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Live from NPR news I'm Nora Raum. The World Health Organization Saturday posted another single day record of new confirm corona virus cases more than two hundred, fifty nine thousand new infections in twenty four hours. Deaths rose by more than seventy, three hundred in the same period, the largest one day increase since May tenth United Nations Secretary General. In two new guitarists says the pandemic has exposed deep inequalities that wealthy nations must do more to help those countries being overwhelmed by cove nineteen. Why are we are all floating on the same see? If you scream at somebody and super yachts with others are going into lifting. Guitar says the Twenty Six richest people in the world own as much wealth as half the global population. California's governor has issued new rules that could keep public schools across much of the state close. This Fall Kyle stokes of member station K. PCC reports if they are to open. Counties have to reverse a surge in corona virus cases Governor Gavin Newsom says schools cannot open for in person classes if they're. County has been on the state's Corona Virus Monitoring List in the past fourteen days much of southern California the bay area and the. The Central Valley currently that watch list here's Newsom, we all prefer in classroom instructions for all the obvious reasons, but only only if it can be done safely. The state's two largest school districts Los Angeles and San. Diego have already announced they'll resume classes next month. Online only, but the governor's order would override plans like in suburban Orange County to offer some on campus instruction to start the New Year for NPR news I'm Kyle stokes. Lawmakers are remembering the late congressman. John Lewis as a man who embodied the best of American ideals. Lewis left his mark as a tireless champion of civil rights NPR's matthew shorts has more. Lucy's life reminds us that the most powerful symbol of what it means to be an American is what we do with the time we have to make real the promise of our nation, that sentiment by Democratic presidential candidate, Joe. Biden was echoed by lawmakers across the political spectrum as they honored Lewis. Who Friday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called him. One of the greatest heroes of American history Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. said that America has only bent toward justice, because great men like. John Lewis took it upon themselves to help bend it. The statements shared a common theme. It's up to us to continue the work that Lewis devoted his life to Matthew Schwartz NPR news Washington. Lewis had announced in late, December had been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer president. Trump has ordered flags flown at half staff in his memory. This is NPR news. Protests continued for a second Saturday in the eastern Russian city of. over the arrest of the region's governor on murder charges, demonstrators say surrogate for goal has been detained by the Kremlin for political reasons, local officials say at least ten thousand people took part in Saturday's protest. was prohibited by the Kremlin. For goal is popular with the citizens. He's cut his own salary and ordered the sale of a yacht that a previous administration had bought. The British? Government says it will pause. It's announcements of the daily Corona Virus DEF- toll over concerns of the accuracy of the count, which officially stands at forty thousand Elliott Hanan reports at issue is how the government attributed the death to being caused by the virus. The way the count currently works when someone in England dies after testing positive for the coronavirus, it's tallied as of Irish related fatality. No matter how long after the tests, the death occurred elsewhere in the UK after a positive. There's a twenty eight day cut off for a death to be considered. Considered virus related public health officials say that in England as many as ten percent of the deaths attributed to the virus have occurred more than twenty eight days after a positive test for NPR news. I'm Elliot Hanan in London. An arson investigation is underway in the western French city of Nantes. After a fire Saturday morning, it broke out at the famed Gothic Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. No injuries were reported. Officials say the fire broke the main stained glass windows and destroyed an Oregon, which dated from the seventeenth century. I'm Nora Raum NPR news.

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