Daisy Ridley Goes Back To Her Roots For 'Ophelia'


The. From the Mon broadcast center at KPCC. This is the frame. I'm John horn on today's show after being dropped by Netflix the series. One day at a time. Lives to see another day, then from Star Wars to a reimagining of. Shakespeare's. Hamlet daisy Ridley find similar strength in very different roles. I see between Ryan a failure because I think that pods set by them, regardless of the house, I'd precious. They have so in that commonality and a new documentary goes inside the life of novelist Toni Morrison all that coming up on the frame. One day at a time the Latin x centered remake of Norman Lear nineteen seventies TV show of the same name is back for another season. Netflix canceled the series back in March. But yesterday pop TV CBS owned cable network. Announce that will pick up the show for a fourth season. Lesley Goldberg is the west coast, TV editor at the Hollywood reporter, and she joined me talk about the deal and told me, why Netflix canceled a series to begin with Netflix. Like many of the other streamers and the upcoming ones will not and do not, and will not ever release exact viewership data. So it's very hard to measure shows or movies success. But, you know, we'll look, I interviewed Netflix, head of original Cindy Holland back in April. And one of the things that she said was that didn't make economic sense to bring back one day to time for a fourth season part of what how networks does make its decisions is. They look at how much they're spending on a show and how many new subscribers. It's bringing, which of course, we don't really know either way. I mean that's looks reports. It's quarterly subscriber gains and losses. But you have no idea, how much of that is tributed to their decision to renew, or cancel the new show. But with their with the billions of dollars that they're spending on original programming every year. It's the, the decisions that they're forced to make our will fourth season of show like a of a show. One day time bring in new subscribers. Or would we best be us using the millions that we're spending on that show to do a new show that could bring in more, one company did feel the economics made sense, and that is pop TV so who is pop TV? And why did a show like this make as much sense to them as it didn't make to Netflix? Well, we should before we even talk about pop TV we should give credit to the producers of one day to time. And that's Sony Pictures television. The independent. Studio and they were successful able to save this show. This was their business dealing, and this is look this is ground. This is TV history. This is the first time that you're seeing a scripted original show that was picked up and aired originally on a streaming platform, moved to a linear network like pop TV pop TV originally known as the TV guide network. It used to be co owned by Lionsgate television and CBS about a year ago CBS wanna buying full control. So this is a niche, basic cable network, that is owned by CBS, and, you know, look, CBS, digital platform all access what really express a lot of interest in picking up one day at time, but because of the original clauses in Netflix contract it prohibited. Any other streaming platform aka any Netflix competitor from picking up this show within a few years, and nobody's gonna wanna wait multiple years to pick to revive a show that winds up. Being expensive. You have to re promote it people have lost interest. You know you you strike, while the iron is hot. And that's exactly what pop TV did as for why they picked it up. I spoke with pop TV president Brad Schwartz yesterday on Thursday, and one of the things that he mentioned is, this is a very, very small network. They have only a handful of originals shows what be it scripted and unscripted. That's largely network that is home to repeats of some big pop culture, syndicated shows, like Buffy the vampire slayer Dawson's creek the original Beverly Hills nine oh, two one. Oh, charmed. And the reason this was interesting to them is first and foremost. Everyone CBS from Brad Schwartz to the executives like Joe Iannello and David Nevins over at CBS creatively. Loved the show, and it made sense for pop because this isn't network that as I mentioned is very big on the stall. And they looked. They're sweet spot. Viewers are people who love stuff from the eighties nineties, look, no further than what their syndication, their syndicated content is ROY. Right. That's the sweet spot Dawson's creek. You don't get much more nineties, and that Buffy the same thing. And the fact that, that this what they picked up is actually a reboot of show, that, that many of its viewers already have an awareness of because of the original from forty years prior it really hit the sweet spot, so creatively. It's an IP. It's, it's intellectual property that it's audience already knows said that. It's, it's unprecedented for a show to go from a streaming service to a cable network. Does that mean it was legally difficult to unwind the deal at flex and get it on this new platform? So in terms of setting, you know, the legal precedent. This really was a business it move. So because Sony owns the rights to the show it become becomes there to figure out what they wanna do it. However, I will say that Netflix does own because they paid for and have a contract to keep those first three seasons. Netflix will remain the exclusive home streaming home to the first three seasons of one day at a time. But in the new deal Sony gets a whole lot of rights back from Netflix. Because of their pass on season four. So that means that Sony will now be able to sell the show internationally which it never did with Netflix because Netflix is in many international markets and Sony. Also in a couple of years we'll have a streaming library starting