they're trying to get a message to the rest of the league for the rest of the season. It's the same thing with the helmet rule. Everybody thought that that was going to be the controversial call this year and it hasn't been. It's been this Myles Garrett first week, the NFL walk that back. They didn't walk this back though. They said, that's the way you want to call it. In fact, all the officials got this video and they were instructed by the the officiating crew, the league office to. That's how you call this. And I don't agree with that. I think there has to be something above and beyond the call of duty if you're going to make that call and there has to be a violent element to it, I think. But von Miller says, I just go for the ball, which I think that that's the smart way to go about. It is go for the ball, maybe get a strip sack, maybe get a sack, maybe get a fumble as opposed to you're going head hunting here. And there are times when defensive players went head hunting, absolutely. And should have been called or tossed from the game, but clay Matthews. I, as many times I see it. I still come up with the same answer and that is that should never have been called Curtis in Tampa joins us. Hi, Curtis. What do you have for me today? Going guys. I got a question for you. I know in the first hour I was listening to you guys every day. Thank you guys so much for coming in and doing this. But yeah, just need your input from you guys. You know, you got Gordon going to New England and you guys are talking about how does Brian has had trouble finding a place to land. Why hasn't Howie Roseman from the eagles called Dez Bryant agent yet you had Wallace go out last week with an ankle injury or fibula and draft lead Jeffries week to week. You had a lot of second-string receivers in. They're trying to play with aga- Moore folded and have a lot to throw to now winter's coming back, but don't you think Brian would really help out this offense right now? Well, I think you've gotta be careful. Thanks for the phone call Curtis because you just getting Carson Wentz back and with Dez Bryant coming in. If you were playing Dallas next week or in two weeks, then maybe you could bring Dez Brian in. I just don't know. Philadelphia's defending champs wants to bring in Dez Bryant. I don't feel like they need to if everybody's healthy. That was another thing with Carson Wentz coming back to play. If. If Tampa loses to Philadelphia is Carson Wentz this starting quarterback this week, and I don't think that he is feels like this is not a panic move, but I think we're pushing up the timeframe to bring Carson Wentz back. I really believe that. Nick foles had a great run. Nick foles is not an every every week quarterback. He's not a starting quarterback in my opinion, and I think that that's why they kept him because they weren't sure when Carson Wentz was coming back. Yeah, mclovin I think it's safe to say the eagles season is lost and the Super Bowl was at one time aberration speak as an eagles fan. That's all Phillies. Like, I think you're going to be okay. Why? What kind of hurts is losing their to offense of coaches. Yeah, right, right. To the colts who looks great. John d. Filipo who's killing it in Minnesota. Yeah, and everybody's injured. So what's going to take on? I wonder what to expect from went. You had a knee surgery. I have no idea. I have no idea how healthy is going to be. I'm going to them. They'll be rushed there. He he's going to have to get into game speed, no matter how hard you try to simulate that in practice. She can't. So he's got to get back to that is gonna trust his knee when you're cutting. When somebody hits him is he gonna run less likely to run. So there's a lot that's going to go into this for Carson Wentz. Yup. I love the eagles pessimism by mclovin because they're, they're defending Super Bowl. Champs who's adding a way better quarterback this week, a dramatically better quarterback to their starting lineup, and they should be great shape. He should be very positive, and I just don't know how healthy is, and I hope that they're not rushing him because they didn't do well against Tampa Bay because that I mean, these are two surgeries that that that's a severe injury that he had. And when you're young neck, you never think about these things when you run or plant, or do I run, you know, is there run pass option now, I know that they're going to have him medically cleared to have him out there. I, I realized that but still mentally cleared is different. YoM mclovin Fisher ruling two surgeries there. Mt Ellen ACL. I don't know. In my opinion, if it's the same day, you might say it's only one surgery. Fritzy might say it's one surge. I think that's two surgeries. The. What the the devil surgery. All righty. Johnny Smoltz on loan from the major league baseball network set to join us coming up more of your phone calls and Patrick. Recently on the producers guide. Why are they letting you make these movies check out Todd, Garner's interviews with rob Riggle supervised. The Marine Corps motto Semper Gumby should be the producer, always flexible, Marlin Wayne, my dad's not funny. He's really annoyed by mom, curses him out, and that's what we found out comedy and Eli, rive. I like sixteen candles the first dealer, but I was waiting for the nudity hated those movies. I thought it was the death cinema, the producers guide. We've Todd garner every Thursday on podcast, one and apple podcasts remembered to rate Andrew view. Michael Strahan plus a little cruise ship dancer taking over social media. People are coming up to me and asking me for autographs. It was kind of awkward, right? It's going to be more awkward. Now, Ellen today at pre on NBC four mention moving into a new home in hearing scratching screeching every night inside the wall, hundreds of back. They just took over that. Warning sign something could be lurking in your home today at five on NBC four. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. How do you know who's telling the truth? A woman claimed supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both in high school. He denies it. The Senate Judiciary committee has asked both of them to appear on Monday democrat Kamala. Harris is on that committee. I will. She decide who's telling the truth that's going to be about listening to what each party has to say, but I believe her she was on CBS this morning, more stranded residents of Wilmington. North Carolina are being rescued as what was hurricane. Florence moves on governor ROY Cooper for minute parts of North Carolina. The danger is still immediate floodwaters arising as rivers, quirk crest and they will for days the marvelous MRs Mazel is the first streaming series to win top any comedy honors the awards were given out last night, game of thrones is best drama. I'm Rita Foley.

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