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The Ridiculous Attacks On David Perdue


Let let me give you a story. There's a there's an elected official. There's a global pandemic and the elected official decides to based on based on the news of a global pandemic and countries beginning to lock down as this virus spreads. This this this politician decides to start selling stocks and the stocks that the politicians cells are curious one of the stocks that the politician dumps every share of that he owns is a grocery store. Chain named Kroger another stock that he sells is a company that makes household cleaning. Supplies called proctor and gamble another stock that he sells is a stock in a company called CLOROX and buy some stocks as well. He buy stock in a company. Called live nation in that company does concerts and he buys stocks in a company called starbucks. That owns a chain of coffee shops. That as he's buying the stock the company is closing up around the country. And another stocky buys of a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy in rebounded and Colbert outfitters Right before Moles in America start shutting down. What would you think of the person who did this? Who was selling stocks in grocery stores and selling stocks in pharmaceutical companies and selling stocks in cleaning supply companies while buying stocks in music concert venues and restaurants and stores at a time. A global pandemic was spreading. What what would you think now? What if I told you? It wasn't actually him but it was an outside financial advisor. Would the headline should be senator? And I'm talking about David. Purdue senator purdue may need to rethink his financial advisers. Because that's actually what happened. David Perdue sold his stock in. Clorox sold his stock in. Kroger sold his stock and Merck Pharmaceutical and bought and sold his stock and proctor and gamble and bought stock in life nation and starbucks and urban outfitters. But that's not the headline that the reporter of the AJC ran in fact they left out. David produce sales and I have it on exceedingly good authority that the reporter said there wasn't enough space on the printed page to put in all the information about the sales because there were two other stocks that David bought and and they make up the story. David Purdue bought stock in do pot and he bought stock in Netflix. And that is the story. In the Atlanta Journal Constitution that David do at a time of global pandemic profited through the to through the purchase of stocks of of Dupont and Netflix to stocks that stood to gain now. Let me give you a little more. The Story David. Purdue unlike Kelly Leffler David Purdue was not in the January twenty fourth meeting where there was a briefing about Cova. Nineteen never mind that there were new stories the next day and that's missile. Leffler as well. There were new stories that David David. Purdue was not involved in those meetings and even last month Democrats were saying. There's no there there with David Perdue. But in his filing that was filed two days ago for the month of March at a time the nation is shutting down and a time of global pandemic and a time of story after story in the Wall Street Journal about companies that stand to benefit for people stayed at home David Produce outside financial advisor traded more David Purdue normally buys and sells about thirty some odd stocks but in March is. The market's going through wild swings there about one hundred twelve transactions more than double his normal transactions. No one disputes. It was an outside advisor. No one has ever disputed the David Purdue. leaves it to announce that adviser in doesn't agree. No one ever ever Has DISPUTED THE DAVID? Purdue keeps a firewall between himself and his financial adviser. But what I find deeply disturbing is that a reporter clearly went to Democrats and had quotes ready to go from Democrats about what was happening So that when the story ran the Democrats immediately and in one case before the story was actually in the paper produced a quote attacking David Purdue for his stock trades. Focusing on Dupont and Netflix. Pay No attention to the fact that David Perdue actually sold clorox Kroger proctor and gamble and bought along with Dow Dupont and Dow chemical and oil sold. Merkin also bought Netflix. They also bought starbucks and he bought urban outfitters and he bought a several other companies. That are now in the garbage because of this David by the way also bought Delta Stock and he also bought Disney stock. It's remarkable to me that we see a situation where David Duke clearly did nothing wrong. And clearly. His stock trades the volume is higher because the market volatility but the pattern of what he's buying and selling there's no different from what he's always bought and sold and the media is trying to lump him in to his pre existing scandal. They're essentially taking a story than just a A. I mean this is essentially the theme of the whole day here. They're taking a pre existing story in working backwards to twist pre existing facts to pull David Purdue into their story. They want the outcome to be that. David Purdue looks crooked and so they're twisting everything to get to that point. It's it's actually really interesting to see that it's actually really interesting to see Their willingness to do this. It's actually really interesting to see their willingness to twist and twist and condemn when David Produce actually one of the most outstanding members of the United States Senate. And you know what David who's been doing David Purdue has been trying to get Georgians who were straight globally back to Georgia. And he's having to take time off from helping. Georgians to deal with these militias the Tex- that really are ridiculous attacks. That really have nothing to do with anything really dolt. Comport to what the media is trying to say when you actually look at the overall pattern so the we may the way the media is having to shape. The story is to leave out the key details of sales because if you saw his purchases in line with his sales you would realize there's no there there.

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