Pressing Into a New Beginning Part 1


Welcome to enjoying everyday life with New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer on Today's program. Joyce will be teaching from her series pressing in and and pressing on you desire. Everything that God has for you today. Joyce invite you to press into his incredible purpose for your life received the peace and joy you've been looking looking for just a quick reminder. You can give to a specific outreach of your choice give 'cause that's near to your heart like water feeding medical project girl or wherever needed the most also be sure to check out Joyce Meyer dot org forward slash. Greatest gift a seven-week Bible Study Journey. That you and your friends can be a part of together. You'll receive weekly encouragement mm-hmm and ways to reach out to others sign up at Joyce Meyer dot org forward slash greatest gift. Now here's Joyce today series pressing in and pressing on all right. Well I'm going to do a series. This weekend called pressing in impressing on. You didn't clap and I didn't expect you to I. I started to call it gliding in gliding on because I think we'd rather glide than press sadly and this is not any accusation against anyone person but people just don't seem to. I have the tenacity they used to have. And I think it's because life has just become so automated did and in some ways it's harder but it many ways it's easier. I mean what we what we used to make a phone call is amazing seizing to what you do now. And then when I first started studying the word and teaching I mean it was quite a quite a the job to put together. One message to teach. Because you couldn't get on the Internet and say give me all the Scriptures on sin you had to concordance and you had to have this. You need to have something else and I mean I would have books all around me and studies sometimes seven hours for one message and so yeah we all like things easy but when things are too easy to be honest then it ends up not being good for us because is there's always going to be times in your life when things are not going to be easy and you're either going to give up or you're going to have to do a little bit of uh pressing and pressing really just means to press against your pressure. It means the enemies coming against you and instead of you just letting defeat. Oh you you say no way. I know what God's Word says and whatever he told me I can have I will have it in Jesus name I will not quit quit. I will not give up now. I would imagine that there are people here. I just Kinda got in my heart right before I came out. I think there's some people here and you just feel like it has been so long since God has done anything in your life users. He's just been waiting and waiting and waiting and you just don't feel like he's changing you you don't feel like he's changing circumstances and I just want to tell you that as long long as you are believing God is working. Did you hear me as long as you're believing God is working and and just because you don't see anything or feeling thing that does not mean that God is not doing anything a man and so don't let you just don't get discouraged and throwing the towel if anybody is at the point of just wanting to give up. Maybe you came tonight and you said God I gotTa have a word. Are you got to speak to me through Joyce or I'm just going to give while I'm telling you that God says do not give up a men God is working and you know when I'm waiting on something and we all have. How many of your waiting on something I mean? We all have things that we're waiting on. Whether it's healing or breakthrough or for our ministries do grow or to get married or not to be married married or whatever the case might be to have kids to get your kids out of the house you know kids used to leave soon as they were eighteen they were out and on their own. Now there's still there are forty sometimes you got to pray him out of the House so whatever it is. You're waiting on God will either give you. What what you've asked for our something much better? I want you to get that before I go on. I don't want you to leave here. I mean I've given up a million times but the thing is God really won't let you give up. He'll he'll pick you back up and get you going so we're going to have to press us in the things and three things and it's a principle that we have to understand a little baby eaglet. Uh in the shell has got a little tooth on the end of its peak. They don't have that when they're adults but they've got this bill tooth on the end of their beak uh-huh and when it's time for them to be born they tack Peck Peck Peck. I mean it seems like they're pecking like forever trying trying to break this shell and occasionally somebody will think they need help them break it open forum but if you do that what happens. Sounds is they become weak and they never become what God intended them to be a cause that that work tacking that pressing pressing to come into life is what helps them get through life later on so be careful about making it too easy on your kids because sometimes they need to go through a few things so they're ready to go through some of the things I have to go through later on in life really gets hard now. Wishing wishing does nothing for us this way that wishing it does nothing for us we have to press. Wine is made by putting grapes through a press and whine awesome represents power in the Bible all for example new wine not put into all wine skins basically Maine's new power cannot be given to someone who is still hanging in on to old ways. Hey you got a great right future you have a great future. Your history is not your destiny. You have a great future but you will miss assist if you keep hanging onto the past and so we're GonNa talk some tonight about new beginnings but I I just gotTa do this little so introduction to this pressing thing because if you don't understand that is not all going to be easy and that sometimes you're going to have to wait and sometimes