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This is A. R. L. Audio News Your Weekly Summary of news highlights from the world of amateur radio. If you retransmit audio dues through a repeater leader listened for the Morse Code K character followed by four seconds of silence that you're you to stop transmitting so that your repeater timer we're can reset. I'm Carla Pereira Casey one. HSS and these are stories for Friday October fourth the November issue of digital Q. S. T. is now available on the Q. S. T. APP or via the A. Our website at www dot a. r. l. dot org not forward slash q t articles in this issue include a combat loop antenna for one hundred sixty meters and automatic antenna selector for remote operating a tutorial on transmission line impedance matching and reviews of the new. F T T x one hundred twenty transceiver and hand S. P. E. Expert one point five. KFA LINEAR amplifier the print edition of Q. S. T. should be showing up in mailboxes within a couple of weeks. More than two hundred thirty items will go on the block as bidding begins on Thursday October seventeenth at ten. Am Eastern time fourteen hundred ut see for for the fourteenth annual a R L online auction the auction will continue through Thursday October twenty fourth closing at ten P. M. Eastern time in auction preview opens on Monday October fourteenth at A. R. L. DOT AUCTION ANYTHING DOT COM. That's A. R. L. DOT AU C. T. I am N. A. N. Y. T. H. I. N. G. DOT COM proceeds from the auction will fund educational outreach activities. The two thousand nineteen auction includes lab tested Q. S. T. product review gear vintage books used equipment and one of kind items plus the A. R. L. APP team team has contributed four of its very popular mystery boxes. The auction will also offer items donated from the Popular Television Series last man standing starring Tim Alan an actual radio amateur who portrays the fictional Mike Baxter K. eight zero x t t in the show which has featured ham radio in some episodes all bidders must register at the auction site if you have registered for a previous a ARL online auction you may use the same log in information if you have forgotten your user id or password. Click on the help tab for instructions on how to retrieve these credentials. Make sure you're correct address and other information are up to date the team from Belarus dominated the Sixteenth High Speed Telegraphy World Championship in mid-september sponsored by the International Amateur Radio Union Belarus came away with more than two thirds of the medals with with several other countries teams sharing the rest representatives of nineteen countries participated in championship which took place in Alpine Bulgaria sponsored by the Bulgarian Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs in all sixty male and thirty female competitors took part in the events which included reception of five letter figure mixed groups for a period of one-minute according to the software provided and transmission a five letter figure mixed groups for a period of one minute ten teams of academic Dominic Industry and entrepreneurial technologists are set to compete in these spectrum Collaboration Challenge Championship on October Twenty third at the mobile a World Congress in Los Angeles the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or Darpa announced the qualifiers in September it is a three a year contest to unlock the potential of the Rif spectrum using artificial intelligence. The teams radio designs will go head-to-head during a live competition and the first second and third place winners will walk away with two million one million and seven hundred fifty thousand dollars in prizes respectively teams representing Drexel University versity the University of Florida Vanderbilt University a group from Kent University the University of Antwerp Rutgers University and Northeastern Eastern University will compete in this months-long event with teams of independent researchers. The aim of the competition is to determine if artificial intelligence enabled the radio's can autonomously navigate the wireless spectrum eliminating the need for rigid human man at spectrum bands or traditional spectrum allocation. There is plenty happening on the air over the next several days look for. W4 UVA celebrating the University of Virginia bicentennial you'll also find and w five DD L. on the air from the tour detached canoe race in Louisiana W five sx say we'll be making contacts and celebrating seventy years of the Plateau Artemis County Radio Club. W4 De will be active. Commemorating the Little David torpedo boat attack during the civil war and w five spee will be operating on the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival you will find more details in your October issue of tea in DX news several several DX operations kicked off this week including seven p eight eight zero enlist also t R eight C R from Gabon xfi Nine D XP in Vietnam why J Zero B. c. p. in Vanuatu and tease eight SP from Saint Pierre and kill on and now with this week Satellite Update Years Bruce Page K. K. Five. Do the AO Ninety Two Command Team Announces That Experiment Boura mentor Wednesday will run on U. T. C. Wednesday it begins Tuesday evening in North America when Eo Ninety two will be commanded into operate in Mode L. V. for twenty four hours. This new schedule will be followed for an as of yet undetermined test period the the frequencies for ninety two. Lv Mode are the up link is one two six seven decimal three five nine. Megahertz FM with with a sixty seven hurt C. T. C. S. S. tone for access the down link on one four or five decimal eight zero megahertz. FM This includes is D. U. V. Telemetry the mode changes announced by the command team via twitter and you can follow 'em sat you can view amps at tweets without without needing an account with twitter simply go to twitter dot com slash m sad the tweets flow through to the APPS facebook page and our plan to include the Amazon bb. Thanks to the ninety two command team for this story. This is Bruce Page K. K. Five. Do for the awro audio news. I'm I'm Steve Ford. WBZ Eight Im why and this is the a r l audio news propagation forecast for Friday October fourth. We had a tiny sunspot that popped up this week but it was an old style cycle twenty four spot and it's probably going to be gone by the time you hear this. It bumped up the solar flux index very slightly but otherwise there was really no effect. We have another stream of solar particles heading our way for the weekend the the impact on the band shouldn't be significant on. VHF and UHF conditions for band openings are forecast to be fairly quiet. One exception may be in the upper mid West where you may see some activity on two meters and up and that concludes a our news for this week nick our thanks to all contributors to this week's report A. R. L. Audio News is produced by the American Radio Relay League the National Association for Amateur Radio for more information on amateur radio or the A. R. L. visit us on the web at a R L dot. Org You can also find us on facebook and twitter by searching Ching for a R L if you have a question or comment about A. R. L. Audio News email us at audio news at eight are L. Dot. Org this program. I Miss Copyright A. R. L. All rights reserved seventy three and thanks for listening.

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