with season four. And if the show goes five six seven through ten like producer, Mike, Royce told me he wants it to they're going to have a streaming library to sell. So, you know, in APR twister fate one thing that could happen later down the line is Sony could say, hey, we've got you know, seven more seasons of this show net. Flicks, do you want buy the library to go with the first three? And even if the one day at a time fan base didn't have a lot to do with coming back on pop TV are they at least happy now that it is coming back overjoyed? I mean, it's, it's like Christmas in June. This is this is a deal. It's never been like I said, it's never been done. A streaming show has never moved off of that to find another home. Usually, it's the other way around where Netflix has been heralded as, as the save our. Show champion because they've revived so many other shows in recent memory. I mean designated survivor was canceled at ABC and moved to net flix, FOX cancel Lucifer, and Netflix picked it up. I mean, there's so many shows that Netflix has done that with. And now this is the very first time. Netflix said, nah, no will pass and left it to the studio to find a new home for it Goldberg is a west coast TV editor with the Hollywood reporter. She is the author of the article one day at a time inside the comedies historic comeback Leslie, thanks so much for coming on the show. Thanks for having me, John. Coming up on the frame, classically trained actress, daisy, Ridley goes back to her roots. For a feel young. Welcome back to the frame. I'm John horn. Daisy release shot into stardom when cast is the lightsaber wielding Ray in Star Wars Episode seven the force awakens, readily. We'll be back in another Star Wars movie in December, but she's also been looking for smaller media roles to play when she's not in a galaxy far far away. One of those projects of feel. Yup. Is out today based on the novel by Lisa Klein affiliate is an alternate look at the story of hamlet. It features dynamic strong-willed feel you at center. A big departure from the meek and secondary. Character written by Shakespeare? When I spoke with Ridley, she told me how she portrayed. Feely a- as empowered, even when challenged by her place in society that thing, I found, like in thinking about the character is people can make statements on a smaller scale. I remember talking to someone and we took him by experiences and how. Gray is that people can be open and somebody said somebody who's had a terrible person over things of they said, I don't want to talk about my experiences like I've lift them, and that person in now, way, lives, their life, making small statements within that own suckle within the framework. It's not such a loud bellowing of a statement. So I think it's important to see characters who would just doing the right thing, sometimes full themselves, like affiliate isn't telling people that she's going against the court. She isn't telling people that they're wrong that she doesn't agree. She just does her own thing. She plus her own escape. She makes the right choice for her and ultimately a trial. I see more of heaven, and how the most people. And I think that's power and small statements of moral consciousness, dialers food and followed my heart and spoke, my mind. And it is high time. I should tell you my story. Myself. I think it's also true that with certain plays, I've put hamlet, I'd certainly put a fellow in that category that plays that are written four hundred years ago, actually take on new meaning in, in the contemporary world, and I think feel ios point, and what feels really topical is that she is not as much bothered by betrayal, s she is by what I'll call toxic masculinity, that there are certain things that really, really bother her that feel incredibly contemporary. Yeah. And I think the, the thing I found an IOT you a member during Sima George because I found it very moving is Hus hang from story missed and without. Really? It's that of like how then in that has the choice to do what he promised. Swore vengeance. Swat. Love me be mine. I, I fought on you wouldn't be difficult for him to put down the suit and say, you know, I'm just not going to like he fills some sort of obligation, whether that's to himself with us to the people that have pushed him down as that really is the thing that she doesn't wait around full. And I found that very moving 'cause she doesn't say to how I'm going away like if he chose to see what she was saying to him. He would see that. She sang a by but ultimately, it's not HUD job to get through his emotional almo-. So she takes off. I do think there's massive strengthen that she just isn't going to white for someone to, to do the right thing. She's going to do the right thing. A fuel your is independent she's strong. She's not truly satisfied with taking a back seat. Those feel like qualities that are shared by other characters you've played. And I wonder if that's something that you gravitate toward, or is important to you, or do you even see much commonality in the roles that you choose? I think I see commonality between Ryan affiliate because I think that pods are set by them, regardless of the outside precious. They have you fill. Kind of. I want so in this commonality and I and someone said something about Gertrude being like she's mixed up. So she's more interesting. And I just think it can be interesting to be good. It can be interesting to be solid in your opinions, and that is just as interesting. And I would say, yeah, that both doing the right thing at the time for themselves, but also going forward full for other people flay we're talking with daisy, Ridley about her new movie of feel Yelm, when you have a movie as successful as a Star Wars movie that obviously, I would think open some doors in terms of what you are offered