Wow more questions then answers rant and still sick.


Okay I guess. It didn't like the end of phone recording system that adds Sargodha use the anchor. One okay fine fine in what I was trying to do is get an update of my trip too. I thought mother emergency because I had a hi fi today and then a waited till today. I probably should admit the ER and there's going to be like this. Because the fact of the matter is at all of a sudden on to have low grade fever by I don't know oh it's just still a viral viral infection. But it's not a million an afl former too much and. I don't even know what that lab love to mods but I'm getting a new doctor anyway on Monday and by the way Uber. One one at ninety eight. I mean thirteen dollars. Thirteen dollars ninety eight to give me to the doctor. The second panel led me staying it if I have an open my mouth and ask for help to get me back to the palace but I needed to go to the doctor uh-huh because it was a damn emergency. Yes that's by a man because I it was a damn emergency and I don't even know what the hell do I have. I don't know because the swab test for negative the chat that's right with negative tale only will guide tunnel with already have and whatever kind of mentor or whatever kind of medicine that they thought they were. We're going to fever or whatever I got a high grade fever. A low grade fever. Don't even know what the Hell I'm fighting. QB Good GonNa mad nearly would have got standing. Come back the cabinet. Kept me to the doctor's office. The fifth o'clock doc into it had its way after a great super bowl after upgrade state of the Union and after upgrade acquittal. I can't still keep Keep keep victory to be courage ing and I needed to be encouraged and some of crap always tried to get to me to make me have more questions than answers. I have more questions than I want to know. What the Hell am. I'm so sick. For what what the Hell am almost. Oh stick four. Why am again the divas stuff like de so that means. Now it's GonNa Happen. I just gotta go go ahead to call nine one one because this is ridiculous. I don't have money to go back and forth to the doctor and then I've got a call the two days early if I want to go to the doctor if easier to as dare to to take the home but still and now I only got thirty dollars to eighteen. Stand to add to to add to Uber but when go to Florida in March totally this is the daily title and then before I recorded if I was coughing fit. And what I'm having a a clamp like having a damn heart attack mad because I could have waited to Monday when Mike had arrived and I had a free over there had to spend my twenty seven. I had a ride for Prey Twenty twentieth. A European country may twenty twenty your year out pace.

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