that you're gonNA need to press through things and that doesn't mean that God doesn't give us grace but grace doesn't mean that God does everything forrest while we we sit around and do nothing a man by grace through faith are you saved. God's grace is there for everyone but not everyone is saved because not everyone will believe the unto you even as you believe God always gives us apart. We're partners with God. Just imagine really just imagine how boring life would be if you could just sit back and just I do nothing but say a prayer and God just did everything for you and you never really had to do anything. God wants us to partner with him in seeing the thing has come to pass that he's provided for us. The Paris is like a magnet. It keeps trying to draw us back. Do you ever feel like you're the enemy is trying to draw you back into old habits and then I don't have to press out a bad things you gotta press send a good things. We'll take pieces. And the example. I grew up in an atmosphere where there was no peace to be honest. And I'm not exaggerating God. I didn't even know what piece was until I'm married. Dave everybody in my family was dysfunctional. We didn't know that word back then end but they were dysfunctional very dysfunctional. Of course my father was abusing me. My mother knew it was too frightened to do anything about it. My brother went in the marines when he was seventeen he came out addicted to drugs and ultimately ultimately ended up ending his own life because he just was so miserable and couldn't seem to get free and he was a guy that wouldn't press he wouldn't press three things. He wanted everybody to do everything for him and he we took him into our home he lived with us. I think about four years one time as long as you said. Get up and go to work. He'd get up and go to work but you didn't wake him up he'd lay there and not go to work and you can't you gotta do stuff for yourself. Don't even always be calling everybody asking them where a certain scripture is. Look it up. Do the work now if you do the work then you'll remember where things are so you're never going to have the future that got once you now have. If you think that all you you gotta do is just price Fart. And it's just GonNa fall in your lap. Some of you have got some amazing things out in front of you but I can to tell you the greater that God wants to use you the more the enemy will come against you. I have a little thing that I say new level new devil. Some of you are asking God for more of something. Well when you ask for more blessing you probably gotta get more opposition. I felt like God spoke to me the other morning and said I want you to be extra careful about your words because I'm going to open a wide door of opportunity and with it will come many adversaries say you don't just get opportunity opportunity. You also get adversaries and so when God wants to bring us up higher our flesh has to go down lower you see. I feel like I'm already pretty careful with my words but obviously not careful enough and you see the the Greater God is using you the the more he blesses you the more accountable we need to be. I don't suppose I don't suppose any of you could use to help with your mouth mouth. Matthew seven thirteen fourteen or a couple of really great scriptures. It says inner enriched through the narrow gate for why does the gate and spacious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction and many are those who are entering through it. I want to take enough time to understand this. He says I want you to go through the narrow gate. And you're going to see in. The next burst is says but the narrow gate is contracted by pressure as amplified translation and the way is straightened and compressed. That leads away to live and few there are who find it so it's easy to stay on the broad path. God told me once on the broad awed path. There's room for all your flesh Lee baggage. You can just take it all with you. You can just be karnal walk on the broadcast breath and lot of times people still get into heaven. You get into heaven because you believe not because you do everything perfect and we will never do everything perfect but I do believe that when a Christian remains karnal all of their life even though they may end up in heaven they will never take anybody with them. Maybe you know what I mean by that. They're witnessed won't be strong enough to take anybody with them and they're not going to enjoy life here because you know what we can't enjoy life breath walk in the flesh. We really don't our flesh tries to lie to US and tell us that we're gonNA enjoy more if we don't feel like doing but the truth is we're not gonNA enjoy more if we follow our failings it's going to lead us into a place of destruction. Thanks for listening. Be encouraged with today's offer pressing in and pressing on three CD series and free from guilt and condemnation booklet for purchase everything as a digital download. This package is available now for a donation of twenty dollars or more the US funds and we do accept all major credit cards. You can order. Today's offer from our website at Joyce. Meyer dot org or you can call us toll free at one eight hundred seven eight nine zero zero eight nine again. The number is one eight hundred. Seventy nine zero zero eight nine while emotional. Healing doesn't just happen overnight. It's a day by day process and time. In God's Word is key I want to help you and your journey with my new healing the soul of woman devotional it. It is possible to break free from your pain and you don't have to go through it alone by nine days devotional equips you were scriptures. That will help you walk this path to freedom now available wherever books are sold order your copy today and Joyce Meyer Dot Org. Thanks again for listening to enjoy everyday life our mission here at Joyce Meyer Ministries is simple sharing Christ and loving people. Remember together we can do more.

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