or what you might be able to do. But as it also limiting in that people might only see you in a certain kind of role is there an upside and a downside to having a part as well received as Ray the thing I found, I had a meeting with a couple of produces recently a night did say because there are things that have popped. That people are doing than and I'm like, oh, I never even read thought script on I did say to these to take people always like, is it that people don't think I can do the job or like is it because I seem unavailable. And their thing was that I seem on valuable, I guess, because I did this big as a lot of people call it like an American thing. The one thing that I'm looking to do is like a small English thing. I think people would assume that I only want to do things in that vein where I very much want to do you know, a feeling of tiny in comparison on, it's fantastic. So it it's not thing. It's the I think some people assume the I wouldn't want to or a seem I'd be busy. So, yeah, I'm looking to mooning Bush thing. But otherwise, I think only post two things I got to plan. Awesome. Character. I had the most amazing time on. Yeah. It's helpful going forward with a paternity and that brings up. Another question that there is certainly something that you take away from working on a big project like. Star Wars or any other movie about acting. And I'm wondering they're not really equivalent classes or instruction on being famous at wondering if you had some advice along the way that was as important as vice you might have received about acting or how to behave on a set that has helped you deal with celebrity. I think the main thing rarely I met 'em Watson for a drink just off. I did stop because someone who to install with our law. And we went to like a restaurant in Covent Garden. And it was pretty Chou and soup is prized because of a say she's like mega famous, and I had essentially the whole time I was doing press people get going Alaskan change. That's can change and that I think was a big thing because I travel on the tube, I travel on the bus is what you make of I don't think anyone has expressly said that, but you do realize over time that if you wanna live a quiet life, which I. Do it is possible. But that has taken from each fill pretty comfortable. I also think, nothing of, you know, like early twenties. You don't always felt comfortable so now I feel more comfortable it's easier to hold myself more comfortably in those situations. So I think it's an age thing. I just think you just can't do it, it takes time to figure out, but you really can. And I think the mole you blow things up other people around you both things the most stressful. It's going to be. So the great thing is to just act like it's normal become normal rhetorical lot on this show about representation at why it matters. And when I think about a feel yer or Ray and Star Wars, one of the things that I think is really important. Is that if you're a young boy growing up in the seventies and eighties, and you saw Luke Skywalker? You can imagine yourself as Judd, I, but if you're a young, girl, you didn't quite have that kind of role model and I'm wondering if you think it is important, or if you almost feel some sort of obligation to make sure. Sure that younger people can look at a character like Ray or a feel ya and say, I like who that person is even if I don't want to become an actor. It's important for me to see somebody who looks like me reflected on screen doing the kinds of things. I wanna do. Yes, I absolutely think it's important when we wrapped stall was this time Joan Boyega did a speech and basically said, JJ's doing all of people talking about, and he really is like within the Saul was cost. This time is the most beautifully diva's cost has been it was amazing, the set like people crew wise. It's amazing. Even things like the fact that Ray was trousers battles. She just she needs to trousers issue as trials. And I think somebody came up to me and said, oh, my son wants to run like, right. And it seems such a tiny thing. But for little boy to be saying it is also really big on, like she's running, and she's really running like on an advice. Show for her life, wherever that might be, I absolutely think that's really important. Underestimate sky will and Ben solo and me. It will be down. And that's one thing I did not see was going into this is an awesome role. I had an awesome time. And then the action from people, especially with children, and people that have said, if there will a character like this growing up, how amazing it would be. I don't take lightly. I feel so lucky. The I've been able to play that role. So you have a feel you're this little our other art movies Star Wars. And what's next after that chaos Wilken in the next year? People will the sing my face out, I believe cows, Woking coming out sometime next year, which is really cool to 'cause it's, you know, it's a space film, and technically, it's a big film. But the story is praise imple- like Viollis moral lesson is a choice between two things, and it was awesome to play that thing of a personal choice that. Is going to affect all the people, which have away. She goes, it's going to affect people in a positive or negative way, I feel really lucky actually, especially with these three roles. The I've got to play characters Seif. Now, does he think so much for coming on the show? Thank you. Thanks so much. Daisy Ridley stars in Felim. It's in select theaters starting today, coming up on the frame, novelist Toni Morrison is the subject of a new documentary. Novelist Toni Morrison has won a Pulitzer prize a Nobel prize for literature, and she was awarded the presidential medal of freedom in the new documentary. Tony Morrison the pieces. I am we learn about the woman behind the word to see how she got to this distinguished place in American culture. It's directed by photographer and filmmaker Timothy greenfield Sanders film critic beyond July takes a look at the documentary Toni Morrison's novels were always on my mother's bookshelves growing up, but until I saw the new documentary Tony Morrison the pieces. I am. I didn't know much about the woman who wrote them, even when I wrote the Bill Nye, I was really writing a book. I wanted to be hadn't seen broken with black girls with sense. Eight. I wanted to be to book that had no codes. No little notes explaining things to people. And I had a major major question in my mind that time, which was, how does a child? Learn south loathing sti- is the story of Pakoa breed left. A black girl who thinks having blue eyes will save her from the torment if daily life, it was Morrison's first published novel. And it's the kind of serious and unflinching work that made it surprising for me to see how funny and carefree Morrison is in the movie like in this clip where she's talking about her college days at Howard University. It's the nineteen fifties when I got to how. I was loose. I just loved it. I'm sure would be. But regret. She's got an amazing sense of humor. Fair jasmine Griffin is to Toni Morrison scholar. She is one of the most down to earth people. I know and yet, you know, she's also genuinely genius Griffin heads. The African American and African diaspora studies department at Columbia University. Griffin is interviewed in the film, but she also happens to be one of my favorite professors from when I was in college at the university of Pennsylvania. So after seeing the documentary, I called her up the brilliance that we see on the page is always operating, and that those things aren't separate, you know, that, that they exist, all in that one person that you get that full range of who she is. It's not the Tony Morrison get super personal in the film. She really doesn't actually she keeps the focus on her public professional life, but director Timothy greenfield Sanders still manages to maintain a sense of intimate storytelling. He matches the beat. Of Morrison's life with a stunning array of visual art, and he wisely makes Morrison the narrator of her own story. She's a friend of mine. Together, matt. The pieces. Should have them and give them back to me. And all the right order. When you get a woman who is a friend of. And while the film is an unapologetic celebration of Morrison. It also lets us know that her work wasn't always well received. When you read earlier reviews of Tony's work is early. Sympathetic liberal reviewers, and I remember one of them about SLA and the reviewer says she's got a great talent one day. She won't limit it to only writing about black people. Like, really, it's limiting for her to write about black before, like no one says that when an Irish writer writes about Irish people. You know, it's only limiting when you write about black people. And when she published her novel beloved in nineteen eighty seven almost fifty prominent black writers, including Alice Walker, and my Angelou called out the literary establishment for not giving Morris in her do here's a clip of journalists asking Morris in about that in the film. What is your response because, now you're sort of caught up in the middle of all of this? It's easily the most significant thing that has ever happened to me in my writing life. I right out of the culture as everyone does for it through it and in it. So a portion of that culture said to me. Amen. But even after Tony Morrison won the Nobel prize for literature in nineteen Ninety-three their critiques didn't end the documentary sites. Critics who said beloved is a fraud and that the award was an act of political correctness. I looked up the source of these quotes and to my surprise they came from black men, cultural critic Stanley crouch and novelist. Charles Johnson respectively. Those critiques said more about the people who made them than they said about Morrison's work because there is no question in our minds about the literary importance in sophistication of her work, and, you know, these came from talented writers themselves, but it really did lend itself to turn a sort of Linz on them and say, why, why do you need to do this going into the film? I knew that director, Timothy. Greenfield Sanders was a longtime friend of Morrison's, but he's also white man. And it seems to me that the director. Clearly understood he needed black women on his team to properly. Tell Morrison story like the visual artists McLean. Thomas. She made an inventive custom collage from pictures of Morrison for the film's opening credits. And greenfield Sanders also brought on producer, Sandra. Guzman to conduct the interviews and composer, Catherine Bostick wrote and performed an original song for the film. To me. Tutti jill. So. After watching the film. What stays with you is Morrison's undeniable presents, and of course, her intellectual brilliance lingers to, but it's precisely those pieces being gathered together. But let's the film hits, Mark. It's what makes you see that Morrison herself is that friend of my mind that she writes about she's that friend for all of us for the frame, I'm beyond July. Not man came Toni Morrison, the pieces I am is in selected now and that's it for the week. The frame is produced by Oscar. Garza Darby Maloney, Monica bushman, Jonathan Schiff lit, and Julia Paskhin with help this week from its e continue our news clerk is Andrea Gutierrez. And our intern as Paul Ratliff, Valentina Rivera is the show's engineer and our opening theme music is by Taylor mcferrin. I'm John horn. Check out the frame weekend on Saturday afternoon at two, we're back here on Monday from the Mon broadcast center have a great weekend. These.

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